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Bulletin for twentieth anniversary Gallia Baptist Association 1893

Minutes of the Twentieth Anniversary of the Gallia Baptist Association
Nineteenth Sunday School Convention
held with Hopewell Baptist Church on
August 23, 24, and 25, 1893
Rev John Houck, Moderator

Printed by Booton Ptg. Co.,

Gallipolis, O


Gallia Baptist Association Officers for 1893-94
Moderator Rev. John Houck Lincoln, O.
Clerk J.R.P. Unroe Mercervile, O.
Treasurer T.J. Call Mercerville, O.

Officers for S.S. Convention
Pres Ira Sheets
Sec’y J.R.P. Unroe
Treas J.J. Call

Ordained Ministers

John Houck, Lincoln, O.
B.G. Hereford, Wilgus, O.
A.J. Warren, Mercerville, O.
J.E. Caldwell, “
C.B. Cofer, “

J. G. Wood, Willow Wood, O.
N.B. Burnett, Creuzet, O.
J. R. Greer, Crown City, O.
J.R.P. Unroe, Mercerville, O.
E. L. Sheets, “

Henry Niday, Mercerville, O.
W. H. Saunders, Leon, W. Va.
S.C. Bevan, Bartramsville, O.


First Day – Wed., August 23, 1893 – 10 A.M.

The Twentieth Anniversary of the Gallia Baptist Church convened with the Hopewell
Baptist Church. The introductory sermon was preached by N. B. Burnett; text Matthew
16-18-19, after which the Association was called to order for business. Letters from the
various churches read and delegates enrolled.

Providence – O. Frownfeltor, M.F. Bostwick and John Wooton.
Hopewell – F.J. Nottor, W.G. Elliott and D. L. Saunders.
Salem – Sister Susan Sheets, Lidda A. Fry, and Ellen Gills.
Guyan Valley – J.J. Fulks, V,F, Dillon and Sister Ruby Fulks.
Mt. Zion – E. Nowlen, William Craig and S.D. Ellis.
Mercerville – J. Waugh, Ross Halley and T.J. Call.
Siloam – P.P. Burnett, I.J. Sheets, and Sasco Robinson.
Mt. Carmel – Wm. Cremeens, S.M. Cremeens, and A.J. Cremeens.
Pine Grove – I. Wiles, R. Sites, and H. Mann.
Victory – G.W. Fraley, F.M. Boster, and CE Roach.
Submissive – S.C. Bevan
Crown City – Sarah Garlic.
Mina – Jacob Knight, Oson Brothers and Jane Brothers

Officers for the ensuing year elected by private ballot.

Rev, John Houck, Moderator: J.R.P. Unroe, Clerk: T.J. Call, Treasurer.

Moderator appointed D.S. Saunders, Warren Elliott and G.W. Houck as committee on
Religious Services.

Visiting brothers and sisters invited to seats <sic> with us. Accepted by Rev. Joshua
Dillion and sister Manerva Unroe of the “Ohio Association” and D Langdon of the
“Guyandotte Association.”

Committee on Religious Services reported Revs. J. W. Greer and S.C. Bevan preach at
Lincoln Hall to-night. Adjourned until to-morrow morning at 9 A.M. Prayer by J.W.
Greer. Benediction by N.B. Burnett.

Second Day – Thursday, August 24, 1893, 9 A.M.

Devotional services by C. B. Coter. Called to order by the Moderator. The Moderator
appointed to the following Committees:
Resolutions - Joshua Dillion, J.J. Fulks, and Ira J. Sheets.
Obituaries - Rev. J.E. Caldwell, E. Cremeens, and J.W. Greer
Circular Letter – A.J. Warren, Sen., S.C. Beven, and J.W. Wilson
Collections – Rev. E.L. Sheets, J.W. Wetherholt, and Isaac Wiles
Next Anniversary – Rev. C.B. Cofer, Ellis Nowlen and T.J. Call
Finance – P.P. Burnett, C.E. Roach, and John Wooten.

New churches called for. A letter presented from Mina Church. The Moderator appointed
N.B. Burnett, J.E. Caldwell, and E.L. Sheets as committee. The committee reported the
following: After reading the letter and note from Bro. Richards, that we receive the
Church. Report received and adopted. The hand of fellowship was extended.

Report of Corresponding Delegates called for. J.R.P. Unroe, J.H. Sheets, Rev. A.J.
Warren and E.L. Sheets reported at the Ohio Association. Rev. C.B. Cofer, J.R.P. Unroe
and J.H. Sheets reported attendance at the Central Association. Rev C.P. Cofer reported
attendance at the Guyandotte Association. Rev. N.B. Burnett represented the A.B.P.

Appointed to corresponding bodies; Rev. C.B. Cofer, A. J. Warren, J.W. Greer and J.R.P.
Unroe to the Ohio Association; C.B. Cofer to the Central Association; J.W.Greer, N.B.
Burnett and J.J. Fulks to the Guyandotte Association; A.J. Warren Jr. and Ross Halley to
the Portsmouth Association.

Adjourned until 2:30 P.M. to hear a sermon by a Rev. J.E. Caldwell. Benediction by Rev.
D. Langdon.

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Evening Session – 2:30 P.M.

Devotional exercises by N.B. Burnett. Called to order by Moderator.

Committee on Resolutions reported. (See Resolutions). Committee on Circular Letter
reported no letter. Moved to have the Church Covenant printed instead of Circular Letter.
Committee on Obituaries reported that we find in looking over the letters, that 14 of our
number have been called from labor to reward. Committee on Finance reported that we
have examined the account of the Secretary and Treasurer and find them in harmony
with a balance of $2.35 due to the Secretary.

Committee on next Anniversary reported that we advise our next Association to be held
with the Providence Baptist Church, commencing on Wednesday, before the 4 th Sabbath
in August, 1894, at 10 A.M. and that Elder A. Warren preach the Introductory Sermon
and J R P Unroe be his alternate.

Committee on Collections reported that we recommend a collection to be taken to-
morrow at the close of the meeting for the American B.P. Society and that Rev. N B
Burnett present the clams. Committee on religious services reported that C B Cofer and D
Langdon preach at the church tonight, and J W Greer and J S Dowden preach at Lincoln Hall.

Voted to adjourn until to-morrow at 9 A.M. Benediction by Rev. J S Dowden.

Third Day – Friday, August 25, 1893, 9 A.M.

Devotional services by N B Burnett. Called to order by the Moderator.

Voted to have 200 copies of our minutes printed; that the Clerk superintend the printing
and distribution of the same and receive $5.00 for the same. Voted that Elder A J Warren
write our next Annual Letter. Committee reported that Rev. N B Burnett preach the
closing sermon.

Minutes read and adopted. Voted to adjourn to meet with Providence Baptist Church on
Wednesday before the fourth Sabbath in August, 1894, 10 A.M. Prayer by Rev. C B
Cofer. The closing sermon was preached by Rev N Burnett. Closing prayer by Rev J E
Caldwell. Benediction by D Langdon.
     -     Rev. John Houck, Moderator
     -     J R P Unroe, Clerk.

1 st – Resolved; That by our prayers and our contributions we will show ourselves in
sympathy with all our benevolent societies.
2 nd – Resolved; That the Journal and Messenger is the best religious paper for Ohio
Baptists, and we recommend it to every family.
3 rd – Resolved; That each church have one Communion Service during the year and the
Pastor report the same at the next annual gathering.

4 th – Resolved; That we are opposed to fairs, festivals and exhibitions being held in
our churches and we will use our influence to drive all public gatherings out of our neighborhoods that are in their nature detrimental to the cause of Christ.

5 th – Resolved; That we urge upon our churches a more regular and frequent observance
of the Lord’s Supper as a mean of grace.

6 th – Resolved; That we opposed to the raising of funds for religious purposes by means
of fairs, festivals, exhibitions, etc.
7 th – Resolved; That we recommend the plan laid down in 1 st Cor. 16-2 as the safest and
best for raising funds for our religious and benevo-purposes.
8 th – Resolved; That we urge a more constant study of the bible, that the knowledge and
usefulness of our people be increased.
9 th – Resolved; That the S.S. have afternoon and nigh of the first day of the Association.
10 th – Resolved; That our thanks are due to the Hopewell Church and their friends for
their kind hospitality to us.

Rules of Order

  1. The officers of this Association shall constitute a standing committee, whose duty
    shall be to arrange the business and provide a programme for the same, subject to
    the adoption of the body.
  2. The Moderator shall invite all visitors to seats, who will be allowed to speak on
    any subject before the body, but vote on none.
  3. No member shall retire during the session without leave of the moderator.
  4. All resolutions, reports or recommendations shall be in writing.
  5. No person shall be permitted to discuss a motion without first addressing the
    Moderator, nor must speak more than twice on one subject without leave of the
  6. The Moderator shall appoint all committees unless otherwise ordered.



Art 1. This organization shall be called the Gallia Baptist Association
Art 2. It shall consist of churches of like faith regularly received, and their pastors, and resident ministers.
Art 3. Claiming no authority over the churches unless a church departs from our faith, its purpose shall be to preserve the statistics of the churches and by mutual co-operation promote the interest of Christ among them.
Art 4. The annual session shall consist of not less than three delegates with their pastors and resident ministers.
Art 5. Its officers shall consist of Moderator, Clerk and Treasurer elected annually by ballot, who shall serve until their successors are elected.

Church Covenant

“As we trust we have been brought by grace to embrace the Lord Jesus Christ and by the influence of his Spirit to give ourselves up to him, so we do now solemnly covenant with each other, That, God enables us, we will walk together in brotherly love; that we will exercise a Christian care and watchfulness over each other, and faithfully warn, rebuke and admonish one another, as the case shall require; that we will not forsake the assembling of ourselves together, nor omit the great duty of prayer, both for ourselves and for others; that we will participate in each other’s and endeavor, with tenderness and sympathy, to bear each other’s burdens and sorrows; that we will earnestly endeavor to bring up such as may be under our care in the nurture and admonition of the Lord; that we will seek divine aid to enable us to walk circumspectly and watchfully in the word; denying ungodliness and every worldly list; that we will strive together for support of a faithful evangical ministry among us; that we will endeavor, by example and effort, to win souls to Christ; and, through life, amidst evil report and good report, seek to live to the glory of him who hath called us out of darkness into his marvelous light.”

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Died. Nancy Ellen Cremeens, beloved wife od Sylvester M. Cremeens, died Jan, 10, 1893, aged 43 years, 3 mo. and 1 day. The deceased was a daughter of James and Sarah Carter. She was married to Sylvester Cremeens Aug 17, 1871. To this union was born two children, Andrew and Nancy, making a family of four, who all belonged to the Missionary Baptist Church. The deceased united with the Church in 1869, was a faithful member until death. In her last hour she said to her husband, “I am ready to go.” I am going to see Jesus face to face.” She leaves a husband, two children, one brother, and three sisters and a host of relatives and friends to mourn her loss. But her loss is our gain.

Mother dear, oh can it be
That you have gone away,
That dear, dear face no more we’ll see,
Until the Judgement Day.

But mother’s dead; can it be so?
She suffered long, severe.
But is it death? No, only sleep:
Rest on, oh mother dear

‘Tis true they crossed her cold, white hands,
Upon her lifeless breast,
It was our darling mother
Laid in the grave today.

But the spirit of our mother
Is not beneath the sod.
Oh no, our blessed mother
Has gone to live with God.

Then why should we, her friends,
Grieve that she’s gone to rest:
The Heavenly Father called her
And He knows what is best.

Pine Grove - Sister Mary Howthorn died Nov. 4, 1892, after an illness of over four years.
She united with the Church in her eleventh year and remained a faithful servant over 23 years. She leaves a husband and four children to mourn their loss.

Hopewell – Bro. Noah Saunders departed this life Feb. 20, 1893, aged 23 years. Bro. Saunders had only been married a few days and leaves a loving wife and many friends.

Siloam – Bro. G.W. Sheets died Sunday, Mar. 1, 1893, aged 62 year, 11 months and six days, was a member of the church over 35 years and a member of Siloam Church from her constitution. He was a man of congenial spirit and during his Christian life he never shrunk from duty. He was the father of Rev. E.L. Sheets.

Siloam - Sister Lucinda Chick, after a lingering illness died April 23, 1893. Sister Chick was a loving wife, devoted mother and a faithful Christian.

Mt. Zion – Hiram Ellis died March 19, 1893. He was a deacon for many years and as Paul would say, he purchased to himself a good degree of faith and great boldness. He leaves a wife, one son and many relatives and friends to mourn their loss.

Fairview – Sister Dianah Livly was born Oct. 1, 1818, and died March 21, 1893, being in her seventy-fifth year. She was a member of the church over fifty-five years.

Salem – Bro. William Prose departed this life August 6, 1893, aged 72 years. He was born and raised in Gallia Co., Ohio, and a member of the church over 22 years and was ready to answer the call when it came.

Mercerville – Sister Nella Clark died Apr. 14, 1893. She was converted and joined the church in 1889 and lived a conspicuous Christian life, always filling her place in the church.

Mercerville - Bro. Allen Pucket died July 14, 1893. Bro. Pucket was a Christian for many years and lived a conspicuous life, ever ready to give a reason of his hope in Christ in full triumphs of a living faith, and fell asleep in Christ.

At Zion, one, and Providence three others that no names are given.

statistics for 1893

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Sabbath School Convention
Convened Aug 23, at 2 pm

Devotional services by Rev. J. W. Greer. Convention called to order by Vice President
JRP Unroe. Letters called for, read and delegates enrolled:

Salem – Sisters Susan Sheets, Liddie A Fry and Ellen Gills.
Guyan Valley – J.J. Fulks, V,F, Dillon and sister Rubie Fulks.
Mt. Zion – Ellis Mowlen and Wm.. Craig.
Mercerville – T.J. Call, Rev. C.B. Cofer and Ross Halley.
Siloam – B.M. Sheets, Osa Sheets and Ira J. Sheets.
Fairview – Romain Cron, Lasco Robinson, and Jas. W. Wilson.
Mt. Carmel – Geo. Cremeens, S.M. Cremeens, E. Cremeens.
Pine Grove – Eliza Mann, Joel Wilks, and Robert Sites.
Victory – G. W. Fraley, C.E. Roach, and M. Boster.
Submissive – S.C. Bevan.

The Chairman appointed the following Committee on nominations: N.B. Burnett, C.E.
Roach, and E.L. Sheets. Committee reported as follows: President, Ira J. Sheets; Vice President, J.W. Wetherholt; Sec’y., J.R.P. Unroe; Treas., T.J. Call.

Visiting brothers and sisters invited to seats with us. Accepted by Rev. D. Langdon of the Guyan Association, Rev. J. Dillon and Sister M.A. Unroe of the Ohio Association.

The Chairman appointed the following committees. On Resolutions, N.B. Burnett, G.W. Houck and A.J. Cremeens. On Program, J.J. Fulks, B.M. Sheets and M. Bostic. Next anniversary: P.B. Burnett, C.E. Roach, and V.F. Dillon 1 st topic, How can we have a full co-operation of the church in the Sunday school work was discussed by Revs. E.L. Sheets, J.E. Caldwell and others. Adjourned to the call of the Chair. Prayer by J.J. Fulks. Benediction by J. Dillon.

Wednesday Evening at 7:30 P.M.
Devotional Exercises by Rev. E.L. Sheets. Convention called to order. Same topic taken up, led by Rev. C.B. Cofer. After a very lengthy and interesting discussion the other topics were submitted. Adjourned to the call of the Chair. Prayer by A.J. Warren, Jr. Benediction by Rev. J.E. Caldwell.

Thursday Evening at 7:30 P.M.
Devotional service by Rev. C.B. Cofer. Prayer by Wm. Craig. Committee on Program for next meeting reported 1 st topic. What benefits have you derived by attending Sunday School. Opened by P.P. Burnett. Adopted.

Committee on Resolutions reported as follows:
1 st That we urge all our schools to send a full delegation and comprehensive reports to our next session.
2d. We recommend that each pastor consider it a part of his duty to see that each church has a S.S.
3d. That all our Schools use the International Helps.
4 th. Resolved, That we put our talk in practical operation in the coming year.

Committee on next Anniversary reported the next convention to be held in connection with the Association at 2:30 P.M. the first day. Minutes approved and ordere printed with the minutes of the Association. Adjourned to meet according to report above given.
Ira J. Sheets, President
J.R.P. Unroe, Secretary.

P.S. Not a sufficient Sabbath record report given to make a table.