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Newspaper Account of Lewis/Neal Golden Wedding Anniversary

Friday October 20, 1911

Clark, Lewis D. and Neal, Mariah L.

Golden Wedding Celebration

     Last Friday was the 50th anniversary of the wedding of Mr. and Mrs. Lewis D. Clark of Chamberburg and about 7 relatives and friends were invited to participate in its observance. Their home was beautifully decorated with golden rod and autumn leaves and a design of 1861-1911, in golden rod, was suspended in the dining room. A splendid dinner was served and the aged couple received many beautiful presents. They were unitied in marriage in 1861 by Rev. Asa Drake and became the parents of ten children. They are fine old people and Mr. Clark is now almost blind. Mrs. Noah S. Clark played "Put On Your Old Grey Bonnett [sic]" at the end of the celebration.

[Note: They were married October 13, 1861.]

Gallipolis Journal
October 25, 1911
Transcribed by Henny Evans