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Craft, George E. and King, Laura

Celebrate Golden Wedding

     It was fifty years ago today that Miss Louise King and George E. Craft were united in marriage at the home of the bride's father, W.A. King, at Raccoon Island.  The enjoyable celebration was held yesterday as Sunday is a more convenient day for folks to get away.
     This happy union which has survived half a century, was blessed by three daughters and two sons, all but one of whom were present on the festive occasion:  Mrs. L.W. (Thelma) Goodwin and Mrs. Cecil (Dorothy) Conrad of Columbus, Mrs. Gerald (Marianna) DeRolph and Albert Craft of Dayton and Warren L. Craft, the absentee who is with the U.S. Navy at Key West, Fla.   A pleasant surprise was the arrival of Mrs. Craft's sister, Mrs. J.E. Pritchard of Muncie, Ind.  She with their brother, Charles King and another sister, Mrs. Charles Greene were present at the wedding and again yesterday.  But one of the four grandchildren attended the golden wedding.
     A family dinner was given at noon and others at the beautifully appointed table were Mr. DeRolph, Mr. Conrad, Mrs. Albert Craft and daughter, Beverly Jean in addition to those mentioned before.
The home just off Portsmouth Avenue, where the couple has spent the last thirty years, was filled with floral tributes and many lovely gifts were presented the beloved couple, as well as greeting cards in large numbers.  For two to four Mr. And Mrs.Craft held open house for relatives, friends and neigbors and this was a most delightful part of the day.  Over dainty refreshments with a warm cup of tea or coffee, the large number of callers extended best wishes and congratulations.
     Both Mr. and Mrs. Craft are fairly well and their activity belies their years, he is 87 and (she) 73.  They are highly esteemed by all who know them and have countless friends, who could not be with them yesterday but wish them many more happy years together.

Gallipolis Daily Tribune
December 14, 1942
Transcribed by Henny Evans