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Golden Wedding Brown

Fred and Musser, Geneve

     Mr. and Mrs. Fred and Geneve Brown were honored with a Golden Wedding Anniversary party Sunday, November 11. They were married in Gallipolis on November 14, 1929, and still live in Gallipolis. They
received many cards and gifts from family and friends. The table was decorated with a bouquet of yellow
sweetheart roses, yellow carnations and baby's breath. The cake was decorated with gold bells and yellow roses.
     The party was given by their daughters, Aretta Montgomery, Dorothy Haskins, and Virginia Smeltzer at the home of the Browns' grandson, Jeffrey Haskins. Those attending were: Mr. and Mrs. Murray Haskins, Mr. and Mrs. Bob Smeltzer, Mark and Joni, Mrs. Bob Montgomery, Mr. and Mrs. Keith Montgomery, Lisa and Mike, Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Haskins and Matthew, Mr. and Mrs. Tim Brooks and Jeremy, Mr. and Mrs. Sherm Parsons, and Mrs. Bertha Smeltzer.

Gallipolis Daily Tribune
Transcribed by Henny Evans