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Brookins, P.D., Mr. and Mrs.

Brookins Celebrate 50th Anniversary

     A dinner and open house was [sic] held Sept. 6 in honor of the 50th wedding anniversary of Mr. and Mrs. P.D. Brookins at the home of their daughter, Ms. Nancy Moeller on Kerr Bethel Rd.
Relatives from Gahanna, Ohio brought a wedding cake for the occasion.
     Those attending from Gallipolis were Mrs. Jacqueline Lund, Doug, Karen, Aaron and Jessica Lund, Rev. Robert and Lou Grubb, Mrs. Jean Denny, Mrs. Mildred Hamilton, Mrs. Cindy Sexton and Jamie, Mrs. Opal Mink, Mr. and Mrs. Ken Wroblewski, Mr. and Mrs. Chuck Glover, Larry and Matthew, Mr. and Mrs. Fred Wood, Mrs. Helen Wood, Mr. and Mrs. Melvin Holley, Mrs. Micky Smith and Nancy, Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Wheeler.
     Bidwell--Mr. and Mrs. Roy Burger, Mr. and Mrs. Dean Rainey and Eric, Mr. and Mrs. Phil Powell, Angie and Jeremy, Mr. and Mrs. Orville Sexton, Mrs. Maxie Camden, Mr. and Mrs. Larry Camden, Mandi and Bobby, Mrs. Mary Cox, Mr. and Mrs. John Duncan.
     Vinton--Rev. Chester Lemley, Mr. and Mrs. Bob Wood, Brian and Nikki Keeton.
Pomeroy, Mr. and Mrs. "Bud" Abbott; Oak Hill, Dora Queen; Jackson, Dorothy Brookins.
South Webster, Mr. and Mrs. Wendell Kanause; Talmadge, Oh., Norma Overly and Anita; and Valparaiso, In., Mr. and Mrs. Joe Clalsgens.
     Columbus--Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Frost, Vicky Frost and Steve Maxwell, Natashia Sorge, Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Ross, Helen McCarty, Ann Sladaji, Mr. and Mrs. Tom Jones, Nancy and Mike Hay, Mr. and Mrs. Bryan Bagley, Mr. and Mrs. Jame(s) Starrett and Taylor, Mr. and Mrs. Joe Hunt, Pat and Eddie Michael, Jr.
     Sending greetings were Mr. and Mrs. Ed Kemper, Mr. and Mrs. Melvin Sheets, Mr. and Mrs. Edwyn Willis, Dellie McCormick, Mr. and Mrs. Herman Wood, Gertie Vance, Linda Nibert, Peggy Call, Mr. and Mrs. Bill Reese, Mr. and Mrs. Walter Danner, Mr. and Mrs. Willard Wood, Mr. and Mrs. James Baird, Mr. and Mrs. Cleland Willis, Drs. Bailes and Bradshaw and Dr. and Mrs. Dan Nihiser.

Gallipolis Daily Tribune
September 27, 1987
Transcribed by Henny Evans