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[N. L. Smith turned out to be very hard to track down. The Ohio 5th Cavalry was around Jackson, Tennessee at this point but he speaks in the article like it is not the unit to which he belonged. Most of the rest of the troops there were from Illinois and he may belong to one of those regiments and, if so, he may have had other ties to Gallia County. He may be the Nathan Smith who was in the 10th Illinois Infantry. N. Elvick]

Union Army. Jackson, Tenn., Dec. 20, '62

Mr. Harper:
     I hope it will be of interest to your readers to insert a few lines in your worthy Journal to let our friends in old Gallia know that we are trying to fill our call in saving the Union and pressing out this wicked, treacherous, and unholy rebellion.—The enemy has been threatening our place, which contains a population of about 2500. We call it our place, for we have had it in our possession for some time, and all the citizens have not only taken the oath but have taken up arms for the Union. The enemy has been skirmishing our lines for two or three days and are supposed to be 10,000 strong. Our force is about 8,000. We have 15 miles of breastwork in and out of town, and 2,000 bales of cotton in the streets. The men are in high spirits, some cleaning guns, others going through the manual of arms, filling canteens with water, singing, writing, &c., and we are all eager for a fight.
     P.S.—News has just reached us that the Ohio Cavalry attacked the rebels, and after a hot engagement put them to flight. The loss of the enemy in killed, is supposed to be about 160. Our loss one killed and three wounded. The rebels are retreating toward Lexington, Tenn., and are reported by a couple of deserters to number 5000 cavalry. The Journal receives a warm greeting in the army, and I feel, not to flatter, that I shall take your paper as long as health, money and circumstances may favor, or you may edit. Forward it as usual, to Berlin P.O., Sangamon county, Illinois.
     N. L. Smith

The Gallipolis Journal
January 22, 1863

Transcribed by Eva Swain Hughes