Back                             Officers of the Church 1890
Name of Officer
Office Held
Date Appointed
Grasson Davis Steward July 1890 died
Jacob Riggs Steward July 1890  
Amos Clark Steward July 1890  
W H Arthur Steward July 1890 by letter 1891
A A Archer Steward July 1890 June 20 1891
Vaughn Kinder Steward July 1890  
Mrs. M Masterson Steward July 1890  
Ida Chambers Steward July 1890  
Mrs Mary Evans Steward July 1890  
Evert Clark Steward July 1890 June 20 1891
Geo. H Bickle Steward July 1890  
Jacob Riggs Class Leader July 1890  
Wm Shato Class Leader July 1890  
Wm Arthur Class Leader July 1890 by letter  
Evert Clark Class Leader July 1890 June 20 1891
John Evans Class Leader July 1890  
Wm Hunt  Steward July 1890  
W D Graham Trustee Clay Chapel    
Jacob Riggs Trustee Clay Chapel    
J L McDaniel Trustee Clay Chapel    
Amos Clark Trustee Clay Chapel    
Grasson Davis Trustee Clay Chapel   June 20 1891
A H Plymale Trustee Ohio Chapel    
Wm Kinder Trustee Ohio Chapel    
John Wiley Trustee Ohio Chapel    
John Brothers Trustee Ohio Chapel    
Thos Hamilton Trustee Ohio Chapel    
Jacob Larmier Trustee Chambersburg  
John Howarth Trustee Chambersburg  
Wm Marshal Trustee Chambersburg June 20 1891
David Russell Trustee Chambersburg  
G W Martindill Trustee Chambersburg  
Amos Clark Recording Stewart    
Jacob Riggs District Steward    
John Evans Trustee Bethel    
Lewis Evans Trustee Bethel    
Geo Bickle Trustee Bethel    
S V Clark Trustee Bethel    
Wm Rogers Trustee Bethel    
Jacob Riggs Trustee Parsonage    
 A L Plymale Trustee Parsonage    
Amos Clark Trustee Parsonage    
W D Graham Trustee Parsonage    
Jacob Larmier Trustee Parsonage    
W H Arthur Estimating Committee  
Jacob Riggs Estimating Committee  
Amos Clark Estimating Committee  
John Evans Estimating Committee  
Wm Shato Trustee June 20 1891  
John Wiley Steward June 20 1891  
Ray Masterson Trustee June 20 1891  
John Baker Steward June 20 1891  
John Rose Local Elder 1899  
Leroy Saden Local Preacher 1899  
Perry Davis Exhorter 1899  
John Rose Class Leader 1899  
W S Craft Class Leader 1899 3/1/1901
Chas. Chevalier Class Leader 1899  
Jacob Riggs Class Leader 1899  
Wm Shato Class Leader 1899  
Elizabeth Kinder Class Leader 1899  
Robt Blacklock Class Leader 1899  
Henry Burton Class Leader 1899  
W S Craft SS Superintentent 1899 Moved 1901
John King SS Superintentent 1899  
Robert Blacklock SS Superintentent 1899 8/1/1901
J S Evans SS Superintentent 1899  
W S Craft Steward 1899  
J V Kinder Steward 1899  
Jacob Riggs Dist Steward 1899  
Amos Clark Rec Steward 1899  
J T Markin Steward 1899  
B H Ingels Steward 1899  
G W Martindill Steward 1899  
Anna Russell Steward 1899  
Robet Blacklock Steward 1899  
G H Bickle Steward 1899  
Mary Evans Steward 1899  
J M Hannan Steward 1899  
Wm Kinder Trustee 1899  
J A Plymale Trustee 1899  
Jas Willey Trustee 1899  
Chas Chevalier Trustee 1899  
J M Plymale Trustee 1899  
Jacob Riggs Trustee 1899  
A Clark Trustee 1899  
John King Trustee 1899  
W Shato Trustee 1899  
John Baker Trustee 1899  
G W Martindill Trustee 1899  
John Howarth Trustee 1899  
W J Fletcher, MD Trustee 1899  
James Wilson Trustee 1899  
G H Bickle Trustee 1899  
Robt Blacklock Trustee 1899  
Wm Rodgers Trustee 1899  
Lewis Evans Trustee 1899  
S V Clark Trustee 1899  
J M Hannan Trustee 1899  
B Burton Trustee 1899  
T Morton Trustee 1899  
J Campbell Trustee 1899  
Noah Clark Trustee 1899  
J H Plymale Parsonage Trustee 1899  
Jacob Riggs Parsonage Trustee 1899  
Jas Clark Parsonage Trustee 1899  
G W Martindale Parsonage Trustee 1899  
S V Clark Parsonage Trustee 1899  
J M Hannan Parsonage Trustee 1899  
Jas Plymale Estimating P Salary 1899  
Jacob Riggs Estimating P Salary 1899  
Amos Clark Estimating P Salary 1899  
Robt Blacklock Estimating P Salary 1899  
J M Hannan Estimating P Salary 1899  
John Rose Local Elder 1901  
Leroy Soden Local Elder 1901  
Perry Davis Exhorter 1901  
I A Davis S S Superintendent 1901  
John King  S S Superintendent 1901  
Oscar Russell SS Superintentent 1901  
Thomas Urwin SS Superintentent 1901  
Thomas Martin SS Superintentent 1901  
Amos Clark R C Steward 1901  
Jacob Riggs D S Steward 1901  
I A Davis Steward 1901  
J V Kinder Steward 1901  
J T Markin Steward 1901  
B H Ingles Steward 1901  
G W Martindale Steward 1901  
Anna Russell Steward 1901  
Mary Evans Steward 1901  
Emma Waugh Steward 1901  
J M Hannan Steward 1901  
John Rose   Class Leader 1901  
Charles Chevalier Class Leader 1901  
Jacob Riggs Class Leader 1901  
Wm Shato Class Leader 1901  
Henry Burton Class Leader 1901  
Elizabeth Kinder Class Leader 1901  
A B Davis  Class Leader 1901 Entered Ministry Ohio Conf.
Julia Plymale Class Leader 1901  
I A Davis Class Leader 1901  
Dan Dewit E L President 1901  
Wm Kinder Trustee 1901  
Jas, A Plymale Trustee 1901  
John Rose Trustee 1901  
Charles Chevalier Trustee 1901  
J M Plymale  Trustee 1901  
Jacob Riggs Trustee 1901  
A Clark Trustee 1901  
John King Trustee 1901  
Wm Shato Trustee 1901  
John Baker Trustee 1901  
G W Martindale Trustee 1901  
Jas Howarth Trustee 1901  
W J Fletcher  Trustee 1901  
Wm Miller Trustee 1901  
G W Bickle Trustee 1901  
Wm Rodgers Trustee 1901  
Lewis Evans Trustee 1901  
Sheridan Waugh Trustee 1901  
S V Clark Trustee 1901  
J M Hannan Trustee 1901  
H Burton Trustee 1901  
T Morton Trustee 1901  
J Campbell Trustee 1910  
J A Plymale Parsonage Trustee 1901  
J Riggs Parsonage Trustee 1901  
Jas  Clark Parsonage Trustee 1901  
W F Cole Parsonage Trustee 1901  
J M Hannan Parsonage Trustee 1901  
G W Martindale Parsonage Trustee 1901  
Jas A Plymale Estimating P Salary 1901  
J Riggs Estimating P Salary 1901  
A Clark Estimating P Salary 1901  
J M Hannan Estimating P Salary 1901  
R Blacklock Estimating P Salary 1901 deceased
G W Martindale Estimating P Salary 1901