Back                             Ammon Davis' Class
Ammon Davis Class Leader Swan Creek 1866 removed by letter Mar 9 1867
Mary A Davis Removed by letter Mar 9 1867
James W Guthrie  
Belinda Guthrie  
Rhoda Hannan  
Nancy Campbell  
Julia Blake  
Hiram Watson  
Keziah Watson  
Wm J Taylor  
Mary J Taylor  
Rachel Taylor  
Joel Taylor  
Ledia Taylor died
Mary J Woodworth  
Cassa Campbell  
Lucy O Hannan  
S Wilson Guthrie  
Amanda Waugh Removed  
Jacob Trowbridge deceased
John Trowbridge withdrawn
Mary Trowbridge withdrawn
M Jane Sutton removed by letter Jan 30 1867
Arminta Rardon  
Elvira Crawford removed
Tracy Bay removed by letter
Mary King  
Sarah Trowbridge removed without letter Mar 9 1867
Chloe Campbell deceased
Mary Sowards married Theodore Waugh
Catharine A Long  
James Stafford  
Mary Sutton discontinued
Francis M Trowbridge Recommended & received into church Mar 23 1867
Delila Harger  
Mary Jones discontinued
Wm Jack removed
Irena Jack removed
Mary J Thompson  
Melissa Bush  
Lovenia Emmerson  
Wm Young transferred to Bethel
Alice Young transferred to Bethel
Isaac Trowbridge probationer discontinued
Corydon Bush  Recommended & received Sep 5 1867
James M Hannan received into full connection Sep 5 1867
John P Harvey  
Nancy Harvey  
Milton Watson  recommendera and received Sep 5 1867