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Call/Day Golden Wedding Anniversary

Call, Bert and Day, Cora

     Mr. and Mrs. Bert Call of Addaville celebrated their golden wedding anniversary on Sunday, with all their six children, 10 grandchildren and three great grandchildren present to help with the memorable affair.
The day began with a sumptous turkey dinner, for which Mrs. W. Myers of Rio Grande had made and decorated the beautiful cakes. She was also present for the dinner.  Eugene Baumgardner, Dayton, was also a guest at the dinner.
     An open house was held in the afternoon with many friends and relatives calling to bring greetings, gifts and well wishes for this beloved couple. 
     The children and their families who helped to make the day happy one were Mr. and Mrs. Delbert Call and children, South Charleston, Mr. and Mrs. Dewey Mustar and children, Springfield, Mr. and Mrs. John Peters and daughter, Monroe, Mich., Imogene of Dayton, Raymond at home and Mr. and Mrs. Willard Call and three children, who live at Adamsville.
                                   (They were married December 25, 1892 at Gallia County.)

Gallipolis Daily Tribune
December 26, 1948
Transcribed by Henny Evans