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 The following obituaries are from the files of various Gallia County Newspapers and other publications. They are listed below in alphabetical order of the surname.

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Board, Billy Snow  

     Billy Snow Board, 78, of Gallipolis, died Thrusday Aug. 26, 2004, at University Hospital in Columbus. Funeral services will be at 2 p.m. Sunday, Aug. 29, 2004 at the Waugh-Halley-Wood Funeral Home. Burial will follow in Ohio Valley Memeory Gardens. Friends may call from 6-8 p.m. Saturday at the funeral home. Masonic services will be conduted at 8 p.m. Saturday by Morning Dawn Lodge at the funeral home. Military honors will be presented at the cemetery by the Gallia County Veterans Organizations. A complete obituary will be published in tomorrow's edition.  

Gallipolis Daily Tribune
Friday, August 27, 2004
Transcribed by Marian Schoonover

Boatman, Ellison

     Ellison Boatman, 69, formerly of the Kyger area in Gallia County, of Edgewater, Md., died unexpectedly Wednesday while visiting relatives in California. Mr. Boatman was the son of the late John and Nancy Boatman who lived near Kyger. Survivors are his wife; a sister Emily Allen, three children and several cousins that live in the area.
     The body will be flown to Edgewater where services will be held on Saturday.

The Daily Sentinel
January 25, 1973
Transcribed by Peggy Sibert Mason

Boatman, Frances

     Frances Boatman, the little daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John S. Boatman, of Kyger, died Tuesday evening of whooping cough and measles after a short illness, leaving the parents almost heart-broken over their loss. She was the only child and a bright little lass aged about three years, and was a favorite with all who knew her. The funeral services and interment were held Wednesday afternoon.

Gallipolis Bulletin
Friday, May 6, 1904
Transcribed by Sandy L. Milliron                                                                         Top of Page

Boatman, Frances Bradbury

Mrs. Isaac Boatman's Death
The Unfortunate Result of a Most Unhappy Accident
     Mrs. Frances Bradbury Boatman, wife of Mr. Isaac Boatman, died at the home of her sister, Mrs. Dr. Jas. Johnston on Cedar street in this city at 6 o'clock Tuesday evening; December 12, 1899, in her 56th year.
     The funeral services will be conducted by Rev. W. J. Fulton at the Baptist Church at Cheshire, Thursday at one o'clock p.m., the interment following at Gravel Hill cemetery by Hayward & Son. The pall bearers for the sad event will be Messrs. Melvin Boice, Jonathan Rupe, M. C. Boice, S. F. Coughenour, Alex Scott and John C. Price. If the weather permits the funeral cortege will leave Dr. Johnson's residence in carriages at 11 a.m. Thursday. If not all will go up by train.
     The particulars which led up to Mrs. Boatman's death have been given and are familiar to our readers. It is sufficient to say that her son, Harlow, merchant at Proctorville, was going down to purchase holiday stock for his store, and thinking it would be a nice time for his mother to go down and visit her son Attorney R.J. Mauck, who had recently formed a law partnership there wrote to his mother to that effect. Mrs. Boatman accepted the invitation and she was to have started the 29th or 30th of November, and meet Harlow at Proctorsville, for the trip, but she was delayed and left here Saturday, December 2nd she and Harlow taking the new fast flying express on the O.R.R. for the city the next day.
     She was the daughter of the late Asa and Electa Bradbury, of Kyger, and a sister of Judge J.P. Bradbury, Hon. H.R. Bradbury, Hon. Wm. Bradbury, Mrs. Dr. James Johnston and Mrs. Samantha Buxton, the last of Arbuckle, W. Va.
     She was married first to the late Lewis Mauck in '66 and he died in '83. By him she was the mother of three children who survive her - Harlow, R.J. and Earl W. Mauck.
     She was married to Mr. Isaac Boatman September 3, 1889, and became a step-mother to Mr. Boatman's children by a former marriage - A.E. Boatman, Mrs. Dr. J.B. Johnston and Mr. John Boatman. To these she was a true mother and was dearly loved by them as she was by her own children and all speak of her in the most affectionate and endearing terms. It is said that two more congenial families were never brought together. Possessed of ample means, the double family grew up well educated, loving and kind, and an honor to both herself and husband who were greatly attached and devoted to each other.
     Mr. Boatman is not in good health and has been taking treatment in the city and timed his last visit to meet her here on her return and accompany her to their happy home at Kyger, which is now broken up by that ruthless and merciless visitor whose cruel hand no power can stay.
     Mrs. Boatman was a handsome, attractive lady, amiable and lovable and the rose and the evergreen will rest upon her tomb.

Gallipolis Daily Tribune
Wednesday, December 13, 1899
Transcribed by J. Farley

Boatman, Jennie [Coughenour]

Boatman Rites At 2 Wednesday Bidwell Church
     Funeral services for Mrs. Jennie Coughenour Boatman will be held at 2 o'clock Wednesday at the Bidwell Methodist Church in charge of Rev. J. L. Stephenson. Mrs. Boatman was a member of that church.
     Interment will be made in Gravel Hill Cemetery beside decedent's husband, Arthur Ellison Boatman.
Mrs. Boatman died early Sunday night while listening to the radio at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Mildred Finley, in Cincinnati. Death had come like a flash while Mrs. Finley was in another room.
     Mrs. Finley reached Bidwell last night and the body was expected on the C. & O. train this afternoon. She selected the following pall bearers: V. Wymond Bradbury, of Kyger, Fred Mack of Cheshire, Lowell Glassburn of Bidwell, Sheriff Hatfield, Col H. R. Eckler and C. T. Robinson.

[Note: B. 1867 D. 1944, from tombstone]

Gallipolis Daily Tribune
Tuesday, February 8th 1944
Transcribed by Maxine Marshall 

Boatman, Jennie (Coughenour)

Mrs. A. Boatman Died Last Night, Daughter’s Home
Body Will Arrive at Bidwell Home Late Today
     Mrs. Jennie Boatman of Bidwell died last night in Cincinnati ,where she had been living since October with her daughter, Mrs. Mildred Finley. The death message was sent by Mrs. Finley to Mrs. Alice Bradbury. Though relatives and close friends had been apprised of the fact that Mrs. Boatman had been in poor health several years and even seriously ill most of the winter, the news of her passing will come as a shock to countless friends.  She was the widow of A. E. Boatman who died Oct. 16, 1936 and was in her early 70s. The body will be brought to Bidwell tonight and funeral arrangements will be made thereafter.  Interment will be in Gravel Hill Cemetery, Cheshire.
     Mrs. Boatman was the oldest of three daughters of the late S. F. Coughenour of Poplar Ridge, one time county commissioner. She and Mr. Boatman were married there on Oct. 7, 1890. During the first years of their wedlock, they lived on the Boatman farm below Kyger, but in the ‘90 decade, he built a storeroom in the village and operated a store there for about 30 years. After that, they lived in Pomeroy, New Lexington, and then Gallipolis. Here he engaged in the insurance business, which he sold to Wiseman & Wickline in January 1934. Later, they lived in Cleveland, where he died, and after his death, Mrs. Boatman made her home in Bidwell, near her two sisters, Mrs. Jessie Robinson and Mrs. Pearl Boice. Other survivors, besides the daughter, is a grandson, Jack Finley, who is a member of the Marine Corps stationed at Miami Beach, Fla.
     Mrs. Boatman’s life was one of constant service to her loved ones, to her neighbors, to the organizations and causes with which she was identified or in which she was interested. She was capable, industrious, self-sacrificing, gracious, tender-hearted, and popular in every circle, young and old alike, in these communities that knew her best. This writer doubts that any other woman or man in Cheshire Twp. ever made so many or so  durable friendships in that bailiwick as did Mrs. Boatman. Her death occurred at 2811 Swiss Chalet Court, a University of Cincinnati sorority house of which Mrs. Finley was the manager.

Gallipolis Daily Tribune
Monday, February 7th, 1944
Transcribed by Eva Swain Hughes                                                                          Top of Page

Boatman, John S.

Death Claims John S. Boatman, Kyger
End Comes at 1 oClock Tuesday to Widely Known Citizen and Member of County Board of Education Former County Commissioner
     John S. Boatman in agricultural and political circles of the country since he was 21 years old, died at his home near Kyger at1o'clock today.
     There was a turn for the worse Tuesday forenoon, and his daughter, Miss Emily, of County Supt. Bradbury's office was called home. But it was known generally that his condition had been well-nigh hopeless for weeks.
     His distressing illness was due chiefly to a bladder infection. He had been bedfast at various and varying intervals during the last year or two, but his latest illness began early in the winter. Nearly a decade ago his vision became impaired, but medical skill arrested the progress of that affliction.

Well-Rounded Man
     Mr. Boatman was blessed with a keen sense of humor and a contagious cheerfulness that enabled him to face his affliction and difficulties and pursue the even tenor of his way under circumstances that would have disheartened the average person.
     During his long suffering he had the most tender care of wife and daughter and lifelong and loving friends and neighbors.
     His life was spent in the Kyger community __a useful life marked by kindness and generosity to a fault for those around him. Before he cast his first vote, he took a deep interest and an active part in politics and for more than a generation had been an important factor in every major county-wide political contest. By reason of his wife acquaintance, genial nature, tact, diligence and astuteness he acquired an influence much greater than is usually allotted to those who makean avocation instead of a vocation of politics. He served two terms as county commissioner and had been repeatedly reelected a member of the county board of education, usually if not invariably leading his ticket.

[Note: Born 1875 Died 1935 April 2; Buried Gravel Hill]

Gallipolis Daily Tribune
Tuesday, April 2nd, 1935
Transcribed by Margaret Calvin                                                                                    Top of Page

Bobo, D. L.

Bobo’s Bullet Brings Him Death
Former Saloonist Shoots Himself Through the Head
Habitually Carried a Gun and a Wicked Knife

     Our citizens were shocked this morning as the news spread over town, that D. L. Bobo, proprietor of the restaurant at the corner of Second avenue and State street, had killed himself with a revolver, Sunday night directly under the tree that stands in front of the Callahan Marble Shop window, only a step or two beyond his own residence.
     Mr. Elmer Scarberry of Henking-Bovie Co. was passing on the opposite side of the street at the time and as he passed heard Mrs. Gibbs tell him that he was imposing on his wife. Bobo asked who said so and Mrs. Gibbs said that man across the street hears you. With that, Mr. Scarberry says he walked up to this tree about 75 feet from Mrs. Gibbs’ steps and he heard his revolver click three times before it went off.  With the fourth the gun exploded, the ball passing through his right temple and out at the top of the head. Mr. Scarberry saw him fall and ran across the street to him just as Mr. Bobo’s younger brother Cyrus came up, and in a moment more, Frank Giles and Clarence Poole, yet up at the Poole boarding house, ran up hearing the shot and knowing there was trouble of some kind there, having gone home a few minutes before.
     Coroner Claude Parker was summoned and they all assisted in carrying him into the house.  An empty half pint whisky bottle, some tobacco, a pass book with the First National Bank, and $1, 448.26 were found on his person, and a bowie knife or dirk fastened in a belt. The revolver with which he had done the deed lay near his head on the pavement.
     At this writing Mrs. Bobo is waiting to hear from his parents John and Nancy Bobo, before making final arrangements for the funeral and burial, they living on a farm near Athens. Hayward & Son have charge of the body. At this noon Carl Cross, a friend and Mr. Atkinson, a brother-in-law, arrived.
     Mr. Bobo came here four years ago with Charley Thomasson from Middleport and set up in business at the corner of Second and State streets. Later they dissolved and Mr. Bobo continued the business and has a two years lease on the premises we are told. By the local option vote he was compelled to retire from the saloon business, and opened up a fine restaurant. It is said that business was not good and this depressed him.  However we don’t know. Mrs. Bobo said he talked some of taking a trip the first of the year, but that no definite plans had been arranged. She says they had noticed that for several days he had been acting queerly and she thinks that he was in a mentally unbalanced state. Folks out in town say he gave out slight intimations of suicide, that he gave some of the attaches of his establishment souvenir money pieces, saying they would do for them to remember him by, that he wanted them to know that he was a good fellow, told Capt. Small, night watchman, that he wanted to pay him as it would be a long time before he would give him any more, or something to that effect, and he had drawn all his money out of the Ohio Valley Bank, and had evidently contemplated the act and did it deliberately.
     He and wife went home from the restaurant about 9 o’clock and all had been pleasant she said, until after her arrival at home, when a slight difference arose about something and seeing that he was drinking, she went into Mrs. Gibbs’ her next door neighbor. Some think it was well that she did as he might have killed her in the unbalanced condition of his mind, though Mrs. Bobo says he was very kind and all right when not drinking.
     They have one child, Clyde, a son of 12 years and a fine little boy and he is survived by his parents and three sisters, Mrs. Abe Craft, of Albany, Mrs. Will West, five miles from Albany, and Mrs. Carl Cross of Wellston; also three brothers, Earl, Foster and Cyrus who is here.
     He would have been 38 years old the 28th of this month. He lived on a farm near McArthur six years after his marriage with Miss Elizabeth Atkinson and from the farm they went to Middleport and then here. This makes the third suicide in less than a month in this city, and one in the country three or four months ago.

[Note: Cemetery entry reads C. L. Bobo.]

Gallipolis Daily Tribune
Monday, December 21, 1908
Transcribed by Suzanne H. Giroux

Bobo, Vina

Accidentally Drowned
     Miss Vina Bobo of Point Rock, a sister of Leonard Bobo of Ewington, was accidentally drowned in a spring Friday while out picking ferns. She and another sister were keeping house for their aged father and while one was preparing dinner the other had gone to gather some ferns. When she failed to return in proper time they went to look for her and found her body partly submerged in the spring, her hands full of ferns as though she had seemingly started for home when she slipped and fell in the spring.
     The funeral was Monday at Point Rock. Many friends here will regret to learn of her untimely death as Miss Bobo was quite well known by many here.

The Gallia Tmes
Thursday, February 3, 1921
Transcribed by Sharon Hobart

Bocox, Fanny

In Memoriam
    BOCOX - It has been the will of the Eminent Commander to call home to His mansion above the spirit of Miss Fanny Bocox, who departed this life May 31st, 1889, aged about 17 years. She was a member of Victory Church, a consistent Christain, and during her illness she never failed to put her trust in the ---- God who watches over us all and carried her safely over the river of death. She was amiable and mild in disposition, and ---- and obliging in manners. During her short time here she made many friends, who with her relatives, mourn her sad demise, but are comforted with the hope that she is now with her loved ones who have gone to the sky, "where the soul is free from sorrow and death, and the tear never more dims the eye." Though the grave may hide from view the faces of our friends, yet it has no power to keep their memories from being fresh in our hearts. Father and mother will sadly miss her, but the Father in heaven will endow her with eternal splendor. Brothers and sister will miss her, but the door of her mansion is ever open to those she esteemed. The church militant will miss her, but the church triumphant has gained her. The fondest hopes of life fade away, but thanks be to God, "Dust thou art and unto dust returneth," was not said of the soul.
     On the day following her death her remains were interred in the family burying ground, to await the sound of the ---ing trumpet on the resurrection ---.

[Note: Buried King Chapel Cemetery, Ohio Twp. Find A Grave: Her gravestone shows that Fanny Bocox was born 4 January 1874, date of death, May 29, 1889, which means she was 15 when she died.]

Memorial Tribute
May 29, 1889
Transcribed by Theresa E. Smith                                                                           Top of Page

Bodimer, Charles W.

Met Death in River
Dam 26 Was Scene of Monday Morning Tragedy.
     Charles W. Bodimer, 35, a government lock tender employed at Dam 26 near Chambersburg, was drowned in the Ohio river about 8 o'clock Monday morning. Bodimer lived at Chambersburg and had reported off duty at about the hour named, and was leaving the lock when it is supposed he slipped and fell into the water. Within a few moments after he was missed the skiff he was using and his hat were observed floating down the river.
     The alarm was given and search was immediately begun in hopes of finding his body. It is said he was hampered by heavy clothing and this, combined with the cold water must have effectually prevented him from swimming to safety.
     Mr. Bodimer was a fine young man with hosts of friends. He was a native of Pennsylvania and came here several years ago when work on the big lock and dam was begun. He married Miss Clark, sister of Noah Clark, and she, with three young chidren, survives him. He had been studying for the ministry and intended making that his life work.
      The body was recovered by searches Monday afternoon at 3 o'clock and brought to his home and prepared for burial. The funeral services will be held Wednesday afternoon at Clay Chapel by Rev. J. W. McConnell.

[Note: from stone at Clay Chapel Cemetery, Clay Twp., date of birth: 25 Sep 1884, date of death: 22 Mar 1915]

Gallipolis newspaper
March 1915
Transcribed by Joanne Galvin     

Bodimer, Charles W.

Charles W. Bodimer Drowned Monday At Dam Twenty-six
     Charles Bodimer, aged 35 years was drowned in the Ohio River at Dam 26 at 8 o'clock Monday morning. He was employed as a lock tender by the government and just gone off duty. No one witnessed the drowning, but it is supposed that he was getting into his skiff to cross to his home on the Ohio side of the river, the skiff and his hat being found floating upon the water a short time after he was missed. The body was found by fellow employees Monday afternoon a short distance below the spot where he fell into the river. He had on his overcoat and it is supposed that its weight prevented him from swimming to the shore. The funeral was held at Clay Chapel Monday afternoon, the services being conducted by Rev. J.W. McConnell.
     He is survived by his widow, who is a sister of Noah Clark, and three small children, who will have the sympathy of all in their tragic loss. Mr. Bodimer was a fine man with many friends. He came from Pennsylvania to work on the construction of the locks and secured a position as lock tender upon their completion. He was studying for the ministry and intended to make it his life work.

[Note: Death Certificate...Born Sept. 25, 1884 Alleghany Co., PA; died March 22, 1915; aged 30 years 5 months and 27 days. Son of John H. Bodimer born Scioto County, Ohio and Mary Towbridge born Gallia County, Ohio.]

Gallipolis Bulletin
Thursday, March 25, 1915
Transcribed by F.K. Brown                                                               

Bodimer, Charles Wesley II

    Charles Wesley Bodimer II, 58, a resident of Eureka Star Route, died in Holzer Medical Center this morning at 5 o’clock.
     He was born at Eureka Sept. 4, 1915, the son of the late Charles W. and Della Clark Bodimer. He attended Chambersburg Schook, and graduated from Gallia Academy High School with the Class of 1934. He was a salesman most of his life, was employed by Goldschmidt-Sydnor, Huntington, W. Va. and later operated a grocery store and service station at Eureka, and served as postmaster. He enlisted in the U. S. Navy during World War II. He served Gallia County two terms as Auditor in the 1950’s. He was a member of the Methodist Church at Chambersburg, and the Gallia Chapter of F. & A.M. at Chambersburg; was a member of the Rose Commandery No. 43, Gallipolis.
     He was married to Ruth Steele, a native of Logan, W. Va. In October 1943. She survives, with two sons and two daughters, Mrs. Larry (Anna Marie) Harrison of Erie, Pa. and Mrs. James (Charla) Ellott of Gallipolis; Charles W. III, a student at Ohio University and Lewis Claude, a student at Gallia Academy. Two grandsons and a grand-daughter survive. Two brothers, Byron E. Bodimer of Confluence, Pa. and Lewis H. of Eureka Star Rt. And one sister, Mrs. L. Claude (Iris) Miller of Gallipolis, survive.
     Funeral arrangements will be announced by Miller’s Home for Funerals.

Gallipolis Daily Tribune
Monday, February 18th, 1974
Contributed by Jacquelyn Woolley                                                                      Top of Page

Bodimer, Charles Wesley II

Bodimer rites set Thursday
     Funeral services for Charles W. Bodimer will be held at 2 p.m. Thursday at Miller’s Home for Funerals with Rev. Dale W. McClure officiating. Burial will be in Mound Hill Cemetery. Friends may call at the funeral home between 2-4 and 7-9 on Wednesday.  Pallbearers will be Jim Saunders, Lee Burcham, Fred B. Miller, Danny Greene, Scott, Jeff and Alan Steele and Robert Jenkins.

Gallipolis Daily Tribune
Tuesday,  February 19th, 1974
Transcribed by Jacqueline Woolley

Bodimer, Della Frances Clark [Neal]

Mrs. Bodimer Dies at Her Home In Chambersburg
     Mrs. Della Frances Clark Bodimer, 69, passed away at 4:15 a.m. today at her home in Chambersburg after a long illness, the last month of which was critical. Gallia Times Chambersburg correspondent for years, Mrs. Bodimer had written the new of her community faithfully up until early in November. She had been in failing health for 15 years, and during the last five years she had been an invalid. However, from her sick bed she wrote the news events of her neighbors almost without fail – the rare occasions when she missed, she felt too bad to telephone – and she was able to continue her handwork throughout her invalidism. Mrs. Bodimer made embroidery work for Christmas gifts even this year.

Leader of the Church
     A member of Chambersburg Methodist Church for 40 years, Mrs. Bodimer had held every office in the church and was president of the Women’s Society for Christian Service up until she became bedfast five years ago. Even after that she kept up much of her work for the WSCS, counting sales tax stamps and doing other chores. Mrs. Bodimer gave the WSCS a quilt to sell as one of its money making projects.
     Her husband, the Rev. Charles Wesley Bodimer, drowned accidentally March 22, 1915, at Dam 26 below Gallipolis (the roller dam took its place), 20 years later, where he was employed while he studied for the ministry. He had not yet been assigned a church when he died.

She Keeps Family Together
     But Mrs. Bodimer carried on to keep her family of four together – Gallia County Auditor Charles Bodimer was born six months after his father’s death – and reared them to eminent citizens of the communities where they live. Mrs. Bodimer was born Sept. 4, 1883, in Harrison Twp. To Lewis and Maria Louise Neal Bodimer, her mother was the only sister of the late Druggist Lincoln Neal.
     Brought up in Harrison Twp., Mrs. Bodimer went to Huntington when she was 12 years of age to accept employment. She married the Rev. Mr. Bodimer April 18, 1907 in the 20th St. Baptist Church. The Rev. B. F. Caudill, relative of Garland Caudill, officiated at the wedding. The Bodimers moved to Chambersburg when Dam 26 was being built about 45 years ago; the dam was dedicated in 1915, the year the Rev. Mr. Bodimer drowned.

Three Sons, Daughter Survive
     They are survived by three sons and a daughter: Byron Bodimer, Confluence, Pa.; Mrs. Lewis Claude (Iris) Miller, Gallipolis; Lewis Bodimer, employee of the roller dam, at home; and Charles, who was elected auditor of Gallia County in November 1950. There are four grandchildren: Freddy and Claudia Miller, Gallipolis, and Anna Marie and Charla Bodimer, Chambersburg.
     Friends may call Monday at Miller’s Home for Funerals. Final rites will be held at 2 p.m. Tuesday in Chambersburg Methodist Church, the Rev. David Bates, former pastor, who is now at South Webster, officiating with the assistance of the Rev. Floyd Workman, Chambersburg.
Burial will be made in Clay Chapel Cemetery.

[Note: Born September 4, 1883]

Gallipolis Daily Tribune
January 3, 1953
Transcribed by Candy (Hulbert) Ditkowski                                                        Top of Page

Bodimer, Gilbert E.

Gilbert Bodimer Dies in Indiana
     Gilbert E. Bodimer, 63, former Gallia County resident, died at his residence in Indianapolis, Ind., at 8 a.m. Thursday. He was born in Ohio Twp. Jan. 29, 1892, the son of the late John Henry and Elizabeth Trowbridge Bodimer.
     He was one of 10 children born to that union, with three, Fred, Charles and Mrs. Lena Myers, preceding him in death. Surviving brothers and sisters are: Mrs. Jessie (Minnie) Taylor and Frank of Indianapolis; George of Pittsburgh; Roy of Carlisle, Ill; Chester of Huntington; and Mrs. S.A. (Harriet) Lamb of St. Louis, Mo.
Bodimer was raised near Clipper Mill. He entered World War I and attained the rank of second lieutenant. He married Marie Brucker, a former Gallia County school teacher, in June 1918.
     After the war, he entered the grocery business in Chicago, Ill., all five of the family’s children were born in that city. In 1925, they moved to Indianapolis where they remained in the grocery business until 10 years ago, but his sons (unreadable), Theodore of Butler, Pa., retaining the ownership. Besides his wife, he is survived by the five children: John, Edward and Bonnie, all of Indianapolis; Theodore of Buther, Pa., and Mrs. Ann Simmons, Osceola, Mo.
     He was a member of the Heywood-Barcus post of the American Legion and was also in Masonic lodges. Lafayette post of the Gallipolis American region will have services at 1 p.m. Sunday at Miller’s Home for Funerals, with Rev. Paul Niswander officiating. Burial will follow in Mound Hill Cemetery. Ernest Thompson of the funeral establishment’s staff went to Indianapolis to return the body which will be at the local funeral parlor Saturday evening. The family will arrive in Gallipolis Saturday morning.

Gallipolis Daily Tribune
September 16th, 1955
Transcribed by Deanna Partlow

Bodimer, John Henry

John Bodimer, Aged 91, Dies At Myers Home
Burial at R. Grande Thursday-Hour Not Yet Determined
     John Henry Bodimer, who was 91 years old last Oct. 14 died at 7:30 last night at the home of his son-in-law and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Myers, beyond Rodney. He had been in poor health a year, but before that he was unusually spry and alert and a familiar figure on the streets of Gallipolis. For a while in December he was a patient at the Holzer Hospital.
     Mr. Bodimer, a painter by trade, spent about half of his years in Ohio, and most of that half below Bladen and at Clipper Mills. He was born Oct. 14, 1852, at Pittsburgh, the son of John Frederick and Mary Jane Sauder Bodimer.
     He married Elizabeth Trowbridge and to them 10 children were born. Eight of them survive, to-wit: George Bodimer, Pittsburgh; (Lena) Mrs. W. E. Myers, Bidwell R. D.; Mrs, Jessie Taylor, Gilbert and Frank Bodimer, all of Indianapolis; Ray, Chicago; Chester, Huntington; (Harriet) Mrs. S. A. Lamb, St. Louis. Charles died in 1915 and Fred in 1921-victims of accidents.
     Also surviving are 19 grandchildren - of whom eight grandsons are in the armed services and all but one of them now on foreign soil-and four great-grandchildren.
     Decedent belonged to the Ohio Chapel M. E. Church for a number of years but in late years attended the Methodist Church at Rodney.
     Funeral will be held Thursday and burial will be in Calvary Cemetery, Rio Grande but early this afternoon the arrangements had not been completed.

Gallipolis Daily Tribune
Tuesday, January 18th, 1944

Bodimer Rites at 1:30 [p.m.] Thursday  

     Funeral services for John Henry Bodimer, who died Monday night, will be held Thursday at 1:30 p.m.(CWT) at the Entsminger Funeral Home.  Rev. Kerr of Portsmouth will officiate and burial will be in Calvary Cemetery at Rio Grande.
     Pallbearers will be Claude Tope, Oak Day, George Hamrick, Charles and Byron Bodimer and Gene Starcher.

[Note: stone: died Jan. 20, 1944.   Death Certificate (Lena Myers-informant): John Henry Bodimer born Oct. 5, 1853 at Scioto Furnace; died Jan. 17, 1944 (burial Jan. 20) Springfield Township...90 years 8 months and 12 days of age.  His parents were John Bodimer and Mary SOWARDS; both born in Germany.  He was a widower.  His wife Mary Elizabeth was born Nov. 29, 1861 in Gallia County and died May 3, 1920 in Clay township at 58 years 5 months and 4 days of age.  Her parents were John and Mary Elliott Trowbridge.  She was buried in Bethel Cemetery]

Gallipolis Daily Tribune
Wednesday, January 19th, 1944
Transcribed by F. K. Brown                                                                                Top of Page

Bodimer, Mary E.

Death of Mrs. Mary Bodimer

     Mrs. Mary E. Bodimer, wife of John H. Bodimer, living at Clipper Mill, this county, died about six o’clock Monday morning, May 3, 1920, after more than two years affliction with paralysis. She was the daughter of John and Mary Elliot Trobridge and was born in this county Nov. 29, 1861.
     She was married to Mr. Bodimer March 8, 1881. They became the parents of nine children who with the father survive her: George of Pittsburg; Roy and Gilbert of Chicago Heights, Ill; Mrs. Jessie Taylor and Frank of Indianapolis, Ill.; Chester of Kansas City, Mo.; Fred of Cleveland; Misses Lena and Harriet at home.
     She was a good christian [sic] woman and had been a member of the Methodist church for many years.
The funeral services will be at Bethel M. E. church, near Bladen, Thursday at 2 p. m. conducted by Rev. R. P. McCarley, the burial following at the same place under the direction of Wetherholt & Entsminger.

The Gallipolis Daily Tribune
May 4, 1920
Transcribed by Mary Kay Clark

Boggess, H. Clay

     Died, in Indianapolis, Ia. [sic], on Monday, November 19th, 1866, H. Clay Boggess, only son of C.C. and H.H. Boggess, in the 24th year of his age.

The Gallipolis Journal
November 29, 1866
Transcribed by Eva Swain Hughes

Boggs, A.

     Died, on board Steamboat Latrobe, at Keokuk, Iowa, June 5th, 1855, A. Boggs, of Gallia Co., near Gallipolis, Ohio. He had in his possession two boxes, and also a pocket book containing a promissory note, drawn by Christopher Morier, and payable to James Boggs for $22,50. [sic] His relations can get his effects by applying to J. H. Langley & Co., Rock Island, Ill. He has a son living about forty miles from Rock Island.
—Rock Island (Ill.) Republican.

The Gallipolis Journal
June 28, 1855
Transcribed by Eva Swain Hughes

Boggs, Ann [Hueston]

     Died, in Gallipolis, September 30th, 1868, Ann Hueston, wife of Capt. Bennington Boggs.

The Gallipolis Journal
October 8, 1868
Transcribed by Eva Swain Hughes

Boggs, Anna

     Anna E. Boggs, 91, Point Pleasant, formerly of Widen, W.Va., died Saturday in Pleasant Valley Hospital after a brief illness. She was a Methodist.
     Surviving are six daughters, Mrs. Eula Acree of Elkview, W.Va., Mrs. Beulah Robinson of Heaters, W.Va., Mrs. Olive Martin of St. Albans, W.Va., Mrs Malissa Dawson of Neele, W. Va., Mrs. Eunice Stocklass of Madison, Ohio, and Mrs. Betty Jarvis of Point Pleasant; and 18 grandchildren, 22 great-grandchildren and two great-great-grandchildren.
     Funeral services will be held at 11 a.m. Tuesday in Walnut Grove Strange Creek, W.Va., with the Rev. Mark Stump officiating. Burial will follow in the Walnut Grove Cemetery. Friends may call at Stockert-Gibson Funeral home from 6-9 tonight. The body will be taken to the church one hour prior to services.

Gallipolis Tribune
February 25, 1985
Transcribed by J. Farley

Boggs, Bernard J.

Riverboat Captain is dead at 59
     Bernard J. Boggs, 59, Rt. 1, Bidwell, died at 5:15 p.m. Sunday in Pleasant Valley Hospital following a short illness. Mr. Boggs was a riverboat captain for the Ohio River Co. of Cincinnati for the past 25 years. A World
War II Veteran, he was born June 24, 1913, in Gallia County, son of the late Clifford and Mattie Frazier Boggs.
     He is survived by his wife, Marjorie L. Bandy Boggs, three daughters, Mrs.Martha Morrison, Circleville; Mrs. Judy Thompson, Gallipolis, and Mrs. Betty Burge, Millwood, W. Va.; four sons; Bernard Eugene, Gallipolis.
Howard Joseph, Vinton; Gerald Richard, Gallipolis Ferry, W. Va. and Richard Joseph at home; two sisters Mrs. Francis Browning, Columbus, and Mrs. Helen Shaw, Pt. Pleasant; one brother, Robert L. Boggs, New Haven, and 16 grandchildren.
     Funeral services will be held 2 p.m. Wednesday at the Poplar Ridge Freewill Baptist Church with the Rev. John Jeffrey officiating. Burial will be in Mound Hill Cemetery, Gallipolis. Military graveside services will be conducted. Friends may call at the Crow Hussell Funeral Home in Pt. Pleasant after 6 p.m. today. The body will be taken to Mr. Boggs home on Tuesday where friends may call after 4 p.m.,

Gallipolis Daily Tribune
Monday, March 5th, 1973
Transcribed by Peggy Sibert Mason

Boggs, Della Elizabeth [Hazlett]

Mrs. Boggs Rites Slated
     Della Elizabeth Boggs, 75, of 1159 Second Ave., died at 8:30 a.m. Wednesday at her home. She had been in failing health the past three years. Mrs. Boggs was a former employee of the Gallipolis State Institute. She retired in November, 1962.
     She was born Dec. 10, 1895, in Clay Twp., daughter of the late William and Anna Henry Hazlett. She married Leslie Boggs on April 30, 1934, in Gallipolis. He preceded her in death in December, 1949. Mrs. Boggs is survived by two sisters, Mrs. Pearl Bryan, Dayton, and Mrs. Sara Leach, Catwba, Ohio. Five brothers and one foster brother, Clive Cottrell, preceded her in death. One brother and one sister died in infancy. One foster brother, Arthur Cottrell, Pompa Beach, Fla., survives.
     She spent all her life in Gallia County. She was a member of the Elizabeth Chapel Church. Mrs. Boggs attended the Gallipolis Nazarene Church. She was a member of the VFW Auxiliary.
     Funeral services will be held 2 p.m. Saturday at the Waugh-Halley-Wood Funeral Home with Rev. Alfred Holley officiating. Burial will be in Mound Hill Cemetery. Friends may call at the funeral home between 2-4 p.m. and 7-9 p.m. on Friday. Pallbearers will be Bill Urwin, John Houck, Emmett Halley, Floyd Rife, Jack Rathburn and Jack Simms.

[Note: Della Boggs died Jan. 13, 1971.]

Gallipolis Daily Tribune
Thursday, January 14th, 1971
Transcribed by Deanna Partlow

Boggs, Elza

Elza Boggs, 70 Passes Monday
     Elza Boggs, a former resident of Gallia county died Monday at his home near Bowling Green at the age of 70. Mr. Boggs was the son of John and Rhoda Boggs and lived near Gallia until about twenty-five years ago [when] he moved to Wood county where he had been engaged as a farmer. Surviving are his widow, who was formerly Clara Comer of this county, a son Fred and a daughter Lula at home. He was a brother of Fred Boggs of lower Fourth avenue and an uncle of Miss Bessie Comer and brothers and George R. Little of Gallipolis and of Mrs. Jessie Little Rankin of Dayton.
     The funeral and burial will be in Wood county tomorrow and Fred Boggs and daughter, Isabel left Monday evening and will remain until after the last rites.

[Note: From death certificate date of birth December 6, 1867, date of death May 16, 1937, mother's name on the death certificate is given as Mary E. Maloon. Believe he may be buried at Rudolph CE in Wood County, Ohio.]

Gallipolis Daily Tribune
Tuesday, May 18th, 1937
Transcribed by Lynn Anders                                                                                   Top of Page

Boggs, Ethel [Roadarmour]

Mrs. Boggs Dies Early Saturday
     Mrs. Ethel Boggs, 78, of 129 Fourth Ave., died early Saturday in Holzer hospital, less than three days after she had found her sister, Miss Mary Rhoda (Mollie) Roadarmour, 81, dead in bed at her home. Mrs. Boggs suffered a stroke a few hours after her sister’s death and had been a patient since in the hospital, where she died at 2:50 a.m. Saturday
     Miss Roadarmour, who previously made her home at 708 Second Ave., had been cared for in the home of her sister, Mrs. Boggs, following a heart attack last August. Her funeral services were held Saturday afternoon with burial in Mound Hill cemetery.
     Mrs. Boggs was born in Harrison twp., on Feb. 20, 1876, the daughter of John W. and Isabelle Cotrell Roadarmour. She had lived all of her life in Gallia county with the exception of 14 years spent at Bowling Green. She attended the Bullskin school and as a young woman worked at the GSI, where she met and married Fred Boggs on April 18, 1914.
     They were married in the Baptist parsonage by Rev. Newton. Her husband died in 1936. To the union were born one daughter, Isabel, a teacher in the Washington school. Also surviving are a sister, Mrs. Emily Trotter of Chillicothe, and several nieces and nephews.
     She was a member of the First Baptist church where services will be held Monday at 2 p.m., with Rev. W.H. Green officiating. Burial will be in Mound Hill cemetery under direction of Miller’s Home for Funerals. Her body will be taken to the late home where friends may call Sunday afternoon and evening.

[Note: Ethel Boggs died Dec. 11, 1954.]

Gallia Times
Saturday, December 11th, 1954
Transcribed by Deanna Partlow

Boggs, Jacob

Jacob Bogs Dies In Hospital
     Jacob Boggs, 72, lifelong resident of the Vinton community, died at 1 p.m. Thursday in Holzer Hospital where he had been a patient for a week. Boggs was born Feb. 11, 1880, in Morgan Twp. to Jesse and Mary Smith Boggs. July 17, 1903, he married Maude Mary Russell, Morgan Center, who survives.
     Friends may call at the McCoy Funeral Home Saturday afternoon and evening where services will be held at 2 p.m. Sunday. Rev. C. J. Lemley will officiate. Burial will be in Vinton Memorial Park.

Gallipolis Daily Tribune
Friday, December 5, 1952
Transcribed by Sandy L. Milliron

Boggs, James

     Mr. James Boggs, of Walnut township, Galllia county, Ohio, died in the faith of the Gospel, at his late residence in which he dwelt for many years, on the 6th of March, 1869, in the 81st year of his age. His father, with the family, came to this county from Greenbriar [sic], West Virginia, in the year of 1814 or '16, when the deceased was in the vigor of manhood, and when, by previous experience, possessing as he did, a healthy and robust constitution, he was well fitted to endure the hardships and trials incident to a comparatively new settlement. Sobriety, industry, and economy were prominent traits in his character in the management of his earthly affairs. [. . .] For forty years he was a worthy and highly esteemed member of the Methodist Episcopal Church. [. . .] A funeral sermon was preached, on the 8th inst., at the Bethesda Church, by the Rev. J. D. Ray, from 1st Thess. 4:13, 14, to a numerous, attentive, and serious audience [. . .] The mortal remains of our lamented friend [. . .] were there deposited in the grave [. . .] .
     Mr. Boggs was a kind friend, a tender and affectionate father, a faithful and devoted husband, an humble christian, a quiet and peaceable citizen. He has left a widow, a son, and two daughters, with numerous relatives, to lament his removal from their midst [. . .] His pious widow, now desolate and alone, is one of the best of women. [. . .] . She has an only son, tender and beloved, abiding with her, to console and cheer her in her declining years. [ . . .] Her two daughters are respectably married to men of moral worth, property, and industry, in temporal and religious concerns. So that this excellent family, in their remote and immediate connections, appear to be blessed with the favor of the Most High on earth and in heaven. PILGRIM, Pilgrim's Parsonage, March 19, 1869

The Gallipolis Journal
March 25, 1869
Transcribed by Eva Swain Hughes

Boggs, John

Sacred is the Memory of Brother John Boggs
     We meet today to pay our last tribute of respect to our beloved departed brother John Bogs, who was a son of Alexander and Evaline Boggs. He was born near Salem church in Perry township, Gallia county, Ohio, September 20, 1843, and lived practically all his life in Perry and Greenfield townships in said county and state. Brother Boggs was a strong man physically, mentally and morally.
     His principal occupation during life was that of farming, and he also worked much at his trade that of house carpenter. In all of which he was very diligent and industrious, fair and honest with all whom he had dealings. Intellectually he was about the average, was a great reader, was abreast of the issues, was well informed on all leading topics of the day, and especially was he deeply interested in all questions that had a tendency to advance the best interests of the community, state and nation. He served the people in various public offices, had for a number of years, and at the time of his departure, held the office of Justice of the Peace.
     His christian life began in his early manhood. Where he united with the church, (if the writer is correctly informed) with the Methodist Episcopal church here at Bethel, he enlisted as a soldier in the church militant and faithfully did he endeavor to fulfill his profession throughout his life. Religion with him was not a routine or a formality, but earnestness and deep sincerity and a close communion with the “Invisible one” was manifest in all his christian activity. He realized the spirit of the Psalmist who said I was glad when they said, let us go unto the house of the Lord. His counsel and his prayers will long be remembered by many, and may his labors be blessed to incline others to take up the work of the departed faithful.
     His family history: August 13, 1865, he was united in marriage to Miss Mary E. Meloon. Five children were born to the union, namely Mrs. Ella Cheatwood and Mr. Elza, both now in Wood county, Mrs. Aquilla Sims, of Thurman, Mr. John F. of Gallipolis and Waily of Gallia, who today mourn the loss of are [sic] affectionate christian father, also 11 grandchildren, three brothers, Samuel, Amos and Benjamin and many relatives and friends. Mrs. Boggs passed to her reward January 12, 1899. Since then brother Boggs made his home mostly with his sons Elza and Waily, lastly with Waily.
     Five months ago his illness became serious, all of which he bore with patience and christian fortitude. Last Friday afternoon brothers Frank Slagle and Mr. Prose visited him and held a short prayer meeting with him, when he took part, and related his experience, we might say in view of the Pearly Gates. He passed away in less than ten minutes afterward, which was on April 11, 1913, aged 69 years, 6 months and 21 days.
     He was a member of, and worshiped most of his life at this Bethel church, but he not long since for the convenience of location changed his membership to the Gallia U. B. church. He was at home in the house of God wherever that might be.
     He wanted only five months and ten days of reaching the allotted three score and ten years—a ripe sheaf gathered home to the Heavenly Granary. Blessed are they that do his commandments, that they may have a right to the tree of life, and may enter in through the Gates into the City.

Gallipolis Daily Tribune
Thursday, April 17, 1913
Transcribed by Suzanne Giroux

Boggs, John Fred

Fred Boggs, 69, Blacksmith, Died 11:30 Last Night
Rites To Be Held 2 P.M. Saturday, Baptist Church
Fred Boggs, well-known blacksmith, most of whose life had been spent in this community, died at 11:30 last night at his home at 129 Fourth Ave.
     As a result of a coronary thrombosis, he had been ill and bedfast the last nine weeks, part of that time in the Holzer Hospital. He was conscious to the last and died in a flash shortly after asking for additional bedcovers. About a year ago Mr. Boggs lost part of his left hand--he was left handed--while at work in his shop and that injury and experience seemed to have permanently impaired his health.
Green Twp. Native
John Fred Boggs was in his 70th year, having been born March 23, 1874. He was a son of John and Mary Maloon Boggs, who lived on the Chillicothe Rd. in or near the McCormick community. He was a nephew of the late Amos Boggs, county commissioner.
     Mr. Boggs was twice married. His first wife, who died, was Lorena McCorkle. On April 18, 1914, he married Ethel Roadarmour and they made their home at Kanauga while he served the O. H. E. as a blacksmith. About 1916 they moved to Bowling Green, where he farmed until January 1930, when they came to Gallipolis and resumed his first vocation of blacksmithing.
     Mr. Boggs is survived by his wife and daughter, Miss Isabel, a teacher in the local schools and they had left nothing undone to prolong the life of and make comfortable their loved one. Also surviving are a sister, Mrs. Frank Sims of Bowling Green, and a brother Waley, who was in St. Louis when last heard from.
     Decedent was a Baptist for many years and he and family have been loyal and faithful members. Moreover, he was a stable citizen and a devoted father and husband.
     Funeral services will be held at the First Baptist Church at 2 o’clock Saturday, with Rev. Joseph W. Hakes of Huntington, father of Rev. J. Edward Hakes, the pastor, now on vacation, officiating. Interment will be made in Mound Hill Cemetery by F. J. Entsminger. For pall bearers the following have been selected: D. Henry Cromwell, Evan Rees, Charles Arthur, Grover Shoemaker, Harry W. Dexter and Charles Vansickle.

Gallipolis Daily Tribune
Thursday, July 27, 1943
Transcribed by Sandy L. Milliron

Boggs, Lorena

Death of Mrs. J. Fred Boggs
     Mrs. Rena Boggs, wife of J. F. Boggs, died suddenly Monday evening at 5: 30 o'clock at her home in Kanauga of heart failure while eating supper with her husband. Mrs. Boggs had been sick for several years with the complication of diseases and the best medical skills that could be found seem not to relieve her, but the last few weeks she seemed to be better and in good spirits. She and Mr. Boggs were just talking of papering their dining room, and when he looked around her head was thrown over the back of her chair, dead, and she never spoke.
Mr. Boggs called his next-door neighbor, Mrs. Roberts, and they placed her on the couch and phoned for Dr. Holzer. He was there in a few minutes but she was past all medical aid. She was of a kind, loving disposition, always stayed close to home attending to her household duties. Mr. Boggs has the deepest sympathy of the community. She leaves besides her husband a father and sister, Henry McCorkle and Mrs. Calvin Martin on the River Road.       
     Arrangements for the funeral had not yet been made at this writing. She will be buried at Mound Hill. Undertaker Wetherholt has charge of the remains.

Gallipolis Daily Tribune
Tuesday, April 30, 1912
Transcribed by Jessica L. Weber

Boggs, Mary [Thomas]

     Mrs. Mary Boggs was born Jan. 31st, 1861, died at Rio Grande, Gallia County, O., April 23rd, 1892, aged 31 years, 2 months, and 22 days. She was the daughter of Daniel Thomas, deceased, and Mrs. Hannah Thomas of Cora, Gallia County, Ohio. In December 1881 she was married to Mr. Chas. Boggs by whom she had 2 children, one of whom died in infancy, and there is left only Maud, a very bright little girl about 7 years old. Mrs. Boggs was of a lively dispostion, full of energy. Her education, such as to qualify her for the business life (store-keeping) in which she and her husband were engaged when she was taken ill.
     Her sickness was severe and also long, continuing for nearly four months. Yet, in spite of all she was patient and ever cheerful. Those administering to her last days inform us that she gave much of her time to prayer, thus seeking for heavenly light when all was dark below. She joined the Congregational church at Siloam when about 11 years old and continued a faithful member during the remainder of her life. The people of Rio Grande in general deserve mention here for their timely help and sympathy during her protracted illness. Here also, Miss. Margaret Thomas, is worthy of mention for her constant service to the departed. The following Monday after her death, the funeral services were conducted at the M. E. Church, Rio Grande. The choir had a choice selection of music. Rev. W. O. Jones delivered the sermon from Rev. 14:13: "Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord." Revs. Aten and R. R. Denny and Prof. Davis also taking part in the services.
     Her remains were interred at the Tyn Rhos cemetery. She leaves a mother, three sisters, three brothers, husband and little Maud to mourn their loss.
                                                                                         A Friend.

Gallipolis Journal
June 8, 1892
Transcribed by Lisa Halbig

Boggs, Mary

     Mrs. Mary Boggs, widow of the late James Boggs, of Walnut township, died on the 10th last. She was a native of Greenbrier County, W. Va., having been born there in 1806. For over sixty years she was a member of the M. E. Church. She leaves two children - James A. Boggs and Mrs. Elizabeth Niday.

Gallipolis Bulletin
Tuesday, May 22, 1888
Transcribed by Sandy L. Milliron                                                                         Top of Page

Boggs, Mary I.

     Mary Isabelle Boggs, 70, a resident of Sharonville died Tuesday at Woodside Manor following an extended illness. Born in Kanauga, Gallia County, June 25, 1915 to the late Fred and Ethel Roadarmour Boggs.
     She graduated from the Gallia Academy High School in 1933 and taught school for 37 years in Gallipolis and Princeton City Schools near Cincinnati. She was a member of the First Baptist Church of Gallipolis and Grace Bible Presbyterian Church of Sharonville. The only close survivors are six cousins including John Trotter of Gallipolis.
     Funeral services will be at 9:30 a.m. Friday at the Grace Bible Presbyterian Church at Sharonville with burial at 2:30 p.m. in Mound Hill Cemetery. Visitation will be at the Schmidt-Dhonau Funeral Home, 10980 Reading Rd., Sharonville, Thursday from 6-9 p.m. Contributions may be made to the American Cancer Society.

Gallipolis Daily Tribune
February 4, 1986
Transcribed by Linda Halley Criner

Boggs, Matilda [Waugh]

Mrs. Matilda Boggs Died Early Sunday On Upper 2d Ave
     Mrs. Matilda Boggs, aged 89 years, died early Sunday morning at her home, 1159 Second avenue after an illness of but three days. Mrs. Boggs, whose maiden name was Waugh, had been in fairly good health for one of her years up to her last illness.
     She was the widow of James Annesby Boggs and is survived by one daughter and four sons - Mrs. Dan Davis of Northup, Thomas Boggs of Thivener, James, William and Lewis Boggs of Gallipolis. Mrs. Boggs made her home with the last named son. She was the last of her father's family.
     Funeral services will be held Tuesday at 2 p.m. at the church at Bethesda with Rev. George Sagen officiating. Burial will follow under the direction of C. R. Halley.

[Note: Tomstone dates are: 5 Jan 1848 - 17 Jan 1937]

Gallipolis Daily Tribune
Monday, January 18th, 1937
Transcribed by Maxine Marshall

Boggs, Matilda

Mrs. Matilda Boggs
     Matilda Anne Waugh was born at Waugh bottom Jan. 15, 1848. Died Jan. 17, 1937 at the age of 89 years. She was the daughter of Thomas and Miriam Solone Waugh. Other children born to this union were Marshall C., Sarah Jane, William Solone, George Esom, John Henry, Elizabeth Susan and James Travis being twins Mary F, Thomas Jefferson, Eliza Alice. Matilda was the last surviving child of the Thomas Waugh family.
     She was united in marriage to James Ansley Boggs Jan. 25, 1877. To their union was born four boys and one girl: Ora Davis, Northup, O.; James A., Leslie E., Gallipolis. She made her home with Leslie E. and wife at the time of her death at 1159 2nd. Ave.
     She leaves to mourn her loss besides her children, 22 grandchildren, seven great grandchildren and h___ of other relatives and friends. She was a member of the Swan Creek M. E. church and later moved her membership to Bethesda where it remained until her death.
     She was ill the past six years. One of her greatest afflictions being blindness. All that loving hands could do was done without success. She possessed a generous disposition and her life was employed in scattering seeds of kindness and by always having a smile for every one. She was a kind neighbor, a devoted mother, who was left a widow with five small children in the year of 1889. She was like the patriarch Job of old, that came to her grave at full age as a shuck of corn that cometh in season.
     Funeral services were conducted by Rev. George Sagen at Bethesda, pall bearers being grandsons, flower carriers grand daughters, undertaker, Coleman R. Halley.

We will not say, we can not say that
She is dead. She is just away
With a cheery smile and a wave
Of the hand she has wandered into
An unknown land left us
Dreaming how very fair her needs
Must be while she lingers there.
And you, Oh! you,
while the fondest
Yearn for the old time step and
Safe return think of her
As the same. I say she is not dead
She is just away.

Gallipolis Daily Tribune
Friday, January 22nd, 1937
Transcribed by Joanne Galvin                                                                               Top of Page

Boggs, Nancy [Bing]

     Mrs. Nancy Boggs, wife of Harvey Boggs, was born at Cheshire, Ohio, July 13, 1828, and died at her home near Adamsville, March 25, 1895. She was a daughter of the late William and Mary Bing. She leaves a companion, two sons, William H. and Charles A., three daughters, Mrs. James White, Mrs. Wm. Deckard, and Ella C. Boggs.
     She united with the Freewill Baptist Church and was baptized by Rev. I. Z. Haning in 1851, and lived a consistent Christian life. She was a kind wife, a loving a devoted mother, a good neighbor. Although she suffered pain for some time, she bore it with patience and was often heard to exclaim, “Jesus, receive me.” She retained her consciousness to the last and died with words of faith and love upon her lips.
     She was buried in Calvary churchyard at Rio Grande, the funeral sermon being preached by Rev. J. M. Davis from John 11:25, a verse which she had selected. The hymn, “Loved ones gone before,” which she had also selected, was sung at her funeral.

Gallipolis Journal
May 8, 1895

     Mrs. Nancy Boggs, wife of Harvey Boggs, of near Rio Grande, died Monday and will be buried Wednesday at 10 o’clock. She was quite an old lady and leaves five children: W. H. Boggs of Oak Hill, Chas. Boggs of Boggs P. O., Mrs. Maggie, wife of James White, of Rio Grande, Mrs. Deckard and Miss Ella single and at home. She was a fine old lady with many virtues and has been ill for some time.

[Note: July 13, 1828 – March 25, 1895}

Gallipolis Daily Tribune (Pg. 3, C. 2)
Tuesday, March 26, 1895
Transcribed by Sandy Milliron

Boggs, Rena Mae [Cottrill]

Mrs. Boggs, 84, Dies on Sunday
     Mrs. Rena Mae Boggs, 84, Rt. 2, Gallipolis, mother of Marshall D. Boggs, former Gallipolis City School superintendent, died at 10:30 a.m. Sunday at her home on Rt. 218.
     Born July 15, 1885, in Mason County, she was the daughter of the late Francis and Bersheba Brown Cottrill. She was a member of the Ohio Chapel Church and the WSCS. Her husband, Thomas Boggs, whom she married in 1905, preceded her in death in 1962. Survivors are three sons, Marshall D. Boggs, Washington C.H.; James Boggs, Columbus; and Charles Boggs, Proctorville; four daughters, Mrs. Freda Barcus, Rt. 2, Gallipolis; Mrs. Anne Owen, Middleport; Mrs. Margaret Utt, Anderson, Ind., and Mrs. Erma Green, Rt. 2, Gallipolis; a sister, Mrs. Iva Utt, Anderson, Ind., 17 grandchildren and 10 great-grandchildren.
     Funeral services will be conducted at 2 p.m. Wednesday at Ohio Chapel Church by the Rev. James A. Morrison. Burial will be in Mound Hill Cemetery. Friends may call after 4 p.m. Tuesday at Miller’s Home for Funerals.

[Note: Rena Boggs died Aug. 15, 1969.]

Gallipolis Daily Tribune
Monday, August 25th, 1969
Transcribed by Deanna Partlow

Boggs, Susannah E.

     Died in Walnut township, on the 15th inst., Susannah E., daughter of James and Mary Boggs, in the 15th year of her age.

[Note: Buried in Bethesada Cemetery in Walnut Township. Tombstone lists age at 11 years 11 months and 9 days.]

The Gallipolis Journal
September 23, 1852
Transcribed by Eva Swain Hughes

Boggs, Thomas A.

Mr. Boggs, 80, Died On Friday
     Thomas A. Boggs, 80, a retired farmer and former highway department employee, and a resident of the Thivenir community, died in Holzer hospital at 9:30 a.m. Friday. He had been in failing health for several years and had been a hospital patient for 10 days.
     Mr. Boggs was born at Bethesda, Walnut twp., on Oct. 18, 1881, one of five children of the late Analey and Matilda Waugh Boggs. A brother, James Boggs, Gallia county commissioner, survives. His marriage to the former May Cottrell, who survives, took place in the old Riverview Hotel on Oct. 6, 1906. Eight children were born to that union, and seven survive, three sons and four daughters, Marshall Boggs, former superintendent of Gallipolis schools, now superintendent of Washington, C.H. schools; James Boggs of Columbus, Charles Boggs of Proctorville, Mrs. Homer (Freda) Barcus of Rt. 218, Mrs. Orin (Ann) Fink of Middleport, Mrs. Miller (Margaret) Utt of Anderson, Ind. And Mrs. Gale (Erma) Green of Texas Rd. A daughter, Virginia, died in infancy. There are 17 grand and five great-grand-children.
     Services will be held at 2 p.m. Monday at Ohio Chapel Methodist church. Rev. Wendell Stutler will officiate and burial will be in Mound Hill cemetery under the direction of Miller’s Home for Funerals. Friends may call at the funeral home from 2 to 4 and 7 to 9 p.m. on Sunday. The body will lie in state for one-hour prior to the service at the church.

[Note: Thomas Boggs died Feb. 16, 1962 at Bay Park Community Hospital.]

Gallia Times
Saturday, February 17th, 1962
Transcribed by Deanna Partlow

Boggs, Thomas J.

Remembrance of Mr. Boggs

     Mr. Thomas J. Boggs, one of the O.H.E. fire victims, passed away Tuesday, March 9, 1920, after a night suffering known only by him. Mr. Boggs was 60 years of age, having been afflicted about 15 years.
He was united in marriage to Miss Elizabeth Hamilton at Warsaw Kentucky, 19 years ago, who he leaves to mourn her loss. One little daughter Elizabeth being born to this union preceded in infancy. He was well known in upper part of town and especially by the school children who were his most interesting friends. He always had a smile and a kind word for each of them.
     Mr. Boggs's body was prepared by Undertaker Entsminger and taken to the home of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Higgins where friends were permitted to view his remains, Mrs. Boggs having made her home with them for the past 5 years. Mr. Boggs was a devoted husband and father before his affliction, Mrs. Boggs being a devoted wife in return in time of affliction. Mrs. Boggs departed Thursday morning accompanied by Mr. Frank Higgins for Warsaw, Kentucky, where Mr. Boggs will be laid at rest in their home cemetery after funeral services in the home church which he always attended.

Gallipolis Daily Tribune
March 16, 1920
Transcribed by Henny Evans                                                                     

Boggs, William E.

Dies At Home Of Daughter
     William E. Boggs, 81, a retired railroad man, who resided at 168 Jackson Pike, died at 6:30 a.m. today at the home of his daughter, Mrs. J. S. (Kathryn) Duncan of 2319 Mt. Vernon Ave., Pt. Pleasant. He had been in failing health for a year and his condition had been serious for three months, during which period he had been a patient at Holzer hospital.
     Mr. Boggs was a bill clerk for 35 years with the Hocking Valley Railroad and later the Chesapeake and Ohio. He had retired 12 years ago.
     He was born on Jan. 20, 1880 at Bethesda to the late Hensley and Matilda Waugh Boggs. His marriage to the former Donna Leslie took place in Gallipolis on Oct. 9, 1905, and she survives along with the following children, in addition to Mrs. Duncan, Mrs. C. A. (Muriel) Bennett of Columbus; Mrs. William (Louise) Henson of Toledo, William L. Boggs of East Lansing, Mich., and Elmer Boggs of Gallipolis. There are 14 grandchildren and six great grandchildren. Other survivors are two brothers, Thomas Boggs and James Boggs, Gallia County commissioner, both of Gallipolis. A son Herbert and a sister and brother, Mrs. Ora Davis and Leslie Boggs, preceded him in death.
     Services will be held at 2 p.m. Friday at the Waugh-Halley-Wood Funeral Home. Burial will be in Ohio Valley Memory Gardens. Friends may call at the funeral home from 3 to 5 and 7 to 10 p.m. Thursday.

Gallipolis Daily Tribune
Wednesday, August 16, 1961
Transcribed by Sandy Lee Milliron

Boice, Charles

     BOICE - At his home near Kygerville, Ohio, June the 24th, 1884, Charles Boice. He was the ninth child of a family of fourteen children, was a brother of Wm. Boice of Cheshire Bottom. He was a man highly respected in the community where he lived. He leaves a wife and three children.

Gallipolis Journal
Thursday, July 03, 1884
Transcribed by Suzanne H. Giroux

Boice, Ella C.

     At Point Pleasant, W. Va., Dec 12, 1867, Mrs. Ella C., wife of Charles Boice. Mrs. B. was the youngest child of the late Shepard and Martha Thaxton, of Gallia Co., Ohio. She was born at Malaby, this county, Nov 3d, 1855, and was 32 years 1 month and 9 days of age. She was afflicted many months and her sufferings were great, but she was patient and seldom complained.
     She professed faith in Christ when 20 years of age and united with the Baptist Church of White Oak, Ohio, of which she was ever faithful until death. She was respected by all who knew her. Being industrious, helpful and contented she made her home cheerful and drew about her a circle of warm friends. She leaves a companion and one child to miss her most, and many relatives and freinds to mourn their loss. Her funeral services were held at Second Kyger Church, in Cheshire township, conducted by W. J. Fulton, of Rio Grande. F.J.W.

Gallipolis Journal
Wed. Dec 28, 1887
Transcribed by Maxine Marshall                                                                          Top of Page

Boice, Esther Rothgeb

     Mrs. Esther Boice Widow of Capt. Bartlett Boice, Died Recently At Her Home In Spring Hill, Kansas,

Spring Hill, Kansas, March 30,
Special to The Times
     I am sending an account of the death of Mrs. Esther Boice, a former Ohio woman, a valuable lady of our community in Spring Hill, Kansas.
     Miss Clara Davis

     Mrs. Esther Boice, widow of the late Captain Bartlett Boice, passed away Monday night, March 27, 1922 at 10 o'clock at her home in Spring Hill, Kansas. On December 6th, she was stricken with a partial stroke of paralysis of her left side; although bedfast most of the time she enjoyed visiting with her many neighbors and friends, who came from near and far to see her. A little more than a week ago she suffered a relapse and her relief came in death.
     Esther A. Rothgeb was born near Addison, Gallia County, Ohio, April 17, 1844. At the age of 22 she was married to Capt. Bartlett Boice of Kyger, Ohio. They moved to Kansas in 1869 and located on their farm in Miami County. Here their four children grew to young manhood and womanhood. Sherman now lives in Paola, Kansas; Robert at Mahattan, Kansas and Miss Cora at Spring Hill, Kansas. Mary, their youngest daughter, died in 1901. Soon after the death of Mr. Boice in February, 1912, Mrs. Boice and Miss Cora moved to Spring Hill, Kansas, where the home now is.
     Mrs. Boice was one of the best of women. She was a devoted wife, mother and grandmother, a kind and helpful neighbor. She was a dutiful Christian, uniting with the Baptist Church when quite young and was a member of the Elm Grove Baptist Church at Chiles, Kansas, at the time of her death. She had been an active member of the Ladies' Aid Society of the Presbyterian Church of Spring Hill, Kansas, for a number of years.
     Funeral services were held at the M.E. Church of Spring Hill, Kansas, Wednesday afternoon, March 29, conducted by Rev. J.E. Woods, Pastor of the Baptist Church of Alta Vista, Kansas, assisted by Rev. I.F. Edwards of the M.E. Church of Spring Hill, burial in the Spring Hill Cemetery.
     Mrs. Boice was always faithful to her duty and ever to her God. Death had no fears for her. She was prepared and ready for the "Resurrection Life". The large attendance of friends were evidence of the high regard the community had for the memory of Mrs. Boice.

Gallia Times
March 30, 1922
Transcribed by F.K. Brown

Boice, Hannah [Lindsey]

Passing Of Mrs. Hannah Boice
     Mrs. Hannah Boice, aged 86, passed away Monday at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Ed Bing, of Cheshire, where she had made her home for some years, being a patient shut-in from a fractured hip. She leaves besides the daughter mentioned a son, Arthur Boice, of Middleport, also two sisters, Mrs. Charles Guthrie and Mrs. John Lasley, both being in the West. She was a sister of the late Lewis Lindsey, father to Commissioner J.B. Lindsey.
Pomeroy Democrat

[Note: Death Certificate...Born Aug. 31, 1836 in PA; died April 17, 1922; age 85. Parents William and Hannah Lewis Lindsey. Burial in Gravel Hill in Cheshire Township.]

Gallia Times
April 27, 1922
Transcribed by F.K. Brown                                                                                Top of Page

Boice, Mary A.

Death of Mrs. Boice
    Mrs. Mary A. Boice, wife of Mr. Wm. Boice, sister of Mrs. Wilson Kerns and Mrs. A. A. Clark of this city died at her home near Cheshire Saturday evening, Sept. 6, 1902, at 8 o’clock, age 65 years. Deceased had been a sufferer from cancer for a number of years. The funeral occurred at Addison M. E. Church at 1 p. m., burial following at Bethel on Chickamauga.

Gallipolis Tribune
9/12/1902 (Friday)
Transcribed by Suzanne Giroux

Boice, Mina [Mauck]

Mrs. Mina Boice Dies In Middleport
     Mrs. Mina Boice, whose illness was mentioned in Tuesday's paper, died Tuesday evening at the home of Mrs. Leota Schreiner, in Middleport. She had made her home there since the death of her husband, Melvin Boice, of near Kyger in 1931. Funeral services were to be held at the Schreiner home on lower Third street at 2 this afternoon. Burial will be in Gravel Hill cemetery.
     Mrs. Boice was 88 years old and is survived by one son, George Boice, of Columbus, and one daughter, Mrs. Dana Lyle of Philadelphia.
     Mrs. Boice was a daughter of Jacob Mauck, whose home was what in later years has been known as the Coleman property in Cheshire, the first house below the M. E. church. There Mina Mauck and Melvin Boice, who had served in the 53rd O. V. I. were united in marriage Jan. 1, 1868. Of the 32 persons who attended the nuptials 70 years ago only two survive, Squire M. C. Boice, a brother of the groom of that day, and Mrs. Melissa Switzer of New Jersey, a cousin of the bride and the mother of Assistant Postmaster C. H. Switzer here.

[Note: The dates on her stone are 1849-1938. Date of death on death certificate is February 8, 1938 and her father’s name is given as John.]

Gallipolis Daily Tribune
Wednesday, February 9th, 1938
Transcribed by Lynn Anders                                                                                 Top of Page

Boice, Nancy Virginia [Swisher]

Cheshire Woman Died on Visit
Mrs. Nancy Virginia Boice Died Friday Night at Syracuse
     Mrs. Nancy Virginia Boice, 74, widow of Curtis Boice, died at the home of her niece, Mrs. Thomas Rodgers at Syracuse in Meigs County about midnight on Friday, Feb. 3, 1928. Mrs. Boice had been visiting Mrs. Rodgers about two weeks when she was taken ill and passed away.
     She had no children but leaves several step-children and other relatives. The funeral was held at the Baptist Church in Cheshire Monday afternoon, burial followed in Gravel Hill Cemetery.

[Note: Death Certificate...born Jan.29, 1853; died Feb. 4, 1928; 74 years 6 days of age. Parents: Soloman Swisher and Sophia McCarty. Buried as Nannie.]

Gallia Times
Feb. 9, 1928
Transcribed by F. K. Brown

Boice, William Arthur

Arthur Boice Dies At Home In Middleport
     Arthur Boice, 71, seriously ill for a year, died Sunday at his home in Middleport. Though his young manhood had been spent near Kyger, his home being on the sire of what is now Harlan Athey's home, he had worked at the Hobson shops for 37 years, 22years as a foreman , and retired about three years ago.
     Surviving him are his widow, Mrs. Margaret Boice; one daughter, Jess Johnston, of Columbus, who was injured in an auto accident last Thursday when speeding to the bedside of her father; and one granddaughter, Betty Lou Johnston; and one sister, Mrs. J. Ed Bing of Cheshire.
     William Arthur Boice was a most jovial man and had a host of friends in Gallia and Meigs counties. Funeral services were to be held at the residence at 2o'clock today by Rev. F. C. Kreager of the Middleport Baptist church. Burial at Gravel Hill, Cheshire, by Ewing of Pomeroy.

[Note: Dates from tombstone 1864-1935]

Gallipolis Daily Tribune
Tuesday, February 5th, 1935
Transcribed by Margaret Calvin

Bolles, Alice A.  [Soles]

Mrs. Bolles, 85, Passed Away At 5:20 Thurs. P. M.
Funeral Is Set For 2 Sunday at Entsminger’s
     Death at last has ended the suffering of Mrs. Alice A. Bolles, whose condition has been hopeless for weeks, and who had been unable to take any nourishment for 10 days. She died at 5:20 last evening at her home at 44 Locust Street, where she had been tenderly cared for [by] her niece, Miss Hazel Soles. Her death had been expected hourly for more than a week.
     Mrs. Bolles was in her 86th year, though she was remarkably spry and alert up until this year. In January her brother, Edward Soles and his daughter, Miss Hazel, came in from Rodney to take care of her and they had been there most of the time since then.
     Mrs. Bolles was born at Rodney on the site of what is now her brother’s home on May 13, 1858, and was a daughter of Valentine and Sarah Hand Soles. She married George N. Bolles in October, 1884 and he died in January, 1935, three months after they had celebrated their golden wedding anniversary. Most of her married life was spent in the home where she died and in the adjoining house at 42 Locust Street.
     Two children were born to Mr. and Mrs. Bolles. Their daughter, Numa, remembered as a comely and popular girl died in 1913 and the mother never recovered fully from that blow. Herman, the surviving son, is a prosperous merchant in Cincinnati. Also surviving, in addition to the one brother already named, are two grandchildren, Herman Bolles, Jr. of Cincinnati and Richard, who is in the Army and stationed at Boston, Mass., and two great-grandchildren, Betsey and Herman III.
     Mrs. Bolles was a member of the Episcopal Church, the Order of Eastern Star and Circle No. 5 of the Methodist Church. Funeral services will be held at 2 o’clock Sunday at Entsminger’s Chapel with Rev. Charles G. Baird in charge. Interment will be made in Mound Hill Cemetery.
     Friends may view the features of Mrs. Bolles at the Entsminger chapel after 12 o’clock noon Saturday, it was announced this afternoon.

Gallipolis Daily Tribune
Friday, September 3, 1943
Transcribed by Sandy L. Milliron

Bolles, Joshua W.

Bolles--In this City on the 18th of May, 1874
      JOSHUA W. BOLLES, aged 78 years.

Gallipolis Journal
May 21, 1874
Transcribed by Charles Wright                                                                           Top of Page

Bolles, Matthew

     Mr. Matthew Bolles, a well and favorably known colored hostler and horseman of this city died suddenly Sunday morning at this home on Third avenue below Pine. His wife had left him sitting in a chair after breakfast, and went out to the garden and on returning found that his spirit had taken flight to the unknown world.  He died of heart trouble and had been ailing for five months. Matt, as he was familiarly called was 62 years old, and came here from Charleston with his wife 40 years ago.  He was an inoffensive pleasant man that every one liked, and his death was received with great regret.
      His funeral services will be conducted at his old home [?} Tuesday at 2 o’clock by Rev. J. M. Biddle, pastor of the Paint Creek Baptist Church, and Hayward & Son have charge of the interment. He leaves his wife and daughter, Mrs. James Hill and sons John of Cincinnati, and Frank of Charleston, and half brothers John and Walter White of Cincinnati, and one sister Mrs. Patterson of Indiana, to mourn their loss.

Gallipolis Daily Tribune
September 5, 1906
Transcribed by Suzanne H. Giroux

Bolles, Numa

Miss Bolles’s Funeral
     The ceremonies over the body of the late Miss Numa Bolles will be conducted at the residence of her parents at 2 o’clock Tuesday afternoon by the Rev. Mr. Beavin, the interment by Hayward following at Mound Hill.

Gallipolis Daily Tribune
Monday, April 5, 1915
Transcribed by Sandy L. Milliron

Bolling, Margaret Maxine  [Boling] [Howard]

Bolling Services
     GALLIPOLIS - Last rites for Margaret Maxine Bolling [Boling], 25, Sharon, Pa., were held Saturday at 2 p.m. in Paint Creek Baptist Church by the Rev. Ottis Alexanderia, Farrell, Pa., and the Rev. G. G. Turner, pastor of the church. Burial was in Pine Street Cemetery.
     Mrs. Bolling, born in Raccoon Township in Gallia County, died Tuesday night in the Northside Hospital in Youngstown following a short illness. She was the daughter of the late Charles and Mary Hutchinson Howard. She was graduated from Rio Grande High School in 1959.
     Surviving are her husband, Thomas: a son, Jeff of Sharon; five brothers, Charles of Jackson, John of Gallia County, Clarence with the U. S. Air Force in Vietnam, James and William of Bidwell; three sisters, Mrs. John (Marianna) Morgan, Youngstown, Mrs. Bobby (Dorothy) Gordon, Gallipolis and Mrs. Frank (Hazel) Young, Dayton.

[Note:  11/8/1941 - 9/5/1967. Correct spelling of name is Boling]

Athens Sunday Messenger
September 10, 1967
Transcribed by Sandy L. Milliron

Bolte, Henry

     Another good man has gone to join the silent majority.  Mr. Henry Bolte, of Green township, was taken ill with cholera morbus Monday night of last week, and died Tuesday evening following, at about seven o’clock.  He was about sixty-five years of age and one of the best citizens of the county.  He left a wife and three daughters–Mrs. Henry Blanch, Mrs. Edward Blanch, Mrs. William Smeltzer, and one son, Mr. Frank Bolte to mourn their loss. 
     His funeral and burial services were conducted on Thursday.  Mr. Bolte was a highly respected citizen, and one of the willing workers for the Republican party whose principles were very dear to him and which always excited his enthusiasm and highest admiration, and was ever ready to do all that he could to advance its interests, and his influence will be greatly missed.  He left his family in excellent circumstances and a good name as an additional heritage to long be remembered and revered.

Note: Burial in Mound Hill Cemetery, Gallipolis.

Gallipolis Journal
September 30, 1891
Transcribed by Eva Swain Hughes

Boltz, Myrtle B.

     INVERNESS, FLA. - Myrtle B. Boltz, 86, Inverness died Friday June 9, 2000. Born in Gallipolis, she was a retired bookkeeper. She resided in Inverness for 22 years, after moving there from Falls Church, Va. Surviving are two daughters, Diana B. Price of Midland, Va., and Patricia Bann of Woodbridge, Va. Four grandchildren; two sisters, John McCalla and Frank McCalla, both of Gallipolis. And four sisters, Mauriel Myers of Commercial Point, Nellie Jenkins of Huntington, W.Va., Lois “Dot” of Lexington, Ky. And Pauline Winfrough of Grove City.     
     Arrangements will be announced by Wilder-Fountains Funeral Home, 4980 S. Suncoast Blvd., Homasassa Springs, Fla. 34447

[Note: Daughter of Blanche McCalla]

Times Sentinel
Sunday, June 11, 2000
Transcribed by Marian Baker Schoonover

Bonecutter, Carl Edward, Jr.

Funeral Services Are Held Sunday
     Services were held for Carl Edward Bonecutter, Jr., two-day old son of Carl and Katherine Burnheimer Bonecutter, of 124 Jackson Pike at 1 p.m., Sunday, in Miller’s Home for Funerals. Burial was in Centenary cemetery.
     The child was found dead Friday morning at the family home. Surviving grandparents are:
Mr. and Mrs. Burl Burnheimer of Jackson Pike and Mr. and Mrs. Carl Bonecutter of Henderson, W. Va. Rev. Charles Davidson Jack- Henderson, [sic] officiated at the last rites.

Gallipolis Daily Tribune
Monday, September 26, 1966
Transcribed by Sandy Milliron

Bonecutter, Charles F.

     Charles F. Bonecutter, 86, a longtime resident of Rio Grande, died around 1 a.m., Saturday at his home. He was born in Mason County, W. Va., in February, 1881, to Richard and Cynthia Steed Bonecutter. He was married to the former Hazel Roberts, who preceded him in death 14 years ago.
     Mr. Bonecutter is survived by two sons and three daughters, Aubry Bonecutter, of Toledo; Robert Bonecutter, Belle, W.Va.; Mrs. Betty Bixler, California; Violet, Pittsburgh, and Floris, at home. Three sisters survive, Mrs. Minnie Milliron and Mrs. Zona Slayton, Gallipolis, and Mrs. Viola Casey, Gallipolis Ferry.
     He was a retired school bus driver for the Raccoon Elementary District. Arrangements are incomplete. They will be announced by the McCoy Funeral Home, Vinton.

Gallipolis Sunday Times Sentinel
May 14, 1967

Bonecutter Rites Slated Tuesday

     Services for C. F. Bonecutter will be held Tuesday, 1 p.m. at the Calvary Baptist Church, Rio Grande, with Rev. Bruce Unroe and Rev. C. A. Reed officiating. Burial will be in the Calvary Cemetery. Friends may call at the McCoy Funeral Home in Vinton anytime before the services. The body will lie in state one hour prior to the services. Pallbearers will be Frank Petrie, Jr., Glen Ward, Homer Harrison, Wendell Evans, Harold Howard and Wade Evans.

Gallipolis Daily Tribune
Monday, May 15, 1967
Transcribed by Sandy Lee Milliron                                                                       Top of Page

Bonecutter, Hazel [Roberts]

Mrs. Bonecutter Dies Wednesday
     Hazel Roberts Bonecutter, 62, died suddenly in her home at Rio Grande at 5:15 p. m. Wednesday, after a short two-hour illness. Mrs. Bonecutter was the daughter of Calbin [Calvin] and Nellie Glenn Roberts, who reside in Rio Grande.
     She was born Dec. 12, 1891, in Nevada, Mo. She married Charles F. Bonecutter in West Virginia moving to Rio Grande early in 1924.
     Survivors, besides her husband and parents, include three daughters, Mrs. Robert Gomal, Pittsburgh, Mrs. Mac Bittler, Portsmouth, and Floris at home; and two sons, Aubra, Toledo, and Robert, Charleston. Three sisters, Mrs. Irene Elkins, Bladen, Mrs. Kenneth Unroe, Ewington, and Opal Roberts, Gallipolis Ferry, and one brother, Glen, Springfield, also survive.
     No funeral arrangements have been made as yet.

Gallipolis Daily Tribune
Thursday, May 13, 1954

Bonecutter Services Set
     Funeral services for Mrs. Hazel Bonecutter, who died Wednesday at her home in Rio Grande, will be conducted by Rev. John Raad on Saturday at 10:30 a. m. in the Calvary Baptist church with burial following in the cemetery there by Steve Thomas.

Gallipolis Daily Tribune (Pg. 2)
Friday, May 14, 1954
Transcribed by Sandy Milliron

Bonecutter, Lucy Captolia [Hartman]

     Lucy Captolia Bonecutter, 87 of Xenia, formerly of Gallipolis, died Sunday, July 26, 1998 in the Hospitality Home West in Xenia.
     Born November 19, 1910 in Nelsonville, one of eight children born to the late John H. Hartman and Anna Laura Combs Hartman, she was a homemaker, and a past member of the Good News Baptist Church in Gallipolis.
     In addition to her parents, she was preceded in death by her husband of 58 years, Captain Sherman Bonecutter Sr., in 1984; one son, Sherman Bonecutter Jr., in 1994, and by an infant son.
     Surviving are a daughter-in-law, Mrs. Sherman (Ruth) Bonecutter of Spring Valley, Ohio, a grandson, Sherman (Rocky) Bonecutter III, his wife, Kristine, and their three daughters, Melissa, Stefanie and Leslie, all of Spring Valley, a grandson, Brett Bonecutter, and his two daughters, Andrea and Toni, all of Spring Valley; and a brother-in-law and sister-in-law, Dan J. and Millie Bonecutter of Gallipolis Ferry, West Virginia.
     Services were conducted at 11 a. m. today, Wednesday, July 29, 1998 in the Waugh-Halley-Wood Funeral Home, with the Rev. Cliff Curry officiating. Burial was in Mound Hill Cemetery. Visitation was held in the funeral home on Tuesday, July 28, 1998.

Gallipolis Daily Tribune (Pg. 3)
Wednesday, July 29, 1998
Transcribed by Sandy Milliron

Bonecutter, Sherman Sr.

     Capt. Sherman Bonecutter, 78, Rt. 1, Gallipolis (Georges Creek), died at 3:40 p.m. Sunday in Holzer Medical Center, having been in failing health for the past year.
     Born March 8, 1905, at Henderson, W. Va., son of the late Daniel and Kate Lee Bonecutter, he was a captain for Wisconsin Barge Line, retiring in June 1975. He was a member of Good News Baptist Church. He married Lucy C. Hartman, who survives, on June 30, 1926, at Huntington, W. Va.
     Also surviving are a son, Sherman Jr., of Spring Valley; two grandchildren and four great-grandchildren; and a brother, Dan of Gallipolis Ferry, W. Va.
     Funeral services will be held at 2 p.m. Wednesday in Good News Baptist Church, with the Rev. Robert Colvin and the Rev. Jerry Lewis officiating. Burial will be in Mound Hill Cemetery. Friends may call at Waugh-Halley-Wood Funeral Home from 3-5 and 7-9 p.m. Tuesday.
     The body will lie in state in the church an hour prior to the service.

Gallipolis Daily Tribune (Pg. 12)
Monday, January 23, 1984
Transcribed by Sandy Milliron

Bonham, Harry Randolph

Harry Bonham Dies Suddenly
     Harry Randolph Bonham, 53, died at his residence, 19-½ Pine St., at 5:15 a.m., Tuesday. His death was caused by a heart attack. Miller’s ambulance was called to the home and he expired before he could be rushed to the hospital. He is survived by his wife, a son and daughter.
     Mr. Bonham moved here some months ago and for a time operated the French City restaurant. He came here from Athens, where as a pipe fitter, he helped to install the sewage disposal plant. He was a native of Kanawha county, W. Va., where he was born Oct. 16, 1901, the son of Harry and Frances Hudnall Bonham. His body is at Miller’s Home for Funerals and on Thursday will be taken to South Charleston where funeral services will be held.

Gallipolis Daily Tribune
Tuesday, May 24, 1955

Services Thursday For Harvey [Harry] R. Bonham
     Funeral services for Harvey [Harry] R. Bonham, who died suddenly Tuesday morning, will be held at the Keller Funeral Home in Dunbar, W. Va., at 2 p.m., Thursday. Rev. Richard Polk will officiate and burial will be made in the Spring Hill Cemetery, Charleston.
     Friends may call at Miller’s Home for Funerals until the body is taken to Dunbar shortly after noon Thursday. Mr. Bonham formerly operated the French City restaurant and had been a resident of Gallipolis for about a year.

Gallipolis Daily Tribune
Wednesday, May 25, 1955
Transcribed by Sandy L. Milliron

Boodon, James

James Boodon Called by Death
     James W. Boodon, 84, died early Tuesday morning in the Muncy Valley Hospital, Williamsport, PA. Mr . Boodon was an uncle of Tribune News Editor Jim Porter, and a brother-in-law of Mrs. Stella Booton. He is survived by two sons, John Boodon, now in Germany, and Paul Boodon, Williamsport. Mrs. Booton is the widow of Chauncey Booton, half- brother of the decedent.
     Mr. Boodon was born Feb. 21, 1868 in Gallipolis to Ira Wesley and Rowena Blankenship Booton. Two half-brothers survive, Orland Booton, Macon, Ga. And Arn Welker Booton, Delaware, and one half-sister, Mrs. Floyd (Carolyn) Major, Charleston.
     Final rites will be held at 2 p.m. Thursday at a Williamsport funeral home with burial in Williamsport cemetery.
     Railroad postal clerk on the Chicago-Pittsburgh line, Mr. Boodon had been retired for several years.
An error made when he accepted postal employment, spelled his name Boodon, and he continued that name throughout his life.

The Gallipolis Daily Tribune
September 2, 1952
Gallipolis, Ohio
Transcribed by Margaret Calvin                                                                          Top of Page

Booth, Homer C.

H. Booth Dead
     Homer Booth, 72, who used to live on Tick Ridge, died at 11 o’clock last night at the home of Hobart Foster of Northup. He had been working for Mr. Foster since Sunday and became ill Wednesday. He has a son in the west, it is said.
     Interment will be made on Lincoln Ridge by C. R. Halley, but particulars as to the arrangements are lacking.

[Note: Jan. 27, 1871 – Sept. 1, 1943; Age 72 yrs. 7 mos. 5 das. He was the son of Jasper Booth and is buried in Radcliff Cemetery in Vinton Co., Ohio.]

Gallipolis Daily Tribune
Thursday, September 2, 1943
Transcribed by Sandy L. Milliron

Booth, Jordan

Jordan Booth Dead
End Came Sunday Afternoon Following Second Stroke
     Mr. Jordan Booth, 68, died Sunday afternoon at his residence on Third Avenue, after a decline for a year and a half and two paralytic strokes. He leaves a widow and three children, Clarence, Wanita and Wayne, all adults and all at home.
     The funeral will be Tuesday at 9 a.m. from the residence, conducted by Dr. Cherrington, the interment by Hayward following at Pine Hill near Evergreen.
     Mr. Booth was for many years a farmer in Springfield Township, but has lived in Gallipolis about fourteen years. He was a member of Grace M.E. Church, a quiet, reserved and good man, who leaves many friends.
Two sisters, Mrs. Scott of First Avenue and Mrs. Miller of Wilkesville, also survive him.
     The pall bearers will be Will Donally, Ed Morrison, Alden Howell, Charles Stevers, Luther Donally and Edward Miller.

[Note: Death Certificate..born May 24, 1848; died July 9, 1916. Parents: Hiram Booth and Minerva Mannering. Married July 21, 1875 Nellie Cherrington]

Gallipolis Daily Tribune
Monday, July 10, 1916
Transcribed by F.K. Brown

Booton, Orland H.

O. H. Booton, 83, Retired Editor, Dies
     Orland H. Booton, 83, a retired newspaper editor and publisher, and native of Gallipolis died at 6:30 p.m. Thursday in a Macon, Ga., hospital. Mr. Booton had recently suffered a stroke.
     Mr. Booton was born here in October 1877, the son of the late Ira W. and Elisabeth Welker Booton. His father a Civil War veteran was the founder of the Gallia Times and Mr. Booton started his newspaper career on that paper. He later worked on an East Liverpool newspaper and then became publisher and editor of the Mingo Republican at Williamson, W. Va., and was associated with several other West Virginia newspapers.
     He was a veteran of the Spanish-American War, having been an officer in the Gallipolis company commanded by the late Capt. Verne Boyle. Just this past summer, Mr. Booton wrote a series of letters to this newspaper which related many interesting facts about his early life in Gallipolis, and the journalists of his period. He was a contemporary of the late Squire Mauck and Harry R. Hurn.
     Mr. Booton is survived by one sister, Mrs. Floyd Major of Charleston, W. Va. Brothers and sisters who preceded him were Chauncey, Ira, James, Mrs. Jesse Henke, and Mrs. J. Sherman Porter, Sr.
His first marriage was to the former Maude Kerns, and she preceded him in death. Children who survive that union are Mrs. Alle (Ann) Cole of Macon, Ga., Mrs. Robert (Margaret) Osborne of Indianapolis, Ind., Mrs. Angelo (Helen) Dizens of California and Orland Jr., of Charleston, W. VA. There are seven grandchildren. He is survived by his second wife, Mary, a former Spencer, W. Va. Teacher.
     Services will be held at 2 p.m. Monday at the Wetherholt-Elliott-Sanders Funeral Home, Rev. Warren H. Wilson will officiate and burial will be in Mound Hill cemetery.
     Local relatives who survive are Mrs. Carolyn Butterfield and Mrs. Crilla Stiverson, nieces, Senator J. Sherman Porter a nephew and a sister-in-law, Mrs.Stella Booton.

Gallipolis Daily Tribune
May 5, 1961, page 1
Gallipolis, Ohio
Transcribed by Margaret Calvin                                                                          Top of Page

Booton, Sarah

     BOOTON - Mrs. Sarah Booton died at the residence of her son, Ira W. Booton, in Gallipolis, Jan 21st 1886, in the eighty-sixth year of her age.  She was born in Greenbrier county, West Va., in the month of February, 1800.  Her parents moved to Gallia county and settled on a farm in Green township in 1806, where Mrs. Booton spent her childhood, grew to womanhood, was married, and resided nearly all her life.
     She was married to Travis Booton, Nov 10th, 1825, and was left a widow with three sons and one daughter, Nov 21st. 1843.  Only one of her children is now living, her youngest son, Ira W. Booton, with whom she made her home during the few last years of her life.  Mrs Booton was naturally of a quiet, modest, reserved disposition, of frugal and industrious habits, was intelligent and possessed the confidence of, and was highly respect by all who knew her.
     She joined the Methodist Episcopal Church at the age of twenty years, under the ministry of Rev John P Kent, who at that time traveled Gallipolis Circuit, from which time till her death, she lived a consistent, cross-bearing christian life; and while she had her full share of life’s cares, trials and afflictions, she was never known to manifest other than patient christian spirit.
     She appreciated highly the means of grace during all the sixty-five years of her christian life, often glorying in the cross of Christ in the prayer and class meetings, and in the relation of her religious testimony, manifesting an intelligent comprehension of Bible truth and doctrine, such as would convince those who heard her, that she had learned the lessons of life at the feet of the Master.
     With such an experience it is not strange that when she realized that her earthly pilgrimage was winding to its close, that she had no fears of death, and that having traveled life’s rough pathway for over four score years, and that all of her father’s household and nearly all of her own had preceded her to the better land, she longed to be at rest.  How comforting the thought in the death of our loved ones, that “there remaineth a rest to the people of God.”
     J. W. M.

Gallipolis Journal
Wednesday, February 17, 1886
Transcribed by Suzanne H. Giroux

Booton, Sarah Elizabeth [Welker]

Mrs. Ira Booton Died Suddenly
Well Known Resident Passed Away At Home Here Monday Afternoon
     Mrs. Sarah Elizabeth Booton, aged 76 years, died quite suddenly at her home on First Avenue opposite the Holzer Hospital, at four o'clock Monday afternoon. She had been in failing health for some time and had been confined to her bed with severe cold for several weeks. Funeral services were held at her late home Wednesday afternoon at 2 o'clock by Rev. J.R. Field, interment following in Pine Street Cemetery.
     Mrs. Booton was the widow of Ira W. Booton, who died in 1917. She was a member of Grace M.E. Church of this city and active in many lines of church work. She is survived by children Chauncey H and Mrs. Adolph Henke of Gallipolis; Orland H. of Williamson, WV; Ira W. of Ashville NC; Mrs. Floyd Major of Charles, WV and step-children James W. Booton of Beaver, PA; Mrs. J. Sherman Porter of Lexington, KY and Mrs. J.H. Sublette of Chicago.
     She was a daughter of the late Mr. and Mrs. Silas Welker of Morgan Township and leaves two brothers, Emmett Welker of Bidwell and Clarence Welker of Columbus and two sisters, Mrs. Oliver White of Wilkesville and Mrs. Allen Edmundson of Meigs County.
     Mrs. Booton enjoyed many close friendships of long standing in this city where she had lived so long and her taking away brings sorrow to many.

[Note: Born Feb. 7, 1850; Died March 9, 1925]

Gallia Times
March 12, 1925
Transcribed by F.K. Brown

Borden, Alexander

Death of Alexander Borden
     Alexander Borden, well known old colored resident died Saturday night, in his 88th year. He was born in France and spoke French. His last wife and a number of children survive. He was an excellent citizen and well educated. The funeral was held this afternoon from his son Jonah’s home by Rev. O. P. Wright. Interment by Wetherholt at Pine street.

[Note: Born about 1830. Died March 24, 1917. No stone.]

Gallia Times
March 30, 1917
Transcribed by Sheri Culler                                                                                Top of Page

Borden, Sgt. Charles A.

Two Separate Military Funeral Services Scheduled Here Sunday For War Dead
     Two military funerals will be held here Sunday for Gallipolis war heroes who died for their country in World War II. They are Pvt. Ray Casto, whose body will arrive at 8:28 p.m. today at Kanauga and whose funeral is set for 2 p.m. Sunday in the Church of the Nazarene (See story, page 7), and Sgt. Charles Andrew Borden, whose funeral will be held at 4 p.m. Sunday in the Paint Creek Baptist Church, the Rev. B. H. Davis, pastor, officiating.
     The Air Force sergeant was 24 years old when his airplane was shot down Aug. 5, 1944, over Germany. He was born Jan. 29, 1920, in Gallipolis to Charles S. and Emma Mudders Borden. He was graduated from Gallia Academy High School.
     Charles Borden had been a foreman at Curtiss-Wright in Columbus after having been employed at the Douglas Aircraft Corp. in California early in the war. He was a tail gunner in the service.
     The decedent is survived by his parents and these brothers: Forrest Borden, Sr., GSI power plant employee, the Rev. Nyle Borden, Rio Grande College student and former state chaplain of the VFW; and Nelson Borden, now in school in California.
     Sgt. Borden is also survived by two half-brothers and one-half sister: Lemuel Randolph, Springfield, and Arnold Randolph, Columbus; Mrs. Iva Jackson, Gallipolis.
     The funeral, under auspices of Gallipolis Post 4464, Veterans of Foreign Wars, was arranged by Miller’s Home for Funerals. Burial will be made in Pine Street Cemetery. Pallbearers will be Merlin Johnson, Robert Casey, David Liggins, Robert Lee, Thomas Dunsmore, Jr., and James Mitchell.

Gallipolis Daily Tribune
Thursday, June 2, 1949
Transcribed by Sandy L. Milliron

Borden, Charles A.

Borden Funeral To Be Tomorrow
     VFW Military funeral services for Sgt. Charles A. Borden will be held at 4 p.m. Sunday in the Paint Creek Baptist Church, the Rev. B. H. Davis officiating. Miller’s Home for Funerals will bury the soldier in Pine Street Cemetery. Friends may call at the sergeant’s late residence, 1312 Eastern Ave., until funeral hour. Pallbearers will be Thomas Dunsmore, Jr., David Liggins, Robert Lee, Robert Casey, Merlin Johnson, and James Mitchell.

Gallia Times
Saturday, June 4, 1949
Transcribed by Sandy L. Milliron

Borden, Charles S.

Death Claims C. S. Borden
     Charles S. Borden, 86, a resident of 1312 Eastern Ave., and a retired plasterer, died at his home at 10:55 p.m. Tuesday. He had been in failing health the past year.
     Mr. Borden was born in Morgan Twp., Gallia County, on Mach 12, 1887, son of the late Fredric and Sarah Wilson Borden. He married Emma Mutters Randolph. She preceded him in death Feb. 10, 1967. Three sons survive; Forrest and Nyle of Gallipolis, and Nelson, Los Angeles. One son, Charles, died in service in 1944.
     One step-son, Lemuel Randolph, preceded him in death. In addition to the sons, a step-son Arnold Randolph of Columbus survives and a step-daughter, Mrs. Iva Randolph Jackson of Gallipolis. Ten grandchildren and nine great-grandchildren survive.
     Charles Borden was the last of his family. Four brothers, Jonah, Frederick, Nelson and Alex, and one sister Zella Preceded him in death, along with a niece Ida Ford.
     He was an active member of Paint Creek Baptist Church, joining the church in 1913. He served as a trustee or deacon for more than 40 years. Funeral arrangements will be announced by Miller's Home for Funerals.

Gallipolis Daily Tribune
Aug 15, 1973

Borden, Charles S.

Annouce Services
     Services for Charles S. Borden will be held at 1 p.m. Saturday at the Paint Creek Baptist Church with burial to follow in the Pine Street Cemetery. Rev. Grover G. Turner, pastor, will officiate, assisted by Elbert McGhee.
     Friends may call at Miller's Funeral Home from 2 to 4 and 7 to 9 p.m. Friday. The body will lie in state at the church one hour prior to the service. Pallbears will be Robert Casey, Thompson Casey, George Gilmore, Walter Scott, Thomas Dunsmore, and Charles Sanders. Honorary pallbearers will be Alfred Burton, John Casey, William Carr, Frank Washington, Hugh Walker and Robert Howell.

Gallipolis Daily Tribune
August 16, 1973
Transcribed by Maxine Marshall                                                                           Top of Page

Borden, Lester

    Lester, the six year old child of J. M. and Mary Borden, of Maple Shade, died Thursday morning of spinal trouble. The funeral will be held this afternoon, interment following at Pine Street Cemetery.

Gallipolis Bulletin
Friday, October 19, 1906
Transcribed by Sandy L. Milliron

Borders, John Wesley “Jack”

Jack Borders Kills Himself With Shotgun
Tragedy Occurs In Home West of Mudsock—Funeral Set For 2 Monday
     Jack W. Borders, a carpenter, shot and killed himself at his home near Mudsock Thursday night. News of the tragedy seemed to travel slowly, officials and others who knew about it keeping the matter to themselves. It is said that Borders, despondent over ill health, fired a charge of shot from a shotgun into his mouth and died instantly.

Suffered Stroke
     He was about 60 years old and had come to Walnut tp. from Columbus years ago. He is survived by his wife and several children, one of his daughters being married. His wife was Vesta Thornton, daughter of Oliver Thornton.
     Some months ago Borders suffered a stroke of paralysis. Prior to that he was a very rugged and active and reputed to be a good workman. Borders was 63 years old and a native of Kentucky, it was learned from Undertaker O. E. Elliott, who came in this morning.
     The funeral services will be held at Mudsock (Walnut) church, which is two miles east of the Borders home, at 2o’clock Sunday. Rev. W. H. Kiser, M. E. Pastor of the Patriot circuit, will officiate.
     The surviving children are Muriel, Carol and Dorothy (Mrs. Raymond McCombs), all at home, and Jennings Borders, Dayton.
     While other members of the family were at school, in the field and garden, Mr. Borders sat down in a chair in a doorway between the kitchen and a living room, leaned back against the wall, put the muzzle of the gun in his mouth, and pushed the trigger with his foot or with some convenient kitchen utensil. The blast killed himself and spattered the wall with brain tissue, but his body merely slumped down without falling from the chair, it was said.
     His wife, who was working in the garden, and a daughter whom Mr. Borders had sent out to help her, heard the shot and ran in and found the body.

[Note: Oct. 15, 1872 – March 5, 1936; Age 63 yrs. 4 mos. 20 das.]

Gallipolis Daily Tribune
Saturday, March 7, 1936
Transcribed by Sandy Milliron

Borton, Rachel Ruth

     Rachel Ruth Borton, 64, a resident of 1015 Second Ave., died at 12:10 p.m. Friday in the Holzer Medical Center. She had been in failing health for several years. She was a retired employee of the ASCS Office following 23 years service there. Prior to that, she was employed by Milk Marketing Assn.
     Born Oct. 14, 1918 in Gallia County to the late Truman Burnett and Stella Smith Burnett. Mrs. Borton was a 1937 graduate of Gallia Academy High School.
     Survivors include a son, Ricky, of Gallipolis, two grandchildren; six brothers, Woodrow of Addison; Claude, Clyde, Robert, Truman and Vinton, all of Gallipolis; two sisters, Mrs. William (Helen) Strickland of Hartselle, Ala., and Mrs. Richard (Maryanne) Bowman of Gallipolis. A brother, Morris, preceded her in death April 29, 1965.
      She attended Calvary Baptist Church in Rio Grande and was a former member of the Gallipolis Emblem Club.
     Funeral services will be held at 1 p.m. Monday at the Waugh-Halley-Wood Funeral Home with Rev. Charles Lusher officiating. Burial will be in Mound Hill Cemetery. Visitation will be held at the funeral home from 2-4 and 7-9 p.m. today. Nephews will serve as pallbearers.

Sunday Times Sentinel
May 15, 1983
Transcribed by Sandy L. Milliron                                                                         Top of Page

Bossard, Ruby [Plummer]

     GALLIPOLIS - Mrs. Ruby Bossard, 89, Gallipolis, died Thursday afternoon in Veterans Memorial Hospital. Born in Jackson County, she was the daughter of James and Elizabeth Kline Plummer. She was a retired bookkeeper for Gallia Produce Co., was employed by the city of Gallipolis for several years, and was a member of the Grace United Methodist Church, Order of Eastern Star No. 283, English Club and French City Garden Club and Progressive Bible Class.
     She is survived by one brother, Thurman Plummer, Washington Court House; and several nieces and nephews. She was preceded in death by her husband, Dr. Samuel Bossard, two sisters and her parents.
     Services will be Saturday, 2 p.m. at the Waugh-Halley-Wood Funeral Home with Rev. Paul Hawks officiating. Burial will be in Mound Hill Cemetery. Eastern Star services will be 7:30 p.m. today. Friends may call at the funeral home from 7 to 9 p.m. today.

Athens Messenger
Friday, March 21, 1975
Transcribed by Sandy L. Milliron

Boster, Brady M.

Boster Rites Held Today in Oak Hill
     Services were held at 2 p.m. today in the Oak Hill Freewill Baptist Church for Brady M. Boster, 57, a native of Gallia County.  He died suddenly on Saturday at his home on Rt. 4, Oak Hill.  He was the eldest son of the late William and Carrie Fulks Boster and was born at Bladen.  He left Bladen in 1935 and lived at Thurman for three years prior to moving to Jackson County. His marriage was to the former Grace Wilson of Oak Hill. Brothers who survive are Gilbert, Bert and Chester, all of Thurman.  Rev. Phillip Crabtree officiated at the service, and burial was in the CM cemetery under the direction of the Hughes Funeral Home.

Gallipolis Daily Tribune
Monday, September 14, 1964
Transcribed by Eva Swain Hughes

Boster, Carrie Fulks

Boster Funeral To Be Held At Bethel 2 Thurs.
Fourth 1941 Death From Other Than Natural Causes
     Funeral services for Mrs. Carrie Fulks Boster, who killed herself some time Monday night or Tuesday morning, will be held at 2 o'clock Thursday at Bethel church, back of Bladen and near her girlhood home. Rev. Jennings Cremeens will officiate. Burial in the churchyard there by Stevers. This evening the body will be taken to the home of Fred Fulks, a brother of the decedent, between Bladen and Mercerville.
     Can anyone recall in late years the suicide of any other Gallia county woman? Mrs. Boster's death was the fourth in the county so far this year from other than natural causes. Paul Wagner killed himself here Jan. 2. Six days later Harry Richard Baird was killed in an auto accident in Green tp. Homer Woods was crushed to death by a steam shovel on Feb. 20. Paul White of this city was drowned on Jan. 17, but that occurred outside the county's boundaries.
     In a sitting posture atop a rock cliff in an isolated section of a near-wilderness in Greenfield tp., Mrs. Boster--widow of William N. Boster--fired a .22-rifle bullet through her brain and then toppled backwards into the water of Symmes Creek. There was a fall of 10 or 12 feet.
     A son is said to have found the body. After it was recovered, it was found to be rigid and in the posture assumed when the shot was fired. Deputy Sheriff Dickey found the rifle half-buried in the creek bottom. Members of the family attribute the rash act to a mental condition that had been slowly growing worse.

Greenfield Township Woman Kills Self
     Mrs. Carrie Fulks Boster, 60-year-old widow of William N. Boster, committed suicide by shooting Tuesday at her isolated farm home in Greenfield township, and her body fell into the waters of Symmes Creek. Coroner N. H. Foster and Deputy Sheriff Dickey were called and made the finding of suicide at 2 p.m.
     Ill mentally, Mrs. Boster disappeared from her home Monday and later several persons made search for her without avail. Indications were she fied a shot into her forehead with a small caliber rifle, and pitched into the stream.
     Mrs. Boster is survived by sons, Brady, Gilbert, Bert and Chester, all of the home neighborhood.

[Note: date of death from funeral home records: 22 April 1941]

Gallipolis Daily Tribune
Wednesday, April 23rd, 1941
Transcribed by Joanne Galvin                                                                             Top of Page

Boster, Cecil

Boy Shot by Father
     One of the saddest tragedies in the history of the county occurred last Wednesday, when George E. Boster accidently shot his eight year old son, Cecil, killing him instantly. The family, consisting of Mr. and Mrs. Boster and sons Roy, Herbert and Cecil live in the old Flack home on F. F. Thorniley's farm near Raccoon Island in Clay Township. Mr. Boster had a couple of guns and as one of them was not in working order, his son Roy worked on it Wednesday morning, attempted to repair it. After dinner Boster took the gun and laid it across his lap, took the cap off the tube, inserted an awl in the tube and began to tap the awl with a hatchet to open up the tube. The boy Cecil was seated on the porch a short distance away. Suddenly the gun was discharged and the boy received the full charge in his lungs, some of the shot passsing through his heart. The dying boy rose to his feet and started toward his father, who caught him in his arms but the boy died without speaking while being carried into the house.             
     Coroner Mack was sent for and found that his death was caused by accidental shooting. The funeral services and burial were held Thursday. The father and family are grief-stricken over the terrible affair and will have the sympathy of all in their hour of sorrow.

[Note: Death certificate gives dates as: Born 19 Sep 1904 - Died 21 Aug 1912]

Gallipolis paper
Aug 21, 1912
Transcribed by Maxine Marshall 

Boster, Gilbert Cecil

Little Boy Killed
George E. Boster Accidentally Killed His Eight Year Old Son
    We are indebted to Dr. Mack, Coroner, for the details of a most lamentable affair that happened Wednesday about one o’clock, August 21st, at the old Flack homestead on Fred Thorniley’s place near Raccoon Island in Clay Township. Mr. George E. Boster and his family, consisting of himself, wife, and three sons, Roy, Herbert, and Gilbert Cecil, the last the youngest eight years old.
    The night before, Mr. Boster heard a noise about the house and awakened his sons. They had two guns in the house, one of which they found out of commission. With the other gun, they investigated the premises, but found nothing other than a stray dog lying on the porch. Yesterday, the boys thought they would fix up the other gun. Roy worked with it a while after dinner, when his father took it and examined it, coming to the conclusion that the tube the cap was on was stopped up with a piece of iron. He sat down on the porch with an awl and a hatchet, Cecil sitting down nearby. He inserted the awl and had given it two taps with the hatchet, the gun lying across his lap, when it discharged, Cecil receiving the contents in his breast over the heart, some of the shot passing through the lungs and heart, coming out on the other side of the chest.
    Cecil jumped up and started toward his father, who caught him in his arms and carried him into the house, he dying in a moment or two without speaking. The family was overwhelmed with grief. Mrs. Nevius passing along on her way to town carried the message to Dr. Mack who went right down and held an inquest in accordance with the above facts.  The little boy was buried this afternoon. The father is an industrious, hard-working good man, and he and all the family will have the kindest sympathies of all in the unfortunate incident.
Note: The 1910 census two years earlier lists the sons as Roy P., Lawson C., Columbus H., Delbert S., and Gilbert C., ranging in age from 16 to 5.

Gallipolis Daily Tribune
Thursday, August 22nd, 1912
Transcribed by Eva Swain Hughes                                                                  

Boster, Cora Marie [Henshaw]

Mrs. Cora Boster
     GALLIPOLIS - Mrs. Cora Marie Boster, 77, of 1056 Second Ave., Gallipolis, died at 8:35 p.m. Saturday at Holzer Hospital.  Mrs. Boster had been in failing health for the last four years.  She was born in Green Twp., Gallia County, she was a daughter of Edgar A. and Ella Smeltzer Henshaw. She was married to Heber Boster, who died in 1952. 
     She is survived by one brother, Homer Henshaw of Gallipolis. She was a member of the Grace Methodist Church, WSCS and Circle 5. She was also a member of the Eastern Star.
     Services will be held at 11 a.m. Monday at the Waugh-Halley-Wood Funeral Home, with the Rev. Paul Bauders officiating.  Burial will be in Mound Hill Cemetery. Friends may call at the funeral home between 7 and 9 p.m. Sunday evening.

Athens Sunday Messenger
September 8, 1968
Transcribed by Sandy L. Milliron

Boster, Dardin M.

Dardin M. Boster, Sycamore Street, Died At 5:30 A. M.
     Dardin M. Boster, 43, who had worked for Raymond Hoy, furniture manufacturer here and in Huntington for 27 years, The Tribune was told, died at 5:30 a. m. He suffered from tuberculosis and had been ill since last December at his room in the home of Mrs. Dixie Bowen on Sycamore St. He was born in Montgomery, W. Va., Aug. 7, 1903, a son of the late Reuben Boster and of Birdie Boster, who is still living in Huntington.
     Dardin married a score of years ago and is survived by two sons, Charles, a soldier, stationed in Okinawa, and Dardin, Jr. of Barboursville, W. Va. He is survived also by the following brothers and sisters: Roy, also an employee of the Hoy furniture factory; Arnett Boster, Columbus; Carl and Burl Boster, Huntington; Mrs. Charles Walters, Gallipolis, (living on Shoestring Ridge).
     Funeral will be held at Entsminger’s chapel at 2 p. m. Monday. Burial in Pine St. Cemetery.

[Note: Information from his death certificate: name Darvin Mitchell Boster; b. 7 Aug 1903 Montgomery WV; son of Reuben and Birdie Chandler Boster; married Alva M. Stephenson in Huntington 10 October 1925; marriage record says he was born in Mason Co. WV; date of death September 21, 1946; residence at time of death 1001 First Ave., Gallipolis; widowed; age 43y 1m 14d;  cause of death, pulmonary tuberculosis; physician, Dr. Lewis Brown; burial by Entsminger at Pine Street.]

Gallipolis Daily Tribune
September 21 1946
Transcribed by Lew Casey                                                                                Top of Page

Boster, Delbert Eugene

McKinley High School Teacher Dies
     Delbert Eugene Boster, aged 29, of 406 Sixteenth Avenue , teacher of civics and history at McKinley Junior High School, died, Monday night, of peritonitis, following an operation for appendicitis, to which he submitted 10 days ago at University hospital.
     He was also a former teacher of civics and history at Eleventh Avenue Junior High School, and a former coach in football, basketball, and baseball in the Wellston High School. During the past three years he has been enrolled at Ohio State University, working for his master's degree, and was to have competed his study there next summer. He received his bachelor's degree at Rio Grande College .
     Five brothers, Gordon of Beloit, Harry of Kinsman, Dallas of Cleveland and William and Lawrence of Columbus, survive. Mr. Boster was a member of the Masonic Lodge of Wellston, and the Christian Church of Gallia County .
     Funeral services will be held, Wednesday at 7:30 p.m. in the P. E. Rutherford Chapel, at 2383 North High Street, and the body will be taken to Gallia County, Thursday, where services will be held in the Macedonia Church, at 10:30 a.m., followed by burial in Macedonia Cemetery, by the P. E. Rutherford Co.

Civics Teacher at McKinley Dies
Peritonitis Follows Operation for Appendicitis – D. E. Boster's Career Cut Short
     Delbert Eugene Boster, 29, of 406 Sixteenth Ave., died of peritonitis, following an operation for appendicitis at University hospital. Boster was a teacher of civics at McKinley Junior High School, and previously taught civics and history at 11th Av. Before coming to Columbus he coached athletics at Wellston High School. He had been ill for ten days, and since the operation last Thursday his condition was known to be serious.
     During the last three years he had been taking work at Ohio State University on his master's degree. He obtained his bachelor's degree at Rio Grande College. He was to have completed his work at Ohio State next summer. His plan for making additional preparation for his chosen work was in keeping with his conscientious effort to be every day the best possible guide and preceptor for those pupils with whom he came in contact.
     Many activities about the school will feel the loss of Mr. Boster. Besides his regular teaching, he has had charge of the Student Court, Student Council, and the Traffic Squad. These organizations are the channels through which student self-government found expression, and the success of students' participation at McKinley is largely a tribute to Mr. Boster's organizing ability.
     In addition to this, Mr. Boster was the one who organized intramural athletics for the boys of the school for the lunch periods, giving a form of organized play in which all the boys could participate during this only play period of the school day. Great was the interest developed in this form of activity. Through these many activities he made many contacts with the pupils of the school, all of whom looked to him as a leader worthy of admiration and respect. Their liking for him was attested by their attitude of sincere mourning upon receiving word of his death.
     He was unmarried. He was survived by five brothers, Gordon, Beloit, Ohio; Harry, Kinsman, Ohio; Dallas, Cleveland, Ohio, and William and Lawrence of Columbus.
     Boster was a member of the Masonic lodge at Wellston and the Christian Church of Gallia County.
Funeral services were held Wednesday evening, at 7:30 at the chapel of the P. E. Rutherford Undertaking Company, which was largely attended. Floral offerings were furnished by the pupils and teachers of the school. Burial was to be made Thursday near Gallipolis, beside his father and mother.

[Note: Date of death 12/9/1929 is recorded on his tombstone.]

Gallipolis Daily Tribune
Wednesday, December 11th, 1929
Transcribed by J. W. Chambers                                                      Top of Page

Boster, Delbert S.

D. S. Boster, 72, claimed
     Delbert S. Boster, 72, Rt. 2, Crown City, died at his home around 2:15 p.m. Wednesday. He had suffered a heart ailment several years. A painter and automobile salesman, Mr. Boster, was born in Gallia County on Oct. 4, 1900, son of the late George E. and Sarah Johnson Boster.
     He married Edith Brucker on Dec. 24, 1926, at Grace Methodist Church. She survives, along with one daughter, Mrs. Julius (Hilda) Janey, Gallipolis. Two grandchildren, Scott Allen and Kimnberly Janey, survive.
Four brothers preceded Mr. Boster in death. He was the last of his immediate family.
     Funeral services will be held 3 p.m. Saturday at Miller's Home for Funerals with Rev. Alfred Holley officiating. Burial will be in Mound Hill Cemetery. Friends may call at the funeral home from 2-4 and 7-9 p.m. on Friday.

Gallipolis Daily Tribune
Aug 16, 1973
Transcribed by Maxine Marshall

Boster, Dell

Dell Boster Dead
     Dell Boster, a well known young man employed by the Empire Furniture Company, passed away at his home on Upper Second Avenue on Friday morning, May 8, 1914, at the age of 26 years. His death followed a three weeks' illness with typhoid fever. The funeral was at Macedonia Church Sunday morning, the services being conducted by Rev. Reece, pastor of the United Brethren Church in Huntington, W.Va. The remains were laid to rest in the Macedonia Church Cemetery by undertaker Wetherholt.
     The deceased is survived by his widow and one child; his mother, Mrs. Samantha Boster of Gallipolis; a sister, Mrs. L. J. Sheets of the O.H.E., and by four brothers, Thomas of Lecta, Owen of Rudy, W.Va., Chauncey and Rudolph of Sitka, Ohio. Mr. Boster was an industrious young man of good character and the public will extend their sympathy to the family in its great loss.

Gallipolis Bulletin
May 14, 1914
Transcribed by Theresa E. Smith                                                                       Top of Page

Boster, Elizabeth [Layne]

     MERCERVILLE - Elizabeth Boster, 85, Culloden, W. Va., died Friday at her home. Born in Gallia County, she was a daughter of the late Viba and Mary Jane Johnson Layne. She attended King Chapel Church, near Mercerville.
     She is survived by two sons, Kenneth of Crown City, and Alvin of Gallipolis; three daughters, Mrs. Geneva Sheets and Mrs. Georgia Markins, both of Gallipolis, and Mrs. Vivian Boster, Culloden; nine grandchildren, 16 great-grandchildren and one great-great grandchild, two brothers, Charles Layne, McArthur and Sherman Layne, Crown City; two sisters, Mrs. Almira Cox and Mrs. Mary Lench, both of Gallipolis. She was preceded in death by her husband, Roy Boster, one son, three brothers and two sisters.
     Services will be at 2 p.m. Monday at Kings Chapel Church with the Rev. Ernest Baker officiating. Burial will be in Kings Chapel Cemetery. Friends may call at the Waugh-Halley-Wood Funeral Home, Gallipolis, 3:30 to 5 and 7 to 9 p.m. today.

Athens Sunday Messenger
May 11, 1975
Transcribed by Sandy L. Milliron

Boster, Emily [Kerns]

Mrs. J.R. Boster Dies Sunday Of Apoplexy

78 Years Old, Was Mother Of Eight Children
     Mrs. J.R. Boster, aged 78, died suddenly at her home on 3rd Avenue Sunday evening, of apoplexy, as she was recovering from an attack of pneumonia. Mrs. Boster, who was Emily, the daughter of the late Mr. & Mrs. George Kerns, was born in Gallia County, coming to this city about 20 years ago.
     She is survived by eight children, Owen of Huntington; Mrs. Charles Baker, Raccoon Island; Mrs. H.H. Porter, Crown City; Mrs. Ernest McCall, Thievener; Mrs. E.L. Robertson, California; Carlton, Radner, Ohio; Kerns, of this city and Miss Roxie at home and these brothers and sisters, Mrs. J.F. Kaufman, Hume, IL; Mrs. Will Huron, Chesapeake, O.J. Kerns, Stoddard NE and Charles Kerns, Columbus. She was a member of the Methodist Church.
     Funeral services will be conducted at Macedonia Church Tuesday at 2 P.M., by Rev. John Porter and burial there in charge of A.E. Tope.

[Note: Born: Sept. 1848. Married John R. Boster on June 24, 1864 in Gallia County.]

Gallipolis Daily Tribune
Jan. 17, 1923
Transcribed by F.K. Brown

Boster, Emma Josephine [Wood]

Wife of K. M. Boster Dead
Rites Tues.
     Mrs Emma Josephine Wood Boster, who had been seriously ill for some weeks, died at 3:10 Sunday afternoon. She was the wife of Kansas M. Boster and they lived at 141 Fourth avenue. Mrs. Boster was a most estimable woman and well-known here and in several country districts. She was in her 83rd year, having been born Sept. 23, 1854, in Perry tp. and was the daughter of William and Amelia Smith Johnson.
     Decedent had been married three times. Her first husband was the late James M. Wood and they were married March 17, 1870. She married Solon Wood on Nov. 24, 1911. She and Mr. Boster were married March 17, 1932, by Rev. H. M. Smith. She is survived by one son, Jerome Wood, who has lived for 30 years at Everett, Wash., but who had been with her during her last illness. There is a surviving sister, Mrs. Caroline Noel of Columbus.
     Funeral services will be held at the Church of God at 1 p.m. Tuesday, Rev. Mr. Smith in charge. Burial at Old Pine by A. E. Tope.

[Note: buried as Emma J. Wood in Old Pine Cemetery, date of death: March 21, 1937]

Gallipolis Daily Tribune
March 22, 1937
Transcribed by Joanne Galvin                                                                             Top of Page

Boster, Harry Clifford

Harrison Twp. Native Claimed
     Harry C. Boster, 52, a native of Harrison Twp., died Sunday morning in a Greenville, Pa., hospital after suffering from a stroke a week ago. Mr. Boster, who was born Nov. 4, 1897, and attended Rio Grande College, had been affiliated with the Kinsman, O., schools, Trumbull County, where he was serving as superintendent. He was the son of the late W.H.H. and Jessie Kerns Boster, who owned a large general store in Harrison Tw. For many years.
     He is survived by his wife; four brothers, an aunt and uncle. His brothers are Gordon of Beloit, O., Dallas and Arnett, Cleveland, and Lawrence, Columbus. His aunt is Mrs. W.C. Haskins, formerly of Harrison Twp. And now of Middleport; and Joe Kerns, Harrison Twp., was his uncle. Funeral services will be held Wednesday at Kinsman, with interment there.

[Note: Harry Boster died July 1, 1950.]

Gallipolis Daily Tribune
Monday, July 3rd, 1950
Transcribed by Deanna Partlow

Boster, Harvey

Harvey Boster Dies After Short Illness
Last Rites Friday

     Harvey Boster, aged 65, died Wednesday afternoon at his home on upper Fourth avenue after a short illness. Although Mr. Boster had had a bad heart condition for some time his death is attributed to intestinal influenza with which he had suffered about two weeks.
     Mr. Boster was born in Harrison township the son of John Floyd and Letitia Ward Boster. He lived there until about sixteen years ago when he came to Gallipolis and had been employed in that time at the O.H.E.
     He is survived by his widow, Mrs. Carrie White Boster, two daughters and a son: Hilah Nelle, who is the wife of Cleo McCall, of upper Second avenue, Katherine and Floyd at home. He also leaves two sisters, Miss Florence Boster and Mrs. Huldah Lusher of Guyandotte.
     Funeral services will be conducted at his late home Friday afternoon at 2 o'clock by Rev. H. M. Smith. Burial will be in Mound Hill cemetery by A. E. Trope.

[Note: Date of death: March 27, 1940, born 1874]

Gallipolis Daily Tribune
March 28, 1940
Transcribed by Joanne Galvin                                                                         

Boster, Isaac

Isaac Boster
     Mr. Isaac Boster, of Harrison township, died Tuesday evening about 7:40, after an illness of about seven months of heart disease. The funeral services were held Thursday afternoon at Masadonia [sic - Macedonia] church and burial at the cemetery by Wetherholt.
     Mr. Boster was a son of Cleopilis and Margaret Boster and was 62 years, two months and 24 days old. He was married to Elizabeth Niday Sept. 1, 1870 and two children were born to them, one dying in infancy and one daughter, Mrs. Ola Higgins. His wife survives him and he is also survived by the following brothers: Elza of Sidney, Ohio: Marion, Mercerville; John of Harrison township; also two sisters, Mrs. Francis Boster, Huntington; and Mrs. Sarah Neal, of Illinois.

Gallipolis Bulletin
Friday, September 20, 1907
Transcribed by Suzanne Giroux                                                                          Top of Page

Boster, James

Tired of Life
Gallipolis Man Shoots Himself Through The Head
     James Boster, a well known carpenter of this city, who is a single man and lived with his brother, Rube on Third Avenue, shot himself through the top of his head Sunday afternoon at 3:30 on Court Street near Wetherholt's Undertaking establishment, with a 32 caliber revolver.
     The bullet entered his head above the right ear, passed through his brain and out on the other side. It paralyzed him and knocked him unconscious and he laid at Wetherholt's ever since, breathing, until one o'clock this afternoon, when he died. Many stories are afloat that he had been despondent for some time and contemplating suicide, but we have been unable to verify them.

[Note: James Monroe Boster born Sept. 10, 1848; died Dec. 18, 1916. Buried Macedonia Cemetery, Harrison Township. Parents: Washington Boster and Jemima Leadmond]

Gallipolis Daily Tribune
Monday, Dec. 18, 1916
Transcribed by F. K. Brown

Boster, Jesse [Kerns]

Death of Mrs. Boster
     Mrs. W. H. H. Boster of Hilton, died of dread typhoid fever Friday, September 24, 1909, after a three weeek illiness. Her maiden name was Jessie Kerns, being a daughter of Mr. Ansel Kerns, of Hollis. 
     Besides her husband she leaves seven sons, the oldest 16 and the youngest 2 years of age. She is also survived by her father, one brother Joseph Kerns of Angel, and two sisters.
     Mrs. Boster was a most estimable lady, respected by all who knew her and popular with all. She was a member of the United Bretheran Church and a good christian lady. Her death is deeply deplored and her relatives will have the sympathy of everyone in their great sorrow. The funeral services were conducted by Rev. John Porter at Macedonia Church, interment following by Undertaker Myers.

Gallipolis Bulletin
October 1, 1909
Transcribed by Carl E. Queen                                                                             Top of Page

Boster, Kerns

Kerns Boster Died At Home 11 Last Night

Rites To Be Held At Baptist Church Sunday P. M.
     Kerns Boster, of whose hopeless illness there has been mention in these columns, died at 11 o'clock last night at this home, 132 Fourth avenue, He was in his 57th year. Mr. Boster, a native of Harrison tp., had been in failing health a couple of years and had been bedfast for some months. He was a carpenter and molder and most of his years were spent in Gallipolis. He was born Oct. 8, 1885, and was the youngest of eight children of J. Reuben and Emily Kerns Boster. The father is well remember for his political acumen and activity, though he was never a candidate for important office.
     Kerns Boster was married twice. His first wife was Lulu Burnett and she was the mother of these five children who survive them: Russell Boster of Huntington, Mrs. Alice Eggleton of Gallipolis, Richard and William (who were reared in the home of their aunt, Miss Roxie Boster) and Geraldine Boster of Cheshire. There are two grandchildren, Johnnie and Ronald Eggleton.
     Decedent is survived also by his second wife, who was Ada Saunders, and the follwing sisters and brother: Mrs. C. W. Baker, Clay tp.; Mrs. Ernest McCall, Harrison tp.; Carl Boster, Delaware, o.; and Mrs. E. L. Robertson of Banning, Calif.
     Funeral serevices will be held at 2 o'clock Sunday at the First Baptist church, of which Mr. Boster was a member, with Rev. E. Griffith Evans, acting pastor, in charge. Interment will be made in Mound Hill cemetery by C. R. Halley.

[Note: from stone date of death: 16 Jan 1942]

Gallipolis Daily Tribune
Saturday, January 17, 1942
Transcribed by Joanne Galvin                                                               

Boster, Lavina

Neck Broken In Fall Aged Lady Is Killed
Funeral Services for Mrs. K. M. Boster To Be Wednesday
     Mrs. K. M. Boster, 73 of Alice, this county, died at her son's home in Chillicothe Monday morning after a fall down celler steps. Mrs. Boster's neck was broken by the fall.
     Mrs. Boster had returned with her son, Homer Boster, to his home in Chillicothe, after a family reunion Thanksgiving day at the Boster home in Alice. She had spent the week-end with her son's family and was preparing to return to her home Monday morning. The famly had arisen early, in order to make the trip. It was believed that while Mrs. Boster was alone in a room she started to leave the house, opened the wrong door and fell down the basement stairs. She was unconscious when her son reached her, and remained unconscious until she died, a short time later.
     Mrs. Boster, before her marriage was Miss Lavina Lewis. She is survived by her husband, three sons, Chauncey, of near Vinton; Homer of Chillicothe, and Gus of Cincinnati; two daughters, Mrs. Blanche Beard of near Wilkesville, and Grace whose home is in Greenfield. A sister, Mrs. Virginia Boster, makes her home with her daughter Mrs. W. C. Haskins, Grape Street, Gallipolis.
     Mrs. Virginia Boster, who is 87 years old, is the last member of a family of thirteen children. She and her sister married cousins of the same name.
     The body of Mrs. K. M. Boster was brought to her home from Chillicothe Tuesday. Funeral services will be held at 1 o'clock Wednesday afternoon at Morgan Center.

Gallipolis Daily Tribune
Nov 29, 1927
Transcribed by Maxine Marshall                                                                          Top of Page

Boster, Lillie F. [Lindle]

Death of Mrs. Boster
     Mrs. Wilson Boster, of whose critical illness mention was made last week, died at her home in Harrison township on the morning of the 4th of July, aged 25 years, with consumption. Mrs. Boster had been ill for more than a year with lung trouble and her sufferings were distressing to her many friends, but she bore it all with Christian fortitude.
     She was the daughter of the late Joseph Lindle, miller of this city and a large circle of friends and relatives who will grieve at her untimely death. She leaves a husband and a small child only two years old.
     Her funeral services were conducted Sunday morning at Macedonia by Rev. J. L. Porter, her burial following by Undertaker Wetherholt.

Gallipolis Daily Tribune (Pg. 3)
Monday, July 6, 1896
Transcribed by Sandy Milliron 

Boster, Mary

     Mary Alice Boster, 92, of Thurman, died Monday night at Holzer Medical Center following a long illness. She was born Nov 15, 1892 in Guyan Township to the late Lorenzo and Phoebe Ann Thompson Brumfield.
     Survivors include five daughters, Mrs. Arlie Anna) Davis of Patriot, Mrs. Raymond (Catherine) Casey, Mrs. George (Audrey) Brewer and Mrs. Chester (Beulah) Boster, all of Thurman, and Mrs. David (Doris) Jones of Akron; two sons, Williams Sims of Kingston and Charles E. Sims of Circleville; and one brother, Herschel Brumfield of Crown City; 18 grandchildren and 29 grandchildren [as written]. She was preceded in death by two husbands, Charles E. Sims and Gilbert Boster, one son, one brother and two sisters.
     She was a member of the Thurman United Methodist Church and Thurman Grange and was an honoray [sic] member of United Methodist Women. Funeral services will be 1 p.m. Thursday at Thurman United Methodist Church with Rev. Dirk Elliott officiating. Burial will be in Hill Cemetery at Thurman. Friends may call at Waugh-Halley-Wood Funeral Home from 2 to 4 p.m. and 7 to 9 p.m. Wednesday. The body will be taken to the church one hour prior to services and grandsons will serve as pallbearers.

[Note: Died Monday, Oct 7, 1985]

Gallipolis Daily Tribune
Tuesday, October 8, 1985
Transcribed by Maxine Marshall

Boster, Roseyann [Neal]

     Mrs. Alex Boster, of Harrison township, whose severe illness we before mentioned, passed away Monday morning, October 12th, 1896, aged about 56 years, leaving a husband and these children—Mrs. Effie Strait, Miss Gusta Boster and Mr. Charles Boster, the former of Huntington, to mourn the loss of an affectionate wife and parent and a much esteemed lady.
     Mrs. Boster was the daughter of the late John Neal, a prominent citizen of the county. Undertaker Wetherholt conducted her burial at Macedonia Church Tuesday.

[Note: June 8, 1839 – Oct. 12, 1896.]

Gallipolis Daily Tribune (Pg. 3)
Thursday, October 15, 1896
Transcribed by Sandy Milliron

Boster, Virginia

     Mrs. Virginia Boster, 88, died Friday, Dec. 28, 1928 , at the home of her daughter, Mrs. W. E. Haskins, in this city. The funeral was Sunday at Macedonia Church in Harrison Township by Rev. J. L. Porter. Mrs. Boster was the mother of three children the late W. H. H. Boster, Mrs. Haskins, and Mrs. J. N. Kerns of this city.

Gallipolis Daily Tribune
Saturday, December 29, 1928
Transcribed by J. W.Chambers

Boster, Washington

Washington Boster Dead
     Mr. Washington Boster, one of the pioneer residents of Harrison Towship, died at the home of his son, Mr. John R. Boster, last Sunday evening, aged about 87 years. He had been in failing health for some time with infirmities incident to old age. Seven sons with numerous grandchildren survive him. Funeral services were conducted at Macedonia Tuesday morning. Mr. Boster was a fine old gentleman and was respected by all his neighbors and his death will be regretted by a wide circle of friends.

[Note: Date of birth: 23 Nov 1817, date of death: 22 Nov 1903, buried in Macedonia Cemetery, Harrison Twp.]

Gallipolis Bulletin
Nov. 27, 1903
Transcribed by Joanne Galvin

Boster, William

William Boster Dead
     William W. Boster, 63, died Monday of last week at the home of his brother, Jacob Boster, in Huntington.  Funeral services were at Macedonia Wednesday. He leaves a brother, George of Bladen and two sisters, Mrs. W.N. Williams and Mrs. Al Williams and another brother James, all of Thivener.

[Note: Macedonia Cemetery burial record for William W. Boster, b. 1863 Gallia Co. OH, died in 1926.]

Gallipolis Paper
No date
Transcribed by F.K. Brown                                                                                 Top of Page

Boster, William

    William Boster, 66 of Nitro, WV died in South Charleston WV, in Thomas Memorial Hospital after a short illness Tuesday. Born Dec. 2 1926 in Gallipolis, he was the son of the late Kerns Boster and Lula Burnette. He is survived by one son William Boster Jr. of Nitro, WV, one step-son Paul Estes of Nitro WV, one brother Richard R. Boster of Desert Springs, Calif. and one sister Geraldine Bostic of Hillard, Ohio.
     He was a disabled veteran of World War ll, serving in the U.S. Navy and a member of VFW and Amvets. He was a former employee of American Schools and The Gallipolis Daily Tribune as a sports writer.
     Services will be 2 p.m. Friday at Bartlett Chapman Funeral Home 409 Sixth Ave. St. Albans, WV. with Rev. Tom Huff officiating. Burial will be at Union Cemetery, Pliney, WV. Friends may call Thursday at the funeral home from 7 to 9 p.m.

Gallipolis Daily Tribune
Sept 16, 1993
Transcribed by Marian Schoonover  

Boster, William H.H.

Merchant Died Suddenly
Stroke of Apoplexy Caused Death of W.H.H. Boster in Gallipolis Wednesday
     Mr. W.H.H. Boster, a well known resident of this county, merchant and former postmaster at Hilton in Harrison township, suffered a stroke of apoplexy in Gallipolis Wednesday morning, and died the same afternoon in the Holzer hospital where he had been removed for treatment.
     Mr. Boster had driven to this city in a truck on business and while his machine was parked on Second avenue near the post office he fell unconscious. He was given medical attention at once, and as soon as possible was taken to the hospital where he lingered for a few hours and then passed away. His sudden death was a severe shock to his family, relatives and many friends.
     Mr. Boster was aged 67 years and six months at the time of his death. Besides his widow, Elizabeth Haskins Boster, he leaves six sons, E. Gordon Boster of Rio Grande, Harry Boster of Kinsman, Ohio, Dallas of Cleveland, Delbert Boster of Wellston and Arnett and Lawrence Boster at home. Funeral services were held at his late home Friday afternoon by Rev. W.E. Ewing, interment following at Macedonia.

[Note: William Boster was born May 14, 1867, and died November 12, 1940.

Gallia Times
Unknown date
Transcribed by Deanna Partlow

Boster, W. H. H.

Paralytic Stroke Proves Fatal to Boster

Stricken Man Passes Away at 4 p.m. Wednesday
     William Henry Harrison Boster died at the Holzer Hospital Wednesday, November 12, 1940 at 4:15 p.m. from an attack of paralysis he suffered a few hours earlier in the day, at the age of 67 years and 6 months.  He leaves his widow, Elizabeth Haskins Boster, and six sons, Gordon of Rio Grande, Harry of Kinsman, O., Dallas of Cleveland, Delbert of Wellston, and Arnett and Lawrence at home. One son preceded him in death. Mr. Boster was well known in the county and in Gallipolis and had conducted a store at Hilton for a number of years.
     His funeral will be held at his home Friday at 2 p.m.  by Rev. W. E. Ewing with burial at Macedonia Cemetery by Geo. J. Wetherholt & Sons.

Gallipolis Daily Tribune
Thursday, November 19th, 1940
Transcribed by Deanna Partlow

Boster, Winona [Brothers]

Death of Mrs. Boster
     Mrs. Winona Boster, wife of Mr. Reuben Boster, merchant and farmer over the river, and whose post office address is Elwell, W. Va., died last evening about ten o’clock, leaving five children, the youngest an infant.
     She will be brought to this side of the river and will be interred in the Plymale burying ground by Undertaker Wetherholt at one o’clock Friday. She is said to have been an estimable lady.

 [Note: 12/20/1873 – 12/20/1899; Age 26 yrs. She was the daughter of Coldius J. & Lourana E. Plymale Brothers. The information from W.Va. Vital Records.]

Gallipolis Daily Tribune
Thursday, December 21, 1899
Transcribed by Sandy Milliron

Bostic, Alton

     Alton (Cricket) Bostic, 81, formerly of Patriot Star Route, died Tuesday at Holzer Medical Center. He was a retired farmer. Born March 23, 1906, in Perry Township, he was a son of the late Ross and Etta Clark Bostic. Surviving are two sisters, Mrs. Miriam Clagg and Mrs. Mamie Erit, both of Gallipolis, several nieces and nephews. He was preceded in death by four brothers and one sister. He attended Salem Baptist Church.

Gallipolis Daily Tribune
Tuesday, June 23rd, 1987

Area deaths
Alton Bostic
      Services for Alton (Cricket) Bostick, 81, who died Tuesday at Holzer Medical Center, will be 2:30 p.m. Thursday from Waugh-Halley-Wood Funeral home, Rev. John D. Davis officiating. Burial follows in Salem Cemetery. Friends may call at the funeral home, Wednesday, 7 to 9 p.m.

[Note: Alton Bostic died June 23, 1987. He was born March 23, 1906, to Ross M. and Etta Bostic.]

Gallipolis Daily Tribune
Wednesday, June 24th, 1987
Transcribed by Deanna Partlow

Bostic, Alvin Osco

“Os” Bostic Dies in His 77th Yr.
Rites at Bethesda Church Tuesday Afternoon
     Alvin Osco Bostic, 76, died at 1 p.m. Sunday at the home of his brother. Emmett Bostic, near Bladen. That he was critically ill had been made known in these columns.
     Prior to his last illness, Mr. Bostic had lived on upper First Avenue for some years and probably half of his lifetime was spent in Gallipolis. For a considerable time, he was a close associate of the late Rudy Mack, attorney.
     Mr. Bostic was a son of R. F. and Matilda Hively Bostic and was born in Walnut tp., Nov. 25, 1865. He married Dora Marcum and the surviving children of this union are Harley Bostic of Parkersburg, Mrs. Ruth Morrison of Tuscola, Fla., Mrs. Mildred Spencer of Charleston, Mrs. Fay Lowry of Belle, W. Va. There are two brothers, Everett of Columbus and Emmett.
     Funeral services will be held at the Bethesda Church at 2 o’clock Tuesday, with Rev. Earl Cremeens in charge. Burial there by O. E. Elliott.

Gallipolis Daily Tribune
Monday, Feb. 23, 1942
Transcribed by Sandy Lee Milliron                                                                       Top of Page

Bostic, Annie M.

Annie M. Bostic Called By Death
     Annie Maria Bostic, 74, died at the home of Charles Cargo, Bladen, at 2 a.m. today after a lingering illness. She was born to W.B. Cash and Margaret Rumbaugh, March 26, 1878 at Winfield, WV. She was the widow of George Bostic, who died Sept. 25, 1951.
     Five sisters and three brothers survive: Mrs. Charles Cargo, Bladen; Mrs. Emma Baker, Winfield; Mrs. Myrtle Rose, St. Albans; Mrs. Hattie McGill, Red House; Mrs. Pearl Sheets, Millbury; Clarence Cash, Athens; Everett and William Cash, Winfield, WV. A sister, Mrs. Clara May Hoffner, Middleport, preceded her in death.
     Services will be at 2 p.m. Thursday at Providence Baptist Church with the Rev. Conely officiating. Body will be at home Wednesday evening at 7 p.m. until the time of the services. F.L. Stevers has charge.

[Note: Death Certificate...born March 26, 1878 Winfield, WV; died July 8, 1952; aged 74 years]

Gallipolis Daily Tribune
Tuesday, July 8th, 1952
Transcribed by F. K. Brown

Bostick, Arnold V.

Arnold V. Bostic
     Arnold V. Bostic, 74, of Ravena, N.Y., died Feb. 25 at the Albany Medical Center in Albany, N.Y. He was born on Aug. 10, 1913 in Gallia County, the son of the late Vinton and Nellie Colliers Bostic. He served three years in the Army in World War II. He worked as a safety engineer with the New York State Thruway before he retired. He was active in all local affairs of his community.
     He was preceded in death by a daughter and a brother. He is survived by his wife, Eugenia Bostic; a stepson , John Dalger of Copake Falls, N.Y.; three brothers, Emory Bostic of Spring Hill, Fla., John and Ray Bostic of Gallipolis; two sisters, Effie Mayes of Gallipolis and Audrey Malone of Grove City, two step grandchildren and several nieces and nephews.
     Services were held at the Caswell Funeral Home in Ravena NY. He was buried at Chestnut Hill Cemetery, New Baltimore, Greene Co. NY

[Note: Arnold Bostic died Feb. 25, 1988]

The Gallipolis Daily Tribune
Friday, March 23, 1988
Transcribed by  Deanna Partlow

Bostic, David F.

David F. Bostic Dies At Home This Morning
Funeral Is Set For 4 P.M. Sunday At Residence
     At 2 o’clock this morning death ended the long and distressing illness of David Floyd Bostic. He passed away at his home which occupied a site alongside his birthplace, near Mt. Olive church in Walnut Tp. Family and friends have known of his hopeless condition, and there was a turn for the worse on Tuesday. Over a period of years he had suffered a series of strokes. He was tenderly cared for by his wife Rose Grace Bostic and his youngest son and wife Mr. and Mrs. David Bostic Jr. Nothing was left undone that would allay his suffering.
     Mr. Bostic was in his 72nd year, having been born Feb. 7, 1871. He was a son of Thomas and Caroline Reamsnyder Bostic-the latter a native of Germany and the former of German descent.
Mr. Bostic was regarded as one of the old wheelhorses of the Democratic party in this county. He had served as a member of the County Board of Elections and he had friends in every township.
     Surviving besides the wife (who was a Keller) and the son already named are six other children: Roy F. and Maurice Bostic, Mrs. Oscar Reese and Miss Magdalene Bostic, all of Columbus; Robert Bostic, Huntington, and Mrs. Ralph Schrader of Glen Rock, N. J. One of the surviving nephews, Otto Bostic Jr., was reared in the D. F. Bostic home. There are also two brothers and a sister living: Otto Bostic and Mrs. E. E. Wiseman of Bowling Green, Landon Bostic of Patriot.
     Mr. Bostic was a member of the Patriot lodge of Masons. Funeral services will be conducted at the residence at 4 o’clock Sunday by Rev. Orville Hall of Zanesville, under Masonic auspices. Interment will be made in Olive cemetery by W. W. Phillips of Waterloo.

[Note: From death certificate date of death June 5, 1942.]

Gallipolis Daily Tribune
Friday, June 5, 1942
Transcribed by Debbie Carter Evans

Bostic, Emma

Emma Bostic
     Emma Bostic died at her father's residence, in Ohio Township, November 22, 1881, in the fourth year of her age.

Who can tell but thou art sleeping,
Of those who looked upon thy form,
While thy parents still were weeping
For the loss of their bright morn.

May they their sorrows overcome,
By clinging to the recollection
That on each dear little one
God places his affection.

Weep not, father, weep not, mother,
For they child has gone before;
I'll insure the angels knew her
And made hast to open the door.

Just imagine you can see her
Standing on the other shore,
Waiting for the mighty reaper
To bring her loved ones o'er.

Gallipolis Paper
Nov. 22, 1881
Transcribed by F.K. Brown                                                                                Top of Page

Bostic, Emmett T.

Year’s Illness Fatal To E.T. Bostic, 75
     A year’s illness of cancer of the stomach proved fatal at 1:45 p.m. Wednesday to Emmett T. Bostic, 75, whose home was at 925 Third Ave. Son of Frank and Matilda Hively Bostick, the decedent married Ada Holcomb, who survives with a son, Emmett Jr., employee of the C and O Railroad, a daughter, Mrs. Londora Luckey, of Jacksonville, Fla.; and two stepsons, J. K. Taylor, Jacksonville, Fla., and C. O. Taylor, Sikeston, Mo.. A brother, Everett Bostic, lives in Colorado.
     Funeral services will be held at 2 p.m. Saturday in Bethel Church, back of Bladen, the Rev. Earl Cremeans officiating, and burial will be made by O. E. Elliott in Bethel Cemetery.

[Note: Emmett Bostic was born March 30, 1874, and died Feb. 2, 1949.

Gallipolis Daily Tribune
Friday, February 4th, 1949
Transcribed by Deanna Partlow

Bostic, Etta M. [Clark]

Lifelong Resident Of Gage Claimed
     Mrs. Etta M. Bostic, 92, a lifelong resident of the Gage community died at 4:30 p.m. Wednesday in Holzer hospital. She had been in failing health for several years and her condition had been serious for two weeks.
     Mrs. Bostic was born in Perry twp. on Aug. 19, 1868, the daughter of the late George and Sarah Donalds Clark. Her marriage to Ross Bostic took place in 1893 and he preceded her in death in 1946.
     Children who survive that union are Mrs. Lloyd (Opal) Gothard and Mrs. Floyd (Mamie) Erit both of Rodney, Gomer Bostic of Centenary, John and Alton Bostic, both of Gage and Mrs. Lando (Miriam) Clagg of Waterloo Star Rt. There are six grandchildren and 16 great-grandchildren. Two sons Oden and Gibb died in 1957 and 1960. Five brothers and one sister preceded her in death.
     Mrs. Bostic was a member of the Salem Baptist church and services will be held there at 2 p.m. Sunday. Rev. Earl Cremeens will officiate, and burial will follow in the church cemetery under the direction of the Waugh-Halley-Wood Funeral home. Friends may call at the late home after 4 p.m. Friday and until the hour of the service. Pallbearers will be Nelson Bostic, Leslie Rayburn, Delbert Erit, Neal Rouse, Jim Walters, and Freddie Pelfry.

Gallipolis Daily Tribune
Thursday, April 20, 1961
Transcribed by Sandy Milliron

Bostic, George

Bostic Services Set Thursday
     George Bostic, 68, died at his home on Teens Run Road, near Bladen, at 10:30 a.m. today. He had been ill for some time. He was a farmer. Mr. Bostic's parents were Millard F. Bostic and Nancy Houck. His widow is Annie M. Cash.
     Surviving are sisters, Mrs. Elmer Hull, Bladen; Mrs. Foster (Minnie) Broyles, Bladen and brothers Emory, Bladen and Chauncey, Fostoria.
     Funeral services will be held at 2 p.m. Thursday at the Providence Baptist Church. The Rev. David Bates will be in charge. The body will remain at the F.L. Stevers Mortuary until 1 p.m. Thursday. Interment will be at Providence Cemetery.

[Note: Death Certificate: born March 5, 1883; died Sept. 25, 1951; aged 68 years 6 months and 20 days.]

Gallipolis Daily Tribune
Tuesday, September 25th, 1951
Transcribed by F. K. Brown

Bostic, Gladys

     Gladys Bostic, 76, Gallipolis, died Thursday, June 25, 1998 at her residence. Born July 20, 1921, in Gallia County, daughter of the late Edgar and American Ellen Roush Donnally, she was a homemaker. She was a member of the First Baptist Church of Gallipolis.
     Surviving are her husband, John C. Bostic, whom she married June 24, 1939 in Greenup, Ky.; a daughter, Rosalie (John) Jarvis of Gallipolis; four sons, Charles (Cathy) Bostic, Kenny (Sue Ann) Bostic and Rodger Bostic, all of Gallipolis, and Donald Lee (Lisa) Bostic of Chicago, Ill.; 12 grandchildren and 15 great-grandchildren; and a sister Melba Abbott of Point Pleasant, W. Va.
     She was also preceded in death by a daughter, Betty Bostic Meadows, in 1993, and by a brother Billy Donnally.
     Services will be 2 p.m. Sunday in the Willis Funeral Home, with Pastor Archie Conn officiating. Burial will be in the Ohio Valley Memory Gardens. Friends may call at the funeral home from 6-9 p.m. Saturday.

Gallipolis Daily Tribune
Friday, June 26, 1998
Transcribed by Sandy Lee Milliron                                                                        Top of Page

Bostic, Gomer Hollis

     GALLIPOLIS - Gomer Hollis Bostic, 66, Gallipolis Route 2, an employe of the Marietta Manufacturing Co., died at 11:20 p.m. Friday in Holzer Hospital, where he had been admitted six hours earlier. He had been in failing health several years but in serious condition the last two weeks.
     Born in Perry Twp., he was the son of the late Ross and Etta Clark Bostic. He had been employed as a ship fitter at the Marietta plant since 1944 and was a member of the Boilermakers Union, Local 610, Point Pleasant.
     He is survived by his wife, Effie, a son, Nelson Bostic and a daughter, Mrs. Leslie (Dorothy) Rayburn, both of Gallipolis; two brothers, Alton and John Bostic, Patriot Star Route, three sisters, Mrs. Lando (Miriam) Clagg, Patriot Star Route, Mrs. Floyd (Opal) Gothard and Mrs. Floyd (Mamie    
Services will be conducted at 2 p.m. Tuesday at the Salem Baptist Church at Gage by the Rev. Earl V. Cremeans. He will be buried in Salem Cemetery. Friends may call at the Waugh-Halley-Wood funeral home from 2-4 and 7-9 p.m. Sunday and from 6-9 p.m. Monday

Athens Sunday Messenger
March 7, 1965
Transcribed by Sandy L. Milliron

Bostic, John C.

     John C. Bostic 86, of Gallipolis, Ohio passed away on Friday, December 23, 2005 at the Holzer Medical Center. He was born on June 3, 1919 in Gallia Co., Ohio son of the late David V. and Nellie Collins Bostic. He was married to Gladys Donnally Bostic on June 24, 1939 and she preceded in him death on June 25, 1998. John was retired from the Evans Packing House with 40 years of service where he was a foreman and a butcher. He was a World War II US Navy veteran; a charter member of the V.F.W. Post 4464; and a member of the First Baptist Church in Gallipolis, and a former member of the Patriot Grange.
     Surviving is his daughter Rosalie and John Jarvis of Gallipolis, and four sons, Charles and Cathy Bostic, Kenny and Sue Ann Bostic, Rodger and Mary Bostic all of Gallipolis and Don Lee Bostic of Chicago, Ill.; a son-in-law Charles Meadows of Gallipolis, a sister-in-law Melba Abbott of Pt. Pleasant, WV; 12 Grandchildren; 21 Great Grandchildren; 1 great great grandchild; several nieces and nephews.
     He was preceded in death by his parents; wife Gladys Bostic in 1998, a daughter Betty Jane Meadows; 4 brothers Arnold, Ray, Emmett, and Emory Bostic; 2 Sisters, Audrey Malone, and Effie Mayes.
     Services will be 1 p.m. Wednesday, December 28, 2005 at Willis Funeral Home with Pastor Joseph Godwin officiating. Burial will follow in Ohio Valley Memory Gardens. Friends may call on Tuesday December 27, 2005 from 6-9 p.m. at the funeral home. His grandsons will serve as pallbearers.

Gallipolis Daily Tribune
December 24, 2005
Transcribed by Cheryl A. Enyart                                                                     

Bostic, John W.

John Bostic, 74, Dies in Columbus
Born And Reared At Mercerville; One Daughter Survives
     Funeral services for John W. Bostic, 74, of 140 Eureka Ave., Columbus, will be held at 2 p.m. Tuesday in the Noble L. Allen funeral home with the Rev. Howard Schoof officiating.  Burial will be in Sunset Cemetery.
     Mr. Bostic, a native of Mercerville, suffered a stroke five weeks ago and his relatives hereabouts were aware of his serious condition.
     He was a son of David Bostic and his mother was a Pope.  He married Cora Fraley, a sister of the late John and William Fraley.  The Bostics located in Columbus about 30 years ago.  For many of those years he was janitor at both the W. Broad St. and John Burroughs schools.  Mrs. Bostic died about two years ago.
     Surviving are a daughter, Mrs. Mary Sullivan, Columbus; a brother, Albert Bostic, Dayton, and two sisters, Mrs. Minnie Price, Evansville, Ind., and Mrs. Rippe, Seattle, Wash.
     Mrs. John Fraley and son, Loren, and Mrs. Fairy Fraley Moore will attend the rites.  They had visited the Bostic home during Mr. Bostic's last illness.

[Note: John W. Bostic was born 24 February 1873 in Mercerville; he died 31 May 1947 in Columbus, Franklin Co. OH.]

Gallipolis Daily Tribune
June 2nd, 1947
Transcribed by Theresa E. Smith                                                                       Top of Page

Bostic, Joseph Vinton

Gallia Native Dies Sunday in Columbus
     Joseph Vinton Bostic, 84, a native of Gallia county, died Sunday afternoon in Doctors Hospital, Columbus. A retired farmer, he was born in Walnut twp. On April 26, 1882, son of the late Thomas and Phoebe Duval Bostic. His marriage was to the former Nellie Collins, who preceded him in death in 1947.
     He is survived by four sons and two daughters, Mrs. John C. (Effie) Mayes and John Bostic, both of Gallipolis, Arnold Bostic of Albany, N.Y., Emory Bostic of Newark, Ray Bostic and Mrs. Cloyd (Audrey) Malone, both of Columbus. There are 14 grandchildren and seven great grand-children. Four sisters survive, and three brothers are deceased. Two of the grandsons are serving in the U.S. Marine Corps overseas.
     Services will be held at 2 p.m., Wednesday at the Walnut Ridge Church. Rev. Joseph Chapman will officiate, and burial will be in the church cemetery under direction of the Wetherholt-Elliott Funeral home. Friends may call at the funeral home after 4 p.m., today.

[Note: Joseph Bostic died Jan. 1, 1967.]

Sunday, January 8th, 1967
Transcribed by Deanna Partlow

Bostic, Mabel

Mrs. Bostic Is Claimed At 62 In Huntington
     Mrs. Mabel Bostic, 62, a native of Gallipolis, died at 2 p.m. Saturday in Huntington. She was born here Nov. 16, 1900, daughter of the late James E. and Lottie M. Betz and spent her early years in this community.
     Her marriage to Robert T. Bostic of Cadmus took place in 1922, and he survives along with a daughter, Mrs. Catherine Kilgore of Huntington. There are two grandchildren. Other survivors are four brothers and a sister, Max Betz of Gallipolis, Charles Betz of Columbus, Robert Betz of Langsville, Albert Betz of Athens and Mrs. Edith Duckworth of Roanoke, Va. Attorney Robert S. Betz of Gallipolis is a nephew. Two brothers who preceded her in death were Lawrence of Nitro, W. Va. and Homer of Gallipolis.
    Mrs. Betz was a member of the First Baptist Church. Services will be held at 1 p.m. Tuesday at the Steel Funeral Home in Huntington. Burial will be in Huntington. Friends may call at the funeral home after 2 p.m. today.

Gallipolis Daily Tribune
Monday, July 15, 1963
Transcribed by Sandy Lee Milliron

Bostick, Mary Ann  [Stewart]

Aged Widow Of M. Bostick Dies At Null Home
Nearly 150 Decedents Include 12 Children – Funeral at 2 Thursday
     Mrs. Mary Ann Bostick, widow of Michael Bostick, died at 10:30 Tuesday morning at the home of her son-in-law and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. Samuel L. Null, on the Gallia county end of Greasy Ridge, Patriot, R.D. 1. Her age was 87 years and one month. Her husband died in Huntington 10 years ago.
     Though she had been somewhat infirm for a year or more, Mrs. Bostick’s last illness was of brief duration. She became ill Monday and succumbed the following day to an intestinal ailment.

Head of Huge Family

     Mrs. Bostick stood at the apex of a remarkable family group representing five generations. She was the mother of 12 children---11 daughters and one son—all living. When her 85th birthday was celebrated in 1934 with a big family reunion and dinner, Mrs. Bostick’s descendants included, besides the children, two great-great-grandchildren, 87 great-grandchildren and 50 grandchildren. There has been but little if any change in the totals since then, close kinsmen told The Tribune.
     Mrs. Bostick was born in McConnelsville June 21, 1849, and she was the last survivor of the family of George Stewart, a native of Germany.
     Her home after marriage was just below Lecta but had divided her time among her children the last 12 years. The children are: Mrs. Edward Carroll, Akron; Mrs. Herbert Notter and Mrs. Oscar Brumfield, Lecta; Mrs. B. L. Null, Patriot; Mrs. Frank Neal, Northup; Mrs. L. L. Cremeens, Crown City; Mrs. T. S. Stewart, Andy Bostick, Mrs. Charles D. Myers, Mrs. Flossie Brumfield, Mrs. Kelly Belville, Mrs. Clarence Edwards, all of Huntington. Among the grandchildren are Harold Notter and Raymond Cremeens, well-known barbers of Gallipolis.
     Mrs. Bostick was a member of the Walnut Ridge United Brethren church, and it is there the funeral services will be held at 2 o’clock Thursday, in charge of Rev. John Wickline. Burial at the same place by A. E. Tope.

[Note: June 21, 1849 – July 21, 1936; Age 87 yrs. 1 month.]

Gallipolis Daily Tribune
Wednesday, July 22, 1936
Transcribed by Sandy L. Milliron

Bostic, Minnie [Sowards]

Long Illness Ends for Minnie May Bostic; Last Rites Monday
    Mrs. Minnie May Bostic, wife of Emory C. Bostic, died early this morning at her home near Bladen. She was in her 63rd year and her death follows an illness of nine years. Mrs. Bostic was the daughter of the late Charles H. and Sarah Gothard Sowards and was born in Guyan Township. She is survived in addition to her husband by a sister, Mrs. John Beaver of Northup, and two brothers, Eustace of Bladen and Fred Sowards of Barboursville, W. Va. She was a member of French City Council, Daughters of America, under whose auspices last rites will be held. Funeral services are set for Monday at 2 p.m. at Providence Baptist Church where she long had been a member. Rev. Jennings Cremeens will officiate, and burial will follow in the church cemetery by F. I. Stevers. The body will remain at the home until the funeral hour.

Gallipolis Daily Tribune
Saturday, May 10th, 1941
Transcribed by Joanne Galvin

Services for Mrs. Bostic, Held Monday
     Following her death Saturday at the family home near Bladen, funeral services for Mrs. Emory C. Bostic were held in Providence Baptist Church Monday afternoon by Rev. Jennings Cremeens.
     Mrs. Bostic was born in Guyan Township nearly 63 years ago. Her husband, sister, Mrs. John Beaver of Northup, and brothers, Eustace and Fred Sowards, survive her.
     She was a member of French City Council, Daughters of America, and that organization was represented at the last rites.

Gallipolis Daily Tribune
Tuesday, May 13th, 1941
Transcribed by Joanne Galvin                                                                             Top of Page

Bostic, Ola Samantha

Ola Bostic Dies at 4 A.M. Today
     Ola Bostic, a resident of Rt. 1, Patriot, Rt. 775 near Mudsoc died at 4 a.m. today in Holzer hospital. She was a lifelong resident of the county, and was the daughter of the late John and Martha Neal Bostic. She was preceded in death by a sister and brother. The body is at the Wetherholt-Elliott Funeral home and funeral arrangements and other details will be announced later.

[Note: Ola Bostic was born Jan. 7, 1886.  She died Oct. 27, 1964, and is buried at the Neal Cemetery in Walnut Twp.]

Gallipolis Daily Tribune
Tuesday, October 27th, 1964

Services Announced 
     Services for Miss Ola Bostic, 78, a resident of Rt. 1 Patriot, who died early Tuesday in Holzer Hospital, will be held at 2 p.m. Thursday at Walnut Methodist Church at Mudsoc. Rev. Frank Fenton will officiate, and burial will be in the Neal Cemetery under the direction of the Wetherholt-Elliott Funeral Home. Friends may call at the funeral home until the hour of the service, and the body will lie in state for one hour at the church prior to the services. Miss Bostic was born in this county Jan. 7, 1886, daughter of the late John T. and Martha Neal Bostic. She was preceded in death by a sister and brother.

Gallipolis Daily Tribune
Wednesday, October 28th, 1964
Transcribed by Deanna Partlow

Bostic, Ray Stanley

     Ray Stanley Bostic, 77, Gallipolis (Eureka Community), died Tuesday, Oct. 5, 1999 in Grove City.
Born July 30, 1922 in Gallia County, son of the late Vinton Nellie Collins Bostic, he retired in 1985 as a machinist from the Columbus Bolt Works. He was both a U.S. Army and Navy veteran of World War II, and was a member of the VVFW Post 4464, Gallipolis, and American Legion Lafayette Post 27. He was a Master Mason, and a member of the Gallia Lodge 469, Free and Accepted Masons of Ohio.
     Surviving are two sons, Robert Raymond(Shelly) Bostic of Galloway and Raymond William Bostic of Columbus: a granddaughter; two brothers John Bostic of Gallipolis, and Emory Bostic of Newark; his former wife Barbara Galloway Bostic of Columbus; and several nieces and nephews. He was also preceded in death by two sisters, Effie Mays and Audrey Malone, and a brother, Arnold Bostic.
     Services will be 1 p.m. Saturday in the Cremeens Funeral Chapel, with the Rev. James Patterson officiating. Burial will be in the Walnut Ridge Cemetery, near Lecta. Friends may call at the chapel from 6-8 p.m. Friday. Masonic services will be conducted in the chapel by Gallia Lodge 469 of the F & AM at 8 p.m. Friday. Military graveside services will be conducted by VFW Post 4464 and American Legion Lafayette Post 27.

Gallipolis Daily Tribune
Thursday, October 7th, 1999
Transcribed by J. Farley

Bostic, Rosa Grace

Bostic Rites To Be Monday
     Funeral services will be held Monday afternoon for Mrs. Rosa Bostic, Walnut Twp., who died in Holzer Hospital here Friday at 10:55 a.m. Mrs. Bostic, 76, had been a patient at the hospital for two weeks. Decedent’s husband, David Bostic, whom she married in 1895, died in 1943. The Bostics spent their entire married life in Walnut Twp., where they operated a farm located on State Rt. 141. A daughter of the late Robert and Ada Ripley Keller, Mrs. Bostic was born in the township where she spent virtually her entire life on March 14, 1875. She was a member of the Sandfork Baptist Church and of the Gallipolis chapter of Eastern Star.
     Surviving are seven children: Roy F. Bostic, Mrs. Oscar Reese, Maurice Bostic, and Miss Magdalene Bostic, all of Columbus; Robert of Huntington, Mrs. Ralph Schrader of Navco, Ala., and Davis Bostic at home. A nephew who was reared in the Bostic home, Jerry Bostic, resides at Huntington.
     Rites Monday will be at 2 p.m. from the Olive Church with the Rev. Henry Lynd in charge. Burial will be in Olive Cemetery under the direction of the Phillips Funeral Home of Ironton. The body will be at the residence after 5 p.m. today.

The Gallia Times
Saturday, March 31, 1951
Transcribed by Sandy L. Milliron

Bostic, Stanton Simeon

S. S. Bostic, 76, of Walnut Tp. Passes Away
Funeral Rites for Retired Grocer Are Set for 2:30 Wednesday At Bethesda
     Stanton Simeon Bostic, retired grocer of Northup R.D. died at the Holzer Hospital at 4:20 Monday afternoon. He had been brought there two weeks ago last Sunday and underwent an operation for prostate trouble. His illness began but a few weeks before that.
     Mr. Bostic was in his 77th year, having been born in this county on April 27, 1863, the son of Robert F. and Matilda Ann Hively Bostic, who were natives of Virginia. Formerly he was in the grocery business in Guyandotte. From there he moved back to this county and opened near Bethesda but quit business two or three years ago.
     When a young man he married Dora Jones, who died years ago. Five children were born to them, but the only survivor is Mrs. A. J. Ropeter, who lives but a short distance from her father's home. There are two grandchildren, Don C. and Catherine Grace Bostic, both of Indianpolis. Also surviving are three brothers, A.O. (Os) Bostic, Gallipolis; J. Everett Bostic, Columbus and Emmett T., Bladen.
     Funeral services will be conducted by Rev. C.W. Frye at Bethesda at 2:30 Wednesday. Interment at the same place by O.E. Elliott.

[Note: In a second clipping (memorial) date of death August 27, 1939. Two of his sons died in infancy- Thurman Esco and Stanley Otho. Daughter Matilda Grace died in 1910 and another son, Edwin O. died in 1923.]

Gallipolis Daily Tribune
Tuesday, August 29, 1939
Transcribed by Lynn Anders                                                                                Top of Page

Bostic, T. O.

T. O. Bostic Rites Set for 1 Monday
Burial Will Be In Olive Cemetery Near Cadmus
     Arrangements for the funeral of Thomas Otto Bostic, who died Wednesday at Bowling Green, have been completed. The last rites will be held Monday at 1 p.m. at Olive Methodist Church, near Cadmus. Burial will be in the church cemetery. The body will lie in state from 11 to 1 p.m. and the casket will not be opened after the service.
     Mr. Bostic was a native of Gallia County and was 69 years old last March 6. Death was sudden and was from a heart attack. He was twice married - his first wife, to whom he was married in 1905, was Daisy McDaniel and they were the parents of a daughter, Margaret, who now lives at Bowling. [sic] His second marriage, after his first wife's death, was to Zana Hively, who survives with three children: Herman of San Diego, Calif., Freda of Paulding and Otto Jr. (Jerry) of Gallipolis. He also leaves a brother, Landon, and a sister, Mrs. Esco Wiseman, both of Bowling Green, five grandchildren and one great-grandchild.
     He was a member of the Masonic lodge at Bowling Green.

Gallipolis Daily Tribune
May 3, 1946
Transcribed by Maxine Marshall

Bostick, Grace Matilda

Death of a Young Lady
     Miss Grace Bostick, a young lady of 17, daughter of Staunton Bostick of Walnut tp., died Tuesday. She had been ill from a cold taken last winter. She was a nice young lady and a sister-in-law of Augustus Ropeter.
     Her funeral and burial were at the German church on German Ridge, Walnut township Thursday. Several brothers and sisters and her parents survive her who have the sympathy of all in their bereavement.

[Note: May 6, 1894 – July 26, 1910; Age 16 yrs. 2 mos. 20 das. She was the daughter of Stanton & Dora Jones Bostick. Death record has the cause of death as Pulmonary Tuberculosis. She is buried in Bethesda Cemetery.]

Gallipolis Daily Tribune (Pg. 2)
Friday, July 29, 1910
Transcribed by Sandy Milliron

Bostick, James W.

Former Vinton Man Found Dead in Chair
Heart Disease Caused Death of James W. Bostick at Marion
     James W. Bostick, 74, was found dead in a chair at the home of his son, John Bostick, in Marion the latter part of the week.  Organic heart disease was the cause of his death.  The funeral and burial were in Marion.
Mr. Bostick, a retired farmer, was born in Gallia county June 20, 1853, the son of John W. and Cynthia Carter Bostick.
     His wife has been dead nine years. He leaves a daughter, Mrs. Alma Littrell of Fostoria, four sons, John at home, William of Fostoria, Harrison and James of California, and a sister, Miss Mildred F. Bostick of Gallia county.
Mr. Bostick lived at Vinton until about three years ago, when he moved to Marion.

Gallia Times
Dec. 15, 1927
Transcribed by Nancy McMillan

Bostick, Lula

     Miss Lula E. Bostick, long time Walnut twp. resident, died early Thursday. Miss Bostick, born in Walnut twp. in 1880, was in her early years, a school teacher at various county schools and for a two-year period, taught in Illinois. In 1917 she went to Washington, D. C., to work with the war department where she remained for 30 years.
     After her retirement, she made her home with her sister, Ola Bostick, at the family homestead near Mudsoc. She had been Sandfork correspondent for the Gallia Times for many years.
     Funeral services will be held Sunday at 2 p. m. at the Walnut Methodist church. Burial will be in Neal cemetery. Friends may call at the late home from Saturday afternoon until time of the funeral.

Gallipolis Daily Tribune
Friday, April 26, 1957
Transcribed by Sandy Milliron

Bostick, Oden

War Veteran Dies Saturday
     Oden Bostick, 63, a veteran of World War I, died at his Rodney home at 6:55 p.m., Saturday. He engaged in farming and had lived in the Rodney community for eleven years. Bostick was a native of Perry Twp., where he was born on Jan. 11, 1894, the son of the late Ross and Etta Clark Bostick. He was one of eight children and the other seven survive. He was married to the former Clara Mae Saunders of Gallipolis at Pt. Pleasant on Oct. 28, 1927, and she survives.
     The brothers and sisters who survive are: Mrs. Floyd (Opal) Gotherd and Mrs. Floyd (Mamie) Erit, both of Rodney, Gilbert, John and Allen, all of Waterloo Star Rt., Mrs. Lando (Mariam) Clagg of Alexandria and Gomer of Gage. Bostick was a member of the Disabled American Veterans and the American Legion.
     Funeral services will be held in the Centenary Methodist Church at 2 p.m., Tuesday. Rev Earl Cremeens will officiate and burial will be in Centenary Cemetery under the direction of Miller’s Home for Funerals. Friends may call at the late home. Pallbearers will be Clay Fellure, Paul Owens, Earl Roberts, Isaac Sheets, Willie Eads and James Nibert.

Gallipolis Daily Tribune
Monday, May 27, 1957
Transcribed by Sandy L. Milliron

Bostick, Phoebe

Phoebe Bostick, 77, Dies In Walnut Tp.
     Mrs. Phoebe Duvall Bostick, 77, died at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Thomas Collins, near Flag Springs, at 1:30 Tuesday. She had been ill a week and death was the result of heart disease. Decedent was the widow of Thomas Bostick, who died 10 years ago.
     Four sons and four daughters survive: Dow, Riley, Vinton, Lozier, Mrs. Lela Duteil, Mrs. Lottie Collins, Mrs. Lennie Harmon and Mrs. Loma Bostick. There are also two sisters and a brother: Mrs. Isabelle Justice, Sciotoville; Mrs. Emma Jones, Athalia, and Joey Duvall, Huntington.
     Short funeral services will be held at Walnut Ridge at 2 Friday. Burial at the same place by O.E. Elliott.

[Note: From death certificate date of birth January 31, 1860; date of death March 31, 1937; father George Duvall; mother Mary Irion.]

Gallipolis Daily Tribune
Thursday, April 1, 1937
Transcribed by Lynn Anders                                                                              Top of Page

Bostick, Sarah A.

     Mrs. J. M. Bostick, living on Swan Creek, died Tuesday, 22 d, of stomach trouble, aged sixty-six. She left a family of grown up children to mourn her death. She was a kind and affectionate mother and friend. Her burial was at Bethel church Thursday morning, by Wetherholt, beside her husband, who died a year ago this month.

Gallipolis Journal
December, 29, 1896
Transcribed by Jessica L. Weber

Bostick, Sarah Elizabeth [McCarley]

Sarah Bostick Called By Death
     Mrs. Sarah Elizabeth Bostick, 86, died Sunday at Columbus, according to word received here by her niece, Mrs. Basil Evans. She was born near Cadmus April 26, 1856, the daughter of Frank and Jane Danner McCarley. She was the last of 10 children and a sister of the late Rev. R. P. McCarley. She is survived by one son, Marion Loucks, Northup. Mr. and Mrs. Basil Evans will attend the funeral services which will be held at 2:30 p.m. Wednesday at the Baptist Church at Jeffersonville near Ironton.

Gallipolis Daily Tribune
Tuesday, February 24, 1953
Transcribed by Sandy L. Milliron

Bostick, Infant Child

     The infant child of Mr. Ad Bostick of Walnut township only a week old died last Saturday.

[Note: First name unknown. There is an Addison Bostick buried in Olive Cemetery in Walnut Township in 1936, so could be the father.]

Gallipolis Daily Tribune
Tuesday, January 16, 1900
Transcribed by Sandy Milliron

Bostock, Bessie King

Bladen Native Dies At Sapulpa, Okla.
     Mrs. Bessie King Bostock, wife of Frank Bostock and a native of the Bladen community, died last Saturday at her home in Sapulpa, Okla. She was a first cousin of Curtis and Emary A. Clark and W. A. Lanier of the lower end of the county. Interment was made at Sapulpa.
     Decedent was a daughter of the late Albert H. King. She is survived by, in addition to the husband, four children: Alberta of Miami, Fla.; Violet and Mary Jane, at home; King Bostock of Tulsa; a sister, Ethel Joyce, Sapulpa; and a brother, Ralph C. King of the King Box & Lumber Co . of Huntington.

[Note: Find A Grave record for Bessie A. Bostock: b. 28 Mar. 1881; d. 6 Feb. 1937, age 55; burial South Heights Cemetery, Sapulpa Co. OK, Sec. 4, Bl. 6]

Gallipolis Daily Tribune
Thursday, February 11th, 1937
Transcribed by Debbie Carter Evans

Boston, Clemma F.

    Clemma F. Boston, 86, formerly of Eureka Star Route, Gallipolis, died Sunday afternoon at Pinecrest Nursing Center. She had been in failing health for several years, serious for seven months. Born Oct. 5, 1891, in Ohio Township to the late John Elizabeth Halley Cox, she was married June 5, 1913, in Gallipolis to Harry A. Boston, who died Feb. 20, 1959. She is survived by two sons, Lowell M. Boston, Gallipolis, and Buell H. Boston, Columbus, and a sister, Mrs. Sadie Day, Gallipolis. There are six grandchildren. Three sisters and two brothers preceded her in death.
     She was a member of Providence Baptist Church, where services will be held at 1 p.m. Wednesday, the Rev. Alfred Holley officiating, and burial will be in Providence Cemetery.

Gallipolis Tribune
Oct. 16, 1977
Contributed by Jacquelyn Woolley                                                                      Top of Page

Boston, George W.

    BOSTON - GW, grandfather of Mrs I Kaufman, 2344 Eastern Ave. Funeral Friday 1 oclock pm from Fourth Christian Church, Eastern Ave and Waldon Street. He died Oct 13 1903.

[Note: Find A Grave for George W. Boston: b. 5 Aug. 1817; d. 13 Oct. 1903, age 86; burial Spring Grove Cemetery, Cincinnati, Hamilton Co. OH, Sec. 50, Gr 135; Children: George W., 1840-1872; Ithamar James, 1845-1933; Mary Tillotson, 1848-1907; James, 1850-1935; Adeline Stedman, 1853-1928; John P., 1855-1942; Martha Kelly ,1856-1920]

Cincinnati Enquirer
Transcribed by Jacquelyn Woolley

Boston, Howard

In Memory
     Howard, son of William and Emma Boston, was born Sept. 30, 1904 and died Aug. 7, 1921, aged 16 years 10 months and 7 days. He leaves a father, mother, brothers and sisters, Harry, Mrs. Stacey Harbor, William, Mrs. Edna Bartlett, Mrs. Flora Barcus, Mrs. Myrtle Clark, Emily and Ithamer at home. Mary preceded him to a Heavenly home.
     Howard was the third son of Brother and Sister Boston. He was converted and joined the Providence Church in the year 1919 and continued a faithful member until his death. It was the privilege of the writer to stand before him in Sunday School for a number of years, then to see him sweetly saved as a soldier for Jesus. He heard the admonition of God, "Remember now thy creator in the days of thy youth." "While the evil days come not, nor the years draw nigh, when thou shalt say, I have no pleasure in them" "Or the silver cord be loosed, or the golden bowl be broken, or the pitcher be broken at the fountain, or the wheel be broken at the cistern. Then shall the dust return to the earth and the spirit to God who gave it."
     After conversion he ran swiftly in the way of truth...He studied the word of God, and confided in his teacher his desire to attend the Sunday School convention and was appointed a delegate by the school...He was taken sick a short time ago with leakage of the heart, and the best physicians were of no avail...At the close of the Lord's day all thought Howard was better, when his sister-in-law noticed he was sinking, called the family and his mother raised him in her arms, and the next breath he was in the arms of Jesus.
     To the mother and father the vacant chair will cause unbidden tears to flow. The brothers and sisters will miss his kind, loving, helping hands, the Sunday School class his bright cheery smile, but he has entered into the joys of his Lord. May we all, like one of old say. "He can not come to me but I shall go to him."        By His Sunday School Teacher.                    
     Funeral services were held Tuesday, August 9, at 2 p.m. by Rev. Earl Cremeans at Providence Church and he was laid to rest in Providence cemetery by Undertaker Coleman Halley of Mercerville.

Memorial Tribute
August 9, 1921
Transcribed by Maxine Marshall                                                                         Top of Page

Boston, Ithamar J.

    Ithamar J. Boston, 72 of Rt. 2, Crown City, died at 11 p.m. Monday at his residence. Born March 15, 1909, in Gallia County, son of the late William and Emily Wooten Boston he was a retired electrician.
     Surviving are two sisters, Mrs. Flora Chambers of Rt. 2, Crown City and Mrs. Stachey Broyles of Centenary; a brother, William of Rodney. Two brothers and four sisters also preceded him in death.
     Funeral services will be held at 2 p.m. Thursday in the Waugh-Halley-Wood Funeral Home, with the Rev. Frank Hayes officiating. Burial will be in Providence Cemetery. Friends may call at the funeral home from 6-9 p.m. Wednesday.

Gallipolis Daily Tribune
Tuesday, July 28th, 1981
Transcribed by Jacqueline Woolley                                                               

Boston, John

John Boston Dies At Martin's Ferry
     John Boston, formerly of this county, died at 3:15 Saturday at the home of his daughter, Mrs. Catherine Houck, at Martins Ferry, Ohio. C. R. Halley brought the body to his mortuary and from there it will be taken to decedent's old home near Providence Church on Tuesday. Funeral services will be held at the home at 2 o'clock Wednesday, with Rev. Jennings Cremeens in charge. Surviving besides the daughter are these three sons: George, Isaac, and James Boston.

Gallipolis Daily Tribune
Monday, August 31st, 1942
Transcribed by Lew Casey                                                                             

Boston, Mary Jane [Patton]

Boston: Mary Jane (nee Patton) beloved wife of George W. Boston, Jan 5, 1902 at 6:00a.m. age 80 yr
6 mo 27 day at home of grand daughter Mrs. I. Kaufman 2344 Eastern Ave city (Gallipolis papers please copy)

[Find A Grave: b. 8 April 1821; d. 5 Jan. 1902 age 80; burial Spring Grove Cemetery, Cincinnati, Hamilton Co. OH Sec. 50 Gr234]

Cincinnati Enquirer
Transcribed by Jacquelyn Woolley                                                                      Top of Page

Boston, Nancy Miami [Gilmore]

Mrs. Miami Boston Dead at Chambersburg
    Mrs. Miami Boston, wife of I. J. Boston, retired merchant of Chambersburg, died at her home this morning at 3:30, after a month’s illness, aged 76 years. Mrs. Boston was a church member and a lovable woman who will be greatly missed.  She leaves no children. Funeral services will be held Thursday morning at 10 o’clock at Bethel church in charge of Wetherholt and Entsminger.

Gallipolis Daily Tribune
Tuesday, March 29th, 1921
Transcribed by Joanne Galvin

     Nancy Miami Gilmore, daughter of John and Sarah Trotter Gilmore, was born Nov. 18, 1844 in Gallia County, and died at her home in Chambersburg, Mar. 29, 1921, aged 76 years, 4 months and 11 days, after a lingering illness of four months. She had an attack of pneumonia and never seemed to regain her strength. She gradually failed and at last succumbed to death from heart disease.
     She was married to Ithamar J. Boston at Mercerville by Rev. Caldwell Oct. 24, 1866. She has been a life-long resident of this county, with an exception of a few years when they lived in Bridgeport, Belmont county, O. She was a good woman and a devoted wife, a kind and generous neighbor and a sincere friend in time of need. She was always ready to lend a helping hand to all humanity. Her works will follow her.
     She hath done what she could to administer to the sick when and where she could, to send flowers for the dead to all the funerals in the neighborhood, caring for the graves in Bethel cemetery without regard to whose they were, stranger, relative or friend, strewing flowers on all alike. This community has met with a sad loss for she will be greatly missed. She was known as "Aunt Am" to a host of friends, and children loved her dearly.
     She leaves to mourn their loss a devoted husband, they having lived happily together for 54 years.
Our sympathy goes out to him and her two brothers, M. L. Gilmore of Huntington, W. Va., and T.W. Gilmore of Chesapeake, O., and to the only sister, Mrs. Phoebe Pollock of Huntington, W. Va.

                    A precious one from us has gone,
                    A voice we loved is stilled.
                    A place is vacant in our home,
                    Which never can be filled.

[Note: Buried in Bethel Cemetery, Ohio Twp.]

Gallipolis Daily Tribune
March 29th, 1921
Transcribed by Joanne Galvin                                                                            Top of Page

Boston, William B.

    William B. Boston, 90, Bidwell, died at 4:20 p.m. Monday in Pleasant Valley Hospital after a three-year illness. Born Dec. 1, 1892, at Guyandotte, W.Va., son of the late William and Frances Wooten Bosten, he was an employee of American Car & Foundry and a plumber. He was also a member of Eureka Masonic Lodge.
     He was married first to Florence Windom in 1914, and she also preceded him [in] death in 1959, and the second time to Edith Thompson, who survives. Also surviving are three sons, William L. Boston of Coolville, Joe Francis Boston of Franklin and Garland Boston of Jackson; nine grandchildren and 10 great-grandchildren; a sister, Flora Chambers of Bladen; six stepchildren, 22 great-grandchildren and 22 step-great-grandchildren.
     Funeral services will be held at 1 p.m. Thursday in Miller’s Home for Funerals in the former Warehime Funeral Home, with the Rev. Nathan Turner officiating. Burial will be in Calvary Cemetery, Rio Grande. Friends may call at the funeral home from 2-4 and 7-9 p.m. Wednesday.

Gallipolis Daily Tribune
Oct. 3, 1983
Contributed by Jacquelyn Woolley                                                                   

Bosworth, Jacob

     Died, at College Corner, Jay County Ind., Jan. 8th, 1866, Jacob Bosworth, in the 75th year of his age, formerly a resident of Gallia county, Ohio.

The Gallipolis Journal
February 1, 1866
Transcribed by Eva Swain Hughes

Bosworth, Milton

     Milton Bosworth, company K, 18th O.V.I., is reported to have died at Nashville, Jan. 16th.

The Gallipolis Journal
February 5, 1863
Transcribed by Eva Swain Hughes

Bouchet, Edward, Dr.

Dr. Bouchet Dead
     Mrs. Frank Scott has received word that Dr. Bouchet, formerly principal of Lincoln schools in this city, is dead at his home in Connecticut, with hardening of the arteries. He was one of the ablest colored men who ever lived in Gallipolis.

Gallipolis Tribune
November 6, 1918
Transcribed by Harrison Christensen

Boulware, Edgar Wright

Funeral of Edward Boulware
     The funeral of Mr. Edward Boulware, killed in the boiler explosion, occurred today and was quite largely attended. The burial occurred at Mound Hill in charge of funeral director George Wetherholt. Ed, who came here some 35 years ago from Hillsboro, O., had many friends. He belonged to all the Gallipolis brass bands and was an expert snare-drum player.
     Rev. Curtis Robinson, of Ripley, W. Va., former pastor of the local Presbyterian church, conducted the funeral services in a most impressive manner. Members of the Woodman lodge were the pall bearers, Mr. Boulware being a Woodman.
     His was the last death to occur in Gallipolis in the old year of 1922.

[Note: March 28, 1870 – Dec. 30, 1922; Age 52 yrs. 9 mos. 2 das. He was the son of Andrew & Nancy Wright Boulware.]

Gallipolis Daily Tribune
Tuesday, January 2, 1923
Transcribed by Sandy L. Milliron

Bovie, George Frederick

George F. Bovie, 70, Passed Away Saturday After Extended Illness
Long Prominent In Various Circles Of Native City – Funeral 2 Tuesday
     Death intervened at 2:45 Saturday afternoon to end the long suffering of George F. Bovie, who had been an active and prominent figure in Gallipolis for several decades. He would have been 71 years old next December 21.
     Though his illness was known to be grave and hopeless, his passing came somewhat sooner than was expected. His health began to fail nearly a year ago. After he had been under close observation for a while and had undergone a thorough examination, he was operated on Feb. 1 at the Mayo Clinic, Rochester, Minn., for a malignant condition affecting his spine and abdominal region.

Dies In Hospital

     Some months later Mr. Bovie had regained his strength sufficiently to resume his duties as secretary-treasurer of the Ohio Valley Stock Sales Company. But by mid-summer there were renewed manifestations of his ailment that compelled him to give up his work. Thereafter his strength waned progressively and last Wednesday he was removed from his home at 413 Fourth Ave. to the Holzer Hospital, where he passed away.
      Funeral services will be conducted at 2 o’clock (slow time) Tuesday at the Episcopal Church by Rev. Charles G. Baird. Interment will follow in Mound Hill Cemetery by George J. Wetherholt & Sons. The casket will be open Tuesday forenoon at the Wetherholt parlors, where friends may call to view the features.
     George Frederick Bovie was the oldest child of the late Fred M. Bovie, wholesale grocer, and Lucy Alexander Bovie. He was born Dec. 21, 1872, in a house that stood just below the McClurg home (site of the Samuel F. Vinton home) at First and Locust. After attending the local schools, he took a course at St. John’s Military Academy at Salina, Kansas. During that period the Bovie family moved from Gallipolis to Kansas City. 
     Four or five years later, or in 1894, the Bovies returned to Gallipolis and in the half century since left their indelible mark on the business, social and religious life of the community. And the family name has become in this community a symbol of probity and square dealing. “Gatewood”, now the home of Mrs. O. O. McIntyre, was the Bovie home.
     On reaching man’s estate George Bovie became a salesman for Swift & Company in Kansas City. Here for a number of years he was a salesman for the Harry Frank’s Sons Company, predecessor of the Haskins-Tanner Company. Excepting a year or two spent in Ossining, New York, where he was engaged in the manufacture of Roycroft furniture, he spent all his life here after the return from Kansas City. For a period, he was water works clerk for the city about the equivalent of the city auditorship of the present. For a longer period he was manager of the Treasure Stove Works, which stood at Second and Grape.
     Soon after becoming secretary-treasurer of the Ohio Valley Stock Sales Company, he served also in similar capacities, the livestock markets at Hillsboro, Ohio, and Ripley, Spencer, Charleston and Pennsboro, W. Va.
     Mr. Bovie was a staunch Democrat. He was the central committeeman of Third Ward A and had served as such over a period of years and once had his party’s indorsement for probate judge. He was a member of St. Peter’s Episcopal Church, and formerly for a decade or more the senior warden. He was also a Mason and an Elk.
     Mr. Bovie was twice married. His first wife was Nelle Gatewood, the youngest sister of the late Captain James M. Gatewood, and they were married here June 2, 1897, by the late Rev. A. J. Hawk. Mrs. Bovie died soon after the turn of the century. They were the parents of one daughter, Lucy Virginia, who became the wife of the late Ray Long, noted writer and magazine editor; and she died more than a year ago. The Longs are survived by a son, Private Ray Long, who is at Camp Lee, Virginia.
     About 1910 at Saginaw, Mich., Mr. Bovie married Miss Gladys Carpenter, then an instructor in music in the Gallipolis schools. She survives, her home being near Asbury Park, New Jersey. To this union three children were born and survive: George Frederick Bovie, radio technician, on sea duty off the Atlantic coast; Lt. Smith Palmer Bovie, who was in Tunisia when last heard from and Miss Jane Ann Bovie, home economics instructor at Bowling Green (Ohio) State University.
     Also surviving are one brother and two sisters, J. H. C. Bovie, Gallipolis; Mrs. Everett H. (Bessie) Morgan, Marion, and Mrs. Ira J. (Marilla) Kail, Huntington, W. Va.

Gallipolis Daily Tribune
Monday, September 27, 1943

Bovie Rites Held
     Funeral services are being held this afternoon at St. Peter’s Episcopal Church for George F. Bovie, having started at 2 o’clock (slow time). Rev. Charles G. Baird is officiating. Burial will be made in Mound Hill Cemetery by George J. Wetherholt & Sons.
     The pall bearers are Harry Maddy, W. W. Sigler, J. T. Robinson, A. K. Merriman, Trimble Jones and John R. Lusher.

Gallipolis Daily Tribune
Tuesday, September 28, 1943
Transcribed by Sandy L. Milliron

Bovie, Lucy Vernon  [Alexander]

Mrs. F. M. Bovie Dies Here Friday Morning

Aged Lady Had Been Invalid Years Two Years
Was Member of Prominent Family

     Mrs. Lucy Vernon Bovie, 78, wife of F.M. Bovie, died at her home on State street Friday morning at 10 o'clock, after an attack of apoplexy. She had been an invalid for about two years, but had not been confined to bed until the hour of her last illness. She had been feeling as well as usual Thursday but Thursday evening had felt better. The attack of apoplexy came Friday morning shortly after nine o'clock and she died within the hour.
     Mrs. Bovie was born April 24,1849 at Summerville, Ohio, the daughter of Joseph and Marilla Alexander. Shortly after her birth her parents moved to to Gallipolis, where she lived nearly all her life. She was a member of St. Peter's Episcopal church.
     She was married November 23, 1870 to Mr. F. M. Bovie, of this city. Mr. and Mrs. Bovie celebrated their Golden Wedding anniversary in 1920. Five children were born to them, George F., J. Harley and Verne M., and Elizabeth and Marilla. Venre M. died last year in San Francisco.
     Surviving are her husband, two sons, George F. Bovie and J. Harley Bovie of Gallipolis, and two daughters, Mrs. Everett Morgan of Marion, Ohio, and Mrs. Ira Kail of Huntington, W. Va.
     Funeral services will be announced later.

[Note: Buried in Mound Hill Cemetery in Gallipolis Township.]

Gallipolis Daily Tribune
June 3, 1927
Transcribed by Henny Evans                                                                              Top of Page

Bovie, Nancy M.

     Died, at her residence in Gallipolis, Feb. 25th, 1865, Mrs. Nancy M. Bovie, in the 59th year of her age. Sister Bovie was intimately known to the readers of this paper, and with this announcement will mourn with those who mourn, that so good an example of all that was commendable has passed away, gone to reap the reward of a well spent life here on earth, her work was done, and well done, and her memory will be embalmed in the hearts of many surviving friends. She was an affectionate wife, a devoted mother, an exemplary christian, a friend to the friendless. The loss to her family as counsellor and guide, is irreparable. For many years, she has been a suffering invalid, and this deprived her of much social or religious intercourse with neighbors or friends, and only those who were able to seek her society could know her worth. The closing scenes of her life were calm and peaceful. She died in the christian hope of immortal glory beyond the grave.

[Note: There is a burial in Pine Street Cemetery for a Mercy M. Bovie who died on this date. It is assumed that this is the same person. The obituary may have the first name wrong.]

The Gallipolis Journal
March 16, 1865
Transcribed by Eva Swain Hughes

Bowen, Charles Edward

Charles Bowen Dies Saturday
Rites Wednesday For Coalton Native
     Charles Edward Bowen, 78, former steamboat man, railroad tie-maker, and Mound Hill Cemetery worker, died at 6:15 p.m. Saturday in Holzer Hospital, where he had been a patient for 29 days. Coronary thrombosis and heart trouble were listed as the causes of death.
     Mr. Bowen worked on steamboats until July 7, 1915, when two of his brothers, George and Tude, Kanauga, drowned in the sinking of the steamer Conroy at Cincinnati; then he quit the river and never went back to it. He left the business of making railroad ties to become an assistant at Mound Hill Cemetery, but he resigned three years ago because of poor health.
     One of nine children of Elias and Sarah Jane Statts Bowen, the decedent was born April 8, 1872, in Coalton, Jackson County. A sister and the two drowned brothers preceded him in death, but his surviving brothers and sisters are Noah, and Lewis, Gallipolis; William, Henderson, W. Va.; Mrs. Fred (Mary) Jolly and Mrs. Dan (Virginia) Lewis, Gallipolis.
     Mr. Bowen was twice married. His first wife, the former Mary Allen, died 25 years ago, and they are survived by a daughter, Mrs. Elmer (Edna) Ferguson, Huntington. His widow is the former Laura Norris, and Mr. Bowen is survived by two daughters born to this union: Cora, at home, and Mrs. Eugene (Helen) Lunsford, Harrodsburg, Ky.
     When he was a small boy, Mr. Bowen’s family moved to West Virginia, but he came here 50 years ago and had made Gallipolis his home ever since. His address was 648 First Ave.
     Friends may call at Miller’s Home for Funerals, where final rites will be held at 2 p.m. Wednesday, the Rev. Vernon Shaffer, pastor of the Church of the Nazarene, officiating, and burial will be made in Pine Street Cemetery.

Gallipolis Tribune
June 1950 (DOD: 10 June 1950)
Transcribed by Lew Casey                                                                                 Top of Page

Bowen, James Alderson

Death of James A. Bowen
James A. Bowen died Sunday morning at 3:30 o’clock at his home on upper Second Avenue. Some years ago he suffered a stroke of paralysis, but his death came from complications and infirmities. Mr. Bowen was born in Allegheny County, Virginia, in March, 1849.
     Besides his wife, he is survived by the following children: J. A. Bowen, Pittsburgh; Edward M. and Joseph of Columbus; Mrs. S. A. Bright, Newark; Charles, Mrs. F. M. Higgins and Esther of this city.
     Funeral services will be conducted at the residence Tuesday afternoon at 2:30 and burial will follow at Pine Street under direction of Wetherholt & Entsminger.

[Note: 3/3/1849 - 3/30/1924, Age 75 yrs. 25 das.; He was the son of Johnson and Nancy Bowen. He was married to Josephine Canterbury. His occupation was a shoemaker.]

Gallipolis Daily Tribune
Monday, March 31, 1924
Transcribed by Sandy L. Milliron

Bowen, Leanna Marie [Criner]

     HILLIARD, OHIO - Leanna Marie (Criner) Bowen, valiant and courageous, passed peacefully while in the arms of family on Tuesday, April 7, 2015. Leanna was born June 13, 1967, in Gallipolis, to Ervin Curtis and Linda Lee (Halley) Criner and is the loving friend and sister to Danny, who was invaluable to her and her greatest support in her fight against breast cancer.
     Leanna’s most treasured role in life was that of mother to William Lee and Nicholas James Patrick, who were her pride, joy, heart and soul and greatest loves. She joins her grandparents, Darius Virgil and Bertis Joanna (Butcher) Halley, and Rudy and Lena Mae (Walker) Criner, and uncle Carol Odell Criner, and uncle Herb Rowland.
     Leanna is loved and missed by her aunts and uncles Chuck and Diana (Halley) Raming, John and Brenda (Stover) Halley, and Phyllis (Criner) Rowland; several cousins; former husband and dear friend, William Jack Bowen, as well as by her many friends made throughout her years and her pet children Sonic and Eloise.
     She graduated from Hilliard High School in 1985, where she was inducted into the National Honor Society. She was a member of the varsity softball team and was a member of the marching band, where she played clarinet and bass drum. She graduated from The Ohio State University in 1990 with a bachelor’s degree, and earned her master’s degree from Marygrove College.
     A lifelong resident of Hilliard, Leanna taught fifth grade for 23 years at Avery Elementary School, where she devoted herself to teaching children to be thoughtful in their studies, words and actions, to be kind to each other, and to love to read. She was especially excited to teach students to appreciate and think about music in new ways, in particular jazz theory, which she was excited to teach her students as it related to their math studies. Leanna’s laughter, sense of humor, kindness and generosity of spirit will always remain in the hearts of those who were blessed to know her. We feel the way you would.
     Family will receive friends between 3-5 p.m. Sunday April 12, 2015, at Tidd Family Funeral Home, 5265 Norwich St., Hilliard, where a celebration of life service will be 5 p.m. Graveside service will be 1 p.m. Monday, April 13, 2015, at Ohio Valley Memory Gardens, 1229 Neighborhood Rd., Gallipolis.
     In lieu of flowers, contributions may be made to the Leanna M. Bowen Memorial Fund, in care of Avery P. T. O., 4388 Avery Rd., Hilliard, OH 43026.

Gallipolis Sunday Times Sentinel
April 12, 2015
Transcribed by Sandy L. Milliron

Bowen, Mabel

     GALLIA - Mabel, the seven year old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Chas. W. Bowen of Gallipolis, died last week of diphtheria.

[Note: 1879 - 3/20/1886 - Daughter of Charles T. & Rachel Laning Bowen]

Athens Messenger
Thursday morning, April 1, 1886
Transcribed by Sandy L. Milliron

Bowen, Mary [Atkinson]

     Mrs. Mary Rowen [sic], wife of Mr. Geo. Rowen, over in Mason County for medical treatment for dropsy, died August 3rd in her 19th year at the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Atkinson. She was a most excellent lady and left no children.
     Her funeral services and burial were conducted over there, many being present to attest their esteem for the deceased and their sympathy for her friends.

[Note: The W. Va. death record states that her mother was Elizabeth Adkinson.]

Gallipolis Daily Tribune (Pg. 3)
Wednesday, August 5, 1896

     Mrs. Mary Bowen, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Henry Atkison [sic], born March 18th, 1878, died August 3, 1896, aged 18 years 4 months and 16 days. She said she was prepared to meet her God. She joined the Christian Church the 2nd Sunday in July last.

Gallipolis Daily Tribune (Pg. 2)
Monday, August 10, 1896
Transcribed by Sandy Milliron

Bowen, Sarah

Mrs. Bowen’s Rites Held This Afternoon
     Funeral services for Mrs. Sarah Bowen, widow of Elias Bowen, were to be held this afternoon starting at 2:30 at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Fred Jolly. Rev. George Sagen is in charge. Burial will be at Pine Street cemetery by George J. Wetherholt & Sons.
     Mrs. Bowen is survived by the following children in addition to Mrs. Jolly: Charlie, Noah and Lewis Bowen, Mrs. Belle Lewis, all of Gallipolis, and William (Bunt) Bowen of Huntington. There are three brothers and one sister surviving: William Staats, Charleston; Isaac Staats, Middleport; Bub, Mason City; An____, Ravenswood, and Mrs. Cynthia Kerwood, West Columbia, W. Va.

[Note: July 24, 1850 – Jan. 23,1936; Age 85 yrs. 5 mos. 29 das. She was the daughter of Noah & Sophie Bowers Staats.]

Gallipolis Daily Tribune
Saturday, January 25, 1936
Transcribed by Sandy L. Milliron

Bowen, Sarah J.

Death Claims 2 Women, Each 85 Years Old
     Two women of the same age--one a resident of Gallipolis, the other of Rodney, passed away Thursday. Mrs. Sarah Bowen, aged 85, died Thursday afternoon at the home for aged women conducted by Mrs. Bessie Higgins on First ave. between Spruce and Pine in what was once the John Vanden home. Mrs. Bowen, the mother of William (Bunt) Bowen, was admitted to the home about two weeks ago and was then in a serious condition.
     Funeral arrangements will not be made until the children get together. "Bunt" has been in Huntington for a year or more. The body is at the mortuary of George J. Wetherholt & Sons.
     Mrs. Bowen was a widow of Ehas Bowen.

[Note: There is a tombstone for Sarah J. Bowen at Pine Street Cemetery, 1851-1936.]

Gallipolis Daily Tribune
January 24, 1936
Transcribed by Henny Evans                                                                          

Bowen, William

     Wm., son of Jas. Bowen, died Monday morning of fever.  He was aged seventeen years.

Gallipolis Journal
Wednesday, May 18, 1887
Transcribed by Suzanne H. Giroux

Bowles, Bertha Ethel [Black]

Mrs. Bowles, 53, Dies; Funeral Tuesday 2 P. M.
     Mrs. Bertha Ethel Bowles, wife of Harry Bowles, died Sunday at 11 p. m. at the residence, 928 First avenue after an illness of two weeks with peritonitis, which followed bowel obstruction.
     Mrs. Bowles was the daughter of James and Naomi Allen Black and was born at Kanauga August 25, 1882, making her in her fifty-third year. Surviving are a brother, Owen Black of Kanauga and a sister, Mrs. Lettie Kimball at Vinton.
     Funeral services will be conducted by Rev. H. H. Wilbur Tuesday at 2 p. m. at the residence of William Vance, 928 First avenue. Burial will follow in Pine street cemetery by Fred J. Entsminger.

Gallipolis Daily Tribune
Monday, April 29, 1935
Transcribed by Sandy Milliron

Bowles, Elvira [Hawk]

Elvira Bowles Dead

     Mrs. Elvira Bowles, 80, died at her home near Vinton Monday morning. She had been in failing health the last two years. The funeral will be in charge of H. K. Butler but the arrangements will not be completed until the arrival of certain relatives.

Gallipolis Daily Tribune
Oct. 23, 1934
Transcribed by Mary Crittenden

Bowles, Mary

Death of Mrs. Mary Bowles

     Mrs. Mary Bowles, highly esteemed colored citizen of this city passed away Saturday, Sept. 13, of complications. She was 85 year(s) old. She leaves to mourn her loss son and daughter, Mr. John Bowles of Cincinnati, O., and Mrs. James Hill of this city, beside several grandchildren and nieces and nephews.
     Funeral will be conducted at the home of Mr. and Mrs. James Hill at 2:30 Tuesday by Rev. Madison. Burial in Pine street cemetery by Undertaker A. E. Tope.

Gallipolis Daily Tribune
September 16, 1930
Transcribed by Henny Evans                                                                              Top of Page  

Bowman, Amos Nelson

Bowman Rites Will Be Held Sunday 2 P.M.
Decedent Had Been Steamboat Engineer Half A Century
Death of Amos Nelson Bowman, announced in these columns Thursday, will cause genuine regret among his friends hereabout and all along the Ohio and Kanawha rivers. He had been a marine engineer for 50 years, but his first run was made in 1937 on the Steamer Joe Cook.
     Funeral rites, under Masonic auspices, will be conducted by Rev. J. V. Stone of Delphos at 2 o’clock Sunday at the parlors of G. J. Wetherholt & Sons. Interment will be in Mound Hill Cemetery.
     (Rev. Mr. and Mrs. Stone are spending their vacation in their property on the Garfield Avenue hill, not far from the Bowman home, which is on Route 7 just below the Gallipolis corporation line.)
     Mr. Bowman’s passing at 1:30 in the afternoon terminated a long illness which had been serious for two years. He had been tenderly and devotedly cared for by his wife and relatives and kind neighbors. Despite his suffering, he was always cheerful and hopeful and appreciative of the attentions and courtesies shown him. He succumbed to a heart condition.
     Mr. Bowman was in his 76th year, but to those who knew him well always seemed much younger than that. He was born Jan. 5, 1868 at South Point, Lawrence County.
     He was twice married. His first wife, the mother of his children, was Rachel McKee. Some years after her death, he married Miss Althea Folden of this city. She survives and there are five surviving children: Mrs. Florence Sharp and B. McGuffey Bowman, Columbus; Mrs. Nelle Wildish, Jackson, Mich.; Mrs. Mabel Hart of Cuyahoga Falls and Mrs. Velma Rose, wife of Charles C. (Bob) Rose of Gallipolis. There are nine grandchildren and these two brothers and three sisters: Samuel Bowman and Mrs. Emma Remy, Ironton; Mrs. Rose Stover, Tiffin; Mrs. Rosa Freeman, South Point, and Ross Bowman, Ashland, O.
     Mr. Bowman was a member of the four branches of Masonry---the Blue Lodge, Chapter, Council and Commandery.

[Note: 1/5/1868 - 8/12/1943; Age 75 yrs. 7 mos. 7 das. He was the son of Thisle M. & Lucy Pemberton Bowman.]

Gallipolis Daily Tribune
Friday, August 13, 1943
Transcribed by Sandy L. Milliron

Bowman, Maggie E. [Grady]

     OBITUARY - Maggie E. Grady was born Jan. 31, 1874, at Vinton, O., after three months of severe suffering, from a complication of diseases. The deceased was converted and united with the M. E. Church at the early age of five years, from which faith she never wavered.
     At the age of 20 years, she was united in marriage with R. L. Bowman of Middleport, O., to which union were born two children, Lucile May, age four years, Harold Chase, age three months, who with their father still survive her. Deceased has one sister, Mrs. John Shively, of Vinton, two brothers, James and John Grady who live with their parents at Vinton.
     Deceased lived a consistent christian life and died triumphant in the faith. She suffered patiently and was fully resigned to her heavenly Father’s will. She often spoke during her sickness of her hope in Jesus and exhorted her friends to meet her in Heaven.
     She was a true devoted wife, and daughter, and leaves a kind affectionate husband, together with other loved ones who mourn their very great loss.

Sad the silence of parting from those we dearly love;
Blissful the consolation, soon we will meet above.
Partings on earth should bring us nearer, still nearer to God;
Bowing in sweet submission, kissing the chastening rod.
Silent, silently sleeping, pulseless, and still, and cold;
Still there’s no cause for weeping for lambs of Jesus’ fold.
Tho’ these sweet buds of promise, Early are called from time,
Sweetly they sing in glory, safe in that blissful chime.

Gallipolis Daily Tribune
Saturday, November 4, 1899
Transcribed by Suzanne Giroux

Bowman, Mary Ann

     Mary Ann Bowman, 77, of Gallipolis, went to be with her Lord and Savior on Wednesday, Jan. 7, 2009, at her home, surrounded by her loving family, following a long battle with cancer. Born May 8, 1931, in Kanauga, she was the daughter of the late Truman and Stella Smith Burnett. In addition to her parents, she was preceded by her husband, Richard Lewis Bowman, whom she married on Sept. 4, 1950, and who preceded her on Oct. 17, 1993. Also preceding her are two sisters, Rachel Borton and Helen Strickland, and five brothers, Morris, Woodrow, Robert, Clyde and Vinton Burnett.
     Mary Ann was retired from the medical equipment business, of which she was a founder/co-founder of Family Oxygen and Medical Equipment and prior to that, Bowman worked at Robins and Myers. In earlier years, she and her husband owned and operated Bowman’s Grocery. She was a member of the First Baptist Church.
     She is survived by five children, Sherri (Bart) Repass, Lewis (Nikki) Bowman, Dan (Missy) Bowman, Sue (Keith) Blankenship, and Gary (Connie) Bowman, all of Gallipolis; 17 grandchildren, Angie (Scott) Curfman, Nathan, Richard, Evan and Ann Bowman, Jeremy (Tracy) Johnson, Matt and Marea Johnson, all of Gallipolis, Trevor Bowman of Toledo, Ben, Erin and Brett Bowman, Andy, Brody and Richelle Blankenship, all of Gallipolis; Lisa (Andrew) Meyn of Lebanon, Ohio, and Brad (Brittany) Bowman of Pensacola, Fla.; and nine great-grandchildren.
     She is also survived by two brothers, Claude Burnett of Kanauga, and Truman “Harry” (Sue) Burnett, Jr., of Myrtle Beach, S.C.; several nieces and nephews, and a special caregiver, Ronda Phillips of South Point.
     Services will be 2 p.m. Sunday, Jan 11, 2009, at the Waugh-Halley-Wood Funeral Home, with Pastor Alvis Pollard officiating. Burial will follow in Mound Hill Cemetery. Friends may call at the funeral home on Saturday, Jan. 10, 2009, from 6 to 9 p.m. Pallbearers will be Brad, Nathan, Richard, Ben, Brett and Evan Bowman, and Andy and Brody Blankenship. An online guest registry is available at waugh-halley-wood.com.

Gallipolis Daily Tribune
Friday, January 9, 2009
Transcribed by Sandy L. Milliron                                                                         Top of Page

Bowman, Uriah

     Uriah Bowman, aged 81 years, died at Vinton this Saturday morning, also, Old Grandmother Pugh last night, aged 86 years, at the residence of her daughter, Mrs. John Baker.

[Note: He died May 5, 1896; Age 72 yrs. 4 mos. 29 das. according to the death record.]

Gallipolis Daily Tribune (Pg. 2)
Saturday, June 27, 1896
Transcribed by Sandy Milliron

Bowman, Virgie M.

     Virgie May Bowman, 96, formerly of 1008 Third Avenue, Gallipolis, died at 1 p.m. Saturday in Mercy Hospital, Portsmouth.
     Born Oct. 17, 1897 in Gallia County, daughter of the late George and Ann Walters Long, she was a member of the First Church of the Nazarene of Gallipolis. She was preceded in death by her husband, George Bowman and three sisters and three brothers. Surviving are a sister, Mrs. Eugenia Rife of Springfield and two nephews in Gallia County.
     Funeral services will be held at 3 p.m. Tuesday in Waugh-Halley-Wood Funeral Home, with Rev. Bob Madison officiating. Burial will be in St. Nick Cemetery, Clay Township. Friends may call at the funeral home from 6-9 p.m. today.

[Note: died April 16, 1983]

Gallipolis Daily Tribune
Monday, April 18th, 1983
Transcribed by F. K. Brown                                                                               Top of Page

Bowman, Wilsie Souder

Mrs. Bowman, Teacher’s Mother, Taken
     Mrs. Wilsie Souder Bowman, 79, died at 1 a.m. today at the home of a daughter, Mrs. Mary Gibeaut, 18 Portsmouth Rd. She had been ill for several months and was recently hospitalized.
Mrs. Bowman was a native of Raleigh County, W.Va., born January 8, 1880 to R. J. and Nancy Lilley Souder. She was married in 1900 to Joseph C. Perry who died in 1929. The couple operated a restaurant for a number of years near Pine and Second Avenue.
     Two who survive them are Mrs. Olive Fain of Hamden and Mrs. Gibeaut, a teacher in the Gallipolis schools. Two brothers and sisters are Mrs. Bernice Griffith of Beckley, W.Va., Mrs. Marie Mershon of Portsmouth and Thomas and Russell Souder, both of St. Albans. There are 10 grandchildren and six great-grandchildren.
     Her second marriage was in 1937 to Thomas Bowman of St. Albans and he preceded her. She was a member of the St. Albans, W.Va., Church of Christ. Services will be held at 2 p.m. Wednesday at the Garfield Avenue Church of Christ. Rev. Oliver Johnson will officiate. Burial will be in the Letart Falls cemetery under the direction of the McCoy Funeral home.

Gallipolis Daily Tribune
Monday, July 27, 1959
Transcribed by Sandy Lee Milliron

Bowyer, George C.

Death of Gen. Bowyer
     Gen. Geo. C. Bowyer, one of the prominent residents of Winfield, W. Va., and an uncle of Mr. Carl C. Bowyer, died Sunday afternoon after a short illness with pneumonia. He leaves two daughters and two sons. He was the father of Mr. John Bowyer, deceased, who was with the First National Bank here several years ago. He was well and favorable known in this city and his death is regretted by a wide circle of friends.

Gallipolis Bulletin
Friday, February 9, 1906
Transcribed by Sandy L. Milliron

Bowyer, Lewis

Dies in Columbus of Pneumonia
Burial Here Today
     Lew Bowyer, aged 31, a Gallipolis boy, died of pneumonia at the Protestant Hospital in Columbus at 5:30 o’clock Saturday evening, after an illness of 4 days. Funeral services were held in Schoedinger’s Chapel in Columbus Monday evening. The body was shipped here, arriving at noon yesterday, and taken to the home of his brother-in-law, James Stewart, on Grape St. Interment will be made at Pine St. cemetery by Wetherholt at 10 o’clock today.
     Lew was a son of the late Anderson Bowyer and was born and reared here. His mother, Mrs. Alice Souverain, is living with one of his sisters in Kansas City. For a number of years he worked in W. H. Billings’ grocery and had many friends in the city. He had been located in Columbus 7 or 8 years, and married there. His wife and a step-daughter survive him.

[Note: Listed on Cemetery Listing as “Boyer”]

Gallipolis Journal
Wednesday, March 30, 1910
Transcribed by Sandy L. Milliron

Bowyer, R. Anderson

     R. Anderson Boyer died in this city last Tuesday morning, aged 45 years. He had been
ill a long time with consumption. A widow and son survive him and have the sympathy of the community in their loss. The funeral services were conducted at two o'clock Thursday afternoon by Rev. J. W. Mohler. Burial at the Old Cemetery (Pine Street) by Wetherholt.

[Note: The tombstone listing shows him buried as Boyer.]

Gallipolis Bulletin
September 25, 1894
Transcribed by Sandy Lee Milliron                                                                       Top of Page

Bowyer, Oakey

Oakey Bowyer, 42, Succumbs After Illness
     Oakey Bowyer, 42, Route 1, Crown City, died Wednesday at 11 p.m. at Holzer Hospital after an extended illness. Mr. Bowyer was born at Ohley, W. Va., January 14, 1925. Surviving are two sons, Oakey, Jr., and Donnie; his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Bowyer, Rt. 1 Crown City; two brothers, Robert and Clifford, at home. Also, one half-brother, Clyde Davis, Ohley, and three half-sisters, Mrs. Homer Stanley, Rt. 1 Crown City, Mrs. Lionel Tripplett, Cleveland, and Mrs. Marie O’Dell, Crown City.
     Funeral services will be held at the F. L. Stevers Funeral home in Mercerville Saturday at 2 p.m. with the Rev. Bruce Unroe officiating. Burial will be in the Old Mercerville cemetery. Friends may call at the funeral home after 6 p.m. Friday.

Gallipolis Daily Tribune
Thursday, May 25, 1967
Transcribed by Sandy Lee Milliron

Boyd, Elmer

     Elmer Boyd, aged 74 years, died Monday at the home of his brother, Clint H. Boyd, in Ohio Township. He was ill only a few hours from pneumonia. He leaves two other brothers, Walter W. Boyd of the same neighborhood and Curt Boyd living in New Mexico. All are sons of the late Levi Boyd, who died in the same home in March of last year in his 100th year. Funeral services were Wednesday afternoon.

[Note: from stone 1863 - 1937 in Big Four Cemetery Ohio Twp]

Gallipolis paper
Transcribed by Irene Blamer

Boyd, Elmer

Elmer Boyd, Aged 74, Dies Suddenly
     Elmer Boyd, aged 74, died at noon Monday at the home of his brother, Clint H., on Hannan Trace. Though he had not been feeling well for a while, he had sat in front of the grate fire that morning. His death resulted a few hours later from pneumonia.
     Funeral services will be held at the Hannan Trace Church at 1 o'clock Wednesday afternoon, in charge of Rev. Jennings Creemens. Burial at the same place by C.R. Halley.
     Decedent was the oldest of the children of Levi Boyd, who died in the same home on March 10, 1936, in his 100th. year--the oldest man in the county after the death of E.N. Ridgeway.
     Elmer is survived by two brothers (besides Clint), Water W. of the same community and Curt Boyd, New Laguna, New Mexico.

[Note: Death Certificate..born June 9, 1862; died Nov. 29, 1937; aged 74. Parents: Levi Boyd and Mary Adams. Burial Big Four Cemetery in Ohio Township.]

Gallipolis Daily Tribune
Nov. 30, 1937
Transcribed by F.K. Brown                                                                                Top of Page

Boyd, May [Angel]

Death Claims Mrs. C. Boyd
     Mrs. Clinton H. (May) Boyd, 79, Rt. 1 Crown City, passed away at 10:30 p.m., Tuesday in Holzer hospital following a three year illness. Mrs. Boyd was born on Jan. 23, 1883, in Ohio twp., the daughter of the late William and Lucy Chandler Angel. She was married to Clinton Boyd Nov. 6, 1901, in Ohio twp. They had no children. A sister and three brothers preceded Mrs. Boyd in death.
     Mrs. Boyd was a member of the Victory Baptist Church, and a member of the Swan Creek Grange. Funeral services will be held at 2 p.m., Friday at the Victory Baptist Church, with the Rev. Earl Cremeens officiating.
Burial will be in Mound Hill cemetery. Friends may call at the Waugh-Halley-Wood funeral home after 7 p.m., Thursday.

Gallipolis Daily Tribune
Wednesday, October 24th, 1962
Transcribed by Candy (Hulbert) Ditkowski

Boyd, Talitha

Mrs. Boyd Dead
     Mrs. Talitha Boyd, aged seventy eight years, wife of Levi Boyd, of the Hannah Trace, died at her home last Monday evening, after a lingering illness of dropsy. The Boyd family came here from Kentucky several years ago. Mrs. Boyd leaves the following children, besides her husband and many friends and relatives: Curtis Boyd of Oklahoma City, Okla., Clinton, Walter and Elmer of Crown City and Mrs. J. E. Roberts of Columbus.
     The funeral was held at the Bethel M. E. Church in Ohio township, Tuesday evening conducted by Rev. Samuel Lewis. Burial was made in the church cemetery by J. W. Stevers.

[Note: Find A Grave gives her name as Telitha; dates as b. 9 June 1843 in Guernsey Co. OH; d. 4 July 1921; burial Bethel Church Cemetery, Ohio Twp., Gallia County OH.]

Gallipolis paper
Transcribed by Maxine Marshall

Boyd, Walter

Walter Boyd, Retired Gallia Farmer Is Dead
     Walter Boyd, 85, a retired farmer, who lived on Rt. 2 Crown City (Bladen community) died at 2 p.m. Wednesday in an Athens hospital. He had been in failing health for three years and his condition had been serious for one week.
     Mr. Boyd was born Dec. 13, 1877 at South Point, son of the late Levi and Teligha Sigman Boyd. His marriage to the former Nellie Day, who survives, took place March 22, 1911 at Catlettsburg, Ky. A daughter Mrs. Lee (Hazel) Simms of Rt. 2 Crown City survives. There is one grandson and three great grandsons. A brother,  Clinton Boyd of Rt. 2 Crown City survives. Two brothers and a sister preceded him in death.
     He had resided in the Bladen community for 25 years, and attended Victory Baptist church. Services will be held at 2 p.m. Sunday at the Waugh-Halley-Wood Funeral home. Rev. Oma Williams will officiate, and burial will be in Swan Creek cemetery. Friends may call at the funeral home Saturday afternoon, and until the hour of the service.

[Note: d. 1963. Cemetery entry gives year of birth as 1878. Handwritten date on obit reads, "5-8-63."]

Gallipolis Daily Tribune
Thursday, May 9th, 1963
Transcribed by Lisa Halbig