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Golden Wedding Anniversary of Mr. and Mrs. John Priestly

     Last Wednesday, February 23d, being the 50th anniversary of the marriage of our townsman, Mr. John Priestly, to his wife Hannah. The event was celebrated by a re-union. One who was present on the occasion has furnished us with a brief sketch of the affair which took place at the family residence, on Front Street.
     They were married at Luddinden Chapel, England. The party, consisted of a few invited guests, among which were Rev. R. Breare, Mrs. Breare, Mr. and Mrs. Kennedy, together with the lineal descendants of the family, viz: Mr. and Mrs. James Priestly, Mr. and Mrs. Richard Priestly, Mr. and Mrs. Henry C. Priestly, and Mr. and Mrs. Henry Beall, Mrs. B.___ being the only daughter. Four children, twelve grand children and one great grand child, little Alice, daughter of Mr. A. G. and Jennie G. Beall.      
     Rev. Breare officiated in his usual style, if not more so, in his address to the venerable, aged and worthy couple who had passed through a half century of married life, quietly, though unostentatiously, had enjoyed all the comforts of life and lived to see their children and grand children favorably situated. Mr. Richard Priestly, presented his father with a fine gold headed cane; Mrs. Richard Priestly, presented a pair of gold spectacles to Mrs. John Priestly; Mr. Henry C. Priestly, presented to his father, also a pair of gold spectacles; Mrs. H. C. Priestly, presented a fine gold breast pin to the aged mother-in-law; then came the congratulations &c., after which refreshments and dinner, which was very nice indeed and enjoyed by the entire party.
     Every attention was paid and compliments interchanged to the aged pair, and the day passed pleasantly away, one which seldom occurs in the marriage life---therefore the impression made by the kind, affectionate and appropriate remarks of Rev. Breare, not only to the venerable and worthy couple, but to the children and grand children, and guests also, will no doubt be remembered, appreciated and practiced through life.

Gallipolis Bulletin
March 1, 1876
Transcribed by Henny Evans