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Camp Chase, Ohio, March 21, 1865

Mr. Stewart:—Sir:
     I send you a list of our Regimental Officers with the entire list of our Company. Col. Henry B. Baning, Mt. Vernon, Ohio; Lt. Col. M. J. W. Holter, Batavia, Ohio; Major Wm. W. H. Free, Perry county, Ohio; Q.M. Charles Babcock, Cleveland, Ohio.
     Company G; Capt. B. W. Rutherford, Cheshire; 1st Lieut. John C. Porter, Thivener; 2nd Lt. H. T. Massie, Adams co., Ohio; 1st Sergt. A. J. Beardsley, 2nd Sergt. Alex Davis; 3rd Sergt. Henry C. McMillen; 4th Sergt. Samuel Skelton; 5th Sergt. David Howell; 1st Corp. Jonas M. Comber; 2nd Corp. George W. Lemon; 3d Corp. Joseph Roush; 4th Corp. Malcomb W. Ingles; 5th Corp. Wm. J. Sheets; 6th Corp. Jonathan Roberts; 7th Corp. George Brown; 8th Corp. Benj. F. Darling; Company clerk, Alex R. Cating; 1st Musician Emerson R. Grant; 2nd Musician Thadeus Soles; Company Com. S. R. McMillen. The health of our Company is good, some of the boys have the measles but are doing well at present.
     Yours, &c.,
     John C. Porter, 1st Sergt. Co. G, 95th O.V.I.

The Gallipolis Journal
March 30, 1865