Cheshire Methodist Episcopal Church



Old church at Cheshire is dear to many

Photo and clipping provided by Cheryl Enyart
January 9, 1936 Gallia Times

Cheshirel Methodist Episcopal Church


   Friends both at home and in more distant places will be pleased to view the Cheshire Methodist Episcopal church, dear to the hearts of many of them. The old church has stood since about 1875, and its sixty years have been marked by many religious activities. When the Cheshire charge was organized Rev. John W. Dillon was presiding elder. The charge now comprises the church organizations at Cheshire, Addison, Kanauga and Kyger, and the present pastor is Rev. A. L. Clary, appointed at the last Ohio conference held in September in Columbus.
   According to the church roster, the charge has been served by this long list of pastors, many of whom have passed on to their reward, some have retired, and others are yet actively

engaged in the Lord's work: John C. Arbuckle, Rev. A. H. Narcross, Rev. John R. Tibbles, Rev. A. E. Johnson,. Rev. Adam J. Hawk, Rev. Willie V. Dick, Rev. Arthur M. Mann, Rev. Frank M. Evans, Rev. H. J. Holcomb, Rev. Charles F. Bowman, Rev. Robert Burch Foster, Rev. Ralph W. Watson, Rev. Patrick Henry, Rev. W. H. Gibbons, Rev. Finley Bille, Rev. George Alton, Rev. Ephraim Bill, Rev. S. E. Miller, Rev. Rose, Rev. J. C. Pitzmyer, Rev. Steel, Rev. Garrett, Rev. J. M. Jamison, Rev. A. B. Davis, Rev. C. L. Thomas, Rev. R. S. Myer, Rev. C. H. Morrison, Rev. George S. Lightner, Rev. F. C. Soper, Rev. W. A. Lockwood, Rev. L. C. Shaver, Rev. Ira P. Day, Rev. C. S. Thompson, Rev. Harry S. Yost, Rev. C. W. Fry, Rev. Arthur Davidson and Rev. John W. McMahan.