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William Elliott  
Susan Elliott  
James Martindale  
Mary M Martindale  
Evan Evans  
Eliza Evans  
Rebecca Morton transferred to Swan Creek
Hillary Sheets wihdrawn
Jesse King  
Rebecca King  
Orpha King  
Andrew Dray  
Allice Dray  
Sarah McLain  
Benjamin F Roberts  
Allen Roberts  
Rachel Roberts  
George Roberts  
Ethen Roberts  
Jane Roberts  
Junius Shaw Dropped Aug 2 1857
Margaret Shaw  
Mary Elliott  
Martin Elliott Dropped Apr 24 1857
Cynthia Elliott  
Ester Elliott  
Wm Rodgers  
Amanda Rodgers  
William Larimer  
Joel Blankenship  
Margaret Blankenship  
William Blankenship  
Armenia Blankship  
Robert Russel removed by letter Mar 20 1857
Mary Russel removed by letter Mar 20 1857
John Elias  
Moses Elias  
Richard Elias  
Abraham Jeffers  
Mary Hanson  
Elizabeth Hanson Dropped Apr 2 1857
Richard Hanson  
Diana Barker  
Israel Call Dropped Mar 27 1857
Rachel A Kennedy  
Robert Myers  
Mary Evans  
Sarah Gearn  
Catherine Call  
Sarah Call  
Mary Smallwood  
Sarah Myers  
John Urwin  
Josephine Toddoff  
Louisa Toddoff  
Mary A Cotterall Dropped Aug 2 1857
Catherine Reese  
Mathew Roach  
Elizabeth Roach  
Larah Roach  
Isaac Call  
Lucy E Smith  
Roene Blankenship  
Elisaha Gearn  
James Fisher  
Rebecca Gearn  
Robert Gearn  
Sarah Overall  
Eliza Kinder transferred to Town House
Mary Jane Pinching (Taylor) Removed to Swan Creek Jan 1862