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Newspaper Account of Celebration
of a Golden Wedding Anniversary

The Golden Wedding Anniversary of Mr. and Mrs. George Reese
(note added
e) July 8, 1904 in Glen Roy, Ohio. 1854-1904

From Wellston Telegram Newspaper, Wellston, Ohio

Anniversary of Mr. and Mrs. George Rees celebrated
Over 150 Friends Attended

Come from many places to participate in observance of the occasion

     Mr. and Mrs. George Rees of Glen Roy celebrated the golden anniversary of their marriage Friday.  On a summer's day, a half century ago they plighted their troth and were made man and wife.  Of the joyous company who were at their wedding they alone have survived the passing years.  But on Friday friends and acquaintances of later days gathered at their pleasant home in Glen Roy to offer their good wishes and bear testimony of their love and esteem. 
     The features of the wedding anniversary were the costly presents given Mr. and Mrs. Rees and the elaborate dinner served to friends.  Altogether one hundred and sixty one people sat down to dinner.  The first table was seated at 11 o'clock and the dinner was not over until 4:30.  Everything in and out of season was there.  The spread added greatly to the enjoyment and good cheer of the occasion.
Thomas Cole of Glen Roy presided and welcomed the guests.  He read an original poem, 'Memory.' dedicated to Mr. and Mrs. Rees and recalling the days when their love was young.  Mr. Cole is an old friend of the family and to him The Telegram is largely indebted for its report.  The Rev P E White of the ME Church at Coalton in a few well chosen words in behalf of the friends of Glen Roy presented Mr. and Mrs Rees a fine leather couch and $5 in gold, Mr. Rees a gold headed cane, and Mrs. Rees a gold headed silk umbrella.
     Rev WP Cherrington of Jackson, speaking for the friends of Jackson, presented a substantial sum of money in gold.  Many other presents were received.  Little Barbara Dawson, a granddaughter, and Elizabeth Jones, a daughter of Dr. and Mrs. DE Jones, recited several selections.


     Mr. and Mrs. George Rees are the oldest residents of Glen Roy having moved there in 1873.  Mr. Rees was born in 1830 in Nantyglo, South Wales and was the son of Charles and Elizabeth Rees.  He came to this country with his parents when only six weeks old.  They settled in Pottsville, Pa. and when he was nine years old, removed to Gallia County.  After coming to manhood there he followed the river as a steamboatman.  He was married to Mary Ann, the daughter of David L and Helen Evans in Gallia County July 8, 1854.  They moved to Glen Roy in 1873 living in the house now occupied by Henry Prichard.
     Since coming to this county Mr. Rees was a coal miner.  He helped sink the old Milton Furnace shaft the first in the district.  Later he worked at the Acorn mine at Glen Roy.  He was known in his younger days as a skillful miner who could get out a great deal of coal.
     The children of Mr. and Mrs. Rees are: Helen, Elizabeth, the wife of Jacob Deckard, Emma, the wife of James Lantz Even, Barbara, the wife of Hedley Dawson, deceased, and John.  There are 13 grandchildren and nine great grandchildren."


     Many friends from over the county joined with Mr. and Mrs. Rees in the celebration of their golden anniversary, Among the number were:

GLEN ROY=== Mrs. Henry Pritchard, Mrs. Fred Pugh, Mr. and Mrs. Jne Simms, Mr. and Mrs. Evan Evans, Mrs. David Marstiller, Mr. and Mrs. Alex Simms, Mr. and Mrs. James Entiwistle, Mrs. Richard Grafton, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Reese, Evan Edwards, Mrs. James Edwards, Dr. and Mrs. John Harbarger and baby, Mrs. Margaret Griffith, Mrs. Orpha Williams, Miss Mary Williams, Mrs. James Dull, Mrs. Mary Richards and daughter, Mrs. Maggie Roy, Mrs. Mary Oliver, Mr. and Mrs. Richard Pool, Mrs. Mary Barnes, Mrs. Jane Jones, Andrew Roy, Mr. and Mrs. Reese Griffith, Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Watson, Mrs. Cash Hutchison, Mr. and Mrs. David Lloyd, Mrs. Thomas Evans, Mr. and Mrs. John Jenkins, Dr. and Mrs. D. E. Jones and daughters, Celola and Elizabeth, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Matthews and baby, Mrs. Joe Bowen, Mrs. John Craggs, Mrs. James Roush, Mrs. Lewis Morgan, Mr. and Mrs. Joe Matthews, Edwin James, Mrs. Andrew Scott and daughter Vernus, Mr. and Mrs. Jno Schlosser, Mr. and Mrs. Jno. Davis, Miss Dide Peters, Mr. and Mrs. Robert B. Rice, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Cole, Mr. and Mrs. John Rockwell.

WELLSTON=== Mrs. Annie Burns and daughter, Caroline, Mrs. Anna Rodgers, Mrs. Wm. Forester, Mrs. Joseph Gooding, Mrs. C. E. Easterday and son, John, Miss Florence Cecil, Mr. and Mrs. H. S. Rupp and family, Mr. and Mrs. John Rupp and family, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Lindauer, Mr. and Mrs. Crawford Richards, Mr. and Mrs. James Lantz, Fred Lantz.

JACKSON=== Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Stewart, Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Miller, Mr. and Mrs. R. J. Evans, Mr. and Mrs. D. C. Jones, Rev. and Mrs. W. P. Cherrington, Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Jones, Mr. and Mrs. C. Hansee, Mr. and Mrs. H. S. Jones, Mr. and Mrs. Thos, J. Evans, Misses Carrie Evans, E. Jones, Jennie Fowler, Minnie Evans, Jennie Beatty, Mrs. Anne Swanson. J. H. Stewart, and wife.

COALTON=== B. F. Scott, Mr. and Mrs. Ed T. Evans, Mr. and Mrs. J. F. Shook, Mr. and Mrs. Windield Scott, Mrs. M. K. Glenn, Rev. and Mrs. P. E. White and baby.

GALLIA COUNTY=== Mr. and Mrs. D. S. Evans, Mr. and Mrs. E. S. Evans, Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Jones, Mrs. Jacob Deckard, Mrs. Sarah Edwards.

OAK HILL=== Mr. and Mrs. W. W. Hughes, Mr. and Mrs. D. L. Morgan.

PORTSMOUTH=== Mr. and Mrs. Henry C. F. Smith and baby, Mrs. Thomas Milhuff.

BEAVER=== Rev. and Mrs. W. L. Reisinger and daughter.

KITCHEN=== Mr. and Mrs. Wm. J. Jenkins.


Among the valuable presents received, not mentioned above were: Sheriff Evans and wife, gold clock; John L. L. Jones and wife, gold spoons; D. W. Shook and wife, gold sugar shell and cream ladle; Levi Hamm and wife, silver spoons; Richard Grafton and wife, gold berry spoon; G. F. Manker and wife gold berry spoon; R. D. Turner and wife, gold ladle; C. E. Spencer and wife, gold sugar shell; Mrs. Elizabeth McCormick, gold spoon; Mrs. Mary A. Potter, gold spoon; Misses Kate and Lollie Rupp, bonbon dish; W. H. Morgan and wife, gold lined bonbon dish; Mesdames Gooding, Burns and Forster, Table Linen; Arthur Lindauer and wife, gold band tea set; Mr. Fred Lantz and Miss Florence Cecil, gold and silver card stand; Mrs. Anna Rogers, gold band cups and saucers; Samuel Thomas and wife, gold band sherbert glasses; C. K. Davis and wife gold I. O. O. F. charms and Mrs. Rees gold Rebecca badge; W. B. Cherrington and wife, gold band mush and milk set; Miss Mary Williams, gold band cream pitcher; Charles Jones and wife, gold band dish; Mrs. Caniba, fancy dish; Crawford Richards and wife, gold photo frames; J. H. Rupp and wife, H. S. Rupp and wife, C. L. Easterday and wife, George Davis and wife, a rocking chair; Rev. Cherrington and wife, Simeon Evans and wife, T. H. Evans and wife, Ralph Evans and wife, J. W. Miller and wife, D. C. Jones and wife, M. K. Glenn and wife, C. C. Hansel and wife, Mrs. Jane Swanson, Miss Minnie Evans, Miss Jennie Fowler, J. C. Stewart and wife and J. H. Stewart and wife $15.00; D. L. Morgan and wife, $2.50; Wm Jenkins and wife $2.00. J. F. Shook and wife, $5.00; D. S. Evans and wife, $1.00; Mrs. Sarah Edwards, $ 1.00 W. W. Hughes $1.00; Evan L. Evans and wife, $5.00; Mrs. Jacob Deckard $1.00; H. C. F. Smith and wife and T. R. Millhuff and wife, $5.00; Edwin Jones, and wife; $10.00; Miss Ella Reese, $ 5.00; Mr. John Reese. $10.00; Mrs. Barbara Dawson and children $5.00; James Lantz and wife, $ 5.00; H. D. Jones and wife, T. J. Evans and wife, Ed T. Evans and wife, Miss L. D. Jones and Miss Sallie Jones. $10.00.