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Casto/Beller Golden Wedding

Golden Wedding

     Sunday, June 20th, Mr. and Mrs. B.G. Casto celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary with about fifty relatives and friends in attendance. At the noon hour a lovely picnic dinner was served on the lawn of the Casto home. Among those present were John Casto of Flint, Mich., Dr. and Mrs. Finley Newman of Cleveland, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Diggins and son Bennie of Nitro, W.Va., Mrs. Mary Emerson and family of Columbus, Mr. and Mrs. Granville Casto and family and Mr. and Mrs. Clayte Edmiston and family. Mr. and Mrs. Casto received many beautiful gifts, and although some of their children could not be present, they sent messages.

[Note: Benjamin G. Casto and Sallie N. Beller were married June 22, 1887 in Gallia County.]

Gallia Times
June 24, 1837
Transcribed by Henny Evans