The 117th in the Gallipolis Journal
Sept. 11, 1862

Transcribed and Submitted by Linda Tope Trent

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Roll of Capt. Gatewood's Company [G] 117th Regiment, O.V.I.


Captain Jas. Gatewood, Ohio township
1st Lieut. Frances Walter, Harrison township
2nd Lieut. Samuel Drummond, Harrison township


Amos, Henry S. Addison
Angel, Joseph Harrison
Atkins, John Ohio
Barger, Alex Ohio
Beaver, Wm. Walnut
Boggs, Jehu Walnut
Booton, Abram Perry
Brumfield, J. W. Guyan
Bryans, James Ohio
Carter, Amos Perry
Carter, H. Clay Perry
Carter, Lewis F. Harrison
Carter, Wm. A. Harrison
Clark, J. L. Walnut
Clark, Noah S. Harrison
Clark, Wm. H. Harrison
Crawford, G. W. Ohio
Crawford, Matthew Ohio
Dewitt, Marion J. Harrison
Dickey, Alvah Harrison
Dickey, Leroy Harrison
Dodridge, Isaac Perry
Dowdell, Elias Gallipolis
Fierbaugh, John Walnut
Folden, Francis M. Harrison
George, Jas. J. Addison
Grayum, P. Green
Halley, F. M. Harrison
Haskins, Hiram Guyan
Houck, R. H. Harrison
Howell, John W. Harrison
Hughes, John E. Perry
Hutsinpiller, J. C. Green
Irion, Davis Harrison
Irion, Isaac C. Green
Irion, John W. Harrison
Kerns, Thos. Green
Krumine, Henry St. Joseph, Mo.
Leonard, Marion Addison
Maguet, John Gallipolis
Markin, Henry H. Harrison
McCarthy, Wm. Walnut
Morgan, J. A. Walnut
Niday, Wm. M. Walnut
Notter, J. S. Lawrence co.
Null, J. M. Walnut
Null, Wm. F. Walnut
Nutter, A. G. Guyan
Pierce, Jas. P. Addison
Ralph, Edmund Addison
Rarden, Harvey Ohio
Raridin, John W. Harrison
Reisinger, F. S. Walnut
Rice, George A. Guyan
Richards, J. L. Walnut
Rife, Jonah Addison
Rodgers, E. M. Guyan
Rodgers, Joel G. Guyan
Rose, Allen C. Green
Rothgeb, John Addison 
Sanders, Jas. Guyan
Sanders, S. E. Guyan
Sheline, Samuel Addison
Singer, Wm. J. Lawrence co.
Smith, Lander Addison
Sowards, Charles Guyan
Sowards, Isaac Guyan
Spears, Wm. Walnut
Stewart, Wm. J. Harrison
Swords, Aron Harrison
Symmes, B. Guyan
Symmes, B. Jr. Guyan
Symmes, Mathew Guyan
Thierry, F. Harrison
Thornton, Ambrose Walnut
Thornton, Edward Walnut
Tipton, E. Walnut
Tipton, Geo. E. Walnut
Tope, Wm. G. Walnut
Trackler, Noah Addison
Truesdale, D. C. Guyan
Unroe, Jacob Guyan
Ward, J. F. M. Harrison
Watts, Wm. W. Springfield
Whitsock, C. Lawrence co.
Willcox, Richard

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