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Walp, Noah and McCarley, Elizabeth A.

Golden Wedding

     The fiftieth anniversary of the marriage of Mr. and Mrs. Noah Walp was celebrated in a very pleasant manner at their home, near Harris, on Wednesday, July 14. Noah Walp and Elizabeth A. McCarley were married July 14, 1847, where L.P. Rose now resides, and have resided in Raccoon township ever since. None of Mr. Walp's immediate relatives were present but two brothers and two sisters of Mrs. Walp were, viz.: E.B. and Hiram McCarley, Mrs. Jane Gooch and Mrs. Martha Mossbarger. One sister , Mrs. Sophronia Wood, of Cincinnati, was not able to come. Of three living children two, Mrs. Roma Stephenson and Mrs. Sarah Jones, were present; their son, Sherman Walp, of South Charleston, Ohio, was unable to come home to enjoy this momentous epoch in the life of his parents. They have ten grand children living, five of whom participated in the celebration. The company that gathered at the home numbered about sixty-five adults and thiry-five children. The friendly interest manifested by all was a quiet, but eloquent testimony to the warm place which these aged people have in the hearts of their kindred and friends.
     Many valuable presents were given by those who came. A large table was spread in the yard under the shade of a row of beautiful trees which was loaded down with a sumptuous dinner, mostly brought by the friends. An hour was spent in friendly conversation and then the company surrounded the table where the presents were displayed. Mr. Lincoln Parkins and friends sang several songs. Prof. Davis read off the presents and made a brief address. Mr. Parkins then sang to the delight of the company the two songs, "Speak Kindly to the Old Folks, " and "Don't be Sorrowful Darling." Mr. Sylvester Wood then spoke briefly and tenderly of the friendship of the people in that vicinity for Mr. and Mrs. Walp, and the value of such friendly acts. Dr. J.F. Waugh also spoke tersely in the same line. Mr. Walp then responded warmly to what had been done and said. A few words were also spoken by M.B. Crocker. Mrs. D.E. Mossbarger then sang "Flitting Away." Bernice Coates Crocker spoke and sang a piece which was good for a four-year-old girl. The company joined in singing "God be with you till we meet again." All departed for home feeling not only that they had had a pleasant day, but also that they had helped to make another "golden day" in the lives of their friends. The following is a list of those present:

Gallipolis--Mr. and Mrs. M.B. Crockerand adopted daughter Bernice, who is
a grand-daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Walp.
Kerr--Mrs. Hala Mossman, Mrs. Janet Halliday and grand-daughter Leona
Rodney--Mr. John Thompson and wife, Effie Gooch and Homer Watts.
Harris--Dr. J.T. Vaughn, wife and two sons; Mr. E.B. McCarley and wife,
Mr. Frank Russell and wife, Mrs. Fanny Kerr, Mrs. Nancy Wilson, Mr. Gus Blagg, wife and daughter; Mr. James McKnight, wife and daughter; Mr. Edward Hull, wife and three children; Mr. John Gooch, wife and four children; Mr. Sylvester P. Wood, wife and daughter, Mrs. John McCarley and two daughters, Mr. Wm. Gooch and wife, Mrs. L.P. Rose, Stephen Gooch, Miss Fanny Denney, Mr. Wm. Deckard and wife, Mrs. Elmer Wood and daughter, Mrs. Frank Wilbarger and son.
Bidwell--Mr. Hiram McCarley, wife, son and two daughters, Miss Blanche
Rio Grande--'Squire John Varney and wife, Mrs. Emily Shoemaker, Mrs.
Sarah Shires, Cylde Woods, Prof. J.M. Davis, Mrs. James White, Mrs. Alice Hively.
Adamsville--Mrs. Sarah Broughman, Mrs. D.B. Williams.
Centerville--Mrs. Julia Cloud and son.
Holcomb--Mr. Jacob Mossbarger, wife and daughter, Mr. L.E. Mossbarger and
wife, Mr. J.E. Mossbarger, wife and two children, Mr. Lincoln Parkins, wife and daughter.
Coalton--Mrs. E.W. Howe.
Tycoon--Mrs. Gertie Lewis and daughter.

Gallipolis Daily Tribune
July 20, 1897
Transcribed by Henny Evans

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