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Clay Chapel was a Methodist Church that was located on State Rte. 7 about seven miles south of Gallipolis and just south of Raccoon Creek. The church itself is no longer there, but the cemetery is still maintained and contains over 460 graves. The information below was transcribed by Mary James.

History of Clay Chapel (book published in 1899) There is some overlap in the pages assigned to the various chapters because the Chapter headings often occurred in the middle of a page.

     Chapter I  (pages 1-2)
     Chapter II 
(pages 2-7)
     Chapter III
(pages 7-10)
     Chapter IV 
(pages 10-14)
     Chapter V 
(pages 14-17)
     Chapter VI 
(pages 18-19)
     Chapter VII 
(pages 20-24)
     Chapter VIII 
(pages 25-26)
     Chapter IX
(pages 27-28)
     Chapter X 
(pages 28-38)
     Chapter XI 
(pages 38-40)
     Chapter XII 
(pages 40-47)

The Clay Chapel Bell

Church Records: The following records for Clay Chapel Charge may include records for the congregations of Clay Chapel, Clay Town House, Sardis, Chambersburg, Mount Carmel, Bethel, Swan Creek, and Ohio Chapel. These records were found in Book l.

     Baptisms 1856-1875  (Book I)
     Marriages 1857-1875  (Book I)
     Probationers List (Prior to 1868--Book I))
     Membership List (1856-57)
     Membership List (1865)

The following records are from Book 2, which began in 1890

     Probationers List (1891 & 1892)
     Probationers List (1893)
     Probationers Lists for 1896 for Bethel, Chambersburg, Clay Chapel and Ohio Chapel
     Probationers List for 1896-1901
     Church Officers (1890)
     Pastors 1890-1904

The following lists are for "classes" led by various members. They are identified by the class leader for each.  

     Samuel Wise's Class (Clay Townhouse-1856)
     Jacob Riggs' Class (Sardis-1856) 
     John Urwin's Class (Bethel-1856)
     Samuel Lasley's Class(Clay Chapel-1856)
     James M. Guthrie's Class (Swan Creek Chapel-1856)
     S. B. Lasley's Class (Clay Chapel-1861)
     Jacob Riggs' Class (Clay Chapel-1864)
     Wm Ashley's Class (Clay Chapel-1865)
     Henry Carter's Class (Chambersburg-1865)         
     Stephen Neal's Class (Mt. Carmel-1865)
     Henry Thornton's Class (Mt. Carmel-1866) 
     George Roberts' Class (Bethel-1866)   
     Thomas A. Roberts' Class (Clay Chapel-1867)
     Ammon Davis' Class (Swan Creek-1867) 
     Henry Thornton's Class (Mt. Carmel-1868-69)   
     J H. Guthrie's Class (Swan Creek-1868-69)
     John Erwin's Class (Bethel-1868-69)
     William Ashley's Class (Clay Chapel-1868-69)
     Thomas Weay's Class (Chambersburg-1868-69)