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gallia county cemetery records 
hurin - jay
Given Name
Cemetery Name
Date of Birth
Date of Death
Age at Death
Inscriptions & Miscellaneous
Hurin Effie Dickey Chapel HA   8/10/1879
1y 1m 20d
d/o W.H. & S.
Hurin Emily Dickey Chapel HA   7/15/1874
60y 3m 26d
w/o Wm.
Hurin Lucretia Dickey Chapel HA   2/12/1859
12y 3m 4d
d/o Wm. & E.
Hurin Nancy A. Dickey Chapel HA   3/2/1862
10y 3m 13d
d/o Wm. & E.
Hurley Janet Williams Calvary Bapt. RA 5/12/1938 1/1/1998    
Hurley Malissa Vinton Memorial HU 1856 1938   obituary
Hurlow James Lloyd Gravel Hill CH 1/24/1977 9/1/1998    
Hurlow Leo Joseph Gravel Hill CH   10/7/2010
h/o Vivian
Hurlow Nora C. Gravel Hill CH 1912 1998   obituary
Hurlow Joseph L. Gravel Hill CH 1902 1964    
Hurlow William K. Gravel Hill CH 7/19/1944 3/30/2013   h/o Ethel; USA Vietnam
Hurn Charles W. Pine Street GA 2/17/1824 10/10/1889    
Hurn Edna C. Pine Street GA 1879 1966   obituary
Hurn Flora E. Pine Street GA 4/1/1854 6/17/1934    
Hurn Harry R. Pine Street GA 1877 1961   obituary
Hurn Lucy Hayward Pine Street GA 1831 1909   obituary
Hurn Molbry S. Pine Street GA 2/13/1852 6/26/1907    
Huron Chauncey Crown City GU   9/30/1881
3y 10m
s/o J. & L.
Hurt Clara Josephine OhioValley M.G. GR 9/21/1921 1/27/2010   w/o Wesley Hurt Sr.
Hurt Floyd E. New Hope RA 1911 1972    
Hurt Josephine OhioValley M.G. GR 9/9/1921 nd    
Hurt Kimberly J. New Hope RA 10/29/1967 12/28/1967    
Hurt Latrisha Ann OhioValley M.G. GR 2/4/1986 2/5/1986   obituary
Hurt Lillie Mae New Hope RA 1889 1956    
Hurt Vesta Mae Pine Street GA 8/4/1912 7/15/2011
Hurt Wesley OhioValley M.G. GR 6/2/1915 2/18/2002   Pvt US Army WWII
Hurt William New Hope RA 1870 1948    
Huskins Mary J. Pine Street GA   5/_/1908
Huson Goldia Pine Grove MO 1912 1996    
Huson Roland Pine Grove MO 3/22/1909 11/23/1963   (La.) CCM-USNR WW II
Hutchison Charles W. Calvary Bapt. RA 1869 1950    
Hutchison Elizabeth Calvary Bapt. RA 1846 1921    
Hutchison Howard Calvary Bapt. RA 1909 1935    
Hutchison Malissa Calvary Bapt. RA 1874 1951    
Hutchison Stanley Calvary Bapt. RA 1895 1899    
Hutchings Martha J. Calvary Bapt. RA nd nd    
Hutchins Donna Gene Tyn Rhos PE   1941   inf. d/o Forest & Adrah
Hutchins Elizabeth E. Tyn Rhos PE 1880 1937    
Hutchins Forrest D. Tyn Rhos PE 1911 1959   28 Div 109 Reg. Co. L WWII
Hutchins Helen Lucile Tyn Rhos PE   5/15/1907
d/o Wm & E.
Hutchins Naomi "Evely" Tyn Rhos PE 11/29/1925 5/18/2006   w/o Raymond Hutchins
Huthcins Raymond Denver Tyn Rhos PE 7/31/1920 11/21/2009   h/o Evelyn
Hutchins Sarah E. Old Pine RA   3/16/1899
from obituary; no stone
Hutchins Silas Old Pine RA   1894   s/o D.W. & S.E.
Hutchins William Mound Hill GA   1/31/1897
no stone; obituary
Hutchins William M. Tyn Rhos PE 1882 1966    
Hutchinson Ada Waterloo WA   6/27/1879
1y 4m
d/o B.L. & E.
Hutchinson Andrew J. OhioValley M.G. GR 4/24/1905 nd    
Hutchinson Andrew Jack OhioValley M.G. GR 2/15/1941 5/28/2013   s/o Ora & Gladys
Hutchinson Annie Chavis Chavis-Shaffer GF   nd   no stone
Hutchinson Archie L. Mina Chapel GR 1902 1972  
Hutchinson Benjamin McGhee HU 1837 1913   Co. E 19 Reg. USI
Hutchinson Blanche Waterloo WA   7/26/1881
2y 7m 27d
d/o L.D. & M.S.
Hutchinson Chester Waterloo WA   9/4/1898
2y 11m 3d
s/o C.H. & R.F.
Hutchinson Daisy E. Vinton Memorial HU 1890 1948    
Hutchinson Dorothy Ellen Vinton Memorial HU 1929 1934   d/o John & Daisy
Hutchinson Frank W. Vinton Memorial HU 1874 1944    
Hutchinson Golda M. Mina Chapel GR 1913 19__    
Hutchinson Howard Calvary Bapt. RA 1909 1935   no stone;    obituary
Hutchinson John M. Vinton Memorial HU 1872 1945   obituary
Hutchinson Lewis L. Pine Grove MO   5/13/1877
17y 8m 21d
s/o Wm Hutchinson
Hutchinson Louesa W. Waterloo WA   5/20/18 77
13y 7m 29d
d/o D .W. & A.F.
Hutchinson Malissa A. Calvary Bapt. RA 1874 1951   obituary
Hutchinson Margaret Pine Grove MO   1/2/1896
75y 8m 13d
w/o William Hutchinson
Hutchinson Nancy McGhee HU 1840 1926    
Hutchinson Rachel L. Waterloo WA 10/26/1849 5/8/1881
31y 6m 12d
d/o B. & E. Ball & w/o A. G.
Hutchinson Sandra Susie OhioValley M.G. GR 3/23/1942 1/25/2014   w/o Ralph
Hutchinson Sarah T. Mound Hill GA 1838 1910    
Hutchinson Thomas G. Waterloo WA 6/4/1817 11/18/1885    
Hutchinson W. H. Mound Hill GA 1838 1924   Co F, 137th OVI
Hutchinson William L. Pine Grove MO 5/3/1828 5/4/1884    
Hutchinson Xzandria Summer Mound Hill GA 7/5/2000 1/7/2007   d/o Heath E. & Krystal
Hutchinson   Chavis-Shaffer GF   nd
two children of Henry Hutchinson Sr. killed when lightning struck the bed in which they slept.
Hutchison Charles W. Calvary Bapt. RA 1869 1950    
Hutchison Elizabeth Calvary Bapt. RA 1846 1921    
Hutchison Howard Calvary Bapt. RA 1909 1935    
Hutchison Stanley Calvary Bapt. RA 1895 1899    
Huth Richard F. Mound Hill GA 8/5/1923 12/16/1951   no stone; from funeral records
Huthens Elizabeth Clay Chapel CL   9/9/1855
53y 1m 19d
w/o William; possibly Hutchens
Hutsinpiller Abraham Mound Hill GA 1845 1922   obituary
Hutsinpiller Abram Centenary GR 10/8/1772 3/19/1854
b. in Frederick Co. Va.  obituary
Hutsinpiller Adda Williams Pine Street GA 1863 1943   obituary
Hutsinpiller Andrew Centenary GR 7/18/1822 4/16/1907   Sgt. Co..K 107 Ill. Inf.
Hutsinpiller Bessie Mound Hill GA   10/6/1909
Hutsinpiller Catherine Mound Hill GA 1855 1941   obituary
Hutsinpiller Chancey Pine Street GA        
Hutsinpiller Charles L. Mound Hill GA 1888 1969    
Hutsinpiller David Mt. Zion GR 7/11/1817 2/10/1881  
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Hutsinpiller Deborah Centenary GR 7/26/1822 12/24/1891   w/o Andrew
Hutsinpiller Edith Mound Hill GA 1890 1984    
Hutsinpiller Elbert J. Mound Hill GA 1847 1934    
Hutsinpiller Elizabeth Mound Hill GA 10/16/1842 2/25/1935    
Hutsinpiller Elizabeth Centenary GR   3/25/1847
d/o Abram & Magdalena
Hutsinpiller Ella Mt. Zion GR 6/2/1855 8/9/1945    
Hutsinpiller Frank E. Mt. Zion GR 4/2/1851 4/5/1937    
Hutsinpiller Henry Mound Hill GA 1815 1873    
Hutsinpiller Henry Centenary GR   5/23/1873
Hutsinpiller Henry Guy Mound Hill GA 11/21/1875 6/8/1878   s/o J. G. & M. S.
Hutsinpiller J. Winsor Pine Street GA 1853 1924    
Hutsinpiller Jane E. Mound Hill GA 3/25/1820 7/13/1915   obituary
Hutsinpiller John C. Mound Hill GA 12/11/1840 6/20/1927   Capt. 1st Ohio HA
Hutsinpiller John Carlos Mound Hill GA 12/24/1882 1/4/1940 W. Va. Major 114 Sup Tn 39 Div.;   obituary
Hutsinpiller John H. Pine Street GA 1810 1877    
Hutsinpiller John H. Centenary GR   8/24/1851
23y 6m 28d
Hutsinpiller Lydia Centenary GR   1/9/1855   d/o A. & D.
Hutsinpiller Magdalena Wax Centenary GR 9/15/1781 3/12/1840
b. Botetourt Co., Va.; w/o A.
Hutsinpiller Mariah Mt. Zion GR 11/7/1822 8/11/1883   w/o D.
Hutsinpiller Mary Centenary GR   12/22/1833
Hutsinpiller Mary S. Stewart Mound Hill GA 3/22/1854 5/6/1899   w/o John; obituary
Hutsinpiller Michael Centenary GR   1/17/1834    
Hutsinpiller Naomi G. Centenary GR   2/13/1882
28y 10m 13d
w/o A.;  obituary
Hutsinpiller Reuben, Capt.       5/15/1864
Hutsinpiller Sarah Ann Pine Street GA 1817 1875   obituary
Hutsinpiller Virginia Mound Hill GA 11/16/1892 3/29/1949   w/o Carlos
Hutsinpiller Viola H. Pine Street GA        
Hutsinpiller Warren Centenary GR   8/28/1840
2m 2d
s/o A. & D.
Hutsinpiller   Centenary GR   nd   inf. s/o D. & M.
Hutsinpiller   Centenary GR   nd   inf. s/o H. J. E.
Hutton Bonne Mae OhioValley M.G. GR 2/3/1924 3.27.2006   w/o James Monroe Hutton
Hutton Bonnie M. OhioValley M.G. GR 1924 2006    
Hutton James M. OhioValley M.G. GR 7/21/1913 8/24/1968
Ohio Pvt. 38 Mecz Cav. Regon SQ WW II
Hutton Lottie Gravel Hill CH   3/3/1862
d/o H. & C. G. Vangilder
Hutton Susannah Swisher Gravel Hill CH   3/30/1851
53y 2m 11d
w/o John
Hyman E. Francis Centenary GR 1910 1988  
Hyman George Edward Centenary GR 2/2/1922 9/18/1976   Tec 5 US Army WW II
Hyman Pauline Anne Centenary GR 3/20/1948 12/15/2007   d/o George & Mary
Hysell Arthur L. Gravel Hill CH 1884 1929    
Hysell Asel Gravel Hill CH 1850 1923    
Hysell Catherine Gravel Hill CH 1866 1958    
Hysell Charles R. Gravel Hill CH 4/15/1952 nd    
Hysell Charles R. Gravel Hill CH 9/30/1918 3/17/1983   1st Sgt. Army WW II
Hysell Ebenezer Storys Run CH   5/29/1888
47y 10m 17d
Co. G. 116 Reg. O. V. I.
Hysell Ella Gravel Hill CH 1868 1954    
Hysell Ella G. Knopp Gravel Hill CH 1/30/1883 6/3/1902   w/o Dayton
Hysell Emily C. AddisonReynolds AD 1901 1972    
Hysell Gaston Gravel Hill CH 3/4/1842 3/5/1920   Pvt. 2 W.Va. Cav. Civil War
Hysell George F. Gravel Hill CH 1867 1951    
Hysell Gertrude E. Gravel Hill CH 9/17/1922 1/14/2014
w/o Harry;  RN USA Nurse Officer; 1st Lt. WWII
Hysell Harry Gravel Hill CH 5/5/1887 8/4/1971    
Hysell Harry O. AddisonReynolds AD 1893 1948    
Hysell Harry T. Gravel Hill CH 9/26/1922 7/25/1993   Tech Army WW II
Hysell Hattie Gravel Hill CH 1906 1995    
Hysell Henrietta E. Gravel Hill CH 8/7/1956 nd    
Hysell Hilda Mae Gravel Hill CH 1902 1966    
Hysell Homer Gravel Hill CH 1904 1993    
Hysell Kathryn. Gravel Hill CH 8/8/1920 9/16/2006    
Hysell Leo M. Gravel Hill CH 1891 1971    
Hysell Lydia E. Gravel Hill CH 1890 1975    
Hysell Mabel N. Gravel Hill CH 12/29/1898 11/22/1982    
Hysell Marcella Gravel Hill CH 1868 1951    
Hysell Newell S. Gravel Hill CH 11/24/1905 8/14/1971   PVT. U. S. Army W. W. II
Hysell Paul Eugene Gravel Hill CH 1942 1947    
Hysell Ralph M. Gravel Hill CH   1/17/1939   Ohio Pvt. 12 MG BN 4 Div.
Hysell Rosa L. Gravel Hill CH 1863 1926    
Hysell Val. B. Gravel Hill CH 1859 1937    
Hysell Virgie M. Providence CL 1900
Hysell Watt Gravel Hill CH 1864 1945    
I. or L.Y.   Young RA       Baby (footer)
Iammarino Isabellel Simmons Mound Hill GA 1916      
Iammarino R. M. "Bob" Mound Hill GA 1939 2006    
Icenhower John A. Mound Hill GA 1861 1929    
Icenhower Missouri Mound Hill GA 1859 1923    
Igleheart Hester L. Mound Hill GA 1908 1989    
Igleheart Paul Joseph Mound Hill GA 1886 1967  
Ihle Elmer E. Gravel Hill CH 4/7/1910 2/9/1985   MOMM3 Navy WW II
Ihle Neva O. Gravel Hill CH 1909 1995   w/o Elmer E.
Ima Jean Henry Pine Street GA 11/12/1944 6/23/2009   w/o Gilbert E. Henry Sr.
Imes John W. AddisonReynolds AD 1878 1963    
Imes Mary Alice AddisonReynolds AD 1895 1958    
Ingels Amos C. Clay Chapel CL   9/26/1891
4y 1m 18d
s/o H. M. & E. H.
Ingels Bertha Gravel Hill CH 1959 1978   "Jeanie"
Ingels Bertha I. Gravel Hill CH 1891 1966    
Ingels Berton Hamilton Mound Hill GA 1865 1955    
Ingels Charles F. Gravel Hill CH 1917 2007    
Ingels Charles L. Gravel Hill CH 1892 1968    
Ingels Chauncey Mound Hill GA 1891 1922   obituary
Ingels Clyde C. Mound Hill GA 1882 1956   obituary
Ingels Clyde Joseph Mound Hill GA 1915 1986    
Ingels E. Clair Mound Hill GA 6/6/1891 9/29/1916    
Ingels Edna C. GalliaBapt.Ridge GF 8/13/1911 1/24/1981    
Ingels Edna Carter Mound Hill GA 1900 1926   obituary
Ingels Elizabeth Riggs Mound Hill GA 1864 1942   obituary
Ingels Emma Bay Clay Chapel CL 1/_/1869 1942
w/o Herbert M.; no stone; obituary
Ingels Emma C. Mound Hill GA 1855 1947    
Ingels Emma M. Mound Hill GA 1886 1960    
Ingels Fred Mound Hill GA   3/11/1908
Ingels George H. GalliaBapt.Ridge GF 10/18/1905 1/20/1981    
Ingels Ina C. Hulbert GR   8/2 8 /1868
1y 10m 10d
d/o J. & M.
Ingels Iva L. Gravel Hill CH 1915 1995    
Ingels Jasper C. Mound Hill GA 1855 1934    
Ingels Jesse J. Mound Hill GA 1880 1919    
Ingels Jesse Sr. Mound Hill GA 1811 1896   obituary
Ingels John W. Gravel Hill CH 1915 1958    
Ingels Josiah Rose GR 1836 4/_/1849
13y 11m 12d
s/o Jesse & Anna
Ingels Lola Elizabeth Mound Hill GA 1880 1971    
Ingels Mary A. Mound Hill GA 1830 1912    
Ingels Patsy Gwinn Mound Hill GA 1912 2004    
Ingels Rhuhama Mound Hill GA nd 12/31/1929   obituary   w/o William
Ingles Andrew Rose GR   4/26/1851
15y 5m 11d
s/o J.A.
Ingles Anna Rose GR   2/20/1844
31y 9m 13d
w/o Jesse
Ingles Bert H. Mound Hill GA 1/11/1865 6/6/1955   obituary
Ingles Clyde C. Mound Hill GA 1882 1956    
Ingles Edna C. GalliaBapt.Ridge GA 8/13/1911 1/24/1981    
Ingles Emma M. Mound Hill GA 1886 1960   obituary
Ingles Malcomb W. Rose GR 1839
  Co. G, 195th OVI
Ingles Nellie Flag Springs WA   10/29/1908    
Ingles Riley Flag Springs WA 12/30/1902 6/17/1974    
Ingles Sarah G . Rose GR   4/9/1850
w/o Jesse
Irion Amanda F. Mound Hill GA 1859 1927  
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Irion Arthur T. Mt. Carmel HA 1885 1900    
Irion Bert Mt. Carmel HA   3/2/1901
grist mill boiler explosion
Irion Bettie L. Pine Street GA 1861 1923    
Irion Billie B. Mound Hill GA 7/10/1930 1/15/1931   obituary
Irion Charles L. Mt. Carmel HA 1877 1878    
Irion Charles W. Mound Hill GA 1860 1931    
Irion Charlotte Mound Hill GA 3/12/1925 11/1/2008   w/o Kenneth
Irion Davis New Zion MA 4/27/1835 2/13/1917
Irion Earl Calvary Bapt. RA 1894 1954    
Irion Easter A. Patriot PE   9/24/1840    
Irion Elizabeth Patriot PE   ??/26/1848   w/o John
Irion Elizabeth Macedonia HA   1883    
Irion Elizabeth Stewart GU 1838 1918   w/o Henry
Irion Elpha R. Gravel Hill CH 1899 1977    
Irion Eva Calvary Bapt. RA 1860 1938    
Irion Floyd W. Mound Hill GA 1878 1954   obituary
Irion Frank L. Mound Hill GA 1895 1972   obituary
Irion Grace Charlotte Centenary GR 7/24/1887 7/30/1906    
Irion Henry Stewart GU 1834 3/22/1911   Co. G, 18th Regt. O.V.I.
Irion Henry Northup/Rose GR   7/28/1857
76y 1m
Irion inf. Patriot PE   nd   s/o J. & E.
Irion James Clay Chapel CL 7/6/1807 1/2/1893   obituary
Irion James A. Mt. Carmel HA 1881 1901    
Irion James F. Coffman CL   2/5/1868
1y 6m
s/o H. & E.
Irion James R. Gravel Hill CH 1886 1967    
Irion James Thomas Mound Hill GA 1851 1928    
Irion Jemima Northup/Rose GR   5/30/1868
88y 8m
w/o Henry
Irion Jessie C. Mound Hill GA 1884 1962   d/o J. A. & Sara
Irion Joanna Mt. Carmel HA 1841 1893   w/o John W.;  obituary
Irion John Patriot PE   11/23/1879
68y 8m 6d
Irion John A. Centenary GR 10/9/1858 4/27/1926    
Irion John C. Mound Hill GA 1867 1896   obituary
Irion John H. Patriot PE   9/24/1840   s/o J. & E.
Irion John R. Mt. Carmel HA 1869 1880    
Irion John T. Mound Hill GA 4/10/1836 3/10/1896   h/o Mariah;    obituary
Irion John W. Mt. Carmel HA 1843 1923   Co. G, 1st O.H.A.
Irion Leslie W. Calvary Bapt. RA 1885 1979  
Irion Leslie Wilson, Jr. Calvary Bapt. RA 7/10/1925 3/13/1966
PFC U.S. Marine Corps. Res. WW II
Irion, Mariah Louisa Poole Mound Hill GA 6/24/1839 8/7/1924   w/o John T.
Irion Martin H. Clay Chapel CL   9/17/1859
11m 19d
s/o W. & M. J.
Irion Mary Clay Chapel CL 2/4/1811 3/9/1900   w/o James;  obituary
Irion Mary A. Mt. Carmel HA 1879 1894    
Irion Mary C. Patriot PE   1/21/1857
35y 4m
w/o John
Irion Marylene W. GalliaBapt.Ridge GF 2/7/1927 3/14/1996    
Irion Maude Forth Mound Hill GA 1888 1942   obituary
Irion Minnie M. Calvary Bapt. RA 1883 1964    
Irion Morgan Patriot PE   July 21,???? s/o J. & E.
Irion Nancy Jane Willey Clay Chapel CL 2/28/1835 7/2/1910   w/o William;  obituary
Irion Nola E. Macedonia HA 1/5/1903 3/26/1904   d/o W.R. & G.
Irion Pearl L. Mound Hill GA 1883 8/5/1919   obituary
Irion Richard D. Gravel Hill CH 1899 1975    
Irion Robert Calvary Bapt. RA 1865 1946    
Irion Robert H. Mt. Carmel HA 1867 1898    
Irion Robert W. Pine Street GA 1856 1940   obituary
Irion Roy A. Mound Hill GA 1885 1961    
Irion Sadie G. Mound Hill GA 1893 1992    
Irion Sara C. Centenary GR 1/18/1859 5/22/1901   obituary
Irion Thomas J. Patriot PE   9/26/1840
2y 8m 10d
s/o J. & E.
Irion W. R. Macedonia HA 4/21/1872 5/1/1910    
Irion William Macedonia HA   1873    
Irion William Clay Chapel CL 10/7/1832 5/4/1908
Iron Anna L. Clay Chapel CL   3/17/1877
8y 2m 10d
d/o W. & N. J.
Iron Anna L. Ward Mercerville GU 1849 1926    
Iron Charlotte Questel GR   4/4/1883
53y 1m 15d
w/o John
Iron Frank L. Mound Hill GA 1/8/1895 9/20/1972    
Iron Henry Rose GR   7/28/1857
76y 4m
Iron Jane George Rife AD 2/2/1881 6/14/1942    
Iron Jemima Rose GR   5/30/1868   w/o Henry
Iron Jerome Clay Chapel CL    
Iron Mary Clay Chapel CL   7/3/1883
27y 10m 6d
w/o Sim. Iron
Irvin David Lawless SP 1778 3/22/1848   from England
Irvin Mary Lawless SP   6/6/1846
Irvin   Rife AD   7/14/1879
20y 9m 21d
w/o A.N. Irvin
Irvine Mary Ann Sanctuary RA 3/4/1820 7/27/1851   w/o P.O.
Irwin Alice Mt. Carmel HA   3/27/1894
14y 6m 27d
Irwin Alph E. Bethel AD 1854 1885    
Irwin Carrie C. Pine Street GA 1851 1936   obituary
Irwin Daniel Clark Chapel MO 1847 10/24/1938   obituary
Irwin David Bethel AD 9/9/1822 5/3/1894   CW obituary
Irwin Edith X. Old Pine RA 7/20/1876 2/3/1897   d/o J. & S.A.
Irwin Elizabeth C. Pine Street GA 8/31/1816 5/17/1901   w/o James F.
Irwin Ella Olmsted Clark Chapel MO 1864 1946    
Irwin Elmer David Mound Hill GA 8/15/1861 6/26/1932    
Irwin Elmer Tracy Mercerville GU   nd
Son Mausoleum Wheelersburg, Ohio
Irwin Elmer Victor Mercerville GU 1/23/1875 11/6/1962    
Irwin Ernest Luther Calvary Bapt. RA 1886 1947    
Irwin Ethel Wickline Calvary Bapt. RA 5/15/1893 4/17/1925   from obituary
Irwin Frank J. Centenary GR   5/23/2008
s/o Robert J. & Eleanor
Irwin Hattie Providence CL   2/_/1912   obituary
Irwin Hortense Johnson Mercerville GU 4/12/1880 4/14/1952    
Irwin Irene I. Clark Chapel MO 12/23/1870 3/19/1965   obituary
Irwin Iris Frye Calvary Bapt. RA 1895 1958    
Irwin James F. Pine Street GA 2/24/1817 7/23/1892   obituary
Irwin James G. Calvary Bapt. RA 1919 1988   wed Sadie B. 5/17/1941
Irwin James M. Pine Street GA 4/30/1844 8/9/1918   obituary
Irwin John Clark Chapel MO 1819 1898    
Irwin John H. Clark Chapel MO 1858 1932    
Irwin Josiah Calvary Bapt. RA 1839 1925    
Irwin Julia F. Bethel AD 1859 1883   obituary
Irwin Margaret Clark Chapel MO 1848 1940    
Irwin Mary A. Clark Chapel MO 1826 1920   obituary
Irwin Mary J. Bethel AD 10/15/1827 nd   w/o David
Irwin Mary J. Bethel AD 8/2/1811 7/12/1885    
Irwin Mary L. Old Pine RA   7/13/1890
9m 9d
d/o J. & S.A.
Irwin May Old Pine RA   2/15/1898
25y 2m 8d
d/o J. & S.A.
Irwin Rosa N. Old Pine RA 7/30/1873 3/22/1892   d/o J. & S.A.
Irwin Russell Hopewell HA   9/28/1933   s/o J.A. & Edna
Irwin Sadie B. Calvary Bapt. RA 1915 1981   wed James G. 5/17/1941
Irwin Sallie A. Calvary Bapt. RA 1843 1926  
Irwin Samuel Mercerville GU   8/17/1870
2y 11 m 6d
s/o J. & L.A.
Irwin Sophia A. Pine Street GA 10/30/1853 3/_/1939   obituary
Irwin   Rife AD   6/12/1863
4y 1m
infant d/o P. & R.
Irwin   Rife AD   7/14/1879
20y 9m 21d
w/o A. N.
Isaac Hulda Mt. Tabor HU 12/7/1886 3/3/1967    
Isaac Martha Mt. Tabor HU 1874 1959    
Isaac Mayland Dean Vinton Memorial HU 7/30/1944 8/19/2009 s/o Cora & Mayland; USA Vietnam
Isaac Rosie Mt. Tabor HU 3/3/1922 9/23/2006   w/o William Isaac
Isaac Vernon Vinton Memorial HU 8/16/1946 7/12/2007   h/o Jeanie Rena Oiler
Isaac William Lee Mt. Tabor HU 11/6/1924 1/13/2013   h/o Rosie
Isaacs Ann Nebo PE 12/31/1847 8/8/1895   obituary
Isaacs Anna V. Salem Baptist PE   9/23/1898   d/o J. & S.
Isaacs Daniel Nebo PE 5/7/1848 7/23/1911    
Isaacs Frances Swan Creek OH 1904 1952    
Isaacs inf. Nebo PE   2/12/1871   s/o Daniel & Ann
Isaacs Isaac Nebo PE 1866 1919    
Isaacs John H. GalliaBapt.Ridge GF 3/12/1935 3/14/1935    
Isaacs John L. Salem Baptist PE 1872 1947    
Isaacs Mr. Providence Bapt. SP   nd   no stone
Isaacs Richard Nebo PE 1839 1920    
Isaacs Sarah M. Salem Baptist PE 1877 1943   obituary
Isley Anna O. Pine Street GA 1892 1972    
Israel   Wilcox HU   9/17/1834
1y 19d
s/o S. & E. Lewis
Israel Caroline R. Vinton Memorial HU 4/27/1938 6/7/1988    
Israel H. Irvin Poplar Ridge CH 8/20/1937 10/31/2004    
Israel Mildred Poplar Ridge CH 4/16/1940 2/6/2001    
Ives Eva P. Ridgelawn GU 1896 1978    
Ives Thomas A. Ridgelawn GU 1888 1962    
Ivey Family Monument Old Pine RA        
Ivey Charles M Old Pine RA 1858 1938    
Ivey Christinia Old Pine RA 1833 1912    
Ivey David F. Old Pine RA 1/28/1870 6/13/1886    
Ivey Emma J. Old Pine RA 1873 1944    
Ivey James L. Old Pine RA 1/11/1866 2/22/1905   obituary
Ivey Mary L. Old Pine RA 11/19/1860 6/2/1902    
Ivey Wm. H. Old Pine RA 1829 1905   Co. E 36 Reg.OVI
Ivey   Old Pine RA       inf d/o W.H. & C
Ivory Ella Mound Hill GA   1900   no stone;     obituary
J. H. Jeffers GU   nd  
J. E.   Hughes (Beman) RA        
J. J. F.   Ebenezer RA       footer
J.F.G.   Old Pine RA       fieldstone
Jacks Clair E. Vinton Memorial HU 12/9/1924 2/22/2008   h/o Leanna Gae Rumfield
Jacks Jo Ann Vinton Memorial HU 1934 1956   w/o Leonard E.
Jacks Leanna G. Vinton Memorial HU   1/21/2014
Jackson Ada Pine Street GA   nd    
Jackson Alfred J. Fairview (Long) SP 1839 1902    
Jackson Alice Pine Street GA   10/14/1864
Jackson Alice Darley Pine Street GA   10/22/1862
1y 6m
d/o Geo. & M.L.
Jackson Andrew Mound Hill GA   11/23/1897   obituary
Jackson Andrew Patriot PE 9/21/1851 2/11/1936   obituary
Jackson Anthony D. Gravel Hill CH 1/14/1984 8/24/1989    
Jackson Augusta B. Morgan Bethel MO 1922 1983    
Jackson Augusta V. Mound Hill GA 5/30/1867 4/22/1932    
Jackson Bessie Jane Pine Street GA 1898 1974   obituary
Jackson Charles E. GalliaBapt.Ridge GF 1939 1956   obituary
Jackson Charles R. Mt. Zion OH 1928 1948    
Jackson Chas. M. Jackson WA 2/15/1870 11/1/1906    
Jackson Clara L. Morganl Bethel MO 9/30/1936 8/29/1999    
Jackson Daniel Centenary GR 7/17/1784 3/18/1868    
Jackson Edith Pine Street GA 4/17/1939 nd    
Jackson Effie Coffman Mound Hill GA 1862 1952    
Jackson Elmer C. Vinton Memorial HU 1883 1967    
Jackson Emaline McGhee HU 1849 1923    
Jackson Freda Pine Street GA   nd    
Jackson George W. Jackson WA   12/18/1892
73y 9m 9d
Jackson George W. McGhee HU 4/3/1839 10/12/1900    
Jackson Haddassa Pine Street GA 1892 1960    
Jackson Hannah J. Mound Hill GA 1862 1941    
Jackson Hazel E. GalliaBapt.Ridge GF 1921 1946    
Jackson Henry Pine Str. Colored GA   10/27/1870
27y 6m 1d
Jackson Irene Pine Hill SP 1917 2004    
Jackson Jean Marie Pine Street GA 1927 1958    
Jackson Jehu B. Jackson WA 1852 1937    
Jackson Jehue B. Jackson WA 1/20/1887 nd    
Jackson John McGhee HU 6/1/1811 3/14/1864  
Jackson Jonnie A. Pine Street GA 1/17/1928 1/27/1995   Cpl. USA Korea
Jackson John A. Jackson WA 7/4/1857 7/23/1906    
Jackson John J. Pine Street GA   2/12/1929   obituary
Jackson Joseph E. Pine Street GA 1900 1992    
Jackson Joseph W. Hulbert GR   nd
s/o G.M. & M.
Jackson July A. Morgan Bethel MO   5/30/1867
5m 4d
Jackson Kimberly Kay Mound Hill GA 12/2/1965 9/7/2012   d/o Attie & Millard Foley
Jackson L. Jack Pine Street GA 1890 1940    
Jackson Lewis C. Mound Hill GA 8/21/1847 8/20/1909   no stone;    obituary
Jackson Lillie Magill Pine Street GA   10/1/1864
1y 9m 17d
d/o Geo. & L.M.  obituary
Jackson Lottie N. Pine Street GA 1885 1977    
Jackson Luly. Pine Street GA   nd    
Jackson M.L.J. Pine Street GA   nd    
Jackson Mahala Viney SP 10/5/1855 4/5/1937   obituary
Jackson Malcomb D. Pine Street GA 1911 1969    
Jackson Malinda McGhee HU 5/2/1843 6/19/1921   obituary
Jackson Margaret Centenary GR   11/10/1850
18y 1m 19d
w/o James
Jackson Maria Louisa Pine Street GA   10/10/1864
Jackson Marietta Mt. Zion GR 1870 1945    
Jackson Mary Mound Hill GA nd 2/1/1949   no stone; from funeral records
Jackson Mary E. McGhee HU 1845 1923    
Jackson Mary M. McGhee HU 7/3/1857 1/27/1887   w/o W. J.
Jackson Mary W. Jackson WA 1851 1925    
Jackson Maude Patriot PE   8/26/1965    
Jackson Maude M. Vinton Memorial HU 1885 1968    
Jackson Minnie Pine Street GA   nd    
Jackson Nancy Agnes Pine Street GA 11/_/1852 2/22/1920   no stone;    obituary
Jackson Nellie B. Mt. Zion OH 1907 19__    
Jackson Oliver M. McGhee HU 2/20/1852 1/17/1933    
Jackson Our Lilly Pine Street GA   nd    
Jackson Peter Fairview (Long) SP   7/_/1888
84y 2m 14d
Jackson Phebe Centenary GR 3/12/1785 3/22/1865   w/o D.
Jackson Prissilla J. Mt. Olive SP   3/_/1862
Jackson Rebecca McGhee HU 3/30/1815 12/9/1872   w/o John
Jackson Robert L. Mt. Zion GR 8/29/1898 11/18/1933   Pvt. 19 Field Arty.
Jackson Roma Marshall Mt. Zion GR 10/3/1897 2/21/1987    
Jackson Sarah A. Fairview (Long) SP 1839 1914    
Jackson Susan A. Jackson WA   9/16/1907
18y 10m 16d
Jackson Susan Ann Pine Street GA 12/21/1840 3/16/1913   obituary
Jackson Sylvester McGhee HU 1847 1916    
Jackson Tesie Pine Street GA   nd  
Jackson Theodosia E. Denney SP   11/19/1886
28y 5m 23d
w/o D.F.; d/o W. & W. Gray
Jackson Thersa A. Jackson WA 11/11/1902 nd    
Jackson Thirza Fairview (Long) SP        
Jackson Tommy D. Gravel Hill CH 12/28/1982 8/24/1989    
Jackson Turner W. Morgan Bethel MO 1918 1994    
Jackson W. J. McGhee HU 7/10/1855 10/27/1926    
Jackson Wallace Mt. Zion GR 1869 1947    
Jackson Wes Pine Hill SP 1913 1979    
Jackson William C. OhioValley M.G. GR 1909 1984   Tec 5 US Army WWII
Jackson William M. Viney SP   6/15/1937 80y obituary
Jackson   Pine Street GA   nd   mother
Jackson   Pine Street GA   nd   children of Geo. W. & M. L. (2)
Jackson   Clay Chapel CL 11/15/1928 11/19/1928   infant daughter
Jacobs Abel Mt. Tabor HU 2/5/1806 7/23/1891    
Jacobs Abel Mt. Tabor HU   11/4/1862
80y 5m 27d
Jacobs Albert Mt. Tabor HU 1868 1920    
Jacobs Albert E. Jr. Mt. Tabor HU 2/18/1900 3/3/1900    
Jacobs Charles S. Mt. Tabor HU 12/20/1865 1/2/1940   obituary
Jacobs Charlie Mt. Tabor HU   1/24/1871
2y 3m 18d
w/o W.P. & E.
Jacobs Dale M. Gravel Hill CH 1/20/1911 1/17/1998    
Jacobs Daniel Calvary Bapt. RA 1884 1948    
Jacobs Dr. R.D. Mt. Tabor HU 8/6/1832 10/27/1911    
Jacobs E. Lucille Gravel Hill CH 8/5/1919 5/28/1999    
Jacobs Elizabeth Mt. Tabor HU 10/6/1890 2/22/1893    
Jacobs Elizabeth Mt. Tabor HU 1843 1917    
Jacobs Elois M. Vinton Memorial HU 1937 nd    
Jacobs Elza E. Mt. Tabor HU 1/12/1862 6/2/1864    
Jacobs Emma J. Vinton Memorial HU 1860 1928   obituary
Jacobs G. W. Mt. Tabor HU   6/27/1882
27y 9m 12d
Jacobs Goldia Wilson Gravel Hill CH 9/26/1884 1/18/1951    
Jacobs Gottleaben Mt. Tabor HU 1/17/1813 10/22/1891    
Jacobs Henry M. Scott-Roush CH   1867
s/o J. & C.
Jacobs Ira W. Vinton Memorial HU 1860 1937    
Jacobs James F. Vinton Memorial HU 2/1/1929 12/26/1980    
Jacobs James F. Vinton Memorial HU 1884 1971  
Jacobs Jamima Mt. Tabor HU 12/27/1837 5/25/1864   w/o R/D.
Jacobs Jessie M. Vinton Memorial HU 1901 1994    
Jacobs Joseph F. Mt. Tabor HU 1843 1913    
Jacobs Mary H. Gravel Hill CH 9/13/1835 7/5/1909   w/o Stephen
Jacobs Mary J. Mt. Tabor HU 10/8/1836 10/9/1918   w/o R.D.
Jacobs Mary M. Mt. Tabor HU 6/_/1881 9/6/1901   w/o William
Jacobs Meck Mt. Tabor HU 1851 1923    
Jacobs Ray L. Gravel Hill CH 5/27/1927 12/6/1996    
Jacobs Rufus Mt. Tabor HU 4/27/1804 6/12/1895   obituary
Jacobs Rufus D. Mt. Tabot HU 8/6/1832 10/27/1911   obituary
Jacobs Sarah Mt. Tabor HU 1/31/1810 5/19/1900
w/o Abel
Jacobs Stephen H. Gravel Hill CH 1/25/1914 8/7/1960
Ohio PFC 8180 M. STER. Co. WW II
Jacobs Stephen H. Gravel Hill CH 1838 1928   Co. D. 141 Reg. OVI
Jacobs W. P. Mt. Tabor HU 1840 1903    
Jacobs Willie H. Gravel Hill CH 7/21/1871 7/19/1943   obituary
Jacobs Zella M. Boice Gravel Hill CH 9/17/1874 9/ 7 /1955   w/o Willie H.;  obituary
Jacobs   Mt. Tabor HU 5/9/1864 5/14/1864   infant s/o R.D. & J.
Jacox Freddie M. Centenary GR 12/10/1890 11/20/1894   d/o C. C. & M. E.
Jacox Hiram Fairfield GR abt 1814 5/7/1876   Co. M 7 Ohio Cav.
Jacox Mary A. Centenary GR 3/17/1895 8/9/1895   d/o C. C. & M. E.
Jacox Sarah A. Centenary GR   2/5/1889
66y 8m 28d
w/o Hiram
Jacox Willie H. Centenary GR   5/10/1887
2y 4m 7d
s/o C. C. & M. E.
Jagers John Webster Providence CL  
Jakeway Frances E. Mound Hill GA 1935 1999    
James Albert Morgan Bethel MO       no marker
James Alberta E. Poplar Ridge CH 1899 1981    
James Alfred McGhee HU   12/2/1886   Co. B, 56th OVI
James Ann Nebo PE   1/13/1877
31y 10m
w/o Thomas
James Ann D. Tyn Rhos PE   3/4/1891
James Ann D. Tyn Rhos PE 2/12/1816 3/4/1891
75y 22d
Calwahlen Shire
James B. E. Poplar Ridge CH 1861 1915    
James Baxter McGhee HU 1866 1943   obituary
James Bruce Eugene OhioValley M.G. GR 1956 1975    
James C.C. McGhee HU 5/24/1835 5/24/1898   Co. C 194 Reg. O.V.I.
James Caleb Morgan Bethel MO       no marker
James Carl E. OhioValley M.G. GR 9/14/1933 6/20/2013   USA
James Charles Creuzet Mt. Zion GR 3/3/1836 6/30/1922   Co. A 91 Reg. OVI
James Charles F. Bethel OH 4/28/1929 11/3/1930   s/o R.F. & Martha
James Cora P. Bethel OH 1880 1909  
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James Corbie E. Poplar Ridge CH 1895 1955    
James Darias Centenary GR   11/6/1866
21y 11d
s/o W. & E.
James David Centreville Thur. RA   3/25/1880   Co. D 179 OVI
James David D. Tyn Rhos PE 4/4/1811 10/28/1884
73y 6m 24d
James David D. Old Pine RA 1853 1919    
James Donald OhioValley M.G. GR   8/8/2017 80y  
James E. Pine Street GA 1/4/1920 9/29/1971   Sgt. Army
James Eliza A. McGhee HU   4/4/1836    
James Elizabeth Centenary GR   2/17/1863
58y 10m 14d
w/o William
James, Elizabeth Herchelroth Mt. Zion GR 8/10/1737 1818   b. In Lancaster County, PA
James Emma Ewington HU 1861 1921    
James Esther A. Gravel Hill CH 1922 nd    
James Etta Morgan Bethel MO       no marker
James Evan C. Centreville Thur. RA 1851 1924    
James F. Leo Providence CL 5/7/1945
James Fannie Poplar Ridge CH 11/23/1864 3/19/1937   obituary
James Fanny H. Mt. Zion GR   5/9/1876
41y 3m 9d
w/o William
James Florence A. Bethel OH 1932 1936   d/o R.F. & Martha    obituary
James Frank Mound Hill GA 3/23/1909 11/5/1953   no stone; from funeral records
James Frank OhioValley M.G. GR 8/23/1907 10/22/1997    
James Fred Mound Hill GA 1872 19__    
James Garland Morgan Bethel MO       no marker
James Geo. J. Fairview (Long) SP 1911 1911    
James Glenn E. Poplar Ridge CH 1917 1965   obituary
James Hannah Tyn Rhos PE   2/8/1856
1m 10d
d/o D. & A.
James Henry Centenary GR   2/14/1848
18y 3m 15d
s/o J. & M.
James Henry C. King's Chapel OH 1849 6/28/1923    
James Ida A. King's Chapel OH 1876 11/13/1933   w/o Henry
James Isabella Fairview (Long) SP 9/1/1826 12/23/1896   obituary
James J. W. Fairview (Long) SP 2/28/1825 nd    
James Jacob Centenary GR   10/15/1866
72y 9d
James Jane Clark Morgan Bethel MO       no marker w/o John James
James Jane Hughes (Beman) RA   2/27/1864
James Jo Ann OhioValley M.G. GR 3/18/1938 3/1/2002    
James John Mound Hill GA 4/1819 2/1894  
James John Morgan Bethel MO       no marker
James John Centenary GR   6/1/1845
92y 2m 14d
James John Centreville Thur. RA 9/16/1815 9/14/1858    
James John A. Pine Street GA 1832 1922    
James John D. Tyn Rhos PE   8/15/1881
James John W. Catholic GR 1913 1973    
James John W. Fairview (Long) SP 1870 1926    
James Julia A. Mt. Zion GR 1833 1912    
James Julia Ann Centenary GR   10/3/1851
w/o John
James L. W. Clay Chapel CL       Co. F Ohio 33 Inf. (Levi)
James Leroy Centenary GR 1942 1976    
James Lester H. Old Pine RA   6/19/1887
4y 6m 29d
s/o D.D. & M.C.
James Lewis Bethel OH 1847 1917   obituary
James Lewis T. Ebenezer RA 1861 1866    
James Louisa Mt. Zion GR 1843 1911    
James Lucy A. Pine Street GA 1839 1922   obituary
James Luther C. McGhee HU 1868 1936    
James Lydia Maddy AD   4/29/1854
w/o William obituary
James Margaret Centenary GR   2/24/1883
78y 8m 25d
w/o Jacob;  obituary
James Margaret D. Tyn Rhos PE   10/31/1855
w/o J. D.
James Maria M. McGhee HU   8/16/1863
1y 1m 12d
d/o C.C. & E.A.
James Mariah Bethel OH 1847 1928   obituary
James Mariah McGhee HU   4/2/1861
46y 2m 13d
w/o A.
James Marlin F. OhioValley M.G. GR 4/17/1930 9/1/2012
h/o Patricia; USA Korean War Veteran
James Martha Centreville Thur. RA 1/_/1819 7/_/1901    
James Martha Fesmoor Morgan Bethel MO       no marker
James Martha M. Bethel OH 1908 1975    
James Mary A. Mound Hill GA 7/1849 7/1871    
James Mary C. Old Pine RA 1863 1917   obituary
James Mary E. Mt. Zion GR   12/21/1856
21y 1m 17d
w/o William I.
James Mary Rusk Mound Hill GA 7/20/1909 12/22/1995    
James Mathias Mt. Zion GR 10/1/1737 1817
b. in Ober Kostenz, Germany
James Matilda Clark Morgan Bethel MO       no marker
James Minnie Campaign AD 1869 19__    
James Norma OhioValley M.G. GR 7/5/1908 4/10/2009   w/o Frank
James Penelope Pine Hill SP   11/11/1851
w/o Solomon James
James Robert Morgan Bethel MO       no marker
James Romaine McGhee HU 1865 1944  
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James Rush F. Bethel OH 3/9/1903 6/28/1987    
James Sadie Mound Hill GA 1874 12/8/1907   d. Popular Bluff, Miss.; obituary
James Samuel Pine Str. Colored GA   10/23/1878
James Sarah A. Poplar Ridge CH 11/17/1840 3/2/1909    
James Susan Branden Mound Hill GA 8/1825 4/1894   obituary
James Susannah Betheseda WA   7/3/1842
40y 3m 28d
w/o Henry
James Tho. J. Poplar Ridge CH 8/17/1838 10/15/1902   Co. K. 60 Reg. O. V. I.
James Virginia L. Gravel Hill CH 12/8/1939 12/24/2013   w/o Russell
James W. George Bethel OH 1871 1945   obituary
James W. J. Campaign AD 1872 1914    
James Walter OhioValley M.G. GR 1901 1975    
James Wendell T. Gravel Hill CH 1920 1982    
James William Centenary GR 4/11/1798 3/12/1859    
James William I. Mt. Zion GR 9/5/1831 8/13/1879
47y 11m 8d
James Wm. C. (Rev) Morgan Bethel MO   9/4/1861
48y 7m 16d
James William (Billy) Morgan Bethel MO       no marker
James William H. Morgan Bethel MO nd nd
Pvt. Co F, USCT REGT Civil War
James   Hughes (Beman) RA       children of J.T. & H.
James   OhioValley M.G. GR   nd    
Jamison David L. Gravel Hill CH 2/22/1933 7/21/1992    
Jamison Helen H. Pine Street GA 1928 2005    
Jamison Mary Ann Gravel Hill CH 8/17/1947 nd    
Jamison Molly Morgan Bethel MO       no marker
Jamison William Morgan Bethel MO       no marker
Jamison Wiilliam L.Sr. Pine Street GA 1921 2005    
Janes Charlie S. Mound Hill GA 1891 1968  
Janes Daniel E. Centenary GR 5/11/1979 3/23/2011   s/o Regina K. Nolan Janes
Janes Frank L. Mound Hill GA 1888 1961   obituary
Janes Jo Ann Mound Hill GA 4/12/1929 nd    
Janes John W. Mound Hill GA 8/26/1918 nd    
Janes Matilda C. Mound Hill GA 1/25/1923 8/16/1996   obituary
Janes William H. Mound Hill GA 3/3/1915 6/21/1963   Ensign USNR WW II
Janey Hilda Boster Mound Hill GA 9/6/1932 2/23/2014   w/o Julius
Janey Julius C. Mound Hill GA 12/26/1926 2/5/1997    
Janey Rex Allen Mound Hill GA   5/31/1956    
Janka George Catholic GR 1918 1982    
Janko Betty J. Catholic GR 1923 1981    
Janko Emil C. Catholic GR  1923 1992    
Jaques Arretta Betheseda WA 1912 1975    
Jaques Frank M. Betheseda WA 1878 1951    
Jaques Franklin Betheseda WA 6/20/1931 7/29/2013   s/o Lancy & Arretta
Jaques Gladys A. Betheseda WA 1952 1952    
Jaques Mary M. Centenary GR 3/3/1958 1/13/2009   w/o Howard
Jaques Matthew Centenary GR 1902 1984    
Jaques Vallie M. Centenary GR 1909 1999    
Jarrell Connie Clell OhioValley M.G. GR 6/23/1930 2/20/2004    
Jarrell Karen D. OhioValley M.G. GR 3/15/1957 7/24/2009   m/o Chad
Jarrell Maggie C. OhioValley M.G. GR 1893 nd    
Jarrell Samuel B. OhioValley M.G. GR 1890 1974  
Jarvis Abner Mt. Olive SP 1832 19__    
Jarvis Bernadine Mound Hill GA 1911 1947    
Jarvis Calvin OhioValley M.G. GR 1887 1976    
Jarvis Carolyn S. Vinton Memorial HU 7/20/1946 4/6/1999    
Jarvis Charles E. Providence CL   10/23/1880
10m 24d
w/o J. & L. E.
Jarvis Clara Gravel Hill CH 2/8/1915 4/11/2001    
Jarvis Clementine Mt. Olive SP 1830 1905    
Jarvis Elberta J. OhioValley M.G. GR 1893 1992   obituary
Jarvis James R. Mound Hill GA 1931 1958    
Jarvis John S. Mt. Olive SP 1855 1921    
Jarvis John T. Vinton Memorial HU 1858 1943   obituary
Jarvis Lyndall OhioValley M.G. GR 9/1/1920 6/5/2013   w/o Maxie
Jarvis Margaret E. Mound Hill GA 1907 1994   LTJG US Navy WWII
Jarvis Martha A. OhioValley M.G. GR 2/22/1923 6/10/2010   w/o Milford
Jarvis Milfred OhioValley M.B. GR 9/20/1917 5/21/2012   h/o Martha
Jarvis Paul G. Mound Hill GA 1906 1960   obituary
Jarvis Roger R. Vinton Memorial HU 6/16/1945 3/31/1996    
Jarvis Viannah M. Mt. Olive SP 1860 1944    
Jarvis Wayne Gravel Hill CH 3/7/1910 9/18/2005   S2 Navy WW II
Jarvis   Providence CL   nd   infant s/o J. & L.E.
Jauhasz Steve Catholic GR   7/12/1980
Jaworski Edward Mound Hill GA 1906 1975    
Jaworski Lillian Mound Hill GA 1904 nd    
Jay David Allen Vinton Memorial HU   4/_/1964    
Jay Kasandra Beth OhioValley M.G. GR 5/5/2006 5/5/2006
d/o Jeremy Lee & Kathy S.