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[It's unclear in which regiment the writer was serving. The letter was written on the last day of the Peninsula Campaign when Gen. George McClellan began his withdrawl from his campaign to capture Richmond. Cloud's Mill is an historic part of Alexandria, Virginia. The numbers mentioned do not seem to represent regiments, but possibly parts of brigades. The 14th, 17th and 19th Ohio Infantry regiments were in the western theater at this point. N. Elvick]

Camp Reynolds, near Cloud's Mills, back of Alexandria, June 30, '62

Friend Harper.—Dear Sir:
     The stirring news from Richmond has caused us to receive orders to march immediately for that point. We move in 30 minutes for Alexandria, thence by water. The Brigade does not go, only the Regulars belonging to it. They consist of one company of the 1st, two of the 11th, seven of the 14th, two of the 17th, and last, though not least, two of the 19th, being co. G, Capt. E. L. Smith, and co. H, Capt. H. S. Welton, in whose company are all the Gallia boys in fine condition, good spirits, and feeling well. We were one hour ago all drawn up in line on the parade ground ready to be mustered for pay, when the marching orders reached us. We will now muster for pay at the first opportunity. Two hours more and we would have been all right, financially, but never mind, we are all right anyway So good day.

The Gallipolis Journal
July 10, 1862
Transcribed by Eve Hughes