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     Hartley Patterson is the evangelist of the Church of Christ, Proctorville, and a former attendant of old and long unused St. Nick Church on Friendly Ridge, Gallia Co. OH. He began plans to restore St. Nick’s in early September.   
     He asked the help in money donations and labor of all those who had attended the church in its years of use. In this project he was given help. Many wished to see the old landmark restored to its original simplicity and beauty. Many who could not help on Saturday work days, which were set aside, donated money, as did several others who live outside Gallia Co.
     The Church will be used this summer and for years to come as a special community meeting place for such as family reunions. After a second coat of paint is applied to the outside, the job will be completed. The inside has been wired for electricity for the first time in the history of the church and the floor, which was torn up, was replaced with the original hand planed boards. The interior is much the same as when it was built. The lower part of the wall is a deep brown matching the pews, with the top half of the wall and the ceiling in white.
     Donating money were, Minnie Cubbage, Ray and Hilda Johnson, Marjorie Saunders and family, Orina McIntire, George Tope, Dan and Mrs. John M. Black, Paul Niday, Wayne and Marita Baker, French and Ruth Trout, Bea Young White, Raymond and Mary Broyles, Mabel Blessing, Stanford Young, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Bane, Oliver and Clara Unroe, Mrs. Alma Saunders and Claude Miller.
     Many kinds of help were received by trustees of the church for its renovation. Mrs. John Hemphill donated logs used to replace those rotted away and a memorial type donation was made which reads:

“In Memory of Uncle William Henry Patterson. From the
  Family of Charles and Rowena (Patterson) Haffelt”

     Donating labor were: Elmer Haffelt, Clag Haffelt, Hartley Patterson, Lester Elkins, Mr. and Mrs. Warren White, Harold Steger, Merrill Steger, John Trotter, Sheldon Wise, Earl Wallace, Everett Clark, Elmer Harrington, carpenter, Howard Brumfield, Ernie Gibson, Paris Young, Jack Milam, Loren Saunders and Walter Watson, who painted the roof.

Author unknown
Gallipolis Tribune
Transcribed by Marian Schoonover