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Roush, Moses and Strickler, Sarah

Married March 20, 1836

Golden wedding at the residence of Moses Roush in Morgan Township on the 20th day of March, A.D.1886, and a table spread with the bounties of life, 73 feet long, with 87 persons surrounding said table. When dinner was over the presents were presented by the friends.

M.L. Roush, silver dollar; Martin Lutz, silver dollar; John Darst, gold dollar; Mary Lutz, dress pattern; W.G. Roush, cuff buttons and bosom pin; Sarah Roush, breast pin; W.G. Roush, ear rings; Andrew Morrow, breakfast shawl; Elmer Darst, silk handkerchief; M.R. Roush, dress pattern; Minnie Darst, cake of soap; Emory Ralph, handkerchief; L.S. Roush, handkerchief; Lou Johnson, handkerchief; Rosa Roush, cup and saucer; Lucinda Roush, cup and saucer; John Roush, tea pot; Charlotte Darst, collar and breast pin; Charlotte Darst, dress pattern; Sarah E. Roush, dress pattern; Mrs. Addie Darst, fruit dish; Amelia Denney, glass plate; Maggie Lutz, comb; Dora Darst, shell box; J.R. Ralph, toy pistol; Abel Lewis, pen knife; Mary Lewis, pair of
gold vases; Moses Roush, cake of soap.
     Moses Roush was born in Cheshire Township, May 3, A.D. 1813. Sarah Strickler, the wife of Moses Roush, was born April 2, A.D. 1814. Was married March 20, A.D., 1836, at Cheshire Township by Esquire
Scott, moved to Meigs county the same spring; lived in Meigs county one year and nine months and moved back to Cheshire Township, Gallia county, O., in the year A.D. 1838; lived there about three months, and the same year (1838) moved to Morgan Township, where they have lived ever since that time, and have raised a family of twelve children, seven boys and five girls.
     When Moses Roush moved to Morgan Township it was a dense wilderness, with the exception of a small cabin and about one-half acre cleared at that date on his farm. Wild game of all kinds were numerous. Even wild honey was plenty. But the howl of the wolf did not discourage said Roush; he took his ax and mattox and cleared out the forest and established himself a pleasant home; the stumps and roots have nearly all been rooted out of the ground and the old folks are here yet, well and hearty.
     Moses Roush and Sarah Roush joined the Freewill Baptist Church about the year 1844, and the said Roush has been a subscriber to the Gallipolis Journal about forty years. When Moses Roush located in Morgan Township there was [sic] no schools, no churches, no stores, and he had to travel ten or twelve miles to mill. But today schools and churches and stores and mills are all handy.

Gallipolis Journal
March 31, 1886
Transcribed by Henny Evans