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gallia county cemetery records 
mcneal - miller
Given Name
Cemetery Name
Date of Birth
Date of Death
Age at Death
Inscriptions & Miscellaneous
McNeal Ann E. McNeal RA   7/21/1906
17y 4m 27d
McNeal Cora Franklin HU   nd    
McNeal Forrest Gravel Hill CH 1907 1976    
McNeal Frank Pine Street GA        
McNeal Grant Gravel Hill CH 1879 1925    
McNeal James Franklin HU   nd    
McNeal James Franklin HU 4/18/1811 1/26/1894    
McNeal Lawrence L. Franklin HU   nd    
McNeal Mary E. McNeal RA   3/3/1897
59y 8m 13d
w/o Thomas E.
McNeal Nancy Centenary GR 2/21/1857 7/10/1927   obituary
McNeal Pearl B. Gravel Hill CH 1880 1935    
McNeal Sarah Franklin HU 10/11/1816 3/6/1898   w/o J.
McNeal Thomas McNeal RA 12/17/1845 12/16/1920   Co H, 1st OVHA; no stone
McNeal Virgie Gravel Hill CH 1905 1960    
McNeal William H. McNeal RA   6/26/1859
35y 4m 4d
s/o J. & A.
McNeal Wm. McNeal RA       Co I Ohio Inf.
McNeal   Franklin HU   nd   baby
McNealey Bessie M. Mound Hill GA 1905 1991    
McNealey George Pine Street GA 2/17/1797 1/29/1875    
McNealey John Pine Street GA   nd    
McNealey John C. Mound Hill GA 1879 1954    
McNealey John Lawrence Mound Hill GA 11/16/1906 1/21/2002    
McNealey Louise Havekotte Mound Hill GA 3/18/1916 10/23/1994    
McNealey Martin Pine Street GA   nd    
McNealey Millie Fadeley Mound Hill GA 1875 1967    
McNealey Nancy Pine Street GA 12/25/1800 10/21/1896   w/o Geo.
McNealey Paul F. Mound Hill GA 1902 1995    
McNealey Paula Jean Mound Hill GA   1/22/1943    
McNealey Samuel Pine Street GA   nd    
McNealy Cynthia E. Mound Hill GA 1838 1916    
McNeely Dewey B. Mound Hill GA 1900 1973    
McNeely Ella Mound Hill GA 1901 nd    
McNellis Jo Ann Salem PE   3/11/2008   w/o James McNellis (d. 1989)
McPherson Donald Fairview (Long) SP 4/2/1955 11/15/1992   US Marine Corps, Vietnam
McQuade Harry AddisonReynolds AD 1/25/1932 11/15/2014
s/o Lawrence & Rose; USAF, Korea & Vietnam
McQuaid Dwayne H. Pine Street GA 3/6/1967 8/18/1968   s/o David & Joann
McQuaid Herbie Arthur Pine Street GA 8/19/1960 9/17/1981    
McQuaid James Daniel Poplar Ridge CH 10/27/1937 2/20/1993    
McQuaid James Herb Pine Street GA 1910 1980   Pvt US Army WW II
McQuaid James Marion Pine Street GA 1880 1936  
McQuaid Joseph Frank Fulton AD 3/18/1948 3/18/1948    
McQuaid Lawrence E. AddisonReynolds AD 1902 19__  
McQuaid Mabel L. Pine Street GA 11/26/1925 2/17/2015   w/o James
McQuaid Mary Frances Pine Street GA 1879 1974    
McQuaid Perry O. C. Pine Street GA 12/25/1839 8/27/1908   no stone; CW obituary
McQuaid R. Myrtle AddisonReynolds AD 1908 19__    
McQuire James H. Betheseda WA 11/8/1948 11/11/1970    
McQuire Samuel Betheseda WA 1910 1949    
McQuisten William Clark Chapel MO   7/17/1865
23y 10m 17d
Co J, 173 OVI
McRoberts Ruby Centenary GR 1929 1984    
McVey Naomi Burns Pine Street GA 4/3/1893 4/9/1920   obituary
McWhorter Aurilla Pine Street GA 8/27/1910 9/29/2007   w/o Dewitt McWhorter
McWhorter Charles William Ridgelawn GU   9/_/1971
Mead Hannah J. Fairview (Long) SP   9/10/1866
11y 22m
d/o J. & E.J.
Mead Margaret Fairview (Long) SP   1/22/1863
5y 10m 10d
d/o J. & E.J. Mead
Meade Mary Lou Vinton Memoril HU 1942 1994    
Meade Robert Vinton Memorial HU 1919 2000    
Meade Sarah Vinton Memorial HU 1916 1997    
Meadow Hubbard OldWalnutRidge WA   11/12/1896
Meadows Ada Centenary GR 1877 1953    
Meadows Andrew William (unknown) GA 4/1/1898 2/6/1926   no stone; obituary
Meadows Azel C. Centenary GR 1910 1936    
Meadows Betty B. Centenary GR 1921 2006    
Meadows Betty J. OhioValley M.G. GR   2/17/1993 50y obituary
Meadows Betty S. Swan Creek OH 12/30/1935 nd    
Meadows Birdella Mound Hill GA 1877 1960   obituary
Meadows "Bo" Mound Hill GA 3/15/1950 3/27/1989    
Meadows Calvin E. Gravel Hill CH 1911 1961    
Meadows Casby IV Mound Hill GA 12/12/1966 5/15/1967   s/o Casby III & Linda A.
Meadows Casby Jr. Mound Hill GA   8/21/1993   obituary
Meadows Casby Sr. Mound Hill GA 1894 1962    
Meadows David Mound Hill GA 1868 1944    
Meadows Dora Walden St. Nick CL 1/19/1864
Meadows Dorothy Oxyer Poplar Ridge CH 1927 1993    
Meadows Flossie Mound Hill GA 1896 1957    
Meadows Helen L. Tyn Rhos PE 1926 2010    
Meadows Henry E. Ridgelawn GU 1901 1967    
Meadows Ida A. Mound Hill GA 1868 1952   obituary
Meadows Ida C. Mt. Tabor HU 1895 1956    
Meadows Joseph Mound Hill GA 1871 1947   obituary
Meadows Kenneth P. Centenary GR 1916 1980    
Meadows Leon R. Mound Hill GA 1884 1853    
Meadows Leon R. Jr. Mound Hill GA 1920 2000    
Meadows Linda Ann Mercerville GU 6/27/1947 1/24/2012   d/o Calvin & Louise
Meadows Louise G. Mound Hill GA 1886 1957    
Meadows May T. Mound Hill GA 1923 1985    
Meadows Mildred K. Gravel Hill CH 1916 19nd    
Meadows Minnie C. Pine Street GA 1889 1966  
Meadows Oliver Pine Street GA 1884 1953    
Meadows Opell Mound Hill GA 1894 1973    
Meadows Phyllis Marie AddisonReynolds AD 12/31/1926 10/27/1977    
Meadows Richard L. Sr. Swan Creek OH 5/15/1935 9/8/1997    
Meadows Ruby A. Ridgelawn GU 9/10/1906 10/2/1987    
Meadows, Ruth Gladys Mossbarger Salem Baptist PE 1906 1968    
Meadows Virgie Salem Baptist PE 1876 1931    
Meadows William R. Centenary GR 1881 1951    
Meal Adam St. Nick CL 1873
Meal Alberta Cottrell CL 2/4/1905
  d/o L. L. & Lura
Meal Catherine OhioValley M.G GR 1908 1983    
Meal George Cottrell CL 7/4/1842 6/1/1889
b. Germany Co. D 141 Ohio N.G. Inf.
Meal George St. Nick CL 1875
Meal, George Lawrence Mound Hill GA 2/12/1909 3/21/1973    
Meal Gilbert OhioValley M.G. GR 1908
Meal Grover Adam St. Nick CL 1912
  s/o Adam & Myrtie; obituary
Meal Lemma Cottrell CL 3/22/1880 10/8/1880   d/o George & Rosina
Meal Lenora Cottrell CL 12/12/1883 12/14/1883   d/o George & Rosina
Meal Leonard L. Mound Hill GA 1869 1910    
Meal Lura E. Mound Hill GA 1873 1970   w/o Leonard
Meal Philip Mt. Zion GR 3/4/1844 3/21/1906    
Meal Rosina Cottrell CL 5/19/1850
  b. Allegheny, Pa.; obituary
Meal Willim Cottrell CL 2/27/1882 3/7/1883   s/o George & Rosina
Meall Mary Doretha Pine Street GA   9/29/1863
14y 3m 12d
d/o C. & B.  obituary
Mears Daniel Calvary Bapt. RA   1/21/1870
68y 1m
Mears James F. Pine Street GA 1879 1925   Vet. Span.-Amer. War
Mechien Sharon Lee Catholic GR 1952 1990    
Medas Gladys Lucille Mt. Zion GR 5/22/1932 8/2/2007   d/o Charles & Hartie
Medley Mamie Mound Hill GA 1889 1938   obituary
Medley Sam. W. Mound Hill GA 1880 19__    
Meehan Josephine Centenary GR   2/16/2012
Meek Jack Calvary Bapt. RA 1937 1997    
Meek Johnnie Daniels Calvary Bapt. RA 8/12/1911 6/19/2011   w/o Samuel
Meek Martha Miller Flag Springs WA 1902 nd    
Meek Samuel Jones Calvary Bapt. RA 1904 1986    
Meeks Dorothy L. Vinton Memorial HU 1942 1997   w/o Wesley
Meeks Rachel Campaign AD 12/18/1859 4/12/1902   w/o Samuel
Meeks Ruby G. Fairview (Long) SP 1916 2001    
Meeks Virginia Centenary GR   9/22/2010
Meeks Wesley C. Fairview (Long) SP 1896 1990  
Mefford Carl Thurman Vinton Memorial HU 1934 2004    
Mefford, Dorothy Jean Crouse Vinton Memorial HU 7/20/1916 5/14/2010   w/o Carl
Mefford Elmer "Roy" Vinton Memorial HU 7/9/1905 6/24/1985    
Mefford Roger L. Vinton Memorial HU 10/17/1958 10/28/1975    
Mehl Charles D. H. Mound Hill GA 1911 1940    
Mehl Daisy W. Mound Hill GA 1889 1976   w/o Roy C. Mehl
Mehl David D. Mound Hill GA 1883 1970    
Mehl Elva Mound Hill GA 1883 1957    
Mehl G. Anna Mound Hill GA 1878 1970    
Mehl George Mound Hill GA 1879 1953    
Mehl Mona Jean Mound Hill GA 1937 1940   d/o Ed & Ernestine Mehl
Mehl Roy C. Mound Hill GA 1888 nd    
Mehl Verna Mayrie Centenary GR 1898 1981    
Meige James Francis Pine Street GA 8/1/1896 4/22/1955   Ohio PVT US Army WW I
Meige William H. Maddy AD   4/10/1922
Meigs Alice B. Maddy AD 1863 1943    
Meigs W.  H. Maddy AD 1856 1922    
Meikle Grace Anna Pine Street GA   8/12/1862
3y 6m
d/o J. & S.E.  obituary
Melton Charles E. Mound Hill GA 1869 1950    
Melton Dorotha Lou Mound Hill GA 1927 1951    
Melton Francis O. Mound Hill GA 1902 1990    
Melton Francis R. Fairview (Long) SP 2/25/1869 7/31/1943   obituary
Melton James L. Mound Hill GA 1902 1998    
Melton John W. Fairview (Long) SP 1896 1993    
Melton Joseph CentrevilleThur. RA   10/31/1864    
Melton Lewis F. Fairfield GR   11/8/1863
22y 11m 8d
Melton Loura Mound Hill GA 1865 1943    
Melton Maud M. Fairfield GR 1893 1937    
Melton Nannie M. Mound Hill GA 1875 1960    
Melton Oma Fairview (Long) SP 1899 1976    
Melton Rachel CentrevilleThur. RA   12/16/1876
92y 3m 19d
Melton William CentrevilleThur. RA   11/17/1880
58y 7m 18d
Melvan Jacob J. Centenary GR 6/11/1934 7/16/1994    
Melvin Lucy Pine Str. Colored GA   3/17/1869
w/o Edmund
Melvin Roy Lee Jr. Fox-Fairview WA 6/30/1977 7/19/1977    
Menager Family Monument Pine Street GA   nd    
Menager Charles J. Pine Street GA   3/4/1871
s/o Peter & Margaret
Menager Charlie Mound Hill GA 1860 1912    
Menager     Clodius Roman Pine Street GA 1757 1/17/1835
Menager Edward L. Mound Hill GA 7/20/1836 10/1/1910    
Menager Edward S. Pine Street GA   3/29/189_
s/o Peter & Margaret
Menager, Edward Samuel Mound Hill GA 11/25/1796 9/17/1870
obituary; s/o Claudius Roman & Mary Babin Meneger
Menager Fanny A. Pine Street GA   6/26/1844
9y 6m
d/o Peter& Margaret
Menager Garnette Mound Hill GA 1876 1947  
Menager J. Arnatt Mound Hill GA 1874 1953    
Menager Margaret Pine Street GA   5/10/1895
w/o Peter
Menager Maria Louise Mound Hill GA 1846 1919    
Menager Marie Bobin Pine Street GA 1772 3/10/1854
Menager Marria S. Mound Hill GA 1/1/1814 1/11/1905    
Menager Mary Mound Hill GA 5/1/1840 6/2/1923    
Menager Mary A. Mound Hill GA 1845 1903   obituary
Menager Mary J. Mound Hill GA 9/19/1803 5/10/1879
d/o Wm. & Margaret Boggs & w/o Edward
Menager Peter Good Hope GU   11/24/1922   no stone; CW obituary
Menager Peter Pine Street GA   10/21/1863
Menager Romain James Pine Street GA   6/26/1844
9y 6m
s/o Peter & Margaret
Menager Roman Mound Hill GA 7/20/1799 1/19/1888   obituary
Menchini C. Pietro Jr. Mound Hill GA   1/22/1935    
Menefee Julia Pine Street GA 1898 1980    
Menefee Lewis Pine Street GA 1891 1970    
Menough John Pine Street GA   8/3/1863   Pvt. 7, Ohio Cav.
Menshouse Edna Mae Mound Hill GA 1909 11/11/1983   dates from obituary
Menshouse William H. Mound Hill GA 8/8/1904 2/8/1980   h/o Edna
Meranse Mary J. Mt. Zion GR   7/29/1879
2y 1d
d/o W.C.
Mercer Celestine M. Gravel Hill CH 1920 1972    
Mercer Emogene R. OhioValley M.G. GR 1921 nd    
Mercer Froud W. OhioValley M.G. GR 1911 1987    
Mercer inf. Mound Hill GA   3/16/1897
c/o Edward; no stone; obituary
Mercer Margaret M. OhioValley M.G. GR 7/9/1893 4/29/1968    
Mercer Walter J. Jr. Gravel Hill CH 8/15/1926 9/9/1991   F1 Navy WW II
Mercer Wilbur M. OhioValley M.G. GR 8/9/1891 5/16/1971    
Merica Francis E. Bethel PE 1918 1918   s/o Francis E. & Garnet
Merica, Garnet E. Slagle Bethel PE 1891 1967    
Meritt Addison Pine Street GA 2/28/1890 2/23/1945   W. Va. PVT 1 Cl. 7 Inf. 3 Div.
Merrifield James R. Mound Hill GA 5/23/1934 4/18/1959   W. Va. A1C USAF
Merrill James Pine Street GA 10/_/1819 9/_/1820   s/o H. & F. Nye
Merrill Rosa K. Pine Street GA 1922 nd    
Merriman Albert Kerns Mound Hill GA 1874 1955    
Merriman Amanda Layne Mound Hill GA 1877 1967    
Merriman Charles B. Mound Hill GA 1874 1956    
Merriman Daise Mound Hill GA   nd    
Merriman Emma D. Mound Hill GA 1870 1955    
Merriman Etta Mound Hill GA   nd    
Merriman, Eugenia Brothers Mound Hill GA 1877 1959  
Merriman Fannie B. Mound Hill GA 7/_/1877 2/7/1908   from obituary; no stone
Merriman Frannie L. Mound Hill GA   4/10/1886
45y 1m 26d
w/o T. J.
Merriman Katie S. Mound Hill GA   4/13/1887
2y 7m 26d
d/o T. J. & F. L.
Merriman Mary J. Mound Hill GA 1884 1971   obituary
Merriman Mathew Jr. Mound Hill GA 1909 1951    
Merriman Matthew F. Mound Hill GA 1869 1953    
Merriman Nellie Mound Hill GA   nd    
Merriman Robert K. Mound Hill GA 1882 1956    
Merriman T. J. Mound Hill GA   11/20/1891
59y 2m 11d
Merriman William Kane Mound Hill GA 1872 1943    
Merritt Arnold Gravel Hill CH 8/22/1925 11/23/2008    
Merritt Bessie Gravel Hill CH 1909 1979    
Merritt Curtis F. Pine Street GA 7/1/1928 9/12/1969   Cpl. US Air Force
Merritt Lee D. Gravel Hill CH 1898 1976    
Merritt Parnia Angel Mound Hill GA   nd    
Merritt Rosa Casey Pine Street GA 1892 1955    
Merritt Sarah Gravel Hill CH 4/17/1923 5/25/1999    
Merry Betty J. OhioValley M.G. GR 1932 nd    
Merry Carolyn OhioValley M.G. GR 11/21/1954 4/28/2009   d/o James R. & Betty Jane
Merry, James Richmond OhioValley M.G. GR 1/13/1927 3/21/1999   Cpl. US Marine
Merry Jesse John Sr. GalliaBaptRidge GF 12/30/1935 7/14/2000    
Mershon Richard Jay Catholic GR 1942 1978   US Navy
Mertz John Catholic GR 1900 1984    
Messersmith Lloyd Mercerville GU 1902 1903    
Messersmith Loren Mercerville GU 1902 1903    
Messingschlager Janice Catholic GR 6/30/1942 5/2/1996    
Messler Ethel M. Pine Street GA 1884 1972   obituary
Messler William V. Pine Street GA 1881 1954   obituary
Metcalf David William Vinton Memorial HU 1915 7/30/1945
G.M. 3/c U.S.N.R.; d. when
U.S.S. Indianapolis Philippine Sea
Metcalf Ehilia Mt. Tabor HU 6/24/1818 12/2/1886   w/o John
Metcalf Holace R. Vinton Memorial HU 1886 1968    
Metcalf Lester R, Vinton Memorial HU 1/18/1913 10/7/1985    
Metcalf M. Esther Vinton Memorial HU 1915 19__    
Metcalf Mary L. Mt. Tabor HU 1864 1951    
Metcalf Myrtle Emily Vinton Memorial HU 2/16/1917 3/28/2008   w/o Lester
Metcalf Tom F. Gravel Hill CH 2/12/1915 2/2/1996  
Metcalf Walter W. Vinton Memorial HU 1885 1941    
Metcalf William R. Mt. Tabor HU 1855 1931    
Metciff Earl Good Hope GU   nd   s/o Emma
Metciff Emma Simms Good Hope GU 1889 1917   Mother
Metciff Lawrence Good Hope GU   nd   s/o Emma
Metheney Patricia Vinton Memorial HU 1/3/1943 6/18/2003    
Metz Neva Vinton Memorial HU 1925 2008    
Metz Robert Lynn Vinton Memorial HU 1909 1995    
Metz Susie Keeton Vinton Memorial HU 3/16/1925 11/17/1987    
Metzger Kathryn. Gravel Hill CH 10/7/1927 2/21/2005    
Metzger John C. Gravel Hill CH 12/7/1926 2/18/1994   En 2 Navy WW II & Korea
Metzger Monta Sue Gravel Hill CH   11/13/2013
Meyer Amolia R. German-Ridge WA 11/18/1828 1/16/1904   w/o C.
Meyer Christion German-Ridge WA 8/24/1814 8/7/1887    
Meyer Frank Catholic GR 1900 1967    
Meyer Frederich German-Ridge WA 10/24/1831 2/15/1883    
Meyer Minnie Mt. Zion WA 1860 1923    
Meyer Robert Mt. Zion WA 1859 1930    
Meyers Ira (Ed) Mound Hill GA   1/3/1965
Meyers Nina Mae Ridgelawn GU 12/17/1920 3/10/2014   w/o Elmer
Meyers R. Wanda Gravel Hill CH 1932 1993   "Gardner"
Meyers William S. Mound Hill GA 8/13/1912 10/3/1966
W. Va. Pvt. AGF Repl Depot 1 WW II
M-------hs William Morgan Bethel MO 1876 1955    
M'Gloflin Sarah Pine Street GA   6/6/1850
2m 18d
d/o A. & M.
M'Gloflin Margaret Pine Street GA   6/9/1859   w/o A. M'Gloflin
Michel Emma Mound Hill GA 1878 1932    
Mickemberg Sarah CentrevilleThur. RA 1842 1920    
Mickey Carl L. Cameron Mound Hill GA 1931 1996    
Mickey Floyd Catholic GR 1912 1972    
Middleswarth Abr. Clay Chapel CL   12/9/1860
76y 2m 21d
Middleswarth Mary C. Middleswarth CL   2/12/1844
31y 10m 17d
w/o Jonathan
Middleswarth Sarah E. Middleswarth CL  
  d/o ________wart
Midkiff Carl G. Crown City GU 6/10/1903 11/30/1989    
Midkiff James Earl Vinton Memorial HU 10/26/1931 10/23/2010    
Midkiff Mary Agnes Vinton Memorial HU 1926      
Midkiff Mildred G. Crown City GU 8/3/1909 5/12/2001    
Might Charles Mt. Tabor HU 1890 1891    
Might Clifford R. Gravel Hill CH 8/13/1915 5/19/1997    
Might Cora Marilla Kyger CH 10/5/1907 12/16/1969   obituary
Might D. Blanche Vinton Memorial HU 1903 1995    
Might Ella B. Vinton Memorial HU 1868 1941   obituary
Might Evelyn E. Gravel Hill CH 8/17/1918 nd  
Might Harry R. Vinton Memorial HU 1905 1982    
Might Jonas Kyger CH       Co. G, 197 Ohio Inf.
Might Madge E. Mt. Tabor HU 1888 1906    
Might Marilda E. Kyger CH 3/26/1840 3/5/1896   w/o Jonas
Might Mary A. Mt. Tabor HU 9/27/1841 9/25/1895
53y 11m 25d
w/o W. J.
Might Mary Ellen Mt. Tabor HU 1866 1905    
Might Raymond W. Kyger CH 7/27/1902 3/28/1966    
Might Samuel L. Vinton Memorial HU 1874 1940   obituary
Might William Jasper Mt. Tabor HU 9/_/1845 9/12/1907   Co D, 91st O.V.I. ;  no stone
Might William M. Kyger CH 1860 1934    
Might   Mt. Tabor HU   11/14/1887
infant s/o W.S. & M.E.
Mikeal Bertha M. Pine Street GA 1887 1960    
Mikeal Dora F. Pine Street GA 1921 1926    
Mikeal Mattie M. Pine Street GA 1917 1917    
Mikeal Robert O. Pine Street GA 3/16/1879 10/20/1964
Mikell Lewis E. Mound Hill GA 5/14/1922 7/2/2013   h/o Ruth;     evangelist
Mikell Ruth E. Mound Hill GA 1928 1988    
Milam, Anyce Catherine Salem Baptist PE 5/13/1926      
Milam Hope Marie Salem Baptist PE 3/22/1946 8/6/1947    
Milam, Matthew Milford Salem Baptist PE 8/5/1920 5/29/2002    
Miles Cecil Robinson MO 2/19/1944 8/3/2011   h/o Judy
Miles Clyde Robinson MO 1905 1961    
Miles Columbus J. Mound Hill GA 9/18/1829 11/30/1885
Miles Elizabeth H. Mound Hill GA 1829 1915    
Miles Frances Ecker Mound Hill GA 1885 1970    
Miles Francis Annette Mound Hill GA 7/10/1896 7/21/1897   d/o Wilbur D. & Nora A.
Miles Hattie L. Mound Hill GA 1862 1913    
Miles John W. Mound Hill GA 10/24/1844 11/22/1915   Co F, 174th O.V.I.
Miles Katherine A. Mound Hill GA 1/6/1904 nd    
Miles Mary F. Mound Hill GA 6/7/1852 11/11/1936    
Miles Millard L. Mound Hill GA 10/16/1872 11/1/1959    
Miles Nora A. Mound Hill GA 5/27/1869 1/10/1969   DAR
Miles Olive Pine Street GA   5/2/1871
2y 9m 3d
d/o W. Y. & I. E.
Miles   Morgan Bethel MO   3/1864
b. TN;  free 1/1/1863 by Pres. A. Lincoln
Miles   Morgan Bethel MO nd nd    
Miles, Rebecca Ostrom Fairfield GR 12/5/1796 1/8/1892    
Miles Vera Robinson MO 1909 2000  
Miles Waid Harvey Mound Hill GA 1881 1968    
Miles Wilber Mound Hill GA 7/2/1869 8/18/1952    
Miles Willie C. Pine Street GA   nd    
Milford, Garfield Gilbert Sr. Ebenezer RA 11/17/1944 7/31/2006   "Mick"        h/o Alice Morris
Milhoan Alma T. Mound Hill GA 11/8/1898 6/21/1980    
Milhoan Dica Suzanne Mound Hill GA   9/19/1960   d/o Wayne & Joanne
Millen Hattie E. Centenary GR 1874 1926   w/o J. E.
Miller A.M.F. Mound Hill GA   nd    
Miller Albert Miller WA 1866 1956    
Miller Albert Gallia Methodist GF 1876 1956    
Miller Albert J. Miller WA   7/6/1931   s/o Edgar & Violet
Miller Aldean Crown City GU 12/20/1921 3/21/2003   mother  forever in our hearts
Miller Allen E. AddisonReynolds AD 1/21/1935 6/8/1983   obituary
Miller Allen E. AddisonReynolds AD   1936    
Miller Alma K. Mt. Tabor HU 1868 1939    
Miller Alma Wood GalliaBapt.Ridge GF 9/31/1910 10/27/1999    
Miller Althea D. Gravel Hill CH 3/16/1916 3/19/2007    
Miller Amelia Mound Hill GA 1874 1954   obituary
Miller Amzel G. Miller WA 1909 1970    
Miller Ancil Mound Hill GA 12/9/1843 3/11/1921   Co. G, 117th OVI
Miller, Andrew Jackson Lemley CH 2/25/1868 3/1/1868   s/o R.S.A.B. & S.
Miller Angeline Miller WA   nd    
Miller Anna Pine Street GA   3/3/1855
b. Mason Co. Va. w/o Henry;  obituary
Miller Anna Hughes Miller MO 7/27/1843 12/27/1915   w/o Isaac Miller
Miller Anna L. Miller WA   nd   w/o Walter
Miller Annie C. Pine Street GA 1870 1948    
Miller Arthur Mound Hill GA 1875 1932    
Miller Arthur C. Peniel GF 7/24/1869 2/20/1950    
Miller August M. Mound Hill GA 1884 1936   obituary
Miller August P. Olive WA 1873 1960    
Miller Barbara Mound Hill GA 1850 1915    
Miller Barbara A. Mound Hill GA 1942 19__    
Miller, Barthalomew A. Mercerville GU 1878 1948    
Miller Beecher Morgan Bethel MO       no marker
Miller, Belva Carpenter Flag Springs WA 1/23/1907 2/3/2008   w/o John Mart Miller
Miller Benjamin E. GalliaBapt.Ridge GF 1889 1972  
Miller Bertha Mae Crown City GU 1919 1961    
Miller Bettie OhioValley M.G. GR 9/12/1993 4/9/1989    
Miller Betty Jane Flag Springs WA 8/19/1928 6/1/2006   w/o Orlyn Miller
Miller Blanche Mound Hill GA 1910 1985    
Miller Bobby A. GalliaBapt.Ridge GF 1935 1997    
Miller Bonnie Miller WA   nd    
Miller Carl Gene Flag Springs WA 9/15/1936 1/9/1946    
Miller, Caroline Newsome Mound Hill GA   2/23/1881
57y 2m 12d
w/o Wm C.    obituary
Miller Cary Morgan Bethel MO       no marker
Miller Catharine Pine Street GA 6/14/1882 11/30/1895   d/o R.E. & F. A.
Miller Charles Miller WA 1931 1977    
Miller Charles Gallia Methodist GF 3/12/1928 4/13/2006   h/o Geneva
Miller Charles A. Vinton Memorial HU 1862 1934   obituary
Miller Charles E. OhioValley M.G. GR 9/20/1926 8/19/2010   h/o Beatrice
Miller Charles P. Miller WA 4/20/1871 5/13/1872    
Miller Charles T. Miller WA 1904 1967    
Miller Clarissa A. Fox-Fairview WA   2/13/1881
w/o S.
Miller Clayton C. Jr. GalliaBapt.Ridge GF 4/24/1941 9/4/2003    
Miller Clayton J. German-Ridge WA 1919 nd   (M)
Miller Clinton F. Flag Springs WA 4/29/1907 12/31/1971    
Miller C.N.M. Mound Hill GA   nd    
Miller Condas A. Flag Springs WA 1870 1939    
Miller Connie J. GalliaBapt.Ridge GF 1/20/1943 nd   On same stone as Clayton C.
Miller Connie Lynn Vinton Memorial HU 1950 1950    
Miller Cora M. Mound Hill GA 1879 1963    
Miller Coretta Dickey Chapel HA 1880 1970   obituary
Miller Cynthia GalliaBapt.Ridge GF 1879 1963   w/o John A.
Miller Daisy Morgan Bethel MO       no marker
Miller Dan A. Mound Hill GA 1923 1946   1st Lt. Corps of Engr.
Miller Daniel Sandfork WA 1844 1910   CW obituary
Miller Danny W. GalliaBapt.Ridge GF 2/25/1958 2/27/1958    
Miller David K. AddisonReynolds AD 1951 1954   obituary
Miller Delbert Morgan Bethel MO       no marker
Miller Della Gallia Methodist GF 1876 1950    
Miller Don Gale GalliaBapt.Ridge GF 1941 nd    
Miller, Donald Edward Flag Springs WA 9/30/1924 8/10/1970  
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Miller Donald Hayden GalliaBapt.Ridge GF 4/21/1937 8/15/1995   m. 1/22/1956 to Shirley Louise
Miller Dora Morgan Bethel MO       no marker
Miller Douglas A. Mound Hill GA       h/o Gloria
Miller E. Wayne Mound Hill GA 1912 1955    
Miller Earl Gravel Hill CH 1904 1946    
Miller Earl Jack Flag Springs WA 7/18/1931 12/22/2011
h/o Shirley; USN (USS Edmonds)
Miller Edgar E. Miller WA   4/10/1933   s/o Edgar & Violet
Miller Edna Irene Flag Springs WA 7/29/1929 12/4/2014   d/o Lindle & Mary
Miller Edna M. Gallia Methodist GF 1902 1975    
Miller Edward A. Crown City GU 8/19/1906 11/3/1966
Ohio Tec 3 HQ 1055 Engineers WW II
Miller Edward B. Pine Street GA 1871 1932    
Miller Effie J. Miller WA 11/17/1835 8/21/1839    
Miller Effie M. Flag Springs WA 1890 1963    
Miller Eliz Sandfork WA 1852 1922   w/o Daniel;    obituary
Miller Eliza Clark Chapel MO 1846 19nd    
Miller Elizabeth Pine Street GA 1846 1924   w/o R. E.    obituary
Miller Elizabeth Morgan Bethel MO       no marker (Lizzie Evans)
Miller Elizabeth Miller WA   8/10/1902
22y 5m 20d
w/o G. W.
Miller Ella A. Vinton Memorial HU 1863 1958    
Miller Ella S. Flag Springs WA 5/10/1909 11/19/1982    
Miller Ellis Reeves Flag Springs WA 8/26/1885 11/6/1979   obituary
Miller Elmer D. Miller WA   7/_/1902
8m 3d
s/o G.W. & E.
Miller Elvira Morgan Bethel MO       no marker
Miller Emeline Miller MO 10/27/1840 3/17/1897
56y 4m 20d
w/o Isaac Miller
Miller Emily Fox-Fairview WA   9/14/1868
14y 5m 6d
d/o S. & C.
Miller Emma Ellen GalliaBapt.Ridge GF 1853 1926    
Miller Ennis H. Flag Springs WA 1892 1969    
Miller Ernestine B. Mound Hill GA 1907 2007    
Miller Ethel Morgan Bethel MO       no marker
Miller Ethel Lee GalliaBapt.Ridge GF 12/8/1944 5/9/2012   w/o Arnold
Miller Eugene Morgan Bethel MO       no marker
Miller Evelyn R. GalliaBapt.Ridge GF 1905 1966    
Miller Everett Gallia Methodist GF 1900 1971    
Miller Evora Blake Vinton Memorial HU 1873 1952    
Miller Fannie Pine Street GA 1860 1903   obituary
Miller Flora M. Miller WA 1894 19__    
Miller Foster L. AddisonReynolds AD 1910 1973   obituary
Miller Francis Good Hope GU   12/25/1886
43y 5m 15d
w/o H. C.
Miller Francis Miller WA   1912  
Miller Freddie D. Miller WA   8/21/1894
2y 5 m 3d
Miller Frederick D. Mound Hill GA 1940 1967   obituary
Miller Fredricka German-Ridge WA 9/24/1833 11/13/1915    
Miller G. W. Miller WA 1873 1952    
Miller Gail M. Gravel Hill CH 7/27/1909 7/18/1989    
Miller Gaither Flag Springs WA 3/29/1926 3/14/2017    
Miller Garnet R. Mound Hill GA 1888 1960    
Miller Gary A. Centenary GR 5/29/1952 9/12/2013   h/o LaDonnal
Miller Gary L. GalliaBapt.Ridge GF 1942 2004    
Miller Gather O. Flag Springs WA 1901 1976    
Miller Genevien Mound Hill GA 1/2/1834 3/24/1903    
Miller George Mound Hill GA 6/23/1834 12/21/1903    
Miller George Clark Chapel MO 1843 1914    
Miller George A. Mound Hill GA 1872 1945    
Miller George A. German-Ridge WA   5/5/1892
22y 6m 12d
s/o Geo. & R.;    obituary
Miller George "Buck" Ridgelawn GU 12/3/1934 12/3/2008    
Miller George D. GalliaBapt.Ridge GF 1900 1983   (M)
Miller George M. Vinton Memorial HU 1914 2003    
Miller George W. Flag Springs WA 1907 1965    
Miller George W. Miller WA   5/25/1894
52y 11m 13d
Miller Geraldine Mound Hill GA 6/24/1923 10/_/1985   obituary
Miller Glady F. Flag Springs WA 8/27/1907 6/20/1978   obituary
Miller Gladys Morgan Bethel MO       no marker
Miller Gladys F. GalliaBapt.Ridge GF 1911 2002    
Miller Gladys L. Pine Street GA 1913 2001    
Miller Gladys L. Gravel Hill CH 1905 1987    
Miller Gladys M. Flag Springs WA   1907    
Miller Gloria Jean Mound Hill GA 3/27/1946 12/12/2000    
Miller Harold E. GalliaBapt.Ridge GF 10/21/1951 7/24/1959    
Miller, Harrison Benjamin OhioValley M.G. GR 7/31/1893 4/6/1984   obituary
Miller Harry Gravel Hill CH 1919 1991   Tec 4 Army WW II
Miller Harry M. Mound Hill GA 1903 1969   obituary
Miller Hattie Evans Morgan Bethel MO       no marker
Miller Hazel Grover Vinton Memorial HU 10/26/1894 8/4/1963   obituary
Miller Helen Bush Mound Hill GA 2/28/1901 6/11/1945    
Miller Helen L. Vinton Memorial HU 8/18/1915 3/19/1996    
Miller Helene I. Mound Hill GA 1924 1961    
Miller Henry Pine Street GA   2/8/1857
b. in Shenandoah Co. Va. d. in 69th y
Miller Henry Miller WA   nd   Co. K Ohio Inf.
Miller Henry Morgan Bethel MO       no marker
Miller Henry C. Good Hope GU   10/10/1877
7m 3d
s/o H.C. & F.C.
Miller Henry L. Mound Hill GA 1846 1912    
Miller Herbert Miller WA 1901 1914  
Miller Hollis Morgan Bethel MO 5/14/1916 8/23/2006
Army Vet WW II;    h/o Gladys
Miller Hollis O. Jr. Morgan Bethel MO 1953 1976   Pvt US Army Vietnam
Miller Houston Morgan Bethel MO       no marker
Miller Hugh Pine Street GA 1857 1926    
Miller Ida Morgan Bethel MO       no marker
Miller Ida Mae Miller WA 7/15/1880 11/30/1954    
Miller inf. Gravel Hill CH 12/23/1899  
d/o J. L. & Minnie A.;  (may be death date)
Miller Ira Morgan Bethel MO   12/15/1953
no marker    obituary
Miller Irene Evans Morgan Bethel MO       no marker
Miller, Iris G. Bodimer Mound Hill GA 2/21/1910 9/3/1975   w/o Claude     obituary
Miller Isaac Miller MO 4/3/1840 1/12/1922
81y 9m 9d
Miller Isador Gravel Hill CH 1914 1990   M.D.   h/o Maude
Miller J. Dale Calvary Bapt. RA 2/11/1904     obituary
Miller J. Dale Calvary Bapt. RA 1903      
Miller J. Lewis Gravel Hill CH 1867 1953   s/o H. J. & E. A.
Miller J. Warren Mound Hill GA 7/30/1888 2/4/1930    
Miller J. Zener Flag Springs WA 1888 1963    
Miller J.O. (Rev.) Morgan Bethel MO       no marker;
Miller Jacob Gravel Hill CH 2/15/1843 4/27/1929   Pvt. Co. F 60 Regt. O.V.I.
Miller Jacob A. Fairview (Long) SP 1899 1967    
Miller Jacob Atwood Flag Springs WA 1896 1942    
Miller Jacob B. Flag Springs WA 1869 3/28/1960    
Miller Jake C. Mound Hill GA 1883 1963    
Miller James GalliaBapt.Ridge GF 10/13/1922 3/4/1963   WV PVT US Air Force
Miller James F. Vinton Memorial HU 1867 1947    
Miller James L. AddisonReynolds AD 1881 1963   obituary
Miller, James Laurance Pine Street GA 1890 1916    
Miller James Patrick GalliaBapt.Ridge GF 10/13/1932 3/4/1968   Pvt. U.S. Air Force WVA
Miller Jeana Faye Peniel GF 11/30/1961 12/1/1961   d/o Earl & Helen
Miller Jerry A. Neal WA 6/15/1955 12/8/2008   s/o Clarence & Thelma
Miller Jerry E. Mound Hill GA 1923 1985    
Miller Jethro Morgan Bethel MO       no marker
Miller Joe Clay Chapel CL   nd   (found only on plat map)
Miller Joe D. Mound Hill GA 1908 1973   obituary
Miller John Morgan Bethel MO       no marker
Miller John Dickey Chapel HA 1877 1954  
Miller John Miller WA   nd
Miller John Mina Chapel GR 3/3/1903 4/18/1961
Ohio Pvt. Co. A 28 replacement Bn. WW II
Miller John Pine Grove MO   6/1/1885
2y 6m 28d
s/o A. & J Miller
Miller John A. GalliaBapt.Ridge GF 1877 1937    
Miller John B. Mound Hill GA 1841 1937   obituary
Miller John E. Mt. Tabor HU 1862 1939    
Miller John Dale Calvary Bapt. RA 19041981      
Miller John F. Miller WA 1/30/1907 2/3/1907   s/o G.W. & M.
Miller John Lewis Gravel Hill CH 1/26/1867 7/29/1953   obituary
Miller John Mart Flag Springs WA 6/10/1901 5/9/1988   no stone; from obituary
Miller John P. Old Pine RA 11/29/1879 6/21/1880   c/o R.S.A.B. & S.
Miller John Robert Calvary Bapt. RA 1932 1940   obituary
Miller John T. Rehobeth RA 6/10/1916 1/31/1983   from obituary
Miller John T. Miller WA 5/2/1868 1/4/1930    
Miller Jordan Morgan Bethel MO       no marker
Miller Joseph Z. Flag Springs WA 2/26/1988 2/9/1963    
Miller Joyce M. GalliaBapt.Ridge GF 1946 1979    
Miller Julia C. Pine Street GA   11/3/1898
no stone; from obituary
Miller Kate Evans German-Ridge WA 1921 1977    
Miller Kathleen C. GalliaBapt.Ridge GF 1931 1999    
Miller Kathryn Anne Mound Hill GA 5/29/1915 7/27/1923    
Miller Kristopher Ryan Mercerville GU 1/13/1987 9/8/2012   s/o Roberta
Miller Larry D. Flag Springs WA 11/11/1946 4/20/1981   obituary
Miller Larry E. Crown City GU 7/28/1941 4/11/2006
s/o Meldridge & Aldean;    SP 5 US Army
Miller Larry Foster Reynolds AD 4/13/1940 7/11/2008
s/o Foster& Ruth
Miller Laura Mercerville GU 1872 nd    
Miller LaVerne S. Crown City GU 1914 1980    
Miller Lawrence J. Flag Springs WA 2/27/1935 1/12/1977   "Dutch"
Miller Leila Morgan Bethel MO       no marker
Miller Letitia Miller MO 1879 1904   "infant son 1903"; w/o H. A.
Miller Lettie OhioValley M.G. GR 9/12/1893 4/9/1989   no stone; from obituary
Miller Lewis Mound Hill GA 1882 1957    
Miller Lewis GalliaBapt.Ridge GF 1911 1987    
Miller Lewis Claude Mound Hill GA 3/2/1909 8/1/1992   obituary
Miller, Lexie Carpenter GalliaBapt.Ridge GF 1888 1911    
Miller Lillie M. Pine Street GA 1911 1965   obituary
Miller Lillie Mae GalliaBapt.Ridge GF 1886 1963  
Miller Linda Faye Gravel Hill CH nd 10/4/1947    
Miller Lorena Mound Hill GA 1894 19__    
Miller Louella "Lula" Morgan Bethel MO       no marker
Miller Louise L. Mound Hill GA 1882 1945  
Miller, Lt. Col. Albert D. Mound Hill GA 8/28/1898 10/24/1944
killed in action in the South China Sea
Miller Lula Newman Morgan Bethel MO       no marker
Miller Luther W. GalliaBapt.Ridge GF 1906 1971  
Miller M. A. Miller WA   5/9/1884
39y 2m 28d
w/o Thos.
Miller M. E. Clay Chapel CL 1861
Miller M. M. Miller WA   12/24/1884
6y 26d
d/o T. & M.A.
Miller Marcella GalliaBapt.Ridge GF   8/9/1934    
Miller Margaret Wilcox MO   11/26/1858
53y 3m 5d
Miller Margaret Mt. Olive SP   9/13/1860
74y 5m
w/o Isaac Miller
Miller Margaret Alice Salem Baptist PE 6/25/1918 4/26/2008   w/o William B. Miller
Miller Margaret I. Salem Baptist PE 11/2/1909 5/20/2007   w/o Cecil A. Miller
Miller Marguerite Vinton Memorial HU 1908 1992    
Miller Marguerite Mound Hill GA 10/23/1925 11/23/1947   no stone; from funeral records
Miller Maria Miller WA   nd
Miller Mark Flag Springs WA 1889 1937    
Miller Martin Providence CL   6/8/1856
Miller Marvin D. Vinton Memorial HU 9/28/1902 3/28/1973    
Miller Mary Morgan Bethel MO       no marker
Miller Mary Morgan Bethel MO       no marker
Miller Mary Morgan Bethel MO       no marker
Miller Mary America Pine Street GA   1/27/1818
w/o Jacob
Miller Mary E. AddisonReynolds AD 1918 nd    
Miller Mary E. Rehobeth RA 8/25/1919 2/2/2007   w/o John T. Miller
Miller, Mary Katherine Dickey Chapel HA 1916 1978   obituary
Miller, Mary L. Morrison Mt. Zion GR 1849 1913   w/o J.G. Miller
Miller Mary Evans Morgan Bethel MO       no marker
Miller Mary West Morgan Bethel MO       no marker
Miller Mason AddisonReynolds AD 1906 1964    
Miller Matilda E. Miller WA   9/1/1886
18y 3m 18d
Miller Matilda J. Gravel Hill CH 1884 1972    
Miller Mattie J. Good Hope GU   9/15/1874
7m 10d
d/o H.C. & F.C.
Miller, Maude E. Hamilton McGhee HU 1870 1895   w/o J.A. Miller
Miller Maude S. Gravel Hill CH 1913 2005   w/o Isador
Miller Mayme Mound Hill GA 1884 1948   obituary
Miller Melba GalliaBapt.Ridge GF 1915 1998  
Miller Mervin A. Troyer WA 12/2/1986 5/22/2006   s/o Crist J. and Susie A. Miller
Miller Michelle Dawn Flag Springs WA 5/18/1971 2/7/1976    
Miller Mildred "Jenny" Morgan Bethel MO       no marker
Miller Mildred R. Jackson WA 9/6/1924 7/30/2008   w/o William Bart Miller
Miller Minnie Morgan Bethel MO       no marker
Miller Minnie Alberta Gravel Hill CH 1867 1933   obituary
Miller Minnie B. Clay Chapel CL 1868
  w/o M. E.
Miller Moore Miller WA 1874 1966  
Miller Moses Clay Chapel CL 4/13/1832 7/13/1897   Co. B. 36 OVI 
Miller, Moses, Ellsworth Clay Chapel CL 11/25/1861 5/24/1936   obituary
Miller Myrtie West Morgan Bethel MO       no marker
Miller Nancy V. Pine Street GA 8/5/1824 1/11/1885
w/o J. T. and d/o John & Jane Vanden-bemden
Miller Neal C. AddisonReynolds AD 1888 1957    
Miller Nellie G. Mound Hill GA 1916 19__    
Miller Nellie Gray GalliaBapt.Ridge GF 1910 2000    
Miller Nora M. GalliaBapt.Ridge GF 1/7/1886 1/21/1947    
Miller Norman Pine Street GA   nd   52 Ohio Inf.
Miller Oakland Morgan Bethel MO   12/3/1918   Pvt U.S. Army
Miller Okey Otho Ridgelawn GU 1908 1975    
Miller Oliver (Rev) Morgan Bethel MO       no marker
Miller Orlyn M. Flag Springs WA 4/21/1927 2/19/2009   h/o Betty Jane;  USAF WW II
Miller Owen Morgan Bethel MO       no marker
Miller Paris Morgan Bethel MO       no marker
Miller Parnie Wickline Mound Hill GA 1887 1975    
Miller Patricia A. GalliaBapt.Ridge GF  1/30/1947 1/25/2005   on same stone as Ronald A.
Miller Paul O. Mound Hill GA 1812 1968    
Miller Peachey Sandfork WA   4/15/1870   w/o W.A.
Miller Powell O. Morgan Bethel MO 8/18/1845 6/3/1909   Co D 16 USCI
Miller R. E. Pine Street GA 1851 1933    
Miller, R. S. A. B. (Richard) Pine Street GA 1829 1919
Miller Ralson G. Pine Street GA 1904 1974    
Miller Renee Morgan Bethel MO       no marker
Miller Robert Eugene GalliaBapt.Ridge GF 3/9/1943 8/14/2014   h/o Teresa
Miller Robert F. Flag Springs WA 1892 1966  
Miller Robert F. Mound Hill GA 1910 1989    
Miller Roger Lee Gravel Hill CH 12/13/1949 9/17/2002    
Miller Ronald A. GalliaBapt.Ridge GF 4/23/1946 11/28/2011
Miller Ronald Keith Mound Hill GA 5/25/1944 nd    
Miller Ronda Ray GalliaBapt.Ridge GF 1957 1958    
Miller Rosa Belle Ridgelawn GU 1910 1991    
Miller Roscoe Miller WA   1915    
Miller Rosetta C. Mound Hill GA 1879 1943  
Miller Rudolph O. Morgan Bethel MO 3/26/1903 3/9/1990   "Doc"
Miller Rufus D. Old Pine RA 11/9/1878 1/10/1879   c/o R.S.A.B. & S.
Miller Ruth Morgan Bethel MO       no marker
Miller Ruth M. AddisonReynolds AD 1913 nd    
Miller Samuel Fox-Fairview WA   6/23/1878
65y 6m 9d
Miller Sarah Evans Morgan Bethel MO       no marker
Miller Sarah Newman Morgan Bethel MO       no marker
Miller Sarah Clay Chapel CL   nd   (found only on plat map)
Miller Sarah E. Miller WA 1863 1920   w/o Thomas M.
Miller Sarah H. Vinton Memorial HU 1880 1972    
Miller Sarah Jane Peniel GF 6/27/1874 11/8/1946    
Miller Scott Morgan Bethel MO       no marker   "Dinky"
Miller Shirley Louise GalliaBapt.Ridge GF 10/3/1937 nd   w/o Donald
Miller Stanley Keith Ridgelawn GU 11/10/1953 7/29/1996    
Miller Stephanie GalliaBapt.Ridge GF 1975 1975    
Miller Susan Anette GalliaBapt.Ridge GF 1963 1963    
Miller Susan Marie Flag Springs WA 1952 1971    
Miller Susanna Pine Street GA 1845 1926   obituary
Miller Sylvia Elizebeth Morgan Bethel MO 5/15/1908 10/30/1994    
Miller Thelma L. Neal WA 12/22/1922 6/30/2007   w/o Clarence A. Miller
Miller Theodore Morgan Bethel MO       no marker
Miller Thomas Cecil GalliaBapt.Ridge GF 1913 2005  
Miller Thomas M. Miller WA 1860 19__    
Miller Thos. M. Miller WA 1838 1922   Co. K 173 Ohio inf.
Miller Tressa Isabel Olive WA 9/1/1906 3/2/1907   d/o Wm. & Cora
Miller Ulysses G. Miller WA 4/21/1867 8/31/1867    
Miller Unknown Morgan Bethel MO       no marker w/o Wyatt Miller
Miller V. Mae Olive WA 1887 1973    
Miller Vera Watts Crown City GU 1928 1959    
Miller Virgil R. AddisonReynolds AD 1914 1970    
Miller W.C.M. Mound Hill GA   nd    
Miller Wade E. Sr. Flag Springs WA 11/23/1934 8/5/2014   USA
Miller Walter Miller WA   nd   Co. K 173 Ohio Inf.
Miller Walter C. Pine Street GA   8/22/1862
s/o I. Y. S. & V. V. M.
Miller Walter E. Vinton Memorial HU 1900 1966    
Miller Wellington Morgan Bethel MO       no marker
Miller Wilda S. Vinton Memorial HU 1863 1910   obituary
Miller William Centreville RA   2/5/1928
Miller William Morgan Bethel MO       no marker
Miller William Mound Hill GA 1879 1950   obituary
Miller William Miller WA 1/19/1919 5/2/1975   PFC U.S. Army WW II
Miller William B. Salem Baptist PE 11/9/1920 12/19/2010   h/o Margaret;  USN WW II
Miller William C. Mound Hill GA   12/27/1899
79y 11m 24d
Miller William H. GalliaBapt.Ridge GF 1/22/1873 2/17/1952    
Miller William R. Maddy AD 4/11/1879 3/20/1940   obituary
Miller William R. Pine Street GA 1911 1982    
Miller William Stanley Sheets Cem. #1 GU 8/24/1899 12/5/1901   s/o _. _. & M.M.
Miller William T. Vinton Memorial HU 1862 1947    
Miller Wm. A. Sandfork WA   6/7/1871
57y 10m 24d
Miller Wyatt Morgan Bethel MO   3/5/1932   no marker    obituary
Miller Zella L. Calvary Bapt. RA 11/10/1903 10/30/1994   obituary
Miller   McDaniel WA   nd   inf. children of John & Retta (3)
Miller   Miller MO   4/27/1854    
Miller   Miller MO   6/25/1873   infant d/o I. & E.
Miller   Miller WA   4/8/1884   infant s/o T. & M.A.
Miller   Mercerville GU 1/13/1908 1/13/1908   infant s/o B.A. & L.E.
Miller   GalliaBapt.Ridge GF 1974 1974   infant
Miller   Peniel GF 1938 1938   infant s/o Wilma & Clarence
Miller   Bethel AD   nd