Back                         John Erwin's Class
John Erwin Class Leader Bethel 1868-69
George Roberts Removed by letter Sept 1872 (pre. Class leader)
Sarah Roberts Removed by letter Sept 1872
Evan Evans deceased 1870
Eliza Evans  
Martha J Gilmore  
Lewis Evans  
Katy A Evans  
Catherine Davis  
Olive Davis  
Dustin Davis  
Bertha Davis  
Isabel Davis  
Mary Larimer remove by letter Sept 1872
Jesse King  
Rebecca King  
Elizabeth Dickey  
William Rodgers  
Amanda Rodgers  
Cartherine Ward  
Rezen Myers  
Sarah Myers  
Matthew Roach  
Elizabeth Roach  deceased July 1872
John Jarvis  
Emaline Jarvis  
Samuel Jarvis  
Margaret Jarvis  
Sarah Call  
Eli T McLain withdrawn
Guy Fry  
Rachel Campbell  
James Wellington Withdrawn Aug 1871
Amanda Wellington Withdrawn Aug 1871
Phebe J Wooten  
Benjamin Roberts removed by certificate Sept 1871
Phebe Roberts removed by certificate Sept 1871
Moses King  
Margaret King  
Thomas King expelled 1870
Mary Small  
A J Saltsman  
Mary J Saltzman  
William Davis  
Mary Williamson  
Margaret Gilmore  discontinued
Maria Evans  
Sarah Call  
Mary F Green discontinued 1870
John Evans  
Mordica W King  
William King  
Mary A King  
Charlotte King expelled 1870
Israel Call  
Jacob Myers discontinued
John L Stevers withdrawn Sept 1871
Henry N Young  
Rhoda A young  
Henry King  
James White removed without letter
James Wellington removed without letter
Amanda Wellington removed without letter
Elizabeth Boone  
Eliza C James  
Eli McClaine  
Rachel McClaine  
Rachel McClaine  
Elizabeth Elliott  
Roena King  
Eliza Evans  
Margaret J Myers  
Matthew S Myers  
Mary Davis  
Mattie Saltzman  
Albert Davis  
Silas Davis  
Matthew Boone  
Nancy J Roe  
America Erwin  
John Evans  
Caddie Davis  
Eliz Clark  
Wm King  
Washington Erwin  
Margaret Gilmore   
Mary E Montgomery  
Elizabeth Wright  
William Jarvis removed by letter Aug 1872
Elizabeth Jarvis removed by letter Aug 1872
William Hunt  
Virginia Holcomb (Call)  
Daniel Shato  
Julia A Shato  
Marietta Rodgers discontinued
Lousanna Rodgers (King)  
Thomas Way tranferred to Chambersburg
Ann Way tranferred to Chambersburg
Rebecca A Way deceased Nov 29 1872
Selemma Way tranferred to Chambersburg
Cordelia Wilkinson  
Mary Jarvis removed by letter 1872
Maggie Rogers  
Louisa J Myers  
Mary E Myers  
Alice Dray removed by letter 1875
Unnamed Dray