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List of Postmasters

Addison - Crown City
Dale - Knob
Kyger - Rio Grande
Rodney - Yoho

     This list has the postmaster appointments for each post office in chronological order. Therefore, many names appear more than once. Postmaster positions were often political plums so as new politicians were elected, there was also a change in who was postmaster.
     Some post office names changed over time. Each post office with its various names is listed as single entries. The name changes are recorded in the remarks column. All post office names are listed in alpha order and either followed by the list of postmasters for that office or by a notation redirecting you to the record that includes that name.
     Generally, each entry gives the postmaster’s name and date of appointment from the microfilms covering the years 1832 to 1971. Information for earlier post offices and postmasters comes from another government source and do not give much information other than postmaster’s name and year of appointment.
     The entries for the years 1930 to 1971, lists more information with as many as five dates; a notation that the postmaster was an acting postmaster or appointed; a cause or date of vacancy; and remarks. For our list we give only one of these dates and in remarks say when it is as an acting postmaster. Then if that individual is appointed, there is a second entry.
     Remarks have been included in our list as they give information regarding retirement, change in martial status for female postmasters, death, military leave during WWII, etc. Most of these remarks occur after 1931. Only a few such remarks found their way into the earlier logs.
     A word regarding spelling of names and reading of middle initials: the handwritten entries in the microfilms can be difficult read. Some of the old style capitals look very similar and each person making entries had their own style of writing. Names were not always spelled the same way, just as you find that names are spelled various ways in the old census records. If you are related to a postmaster, you may find that I have included an error due to my inability to read an entry or due to that entry being incorrect. Our list has been checked against the microfilm several times.