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Celebrate Golden Wedding Anniversary With Dinner Sunday  

     On Aug. 24, 1881, Mr. Frank Leaper and Miss Josephine Berridge were married at the home of the bride’s father, Neal Berridge, the ceremony being performed by Hugh Plymale, uncle of the bride. This marriage consummated fifty years ago, has continued happily, and was celebrated Sunday, Aug. 23, 1931, at Mr. and Mrs. Leaper’s home on Third Avenue, with a large gathering of friends and relatives. At noon, an elaborate dinner was served, twenty-three “wedding” cakes being brought in for the occasion. One, a golden wedding cake was presented by Dr. and Mrs. A. B. Garrett, and another by Mr. and Mrs. Boothe, was graced by a miniature bride and groom. Although fifty years seems a long time, Mr. and Mrs. Leaper, no doubt have many happy years before them, as the former is in his 72 nd year and the latter but 69, and both are strong and active.
     The happy couple are the parents of three children, and have nine grand children and five great grand children.
     Mr. and Mrs. Leaper had with them all of their children, Chester Leaper, wife and four children, Betty, Nancy Jo, Jimmy and Peggy Lee, Mrs. Blazer Wetherholt, (Mary Leaper), Mr. Wetherholt and daughters, Beulah and Eleanor of this city, and Elmer Leaper, wife and son, John, of Columbus. Others present were Mr. Leaper’s only brother, Albert Leaper, wife and daughters, Hilda and Mildred, of this city, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Bishop, Mr. and Mrs. C. B./ Booth and daughters, Marjorie, Jean and Frances of Huntington, Mr. and Mrs. George Groves, Mrs. John Jay and Albert Goodwin of Columbus, Mr. and Mrs. George Craft, Mr. and Mrs. Sheldon Wise and two children, Mr. and Mrs. H. W. Klicker, Mr. and Mrs. E. C. Steger, Mr. and Mrs. James Carter and son Cecil, Robert Irion, Rev. John L. Porter and wife, Mrs. Sarah Harrington, Mrs. John A. Plymale, Mr. and Mrs. George Haffelt, Mrs. Effie Dickey, Mr. and Mrs. R. S. Gooch and two sons, Mr. and Mrs. W. R. Smith, Dr. and Mrs. A. B. Garrett, Mr. and Mrs. A. Lewis, Mr. and Mrs. C. C. Porter, H. H. Porter, Mrs. Ruth Smith, Charles V. Porter, Mrs. Allie Simms, Mrs. Dora Frownfelter, Z. Williams, Mrs. Rhoda Wise, Mrs. Mina Neal, Miss Naomi Plymale, Miss Mollie Roadarmour, A. Cottrell, Fred Baker, T. R. Smith and wife, Mr. and Mrs. Harold Steger, Bonnie B. Carter and Mrs. Rosetta Porter. Of these guests two were present at the wedding, Mrs. Groves of Columbus, niece of Mrs. Leaper, who was but a small girl and Albert Leaper.

Transcribed from a newspaper clipping by Joanne Galvin