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Letter from Soldiers in the 173rd OVI

Headq'rs 173d O.V.I., Nashville, Tenn., December 17th 1864

At a meeting of the officers and members of Co. I, 173d O.V.I., in which Captain Samuel Welker, was called to the chair, the following resolutions were adopted:

Whereas: It has pleased Almighty God to call from our midst, by a mysterious Providence our worthy comrade, Hiram Gleason, of Huntington Tp., Gallia Co., and private in Co. I, 173d O.V.I. Therefore,
Resolved, That while we recognize the Divine Wisdom in this inscrutable Providence, and meekly bow to this sad allotment that we sincerely regret the loss of one, who, bore his part so well, and exhibited those soldierly qualities which endeared him, to all his comrades in arms
Resolved: That we tender our christian condolence to his friends, and that the secretary be instructed to present a copy of these resolutions to his relations, and the Gallipolis Journal and Dispatch, for publication.
     Capt. S. Welker, Pres. Geo W. Isaminger Chaplain and sec'y.

Headq'rs 173d O.V.I., in camp near Nashville, Tenn., Dec. 18, 1864

Editor Gallipolis Journal:
     Many thanks to the kind hearted ladies of Gallipolis, for the presentation of a beautiful Regimental Color. Notwithstanding the delays and difficulties which interfered with the design of those who so liberally contributed, and the fair ladies who earnestly solicited the same, it is none the less appreciated. On this occasion, remarks coming from me, in which I would promise the beneficent people of Gallipolis, that we will never betray their confidence, would be inappropriate, and at the expiration of our term of service, if our career as Federal soldiers, secures the approbation of our friends, someone besides myself must commend our action.
     With old soldiers it requires clear logic to convince them, that One Hundred days men, or six months organizations, or One Year Regiments, should command universal admiration in fact they cannot perceive, wherein the men composing such regiments, should be praised for patriotism, and their constant efforts since 1861, almost ignored or at least in a great measure, forgotten. For and on behalf of the officers and enlisted men of the 173d O.V.I., (I) thank the kind people of Gallipolis and doubly thank those through whose instrumantality [sic], we are under many obligations, for the beautiful banner we received on the evening of the 10th inst.
     Believing and hoping with the same intensity as I do for a speedy termination of the war, and that this rebellion may be irrecoverably suppressed, that we will not disappoint our kind friends, the officers are preparing resolutions for publication, therefore excuse brevity. Permit me personally to tender my grateful acknowledgements to all the citizens of your city, for the uniform kindness, which they have manifested toward me.
     J. H. Hurd [He was the Colonel of this regiment, listed in Company F&S, and although there were many Gallia men in this regiment he wasn't found in any other Gallia County records. N. Elvick]

Headq'rs 173d O.V.I., in camp near Nashville, Tenn., Dec. 25th, 1864

     At a meeting of the Officers of the 173d Regt. O.V.I. held December 12th, 1854 [sic], the following preamble and resolutions were presented and unanimously adopted:

Whereas, the 173d, Regt. O.V.I. has been the recipient of a costly and beautiful Color, presented by Miss Fannie Sheppard, Miss Julia Naret, and other patriotic ladies of Gallipolis, Ohio:
Resolved, That while we tender our grateful acknowledgements to the fair donors for the elegant gift, we are encouraged, by such manifestations of regard and sympathy, to persevere in our humble efforts for the preservation of our Republic.
Resolved, That we esteem the gift a most precious souvenir; that it shall accompany us on all our marches and campaigns, and be to us ever a representation of those interests, rights, and friends, for whose preservation, safety and prosperity, we are now contending.
Resolved, That the kind-hearted, noble-minded and patriotic ladies of Gallipolis, Ohio, command our warmest sympathy and kindest regards, for their friendly remembrance of us, for the interest they have shown in our welfare, and that if our conduct serving under the glorious banner, their [word missing] shall win their praise and meet with their approval, we shall be gratified.
Resolved, That a copy of these resolutions be sent to the Cincinnati Gazette, Cincinnati Commercial, Gallipolis Journal, Portsmouth Tribune, Jackson Standard, Ironton Register, and West Union Scion, with request for publication.
     Maj. Jeremiah Davidson, Chairman. Adjutant [private in Company A]
     N. W. Evans, Sec'y. [Captain in Company F&S]

The Gallipolis Journal
December 29, 1864

Transcribed by Eva Swain Hughes

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