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     Mr. and Mrs. J. N. Baker, of Northup, delightfully celebrated the fiftieth anniversary of their marriage, Sunday at the home of their son in law and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. W.W. Sigler, First Avenue
     Mr. and Mrs. Baker (America Northup) who are still active and enjoying life, were married March 24, 1880, at Northup, near their present home, and with the exception of a few years which they spent in Illinois they have lived their entire life in that vicinity.
     Sunday was a happy day for them for they were surrounded for the occasion by all of their children and their families. These included Mrs. Frank Heil, with Mr. Heil and son, Wayne, of Malta, O., Mrs. Lester Berridge, Mr. Berridge, daughter June, of Detroit, Mr. Wilbur Baker and two daughters, of Springfield, Ill., Mrs. Bernice Anderson, Virginia, Ill., Charles Baker, at home and Mrs. Sigler. Other relatives who enjoyed the gathering were Mrs. Baker’s sister, Mrs. M. T. Blessing and Mrs. Blessing of Rolfe, Iowa, Mrs. Mary Pickens, of Springfield, Ill., and Mrs. Maria Niday, of Gallipolis, Mr. Baker’s sister, Mrs. George Houck, of Lincoln, Miss Kate and Miss Edith Northup, of Cincinnati, Mrs. Emma Northup, Mr. and Mrs. Herman Northup and two sons, Harlan and Jimmie of Northup, Mrs. Charlotte Sigler, Mr. and Mrs. H. W. McHenry and daughter, Mary Anna and Betty Jean, and W. W. Sigler of Gallipolis.
     An elaborate dinner was served at noon, at which Wayne Heil, eight year old grandson invoked the Divine blessing. Following the dinner a royal social time was enjoyed, beginning with the opening of the gifts which were showered upon the “happy couple”. These were brought in by little June Berridge piled high on a serving wagon and were opened with much merriment. Mrs. Hilda Berridge then read a letter from Mrs. Flossie (sic—Vausie) Smith, of Los Angeles, Cal., sister of Mrs. Baker, who was unable to be present. June Berridge gave a most artistic interpretation of fancy dancing. One of the most pleasing feature(s) of the whole day was when Mrs. Baker donned the bridal veil of her mother, Mrs. Ansel Northup, and was serenaded by the youngsters, who demanded and received a treat.

Transcribed from undated newspaper clipping
50 th anniversary was in 1930
Transcribed by Joanne Galvin, great granddaughter of Jacob and America Baker
Jan. 8, 2007