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 The following obituaries are from the files of various Gallia County Newspapers and other publications. They are listed below in alphabetical order of the surname.

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Mack, Edith [Stith]

Mrs. R. A. Mack Dies In Flemingsburg
Wife of Local Attorney Passes At Home of Sister In Kentucky City
     Mrs. R. A. Mack of this city, died Wednesday evening a little after seven o'clock in the home of her sister, Mrs. Ava Dudley, at Flemingsburg, Ky.  Mrs. Mack, who had been in ill health for several months, had gone to her sister's home four weeks ago in the hope that the change would be of benefit to her.  While her family and friends were much concerned over her illness they had not expected a fatal termination, so her death came as a great shock to them.
     Mrs. Mack, as Edith Stith, was born forty-eight years ago May 5, at Stithton, Ky., a town which was founded by her grandfather.
     In addition to her husband and sister, Mrs. Mack leaves a daughter, Polly (Babe) Mack, a patient in a sanitarium at Biltmore, N.C., and two brothers, Stephen and Horace Stith of Kentucky.
     The remains will be brought here Thursday evening by funeral directors, George J. Wetherholt & Sons, who went for them.  Arrangements will be completed after their arrival.

[Note: Buried Mound Hill Cemetery.  Marker dates 1881-1931]

Gallipolis Daily Tribune
May 14, 1931
Transcribed by Maxine Marshall

Mack, Henry

     Mr. Henry Mack, father of Carl Mack, the Cheshire merchant, died at his son’s residence Wednesday morning, aged about 74 years.  He had only been a citizen of this country about a year.

[Note: Died February 22, 1893, and was buried in Spring Grove Cemetery in Cincinnati, Hamilton, Ohio.]

Gallipolis Journal
Wednesday, March 01, 1893
Transcribed by Suzanne H. Giroux

Mack, Lula [Giessler]

     MACK, MRS. LULA, 85 - Died at 1:45 p.m. in the Holzer Hospital Tuesday. She was the widow of Christian C. Mack She suffered a stroke in her apartment a week ago Sunday forenoon. It was clear she would not recover or long survive. For nine days she was unconscious and unable to take nourishment, except glucose given intravenously.
     Mrs. Mack was born in Cincinnati Oct. 10, 1864, the second daughter and third oldest child of Ernest and Anna Steigert Giessler. Six daughters and a son reached adulthood and most of them were rather long-lived. Mrs. Henry (Rose) Worman was the oldest and she died here on  February 7,1943. Mrs. J.H.C. (Emma) Bovie is the youngest, is the only survivor, and is the only one of the group born in Gallipolis. When “Miss Lula” was but a girl the family moved here from Cincinnati. Mr. Giessler having accepted the position of head engineer for the Gatewood Furniture Co.  Later he served the old Enos and Hill foundry on lower Third Ave. a few doors above his home. Still later he engaged in the plumbing business.
     The Macks were married Dec. 30, 1891, by Rev. R. Buell Love. Most of the years of their wedlock were spent here. He operated a tannery on the Vine St. site of the Gallipolis Iron and Wrecking Co. and later managed the Mack dry goods store. Mrs. Mack was a member of St. Peter's Episcopal Church, the Order of Eastern Star, and the American Legion Auxillary in Columbus.
     Burial in Mound Hill cemetery.

Born: 1864
Died: 1949
Transcribed by Nancy McMillan

Mack, Millie R.

Millie R. Mack, Wife of Charles Mack, Dies Suddenly
End Comes After She Had Nearly Recovered from Attack of Influenza -
Daughter of Julius Roberts

     Mrs. Millie Roberta Mack, wife of Charles Mack, died suddenly about 8 o’clock this morning at their home on lower Third avenue. The death was attributed by Dr. Mack to a stroke of apoplexy. She had arisen and busied herself about the house when she suddenly remarked to her husband, “I’m feeling weak,” and lay down. A few minutes later she passed away. Recently she suffered from the flu but had nearly recovered from that illness. However, her health had not been good since she had a slight stroke two or three years ago.
     Mrs. Mack was a daughter of Julius Roberts, jeweler and watch repairer on lower Second for many years, and was born on a Mill Creek farm near the city, and was in her early 70s. She was twice married, her first husband, Charles Baker, living but a few years after their marriage.
     Mrs. Mack was a Presbyterian for 30 or 35 years and had friends in many circles, who will be saddened to hear of her death, and who will have much sympathy for the devoted husband.

Gallipolis Daily Tribune
Wednesday, March 16, 1932

Mack Funeral Set For 2 O’clock Friday
     Funeral services for Millie R. Mack, wife of Charles A. Mack, will be held at the Presbyterian church at 2 o’clock Friday, with Rev. Wood Duff in charge. Burial will be in Mound Hill cemetery by W. N. Hayward.
Mrs. Mack was 67 years old, having been born on July 19, 1864, it was learned today.
     Her birthplace was near the city on a farm now embraced in the O. H. E. site. Her father was of German lineage, though born in Switzerland, and her mother was a native of France. They were married in New Orleans.
     Mrs. Mack was a genial, kindly soul, devoted to her husband and home, and ever hospitable to those who crossed her threshold. Her death brings an irreparable loss to Mr. Mack, who reciprocated her love and devotion, and who had been her almost constant companion throughout their married life.

Gallipolis Daily Tribune
Thursday, March 17, 1932
Transcribed by Sandy L. Milliron

Mack, Rudolph A.

Mack Funeral Held Today At Stockhoff Home
Beloved Daughter Unable To Come Back From Carolina Where She Is Slowly Regaining Her Health
     The body of Rudolph A. Mack was laid to rest in Mound Hill Cemetery this afternoon. Funeral services were held at 2 o'clock at the home of his brother-in-law and sister, Mr. and Mrs. Harry Stockhoff, as the decedent had requested, with Rev. George Sagen, Baptist Pastor in charge. Interment was made by George J Wetheholt and sons. The pall bearers were Judge F. S. Gates, O.C. Lewis, Dr. James H. Williams, Fred E. Cherrington, George (Thuse) Hamilton and Squire Mauck.
     This is not the list to which reference was made in the first account of this widely known lawyer's death--a list that Mr. Mack had made off hurriedly some weeks ago, presumable in a joking mood, although it is now suspected he had a premonition of death then. Illness and absence from the city of tentative selections made necessary late revisions of the list.
     The daughter, Polly (Babe), as is generally known, was unable to return for the funeral and it was one of her father's last requests that she remain at Asheville, NC and not jeopardize her health by a trip home at this time. To her he gave the full measure of devotion and she reciprocated his love and indulgence and generosity without stint or reservation.
     Thousands today will feel a pang of regret as they bid farewell to Rudy-without him Gallipolis will never seem the same to those who had known him well.

[Note: Death Certificate...Rudolph August Mack born June 2, 1873, died April 2, 1932; 58 years 10 months of age. Parents: Charles Emery Mack and Wilhelmina Dolborn (both born Germany). Wife Edith Mae Stith Cause of Death: Advanced Tuberculosis with pulmonary Hemorrhage]

Gallipolis Daily Tribune
April 5, 1932
Transcribed by F. K. Brown

Mack, Rudy A.

R.A. Mack, Lawyer, Died This Morning
Unique Character of Extensive Acquaintance Succumbs to Heart Attack
Once Sought Governorship of State
Funeral Arrangements Not Completed
     Death ended the career of Lawyer Rudy A. Mack at about 9 o’clock this morning. That the end was near was known last night to those at his bedside and the entire community was aware of the critical nature of his illness. Nevertheless the news came as a shock to the unnumbered acquaintances of this active lawyer and extraordinary character. Last evening hope was revived for a short period that he might be improving, but there was a turn for the worse around midnight that left no doubt of the imminence of death. Mr. Mack himself, it was learned today, was the first to pronounce his illness hopeless. He helped to defend Walter McFarland and Wendell George on trial in common pleas court on Tuesday, but was so weak and so plainly ill that he could scarcely get about.

Believed Death Near

     After the trial he returned to his apartment at 504½ Second avenue, called a physician and went to bed.
That he did not expect to get well is shown by the fact that he gave his sisters, Mrs. Harry F. Stockhoff and Mrs. Carrie Cromley, who remained with him almost constantly, minute instructions as to his funeral and other matters of family concern. Even before this illness, he seems to have had a premonition of death and jokingly handed to a friend a few weeks ago a list of those he wished to be his pall bearers.
     Mr. Mack was a man of considerable natural ability and resourcefulness, though never studious. He was physically powerful. After reaching man’s estate, he studied law in Cincinnati and first practiced there and about the time of his admission to bar published a book of questions and answers that attained wide circulation among students preparing for bar examinations.
     Most of his professional career, however, was staged in his native city. After a stay of a few years here, he moved to Cincinnati again and rose to prominence as an Anti-Saloon League worker and leader. In 1914 he sought the Republican nomination for governor, being defeated by the late Frank B. Willis, and after that he not only severed his connection with the League but bitterly opposed its legislative and political endeavors.
Mack was a most companionable man, always craving the society of congenial souls regardless of their age or station, and to those whom he liked he was the personification of openhandedness and generosity.

[NOTE: A line or two at the end of this obituary are missing.]

Gallipolis Daily Tribune
Saturday, April 2, 1932
Transcribed by Suzanne Giroux                                                                       Top of Page

Mack, Wilhelmina

Mrs. Charles E. Mack Dies At Age Of Ninety
Mother Of Prominent Local Citizens Lived Here Since Coming From Germany
     Mrs. Wilhelmina Vollborn Mack died Thursday at 3:30 o'clock after an illness of several weeks. She was 90 years of age April 19 of this year. She had made her home in Gallia County since she was 13 years old, when she came to this country from Germany.
     Mrs. Mack was born in Haaslfeldt, Germany, April 19, 1838 and lived there until she came with her parents to America. She was married to Charles E. Mack Sept. 13, 1857 and to this union there were born eight children. A son, Martin Mack, died in infancy. Her husband, Mr. Charles E. Mack, died in 1912.
     Four sons and three daughters survive: Christian C. Mack, Charles E. Jr., Dr. Gus A. Mack and Randolph A. Mack of this city, three daughters, Mrs. F.A. Crumley, Mrs. Harry Stockhoff and Mrs. W.H. Slaymaker, of this city. She leaves also four grandchildren and three great-grandchildren.
     Funeral services will be held Sunday afternoon from her late residence on lower Third Avenue at two o'clock. Burial will be in Mound Hill Cemetery in charge of George J. Wetherholt and Sons.

[Note: Death Certificate...Died May 3, 1928; 90 years 14 days of age. Parents: Christian Vollborn and Caroline Hedison. Husband Charles Emery Mack.]

Gallipolis Daily Tribune
May 4, 1928
Transcribed by F.K. Brown

Mackensen, Helena M. [Hacke]

Death of Mrs. Mackensen
     Mrs. Helena M. Mackenson, wife of Charles Mackensen, died Monday evening, July 15, 1907, of puerperal fever, aged 27 years last February. Mrs. Mackense gave birth to a babe about four weeks ago and did not get along well. She is survived by the babe, husband, father and three brothers of Pittsburgh. Her maiden name was Hacke and she was a member of the Lutheran Church.
     Her funeral services will be Wednesday at Mt. Zion Church by Rev. T. M. Ricketts and her burial at the same place by Wetherholt.

Gallipolis Weekly
July 19, 1907
Transcribed by F. K. Brown                                                                            Top of Page

Mackenson, Herman Chris

Native German Dies
     Herman Chris Mackenson died at the home of his son near Mills Station Friday, March 25, 1927, at 5:15 p.m. after a lingering illness at the age of 82 years. Mr. Mackenson was born at Hanover, Germany.He leaves on son Fred C. and two grandsons Fred W. Mackenson and Wm. Delille.
     Funeral services will be held Monday at 2 p.m. by the Rev. J. C. Pilch, Lutheran minister, at his son’s home with burial in Mt. Zion cemetery in charge of Geo. J. Wetherholt and Sons.

Gallipolis Daily Tribune
March 26, 1927
Transcribed by Jessica L. Weber

Mackenzie, Clarence Douglas

Young Man Dead
     Clarence Douglas Mackenzie, 23, son of the late Rev. C. E. Mackenzie of Gallipolis, died of heart trouble at the family home in Columbus, Monday. Burial was made in Mound Hill cemetery at Gallipolis Wednesday afternoon. He is survived by his mother, a sister, Mrs. B. L. Enos, and five brothers.

[Note: 10/16/1898 - 8/28/1922 23 yrs. 10 mos. 12 das. s/o Charles E. & Kate C. Cutler Mackenzie]

The Gallia Times
Thursday, August 31, 1922
Transcribed by Sandy L. Milliron

Mackenzie, Kate [Cutler]

Mrs. Mackenzie, 90, Died Sunday
Rites 2 Thursday
     Death came to one of the city’s oldest and most beloved women at 4:45 p.m. Sunday. Mrs. Kate Cutler Mackenzie passed away at the home of her son, Harold, 55-½ Court St. She was the widow of Rev. Charles Elliott Mackenzie, former rector of St. Peters Episcopal Church, and was nearing her 90th birthday. For six weeks Mrs. Mackenzie had been bedfast, a sufferer from hardening of the arteries and erysipelas. For some days those at her bedside realized that her condition was well-nigh hopeless.
     Funeral services will be held at 2 p.m. Thursday at St. Peters Church with Rev. Charles G. Baird in charge. Interment will be in Mound Hill Cemetery by Claude Miller. For an hour before the service, the body will lie in state at the church. It will be taken to the Harold Mackenzie apartment Tuesday evening.
     Kate Cutler was born at Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, Nov. 9, 1857. At Halifax, capital of the province she and Dr. Mackenzie, who had just entered the ministry, were married. He served parishes at Spring Hill Mines, Nova Scotia, then at Alderson and Shediac, New Brunswick. Thence they came to the United States, their first parish being at Massena, N. Y. Next assignment was to Cleveland, thence to Columbus, where he became arch-deacon of the diocese. Then he went to a Zanesville parish, and from there came to Gallipolis in 1910.
As a minister and church builder, his work was so outstanding that he was nominated for a bishopric but lost the election by a narrow margin. His career was helped by the constant but unostentatious co-operation of Mrs. Mackenzie, in whose character there was a matriarchal element -- a sturdiness developed by the rigors and exactions of pioneer life in the northern country. She took part in various church organizations and at Massena became a charter member of the Order of Eastern Star.
     Surviving her, besides the son named, are these sons and a daughter: Edward Mackenzie of Mackay, Alberta, Canada; Roy of Detroit; Robert of Gallipolis, and Mrs. Ben L. (Eleanor) Enos of Fremont, O. There are 20 grandchildren and eight great-grandchildren. To all these Mrs. Mackenzie was wholeheartedly devoted and they were to her. Most of her years since the death of Dr. Mackenzie were spent in the home of her son, Harold, and he and his family left nothing undone to make her comfortable and happy.

Gallipolis Daily Tribune
Monday, October 13, 1947
Transcribed by Sandy L. Milliron

Macomber, Calphurnia [Holcomb]

     Died, in Huntington township, on June 19th, 1867, Mrs. Calphurnia Macomber, in the 48th year of her age. Mrs. Macomber was the daughter of the late Samuel R. Holcomb, of Vinton, and was widely known and highly esteemed. The circumstances of her sudden death were distressing to her family and friends, yet their loss, we trust, is her eternal gain. In all the relations of life, as wife, mother, friend, she was ever faithful. May her family, who feel so sorely bereaved, rejoice that,

There is a balm, a parting bliss,
That friends adore,
It is the hope—they'll meet once more;
It steals within the aching breast,
Like dew along the flowers,
Revives each withered thought within,
And brightens life's dull hour.

The Gallipolis Journal
August 8, 1867
Transcribed by Eva Swain Hughes

Maddox, Gertrude [Jones]

     GALLIPOLIS - Mrs. Gertrude Frazier Maddox, 84, of 104 Fourth Ave., died late Wednesday evening in an Athens hospital. She had been in failing health several months. Born in Gallia County, she was the daughter of the late Aaron and Mary Williams Jones. Her only survivor is a sister, Mrs. Gussie Benson of Gallipolis.
     Twice married, her first husband, Ethnile Frazier, preceded her in death several years ago.  Her second husband, John H. Maddox, died last March 21. They had no children.
     Services will be conducted at 2 p.m. Friday DST at the Miller funeral home by the Rev. L. E. Foudy. Burial will be in Mound Hill Cemetery. Friends may call at the funeral home after 7 p.m. Thursday.

[Note:  Buried under name of Gertie Frazier]

Athens Messenger
Thursday, May 27, 1965
Transcribed by Sandy L. Milliron

Maddox, Mary L.

Mary L. Maddox, 76, Dies At Son’s Home
Ill Several Years, Esteemed Woman Suffered Stroke Monday
     Mrs. Mary L. Maddox, 76, passed away this morning at 8 o’clock at the home of her son, Brady Maddox at Rodney where she had made her home for several years. She had been in poor health for several years and suffered a stroke early Monday morning. Mrs. Maddox was born to Benjamin Casto and Mary M. Craig Casto at Fairplain, W. Va. on May 25, 1873.
     The decedent is survived by three sons: Rolley and Oren C. at Charleston; and Brady Maddox, Rodney, and two sisters, Mrs. W. A. Lee, Gallipolis and Mrs. Addie Austin, Given, W. Va. She was a member of the Big Pine Methodist Church at Gim Ridge, W. Va.
     The Rev. Lowell A. Nihizer will conduct the services Sunday at 2: 00 p.m. at the Kenna Baptist Church at Kenna, W. Va. Burial will be made at the church cemetery under the direction of J. L. Coleman and Sons.

Gallipolis Daily Tribune
Saturday, March 11, 1950
Transcribed by Sandy L. Milliron

Maddy, Daisy Lee

Maddy Rites
     Mrs. Daisy Lee Maddy, wife of Frank Maddy, died at 11: a.m. Tuesday at the family home above Kanauga. Her death followed a long illness. Mrs. Maddy was born to the late Bennett and Cynthia Peck Fowler and was a native of Pt. Pleasant. Also surviving are a daughter, Mrs. Gertrude Deem of Kanauga and three brothers, Earl and Jim Fowler of Anderson, Ind., and a twin, Don C. Fowler of Pt. Pleasant. Six sisters and five brothers preceded her in death.
     Services will be held at 2 p.m. Thursday at the Wetherholt-Elliott-Sanders Funeral home Rev. C. J. Lemley will officiate. Burial will be in the Reynolds cemetery at Addison. Friends may call at the funeral home Wednesday evening and until the hour of the service.

Gallipolis Daily Tribune
Wednesday, April 29, 1959
Transcribed by Sandy Lee Milliron                                                                    Top of Page

Maddy, Edwin J.

Edwin Maddy Dies Saturday In Gallipolis
GALLIPOLIS - Edwin J. Maddy, age 25, died Saturday at the home of his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Harry Maddy, after a long illness.  He had been connected with the Buckeye Rural Electric Corporation as an accountant until last February when he was compelled to give up the position because of his state of health.  The first symptoms of his illness appeared when he was but nine years old and were diagnosed as Von Recklinghausen disease, a nervous affliction of whose origin nothing is known and for whose cure nothing has been found.  He was examined and treated at the Holzer Hospital, at Mayo Clinic and Johns Hopkins.
      Hoping to find some means of prolonging this fine young man’s life, Dr. Holzer communicated with every noted neurologist in the country, but all agreed that an operation would be to no avail.  Ed Maddy was the first Gallia County boy to receive the Eagle Scout award.  He was graduated from Gallia Academy High School with the class of 1938 and from Ohio University in 1942, where he was a member of the Beta Theta Pi fraternity.  From the time he was fourteen and through his college years, he was employed during the summer months as clerk on the steamer Gordon C. Green.  His father had served in a similar capacity in his younger days and Ed’s grandfather, the late Capt. Ed Maddy, of this city was known throughout the length of the Ohio River and its tributaries and for years was in command of the steamer “Ohio”.
     Young Maddy made every effort to get into the armed forces but because of his height was repeatedly rejected.  Finally he was accepted into the Coast Guard and was sent to St. Louis only to be subsequently rejected when symptoms of his hopeless ailment were discovered. 
     The last rites were held Monday afternoon by Rev. W. Scott Westerman at the George J. Wetherholt & Sons Funeral Home.  Burial followed at Mound Hill Cemetery.  Surviving besides parents is a sister, Miss Ruth Maddy employed at the Ohio Valley Bank, where the father, Harry Maddy, has long served as cashier.

Athens Messenger
Monday, August 6, 1945
Transcribed by Sandy L. Milliron

Maddy, Elizabeth [Lowry]

    MADDY - On the 20th of February, 1873, at her residence in Addison Township, Mrs. Elizabeth Lowry Maddy, in the 77th year of her age.
     Born in Stafford County, Va., May 10th, 1796. She was married October 15th, 1812, when less than 17 years of age, to Mr. Jas. Maddy, of Monroe County, Va. The year following, 1813, with a babe in her arms, on horseback, she started for Ohio. Behind her, on the same horse, was a colored girl, while her husband pursued his journey a-foot. In this primitive style they traveled 175 miles to their Ohio home, which was fixed at the very place where she has just departed to the world of spirits. Nearly 9 years before, her husband, at the good old age of 73, passed to his eternal home.
     At the funeral, which was last Sabbath, a large concourse of friends assembled to sympathize with the bereaved family, and to listen to a brief discourse by Rev. W. Mitchell, on the imperfection of our present knowledge of the future and the eternal.

Gallipolis Bulletin
Wednesday, February 26, 1873
Transcribed by Sandy L. Milliron

Maddy, Flora Probst

Widow of Captain A. Maddy Dies- Burial in Pomeroy Tuesday
     Mrs. Flora Probst Maddy, an aunt by marriage of Harry Maddy, died Saturday at her home in Columbus. The body will be brought to Pomeroy, her former home, and interment will be made in Beech Grove cemetery at 10 o'clock Tuesday morning.
     Mrs. Maddy was the widow of Captain Arthur Maddy, who was born and reared on Georges Creek in Addison tp., and was one of the Maddy brothers widely known as steamboatmen. In his later years he was associated with his wife's family, the Probsts, in the furniture business.

[Note: Unable to locate a death certificate. Ann Simmerman wrote "July 13, 1935" on the obituary.]

Newspaper (Prob. July 1935, Gallipolis or Pomeroy) clipping found in the Simmerman files, Maddy file, Bossard Library.
Transcribed by Lynn Anders

Maddy, Frank

Frank Maddy, Retired Farmer, Dies At Age 70
     Frank Maddy, 70, a retired farmer, died at 1: a.m. today at his home in Kanauga. He was born in Addison twp., June 21, 1893, son of the late James and Flora Claflan Maddy. His marriage was to the former Daisy Dowler, who preceded him in death, April 29, 1959. A daughter, Mrs. Gertrude Deem of Gallipolis, survives.
     Other survivors are two brothers, L. L. Maddy of Kanauga and Elman Maddy, Texas Rd. He was preceded in death by two brothers and a sister.
     Services will be held at 10 a.m. Wednesday at the Wetherholt-Elliott-Sanders Funeral Home. Rev. Hughey Jones will officiate, and burial will be in Addison-Reynolds Cemetery. Friends may call at the funeral home Tuesday evening.

Gallipolis Daily Tribune
Monday, March 23, 1964
Transcribed by Sandy Lee Milliron                                                                    Top of Page

Maddy, Hattie Catherine [Russell]

Young Mother Taken
     Mrs. Hattie Maddy, wife of Mr. Frank Maddy, died at the family home at Kanauga last Wednesday, leaving her husband and two infant children, one of five weeks and the elder 15 months of age. Her funeral services were held Friday, interment following in the Maddy cemetery. Mrs. Maddy, who was only 19, was a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Russell of Kanauga. She leaves besides her parents, five sisters and three brothers.

Gallia Times
Oct. 7, 1914
Born: Feb. 29, 1896
Died: Sept. 30, 1914
Transcribed by Nancy McMillan

Maddy, Harry

Gallipolis In Sorrow Over Death Of Her Noble, Notable Son
     Death came like a flash to Harry Maddy, cashier of the Ohio Valley Bank, while at his post of duty early this afternoon. Standing at the middle window and waiting on Miss Anna Simmerman, he suddenly took a backward step, fell to the floor, and passed away instantly, it was said by his fellow-workers. One of these workers, his own daughter, Ruth, had left the bank a short time before for the lunch period. Time of death was around 12:15.
     It is one of the most shocking tragedies this reporter has ever been called on to report. For in the long history of Gallipolis it seems doubtful that any other citizen ever had so many friends- so many warm friends- for he was friendly and hospitable and kind indeed to everyone who came his way. Despite a long and close friendship, this writer never heard any intimation from Harry Maddy or anyone else that all was not well with him physically; and that association included a dinner and ride together into the country yesterday. Since his passing it is learned he had been advised not to work so hard and so assidously [sic]. Presumably death resulted from a heart attack.
     A crowd gathered in front of the bank as the news of the tragedy began to go forth in all directions and saw Frank Wetherholt, Col. Morris Haskins and others lift the body into a waiting ambulance. It was taken thence to the Wetherholt mortuary. Previously Dr. Leo Bean had been called from the Clinic to the bank but there was nothing for medical skill to do.
     Harry Maddy would have been 68 years old next month. He was born in what used to be the Jim Hall home on Pine near First Ave. and most of his six years had been spent here. He was the only son of the late Captain Edwin and Maria Ball Maddy. Some of his boyhood was spent in Cincinnati and during that period he was the bat boy and mascot of the Cincinnati Reds.
     The father was a noted steamboat captain and once commanded a bulkheaded Ohio River packet down the Mississippi and across the Gulf of Mexico and around Florida and up the east coast to Jacksonville for delivery to purchasers who planned to use the boat on the St. Johns River. It was a marvelous feat.
     In the '90's, the family moved to Gallipolis and Harry soon became a clerk in the post-office and during the larger part of his tenure the office was located in the rear end of the building in which he died today.
During the first decade of this century he was a book-keeper for the Silverman, Levi and Co. here and then under the James M. Cox administration held an important post in the State Welfare Department in Columbus. He returned to Gallipolis more than 20 years ago to accept the bank cashiership at a salary in excess of what had been previously paid here for that sort of position.
     In his young manhood Harry Maddy, a riverman at heart, but highly proficient as a book-keeper and banker joined his father and later Captain S. A. Dunbar in operating packets on the upper Ohio.
     Last year Edwin, the only son of Mr. and Mrs. Maddy, passed away after a long and distressing illness. That was a terrible blow but it was borne with Christian resignation and stoical fortitude.
     The Maddys continued to "live by the side of the road" and their home continued to radiate that warm hospitality that endeared them to multiple thousands here abouts and all along the river. May God somehow soften the blow and assuage the anguish that have come to the devoted wife and daughter, will be the fervent wish of all who have known them.

[Note: From death certificate date of birth May 19, 1878; date of death April 22, 1946; wife is given as Syd Campbell Maddy; mother is given as Mary Bayes and not Maria Ball as written in the obituary. There is a marriage record for Edwin Maddy and Mary M. Bayes in Gallia County in 1874. Burial was in Mound Hill.]

Newspaper (prob. April 1946, Gallipolis) clipping found in the Simmerman files, Maddy file, Bossard Library.
Transcribed by Lynn Anders                                                                           Top of Page

Maddy, Hudson

Hudson Maddy Killed by Train

Aged Man Did Not Hear Approaching Engine
     Well Known Farmer at Addison and Good Man Mr. Hudson Maddy one of the best known men in Gallia county among farmers, having followed the threshing business in this county for 30 years or more, was instantly killed this morning about 7 o'clock, in front of his own residence, a half a mile perhaps above Addison, by a local freight of the Hocking Valley. As near as we can get the facts they are as follows: He was standing on the railroad track conversing with his neighbor, Mr. J. Harrison Berry when two local freights came along one behind the other and pretty close together. Some woman near by saw Mr. Maddy's danger and hallooed and waved to him and the train sounded its danger whistle, but Mr. Maddy was 71 years old, bad bad hearing and worse eyesight. It seems he stepped back and out of the way of the first train and thinking it passed stepped back to his former position, or at least so near, that he was struck by the end of the pilot beam of the engine, somewhere about the middle of the body, and was carried by the impetus of the train and then pitched perhaps 25 feet striking on his head against the end of some ties, when he was picked up by the engine, instantaneously, and hurled 20 feet further. He was dead when they got to him or practically so, and was found to have had his skull crushed over the eyes, his left leg and left arm broken and his face badly bruised and it looked as though his neck were broken but of this we are not certain. No arrangements at this time have been made for the funeral but Wetherholt has charge of the remains.
     It is an extremely lamentable and tragic occurrence. Mr. Maddy was liked by every one. He was a good citizen and an industrious fine man. He is a cousin of Capt. Ed Maddy of this city. He has been married twice. By his first wife he leaves a son Charles in Oklahoma and a daughter at Castleman, Ill. He is also survived by his last wife and four children, Susie, wife of Leon Bing of Cheshire, William, motorman on the Kanauga Traction line, Fannie, single at home, and George with the Huber Manufacturing Co. of Marion, O. His widow was formerly Miss Louise Preston.
     Coroner Parker was called and he and Sheriff Manring, C.R. Cunningham of the Traction Co., and perhaps others went right up as soon as the news was received here and every attention of kindness and sympathy were shown, and will be shown to him.

Gallipolis Daily Tribune
August 6, 1908
Transcribed by Henny Evans                                                                           Top of Page

Maddy, James

     DIED - Sunday, May 15, 1864, of Paralysis, at his residence in Addison township, Mr. James Maddy in the 73rd year of his age. The subject of the above notice was born in Monroe Co., Virginia, September 2, 1791, and moved to Gallia county, Ohio, in the year 1812, where he resided until his decease. He was a law-abiding citizen, an affectionate father, a kind and obliging neighbor, and an upright man. His last words were in substance, that a man's professions were worth but little unless his life be right. His funeral was attended by a large concourse of friends and neighbors.

The Gallipolis Journal
June 9, 1864
Transcribed by Eva Swain Hughes

Maddy, James C.

Reached Good Age
James C. Maddy Dies Friday At 83 Years--Funeral was Monday
     James C. Maddy, 83 passed away at his home in Addison Township Friday, April 15, 1927, after a long illness. Funeral services were held Monday, conducted by Rev. W. E. Ewing. Interment in the Maddy Cemetery.
Mr. Maddy leaves his wife, two sons, W. E. Maddy of Charleston and John Maddy of Mercers Bottom, WV and five daughters, Mrs. Edith Gouldon, Chicago; Mrs. O. E. Viers, Florida; Mrs. J. W. Sydenstricker, Cleveland; Mrs. Mary Bishop, Worthington and Mrs. A. O. Darst, Bidwell.

[Note: Death Certificate...James Chase Maddy was born Dec. 8, 1843 in Missouri and died April 15, 1927; 83 years 4 months and 7 days of age. Parents: John Maddy (MO) and Lorena Chase (NY). Buried in Maddy Cemetery in Addison Township.]

Gallia Times
April 21, 1927
Transcribed by F. K. Brown

Maddy, James Julius

Death of Mr. Maddy
A Well-Known Citizen of Gallia County Passes Away After A Severe Illness
     Mr. James J. Maddy of Addison township, whose distressing illness has been frequently mentioned in these columns, died this Tuesday morning, August 28, 1906, at 4 o’clock.
     The funeral services will be conducted at his home, the old Maddy homestead, at 1:30 p.m., Wednesday by Rev. A. B. Davis, the interment following by Undertaker Hicks of Bulaville, in the old Maddy Cemetery.
     Mr. Maddy was a most excellent gentleman and in his early days was connected with the Maddy boys in their steamboat operations on the Chesapeakes, Hibernia, A. L. Norton and perhaps others. His parents becoming feeble by age, he retired to the farm and has farmed since leaving the river, having a fine farm of about 300 acres.
     His wife, who survives him, is a daughter of Mr. Abram Chaflin, and she with six children are left to mourn an irreparable loss. He leaves one brother, Capt. Edwin F. Maddy of the steamer Kanawha, who left Pittsburg by rail and arrived today. His brothers, Lew and Arthur died some years ago. His children are Miss Pearl, the eldest, aged 18, and Lew, Frank, Elman, Billy and Albert.
     He had been ailing for two or three years and a few months age went to Colorado, but failed to find relief and died of consumption. He was highly regarded by all who knew him and was a member of the Addison school board for a long time. He was a man of high moral principals, honest, upright and true in all of life’s relations and his death brings sorrow to all who knew him.

[Note: 5/23/1860 – 8/28/1906; Age 46 yrs. 3 mos. 5 das. He was the son of James W. & Mary Ann Hardy Maddy. He was married to Louisa Flora Claflin in Gallia Co., Ohio on April 4, 1886.]

Gallipolis Daily Tribune
Tuesday, August 28, 1906
Transcribed by Sandy L. Milliron

Maddy, James W.

End Comes Sudden
Mr. James W. Maddy Yields to the Inevitable
At 2 o’clock Tuesday morning, the spirit of the venerable Mr. James W. Maddy, of Addison township, took its flight. The cause of his death was paralysis, which came on him suddenly Monday evening. He had eaten his supper and left the table and started to another room and was about to address his son, when paralysis silenced his tongue. He lingered in an unconscious state until the hour mentioned when he died.
     Deceased was born March 25, 1817, and was aged 81 years. He was born in Addison township and died on the farm on which he saw the first dawn of light. His wife preceded him in October, 1889. Deceased was an amiable gentleman, generous to a fault and never overlooked an opportunity to render a kindness if it was in his power.
     He leaves three sons, viz: Mr. J. J. Maddy, of Addison township, with whom he made his home; Capt. Edward Maddy of this city, and Capt. W. A. Maddy, of Huntington. Three sisters survive him, namely: Mrs. Richard Langley, of this city; Mrs. Eliza Woodrum and Mrs. Mary J. Johnson, of Monroe county, O.
     The funeral will occur Wednesday morning at 10 o’clock, interment at Maddy graveyard by undertaker Wetherholt.

Gallipolis Journal
Wednesday, February 22, 1899
Transcribed by Sandy L. Milliron

Maddy, John R.

     Died, on the 24th inst., John R., infant son of James W. and Mary A. Maddy; aged six months and twenty-four days.

The Gallipolis Journal
February 28, 1867
Transcribed by Eva Swain Hughes

Maddy, Lewis L.

L. L. Maddy, Kanauga, Dies Early Today
     Lewis L. Maddy, retired plumber and tinner, who resided on Rt. 7 in Kanauga, died at 8 a.m. today in Holzer Hospital. He was a native of Gallia county, son of the late James and Flora Clafan [Claflin] Maddy. Mr. Maddy operated a plumbing and tin business on Court St., prior to his retirement. He is survived by his wife, the former Frances Mills, and a brother, Elwin [Elman] Maddy, of Texas Road, Gallipolis.
     The body is at the Wetherholt-Elliott Funeral home and funeral arrangements will be announced later.

Gallipolis Daily Tribune
Friday, December 16, 1966
Transcribed by Sandy L. Milliron

Maddy, Lewis

     Services for Lewis L. Maddy, 77, retired plumber and tinner, who died Friday morning, will be held at 2 p.m., Monday, at the Wetherholt-Elliott Funeral home. Rev. Hughey Jones will officiate, and burial will be in Mound Hill cemetery. Friends may call at the funeral home from 7 to 9 p.m. Sunday.
     Mr. Maddy was born in Addison twp., in July 1889, son of the late James and Flora Clafan [Claflin] Maddy. He is survived by his wife, the former Frances Mills, and a brother, Elmer [Elman] Maddy of Gallipolis. Three brothers and a sister are deceased. The Maddy home was on Rt. 7, Kanauga.

Sunday Times Sentinel
December 18, 1966
Transcribed by Sandy L. Milliron                                                                      Top of Page

Maddy, Lewis L.

     Lewis L. Maddy of Addison Township, died Saturday morning, December 27, 1884, and will be laid to rest in the family burying ground near the homestead, New Year’s Day. Capt. Maddy was well known along the Ohio River, being one of the noted Maddy Bros. who owned various steamers; Hibernia, Telephone, old and new Chesapeake; having built the Telephone and new Chesapeake. He was a perfect gentleman, gentle in his manners, and generous in his dealings with his fellow man. He was in his 31st year and succumbed to the dreadful consumption. Capt. Ed. Maddy and wife, Capt. Arthur Maddy and wife and Chas. Day of the steamer Chesapeake, will be present to attend the funeral services.

[Note: Buried in Maddy Cemetery in Addison Township]

Gallipolis Journal
Wednesday, December 31, 1884
Transcribed by Suzanne Giroux

Maddy, Losena

Death of Mrs. Maddy
Mrs. Losena Maddy, whose critical illness we mentioned last week, died Sept. 20, 1902, aged 89 years and from the immediate effects of a fall received three days before. She died at the home of her daughter by her first husband, Miss Libbie Everton, of Maple Shade.
     She was the widow of a second husband, Mr. John Maddy, who died 22 years ago and had lived with Miss Everton, where she died, 12 years. By her last husband she left four children, James Maddy, of Middleport, Mrs. Lizzie Viers of Addison, Mrs. Eliza Bishop, of Ashley, O., and Mrs. Myra Pullins, of Kanauga.
     The funeral services were held at 2:30 Monday at Kanauga church by a minister from Pt. Pleasant, the burial following at the Maddy graveyard by Hayward & Son. Mr. and Mrs. Bishop, of Ashley came in to be at the funeral.
     She is said to have been a highly esteemed old lady by all who knew her and her death was greatly regretted.

Gallipolis Tribune
Tuesday, September 23, 1902
Transcribed by Sandy L. Milliron

Maddy, Louisa Flora  [Claflin]

Death of Mrs. Flora Maddy
     Mrs. Flora Maddy, widow of the late J. J. Maddy, living on George’s Creek, and who was operated upon a few days ago, mention of which was made at the time, died Tuesday evening, July 22d, 1913, of peritonitis and in her 49th year.
     Her funeral services will be at her home Friday at 10 a.m. by Rev. C. E. Morrison of Cheshire, burial at the Maddy cemetery by Wetherholt.
     Her maiden name was Claflin, the daughter of Abraham and Martha Claflin. Five children survive her as follows: Lewis, Frank, William and Elman and one whom we can’t recall. Mrs. Maddy is spoken of as a highly estimable lady with many friends who will regret her death exceedingly.

[Note: Aug. 14, 1868 – July 22, 1913; Age 48 yrs. 11 mos. 8 das.]

Gallipolis Daily Tribune
Wednesday, July 23, 1913
Transcribed by Sandy L. Milliron

Maddy, Luther M.

Gallia Native Dies In Toledo
     Luther M. Maddy, 86, a native of Gallia county and a resident of Toledo, was found dead Saturday morning in his apartment in Toledo. Mr. Maddy was born in this county on July 14, 1880, son of the late Jacob and Helen McDonald Maddy. He was a retired real estate dealer in Toledo, where he had lived for the past 60 years. He is survived by a sister and brother, Mrs. Nola Corrigan of Columbus and Homer B. Maddy of Huntington.
     Services and burial were held today in Toledo.

Gallipolis Daily Tribune
Monday, December 12, 1966
Transcribed by Sandy L. Milliron                                                                      Top of Page

Maddy, Maria [Shaw]

     Mrs. Maria Maddy, residing at Huntington W. Va. and wife of the late Capt. William Maddy, died at her home on last Monday. She had been ill for sometime with rheumatism. Mrs. Maddy was the daughter of the late Dr. S. G. Shaw, of Point Pleasant and was a sister of Mrs. W. P. Carpenter and Mrs. Mattie Miller of P-ea W.Va. She was the mother of Mr. Sam Maddy clerk of the steamer Sun; Edward and Misses Anna and Lizzie of Huntington. She was an aunt of Capt. Edward Maddy of this city, who accompanied by Sam Maddy attended the funeral and burial on Tuesday Afternoon.

Gallipolis Bulletin
Saturday April 22 1899
Transcribed by Mary James

Maddy, Mary Ann [Hardy]

Death of Mrs. James W. Maddy
     On Thursday last Mrs. Mary Ann Maddy, the estimable wife of Mr. James W. Maddy, of Addison Township, died, in the sixty-seventh year of her age. She was born at Wheeling, Va., and with her parents, William and Clarissa Hardy, moved to Marietta, O., when about twelve years old. At Marietta she received a liberal education, after which she taught school on the Big Kanawha River, where she made hosts of friends. On April 16, 1846, whe was united in marriage to Mr. James W. Maddy, with whom she lived happily until her death, October 3, 1889. Her husband and three sons survive her-two sons and one daughter having preceded her. Mrs. Maddy's death is a great blow to her aged partner and loving sons but she has passed over the dark river to her reward beyond.

Gallipolis Bulletin
Oct. 8, 1889
Transcribed by Nancy McMillan

Maddy, Mary Ann

     Mrs. Mary Ann Maddy, wife of Mr. James Maddy, and mother of Capt. Ed Maddy, Mr. Arthur Maddy, at Circleville in a furniture factory, and Mr. Jas. Maddy, at home, died last Thursday evening from the immediate effect of a paralytic stroke, though for a long time in ill health.
     She was an eminently good woman. Her funeral services were conducted at 10 a.m., last Saturday, by Rev. R.H. Coulter, and her burial by Hayward & Son, in the Maddy burying ground in Addison township, near her late home.

Gallipolis Journal
October 9, 1889
Transcribed by Henny Evans

Maddy, Mary Mariah [Bayles]

Mrs. E.F. Maddy Dead
Passed Away Friday At Home Of Son in Columbus
     Mrs. Mary Mariah Maddy, widow of Captain Edwin Maddy, died at the residence of her son, Harry, in Columbus Friday morning, July 26, 1918. Mrs. Maddy was the last surviving member of the family of the late Captain Harry Bays, who like Capt. Maddy was well known and loved along the Ohio River. Mrs. Maddy was married to Capt. Maddy on Thanksgiving Day, 1874 and during most of her life has resided in Gallipolis,. Latterly she has lived at Columbus where she could be near her only son, Harry, with whom she has been living for several weeks.
     Mrs. Maddy had been a sufferer for many years but continued as interesting and pleasant companion for her very large circle of friends, both here and elsewhere, for few ladies enjoyed a more extensive acquaintanceship than she.
     The body of the deceased will be brought here on the evening Hocking Valley train and will be taken to the residence of Mr. C.G. Niday on Fourth Avenue. Burial by Hayward at Mound Hill will follow funeral services by Rev. Mr. Beery at the Presbyterian Church Sunday at two o'clock. The pallbearers are C.M. Adams, E.L. Neal, J.M. Kaufman, Dick Brown, Frank L. Sibley and Harold Wolfe.

[Note: Death Certificate...born Sept. 27, 1827; died July 25, 1918.. Parents: Harry Bayles and Pauline Donnely.]

Gallipolis Daily Tribune
Saturday, July 27, 1918
Transcribed by F.K. Brown                                                                              Top of Page

Maddy, May Marie  [Rice]

Death of Mrs. Maddy
     Mrs. William Maddy of Kanauga, died Friday noon of pneumonia. Mrs. Maddy was May Marie Rice before her marriage. She was born in Mason Co., and was seventeen years old.
She is survived by her husband and mother, Mrs. Daisy Rice.
     The funeral will be held at the residence at 2 P. M., Sunday. Interment at the Maddy cemetery by Wetherholt and Entsminger.

[Note: 8/4/1901 – 10/25/1918; Age 17 yrs. 2 mos. 22 das. She was the daughter of John Rice and Daisy Fowler Rice of Mason Co., WV.]

Gallipolis Daily Tribune
Saturday, October 26, 1918
Transcribed by Sandy L. Milliron

Maddy, Pearl (Edna Pearl)

Death of Miss Maddy
     Miss Pearl Maddy of Addison, died Wednesday evening of tubercular trouble, aged 17 or 18. She was a daughter of Mr. James Maddy, her father dying of the same trouble several years ago. She leaves a mother and four or five brothers, among them Lew and Frank, but no sisters. She was a model young lady and a general favorite and every one regret her untimely departure, and her friends have the sympathy of all who know them.
     Wetherholt has charge of the body, but the time for the funeral is not definitely set, but it was thought it would be Friday afternoon. The young lady was a niece of Capt. Ed Maddy of this city.

[Note: Died Dec. 27, 1911]

Gallipolis Daily Tribune
Thursday, December 28, 1911

Miss Maddy’s Funeral
     The funeral services of Miss Pearl Maddy were conducted by Dr. C. E. Mackenzie, of St. Peters Episcopal church, and were largely attended and many beautiful floral tributes adorned the casket. She was laid to rest in the Maddy cemetery which holds so many of that family, by Undertaker Wetherholt.

Gallipolis Daily Tribune
Saturday, December 30, 1911
Transcribed by Sandy L. Milliron

Maddy, Sarah E.

    DIED.  Maddy, of consumption, in Addison Township, Nov. 19th, 1877, Sarah E., only daughter of James E. and Mary A. Maddy, in the 20th year of her age.  Funeral service at her home.  Sermon by Rev. E. Muse, of the Presbyterian Church, Gallipolis.  Funeral largely attended by relatives and friends.

    “Dearest sister, thou has left us.
    Left our home so sad, so drear,
    Oft in life thy presence cheered us,
    Thee—only one we loved so dear.”

     There are some who never court praise in life, or need it in death.  Their worth is unheralded while they live, and it is by no wish of theirs it is published after death.   Such is true of the one whose decease it is our painful duty to record.  She was taken sick last June for the first time in her life.  Her disease was quick consumption, and her youth, her goodness, and her promise did not exempt her from our final lot.  In her long sickness, she never murmured or complained, thus following the Saviour who opened not his mouth.  When her end drew near, she acknowledged her trust in that Saviour and requested her five brothers to meet her in the better country.  She lived and died loved by all who knew her and loved by One who loves his own to the end.  She was conscious to the last and the smile that rested on her face in death told us that her beautiful death was a fitting close to her beautiful life.

[ Note: Buried in Maddy Cemetery.  Gallia County death record shows she was 20y 2m 4d of age, died of consumption, and was the daughter of a farmer.]

Gallipolis Journal
November 1877
Transcribed by Eva Swain Hughes

Maddy, Syd [Campbell]

Mrs. Harry Maddy Dies Suddenly At Her First Ave. Home Early This Morning; Funeral Set Sunday Prominent Local Woman, Former Elections Board Clerk, Claimed After 5 A.M. Attack; Husband Was Pioneer Riverman Here, Died in 1946
     Mrs. Harry Maddy died at 5:30 a.m. today after suffering a heart attack at her home, 228 First Ave., a half hour earlier. One of the city's most prominent and best loved women, Mrs. Maddy had been suffering from a heart ailment for the past several months and had been forced to resign as clerk of the county board of elections after being a patient at the Holzer Hospital here in August.
     Born Syd Campbell, Mrs. Maddy was widowed in 1946 when her husband died in April of that year. The family had been stricken by tragedy just a year earlier when the only son, Edwin, died.
     At 5 a.m. today Mrs. Maddy became critically ill. Her surviving daughter, Miss Ruth, and a roomer at the home, Miss Dorothy Melton, called Dr. N. Howard Foster, who was with her when she died.
     Mrs. Maddy, 61 years of age, was a daughter of the late Edwin S. and Eleanor Womeldorff Campbell, born in Gallia County May 17, 1889. She married Harry Maddy, one of the city's pioneer rivermen, Oct. 11, 1914.
     Mrs. Maddy was a deacon of the First Presbyterian Church, a member of the Sons and Daughters of the Pioneer Rivermen, and had served as an assistant clerk of the elections board prior to becoming its clerk.
     In addition to the daughter, who is associated with the Ohio Valley Bank here, decedent leaves two sisters, Mrs. Robert Hoffman of Batavia and Mrs. Chauncey Nida of Columbus; and two brothers, Bill and Bob Campbell, both of Gallipolis.
     Funeral services will be held Sunday at 3 p.m. from the Wetherholt Funeral Home with the Rev. L. H. Stebbins officiating. Interment will follow in Mound Hill Cemetery under the direction of Frank Wetherholt.
Friends may call at the funeral home after 7 p.m. Saturday.

[Note: Ann Simmerman has the date "12-8-1950" written on the obituary.]

Newspaper (prob. December 1950, Gallipolis) clipping found in the Simmerman files, Maddy file, Bossard Library.
Transcribed by Lynn Anders

Maddy, Virginia L. ‘Jenny’ [Darst]

     WILKSEVILLE - Virginia L. “Jenny” Maddy, 73, Wilkesville, died Saturday, May 26, 2001 in Holzer Medical Center. Born June 9, 1927 in Point Pleasant, W. Va., daughter of the late Earl Darst and Daisy Rodgers Darst Byus, she was a member of Wilkesville United Methodist Church, where she served as church secretary, Pythian Sisters, Wilkesville Chapter and American Legion Auxiliary - Wilkesville Post.
     She was also preceded in death on May 8, 1993 by her husband, William L. “Red” Maddy, whom she married Aug. 6, 1955 in Catlettsburg, Ky., two daughters, Cathy Sue and Annita K. Maddy, a son, Dennis Lee Clagg, and an infant sister, Charlotte Ruth Darst.
     Surviving are two daughters, Sheila Ann Long of Benton, Ark., and Connie McWilliams of Gallipolis; three grandchildren and three great-grandchildren, a sister, Betty McCormick of Gallipolis; a half-brother, Bruce Darst of Point Pleasant, W. Va.; and a half-sister, Gayle Wilson of Point Pleasant.
     Services will be 1 p.m. Wednesday in Waugh-Halley-Wood Funeral Home. Burial will be in Reynolds Cemetery. Friends may call at the funeral home from 6-8 tonight.

Gallipolis Daily Tribune
Tuesday, May 29, 2001
Transcribed by Sandy L. Milliron

Maddy, William

River Captain is Drowned
Capt. William Maddy Lost Life in Kanawha River at Charleston
     Capt. William Maddy of the towboat George T. Price was drowned in the Kanawha river Wednesday afternoon. In some manner he fell from the deck of his boat, which was moored to the bank, and drowned before assistance could reach him. His cries were heard by the engineer of the boat and others. Capt. Maddy, it is said, could not swim. His body was recovered three hours later.
     Capt. Maddy is survived by his wife and two little daughters and four brothers, Frank, Albert, Lew and Elmer Maddy. He was a son-in-law of Capt. T. S. Haines of Kanauga.
     Funeral services were held Sunday afternoon at the Kanauga church by Rev. H. W. Anderson of the Baptist church in this city, interment following in Pine Street cemetery. He was a member of the local lodge Knights of Pythias, and that body attended in a body and gave the deceased a Pythian burial.
     Capt. Maddy stood high in the esteem of his employees, and Mr. Kelly, owner of the boat said of him; "He was one of the most deserving and honorable men in our employ. We have never had a man for whom we had a higher regard, and wish to extend to his family our most sincere sympathy."

Gallia Times
May 19, 1927
Transcribed by J. Farley                                                                                  Top of Page

Maddy, William

     Capt. William Maddy, formerly of this city, died of apoplexy at Huntington on Friday night inst. He was sixty-five years of age.

[Note: He also has an obituary in the Pt. Pleasant Weekly Register, Pt. Pleasant, W.Va. dated August 27, 1890.]

Gallipolis Bulletin
Tuesday, August 19, 1890
Transcribed by Sandy L. Milliron

Maddy, William

     William (Red) Maddy, 65, Wilkesville, died Saturday afternoon at Holzer Medical Center. He retired in 1989 as a chief engineer in the U. S. Merchant Marine. He was a World War II U. S. Navy veteran and a member of the Knights of Pythias of Jackson and the Wilkesville American Legion Post. He also attended the Wilkesville United Methodist Church.
     He was born July 27, 1927 to Cora Hayes [Hanes] DeWitt of Kanauga and the late William Maddy. Survivors include his mother, his wife, Virginia Darst Maddy; two daughters, Sheila A. Long of Escondido, Calif., and Connie McWilliams of Point Pleasant; two sisters, Margaret Rollins of Gallipolis and Eleanor Pennington of Charleston; three grandchildren and three great-grandchildren. He was preceded in death by two daughters, Anita K. and Cathy S. Maddy, and one son, Dennis L. Clagg.
     Friends may call 6 to 9 p.m. today at the Waugh-Halley-Wood Funeral Home. Services will be held 1 p.m. Tuesday at the funeral home with Pastor Ron Fierce officiating. Burial will be in the Reynolds Cemetery in Addison with a graveside flag presentation by the Point Pleasant American Legion Post.

Gallipolis Daily Tribune
Monday, May 10, 1993
Transcribed by Sandy L. Milliron

Maddy, William W.

Death of Will Maddy
Mr. Will W. Maddy died at the home of his father-in-law, Thomas Reynolds, at Kanauga Saturday night at 12 o’clock after a long illness with tuberculosis of the kidneys. He was in his thirty-eighth year and only a short time ago conducted an automobile garage in this city under the name of Stewart and Maddy.
     After disposing of his interest to Mr. Stewart, he went to Pennsboro, W. Va., and ran the same kind of business for H. Lambert until he met with an accident which placed him in the hospital at Parkersburg where an operation was performed. From that time on he grew worse and finally had to give up his position and returned home a few weeks ago to die.
     Will Maddy was the son of Hudson and Louise Maddy. His father was killed near Addison five years ago by a freight train. He is survived by a mother and two sisters, Mrs. Leon Bing and Fannie Maddy residing in Columbus, one brother George at Dayton, one-half brother, Charlie Maddy in Oklahoma and a wife and two children, Nannie and Esther, aged 10 and 11 years of Kanauga.
     The funeral will be at 1 p.m. Tuesday conducted by Rev. Lightner of Cheshire. Burial at the Maddy grave yard by Wetherholt.

[Note: March 12, 1879 - Jan. 10, 1915; Age 35 yrs. 10 mos. 29 das. He was married to Cora Reynolds and his parents were Hudson & Louise Payne Maddy.]

Gallipolis Daily Tribune
Monday, January 11, 1915
Transcribed by Sandy L. Milliron

Maear, Conrad

Death of Conrad Meier
     Mr. Conrad Meier, one of the finest old German citizens in the county, died at his home a short distance from town at 2 o’clock this Saturday morning, March 4, 1905. Mr. Meier was born in Germany June 10, 1838 and came to this country in 1870 and settled here. He has been blind for the past three years and confined to his bed for the past nine weeks.
     The burial will be by Wetherholt Monday afternoon, the services being conducted by Rev. Benj. Stinson [difficult to read] at two o’clock.  Interment at Mound Hill cemetery.

[Note: His tombstone has his name as Conrad Maear.]

Gallipolis Journal
Saturday, March 04, 1905
Transcribed by Suzanne H. Giroux

Magnussen, Opal [Wolferding]

     Mrs. Opal Wolferding Magnussen, 62, 619 Fourth Ave., died at 7:30 Thursday morning at Holzer Medical Center. She had been a Gallia County health nurse the past seven years. She was born June 23, 1914 in Milan, Ind. to the late Fred Wolferding and Mary Grossman Wolferding, who survives.
     She was married to Dr. Marcus J. Magnussen June 17, 1937 at Aledo, Ind. He preceded her in death in April, 1976.
     Survivors include one daughter, Mrs. John (Ann) Houck, Cincinnati; two sons, James Robert, Pittsburgh, Pa.; John David, Greenfield, Ind., and two grandchildren. One brother, Virgil, preceded her in death.
     Mrs. Magnussen attended Milan High School and graduated from the Jewish Hospital School of Nursing at Cincinnati in 1935. She formerly worked at the University of Iowa. She was a member of the First Presbyterian Church, the Registered Nurses Association and the Pembroke Club.
     Funeral services will be announced by Waugh-Halley-Wood Funeral Home. Calling hours will be 6 to 9 p.m. Friday. In lieu of flowers, contributions may be made to the Holzer Medical Center Memorial Fund.

[Note: Burial was made in Mound Hill Cemetery.]

Gallipolis Daily Tribune
Thursday, July 29, 1976
Transcribed by Sandy L. Milliron

Maguet, Emma

Death Of Mrs. Emma Maguet
     Mrs. Emma Maguet, 1546 Ninth Street, the wife of M.N. Maguet, died yesterday morning, death being due to ptomaine poisoning. She had been ill for two weeks. Mrs. Maguet was 61 years old. The deceased was born in Stuebenville, Ohio, in 1852, later moving to Gallipolis. Her marriage to Mr. Maguet took place in 1875.
     Surviving besides the husband are children: William, Silas, Constance, Grace, Eleanor, Jessie and Donald and sisters: Mrs. John Griggs, Crown Point, IN; Mrs. Charles Bowen, Columbus, Mrs. Tillie Barlow and Miss Anna Lanning, Streaton, IL.
     Funeral services will be held Wednesday afternoon at the home in charge of Rev. A.S. Hughes and the Rev. J.W. Dillon. Only relatives and immediate friends will attend the service. The deceased was a member of Trinity Church.

Portsmouth Blade

[Note: Death Certificate: Born Oct. 10, 1851; died Aug. 11, 1913 Portsmouth, Scioto County, Ohio; aged 61 years, 9 months and 1 day of age. Parents: Joseph Lanning born NJ and Susan Fisher born OH. Burial Greenlawn Cemetery]

Gallipolis Daily Tribune
Aug. 14, 1913
Transcribed by F.K. Brown

Maguet, Lewis P.

     Another one of our time honored citizens has passed away to his eternal home. Mr. Maguet was one of the very few now left as links between this and the early generations of the first settlers.  His mother and father were born in France, and his mother, Mrs. Adelaide Maguet, was the last representative left of the old original French settlers who came with her parents to Gallipolis. Mrs. Thomas Halliday and Mrs. T. G. Hern, sisters of Mr. Maguet, survive him. We knew of Mr. Maguet first as a druggist when we think Dr. E. Naret was a partner with him on the Public Square, yet, we are told, that he was a tailor by trade, and followed that business before becoming a druggist.
     While Mr. Maguet’s life was a quiet one, he evinced considerable enterprise. He built the large residence at the corner of Fourth and State streets, now owned by Jno. Dages, Esq., and also the business block now occupied by Alcorn Bro’s. and his late home on his farm near the Asylum Grounds. As a business partner of Dr. Samuel C. Dailey, under the firm name of Dailey & Maguet, he was known to the whole surrounding country.  He was reticent and quiet, attending exclusively to his own business, but kind and charitable and always did something to help along a worthy object.
     He was an earnest Republican, Methodist and Odd Fellow.  He leaves a widow, Mrs. Sarah Nye Maguet,  and three children, Mr. Melzer Nye Maguet, Mr. Silas Maguet and Mrs. Brayton T. Enos. He had been ill with a complicated case of lung [words obscured] and was a great sufferer.  In ten days from the 12th inst., the date of his death, he would have reached his 80th year. His funeral services were conducted from his late home, Tuesday at 2 p.m.; his burial at the Pine Street Cemetery.

Gallipolis Journal
Sept. 16, 1891
Transcribed by Eva Swain Hughes

Maguet, Sarah C. [Nye]

Of A Prominent And Aged Gallipolis Grand Lady At Lebanon
     The demise of this good and venerable lady was mentioned in Friday's Tribune. We regret that we are unable this morning to give full particulars of her funeral and burial. Her remains will arrive here this evening and will be met by Undertakers Hayward & Son and friends and taken to the residence of her daughter, Mrs. B.T. Enos, on lower Second Avenue, where it is quite probable the funeral services will conducted by Rev. F.E. Brininstool Sunday afternoon, the interment following at the old cemetery beside of her late husband and children.
     Sarah C. Maguet was born Dec. 12, 1817, on the Muskingum River in Washington County. Her parents were Melzar and Phoebe Nye. She had four sisters and one brother. Those living are Mrs. Margueretta Titus of Rutland, Mrs. Almira Fessler of Middleport, Mrs. Alvira Gates of Portsmouth, Melzar and Mrs. Mary Rose, deceased.
     She was united in marriage with Mr. Louis P. Maquet, son of the late Adelaide Maguet, so historically identified with the first days of Gallipolis, on October 19, 1843. He died Sept. 12, 1891. Gallipolis has always been her home since marriage.
     She became the mother of five children, Emma, Deceased, Melzar Nye Maguet of Portsmouth, Louie, deceased and Silas S. Maguet of Lebanon, Ohio, at whose home she died and to which place she went July 31, of this year. Her son Silas and daughter Mrs. Mary Enos were with her when she received her last summons.
From girlhood she had been a member of the Methodist Episcopal Church and a faithful member and a devout, conscientious Christian and good woman for whom everyone had naught but kind words.
     Mr. Maguet. her husband, will be well remembered as a druggist of this city for a life time, doing business right where Roedell's Drugstore is now. He became associated with Dr. S.C. Bailey, of Patriot, and the name of Bailey and Maguet was a household word throughout the county. Mr. Maguet built the house at the corner of Fourth and State Street that became the Dages homestead and which is now occupied by Attorney Johnston and family. Here she boarded many of the old Academy scholars, now gray haired men and women, but who remember her for the motherly kindness and affection she bestowed upon them.
     Later her husband built her a beautiful home on the Safford homestead near the State Hospital and when Mr. Maguet retired from business they lived here on a little farm in peace, comfort and beneath the shelter of a well earned prosperity, until the cruel hand of death separated them, scattered their family and tore asunder what these two good old souls had built up. We feel that we could not say too much in praise of Mrs. Maguet's many virtues. Old and careworn as she was we shed a tear at the death of this kindly, motherly, good old lady, who filled her niche in the vast world under the eye of her Creator and with the profoundest regard of all who knew her.
     The funeral services will be at 2 o'clock Sunday afternoon at Mr. B.T. Enos' residence. Those who had the honor of laying Mrs. Maguet to rest were Messrs. C.G. Parker, H.P. Hanna, J.G. Damron, Charles T. Bowen, James W. Gardner and G.A. Roedell.

Gallipolis Daily Tribune
Saturday Evening, Oct. 10, 1903
Transcribed by F.K. Brown                                                                              Top of Page

Maguire, Enos

     Enos Maguire, son of John Maguire of Mt. Zion, died at his father's home Tuesday night, March 19, 1918, following a number of weeks illness with an abcess on the brain. He was at the Holzer Hospital for treatment recently but his case had developed too far for operation.

Gallipolis paper
March 1918
Transcribed by Maxine Marshall

Mahan, Edgar

     GALLIPOLIS - Edgar Mahan, 84, Gallipolis, died Friday, Dec. 23 1994 at Scenic Hills Care Center. He was a retired farmer and a retired employee of the Gallipolis Development Center. He was a member of the Patriot Masonic Lodge. Born Oct. 4 1910 in Walnut Township, Gallia County, he was the son of the late Enoch and Garnet White Mahan. He married Mabel Allbright April 8, 1938.
     Survivors include his wife; two daughters, Mary (Bobby) Crews of Patriot and Edna(Lawrence) Tawney of Gallipolis; one son Richard (Shirley) Mahan of Gallipolis; four sisters, Alberta Thornton and Elva Dillon both of Gallipolis and twins Ida Eblin of Columbus and Edna Sheets of Grove City; two brothers Charles Mahan of Columbus and Frank Mahan of Gallipolis.; and five grand children, two step grandchildren and three great grandchildren. He was preceded in death by his parents two sisters and two brothers.
     Friends may call 6 to 9 p.m. Monday at Waugh-Halley Wood Funeral Home where services will be held 1 p.m. Tuesday with Pastor Denny Coburn officiating. Burial will follow in Ohio Valley Memory Gardens.
Pall bearers will be Mike Tawney, Roger Crews, Bill Carter, David Baker, Oakey Tawney and Leo Tawney. Honorary pall bearers will be Sam Wilkes, Earl Wilkes and Herbert White.

Gallipolis Tribune
unknown date
Transcribed by Marian Schoonover

Mahler, John

John Mahler, an Epileptic Hospital Inmate, Sunday
     Sunday afternoon, John Mahler, of Cleveland, an Epileptic Hospital patient, together with two other patients, Arthur R_fer and Frank Haverty, all three intelligent patients, left the Hospital about 2 o’clock, without permission, and it is supposed to avoid attending chapel services. In addition to this, they had been warned against going into the water, frequently.
     The young men went down below town to the residence of Budd Sterling, one of the carpenters at the Hospital, and not finding him at home, went onto the towboat, John F. Walton, where they found Mr. Sterling, who advised them to return to the Hospital but instead of doing so, they went further down the river, a short distance, where some parties were in bathing, and after sitting around awhile, they divested themselves of their clothing, and went in, also.
     Mahler was probably visited with an epileptic seizure while in the water for it was apparent that he was in distress, and Mr. Sterling plunged in and he seized Mr. Sterling, and had not another man, Chas. Nealy, [sic] rushed to Mr. Sterling’s assistance, both would have been drowned. After Mr. Nealey had disengaged Mahler from Mr. Sterling, and rescued Mr. Sterling, Mahler sank to rise no more.
     His body was recovered about 7:30, and was shipped to his friends at Cleveland on the 4 o’clock train, by Hayward & Son. The deceased was about 18 years of age.

[Note: 1878- June 15, 1895; Age 17 according to death record. The newspaper records his death as Sunday, June 16, 1895.]

Gallipolis Daily Tribune (Pg. 2)
Monday, June 17, 1895
Transcribed by Sandy Milliron

Maige, Otto Lewis

Death of Maige Boy
     Otto Lewis Maige, the three year old son of Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Maige of Beale, W.Va., died Monday evening, Nov. 7, 1921, after a several weeks illness of diphtheria. The funeral services were held at the home at Beale and the burial made by Wetherholt & Entsminger at Jordon Chapel Cemetery.

Gallipolis Daily Tribune
Wednesday, Nov. 9, 1921
Transcribed by Sandy L. Milliron

Major, Caroline (Cad) [Booton]

Caroline Major
     Mrs. Caroline (Cad) Booton Major, 79, died suddenly at 6 p.m. Friday at her home in Charleston, W. Va. Mrs. Major is the last of the family of Mr. and Mrs. Ira Booton and was born in Gallipolis. Her father was a former Gallia County Recorder, and a co-founder of the Gallia Times.
     She was preceded in death by several brothers and sisters including Orland Booton, former Williamson, W. Va., publisher, Ch--- Booton, and Mrs. Adolph Henke. Mrs. Major's husband, Floyd, a Charleston news agency executive, died many years ago. A son, Floyd, and a daughter, Caroline, survive. Mrs. Stella Booton of Gallipolis, is a sister-in-law, and J. Sherman Porter is a nephew.

Sunday Times Sentinel/ Gallipolis Daily Tribune
April 24, 1966 page 2 column 1 Section A
Gallipolis, Ohio
Transcribed by Margaret Calvin                                                                       Top of Page

Malaby, Mary

Mrs. William Malaby Died Last Saturday

Was Widely Connected With Prominent Gallia County Families
     Mrs. William Malaby, aged 78, a former resident of Springfield Township, died Saturday at the home of her daughter in Milford Center, Ohio.
     Mrs. Malaby was connected throughout the county with many prominent families. She was twice married. From the first marriage two children survive, F.H. Leonard, Hotel Dennison, Columbus and Mrs. R.R. Malaby of Glenwood Springs, CO., the children left from the last marriage are W.F. Malaby, Sandusky, Mrs. W.E. Walker, Albany, Mrs. Chauncy Russell and Mrs. Bessie Carmachael, Columbus and Mrs. Villa George, Milford Center. In addition she leaves two brothers, James Jones, Mill Creek and Jonathan Jones, Bulaville and a sister, Mrs. Alonzo Garrett, Gallipolis.
     The body will arrive Tuesday noon and will be taken to Campaign Church where the funeral services will be conducted by Rev. R.R. Denney and burial in the Cemetery at the church.

Gallipolis Daily Tribune
April 23, 1928
Transcribed by F.K. Brown

Malaby, William

Death of William Malaby
Mr. William Malaby of Addison Township, died Sunday, May 5, 1907, of heart trouble
     His funeral services were put off until Wednesday to give his brother, Hon. John Malaby of Kansas time to get here and attend the services. They will be conducted by Dr. J. M. Davis, President of Rio Grande College at 11 a.m. of that day.
     Mr. Malaby was a fine old gentleman whom everyone liked and respected.He had been a member of the Free Will Baptist Church and a valued member for many years and will be missed greatly in the neighborhood in which he lived.

[Note: buried in Campaign Cemetery in Addison Township]

Gallipolis Paper
May 7, 1907
Transcribed by F.K. Brown                                                                              Top of Page

Mallaby, John

     In Cheshire township, on Wednesday morning last, Mr. JOHN MALLABY, aged 50 years.

Gallipolis Journal
October 26, 1843
Transcribed by Teresa Herrman

Malone, Audrey

     Audrey M. Malone, 69, Grove City, died Saturday, June 24, 1995, at her residence. She was a retired employee of the Columbus Paper Box Company with 20 years of service. She was also a member of the Church of Christ in Christian Union. Born Nov. 26, 1925 in Gallipolis, she was the daughter of the late Vinton and Nellie Collins Bostic.
     Survivors include three sons, Ray(Becky) Malone, Lee (Sharon) Malone and Joe (Jane) Malone, all of Columbus; three brothers, Emory(Kathleen) Bostic of Newark, and John (Gladys) Bostic and Ray Bostic, both of Gallipolis; nine grandchildren and eleven great Grandchildren: a special friend, Vicky Birt; and several nieces and nephews. In addition to her parents, she was preceded in death by her husband, Cloyd 'Boose' Malone; one sister, Effie Mayes; and one brother Arnold Bostic.
     Friends may call 7 to 9 p.m. Monday and 2 to 4 p.m. and 7 to 9 p.m. Tuesday at the Schoedinger-Norris Chapel 3920 Broadway, Grove City, where the service will be held 11 a.m. Wednesday with Pastor Maurice S. White officiating. Burial will be in Sunset Cemetery. Memorial contributions may be made to the Mt. Carmel Hospice.

Gallipolis Daily Tribune
June 25, 1995
Transcribed by J. Farley

Malone, John Hollis

Rites Sunday For Former Gallia Man
     Services for John Hollis Malone, 56, who died recently in Tampa, Fla., will be held at 2 p.m. Sunday at the Waterloo Methodist Church. The body will lie in state for one hour at the church prior to the service. Burial will be in Bethesda cemetery under the direction of the Phillips Funeral Home.
     Mr. Malone was born in Gallia county on Feb. 8, 1905, the son of the late John and Nantie Maddy Malone. He was reared in Waterloo. His marriage was to the former Blanche Allison of Bethesda, who survives along with a daughter, Betty and son John and one grandson. Three surviving sisters are Mrs. Bernice Blevens of Oak Hill, Mrs. Gladys Peters of Columbus and Mrs. Zelda Clevenger of Connersville, Ind. Two sisters and a brother preceded him in death. His brother lost his life in World War I. The Malone family had been residents of Sanford, Fla., for several years.

The Gallia Times
Saturday, April 8, 1961
Transcribed by Sandy L. Milliron

Maloon, Azureth

     Azureth Maloon was born in Chautauqua Co., New York, July 30th, 1807, and died July 9th, 1874.  January 20th,1831, she was united in marriage to Mark Maloon, who died Dec. 5th, 1863.  She was the mother of 15 children; ten of the number, together with her husband, preceded her to the better land.  She was a member of the M. E. Church over thirty years, was a faithful Christian, loving her church and the cause of  her Master more and more.  She spoke without alarm (of) her coming change, expressing herself as being ready and willing to go—saying she had more she expected to meet on the other side of the shore than she would leave on this side.  Her sufferings were great, yet she bore them with patience, saying "The Lord's will be done."  Toward the close of her life nothing was so entertaining to  her as the songs of Zion.  She was often heard to say, "Bless the Lord, Oh, my soul, praise the Lord."  She expressed her trust in the Savior, saying she desired to go and be with him.  She was a bright and shining light. Those that knew her could truthfully say—behold a Christian, indeed.     M. M.

The Gallipolis Journal
August 13, 1874
Transcribed by Eva Swain Hughes

Maniskas, Flora

     Flora Maniskas, 95, a former resident of 20 Hinkle Ave., died at 8:15 p.m. Thursday in the Country Court Nursing Home, Mt. Vernon, Ohio. She had been a resident there since 1972. She was born Dec. 30, 1884, in Southern Greece. She married Ernest Maniskas in 1904. They moved to America late in 1904 settling in Logan, W. Va. Her husband died 1924. She moved to Gallipolis in August, 1932.
     The following children survive: Perry Maniskas, Mt. Vernon; Mike Maniskas, South Point and Carl Maniskas, Gallipolis; Viola Panos, Pensacola, Fla.; Mrs. Rosa Potter, Mt. Vernon, and Mrs. Mary Kallas, Logan, Ohio; two sisters: Mrs. Christine Karp, and Mrs. Anna Lucas, both of Australia. Fourteen grandchildren, 27 great grandchildren and three great-great-grandchildren survive.
     She was a member of the St. George Greek Orthodox Church, Huntington, W. Va. and attended the First Baptist Church in Gallipolis. She was also a former member of the Women’s Auxiliary of the VFW.
     Funeral services will be held 3 p.m. Sunday at Miller’s Home for Funerals with Father Spirtos officiating. Burial will be in Mound Hill Cemetery. Friends may call at the funeral home between 2-4 and 7-9 p.m. Saturday. A memorial service will be held at 7:30 p.m. Saturday.

Gallipolis Daily Tribune
Friday, October 19, 1979
Transcribed by Sandy L. Milliron

Manley, Amos A.

Death of Amos Manley, Near Cheshire
     Amos Arland Manley departed this life Monday, July 20th, at the home of his father near Coalton, O. The greatest part of his life was spent at Cheshire, where he proved a quiet and useful citizen, and will be greatly missed.
     Mr. Manley had been in feeble health for two years past, and for the past six months had been a great sufferer from brain trouble. He was thirty-two years of age, and leaves a wife and two children, father, mother, brothers and sisters to mourn their loss. -- Vinton Leader.

Gallipolis Daily Tribune
Saturday, July 25, 1903
Transcribed by Sandy L. Milliron

Manley, Caleb Noel

Caleb Manley
     Caleb Noel Manley, three-month-old infant son of Melissa Manley and Rick Stone, both of Gallipolis, died unexpectedly yesterday morning, Thursday, Jan. 23, 1992, at his residence. The infant was born Oct. 20, 1991 in Gallipolis.
     In addition to his parents the infant is survived by two sisters, Tiffany and Casey Manley, both of Gallipolis; grandparents, Fona Smith, Bidwell; Bill Fry, Marietta; and Marjorie Stone, Middleport; great grandparents,
Charles and Geneva Wise and Noel and Edith Herman, all of Middleport; as well as several aunts, uncles and cousins. The infant was preceded in death by his grandfather, Robert Stone, and an aunt, Belinda "Pinky" Hicks.
     Private services will be held Saturday at Gravel Hill Cemetery in Cheshire. Arrangements are under the direction of Fisher Funeral Home in Middleport.

The Daily Sentinel
Friday, Jan 24, 1992
Transcribed by Willi Anderson & Judy Free                                                        Top of Page

Manley, Clifford Eugene

Clifford E. Manley
     Clifford E. (Rooster) Manley, 57, South Second Avenue, Middleport, died Saturday at Holzer Medical Center in Gallipolis. A truck driver, Mr. Manley was born May 19, 1929, in Cheshire, a son of the late Emmett and Bertha Frazier Manley.
     Surviving are his wife, Rosanna; two daughters and sons-in-law, Cathy and Frank Elliott, Michigan; Cindy and Steve Hartenbach, Pomeroy; a son and daughter-in-law, Toney and Gloria Manley, Wellston; a son John, Middleport; four grandchildren; three sisters, Audrey Gassney (sic Gaffney), Massillon; Ancill Van Matre, Middleport, and Corrine Ambrose, Pomeroy. Several nieces and nephews also survive. Besides his parents, he was preceded in death by a brother, Barney, and a sister, Midgie Abbott.
     Services will be held at 1 p.m. Tuesday at the Rawlings-Coats-Blower Funeral Home with Rev. Earl Eden and Father Tony Giannamore officiating. Burial will be in the Gravel Hill Cemetery at Cheshire. Friends may call at the
funeral home today from 2-4 and 7-9 p.m.

The Gallia Tribune
Monday, July 7, 1986
Transcribed by Willi Anderson & Judy Free

Manley, Corbett Edgar

     Corbett Manley, 85, Middleport, died Thursday afternoon at Holzer Medical Center. Mr. Manley was born Aug. 1, 1892 in Gallia County the son of the late I. T. and Sara Dodds [sic] Manley. He was also preceded in death by his wife, Gay Rice Manley, and several brothers and sisters.
     Mr. Manley is survived by two daughters, Mrs. Carl Teresa Iker, Point Pleasant, and Mrs. Pearlie Evelyn Jewell, Carpenter, Ohio; two sons, Walton of Reedsville and Charles of Cleveland, several grandchildren,
great-grandchildren and great-great-grandchildren and several nieces and nephews.
     Funeral services will be held Sunday at 2 p.m. at the Rawlings Coats Funeral Home with the Rev. George Oiler officiating. Burial will be in Kirkland Memorial Gardens, Point Pleasant. Friends may call at the funeral home
Saturday from 2 to 4 and 7 to 9.

The Daily Sentinel
Friday, Aug 19, 1977
Transcribed by W‎illi Anderson & Judy Free                                                        Top of Page

Manley, Emily Faye [Cromlish]

Emily 'Faye' Manley
     Emily "Faye" Manley, 80, of Middleport, passed away Thursday, Sept. 6, 2007 at a Fort Worth, Texas Hospital after a brief battle with brain cancer. She was born May 31, 1927 in Gallipolis, to Harry and Ora Cromlish. She was a Republican Central Committeeman, and she retired from the Meigs Local schools as a bus driver.
     She was preceded in death by her husband, Clifford E. Manley, parents, four brothers and two sisters. She has one surviving sister, Anna Bell Martin of Springfield, two children, Brent (Pam) Manley, Minersville; Vicki
(Morton) Barnes, Burleson, Texas, grandchildren, Michael Manley, Minersville, Jeremy and Joshua Manley, Middleport, Skip (Tara) Dodson, Middleport, Ryan Barnes, Arlington, Texas, Eric Barnes, Arlington, Texas, Whitney Barnes, Irving, Texas, several nieces and nephews. She will be sadly missed by all.
     Services will be held Sunday, Sept. 9, 2007 at 2 p.m. at the Middleport Chapel of Fisher Funeral Homes. Burial will follow in the Gravel Hill Cemetery. Visitation will be held on Saturday, September 8, 2007 from 2-4 and 6-8 p.m. at the funeral home.

The Daily Sentinel
Friday, Sep 07, 2007
Transcribed by Willi Anderson & Judy Free

Manley, Emmett

Emmett Manley Dies Monday
     Emmett Warren Manley, 80, South Second, Middleport, died this morning in Meigs General Hospital.
Mr. Manley was born March 11, 1889, in Gallia County. The son of the late Isaac and Sarah Manley, he was also preceded in death by three brothers and three sisters. He was a member of the Silver Run Baptist Church, and a retired coal miner.
     Survivors include his wife, Bertha Marie; four daughters, Mrs. Martin (Midgi) Abbott and Mrs. Norman (Ancill) Van Mater, both of Middleport; Mrs. Herman (Audrey) Gaffney, Massillon, and Mrs. Jack (Corrine) Ambrose, Pomeroy; two sons, Randall E., Monroe Falls, Ohio, and Clifford E., Middleport; a brother Corbett, West Columbia; 15 grandchildren, eight great-grandchildren, and several nieces and nephews.
     Funeral services will be held Wednesday at 2 p.m. from Rawlings Coats Funeral Home with the Rev. George Oiler officiating. Burial will be in Gravel Hill Cemetery in Cheshire. Friends may call anytime after 6 p.m. today.

Unidentified Newspaper
Hand written date Mar 31, 1969
Transcribed by Willi Anderson & Judy Free                                                        Top of Page

Manley, Emmett Jr.

Emmett Manley, Jr.
     Emmett Randall (Barney) Manley, Jr., 59, Akron, died this morning at the residence of his mother, Bertha Frasier Manley, 838 S. Second Ave., Middleport. Born Oct. 19, 1923, at Cheshire, he was also preceded in death by his father, Emmett Manley Sr. A veteran of the U. S. Army in World War II, he was employed by
Consolidated Freight Ways at West Richfield, Ohio.
     Also surviving are a daughter, Randi Sue Popp of Akron; two sons, Todd and Tim, both of Monroe Falls, Ohio; three grandchildren; four sisters, Mrs. Midge Abbott and Mrs. Norman (Ancill) Van Matre, both of Middleport, Mrs. Herman (Audrey) Gaffney of Massilon [sic], and Mrs. Jack (Corrine) Ambrose of Pomeroy; a brother, Clifford of Middleport; and several nieces, nephews and cousins.
     Funeral services will be held at 2 p.m. Wednesday in Rawlings-Coats-Blower Funeral Home, with Rev. Mark McClung officiating. Burial will be in Gravel Hill Cemetery, Cheshire. Friends may call at the funeral home from 2-4 and 7-9 p.m. Tuesday.

The Daily Sentinel
Monday, July 25, 1983
Transcribed by Willi Anderson & Judy Free

Manley, Finley Everett

Finley E. Manley
     MIDDLEPORT - Finley Everett Manley, 67, Middleport Route 1, died Monday in Holzer Medical Center.
He was the son of Lou and Eva Frazier Manley. Survivors include: four daughters, Mrs. George (Judy) McAfee, Middleport; Mrs. Elmer (Joyce) George, Vinton; Miss Martha Lou Manley and Miss Debra Manley, both at home; three sons, Robert E. of Vinton; Richard and John, both at home; a step-daughter, Mrs. Charles Saxton, Columbus; a step-son, Edward Manley, Columbus; a brother Corbett, of West Columbia, W.Va., and 11
     Funeral services will be held at the Middleport Church of Christ and Christian Union at 2 p.m. Thursday, the Rev. O.H. Cart officiating. Burial will be at Gravel Hill Cemetery. Friends may call at Rawlings-Coats Funeral Home until 12:30 p.m. Thursday.

The Athens Messenger
Wednesday, Oct 1, 1969
Transcribed by Willi Anderson & Judy Free                                                        Top of Page

Manley, Flossie [Frazier]

Mrs. Albert Manley Buried at Cheshire
     Funeral of Mrs. Albert Manley, 43, who died at Montgomery, W. Va., last Friday of heart disease, were held at 2 o'clock Monday at the Cheshire M. E. church. Burial in Gravel Hill cemetery.
     Surviving are her husband, Albert Manley, her mother, Mrs. Sarah Frazier, and the following sisters and brothers, Mrs. Walter Farley, Mrs. Edith Jones, Mrs. Clarence Potts, Mrs. John Witham, Fred, Jess, and Pearl Frazier, all of Middleport precinct.

Gallipolis Daily Tribune
Tuesday, May 25, 1937
Transcribed by Willi Anderson & Judy Free

Manley, Merle [Swartz]

Merle Manley
     Merle G. Manley, 69, Middleport, died early Wednesday morning, Feb. 5, 1992, at Veterans Memorial Hospital. She was born Aug. 6, 1922 in Mars Fork, W. Va. and was the daughter of the late Reuben and Cecil Wartenbee Swartz. She was a homemaker.
     Mrs. Manley is survived by her husband, Charles W. Manley, Middleport; three sons, Wes Manley, Middleport; John and Sharon Manley, Pomeroy; and Peach and Lillian Manley, Columbus; three daughters, Mrs. Carl (Jeanie) Halley, Gallipolis; Mrs. Larry (Patsy) Ogdin, Pomeroy; and Mrs. Rick (Sue) Metzger, Pomeroy; four sisters, Fanny Lewis, Piketon; Pearlene Bradshaw, Indiana; Ethel Hossler, Nitro, W.Va.; and Norma Wilson, Pomeroy; two brothers, Millard Swartz, Pomeroy; Ted Swartz, New Haven, W.Va.; 11 grandchildren, eight
great-grandchildren, several nieces and nephews and special friends, Jessie and Annie Barnhart, Albany.
     Besides her parents she was preceded in death by a sister Lucy Davis, and four brothers, Jene, John, Jim, and Mason Swartz.
     Services will be held Friday at 2 p.m. at Fisher Funeral Home in Middleport with Rev. Paul Taylor officiating. Burial will be in Gravel Hill Cemetery. Friends may call at the funeral home on Thursday from 2-4 p.m. and 7-9 p.m.

The Daily Sentinel
Wednesday, Feb 05, 1992
Transcribed by Willi Anderson & Judy Free                                                        Top of Page

Manley, Ronald Lee

Manley Services
     MIDDLEPORT - Funeral services for Sgt. Ronald Manley, 22, Middleport, killed March 10, in Vietnam, will be held at 2 p.m. Sunday at the Silver Run Baptist Church. The body will arrive at Parkersburg at 9:45 p.m. Friday. Friends will be received at the Rawlings-Coats Funeral Home after 10 a.m. Saturday. The
Rev. O.H. Cart will officiate at the funeral services, and burial will be in the Gravel Hill Cemetery at Cheshire.
     Sgt. Manley is survived by his wife, Cheryl Little, and an infant son of Columbus; his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Donald Manley of Middleport; two sisters, Mrs. Donna Jean Hood of Pomeroy and Pamela Kay Manley at home; and grandparents, Mrs. R.S. Manley and Mrs. Sparkle Hawley of Middleport. Sgt. Manley was the second Middleport serviceman to be killed in the Vietnam conflict.

The Athens Messenger
Mar 17, 1967
Transcribed by Willi Anderson & Judy Free

Manley, William Clayton

William C. Manley
     SYRACUSE - William Clayton Manley, 58, died Saturday in Veterans Memorial Hospital, Pomeroy, after a long illness. He is survived by his wife, Agness; three brothers, O'Dell of Rutland, Lawrence and Charles both of Middleport; four sisters, Mrs. Imogene Gilmore of Gahanna, Mrs. Lucille King of Middleport, Mrs. Ruth Smith of Pomeroy, Mrs. Carol Dye of Coolville, his mother, Mrs. Ella Manley Phillips and step-father, Elwood Phillips, of Middleport. He was preceded in death by two infant children, his father, Carl Clinton, and a sister, Miss Maggie E. Manley.
     Funeral services will be Tuesday at 2 p.m. in the Pearl Street Christian Union Church, Middleport, by his brother, the Rev. O'Dell Manley, assisted by the Rev. Charles Rogers. Burial will be in Gravel Hill Cemetery,
Cheshire. Friends may call at the Ewing Funeral Home, Pomeroy.

The Athens Messenger
Apr 14, 1969
Transcribed by Willi Anderson & Judy Free                                                        Top of Page

Manning, Wilson

     Died, Sept. 12, 1875, near Centreville,  Wilson Manring, aged 39 years.  He left a wife and one child.  He joined the M. E. Church at New Zion, when he was but little over 15 years of age, and he remained a consistent church member until his death.

The Gallipolis Journal
December 23, 1874
Transcribed by Eva Swain Hughes

Mannion, Mary

The Death of Mary Mannion
     Mary Elizabeth Mannion, daughter of John William Mannion, who died four years ago, and Isabel Shober Mannion, died at 3:45 Monday afternoon, Feb. 19, 1912, after an illness of over two years. Mary was born April 14, 1890, at Newark, Ohio, and leaves in her immediate family her mother and two sisters, Lillian and Genevieve.
     Her funeral will occur Thursday morning about nine o’clock at St. Louis Catholic Church. The interment will be at Mound Hill where her father sleeps, by Hayward.
     When disease attacked her unmistakably, she was taken by her mother to Mt. Vernon Hospital for three months in the spring of 1910, and in November of the same year to New Mexico, where she remained until May, 1911. Since then she has been at home in Gallipolis gradually nearing the end.
     Mary Mannion was a girl of unusual physical beauty, but the charm of her good looks was supplemented by the graces of an immaculate mind and heart, which endeared her to all she met, and her early death is a grief not only to her relatives, but to a wide circle of true friends. An appreciation of her character appears in the editorial column of this paper.
     The pallbearers at her funeral service will be Paul Jones of Marietta, Darius Maxon of Columbus, Charley Cadot, Clyde Ingels, Henry Cherrington and Fred Cherrington of this city.

Gallipolis Daily Tribune
Tuesday, February 20, 1912

The Funeral of Mary Mannion
     Services over the remains of Mary Mannion were held at St. Louis Catholic Church this (Thursday) morning, by the Rev. Father Kessler. The floral memorials to the dead girl were many and exquisite, and the music very beautiful. A church full of friends heard the impressive mass, after which Father Kessler delivered a most happily conceived sermon, which closed with an eloquent and touching tribute to the life and character of the deceased.
     The interment at Mound Hill followed in the presence of the immediate family and a few intimate friends.

Gallipolis Daily Tribune
Thursday, February 22, 1912
Transcribed by Sandy L. Milliron

Mary Mannion Dead
     There was universal sorrow in this city when the sad intelligence became known that the beautiful young life of Mary Mannion had passed away at 3:30 o’clock Monday afternoon. She had been in a gradual decline for several years and everything known to science was done to restore her health and strength. Last winter, accompanied by her devoted mother, she went to Albuquerque, New Mexico, returning in the Spring and the change of climate proved somewhat beneficial. However, her vitality was not strong enough to overcome that dear malady, but her condition was not alarming until several days ago, when she seemed to grow weaker and gradually and peacefully sank to rest.
     Mary Elizabeth was the eldest daughter of John and Isabel Shober Mannion, and would have been 22 years old the 14th of April. She was born in Newark, Ohio, where the family lived until the death of Mr. Mannion, four years ago, after which they moved to this city.
     She was an unusually beautiful and attractive young woman and her lovely character, and sweet gentle, lovable nature endeared her to everyone who knew her. Her mother and two young sisters, Lillian and Genevieve are left to mourn her loss, but the memory of her beautiful life will ever be a consolation to them.
     The funeral services will be held this (Thursday) morning at 9:00 o’clock at St. Louis Church by Rev. Father Kessler and the burial following at Mound Hill Cemetery by Hayward & Son. The following will act as pall bearers: Paul Jones, Darius Maxon, Clyde Ingels, Charles Cadot, Henry Cherrington and Fred Cherrington.

The Gallipolis Bulletin
Thursday, February 22, 1912
Transcribed by Sandy L. Milliron                                                                      Top of Page

Mannon, Susan C. ‘Kitten’ [Dingess]

     Susan C. “Kitten” Mannon, 40, of Gallipolis, died Thursday, Dec. 2, 2004, at Holzer Medical Center. She was born Nov. 22, 1964, the youngest daughter of Paul and Lena Wheatley Dingess of Gallipolis. She was a homemaker.
     In addition to her parents, she is survived by her husband, Kenneth L. Mannon, who she married May 12, 2001, in Gallipolis; seven children, Jennifer Roth, Robbie Mannon, Christy Roth, Timothy Hunt, Daniel Potter, Chobee Sheets and Samuel Mannon; six grandchildren, Paulena Yost, Dennis Yost II, Hannah Manring, Gavin Roth, Jasmine Kerns and Violet Moore; one brother, Nick Dingess of Gallipolis; one sister, Marsha (John) Shriver of Gallipolis; nieces and nephews, Eric, Jessica and Kyle Dingess; Tiffany, David, Will and Austin Shriver; two special friends, Michael Williams of Point Pleasant, W. Va., and Scott Adkins of Gallipolis, several aunts, uncles and a host of friends.
     Services will be 10 a.m. Monday, Dec. 6, 2004, at the Waugh-Halley-Wood Funeral Home, with Carl Ward officiating. Burial will follow in Ohio Valley Memory Gardens. Friends may call from 5 to 8 p.m. Sunday, Dec. 5, 2004, at the funeral home. To send condolences, please visit

Gallipolis Tribune
Sunday, Dec. 5, 2004
Transcribed by Sandy L. Milliron

Manns, Bobbie

Bobbie Manns, 18, Hauler, Drowned; Body Recovered
     Bobbie Manns, a young colored boy, who as the operator of a hand cart was a familiar figure in the business district of the city, was drowned about 3 o’clock yesterday afternoon in Chickamauga Creek, at a point back of the Plymale-Wagner lumber yard. His body was recovered an hour or two later by Cyrus Roe and Harold Howell with the aid of grappling hooks.

Could Not Swim

     Bobbie, who was about 18 and made his home with Mr. and Mrs. William Briggs and Mason Peck at 834 Fourth ave., did not know how to swim, in the opinion of Mrs. Briggs. It is understood some other colored boys were with him at the time but their identity had not been learned this morning at the Briggs house. The spot where the drowning occurred has been used frequently for bathing and swimming, although it is said to be unsuitable for the purpose.

Gallipolis Daily Tribune
Monday, August 22, 1938
Transcribed by Suzanne H. Giroux

Manns, Henry

Henry Manns Dies
     Henry Manns, aged 66 years, died early Tuesday morning at his home, 814 Fourth avenue.  He is survived by one son, Carl Manns. Funeral services will be held Thursday at 2 p. m. Burial in Pine street cemetery in charge of A. E. Tope.

Gallipolis Daily Tribune
Tuesday July 1, 1930
Transcribed by Suzanne H. Giroux

Manring, Ann

     Died, July 8th, at her residence near Centreville, Ohio, of Typhoid fever, Mrs. Ann Manring, in the forty-eighth year of her age.

The Gallipolis Journal
August 28, 1862
Transcribed by Eva Swain Hughes

Manring, Clarence O.

C.O. Manring, Grocer, Passes This Morning
Funeral To Be Held At Up-Town Home At 2 [o'clock] Sunday
     Clarence O. Manring, age 50, died at 8:15 this morning of pneumonia at the Holzer Hospital. He had been ill several weeks and was taken yesterday morning to the hospital, where he had been treated back in January. He was a grocer at 1222 Second Avenue.
     Mr. Manring was born at Waverly, Ohio, Aug. 29, 1890 and was the only son of the late J.M. Manring. He is survived by his mother, Clara Saunders Manring and his wife, who was Elizabeth Broyles before their marriage.

[Note: Clarence Otto Manring died March 12,1941; aged 50 years, 6 months and 17 days of age. Father: James]

Gallipolis Paper
March, 1941
From the Debbie Carter Evans Collection
Transcribed by F.K. Brown

Manring, Elizabeth [Chandler]

Mrs. Manring, 70, Claimed
     Elizabeth Manring,70, died at 5:30 p.m., Sunday at her home at 729 Second Ave. She was born in Gallia County on Nov. 21, 1899, daughter of the late William and Lucy Bradbury Chandler. She was twice married, first to Luther Broyles and then to Clarence Manring. Both preceded her in death. She is survived by several nieces and nephews.
     Mrs. Manring was a retired employee of the Hawthorne State Hospital at Akron. After retiring, she made her home with Grover and Mary Long. She was a member of the American Legion and Veterans of Foreign War Auxiliaries, First Baptist Church, and Daughters of America.
     Funeral services will be held at 2 p.m., Wednesday at the McCoy-Wetherholt Funeral Home, with Rev. H.E.Cole officiating. Burial will be in Mound Hill Cemetery. Friends may call at the funeral home from 2-4 and 7-9 p.m., Tuesday.

Gallipolis Daily Tribune
December 22, 1969
Transcribed by Nancy McMillan

Manering/Manring, Ruie

Death of Miss Manering
     Miss Ruie Manering, making her home with her nephew, Mr. Wesley Cherrington near Thurman, died Sunday morning at 11 o'clock, aged 83 years. She was one of a family of 19 children, seven of whom survive her, among them Mrs. Cherrington of Thurman, Mrs. Cherrington of Rodney, and Mrs. D.W. Dickabaugh [should be Rickabaugh] of Rio Grande, the rest being in the West. Her funeral services were conducted Monday at 2 p.m. by Dr. J.M.Davis.
     Burial at the Mt. Calvary [Calvary Baptist] Cemetery. She had for many years been a faithful member of the Baptist Church at Rio Grande, but has not been able to attend services of late years.

[Note: The correct spelling of the surname is thought to be Manring.]

Gallipolis Daily Tribune
July 1, 1901
Transcribed by Henny Evans                                                                           Top of Page

Manring, Rachel

     Mrs. Manring Dead – Mrs. Rachel Manring, formerly of this county, died at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Albert Thomas, in Columbus Thursday from apoplexy. She was the widow of James Manring. Another daughter, Mrs. Margaret Felts of Columbus, and two sons, J. E. Manring of Columbus, and W. S. Manring of Delaware, survive their mother. The funeral was held Sunday at the home of Mrs. Thomas, and on Monday the body was brought to Ebenezer, Gallia County, for interment.

[Note: Buried in Ebenezer Cemetery - 1835-1921.]

Gallia Times
Thursday, March 24, 1921
Transcribed by Suzanne Giroux

Mapes, Charles

Charles Mapes, 41, Dies Christmas Eve -- Burial At Cheshire
Charles Mapes, 41, who was born and reared near Cheshire died at 11 o’clock Christmas eve, at his home in Athens. He was a World War veteran and served overseas.
     Charles was a son of the late Perry Mapes, who lived on the Alva Agee farm, now owned by David Briggs. He is survived by his wife and a 14-year-old daughter and his mother, Jane Mulford Mapes, and they all lived together.
     Charles was a mechanic and a man of excellent character and high standing, say those who knew him well. He had been in poor health for years and his mother is likewise in poor health and will be unable to attend the funeral. She is a sister of George Mulford and Mrs. Oscar Sisson, both of the Cheshire community.
     Funeral services under the auspices of the American Legion, will be held at the Cheshire Baptist church at 2:30 Sunday. Burial in Gravel Hill cemetery.

Gallipolis Daily Tribune
Saturday, December 26, 1936
Transcribed by Sandy L. Milliron

Mapes, Clarence

     DIED - Clarence, the fifth child of Perry and Jane Mapes, of Cheshire, O., was born April 16, 1893, and died of lung fever Feb. 3, 1894, aged 9 months and 17 days.

Gallipolis Tribune
February 7, 1894
Transcribed by Harrison Christensen

Mapes, Emma Jane [Mulford]

Mrs. Jane Mapes, 84, Dies In Athens
Mrs. Jane Mapes, widow of Perry Mapes, died at her home in Athens early Sunday morning after a long illness. Mrs. Mapes was 84 years old on March 10 and was a sister of George Mulford of Cheshire and Mrs. Haley Sisson of Marion.
     Surviving are three children, Nettie of Athens, Mrs. Anna Shoemaker of Roseburg, Ore.; and Lester Mapes of Indiana. Three other children, Jess, Charles and Clarence, preceded her in death. Mrs. Shoemaker, it has been learned will be unable to come for the funeral.
     Mrs. Mapes was a member of the Cheshire Baptist Church during her years in Cheshire and she was a faithful Christian and was held in high esteem by all who knew her.
     Funeral will be held at 2:30 (fast time) Tuesday at the Cheshire Baptist Church, with Rev. Mr. Luchs of Athens in charge. Interment in Gravel Hill Cemetery.

[Note: March 10, 1859 (Pomeroy, Ohio) - May 9, 1943; 84 yrs. 1 mo., 29 das. She was the daughter of John & Nancy Rife Mulford.]

Gallipolis Daily Tribune
Monday, May 10, 1943
Transcribed by Sandy L. Milliron

Marchi, Betty Lou 

     Betty Lou Marchi, 57, of 182 Greenbriar Dr. died Thursday at Camden-Clark Memorial Hospital in Pakersburg. Born May 1, 1930 in Gallia County, she was a daughter of Elaine Pitchford Baker of Gallipolis and the late Charles Vance Baker.
     She married Robert L. (Bob) Marchi on March 4, 1957 in Gallipolis, and he survives, along with one son Bobby Marchi of Parkersburg; one sister, Mrs. Raymopnd (Mary Margaret) Willis of Gallipolis; and one brother Carl Lewis Baker of Sgt. Bluff, Iowa.
     She was past president of Washington Elementary School PTA, a 1948 graduate of Gallia Academy High School, where she played in the band and was drum-majorette. She was secretary to Marshall Boggs at Washington School for four years; worked in travel control of Bell Telephone at Columbus for six years; an officer and partner in Marchi Distributing Company of Gallipolis.
     Sevices will be conducted Monday, 10 a.m. St. Peter's Episcopal Church, Rev. Albert MacKenzie and Rev. William Myers officiating. Burial follows in Mound Hill Cemetery. Friends may call at Waugh-Halley-Wood Funeral Home 6 to 9 p.m. on Sunday.

Gallipolis Daily Tribune
Friday March 11 1988
Marian Baker Schoonover                                                                               Top of Page

Marchi, Ines

     Ines Marchi, 85, Rt. 3; Gallipolis, died Sunday at Holzer Medical Center. Born Feb. 26, 1904 in Bagni di Lucca, Italy, she was a daughter of the late Roberto Buonamici and Imola (Barsitti) Buonamici.
     She was also preceded in death by her husband, Louis G. Marchi, in 1980, and a daughter, Lillian Marchi. Surviving are two sons, Bob Marchi and Gee Marchi, both of Gallipolis; five grandchildren; four great-grandchildren; two brothers, Aladino Buonamici and Bruno Buonamici, both of Lucca, Italy, and one sister Celida Cianelli of Stockholm, Sweden.
     She and her husband owned and operated a restaurant in Gallipolis for many years. She was a member of St. Louis Catholic Church, the American Legion Auxiliary 27, Eight and Forty, and the Catholic Womens' Club.
     Services will be conducted Wednesday 10 a.m., at the St. Louis Catholic Church with the Rev. William R. Myers and the Rev. Albert MacKenzie officiating. Burial will follow in Mound Hill Cemetery.
Friends may call Tuesday, 6 to 9 p.m. at the Waugh-Halley-Wood Funeral Home. Rosary service will be Tuesday, 8:30 p.m. Pallbearers will be Bobby, Mike and Scott Marchi, Remo Rocchi, Don Robinson and Lawrence (Panzo) Bastiani.

[Note: Died 1989]

Gallipolis Daily Tribune
Transcribed by Maxine Marshall

Marchi, Louis

     Louis (Gee) Marchi, 60, Route 3, Gallipolis, died Wednesday at Holzer Medical Center following a lengthy illness. He operated a restaurant and carry-out business for 23 years and was a buyer at Gallipolis Parts Warehouse.
     Born Dec 14, 1929 in Marietta, Ohio, he was a son of the late Louis (Gee) Marchi, Sr., and Ines Buonamici Marchi. A sister, Lillian, also preceded him in death. Surviving are his wife; Wanda Glover Marchi; two sons, Michael Marchi and Scott Marchi, both of Gallipolis; two daughters, Marissa Marchi of Columbus and Maryann Clark of Zanesville; four grandchildren; and one brother, Bob Marchi of Gallipolis.
     He was a football player at Gallia Academy High School, and graduated there in 1949. He attended Ohio University and served in the United States Navy during the Korean Conflict. He was a member of St. Louis Catholic Church, the Gallipolis Elks Lodge, American Legion Lafayette Post 27, and the Knights of Columbus.
     Mass of Christian Burial will be conducted 10 a.m. Friday at St. Louis Catholic Church, the Rev. William Myers officiating. Burial follows in Mound Hill Cemetery. Friends may call at Waugh-Halley-Wood Funeral Home today, 6 to 9 p.m. Rosary devotions will be at 8:30 p.m. Military flag presentation will be by Post 4464 Veterans of Foreign Wars.
     Pallbearers will be Sam Clark, David Durbin, John Cornett, Bobby Marchi, Remo Rocchi, James Miller, Alfred Gabrielli, Richard Cornett, Billy Joe Johnson.
     Contributions may be made to the ALS Association, 1900 East Dublin Granville Road, Columbus, Ohio, 43229.

[Died January 24, 1990]

Gallipolis paper
Thursday, January 25, 1990
Transcribed by Maxine Marshall                                                                        Top of Page

Marchington, Homer J.

     Homer J. Marchington, 83, a retired farmer who resided at 1152 Second Ave., died in Holzer hospital at 7:45 p.m. Wednesday. He had been admitted to the hospital at 5 p.m. the same day, and had been ill for a week.
     Mr. Marchington had been a resident of Gallipolis for 15 years, coming here from Dexter. He was a native of Harrisonville in Meigs county, and was born on Feb. 22, 1877, to the late James and Mahala McCarty Marchington. He was one of four children born to that union and was the last of his immediate family.
     Three children were born to that union and two survive, Mrs. Loyal (Leva) Folden of Gallipolis and a son Emerson Marchington of Columbus. One child died in infancy. There are four grandchildren.
Mr. Marchington was a former member of the Knights of Pythias at Guysville, the Odd Fellows of Dexter and the Church of Christ.
     Services will be held at 2 p.m. Saturday at Miller’s Home for funerals. Rev. C. J. Lemley will officiate and burial will follow in Gravel Hill cemetery at Cheshire. Friends may call at the funeral home after 7:30 p.m. today.

Gallipolis Daily Tribune
Thursday, July 21, 1960
Transcribed by Sandy Lee Milliron

Marcum, Juanita [Holstein]

     GALLIPOLIS - Juanita Holstein Marcum, 83, of Gallipolis, died Wednesday, September 19, 2001 at Holzer Medical Center. She was born June 14, 1918, in Oak Hill, West Virginia, daughter of the late Bernard Holstein Sr., and Stella Miller Holstein.
     She was a retired medical secretary at French City Chiropractic. She was a member of the First Presbyterian Church and Friends of Bossard Memorial Library. She was a Girl Scout Leader for several years, and a volunteer for Holzer Medical Center.
     Surviving are a daughter, Debbie (Mike) Rhodes, of Gallipolis, a son Don (Karen) Marcum of League City, Texas; two grandsons, Tim Marcum and Tyler Marcum, both of Houston, Texas; one great-granddaughter, Amber Marcum of Houston; and a brother, Milton (Rene) Holstein of Cincinnati.
     In addition to her parents, she was also preceded in death by her husband, Opie Marcum in 1984; a son, James Edward Marcum, in 1994; three brothers, Bernard Holstein, Jr., Herb Holstein and Frank Holstein; and by a sister, Virginia Shank.
     Services will be 2:30 p.m. on Sunday, September 23, 2001, at First Presbyterian Church, with the Rev. Paul VanHorn officiating. Burial will follow in Ohio Valley Memory Gardens. Friends may call at Willis Funeral Home on Saturday, September 22, 2001 from 6-9 p.m. In lieu of flowers, memorial donations may be sent to Bossard Memorial Library, 7 Spruce St., Gallipolis, Ohio 45631, or Vinton Elementary Academic Boosters, 123 Keystone Road, Vinton, Ohio 45686.

Gallipolis Daily Tribune
Friday, September 21, 2001
Transcribed by Sandy L. Milliron                                                                       Top of Page

Marcum, Noah

     GALLIPOLIS - Noah "Buster" Marcum, 58, Rt. 1, Northup, formerly of Loraine, Ohio, died Friday in Holzer Medical Center. Born Feb. 13, 1926, in Mingo County, W. Va., son of the late John W. and Lula McCloud Marcum, he was a World War II Navy veteran and former employee of U. S. Steel.
     Surviving are his wife, Dolly Marcum; two sons, Bill of Talmadge and Terry of Loraine; four daughters, Judy Adcock of Elyria, Linda Dennis of Loraine, Mary Benson of Cleveland, and Patricia Riggs of Vermillion; 12 grandchildren and a brother, Grover of Gallipolis.
     Funeral arrangements by Reidy-Scanlan Funeral Home, Loraine are pending.

Gallipolis Tribune
September 9, 1984
Transcribed by J. Farley

Markham, Allie [Mosier]

Death of Mrs. Geo. Markham
     After suffering for several months from cancer of the stomach and bowels Mrs. George Markham died Sunday evening at her home on Chestnut street. Before her marriage she was Miss Allie Mosier of Gallia County, where she was born 52 years ago. For many years she has been a resident of Jackson. Her husband survives her but her only child died eight years ago. Two brothers survive living in Dayton and Springfield. A niece Mrs. Elizabeth Wood of Cadmus was here last week to help care for her and her brother Gardner, was here from Dayton. Short funeral services will be held at the home Tuesday evening and the body will be taken Wednesday morning to Salem for burial in Gallia county.—Jackson Sun.

Gallipolis Daily Tribune
Wednesday, June 27, 1923
Transcribed by Suzanne Giroux

Markin, Charles C.
     Chas. C. Markin, son of J.T. and Isabella (Boggs) Markin was born July 21, 1875 died at Newark, O., Jan 9, 1929, of flu and pneumonia. Deceased had been a resident of Newark, Ohio, since 1898 where he has worked as a molder.
     He was preceded in death by his father and mother and one sister, Mrs. W.H. Burton of Frederick, Okla. He leaves to mourn his loss Mrs. Henrietta Markin, his wife, two brothers, W.M. of Eureka, O. and J.R. of Cleveland, Ohio.
     He was a member of the Masonic Fraternity. The veteran of foreign wars, and J.O.U.A.M. of Gallipolis, O. The large attendance at his funeral and the many beautiful floral offerings attested to the high esteem in which he was held by his friends and neighbors. He was laid to rest in beautiful Cedar Hill cemetery in Newark, O. Jan 12, 1929. Besides the near relatives he leaves a large number of friends and relatives in Gallia County.
     He was a member of 2nd Reg. B. Co.U.S. Vol. Engineers during the Spanish American War, spending several months in Cuba. Immediately after his discharge from the army took up his residence in Newark, O., where he has worked since as a stove molder. A faithful friend, a loving husband and brother. We will miss him in the family circle and the home.

Gallipolis paper
January 1929
Transcribed by Theresa E. Smith                                                                     Top of Page            

Markin, Isabel [Boggs]

Mrs. Markin Dead
     Mrs. Isabel Boggs Markin died Monday night at the home of her son, Wheeler Markin, Chambersburg, at the age of 80 years. She was the widow of Taylor Markin, a Civil War veteran and was a life long resident of Gallia county. Surviving her are three sons, W. M. at home, C.C. of Newark, J.Q. of Lakewood, a daughter, Mrs. J.P. LaSalle, Gooding, Idaho, another daughter, Mrs. Bessie Bunton, preceding her in death. Rev. W.J. McConnell will conduct the funeral services at Clay Chapel Wednesday afternoon.

Gallia Times
Aug. 18, 1927
Transcribed by J.Farley

Markin, Wheeler

Wheeler Markin Dead
     Mr. Wheeler Markin, well known resident of Eureka, died there Wednesday, Jan. 21, 1931. The funeral was held at Clay Chapel Friday afternoon by Rev. Miller, with the Masonic lodge of Eureka in charge. He leaves his wife, a brother J.Q. Markin of Cleveland and a sister, Mrs. Lasalle of Boise City, Idaho.

[Note: Death Certificates shows: W.M. Markin born 1872; died Jan. 21, 1931 at age 58....Merchant....Wife: Pearl Brown Markin....Parents: Taylor Markin and Isabelle Boggs...Burial Clay Chapel Cemetery.]

Gallipolis Paper
Jan. 21, 1931
Transcribed by F.K. Brown

Markley, Leota [Epperson]

     GALLIPOLIS - Mrs. Leota Markley, 76, Rio Grande, died at 6:45 a.m. in the Gallipolis Medical Center. She had been in failing health for the past six months. Mrs. Markley was born Aug. 2, 1889, in Fairplay, Mo., the daughter of the late Benjamin and Emma Jane Johnson Epperson. She was married to Everette H. Markley, Sept. 3, 1912, who preceded her in death in 1945.
     Survivors include two daughters, Mrs. Glenn E. (Wilma) Arnold Sr., of Rio Grande, and Mrs. Arthur (Julia) Lamb, Jr. of Fort Scott, Kan. Eight grandchildren and two great grandchildren.  Also surviving are two sisters and two brothers. Two brothers preceded her in death.
     The body will be shipped from the Waugh-Halley-Wood Funeral Home in Gallipolis to Nevada, Mo., where services will be held Tuesday from the Terry Funeral Home in Nevada. Burial in the Newton Cemetery in Nevada, Mo. For the past five years, Mrs. Markley had resided with her daughter, Mrs. Glenn Arnold, Sr., in Rio Grande.

Athens Sunday Messenger
January 9, 1966
Transcribed by Sandy L. Milliron

Marlin, Infant daughter

     The infant daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Marlin died Tuesday evening. Burial by Wetherholt at Mound Hill this afternoon.

Gallipolis Daily Tribune (Pg. 3)
Thursday, August 20, 1896
Transcribed by Sandy Milliron

Marlow, James

James Marlow
     James Marlow, son of Hugh and Leanora Tate, was born Aug. 25, 1904; died Sept. 2, 1905, aged 1 year and eight days. Worthy, Harry and twin brother Harlow are bereft of a sweet brother.
     In his short life he smiled his way into the affections of all that knew him. Our Heavenly Father has seen fit in his wisdom to take from us this darling boy and place him as a beacon light, that we may not miss the way to everlasting bliss.

There is no such thing as death.
An angel form starch o'er the earth with silent tread.
And bears our loved ones away,
And then we call them dead.

The man who has a thousand friends
Has not a friend to spare
But he who has an enemy
Will meet him everywhere.

[Note: buried Gravel Hill in Cheshire Township]

Gallipolis Paper
September, 1905
Transcribed by F.K. Brown                                                                              Top of Page

Marple, Fern M. [Summers]

     Fern M. Marple, 85, of 227 Fourth Ave., died Monday night at Holzer Medical Center following an extended illness. She was born on Nov. 2, 1904 in Lawton, Okla., daughter of the late Fred Shaw and Carrie (Fisher) Summers.
     She was a retired bookkeeper for the Ohio Valley Grocery Company and a former machine operator for the Hercules Clothing Company of Columbus. She was a member of the Gallia County Senior Citizens, the Ohio Avenue United Methodist Church of Columbus, the United Methodist Women’s Association and the Guild of Riverside Methodist Hospital.
     She was preceded in death by her husband, Benjamin Waite Marple in 1960; one brother and one sister. Survivors include one step-daughter, Mrs. Geraldine Peterson of Zanesville; one step-son, William Marple of Newark; three nieces (Kay Shane and Lois M. Young, both of Gallipolis; and Cathy Summers of San Francisco, Calif.) and one nephew, Harold Smith of Addison.
     Services will be Thursday at 10:30 a.m. at Cremeens Funeral Chapel, with Rev. Ernest Perkins officiating. Burial will be in Glenrest Memorial Estates in Reynoldsburg. Friends may call at the chapel Wednesday from 7-9 p.m. In lieu of flowers, contributions may be made to the Gallia County Senior Citizens.

Gallipolis Daily Tribune
Tuesday & Wednesday
September 11 & 12, 1990
Transcribed by Sandy L. Milliron

Marsh, Charles Franklin

     Charles Franklin Marsh, son of James and Florence Poindexter Marsh, was born at Addison, O., Jan. 15th, 1879.   Died at Gallipolis, O., Nov. 7, 1934, aged 55 years, 9 mos., 23 days.  For all his years, until moving to Gallipolis about ten years ago, he resided at Addison, his mother’s family being among the pioneer residents of that community.  In 1907 he was united in marriage with Orpha Sheets and to this union were born four children, Forrest who is connected with the Veterans’ Hospital at Chillicothe, Franklin and Eleanor, at home.  An infant daughter, Jessie Fern, died in 1910.  There also survives an adopted daughter, Frances, of Springfield, O., who was loved and cared for as their own.  He also leaves to mourn the loss of a devoted son, his aged mother and one brother, James of Pt. Pleasant.
     Mr. Marsh was a respected and esteemed citizen and neighbor and especially devoted to his family, being a loyal companion to his devoted wife, sharing the joys and sorrows of his children.  During his long illness, he was cheerful and submissive.  Realizing his serious condition and knowing his time here was nearing its close, he called his wife and daughters to him assuring them of his faith in a better world and talked of the beautiful garden that came to him in his dreamings.
     In 1914, twenty years ago, he confessed his faith in the Lord and became a member of the Baptist Church at Addison.  He was a member of the Modern Woodmen and American Mechanics.
     The following out-of-town people attended the Marsh funeral Sunday:  Mr. and Mrs. Frank Marsh, daughters Miss Helen and Mrs. George Falk, Mrs. Florence Clark, Columbus; Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Marsh, daughter Clarabelle and friend, Pt. Pleasant, W. Va.; Mrs. Eleanor Sheets, son Henry, South Vienna; Mr. Will Merritt, Mr. Harry Plunkett, Springfield; Mrs. Jay Norton, Bellefontaine; Mr. and Mrs. James McIntyre, Mrs. Isaac Cooper, Mr. and Mrs. Vester Saunders, Mr. and Mrs. Everette Saunders, Huntington; Mr. and Mrs. John Foster, Crown City; Claude Stewart, Chillicothe.

[Note: Death certificate gives the cause of death as myocarditis.  He died at 620 Third Ave. in Gallipolis and had been employed as an attendant at the Ohio Hospital for Epileptics for 10 years at the time of his death.  He is buried in the Addison Reynolds Cemetery.]

Gallipolis Daily Tribune
November 8-13, 1934
Transcribed by Eva Swain Hughes

Marshall, Lawrence

     Lawrence M. Marshall, 59, a former Gallipolis resident, died Wednesday, March 2, 1994, in Columbus. He was born Oct. 18, 1934, in Gallipolis, son of the late Mathew L. Marshall and Edna A. Marshall, who survives. Other survivors include a daughter, Aquanetta L. and a granddaughter, Ashley Nicole; aunt Eleanor Bates and several cousins.
     Friends may call at the Crosby Funeral Home, 2323 East Fifth Avenue, Columbus on Monday, after 1 p.m. The family will receive friends from 7-9 p.m. Services will be 1 p.m Tuesday at Paint Creek Baptist Church, Gallipolis with Rev. Gerald Turner officiating. Burial will be in Pine Street Cemetery. Pallbearers will be Charles Williams, William Jamison, Gene Armstrong, Pete Anderson, William Armstrong and Tony Williams.

Gallipolis Paper
March 7, 1994
Transcribed by F.K. Brown

Martin, Agnes

     Died, at Yellow Town, on the 7th inst., of consumption, Mrs. Agnes Martin, wife of Joseph Martin, in the 45th year of her age.

The Gallipolis Journal
March 27, 1862
Transcribed by Eva Swain Hughes

Martin, Alonzo

Sudden Death
     Alonzo Martin, whose home was in Columbus, but who had been spending a few days on his wife's farm (the old Jacob Blazer place) near Yellowtown, was taken ill Tuesday morning with ptomaine poisoning and died that night. His wife and children were expected to arrive here last evening from Columbus. G. J. Wetherholt will have charge of the funeral.

[Note: Buried in Mina Chapel in Green Twp. From death certificate date of birth November 2, 1873 and date of death April 29, 1919.]

Gallipolis Bulletin
May 1, 1919
Transcribed by Lynn Anders                                                                           Top of Page

Martin, Alpheus

     DIED - Alpheus Martin, member of Ariel Lodge I.O.O.F., Gallipolis, Ohio, in the 37th year of his age. Died at the residence of his father-in-law, Mr. Jonah Robinson, in Morgan township on the 4th inst., of Consumption.

The Gallipolis Journal
11 September 1851
Transcribed by Eva Swain Hughes

Martin, Angeline

Angeline Martin, 79, Died Wednesday
Burial at Bethesda
     Mrs. Angeline Martin, aged 79, died of a hemorrhage Wednesday forenoon at the home of her daughter, Mrs. L.E. Simmons, on Tick Ridge in Harrison tp. She appeared to be recovering from a three-weeks' illness when she was suddenly stricken and quickly expired.
     Mrs. Martin was the widow of John Pat Martin, who died in that township about 10 years ago. Most or all of that time she had lived with Mr. and Mrs. Simmons, who resided in Gallipolis until less than a year ago. She is survived by four other daughters and a son: Mrs. Artie Saunders, Gallipolis; Mrs. Roxie Fuller, Huntington; Mrs. Rose Cremeens and Mrs. Carrie Jones, both of New Carlisle, O., and James E. Martin, who lives near the Simmons home.
     Funeral services will be held at 2 o'clock at Bethesda, with Rev. Earl Cremeens in charge. Burial there by O.E. Elliott.

Gallipolis Daily Tribune
April 22, 1937
Transcribed by Henny Evans

Martin, Audrey A.

     VINTON - Audrey Anna Martin, 84, Vinton, died Saturday, March 23, 1996 in Holzer Medical Center. Born Feb. 13, 1912 in Waterloo, daughter of the late Newton and Myrtle Marcum Reed, she attended the Church of Christ in Christian Union, Ewington.
     Surviving are her husband, Morris Martin, whom she married Jan. 12, 1939 in Jackson; a son, John Martin of Vinton; two daughters, Wilma Pearl (Bob) Sullivan of Glouster, and Opal (Denver) Mays of Bidwell; and nine grandchildren and 11 great-grandchildren. She was also preceded in death by three grandchildren, a brother and a sister.
     Services will be 1 p.m. Tuesday in the McCoy-Moore Funeral Home, Vinton, with the Rev. Alfred Holley officiating. Burial will be in the Vinton Memorial Park. Friends may call at the funeral home from 2-4 and 7-9 p.m. Monday.

Gallipolis Sunday Times Sentinel
March 24, 1996
Transcribed by Sandy L. Milliron

Martin, Averill Sheridan

     Mr. Averill Sheridan Martin, aged 26, a brother of Sheriff Joseph F. Martin, was found dead in bed at the residence of his mother, on Cedar Street, between eight and nine o'clock yesterday morning. Several years ago he went West, where he was engaged in railroading. He had been sick for nearly a year with organic heart trouble, and retired about eleven o'clock Thursday night in his usual health. He was a most exemplary young man, and his death is much regretted.

[Note: born 12/23/1866, died 7/1/1893, buried in Mound Hill cemetery]

Gallipolis Bulletin
July 2, 1892
Transcribed by Lisa Halbig

Martin, Belle

Wife of Capt. John T. Martin Dies at 11 A.M.;
Beloved Woman Succumbs To Pneumonia After Illness Starting Thursday
     Mrs. Belle Martin, wife of Captain John T. Martin, died at 11 o’clock today at the home on Grape Street.  She was taken ill last Thursday, and her condition had become grave before the end of the week, pneumonia developing.  She grew weaker during the night, and when morning came, those at her bedside realized the end was near.  Her parting is all the sadder because her husband has been in poor health.  Suffering from vertigo, he has been confined to the house for some weeks.  Their only child, Mary, wife of Rev. B. F. Dunn, has been ill and bedfast at her home in Shelbyville, Tenn. since shortly after her return home from a Christmas visit here.
     Mrs. Martin was the last survivor of the family of William and Nancy Walker.  She was born Oct. 16, 1860, in the old block dwelling a short distance below the city limits on Garfield Ave.  She was a sister of the late James F. Walker and Bailey Walker.  Mrs. Augusta McCormick and Mrs. Myrtie Hanson were first cousins.  All her married life was spent in Gallipolis, and she and Capt. Martin reared their nephew, Harris Doepping, who with Mrs. Doepping share the Martin home and helped to take care of her in her last illness.  Mrs. Martin was a woman of culture and sweet disposition and a general favorite in all the circles in which she moved.  She was a member of the Presbyterian church and the Eastern Star.

Gallipolis Daily Tribune
Tuesday, January 7, 1936
Transcribed by Eva Swain Hughes

Martin Funeral Set 2 O’Clock Thursday  
    Funeral services for Mrs. John T. Martin will be conducted by Rev. L. W. Gishler at the home on Grape Street at 2 o’clock on Thursday.  George W. Wetherholt & Sons will be in charge of the interment.  Word was received yesterday that Rev. and Mrs. B. F. Dunn of Shelbyville, Tenn., would arrive this afternoon.  Mrs. Dunn, a daughter of Mrs. Martin, has been ill since her return to Tennessee after a holiday visit here.

Gallipolis Daily Tribune
Wednesday, January 8, 1936
Transcribed by Eva Swain Hughes

Martin, Benjamin

     Mr. Benj. Martin, of whose sickness we spoke last week, and the death of whose wife was then noted, died last Thursday and was buried Saturday. Rev. Jesse Ingles conducting the funeral services.

[Note: Date of death: Nov. 6, 1890]

Gallipolis Journal
Nov. 12, 1890
Transcribed by Joanne Galvin

Martin, Benjamin

     Mr. Benjamin Martin, whose long illness has been known to his many friends, died at Middleport, April 14th, 1889, at his brother Albert’s residence, of heart disease, and his remains bought to Gallipolis for interment. The funeral took place from his parents residence, Tuesday afternoon, and the remains were interred in the Mound Hill Cemetery, Rev. Coulter officiating.
     Benjamin Martin was married to Mrs. Jerusha Ward, Nov. 7, 1873. He leaves a wife and two daughters to mourn their loss.

     A precious one from us has gone,
     A voice we loved is still,
     A place is vacant in our home,
     Which never can be filled.

     God in his wisdom has recalled
     The boon His love had given,
     And though the body moulders here,
     The soul is safe in heaven.

Gallipolis Journal
May 15, 1889
Transcribed by Henny Evans                                                                           Top of Page

Martin, Charles E.

     Charles Edward Martin age 97 years 5 months and 18 days lived a full rich life. He was born May 10 1878 in Gallia County, Ohio and reared there. He was married to Anna Patterson in 1905 and had 8 children they were Mary Frances, Marie, Jesse, Silva, Lewis, Joseph, Charles and Arthur. Two of them Mary Frances and Joseph preceded him in death.
     His wife, Anna died March8, 1929. He married Osa Haner in 1930. She died in 1954. He then retired from farming. He is survived by his third wife, the former Bertha Mt Joy whom he married in 1955. He is also survived by 13 grandchildren and 22 great grandchildren and a host of other relatives and friends.
     He was a member of the Christ United Methodist Church. He attended here as long as his health permitted and loved to Participate especially by singing. He was ready to meet his God.

Scrapbook clipping (from Gallipolis paper)
Death record gives death as 28 Oct. 1975
Summited by Mary James

Martin, Charles W.

Charles W. Martin Died Friday Morning
     Mr. Charles W. Martin passed away at his home on lower Third avenue Friday, Feb. 4th, 1921, at 9:15 o’clock after an illness of 24 hours with acute indigestion.
     He was the son of Caswell and Sarah Blazer. Martin, was born in Gallipolis May 29th, 1849, and has always been a resident of this county. He was a member of Grace M. E. church, of the K. of P. lodge and was a carpenter by trade.
     His wife and six children preceded him several years ago. He leaves two brothers, J. F. Martin of Rio Grande, and Milton of Columbus. One sister, Miss Eta Martin, with whom he has made his home since the death of his wife, who has been a faithful and loving sister in all his affliction.
     Funeral services will be held at his late home Monday at 2 p. m. conducted by Rev. L. H. Stafford of Camden, O. Burial at Mound Hill by Undertaker G. W. Wetherholt.

The Gallipolis Daily Tribune
February 4, 1921
Transcribed by Mary Kay Clark

Martin, Cleonia [Lasley]

     Mrs. Cleo Martin, wife of Mr. Charles Martin, of this city, died last Saturday, of complication of troubles following the birth of a pair of twins some ten days ago.
     She was buried last Sunday at Mound Hill cemetery. Hon. John W. McCormick officiating and Hayward & Son conducting the burial. Mrs. Martin was a daughter of Mr. S. B. Lasley, of this city, and was highly respected and loved by all who knew her, and her death is a particularly sad one. The little ones to whose being her own life was sacrificed are living and thriving.

[Note: 1854 - 8/17/1890; Age 36. She was the daughter of Samuel B. & Mary Jane Kinder Lasley.]

Gallipolis Journal
Wednesday, August 20, 1890
Transcribed by Sandy L. Milliron

Martin, Cora [Holcomb]

Illness Fatal To Mrs. Martin
     A three months illness from heart trouble and dropsy was fatal at 7 a.m. today for Mrs. Cora Holcomb Martin, 59, at the home of her sister, Mrs. Ada Bostic, 62 Olive St. Widow of James Martin, who died seven years ago, decedent is survived by three stepchildren: Leonard Martin, Mrs. Josephine Ross and Mrs. Belva Angell, all of Bladen; a brother and three sisters: Elmer Holcomb, Bladen; Mrs. Bostic, Gallipolis; Mrs. Maggie Frazier, Lancaster; Mrs. Eva Baldwin, Mill Creek St., Gallipolis. Mrs. Martin, who had lived in Gallipolis for 15 years, would have been 60 years of age April 27. She was a member of the Order of Eastern Star.
     The body will be at the home of Brady Angell, Bladen, after 4 p.m. Wednesday, and friends may call there. Funeral services will be held at 2 p.m. Thursday at Ohio Twp's Bethel Church, with burial by O.E. Elliott in Bethel Cemetery.

[Note: From Stone died 1 April 1947]

Gallipolis paper
Date unknown
Transcribed by Theresa E. Smith                                                                     Top of Page

Martin, Edith

Death of a Bright Little Girl
     Mr. A.E. Martin, stone quarry man, living on Sycamore Street between Third and Fourth, lost his little daughter, Edith, ten years old last August, by membraneous croup, at 9 o'clock this morning. She had been ill for a week, taking a relapse after previous illness. She was a winsome, bright little girl and anxious to go to school and went before she was entirely well. Her death is greatly deplored.
     She left besides her parents, a younger sister. The funeral services will be conducted Wednesday afternoon at her late home by Rev. A.J Hawk, interment by Weatherholt following at the old cemetery.

[Note: Death Certificate - Edith Martin born Oct. 10, 1887 in Gallipolis; died December 6, 1897 in Gallipolis; age 10. Daughter of Ezra Martin and Sarah Pick]

Gallipolis Daily Tribune
December 6, 1897
Transcribed by F.K. Brown

Martin, Elizabeth

     Mrs. Elizabeth Martin, died at the residence of her daughter, Mrs. Maggie Sanns, at 10:30 Monday morning, after a long illness, aged 76 years. Deceased was a native of Belfast, Ireland, and came to this country when only eleven years of age.
     She was engaged in the millinery business at Pomeroy for some time, and was united in marriage with Capt. George Martin at that place. Capt. Martin died in 1880, and Mrs. Martin came to this city and made her home with her daughter, Mrs. Sanns. She was a member of the Universalist Church, and a lady highly esteemed.
     The funeral services were conducted at her late home by Rev. F. Lutz Wednesday afternoon. Interment at Bethel Cemetery, by Hayward & Son. The pall-bearers were Messrs. W. T. Minturn, J. M. Kerr, Dr. Harry Sanns, Capt. Edward Maddy, A. P. Menager and Everett Berry.

Gallipolis Bulletin
Saturday, September 5, 1896
Transcribed by Sandy L. Milliron

Martin, Elizabeth [Board]

Death Of Mrs. Elizabeth Martin

     Mrs. Elizabeth Martin, wife of Sheriff Joseph F. Martin, died suddenly on Thursday last, at about 12:30 o'clock.
     She was in comparatively good health on Thursday fornoon, and had prepared dinner and it was partaken of by the family.  After the meal was finished, and the dishes were being cleaned, Mrs. Martin fell to the floor.  The only one present in the dining room at the time was her five-year-old daughter, who ran upstairs crying, telling the prisoners that her mother had fallen down. The prisoners called for help, as Sheriff Martin and his son Clarence had gone to the Court room. When help reached her, it was found that she was dead.  Heart disease was undoubtedly the cause of her sudden death.
     Mrs. Martin's maiden name was Board, and she was a native of this county. Eight children were born of her marriage with Mr. Martin, six of whom survive to mourn their loss.
     The sympahty of the entire community is extended to Sheriff Martin and family in the overwhelming sorrow that has befallen them.

[Note: Buried Mound Hill Cemetery]

Gallipolis Bulletin
February 4, 1893
Transcribed by Maxine Marshall

Martin, Elizabeth

     The funeral services of the late Mrs. Elizabeth Martin, wife of Sheriff Martin, of whose sudden death we spoke last week, were very largely attended.  The pall bearers' carriage was overturned by careless driving, as they were returning from the burial at Mound Hill, and Messers, Chas. Stuart, Mayor Alexander, Geo. W. Alexander, H. R. Bradbury and Judge Hanna received more or less injury.  Capt. Stuart and Mayor Alexander being confined to their homes by their bruises next day.

Gallipolis Journal
Feb 11, 1893
Transcribed By Maxine Marshall                                                                       Top of Page

Martin, Ella Belle [Hill]

Mrs. Harry Martin Dies In Hospital Monday
     Mrs. Harry Martin died Monday evening at the Holzer hospital at the age of 66 years. Mrs. Martin had been in failing health for the past two years and entered the hospital seven weeks ago when her condition became critical.
   Mrs. Martin, who before her marriage was Ella Belle Hill, was a life long resident of Gallipolis. In addition to her husband, three children survive, Bue Martin, of Cleveland, Mrs. Hallie Miller and Mrs. Carl Myers of this city.
     The remains were removed to the home of her daughter, Mrs. Myers, on Fourth ave., where funeral services will be held Wednesday afternoon at 2 o’clock, Rev. Wood Duff, of the Presbyterian church of which she was a member, officiating. Burial in Mound Hill cemetery in charge of A. E. Tope.

[Note: Oct. 28, 1863 – Dec. 9, 1929; Age 66 yrs. 2 mos. 11 das. She was the daughter of Thomas & Jane Elias Hill. She was married to William Henry (Harry) Martin.

Gallipolis Daily Tribune
Tuesday, December 10, 1929
Transcribed by Sandy Milliron

Martin, Ethel W.

Death of Miss Martin
     Miss Ethel W. Martin; oldest daughter of Chas. W. and Cleona Martin, died Wednesday, March 21, 1906, after a long illness of tuberculosis, aged 24 years, 1 month and 20 days. Miss Martin was very active in church affairs, being a member of Grace M. E. Church, the Epworth League and the Young Ladies’ Foreign Missionary Society.
     For several years she was employed as a compositor on local papers and was regarded as one of the best in the city. At the time she was taken sick, she was in the employ of the Central Union Telephone Company.
     She was a dutiful daughter, a loving, amiable young lady and her death will be a source of regret to innumerable friends,. Besides a father, she leaves two brothers, Harry and Justus, sister, Miss Blanche and aunt Miss Etta Martin, who gave her a mother’s care during her illness.
     The funeral services will be held this afternoon at Grace Church by Rev. Lewis, interment following at Mound Hill by Wetherholt. The pallbearers are Wm. Anderson, Virgil Thaxton, Merrill Kerr, Harry Hern, W. H. Needham and Harry McCready.

Gallipolis Bulletin
Friday, March 23, 1906
Transcribed by Sandy L Milliron

Martin, Francis Edward

Ed Martin Dead
Chief of Police at Gallipolis Captured by Death
Officer and Foe of Law Breakers for Many Years
     Capt. Francis Edward Martin, his critical illness has been so frequently mentioned, passed to the Great Beyond, Sunday morning, about 8 o'clock, March 31, 1912. The funeral services will be conducted at his late residence on Locust Street at 2 o'clock, Wednesday afternoon, by Rev. Dr. C. E. MacKenzie of the St. Peter's Episcopal Church, the interment following at Mound Hill Cemetery by Hayward. The pallbearers will consist of Mayor H. L. Cadot; director of Public Safety W. Ross Whiter; Water Works Clerk, A. Wayne Sams and Officers Will Belcher and James Davis of the Police force.
     Capt. Martin was the son of Benjamin and Nancy Martin and was born in Gallipolis, being one of the family of 13 children, seven whom survive him namely Mrs. Louisa Fletcher, John C. H. Martin, of the city. Mrs. Wm. Dillon, W. H. and Albert Martin and Mrs. Emma Stead of Ironton, and Mrs. Alice Stately of Huntington. He was married to Mrs. Margaret Jenkins 22 years ago who also survives him but with no children.
     His father Benjamin Martin came here when a lad with his parents from New Hampshire and was for many years miller and engineer at the old Peter Menager flour mill, Front Street just below Court. Later on he became a farmer and owned all the land between Chickamauga Creek and Neighborhood road, selling out to John Sams. He continued farming, however, and for himself till his death, and was counted one of the very best farmers anybody ever saw. He was also held in the highest esteem for his straight up and down honesty and integrity of character. Any man able to secure Ben Martin to run his farm or for a tenant considered himself fortunate indeed.
     After his death 22 years ago and which was only 10 days later than that of his wife, the family mostly went to Ironton to work in the mills with Capt. Morgan among the rest. He returned to Gallipolis and some time alone about 1885 got a position on the police force and made such a good trustworthy officer that he continued under all administrations in all political shakeups, the people having the greatest confidence in him and always clamoring for his reappointment. Some 10 years ago he was made Chief of Police under the code, a position he filled to the entire satisfaction of the people up into his death.
     In his death the city lost a faithful guardian of the piece. He was a strict disciplinarian, obeying orders to the letter from his supervisors, and exacting obedience from his subordinates. He never was jealous of other officers, always accorded them their full merit of praise for what they did. We as reporters we had much to do with him and he would tell us what he was willing for us to publish and what to hold back. We never once knew him to deceive us by a lie or evasion one time. Everyone knows that he was absolutely fearless in the discharge of his duty, whether it made him enemies or he risked his life, it was all the same. His life was devoted to the works. He was not a showy officer. He was not a good mixer and never rushed around with the boys much. That he filled his position with dignity and was an old sleuth of the blood hound kind, that any criminal dreaded to have him on his trail. Officers of Huntington, Point Pleasant and other surrounding towns will testify to his efficiency in assisting them in the pursuit of fugitives from justice.
     He was not perfect as none of us are, that he filled the bill of the good trustworthy officer, Peace to his ashes. He died of pulmonary trouble and was in his 59th year.

Gallipolis Daily Tribune
April 1, 1912
Transcribed by Jessica L. Weber

Martin, Harriet [Pierce]

80-Year Old Lady Dies Near Rodney
     Mrs. Harriet Pierce Martin, a fine old lady of more than 80 years, died in her home near Rodney Wednesday evening. Mrs. Martin was the widow of the late Henry Martin, and is survived by one son Alvin, of Huntington, and a daughter, Mrs. Mary Walker, who with her family lived in the old home with her mother, also one brother and three sisters, of the latter, Mrs. Rhoda Watts, lives in this county near Rodney.
     Funeral services will be conducted at 12 o'clock, noon, Saturday, in the Rodney M.E. church by the pastor, and interment in the cemetery at Rio Grande

[Note: Dates from stone are 1844-1927]

Gallipolis Daily Tribune
Jan. 21, 1927
Transcribed by Danielle Frogale Dorso

Martin, Harrison

Death of Mr. Harrison Martin   
     Another of the old citizens of Gallia County entered into rest last week. On Monday Mr. Harrison Martin, of Harrison Township, died upon very short notice. He was at work upon his farm and while splitting rails was stricken with paralysis and died during the afternoon. Mr. Martin was a native of New Hampshire, having been born in that State May 2, 1815, but removed with his parents to this county when but seven years old and has lived here continuously ever since, and the last forty-eight years in the same house. The burial took place on Wednesday at the Gilbert graveyard. Mr. Martin was an estimable old gentleman and will be greatly missed by his many friends. He leaves a widow, two sons, and three daughters.

[Note: Listed on cemetery entry page as "W.H. Martin." Gilbert cemetery is now known as Rose cemetery. Died 12/9/1889]

Gallipolis Bulletin
Dec. 17, 1889
Transcribed by Lisa Halbig

Death of Harrison Martin
     The Journal family will be sorry to learn of the death of Mr. Harrison Martin, which sad event took place on Monday, of last week, Dec. 9, at his home in Harrison Township. Mr. Martin was engaged during the forenoon of that day out on his farm, making rails. His grandson, Albert Hoyt, a young man seventeen or eighteen years of age, was with him, when he saw Mr. Martin sink to the ground unconscious, probably from paralysis of the heart. Mr. Hoyt went to the schoolhouse, not far away, where he got assistance and Mr. Martin was carried to his home about a quarter of a mile distant, dying that afternoon at about 8 o'clock. His burial was conducted at noon, Wednesday, at Gilbert Graveyard. The funeral sermon will be preached in the future.
     Mr. Martin leaves a widow and sons, Henry and John and daughters, Mrs. Frank M. Smith, Mrs. Barbara Hoyt and Mrs. F.M. Howell, all of Harrison Township.
     Mr. Martin was born in the State of New Hampshire, May 2, 1815 and came to this county with his parents when only seven years old. He had lived in his home, where he died, uninterrupted for 48 years, enjoying the confidence, esteem and good will of all his neighbors and friends wherever known. Mr. Benjamin Martin, of this city, was a brother and Auditor Kerns, a nephew.
     Mr. Martin was a thriving, prosperous farmer, accumulating considerable property. He was of a pleasing, social character, straight in his dealings, without enemies and a most excellent companion. He was strongly Republican in politics, but was formerly an old Line Whig and voted for General Benjamin Harrison in 1840. Much of his early life was spent in flatboating in New Orleans and he loved to bring up the reminiscences of those days, in the recounting of which, he was very entertaining. His life was a noble one and he has gone to his reward.

[Note: Death Certificate..died Dec. 8, 1884; age 74 years.]

Gallipolis Journal
Dec. 18, 1884
Transcribed by F.K. Brown                                                                              Top of Page

Martin, Harry

Died in Colorado
     Mr. Harry Martin, son of Mr. Charles Martin, is dead in Denver,Colorado, where he went for his health. The remains are on the way here for burial.

Gallipolis Daily Tribune
Oct. 23, 1909
Transcribed by Nancy McMillan

Martin, Hassell L.

Hassell Martin

     CROWN CITY – Hassell L. Martin, 67, of Rt. 1, Crown City, died Friday, Jan. 11, 1991 at Holzer Medical Center.  He was born July 25, 1923 to the late Arthur Martin and Necie Jane Palmer in Mt. Airy, N.C.  He was a security guard for Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company at Apple Grove, W.Va.
     Surviving are a daughter, Mrs. Sharon Fuller, of Columbus; five sisters: Tencie Collins, Martinsville, Va., Lena Bondurant, Westfield, N. C., Lorene East, Stonesville, N.C., Ila Clement, Aarat, Va., Mary Lou Sheldon, Westfield, N.C; two brothers: Everett Martin, Claudille, Va., James Martin, Claudille, Va., two grandchildren, Melissa and Zachary Fuller.
     Funeral services will be held Tuesday at 1 p.m. at Willis Funeral Home in Gallipolis with the Rev. Warren Woodyard officiating.  Burial will be a[t] Crown City Cemetery.  Friends may call 6-9 p.m. at the funeral home.

Sunday Times-Sentinel
Sunday January 13, 1991
Transcribed by Suzanne Giroux

Martin, Isabella  [Askin]

Death of Isabella Martin
     Mrs. Isabella Askin Martin died at her home at Bulaville Friday of last week and was buried last Saturday at Bethel at 3 o’clock. She was born in Antrim, Ireland, August 8, 1833, and came to Meigs County, Ohio, in 1835 and was married to James Martin in 1854, he dying several years ago.
     She was an aunt of Mrs. Maggie Sanns and Mrs. W. G. Entsminger, of this city, and leaves three children, Eliza, William and James, all grown. She was a most estimable lady and had for years been suffering from paralysis.

[Note: 8/8/1833 – 5/2/1902; Age 68yrs. 8 mos. 13 das.]

Gallipolis Bulletin
Friday, May 9, 1902
Transcribed by Sandy L. Milliron

Martin, James

     James Martin died at his residence on Chickamauga, Saturday morning. He was born in 1827, and was a son of the late Capt. George Martin, The funeral services were held Saunday, and were attended by many mourning friends. As a citizen, neighbor and friend he was constant and faithful. He will be missed.

[Note: died March 15, 1884]

Gallipolis Journal
March 20, 1884
Transcribed by Lisa Halbig

Martin, James Vinton

Jas. V. Martin, Aged 63, Died Last Evening
He Was Native Of Ohio Tp. And One Of Old Co. C Boys - Burial Tomorrow
     James Vinton Martin, aged 63, Spanish-American War Veteran, and an invalid for 13 years, died at 7:10 last night at his home at 837 Third ave. He has suffered from diabetes and had been confined to the house for three months.
     Mr. Martin was born and reared in Ohio tp. And was a son of Jesse Martin. He and wife, the former Cora Holcomb, came to Gallipolis eight or nine years ago. He is survived by, in addition to his wife, these three children by a former marriage; Belva Angell, Mercerville; Josephine Ross and Leonard Martin, both of Bladen. There are also three brothers and a sister: Albert Martin, Huntington; Curtis, Millersburg, O.; Charles, Carroll, Ohio and Rosa, Clarksburg, W. Va.
     Nearly 42 years ago, Mr. Martin here joined Company C 7th Ohio Infantry, under Capt. V. M. Bovie, for service in the war against Spain.
     Funeral services will be held at Bethel at 2 Tuesday, in charge of Rev. Jennings Cremeens. Burial at same place by C. R. Halley.

Gallipolis Daily Tribune
Monday, January 15, 1940
Transcribed by Sandy L. Milliron

Martin, John L

John L. Martin's Funeral Is Set For 2 Wednesday
Principal Musgrave Says Youth Was Good Student
     Funeral services for John Luther Martin, 17, who died here of a self-inflicited gunshot wound, will be held at 2 o'clock Wednesday at the Cheshire Baptist Church, Rev Ralph Zundell will officiate. Burial will be made at Gravel Hill Cemetery by Rawlings-Coats.
     Some of the missiles of the charge of shot that entered the boy's body just below the left nipple came through on the opposite side, it is said. None of them had entered the heart. While there has been no clarification of the sucidal motive, the report that young Martin had worried about his school work seems to have been without substantial basis.
     Acting Principal, E. M. Musgrave of the Cheshire schools telephoned The Tribune this morning that Martin was rather an outstanding student; that he had caught up with his fellow Juniors in his class work, despite a six-weeks absence from school while employed in the Pt. Pleasant defense area, and that there was no need for worry on that score.
     John Luther Martin was a popular young man and his death has shocked and saddened the whole community. He was a son of John and Isabelle Brechtel Martin and was a grandson of Luther Martin, who lives below Cheshire, and of Gus Brechtel, who lives on Storys Run.

[Note: Tombstone read 1925-1942]

Gallipolis Tribune
Transcribed by Maxine Marshall

Martin, John T.

Capt. John Martin Dies at Daughter’s Tennessee Home
Prominent Steamboatman Was In 85th Year—Burial Here Wednesday
    Capt. John T. Martin, native of Gallipolis, and for nearly half a century a prominent steamboat master and pilot, died at noon Sunday in the home of his daughter, Mrs. B. F. Dunn at Shelbyville, Tenn., where he had spent the last two or three years.  He was in his eighty-fifth year, and his passing had not been unexpected.  The body will arrive here by rail on Tuesday afternoon and be taken to the home of his sister, Mrs. Julia Watts, Grape Street, where funeral services will be conducted on Wednesday at 2 p.m. by Rev. Lewis Weber Gishler, with burial following in Mound Hill Cemetery by George J. Wetherholt & Sons.
    Born here on October 14, 1855, the son of W. O. and Mary Jane Harris Martin, Capt. John grew to manhood here and, after his graduation from the old Gallia Academy, followed in the footsteps of his father, who had been a riverman from early flatboat days.  For almost half a century he served as captain of Ohio and Kanawha River towboats, and was a riverman of the old school—courteous and genial, of tall, dignified mien with a deep love for the river and its associations.  He retired about 20 years ago.
    November 1, 1882 he was married to Mary Belle Walker, her death seven [sic] years ago ended a happy companionship of more than fifty years.  Mrs. Dunn (Mary Martin), who with her husband the Rev. Mr. Dunn, had tenderly cared for him in his declining years, was his only child.  Surviving also are three brothers and the sister: Capt. Harry Martin, well-known pilot of Pt. Pleasant; Dr. Phister Martin of Warren; James P. Martin, retired Ohio Bell Telephone Co. manager, and Mrs. Watts of this city.  He was a Presbyterian and was active in Masonic circles in his earlier years.

Note: Mrs. Belle Walker died 7 January 1936, not in 1933.  His death certificate gives his age as 84y 6m 14d; birth in Malden, W. Va.; daughter’s name Mrs. B. E. Dunn.  Notice on May 1, 1940 gives pallbearers: Charles Weaver, Ned Hamilton, Frank C. Ghrist, Harry Maddy, Joe Moch, and Edwin McCormick.

Gallipolis Daily Tribune
Monday, April 29th, 1940
Transcribed by Eva Swain Hughes

Martin, John Quincy A.

Death of J. Q. A. Martin
     Mr. J. Q. A. Martin, of Harrison township, died this morning at 8 o’clock after an illness with consumption. He was about 52 years of age and leaves a family of seven children, Calvin, employed at Gill & Co., and a daughter Mrs. Carrie Elliott, live in this city.
     Mr. Martin’s funeral will be conducted at Northup Tuesday morning by Wetherholt. Mr. Martin was a good moral, conscientious man, beloved by all his friends.

[Note: May 1848 – Sept. 10, 1900; Age 52. He was married to America E. Saunders Martin on March 3, 1870 in Gallia Co., Ohio.]

Gallipolis Daily Tribune
Monday, September 10, 1900
Transcribed by Sandy Milliron

Martin, John W.

John W. Martin Dies On Tuesday
     John W. Martin, 80, died at 8 p.m., Tuesday, at the home of his son, Edward, near the Bethesda church. He was a native of Gallia county and had lived his entire lifetime here with the exception of one year spent in Chicago, where he worked as a carpenter. He was one of the progressive farmers of his native heath.
     He was born on Lincoln Ridge on July 25, 1875. He was married to the former Ethel Powns who preceded him in death in March, 1953. They were the parents of seven children who survive, Mrs. Millard (Elva) Grube of Patriot, Mrs. Raymond (Fern) Buckley of Lisbon, Mrs. Lawrence (Loris) Barlow of Northup, Mrs. Herbert (Mildred) Monroe of Paulding, Miss Faye at home, Morris of Ewington and Edward of Bethesda. There are 19 grandchildren and 11 great grandchildren among the survivors.
     Funeral services will be held at 2 p.m. Friday at the Bethesda Methodist church, Rev. P.A. Casto will officiate and burial will follow in Neal cemetery under the direction of Elliott-Sanders Funeral home.
Friends may call at the late home Thursday evening and until the funeral hour.

[Note: Date of "4-24-1956" is written on the obituary.]

Newspaper (prob. April 1956, Gallipolis) clipping found in the Simmerman files, Martin file, Bossard Library.
Transcribed by Lynn Anders                                                                           Top of Page

Martin, Lester Truman

Death Of Truman Martin

     Mr. Truman Martin died at his home on Fourth Avenue Monday morning, Oct. 9, 1911, of typhoid fever after an illness of two weeks. Deceased was a son of John P. and Angeline Martin and was nineteen years of age.
     He leaves, besides a mother and father, five sisters and one brother to mourn his loss, Mrs. Eva P. Jones of New Carlisle, Ohio; Mrs. W. L. Cremeens and Mr. James Martin, of Harrison Township; Mrs. J. L. Saunders, Mrs. M. P. Fuller and Mrs. Ernest Barlow, of this city.
     The funeral services will be conducted by Wetherholt at Bethesda, Wednesday afternoon at two o'clock, Rev. Arthur P. Cherrington, of this city, officiating. The deceased has been a member of the M. E. Church at Bethesda for three years.

[Note: Death Certificate...born May 8, 1892; died Oct. 9, 1911; aged 19 years 5 months. Parents: John P. Martin and Angeline Carter. Burial: Bethesda Cemetery.]

Gallipolis Daily Tribune
Oct. 10, 1911
Transcribed by F. K. Brown

Martin, Margaret May

Mrs. Martin, 79, Is Claimed
Dies At Daughter’s Home Saturday; Rites Tuesday
     Mrs. Margaret May Martin, 79, died at 11:45 p.m. Saturday at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Arzelda Viars, 2118 Eastern Ave., first house above the county highway barn. Nine weeks ago she had moved in with her daughter from her farm on Bullskin in Harrison Twp., not far from Thivener, after she suffered a stroke. Last Friday she had another stroke, which caused her death the next day.
     Born Nov. 12, 1870 in Gallia County to Mr. and Mrs. Absom Thivener, the decedent married Peter Martin, who died in 1932. They are survived by three daughters, Mrs. Homer (Addie) White, Lancaster, and Mrs. Dorwin (Sylvia) Donley, Napoleon, and Mrs. Viars; four sons, John, George Edward, and Delbert, Rt. 2 Gallipolis, and Dennis, Waterloo Star Rt.; and several grandchildren. A daughter, Augusta, preceded her in death. A half-brother, Lafayette Thivener, and a half-sister, Mrs. Irene Campbell, both of Ravenswood, W. Va., also survive.
     Decedent was a member of the Northup Baptist church for 15 years. Friends may call at Miller’s Home for Funerals until the hour of the last rites, 2 p.m. Tuesday in the Macedonia Church, the Rev. Earl Cremeens officiating, and burial will be made in Macedonia Cemetery.

Gallipolis Daily Tribune
Monday, November 28, 1949
Transcribed by Sandy L. Milliron

Martin, Mary Belle [Walker]

Wife of Capt. John T. Martin Dies At 11 A. M.
Beloved Woman Succumbs To Pneumonia After Illness Starting On Thursday
     Mrs. Belle Martin, wife of Captain John T. Martin, died at 11 o’clock today at the home on Grape street. She was taken ill last Thursday, and her condition had become grave before the end of the week, pneumonia developing.
     She grew weaker during the night and when morning came those at her bedside realized the end was near. Her passing is all the sadder because her husband has been in poor health. Suffering from vertigo, he has been confined to the home for some weeks. Their only child, Mary, wife of Rev. B. E. Dunn, has been ill and bedfast at her home in Shelbyville, Tenn. since shortly after her return home from a Christmas visit here.
     Mrs. Martin was the last survivor of the family of William and Nancy Walker. She was born Oct. 16, 1800, [1860]  in the old brick dwelling a short distance below the city limits on Garfield ave. She was a sister of the late James F. Walker and Bailey Walker. Mrs. Augusta McCoy, _____ and Mrs. Myrtle Hanson were first cousins.
     All her married life was spent in Gallipolis and she and Captain Martin reared their nephew, Harris Doepping, who with Mrs. Doepping share the Martin home and helped to take care of her in her last illness.
     Mrs. Martin was a woman of culture and sweet disposition and a general favorite in all the circles in which she moved. She was a member of the Presbyterian church and the Eastern Star.

Gallipolis Daily Tribune
Tuesday, January 7, 1936

Martin Funeral Set For 2 O’clock Thurs.
     Funeral services for Mrs. John T. Martin will be conducted by Rev. L. W. Gishler at the home on Grape street at 2 o’clock on Thursday. George W. Wetherholt & Sons will be in charge of the interment.
     Word was received yesterday that Rev. and Mrs. B. E. Dunn of Shelbyville, Tenn., would arrive this afternoon. Mrs. Dunn, a daughter of Mrs. Martin, has been ill since her return to Tennessee after a holiday visit here.

Gallipolis Daily Tribune
Wednesday, January 8, 1936
Transcribed by Sandy Milliron

Martin, Matthew

     Matthew Martin, a resident of Maple Shade, was taken to the Infirmary about a month ago. He was quite sick when taken there, and continued to grow worse, dying on Friday of last week. He was about forty-nine years of age, and was a member of the First Christian Church. A widow and four children survive him. He was buried at Mound Hill by Hayward & Son.

Gallipolis Bulletin
Saturday Mar 9, 1895
Transcribed by Maxine Marshall

Martin, Nancy [Chesman]

Death of Mrs. Benjamin Martin, October 28, 1890
     After a life of poor health, for the past six years, and a bedfast condition for the past four months, this most excellent woman passed to the spirit land. We were not acquainted with Mrs. Martin, but the record she left of her life with her acquaintances, her neighbors and her family attest the truth of our statement. "If I had always lived like they have," said one to us, (meaning Mr. and Mrs. Martin), "I should not be afraid to die."
     Mrs. Martin's maiden name was Nancy Chesman. She was born in 1820, in this county, and was reared about five miles from Gallipolis and was united in marriage with Mr. Martin, who was from New Hampshire, in 1836. Five years afterward they moved to Gallipolis, and for a full round fifty years they have been residents of this town and no two old people ever left in the unassuming and unpretentious record of their lives, one more irreproachable or unassailable in every way. They knew of nothing else than to be honest and true to all men and upright in the sight of God. By their union Mrs. Martin became the mother of 13 children, nine of whom are living. Beginning life with nothing but their fortunes to make, having the care of such a large family and dealing honestly with friend and foe, their experiences many times, no doubt, were crosses and burdens that only a loving Savior could make light for them.
      Mrs. Martin was, and has been since quite young, a member of the Presbyterian Church, and died calmly and sweetly, with a full faith of victory beyond the grave and with her dying blessing resting upon the heads of her children. Rev. R. H. Coulter conducted the funeral services of the good old lady, from the family residence, on the 30th ult., and Hayward & Son tenderly deposited the remains in Mound Hill Cemetery to await the call of the resurrection of those who die in the Lord.

Gallipolis Journal
Nov. 5, 1890
Transcribed by Joanne Galvin

Martin, Ralph

     Ralph Martin, 79, of 913 Second Ave., Gallipolis, died Saturday at Holzer Medical Center. He was president of Gallipolis Vault Company since 1950 and president of Martin and Brothers Farms of Toccoa, Ga., since 1960.
     He was a member of Christ United Methodist Church of Gallipolis, F&AM Lodge of Carnesville, Ga., and the Knights of Pythias Lodge of Gallipolis. He was born Oct. 18, 1906 at Toccoa, Ga. to the late W. T. and Ida Frances Martin. He married Lillian Chambers on April 21, 1937 and she survives with one son and one daughter, Ralph R. Martin of Gallipolis and Mrs. Frank (Carol) Cremeans, also of Gallipolis; one brother, Doyle Martin of Bessimer, Ala.; two sisters, Eula Knox of Martin, Ga. and Odell Turk of Cornelia, Ga.; and five grandchildren. He was preceded in death by four brothers and three sisters.
     Funeral services will be 10 a.m. Tuesday at Grace United Methodist Chapel with Rev. Bruce Harris officiating. Burial will be in Mound Hill Cemetery. Friends may call at McCoy-Wetherholt-Moore Funeral Home in Gallipolis from 2-4 and 6-8 p.m. Monday. In lieu of flowers, contributions may be made to the Grace United Methodist Memorial Fund.

Gallipolis Daily Tribune
Monday, December 23, 1985
Transcribed by Sandy L. Milliron

Martin, Reuben H.

Reuben Martin
     Mr. Reuben H. Martin died at his home on Mill Creek Tuesday afternoon after a long illness of heart trouble and grippe. He would have been 44 years old next month. He was a son of the late Thomas and Mary Martin, and besides a wife leaves two brothers, T. C. and Ezra Martin, of this city, and sisters, Mrs. Margaret Hazelett of Cincinnati, and Mrs. Wealthy Fell of East St. Louis, Ill.
     The funeral services will be conducted this afternoon, interment following at the Pine Street cemetery by undertaker Wetherholt. Mr. Martin was a good citizen and had many friends who will regret his death.

Gallipolis Bulletin
Feb. 19, 1904
Vol. XXXVII No. 17
Transcribed by Charles Wright                                                                        Top of Page

Martin, Rosetta [Carter]

Death of Mrs. Martin
     Mrs. Clarence Martin died in Chicago Monday morning, and her body accompanied by her mother, sister, and other relatives will arrive here this evening. She was the daughter of Henry Clay Carter, former landlord of the Ecker House She had been ill quite awhile. She was a sister of Mr. Amos Carter, the dairyman, and was a most excellent lady.

[Note: death from cancer, as per certificate # 21469, issued in Oak Park, Cook, IL.]

Gallipolis Daily Tribune
Wednesday 13 March, 1912 pg. 1

Mrs. Martin
     Rose E. Martin, of Chicago, Ill, died Monday, Mch. 11 , after a continued illness. The remains were brought to Gallipolis Wednesday and friends may see them at her brother, Amos Carter’s residence. Services will be held at Salem church at 11:30 a.m. Friday. Deceased was born Dec. 20, 1869. She leaves a mother, husband, three children, three brothers and two sisters to mourn their loss.

Gallipolis Daily Tribune
Thursday, March 14, 1912 pg. 4
Transcribed by Claudia Melin

Martin, Roy  

Roy Martin, 70, Claimed
     Roy D. Martin, 70, a resident of Brumfield Rd. in the Mercerville community died suddenly at 3 p.m. Monday, while loading coal at the Belville Mining Co., between Aid and Waterloo in Lawrence County.  Mr. Martin was engaged in farming and had been a lifelong resident of Gallia County.  He served in World War I, and was a member of veterans organizations.  Mr. Martin was born in Harrison Twp., June 5, 1892, the son of the late John and Fannie Phillips Martin.  His marriage took place in Gallipolis Aug. 18, 1922, to the former Faraba Saunders, who survives.  Two children who survive are Paul Martin and Mrs. Ralph (Carol Jean) Workman, both of Rt. 4, Crown City.  There are four grandchildren.  Brothers and sisters who survive are Mrs. John (Vesta) Bennett of Sandusky, Mrs. Alfred (Wilma) Crawford and Verne Martin, both of Toledo; and Wilbur Martin of Ashland, Ky.  A surviving half-sister is Mrs. Margaret Ward of Mercerville. Two brothers preceded him in death.
      Mr.Martin was a member of the Mercerville Baptist Church, and services will be held there at 2 p.m. Thursday.  Rev. Earl Cremeens and Rev. Bruce Unroe will officiate.  Burial will follow in Ridgelawn Cemetery under the direction of the Waugh-Halley-Wood Funeral Home.  Friends may call at t he late home after 7 p.m. today.  The Veterans of Foreign Wars will conduct graveside services.

Gallipolis Daily Tribune
Tuesday, October 23rd, 1962
Transcribed by Eva Swain Hughes

Martin, Sallie

      Sallie Martin, 90, a resident of Rt. 1, Cheshire, died in Holzer Medical Center around 11:30 p.m. Wednesday. she had been hospitalized the past six weeks. She was born at Clarington, Oiho, on March 3, 1884, daughter of the late Andrew and Eliza Sprague Ward. She married Luther Martin. He preceded her in death in May, 1924. The Martins moved to Ohio in 1913.
     She is survived by one daughter and three sons: Miss Lucie Martin, Cheshire; William and Paul, both of Cheshire and John Martin, Rt.1, Gallipolis. two grand-children, Mrs. Paul (Katie) Shoemaker, Cheshire and LeGrande Martin, Gallipolis, and four great-grandchildren survive. Two nieces, Mrs. C.J. Ackerman and Mrs. Albert Baker survive. One brother and three sisters preceded her in death.
     She was a member of Valley Methodist Church, Hanibal, Ohio, and was a charter member of the Cheshire Chapter, Order of Eastern Star. Funeral services will be held 12:30 p.m. Sunday at Miller's Home for Funerals with Rev. Hershel Curfman officiating. Burial will be in Gravel Hill cemetery. Friends may call at the funeral home between 2-4 and 7-9 p.m. on Saturday.

Gallipolis Tribune
Feb. 7, 1974
Transcribed by J. Farley

Martin, Sarah [Blazer]

Death of Mrs. Martin
     Sarah Martin, daughter of the late Peter and Frances Blazer, died at her home on Third ave., Tuesday morning Aug. 19, 1902, of malarial. Deceased was born Jan. 19, 1825, and was married to the late Caswell Martin in Gallia county, Aug. 13, 1844. She leaves three sons, two daughters, Joseph F., Chas. W., Milton C., Mrs. Frances Hardy, of Argentine, Kansas, Miss Etta, of this city, besides her children, three brothers, J. J., Jacob, Philip Blazer and one sister, Mrs. Julia A. Gills.
     She joined the Methodist church at the Safford school house in 1838 at the early age of 13 years under the Rev. W. M. Cubbage. From that time to her death, she was an earnest worker for Christianity. Her many friends will truly miss her smiling face and cordial greeting at her home. The funeral services will be conducted at her late home on Third avenue Thursday at 10 a.m., by Rev. L. L. Magee. Interment will be at Mound Hill cemetery by Wetherholt.

Gallipolis Tribune
Tuesday, August 19, 1902

     The pall bearers serving at Mrs. Martin’s funeral services were Messrs. P. B. Pritchett, J. F. Gills, F. M. Gills, Jay J. Blazer, Will Blazer and Cameron Blazer. The services were largely attended.

Gallipolis Tribune
Thursday, August 21, 1902
Transcribed by Sandy L. Milliron

Martin, Sarah J.

      Mrs. Sarah J. Martin, wife of A. C. Martin, died Monday morning after a long illness with lung trouble.
She leaves a husband and one daughter, Hazel, and two brothers, George and Jack Peck. The funeral services were held Wednesday afternoon by Rev. Lewis, the interment following at Mound Hill by Wetherholt. She was a good woman and had many friends who will regret her untimely demise.

Gallipolis Bulletin
Jan. 6, 1905
Vol. XXXVIII , NO. 11
Transcribed by Charles Wright

Martin, Viola [Skinner]

Death of Mrs. Martin
     Mrs. Viola Martin, wife of Mr. Charles Martin, of Bidwell, died Saturday last. The funeral services Sunday at noon at Centenary conducted by Rev. John W. McCormick, the interment following at the same place by Undertaker Ward of Bidwell. Mrs. Martin gave birth to a fine little daughter two weeks ago which is living with it's Grandma Skinner and bids fair to live.
     Mrs. Martin leaves several other children by a former husband, Mr. James Watts, who died about 15 years ago. She was united in marriage with Mr. Martin three years ago and was an industrious good woman, a member of the M.E. Church and had many friends to regret her death.

[Note: Death Certificate...Ola Martin born Feb. 10, 1867; died June 24, 1910; aged 43 years 3 months and 14 days of age. Parents: John Skinner and Nannie Kerns. Burial Centenary Cemetery. Cause of death Puerperal fever.]

Gallipolis Bulletin
July 1, 1910
Transcribed by F.K. Brown

Martin, Wilber O.

In Memory
     Of Wilber O. Martin, eldest son of John Q. and America Martin, who departed this life March, 7th 93. Aged 22 years 3 months and 2 days. Wilber was an intelligent and kind young man, loved by all who knew him. His sickness first began with a fever which terminated in consumption. He leaves a loving father, mother, four brothers and three sisters, besides a host of friends to mourn their loss, but our loss is his gain. His sufferings are over and he is at rest; the family ranks are broken. He bore his suffering with patience, and passed away with the full assurance that he was going home to glory.
     O! Blessed assurance; how many depart from this world without this assurance! Death is ever ready to claim us for his own whether prepared or unprepared. The young as well as the old must go at his calling.
All was done for Wilber that loving hands could do but all in vain. God has only called him from this world of sin and sorrow to a beautiful home on high. Dear ones dry your burning tears and remember that God does all things well, and Wilber awaits us, one and all on that other shore, “so free from all sorrow and care.”
He was laid to rest in the family burial ground, on the farm, followed by sympathizing relatives and friends. And when,

Sadly we gaze on the face of the dead,
As he lay as if sleeping forever;
We thought of the home he was leaving so sad,
Of the grief-stricken father and mother.
Call not back the dear departed,
Anchored safe where storms are o’er;
On the border land we left him,
Soon to meet and part no more.
Vain, oh vain, are all our yearnings,
Here, we will see him never more;
Blessed hope! again we’ll meet him,
On that bright celestial shore.


Gallipolis Journal
Wednesday, Mar 15, 1893
Transcribed by Suzanne Giroux

Martin, Wilbur Vance

Vance Martin Drowns in McCormick's Pond 3:45 [P.M.] Sunday Afternoon
Rescue Efforts of Two Comrades Fail--Boy Was Son of Clarence Martin
-- Funeral To Be Held At 2 [o'clock] Wednesday At Mercerville
     A 16 year old boy drowned Sunday afternoon in a pond in the Fairfield farm of Edwin R. "Pete" McCormick. Ten or 20 boys were swimming at the pond at the time, but it was emphasized that it was not a Boy Scout outing.
     At 3:45 P.M. Wilbur Vance Martin, 16 year old son of Clarence and Ruby Workman Martin, Gallipolis Route 1, sank while he was swimming in the pond. Two of his comrades, Richard Roach, 16, Gallipolis Route 2 and Kenneth Houck, 16, of 93 Garfield Avenue, attempted to rescue him.

Find Body in 2 Hours
     They failed and Gallipolis Post, State Highway Patrol and the Gallipolis Fire Department dragged the pond with grappling hooks They found the body at 5:45 P.M.
     The Clarence (Petty) Martin family bought and moved into the Tinker Brown property at the upper edge of the airport two or three months ago, coming from the southwest corner of Harrison Township. He is employed at the Gallia County Produce Co. plant and the boy, who had finished his second year at Mercerville High School, had been working at the Morris store.
     Mr. & Mrs. Martin left this afternoon for Ironton to accompany the body back from the Phillips Mortuary to their home where it will remain until a short time before the funeral hour.
     Born January 21, 1930, Vance Martin is survived by two brothers, Carl (in the Navy near Guam) and Harold at home; three sisters, Eleanor Ruth, Margaret and Patricia Ann, all at home and his parents.
     Funeral services will be held at 2 P.M. Wednesday at the Mercerville Church with Rev. Earl Cremeens officiating. Burial will be made in Mercerville's Ridgelawn Cemetery.

[Note: Death Certificate: born Jan.21, 1930; died June 23, 1946; 15 years, 5 months and 2 days of age.]

Gallipolis Paper
No date
Transcribed by F.K. Brown                                                                              Top of Page

Martin, William Floyd

Sad Death of a Little Boy
     Floyd, the little son of Mr. and Mrs. Phister Martin, whose serious illness for the past six months has been mentioned frequently in the papers, passed to eternal rest this Monday morning, March 3, 1902, at the residence of his grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. I. F. Chapman, where his parents make their home. It has been a peculiarly distressing case from the first, and has burdened the hearts of the entire household and all who knew the little fellow with grief. He would have been four years old in May, and all who had ever met the winsome little fellow were impressed with his handsome face and manner, and his extra ordinary, intellectual brightness.
     Young and tender as he was, he knew all of the pleasing little Bible stories, nursery tales and childish songs, which repetition by a childish voice so pleases and enraptures the hearts of older ones, and which made him a universal favorite and pet, not only in the household, but everywhere. It is useless for anyone to offer comfort at death of one so young, so fair, so bright. Even when the Savior said, “Suffer little children to come unto me,” He knew that the little tendrils that were twined about the hearts of us all could only be separated with grief and laceration to us. There is no balm in Gilead for such wounds. We must suffer ~ there is no avoidance.
     Six months ago the shadow fell across the doorway of his home. It has been six months of untold anxiety, suspense and sorrow, in which everything known to science and kindly attention was not neglected, but which ended only in despair and death. An autopsy was held at 10 o’clock this morning by Dr. John B. Alcorn, the attending physician, assisted by Dr. Chadbourne, and in the presence of Dr. S. W. Williams, Drs. E. W. and Chas. G. Parker and Dr. L. C. Bean, when it was found that a malignant tumor, weighing fifteen pounds had fastened itself upon the abdominal cavity, and which could not have been removed even in infancy without death.
     The hour for the funeral services at this writing had not been set. Undertaker Wetherholt will officiate at the burial.

Gallipolis Daily Tribune
Monday, March 3, 1902

Funeral Notice
     The funeral of little Floyd Martin will be at 2 o’clock Thursday afternoon. Rev. Magee will conduct the services and Wetherholt has charge of the burial. The pall bearers at the funeral services of Mr. and Mrs. Phister Martin’s little son, William Floyd, were selected from his little circle of companions, who were wont to beguile the hours of his pain and illness. They were Lawrence Miller, Jimmie Kerr, Otto Blanc and Harry Robinson. Rev. Magee conducts the religious exercises and Undertaker Wetherholt the interment.

Gallipolis Daily Tribune
Wednesday, March 5, 1902
Transcribed by Sandy L. Milliron

Martin, William Henry (Harry)

Late Capt. Martin Had Long Career As River Pilot
     Rev. C. G. Billups and Rev. Chalmers F. McCutcheon will officiate at the funeral of Captain William Henry (Harry) Martin Sunday at 2 o’clock at his home at 211 Main St., Pt. Pleasant. Pallbearers will be B. W. Krodel, Harry Kraft, Chas. VanMatre, James Hall, C. C. Stone and R. J. Heslop. Burial in Mound Hill Cemetery.
     Captain Martin, who began his steamboating career in the 1880’s, recently retired as pilot for the Union Barge Line Corporation. Before his illness he had been piloting for the Marietta Manufacturing Co. on trial runs of boats built by that concern.
     For more than 25 years he was pilot on the towboat Convoy and was on her when she was destroyed in a storm in 1915. He was a master of the Steamer Fleischman several years before he served U. B. L. Corporation. He had lived at Pt. Pleasant the last 11 years.

[Note: Nov. 17, 1866 – Aug. 27, 1943; Age 76 yrs. 9 mos. 10 days. He was the son of William O. & Mary Jane Hie Martin.]

Gallipolis Daily Tribune
Saturday, August 28, 1943
Transcribed by Sandy L. Milliron

Martindale, Mrs. E. M. [Burnett]

Mrs. Martindale Dead

     Mrs. E. M. Martindale, died early Tuesday morning in Columbus where she had made her home for the past two years. Mrs. Martindale, whose maiden name was Burnett, came from a prominent Gallia county family and was a resident of this county where she still has many relatives until about two years ago. She has been in failing health for some time.
     She is survived by one son, J. Elmer and four daughters, Mrs. Madge Gheen, Mrs. Minnie Irion, Mrs. Myra Boggs and Mrs. Vada Smeltzer, all of whom live in Columbus. Her body will be brought here for burial and the funeral will be held at Clay Chapel, Thursday at 2 p.m.

Gallia Times
Aug. 18, 1927
Transcribed by J.Farley                                                                                   Top of Page

Martindale, Alvin R.

Alvin R. Martindale
     At a stated meeting of Vinton Lodge, No. 131, F. & A. M. held in their Hall, January 16, 1894, the following resolutions were adopted:
     Whereas, It has pleased the Supreme Ruler of the Universe to remove from our midst our late Brother,     
                   Alvin R. Martindale; therefore, be it
     Resolved, That we recognize in our Brother’s death the hand of Him who doeth all things well.
     Resolved, That we as a Lodge feel a deep sense of the loss which we have all sustained, but our loss is his
     Resolved, That we tender to his bereaved wife and family our sympathy in this hour of their affliction.
     Resolved, That these resolutions be spread upon the records of the Lodge, and also a copy be presented  
                    to the wife of our deceased Brother, and to each of the county papers for publication.
             R. S. Turner, G. W. McCarley, W. R. Bishop, Committee
             Eli G. Shaner, Secretary of Vinton Lodge

Gallipolis Bulletin
Saturday, January 20, 1894
Transcribed by Suzanne H. Giroux

Martindale, Julia Ann

     Mrs. Martindale, widow of the late Alvin Martindale and mother of the late W.W. Martindale, died at the residence of her son, J.A. Martindale, in Springfield Tp., Jan. 16, 1896, aged 76 years. She was buried at Vinton, last Saturday, by the side of her husband, at Old Holcomb in Huntington Twp. She was esteemed by all who knew her.

Gallipolis Bulletin
Jan. 25, 1896
Transcribed by Nancy McMillan

Martindale, Julia A. [Howell]

     Julia A. Howell was born in Jackson county, Dec. 5, 1819, and died January 16, 1896. She was married to A.R. Martindale April 12, 1838, who preceded her to the better land just two years. They  were the parents of five children, four sons and one daughter. The second son, W. W. Martindale preceded her about eight years. Three sons and one daughter, with many friends, mourn the loss of a good, loving Christina mother, also a member of the M.E. Church for many years, living a life of patience, resi resignation  and trust in Him who is able to save all who come unto him by faith.
     Funeral sermon at Bidwell church by Rev. Durling from the text Reelation 21st chap. 4th verse. For the last three months her home was with her son J.A. Martindale, near Bidwell, Ohio

   “Calm on the bosom of thy God,
   Fair spirit rest thee now!
   E'en while with us thy footsteps trod,
   His seal was on thy brow.

   Dust to its narrow house beneath!
   Soul, to its place on high!
   They that have seen thy look in death,
   No more may fear to die.”

Gallipolis Journal
Feb. 25, 1896
Transcribed by Nancy McMillan

Martindale, Lucretia

Mrs. Lucretia Martindale Dies at Granddaughter's Home Near Columbus
     Mrs. Lucretia Weed Martindale died Monday night at the home of her granddaughter, Mrs. E.P. Corbin, Columbus, where she resided. Death was due to injuries she sustained in a fall at her home about a month ago and to infirmities of age.
     Mrs. Martindale was born 83 years ago near Bidwell, her parents being pioneers in Gallia County. She was the widow of Warren W. Martindale, who died many years ago. With her husband Mrs. Martindale was prominent in social and church work during her residence in Gallipolis, Mr. Martindale having been mayor of the city and also county treasurer. She moved to Columbus a few years ago to be near her relatives, many of whom lived in or near that city.
     Surviving her are three daughters, Mrs. Mary E. Booten, Eureka Springs, Ark., Mrs Bertha R. Lasley of Bethel, Mrs. Metta M. Bowen of Cambridge and one son C.H. Martindale, of Los Angeles, cal., one sister, Mrs. Lizzie Harrison, of Columbus, and four brothers, John, of Colorado, Simeon, Virgil and James Weed all of Columbus.
     Her body will be brought to Gallipolis on the noon H.V. train Friday and her nephew, Rev. Fred Weed, of Pomeroy, will conduct the funeral services at Mt. Zion at 1:30 p.m. that day. Interment in Mt. Zion cemetery in charge of Wetherholt and an aunt of J.W. Mossman and Mrs. Warren Carter of this city and Homer Mossman and Mrs. Frank Wade of Bidwell.

Gallipolis Daily Tribune
January 6, 1927
Transcribed by Henny Evans

Martindale, Nancy J.  [Wallace]

Aged Woman Passes
     Mrs. Quincy Martindale, 79, died Thursday afternoon at her home in Ewington. She was the widow of a Civil War veteran.
     Funeral services, which are being arranged by H. Kerr Butler, will be conducted by Rev. Laveck at the Ewington M. E. church at 2 o’clock Saturday afternoon.

[Note: Jan. 14, 1857 – March 12, 1936; Age 79 yrs. 2 mos. 2 das. She was the daughter of George J. & Elizabeth Smith Wallace. She is buried in Old Holcomb Cemt. In Huntington Twp.]

Gallipolis Daily Tribune
Friday, March 13, 1936
Transcribed by Sandy L. Milliron

Martindill, (Unidentified young male)

Death of a Little Boy 
     The youngest son of Mr. and Mrs. Ed Martindill, who formerly lived on First Ave. above State St. but who have been living on the Poplar Grove farm for some time died Sunday morning. He was about 6 years old and death was caused by typhoid fever. The funeral was at Jordan Chapel, conducted by Rev. R. R. Denney and the burial was in charge of Undertaker Wetherholt.

Gallipolis newspaper
Date unknown
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Martindill, Mrs. E. W.

Death of Mrs. Martindill   
      Mrs. E. W. Martindill, of Chambersburg, who died Wednesday morning and which was briefly mentioned before was laid away to rest this morning in Bethel Cemetery. Her illness had been a long and painful one but she is said to have borne it with that peaceful resignation belonging only to the good and when the last sad end came she was ready.
      She was an excellent lady, a leading member of and worker in the M.E. Church, which she loved. She was the mother of several children and a good and affectionate mother and her death will be bereavement to them and her husband that will always be felt with the keenest sorrow. They have our deepest sympathy.

Gallipolis Paper
No date
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Martindill, James Alexander

Death Of James A. Martindill
     Mr. James Alexander Martindill, of Chambersburg, 90 years old the last of last March passed over to the shores of the eternal this morning, Aug. 5, 1899, after a long state of physical and mental weakness. The funeral services will be Sunday forenoon at Providence Church, Clay Township.
     He left two sons, G. W. and J. A. Martindill and two daughters, Mrs. Anderson Wooten and Mrs. William Marshall of Columbus. He was the last of his father's family. His father, James Martindill, was a Revolutionary soldier. Mr. Martindill was a fine old man in his day. He had done nothing for 25 years and died at the residence of his daughter, Mrs. Wooten.

Gallipolis Weekly Tribune
Aug. 11, 1899
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Martindill, Jane

     Mrs. Jane Martindill of Clay township, died last Wednesday evening, the result of a paralytic stroke. She was 70 years old and resided with her daughter, Mrs. Shed Cofer.
     Mrs. Martindill was carrying a lighted lamp at the time she was stricken, and when the lamp dropped it set fire to the house. Members of the family rescued her from the flames and carried her to the home of a neighbor, James Smith, where death relieved her suffering.
     Neighbors quickly gathered and heroic efforts were made to extinguish the fire and save as much of the household effects as possible, but their efforts were of little effect.
     Mrs. Martindill was the widow of the late Wilbur Martindill and is survived by the following children: Mrs. Roma Cofer, with whom she made her home; Mabel Dawson, Harry and Lowell Martindill, all of Wheeling; Vesta Sells, Martins Ferry, O.; Sadie Knox, Pitcairn, Pa.; and Helen Gregg, of New York.
     Funeral services were held at Clay Chapel last Saturday at 2 o'clock, Rev. Tracy Martindale officiating. Interment at the cemetery there.

[Note: dates from stone, 1868-1939]

Gallipolis newspaper
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Martindill, Mrs. Jane

Woman, Stricken, Drops Lamp, Fires House, Then Dies
     Out of Clay township comes as strange and startling a story of tragedy as has been heard here in many a day. Mrs. Jane Martindill, 70, who made her home with her daughter, Mrs. Sherd Cofer, near the townhouse, suffered a stroke about 6 o'clock last evening, after going to her upstairs room carrying a lighted lamp. She either dropped the lamp or knocked it over and set the house afire. Members of the household rescued her from the flames and carried her to the nearby home of James Smith. Others rushed to the scene to fight the flames or try to save some of the family's belongings, but there was little they could do. About the time the fire "had burned itself out," of around 11:30, Mrs. Martindill died.
     Mrs. Martindill was the widow of Wilbur Martindill, who died 14 years ago. They are survived by besides Mrs. Roma Cofer, these children: Mabel Dawson, Harry and Lowell Martindill, all of Wheeling; Vesta Sells, Martins Ferry, O.; Sadie Knox, Pitcairn, Pa.; Helen Gregg, New York.
     The body was removed to the home of a granddaughter, Mrs. Clay Haffelt on the ridge below Thivener. Funeral services will be held at Clay Chapel at 2 o'clock Saturday in charge of Rev. Tracy Martindale. Burial there by C. R. Halley.

[Note: From Tombstone 1868 - 12 Dec, 1939]

Gallipolis Newspaper
No Date
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Martindill, Morrisella M.

Morrisella M. Martindill
     It is painful to record the untimely death of our dear departed friend, Mrs. Morrisella M. Martindill, who departed this life September 21, 1884, yet in the morning of her lovely womanhood. It would seem that there are two deaths, apart from our regrets and sorrows, that impress us with a painful sense of discord.
     Death intervenes before their work is done; the story is broken off; the drama has no close; the music jars into discord and ends; we stand about the grace and from the earthly side there is a sense of incompleteness. We are cheated by a promise that is never filled; death comes and closes the story before the first page is finished.
     When the angel Death brings his summons in middle-life, when tied by family, friends and social duties, the center of a thousand interests, with work all round them unfinished, broken off in the midst of fragmentary and chaotic, we call them untimely deaths. But God's wisdom remains unrevealed to our mortal eyes and we must bow and pass under the rod, saying, O God, Thy will be done.
     To those who believe in the Christian religion, there is one consolation; in the midst of these afflictions there is a time coming when Old Time, the father of centuries, and the tomb builder of generations, will drop his broken scythe, break his glass, careen and fall a giant in ruins. Then such a believer can stand over the fallen monarch and exultingly exclaim, O! Death! where is thy sting! O!rapacious grave, thy victory!
     Mrs. Martindill's life was beclouded by sorrow and her last days' suffering untold; all of which she bore so uncomplaining and patiently, withholding her bodily anguish to lighten the sorrow of her surrounding friends and dear ones present.
     But she is gone! and her many virtues and nobleness of principle will survive the mouldering body, as the broken vase of flowers retains their perfume long after their decay.
                                                                                A Friend

[Note: Buried: Pine Street Cemetery, Gallipolis]

Gallipolis Paper
Sept. 21, 1884
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Martt, Brooks Irion

Brooks I. Martt, 46, Drops Dead In Guyan Twp.
Had Come Down From Charleston To Visit Relatives
     Brooks Irion Martt, 46, of Charleston, W. Va., dropped dead at 10:30 Thursday morning while talking with Leslie J. Gothard at the latter’s barn on Rocky Fork in Guyan Twp.
     Mr. and Mrs. Martt had come down Wednesday evening for a Thanksgiving visit in the home of Thomas F. Houck of Mercerville. Yesterday he went to the Gothard place to look after some cattle, shortly after Mr. Gothard, returning from a hunting trip, had joined him and while they were chatting Mr. Martt slumped down and expired.
     Mr. Martt was born and reared in Guyan Twp., the son of Elza L. (Lem) and Nettie Irion Martt. Their old home is now owned by Chauncey E. Harrison. They moved to Huntington 20 or more years ago and died there. Brooks Martt’s birthdate was Feb. 4, 1898.
     For a number of years he had been engaged in the laundry business in Charleston but previously has lived in Huntington. He is survived by his wife, Winnie Martt and three stepsons, Harold, Robert and Jack Helmick; all in the armed services. Also surviving are a brother and two sisters, Carlton Martt of California, Mrs. Virgie Richards of Columbus and Mrs. Okey M. Thomas of Huntington.
     Funeral services will be held at 2 p.m. (fast time) Sunday at the Mercerville Baptist Church, with the Rev. Jennings Cremeens in charge. Interment will be made by F. L. Stevers in Spring Hill Cemetery, Huntington. The body will be taken to the home of Thomas E. Houck at 7 this evening and remain there until it is taken to the church.

Gallipolis Daily Tribune
Friday, November 26, 1943
Transcribed by Sandy Milliron

Martt, Charles Albert

     Mr. Albert Martt, aged 29 years, died at his residence in Harrison township, June 24, 1890, from consumption, caused by the continuance of la grippe. He leaves a widow, two children and many relatives and friends to mourn their loss.

Farewell, oh, farewell! thou hast broken the chain
And the links that have bound us, are parted in twain,
But long shall my heart in its sad sorrow tell
How I grieved o'er thee, dear one! - farewell, oh, farewell!

[Note: Buried Martt Cemetery in Harrison Twp. Marker dates 10-2-1861 - 6-24-1890]

Gallipolis Paper
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Martt, Elizabeth [Gothard]

Gallia Native Dies In Capital
     Mrs. Elizabeth Martt, 72, a native of Gallia county, died in Doctor’s hospital, Columbus, at 6 p.m., Monday. She had been making her home with a daughter, Mrs. Thomas Houck, at 387 Eureka Ave., Columbus. Mrs. Martt was born in Guyan twp., on Aug 9, 1884, the daughter of the late James and Mary Smith Gothard, and spent most of her years in that section of the county. She was married to Heber Martt, who preceded her in death in 1920.
     Two children were born to this union, the daughter already named and a son, Lawrence of Ashland, Ky. Other survivors are a brother Leslie Gothard of Grown City, and a sister, Mrs. Owyer Saunders, of Golden, Colo. There are three grand and three great grandchildren.
     Funeral services will be held at 1 p.m., Wednesday at the First Church of God, Garfield Ave. Rev. H. McDonough will officiate and burial will be in the Stewart Chapel cemetery under the direction of the Stevers Funeral home. Friends may call at the funeral home after 4 p.m., Tuesday and until shortly before the funeral hour.

Gallipolis Tribune
Transcribed by J. Farley

Martt, Heber H.

     Heber H., son of E. L. and Nettie Martt, was born in Gallia County, Ohio, Jun 7, 1883, and departed this life at his home at 2033 Seventh Avenue, Huntington, W. Va., February 20, 1920, aged 36 years, 8 months, and 13 days.
     He was united in marriage with Elizabeth Gothard January 29, 1906. To this union were born two children, Lillian aged 14 years and Lawrence aged 13 years. With these he leaves to mourn their loss his father and mother of Huntington, two brothers Carlton and Irion of Omaha, Nebraska, two sisters, Mrs. T. C. Richards of Oak Hill, Ohio, Mrs. O. M. Thomas of Huntington, and a host of other relatives and friends. One sister, Lula, preceded him nine years ago.
     Mr. Martt resided in Gallia County until about six months ago where he with his family moved to Huntington. He made friends with all whom he met and has made a good record and woven the net that constitutes a successful man and attains a home in heaven. He made his profession with Christ and lived a true and noble life. He had been a sufferer for several years but bore it all with patience and trusted in Him who ran heal all. Though the reaper has called him so early in life we have the assurance that all is well with him, for he said he was ready to meet his Saviour and willing to go.
     Funeral services were held at the home of his parents Monday, February 23 at 8 p.m. by Rev. Roy McCuskey of the Seventh Avenue M. E. Church. The burial was at Stewart Chapel in Gallia County Tuesday afternoon.

Dearest friend, thou hast left us,
And thy loss we deeply feel,
There's sorrow in our hearts
That none but death can heal.

Oh, it seems so hard to lay thee
In the cold and silent grave,
Oh, we feel we could not bear it
But God gives to us his grace.
Beloved friend we are so lonely
Since we know that thou art gone,
But we will put our trust in God,
And say "Thy will be done."

And now, dear wife and children,
For Heber do not grieve,
For God has only called him Home
With Him in Heaven to live.

[Note: Stewart Cemetery is located in Section 20 of Greenfield Township in the southwest quarter. The property is now owned by the government. No tombstone for Mr. Martt was located.]

Gallipolis newspaper
February, 1920
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Martt, Joseph

     MARTT - Monday eve at 5 o’clock was noted by the death of Joseph Martt, one of the old citizens of Guyan township, well known to many. He had been sick for years; aged 54 years. Mr. Martt leaves five boys and one girl to mourn his loss. An immense crowd gathered at the Church where his funeral services took place by Rev. Dr. Ellsworth. He was one of the wealthy citizens of this township, leaving a good home to each of his children. He was a member of the M. E. Church for 30 years. He was willing to die.

Gallipolis Journal
Thursday, June 15, 1882
Transcribed by Suzanne Giroux

Martt, Lydia F.

     Lydia F., widow of the late Joseph Martt, was born Feb. 28, 1829; died in Gallia County, Ohio, April 23, 1883; age 54. She was trained religiously and for 34 years enjoyed communion with God and was all of that time a consistent member of the Methodist Church. We visited her the day before her death -- found her filled with joyful anticipation of her heavenly reward. She called her children around her, inviting them to meet her in Heaven and passed away sweetly trusting in Jesus. She was the mother of 11 children, 4 of whom preceded her.              W.J. Pitchford

[Note: Buried Old Walnut Ridge Cemetery]

Gallipolis Journal
May 24, 1883
Transcribed by F.K. Brown

Martt, Eddie
Martt William

Judson Martts Lose Two Sons in Pacific
Lt. Eddie Martt
Lt. William Martt
    Judson Martt of Zanesville, son of the late William H. Martt of Raccoon Island, has two sons among the casualties of war. Lt. Eddie Martt of the Army Air Force has been missing since Jan. 27, 1945. He was ferrying a thunderbolt (P-47) from Leyte and has not been heard from. His commanding officer reported that searching parties were sent out, but there has been no further news of his fate. The other son, William D. Martt, was a First Lieutenant in the Marines. He and his men were sent to establish a beach head on Iwo Jima, Feb. 20, last.
     Nearly all of the officers were killed and only a few men escaped. William was injured the second day after they landed and lay in mud and rain for two days before he was taken on a hospital ship, the Solace, to Saipan. From the ship he wrote his home folk saying that he had some injuries, the worst being in the neck; that he was unable to take nourishment and that he was on his way to a base hospital.
     The Martt family received a letter from William's Captain, telling them that their son was operated and that the chance for the recovery was doubtful. He also stated that William had the care of a special nurse and that he was cheerful. A cablegram came a few days later stating that First Lt. Martt died at Saipan Hospital on March 1 from the injuries he received on Feb. 20.
     William D. Martt had been in the Marines ever since he was graduated from Ohio Wesleyan in 1942. He was married to Miss Jeanne Bangham, also an Ohio Wesleyan graduate, July 1, 1944; and went overseas July 22 of that year. Mrs. Martt is a Zanesville girl, the daughter of the pastor of the Coburn Methodist Church in Zanesville. She has been teaching in the Zanesville schools.
     Judson Martt is a prosperous dairyman of Zanesville R.F.D. 1. He will be well remembered here where he was raised as will his sons who often visited their grandfather.

Gallipolis Paper
No date
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Mason, Claud C.

     GALLIPOLIS - Claud C. Mason, 73, died at 6:05 p.m. Friday, October 12, at Holzer Medical Center following an extended illness. Born April 12, 1906 at Wayne, W. Va., he was the son of Andrew J. and Sally F. Mason who preceded him in death.
     He married Ella Colley at Williamson, W. Va., on January 27, 1934. She survives along with two sons and three daughters: H. Dean Mason, Douglas M. Mason, Mrs. Lloyd (Vivian) Blake, Mrs. James (Peggy) Patterson and Mrs. Claudetta McCreedy, all of Gallipolis There are nine grandchildren and one great-grandson surviving. He was preceded in death by two brothers and two step-brothers. Mr. Mason, after spending 25 years in the coal mines, retired from French City Lumber.
     Funeral services will be held 11 a.m. Monday from the Willis Funeral Home. Friends may call at the funeral home from 2-4 and 7-9 p.m. today. Burial will be in Ohio Valley Memory Gardens. Pallbearers will be Lloyd Blake, Tommy Reed, Jerry Reed, Donald Reed, Gary Thiviner and Bill Layne. Honorary pallbearers will be Owen Walters, Henry Skidmore, Orville Sexton and Dale Kemper.

Sunday Times Sentinel
October 14, 1979
Transcribed by Sandy L. Milliron

Mason, George

     Died at 2 o'clock A.M. on the 8th inst., at the residence of Mr. Priestley, in this place, Mr. George Mason, formerly of Yorkshire, England, aged about 35 years.

The Gallipolis Journal
June 12, 1851
Transcribed by Eva Swain Hughes

Mason, Rev. George

Heart Failure
Causes the Death of Rev. George Mason
      Rev. George Mason, the well-known colored minister, died last Monday evening at about seven o’clock. Mr. Mason had not enjoyed good health for a number of years, although he had not been confined to his bed. Monday evening after partaking of a hearty supper, he complained of dizziness and numbness and laid down on the bed and passed away in a few minutes. Hart trouble, with which he had been affected, is attributed as the cause of death.
     Mr. Mason was born in Rockingham County, Va., September 12, 1827. He came to Ohio in 1849, and had been a resident of this city for fifty years. He had been married twice and leaves by his first wife two children, Mrs. Nannie Jones of Columbus, and Mrs. Mary Price, of Indianapolis. He also leaves one brother, William, of Connersville. On November 24, 1891, he took for his second wife, Miss Sallie Vaughn, who survives him.
     When compelled to take his bed, Mr. Mason realized that death was near and conversed freely with his wife and friends. The deceased was one of our most prominent colored citizens. He was progressive and always took a deep interest in the city’s welfare.
     The funeral services were conducted from the A. M. E. Church Thursday afternoon by Rev. I. V. Bryant of the Third Avenue Baptist Church, all the Methodist ministers being in attendance at Conference.

[Note: 9/12/1827 – 9/29/1902.]

Gallipolis Bulletin
Friday, October 3, 1902
Transcribed by Sandy L. Milliron

Mason, James Jr.

Death of Mr. James Mason
     Mr. James Mason, Jr, a colored barber, who used to have a shaving parlor in the Opera House, died this morning, April 3, 1911, in Columbus, aged somewhere about 40 years. Mr. Tom Hill, the barber, is a brother-in-law to his mother, received a telegram this morning simply stating the fact of his death without particulars.
He is survived by his wife who was a Miss Goss, but no children. It is not known whether his body will be brought here or not, but probably not.

[Note: Death Certificate...born 1865 OH; died April 3, 1911 Franklin County, Ohio; aged 46 years. Parents James Mason Sr. (VA) and Elizabeth Gee. Cause of death: Organic Heart Disease. Burial: Green Lawn Cemetery in Columbus, Ohio.]

Gallipolis Daily Tribune
April 3, 1911
Transcribed by F. K. Brown                                                                             Top of Page

Mason, Sarah E.

Mrs. Mason Dead
     Sarah E. Mason, a highly respected colored woman, died on Sunday, March 31st, aged 66 years. She was the widow of George W. Mason, who passed away in 1892. She leaves sisters, Miss Margaret Vaughn and Miss Laura Brock and half-brothers Thomas and James Hill of this city. The funeral was held at the John Gee Chapel, Wednesday afternoon by Rev. Turner. Burial following at the Pine Street Cemetery by Hayward & Son.

Gallipolis Bulletin
April 4, 1912
Transcribed by Margaret Calvin

Massie, Alfred

Good Man Taken
     Mr. Alfred Massie, 56, and a native of Wales, this county, passed away at his home at Cora on Tuesday evening, Nov. 17, 1914, after an illness of several years' duration with tuberculosis. His funeral services were held at Old Pine Thursday morning in charge of the members of the Knights of Pythias lodge at Thurman.
     Mr. Massie's wife, who was a Miss Childers of that neighborhood, preceded him in death about 13 years ago. The parents are survived by one son aged 14. Mr. Massie operated a flouring mill at Cora for a number of years and made many warm friends. In the past few years he had made two trips to the West in hopes that the climate might relieve his trouble. Mr. Massie was buried in Wood cemetery in Huntington Twp.

[Note: The cemetery records indicate he was buried in Old Pine Cemetery in Raccoon Township.]

Gallia Times
Nov. 25, 1914
Transcribed by Nancy McMillan

Massie, Candace A.

     DIED - At Centerpoint, O., Nov. 27, 1887, Candace A. Massie, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John Massie, aged 11 years, 10 months, 15 days. She was an affectionate little girl and the pet of the family; therefore, it was hard to give her up; but there is comfort and consolation, leaving earth and its troubles, that God has taken her to His glorious home above, where there is no sickness or death.
     Her funeral took place on the 29th. Religious services by D. S. Jones. She was buried at the new graveyard at Centerpoint.

Gallipolis Bulletin
Tuesday, February 7, 1888
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Massie, Clarence E.

Death Claims C. E. Massie Early Today
     Clarence E. Massie, 74, a resident of 10 Pine St., died at his home at 8:35 a.m. today. He had suffered from heart trouble for two years, and his condition became serious Tuesday evening. Mr. Massie was a farmer in his early years, and had been an employee of the Farmers Hardware in recent years. The family had resided in Gallipolis for five years.
     Mr. Massie was born April 24, 1889 at Lecta, son of the late Rev. James B. and Margaret E. Wiseman Massie. His marriage to the former Bessie F. Rose, who survives, took place Feb. 27, 1909 at her home, and the ceremony was performed by Rev. Massie.
     Three sons who survive are Dale M. Massie of Ceredo, W.Va., Carl B. Massie of Portsmouth, and Clarence F. Massie of Waverly. A daughter, Mrs. John (Mildred) Taylor died July 13, 1960. There are 13 grandchildren and one great-granddaughter. Two sisters and a brother, Mrs. Edith Mertz, Mrs. Pearl Dickey and Curtis R., preceded him in death.
     He was a member of the Fox Fairview Church. Services will be held at 2 p.m. Friday at the Waugh-Halley-Wood Funeral Home. Rev. Hughey Jones will officiate, and burial will be in Mound Hill cemetery. Friends may call at the funeral home after 3 p.m. Thursday.

Gallipolis Daily Tribune
Wednesday, July 17, 1963
Transcribed by Sandy Lee Milliron

Massie, Clarence E.

     Clarence E. Massie, seventy-four years old, 121 Pine Street, Gallipolis, died yesterday morning at his home. Funeral services will be conducted tomorrow at 2 p.m. (EST) at the Waugh-Halley-Wood Funeral Home in Gallipolis. Burial will be in Mound Hill Cemetery there.
     An employee of Farmers' Hardware until he retired due to ill health, he was born at Lecta, O., a son of the late Rev. James B. and Margaret Wiseman Massie, and was the last surviving one of their children. Survivors include the widow, Mrs. Bessie Rose Massie; three sons, Dale M. Massie of Ceredo, Carl Massie of Portsmouth and Clarence F. Massie of Waverly, O., and 13 grandchildren and one great-grandchild. Friends may call at the funeral home today after 3 p.m. (EST).

[Note: b. 1889, d. 1963]

unknown publication- found in scrapbook
unknown date
Transcribed by Lisa Halbig

Massie, Elizabeth A.

     Jan. 21st, 1892, near Wales, O., Mrs. Elizabeth A. Massie, wife of Mr. Bingham Massie, in her 51st year. The departed was kind in her general deportment, attended well to her household; an affectionate wife and mother, and ready to help her neighbors in affliction and sickness. She united with the United Brethern Church when fifteen years of age and lived a consistent Christian life. She died as she lived, quietly but firmly trusting in her Saviour.
     She leaves a husband and three children and quite a large circle of relatives and friends to mourn their loss.
     Her remains were taken to Emory graveyard on the 23d and laid in the silent grave, in the presence of a large congregation. Religious services by Rev. D. S. Jones, Undertaker, T.E. Jones.

[Note: Emory is in Jackson County, Ohio.]

Gallipolis Bulletin
March 5, 1892
Transcribed by Henny Evans                                                                           Top of Page

Massie, James B., Rev

     In the death of Rev. J. B. Massie, a prominent farmer and minister of Walnut township, Gallia county lost one of her best citizens. Rev. Massie passed away in an Ironton hospital Tuesday morning, March 14, 1922, after a few days of severe suffering from mastoid trouble induced by influenza.
     He is survived by his wife, who is the daughter of W. W. Wiseman, deceased, and four children: Curtis R. and Mrs. Dolph Rapp of Ironton, Clarence of Gallia County, and Mrs. Cyro Dickey of near Columbus. Two sisters, Mrs. John Saunders of Lawrence County and Mrs. Gus Sowards of West Virginia and a large number of friends in his home neighborhood and over the county mourn their loss.
     The funeral services were held at the Fairview Church Thursday afternoon, March 16, with Rev. J. B. Hawk and Rev. O. L. Hall officiating. The interment was in Fiarview cemetery.

[Note: Buried Fox-Fairview Cemetery. Born 1860]

Gallia Times
Mar 23, 1922
Transcribed by Maxine Marshall

Massie, Lettie

Mrs. John Massie of Flag Springs Died Here Friday
     Mrs. Lettie Massie, 64, wife of Johnny Massie, died at 1:20 Friday p.m. at the Holzer Hospital. She had been in poor health a good while and was brought to the hospital on Thursday. The Massie home is at Flag Springs, Walnut Township.
     Mrs. Massie was born in that community, a daughter of the late John Collins. She and Mr. Massie were married in 1894. Of six children born to them, these four survive: Mrs. Ethel Marcum of Waterloo; Earl Massie of Mt. Sterling; Lowell of Flag Springs and Zelma at home. Also surviving are a brother and two sisters: Tom Collins and Mrs. Vint Bostic, both of Walnut Township and Mrs. Harry Goodall of Huntington.
     Funeral services will be held at 2 o'clock Monday at the Flag Springs Church, with Rev. C.W. Frye in charge. Burial there by W.W. Phillips.

[Note: Lettie Massie born Nov. 10, 1876; died Nov. 29, 1940; aged 64 years, 19 days. Parents: John Collins and Jane Pierce.]

Gallipolis Daily Tribune
Nov. 30, 1940
From the Debbie Carter Evans Collection
Transcribed by F.K. Brown

Massie, Mary Elzena

Mrs. Massie, 74 Dies at Lecta
     Mrs. Mary Elzena Massie, aged 74, died at 1 o'clock yesterday at the home of her son, Linus Massie, a mile or two east of Lecta on Greasy Ridge. Though she had been ill for two years, her death was sudden and resulted from a heart attack.
     Mrs. Massie was a sister of the late James W. Myers of this city and the widow of Perry Massie, who died 35 years ago.
     Besides Linus, another son and a daughter survive: Marcus Massie, merchant at Lecta, and Mrs. Rufus Elcessor of this city. Also surviving are these brothers: Joe Myers of Springfield, Stephen of Lecta, George of Columbus, and Charles Myers of Huntington.
     Funeral services will be held at 1 o'clock Sunday at Okey church, in charge of Rev. J. F. Bostick. Burial there by O. E. Elliott.

[Note: Mary was born 03 October 1865 and died 26 October 1939]

Unknown publication
Contributed by Jeff Hayes                                                  Top of Page

Massie, Mary [Woods]

   Mary (Woods) Massie died at her home in Ewington, May 25, 1922, aged 65 years. She was the eldest daughter of William and Jane (Henry) Woods and was born in Huntington Township where, with the exception of two years, she was a resident all her life. She was united in marriage with Alexander Massie on Dec. 24, 1899. Her husband died in January, 1907, after which time she lived alone.
     She was converted many years since in Gallipolis while attending a religous revival at the M.E. Church at that place. By trade she was a dressmaker, at which she diligently worked until failing health caused her to desist. Her work was always well and neatly done. For several years she was a sufferer from cancer and heart trouble. She bravely battled with these enemies of the body and by treatment of her own, prolonged her life. In her last sickness her suffering was intense and she welcomed death as a friend. She was an honest, industrious woman who will be sadly missed by her many friends.
     The funeral was held at the Ewington M.E. Church, Rev. Alexander officiating. The funeral text was John 14:2-3 The floral tributes were many and beautiful. Burial at the Woods Cemetery by Undertaker Butler.      Peace to the ashes of our departed friend She sleeps but for a time and our Heavenly Father who in His infinite wisdom and mercy closed her eyes shall open them to the glory of life everlasting.

[Note: Death Certificate..Mary Florence Massey born April 4, 1858; died May 25, 1922 Huntington Township, Gallia County; age 64 years, 1 month and 21 days.]

Gallia Tribune
June 2, 1922
Transcribed by F.K. Brown

Massie, Nola [Notter]

Mrs. Massie Is Claimed Sunday After Illness
     Mrs. Nola Notter Massie, 67, a resident of 133 Third Ave., died at 11:05 a.m. Sunday. She had been in failing health for two years, and her condition had been serious for the past 10 days. Mrs. Massie was a lifelong resident of Gallia and Lawrence counties. She was born July 20, 1895 in Walnut twp., daughter of the late Noah D. and Margaret Vanfleet Notter. Her marriage to Marcus Massie, who survives, took place April 19, 1916 at Lecta.
     Three daughters who survive are Mrs. Everett (Bernice) McMahon and Mrs. William (Wanda) Withrow, both of Gallipolis, and Mrs. Woodrow (Maybelle) Pope of Scottown. A nephew, Paul Notter, was reared in the Massie home. A son died in infancy. There are six grandchildren and four great-grandchildren. A brother and sister who survive are Mrs. Harley (Hazel) Myers and Dan Notter, both of Scottown. One brother is deceased.
     Mrs. Massie was a member of the Lecta E. U. B. church, Waterloo Chapter, Order of Eastern Star, Lafayette Chapter, White Shrine of Jerusalem, and the Centenary Grange.
     Last rites will be held at 2 p.m. Wednesday at the Waugh-Halley-Wood Funeral home. Rev. Charles Lusher will officiate and burial will be in Ohio Valley Memory Gardens. Eastern Star services will be held at the funeral home at 8 p.m. Tuesday. Friends may call at the funeral home after 2 p.m. Tuesday until the hour of the service.

Gallipolis Daily Tribune
Monday, June 24, 1963
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Massie, Stephen O.

Stephen Massie, 75, Died Here Sunday Morning
Rites To Be Held At Old Pine 1 P.M. Wednesday
     Stephen O. Massie died at 8:15 Sunday morning at his home on the corner of Pine and First Ave., after an illness of three weeks. He had nearly recovered from pneumonia when complications arose. He had not been in good health for several years.
     He was the second son of Jefferson and Effie McGown Massie and was born on Greasy Ridge March 24, 1868. His age was 75 years, 10 months, 26 days. Mr. Massie was united in marriage to Alzona Cart July 28, 1889. To this union 12 children were born. His wife and these children survive: Mrs. W. H. Levisay, Mrs. Walter Champer and Robert Massie, Gallipolis; Calvin Massie, Columbus; Mrs. Frank Hammond, Worthington; Charles, Hilliards; Orville, Marysville; Mrs. John Rench, Pleasant Hill, O., and Mrs. Ira Plank, Blair Mills, Pa. Also surviving are 23 grandchildren and 18 great-grandchildren and these three sisters: Mrs. Blaine Edwards, Gallia; Mrs. Calvil Corn, New Morfield; Mrs. Creighton Ham, Centerpoint.
     The body will be at the parlors of George J. Wetherholt & Sons Tuesday and up to Wednesday noon. Funeral services will be held at Old Pine Church in charge of Rev. Earl Cremeens. Burial at the same place.

Gallipolis Daily Tribune
Monday, February 21, 1944
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Massie, Stephen Osborne

     Stephen Osborne Massie, born March 24, 1868, passed away at his home in Gallipolis Feb. 20, 1944, his age was 75 years and 26 days.
     He was the only son of Jefferson and Effie McGowan Massie, birthplace was at Greasy Ridge in Lawrence County. He spent the greater portion of his life in Gallia County. In 1933, he was baptized by the late Rev. John Tipton and was respected by all who knew him.
     He was united in marriage to Alzona Carlt [?] of Greenup, Kentucky July 28, 1889. To this union were born the following children: Mrs. W.H. (Ora) Livesay, Mrs. Walter (Edith] Champer, both of Gallipolis, Mrs. John Rench, Pleasant Hill, Mrs. Frank (Garnett) Hammond, Washington, Ohio; Mrs. Ira (Nellie) Blair, Mills, PA; Charles [?] Ohio; Orville, Marysville; Calvin, Columbus; 23 grandchildren and 18 great-grandchildren. Four children preceded his death.
     The widow with the following sisters also survive, Mrs. H. Edwards, Gallia; Mrs. [?] Ham, Centerpoint and Mrs. Calvin [?], New Morfield, Ohio.
     He bore his illness with [?] and all that loving hands could [?] could not save him. He saw time had come and everything alright with the Lord and [?] all to meet him in Heaven..God Bless You All. What a memory for those left to mourn his passing. [?] He will be sadly missed by all.

[Note: this obit is very faint and missing words...Death Certificate: Burial Old Pine Cemetery, Gallia County]

Gallipolis Paper
No date
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Massie, Tolson (Tolison)

Massie Funeral Set For Monday
     Funeral services will be held Monday at 1:30 p.m. in the Waterloo Methodist Church for Tolson Massie, 51, Waterloo grocery and restaurant operator, who ended his life Friday morning. Rev. L. C. Saunders and Rev. T. H. Arnett will officiate at the services, with burial following in Mound Hill Cemetery at Gallipolis, in charge of the Phillips Funeral Home of Ironton. The body will be taken to the late residence in Waterloo where friends may call after 6 p.m. Saturday and until time of services.
     A verdict of suicide was given by the Lawrence County coroner, Dr. Harry Nenni. Massie ended his life with a 22 calibre target pistol bullet in his head while in the driveway of the Elmer Cooper service station. No reason for the act was given.

[Note: 4/9/1902 - 11/20/1953 s/o James & Ocena Stewart Massie per Death Cert.]

The Gallia Times
Saturday, November 21, 1953
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Massie, William C.

     William Carter Massie, 68, a resident of 345 Fourth Ave., died at 7:15 a.m. Saturday at his home following an apparent heart attack. He had been in failing health one month.
     Mr. Massie was a retired teacher and superintendent in both the Gallia and Lawrence County School Systems. His last superintendency was in the former North Gallia School District. He retired there in the early 60’s. Following his retirement, he established the Massie Realty Company, which he operated the last eight years.
     He was born Feb. 2, 1908 in Greasy Ridge Community of Lawrence County, son of the late Otha L. Massie and Alcosta Dunfee Massie. He is survived by his wife, Jewell Myers, a daughter, Mrs. Keith (Doris) Getteys of South Point; two sons, Herman Massie of Columbus and Gordon Massie of Circleville; two grandchildren; two sisters, Mrs. Gladys Callicoat of Ironton, and Mrs. Ernest (Verna) Shaffer, Ironton. Two brothers preceded him in death.
     Mr. Massie was a member of the Mt. Pleasant Baptist Church located on Greasy Ridge, Waterloo Masonic Lodge and Wilgus Grange.
     Funeral services will be held at 2 p.m. Tuesday at the Mt. Pleasant Baptist Church on Greasy Ridge with Rev. Earl Hinkle and Rev. Wilson Wahl officiating. Burial will be in church cemetery. The body will lie in state at the church one hour before the service. Masonic service by Waterloo Lodge will be held at 7:30 p.m. Monday at the funeral home.

Sunday Times Sentinel
June 6, 1976
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Masters, Clarence L.

    Clarence L. Masters, 75, of 616 Fourth Ave., died at 7:10 Thursday in the Holzer Medical Center. He had been in failing health for 12 years. He was a service and sales manager for the Sohio Oil Co from 1928 until 1957 when he retired due to ill health. Prior to that he was an engineer at the Hope Natural Gas Co. in Clarksburg.
     Born in Wetzel County, he was a son of the late John L. and Johanna Harley Masters. He was a member of the First Presbyterian Church and an elder of the church for many years. He was a member of the American Legion and commander in 1943. He was a World War I veteran . Mr. Masters served as disaster chairman for the American Red Cross for seven years and was a member of the Morning Dawn Masonic Lodge.
     His wife, the former Ruth Cherrington Miller, survives with a daughter, Mrs. William R. (Rachel Ann) Nelson, Woodland Hills, Calif., two sisters, Mrs Roy Rush, Akron and Mrs. Harry Moreland, Shreveport, La two brothers Oriion of Lowell and Russell C. of Belmont and four grandchildren.
     Masonic services will be held at 7:30pm, Friday at Waugh Halley Wood Funeral Home. Funeral services will be held Saturday at 2 pm with the Rev. Glenn R. Holt officiating. Military graveside rites will be held. Burial will be in Pine Street Cemetery.Friends may call at the funeral home 7 to 9 Friday

Athens Messenger
Feb 6, 1969
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Masters, John Edward

Infant Dies
     The death of little John Edward, infant son of Mr. and Mrs. C. L. Masters, occurred at the home of his grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. E. B. Miller at 2 o’clock Monday morning.

Gallipolis Daily Tribune
Tuesday, Nov. 1, 1927

     The death of little John Edward, infant son of Mr. and Mrs. C. L. Masters occurred at the home of his grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. E. B. Miller, at 2 o’clock Monday morning, Oct. 31. A tender plant of just 5 days, is thus, by infinitely loving hands transplanted from the soil of earth to that sun bright clime. Although absent from us, little John Edward is more alive than when he lingered with us, sweet slumber only kissed down his eyelids and he is at perfect rest. As the children go before us, shall we not seek to follow them home.
     Short services were held by Rev. Anderson of the Baptist Church at Pine Street Cemetery where he was laid to rest by Geo. J. Wetherholt and Sons.

Gallipolis Daily Tribune
Wednesday, November 2, 1927
Transcribed by Sandy L. Milliron

Masters, Ruth

     Ruth Miller Masters, 92, a former resident of 616 Fourth Avenue, Gallipolis, died Friday morning, April 30, 1993, in Pleasant Valley Care Center, Point Pleasant. A retired Gallia Academy High School teacher, Mrs. Masters taught at GAHS from 1941 until 1960.
     She graduated from GAHS in 1918 and Wooster College in 1923 with a BA degree. Early in her career, she taught in Belmont, Lorain, and the Gallia County school systems. She served as a student advisor of the GAHS Student Council and Government Club. She was a charter member of the Pembroke Club, a member of the AAUW, First Presbyterian Church were she served as a deacon; member of the American Legion Auxiliary for more than 50 years, Gallia County Historical Society, and a past president of the Washington School PTA. She also worked several years with the French Art Colony. She served on the research committee for the city’s 175th anniversary in 1965. She also served on the research committee for the Presbyterian Church’s 150th anniversary. She was listed in Dr. Clyde Hissong’s 1968 book, “Ohio Lives”.
     She married Clarence L. Masters on Dec. 9, 1925, at Clarksburg, W.Va. He preceded her in death on Feb. 6, 1969. She was born July 27, 1900, at Vinton, daughter of the late Edward B. Miller and Annie Cherrington Miller. One daughter survives, Mrs. William R. (Rachael Ann) Nelson, Woodland Hills,
Calif., along with three grandsons and one granddaughter and three great granddaughters. One infant son, John Edward, preceded her in death.
     Funeral services will be held 1: p.m. Monday at Waugh-Halley-Wood Funeral Home with Rev. Al Earley officiating. Burial will be in Pine Street Cemetery. Friends may call at the funeral home on Sunday from 6-8: p.m.

Gallipolis Daily Tribune
Friday, April 30, 1993
Transcribed by Sandy Milliron

Masterson, James Ray

Death of J.R. Masterson
     James Ray Masterson, who was well known in Gallia and bordering counties in West Virginia as a school teacher of prominence, whose serious illness has been noted in the Journal from time to time since his sudden prostration with paralysis or ocomotor ataxia in July last, died at the home of his father-in-law, Hon. John H. Bryan of Cabell County, at 11 o'clock a.m. Friday and his remains were deposited in the family burying ground in Bethel Cemetery, near Bladen, this county, at 1 p.m. Sunday.
     The deceased was the second son of the late Bernard Masterson and Mrs. Mattie Masterson of Bladen, and was born at Patriot Sept. 13, 1856. By profession he was a school teacher and was prominently known as an educator in Gallia and the bordering counties in West Virginia.
     On Sept. 19, 1894, he was united in marriage to Miss Rosalie Bryan, the union being blessed with two daughters, who with the mother survive. Besides the widow and two infant daughters, the deceased leaves a mother, Mrs. Mattie Masterson, of Bladen and three sisters, Miss Ann Masterson, Mrs. W. E. Neal of Bladen and Mrs. John Howarth of Chambersburg and three brothers, John, Homer, and Walter Masterson, all of Bladen, who with a host of friends mourn his early demise.
     The corpse was brought from Swan, West Virginia, where the deceased died to Glenwood, West Virginia, in charge of members of Glenwood Castle No. 26 Knights of the Golden Eagle, of which Castle deceased had been a member for about one year and thence to Bladen on the steamer Enos Taylor, specially chartered for the occasion. Sixty of the one hundred Knights of the Castle accompanied the remains of their departed brother and participated in the services at the church and grave.
     Funeral services at the church were conducted by Rev. Brill,local pastor and Rev. Bush, of the M.E. circuit, where the deceased had resided four years prior to his death.
     A incident which probably resulted in his untimely death occurred a few days before he was first prostrated in July last. He was standing in the door of his father-in-law's store during a thunder storm and received a shock of electricity in his right side. Soon after he was prostrated with fever which was [missing word] by progressive paralysis or locomoter ataxia.
     The deceased who was a young man holding qualities and promises of a bright future, was converted during revival services at Bethel M.E. Church, where his remains now repose, one year ago and has been a [missing word] valued worker in the [missing word] Sunday School and Epworth [missing word]. The deceased will be missed by the communites Bladen and [missing rest of article].

[Note: gravestone died Jan. 1, 1898. Death Certificate ...death reported on Feb. 7, 1898..died Jan. 28, 1898 age 32, Teacher. cause of death paralysis]

Gallipolis Journal
January, 1898
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Mathews, Phineas

     At Cheshire Township, Gallia County, on sunday morning, the 2d inst., Capt. Phineas Mathews, in the 85th year of life. His remains were deposited in the grave yard on the farm of the late John Bing, Esq., in Addison township, where they were followed by numerous friends and relations, and interred with Masonic rites.
     The deceased was a native of the State of Massachusetts, where he resided until his twenty-third year, during which time he served as a solider in the state Line called to quell "Shay's Insurrection." He emigrated to the Northwest Territory in 1793 and landed in Marietta with Wayne's troops, and for several years resided there and at Belpre, part of which time he was fortified, with other inhabitants, to protect themselves from the Indians. About the year 1802 he came to what is now Gallia County, and located on the banks of the Ohio River, at the eight mile Island, where he married and raised a large and respectable family of children. The deceased was among the pioneers and first settlers on the County, when all was rude and wild, and lived to see "the wilderness bud and blossom as the rose."
     Although the deceased lived to a "green old age" before the fell monster Death summoned him to his court, it should not flatter any that their term of probation will be thus long extended; but should serve to admonish that the "King of Terrors" is sweeping the earth with a beasom of destriction; for "Joseph died and all his breathern, and all the men of that generation."

[Note: died 1854]

Gallipolis Journal
Thursday, 6 April
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Mathews, Townsend P.

     Died, at the residence of his father, in Huntington township, Gallia co., O., March, the 15th, 1862, Townsend P. Mathews, in the 19th year of his age.

Death once more appears among us,
One just merging into bloom
From the days of boy to manhood,
Now doth slumber in the tomb.

He hath left an aged father,
And a mother stricken now,
But unto this great affliction,
They'll, we hope, resignedly bow.

Sisters, too, and brothers weeping,
By their loss are much depressed;
Come unto the blessed Savior.
He hath said, "I'll give thee rest."

May each one who claims the promise,
That the mourning heart hath won,
Say, with fervor, yes, dear Savior,
Not my will but thine be done.

The Gallipolis Journal
April 24, 1862
Transcribed by Eva Swain Hughes

Matthew, Sgt. Cecil L.

Ex-Gallia Resident Is War Victim
     Sgt. Cecil L. Matthew, 22, a resident of Lincoln Village, Columbus, and former resident of Gallia County, was killed in action in Vietnam last week according to the U. S. Defense Department.
     He was better known in this area as “Butch” Matthew. He attended North Gallia High School in the early 1960s. Matthew was the son of Mr. and Mrs. Cecil L. Matthew, Columbus.
     According to a story in the Columbus Dispatch, young Matthew had only three months of duty remaining in Vietnam. He died of fragment injuries suffered when he walked into a booby-trap north of Saigon. He was a machine gunner with the 101st Airborne. Matthew had planned to continue his education after service.
     Besides his parents, he is survived by two sisters, Mrs. Dianna Weber and Sarah J.; one brother, Jerry Carl, and two nephews.
     Funeral arrangements will be by the Long Funeral Home, 1173 E. Hudson St., Columbus. Services will be held 1:30 p.m. Wednesday.

Gallipolis Daily Tribune
Monday, July 29, 1968
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Matthews, Charles W.

Charlie Matthews Dead

Well Known Vinton Citizen Crosses Dark River
     Charles W. Matthews died Monday evening, March 1st, 1920, at Vinton aged 48. He leaves a wife and three children, two married daughters, Mrs. Everett Evans and Mrs. Dale Alexander, also of Vinton, and one son, Bruce at home.
     Mr. Matthews was a Knight of Pythias and member of the Baptist Church. The funeral will occur Thursday afternoon and be conducted by Rev. W. J. Fulton. Burial by Butler at the McGhee cemetery.
     Mr. Matthews was engaged in the livery business at the time of his death. He had been a partner in that business with Mr. Ed B. Miller, now with the Standard Oil Company Station of this city. Mr. Matthews was a fine man and his death is much regretted by a large circle of friends.

Gallipolis Daily Tribune
March 3, 1920
Transcribed by Henny Evans

Matthews, Esther A.

     MATTHEWS - Esther A., wife of J. C. Matthews, at her home in Vinton, Gallia county, Ohio, September 30, 1885, aged 47 years 5 months and 10 days.
     Mrs. Matthews was the daughter of L. A. and Calphurnia Macomber, was born in Wilkesville township, then Gallia county, Ohio, April 20 1838. Was united in marriage with Josehns(?) C. Matthews February 1, 1855. She United[sic] with the Freewill Baptist Church in the year 1866, since which time she lived the life of a faithful and consistent Christian until the call of death summoned her to come up higher. It seemed to be her earnest desire to make the most of the years given her and to crowd all the good into them she possibly could.

The sick she soothed, the hungry fed,
Bade care and sorry fly,
And loved to raise the downcast head
Of friendless poverty.

     She had no enemies; every one placed a high estimate on her character. She was everywhere found at the bedside of the sick and suffering. She was a true sister, wife and mother. She expressed herself as ready and willing to meet her Savior. She leaves an aged father, a number of brothers and sisters, a weeping husband, four children, and a host of relatives and friends to mourn their loss.
     Her funeral services were conducted by Rev. M. A. Rice, at the M. E,. Church, Vinton, Ohio, October 2, 1885, after which her remains were taken to Mt. Tabor Cemetery for interment, followed by a large coucoarse(?) of relatives and friends, all anxious to pay a last tribute of love and respect to one so loved and loving.

We know thou art gone where the Christian is blest,
Where life's weary turmoil shall cease,
To that land of delight where the weary may rest,
And where all shall be happy in peace.

Gallipolis Journal
September 30, 1885
Transcribed by Nancy S. Edwards                                                                    Top of Page

Matthews, Fannie [Carter]

Mrs. Matthews Died Last Night In Vinton Home
Funeral Is Set For 2 Saturday At Residence
Mrs. Fannie Carter Matthews, aged, estimable and lifelong resident of Vinton, died at 10 o’clock last night at her home there. She had been frail a long time but critically ill only a few days. She was the mother-in-law of ex-Commisioner G. P. Ewing. Decedent was a daughter of Robert B. and Jane Carter and was born Feb. 11, 1860, in the Vinton community. Her age was 85 years and almost four months. She was the last survivor of her generation of the family.
     On January 21, 1881, Fannie Carter married John R. Matthews who died July 15, 1928, and who is remembered as the section foreman for the Hocking Valley Railway.
     They are survived by one daughter, Mrs. Ewing, and a granddaughter, Esther Durkee Spires, whom Mrs. Matthews had reared in her home. Another of the Matthews daughters was the late Vina Durkee, mother of Mrs. Spires.
     Funeral services will be conducted at 2 Saturday afternoon at the home of Rev. David Williams of Piketon. Interment will be made in the McGhee Cemetery by Butler-McCoy. The body is now at the mortuary but will be taken home Saturday morning.

Gallipolis Daily Tribune
Thursday, June 10, 1943
Transcribed by Sandy L. Milliron

Matthews, Harriet

Civil War Vet's Widow Dies After Five Years Illness
     Mrs. Harriet Matthews, 74, widow of Charles Matthews and a lifelong resident of Cheshire township, died early Wednesday morning after an illness covering a period of five and a half years. Mrs. Matthews was the daughter of Richard McCarty, who was killed in the south during the Civil War. She was taken when but a small child and reared by her grandfather, Benjamin McCarty, who it is said was the first white child born in Cheshire township.
     Surviving are a son and a daughter: Cline M. Matthews, teacher in Cheshire high school, and Mrs. Blanche Haskins, a member of the faculty of the Middleport high school. Two sisters also survive, Mrs. Kate Mulford and Mrs. William Switzer of Cheshire.
     Funeral services will be held Thursday at 2 p. m. at Old Kyger church by Rev. E. C. Venz. Burial in Gravel Hill cemetery by A. E. Tope.

Gallipolis Daily Tribune, p. 1
March 9, 1932
Transcribed by Mary Kay Clark

Matthews, John A.

     John A. Matthews, distinguished as John R., son of Joseph and Esther Matthews, was born on a farm near Vinton, Ohio, Jan. 7, 1860, was married to Fannie Carter on Jan. 27, 1881, and died July 15, 1928, at the age of 68.
     This home was blessed with two daughters, Mrs. W.H. Durkee and Mrs. George P. Ewing, but a deep shadow of sorrow was cast over this home by the death in the midst of life of the eldest daughter, Mrs. W.H. Durkee. The helpful balm to the sorrowing grandparents was the infant motherless grand-daughter that was placed in their welcoming arms for the tender care and nurture that they have so liberally and lovingly bestowed for nearly eight years with their utmost care and attention with the cherished hope that this little one would help fill the grievous vacancy in their hearts, a cheering hope that has been realized after many days and nights of loving and endearing vigil.
     The departed is also survived by two sisters, Mrs. Torie Brown of Logan, Ohio and Mrs. Letitia Shanee of Columbus, and one brother, Supervisor Frank Matthews with the Hocking Valley railroad company at Columbus.
      During young manhood he was engaged as section foreman on the Hocking Valley at Vinton, and held that position for more than 45 years. Several times during this period of efficient service so faithfully performed he was urged by officials who in admiration of his good work had become his personal friends and desired to reward him to accept earned promotion which he firmly placed and continually observed, replaced and repaired for nearly half a century.
     While oak decayed, stone crumbled, steel sagged, contracted and expanded from the powerful influence of the elements, and when the storms hurled the trees of the forest across his track, and torrents of rain loosened and moved earth and stone across his Right of Way, he stood firm and rugged in his daily line of duty with "A Safe Track" his motto, and Safety First" his standard slaogan, subjects for endless sermons momentous to all mankind. The rules of service were rigidly observed and maintained by all the men under his jurisdiction during the entire period of his staunch and loyal service.
     This good neighbor, friend, brother, husband, father and grandfather pased suddenly at the dawn of Sabbath from life to death after a brief pause of only a few hours from active duty. His strong arms are now folded and his kind and loyal heart is stilled.
     His great strength of character and tenderness of heart went hand in hand to the support and guidance of his children and grandchildren, and his cup of sympathy was ever extended and overflowing to all.
His body was placed in quiet repose by loving and fraternal hands on the rounded hilltop overlooking his life-long home and the beautiful landscape of the clustered and verdant-crowned hills that border and guard so majestically his winding Right of Way.

Gallia Times
July 26, 1928
Transcribed by Nancy McMillan

Matthews, Lydia

     DIED  - at her residence in Burnside, May 9, 1883, of apoplexy, Mrs. Lydia Matthews, widow of the late Aaron Matthews, who died over a year ago. Mrs. M arose this morning about 4 o'clock and complained of a chocking sensation and expired in about ten minutes.
     She was born at Cheshire, Gallia County, Ohio, Sept. 22, 1813; married to Aaron Matthews, Dec. 14, 1830; moved to Hancock County in 1854 and has resided in this neighborhood for 25 years. She was the mother of twelve children, eleven of whom survive her; five boys and six girls.
     We have known Aunt Lydia almost as long as we can remember and am frank to say that she was a good neighbor, a kind and affectionate mother, possessing many of those sterling qualities, applicable only to the true and tried mother.
     The funeral servics were conducted by Rev. T. P. Henry in the M.E. Church today at 4 o'clock p.m. after which the remains were interred in the Pilot Grove Graveyard in that place. A.B.Matthews and wife, Mrs. Kate Hancock and Mrs. D.D. Strader were in attendance at the funeral of their Aunt Lydia, today. May she rest in peace.
               Carthage Gazette, Carthage, IL

Gallipolis Journal
May 24, 1883
Transcribed by F. K. Brown

Matthews, Marshall

Brother of J. H. Matthews Dies in Capital City
Marshall Matthews Succumbs to Strange Affection
To Delay Burial on Account of Wife’s Illness

     Marshall Matthews, native of Vinton and brother of Attorney John H. Matthews, died at White Cross hospital, Columbus, at 4:30 Tuesday afternoon.  He had been a mail carrier there for a number of years and lived with his family at 681 Malvern avenue. Death resulted from a strange illness of about a month’s duration.  He had the symptoms of sleeping sickness, it is said, becoming alarmingly ill on Saturday when he was removed to the hospital.
     His passing marks the family’s second tragedy since Saturday. On that day Mrs. Matthews gave birth to twin babies, a girl and a boy. The girl died soon after birth. Due to Mrs. Matthews’s condition the interment of her husband’s body, according to present plans, will be deferred for two weeks, though funeral services are scheduled for 10 o’clock Thursday at the Spears & Born funeral home at 2693 W. Broad street.
     Marshall Matthews was 33 years old and son of the late Mr. and Mrs. Sam H. Matthews of Vinton.  He is survived by his wife, a Columbus girl, and two children, the one a baby as already stated, the other, Betty Ellen, between one and two years old. He is survived by, besides his brother, John H., who was with him almost constantly during his last illness, another brother, Dr. Donald Matthews, of Dresden, Ohio, and a sister, Mrs. Clyde Eagle, of Vinton.

Gallipolis Daily Tribune
Wednesday, August 02, 1933
Transcribed by Suzanne H. Giroux

Matthews, Mary [Smith]

      Deceased - Mary Matthews, widow of the late M. R. Matthews, of Vinton, Gallia county, Ohio. She was born December 19, 1812, at Silver Run, Meigs county, Ohio and passed to the better life Sunday, Dec. 24, 1893, at 9 o’clock a.m., at the ripe age of 81 years and 4 days, having survived her husband 15 years.
      Mrs. Matthews was the seventh child of Timothy and Mary Smith, who settled at Silver Run in an early day and built a treadmill in 1808, the first mill built in Meigs county. She was the mother of thirteen children, ten of whom survive her, and all of whom were present at her death and in attendance at her funeral December 27th.
      Services were conducted by Rev. W. M. Jones, pastor of the First Universalist Church of Columbus, Ohio, which faith she with her husband embraced early in their married life, and to which glorious faith she was ever faithful, and consistent, and never for a moment doubting the love and protecting care of her Heavenly Father, through the shadows of the dark valley which she passed.
      She was the mother of Major T. S. Matthews, Mrs. G. H. Rupp, and Mrs. Dr. B. F. Holcomb, of Jackson, O.; Charles Matthews, of Washington, D.C.; M. R. Matthews and Mrs. Edward Henderson, of Columbus, Ohio; and John T. Matthews, Mrs. Cynthia Kent, Misses Samantha and Nancy Matthews, of Vinton, Ohio.

Gallipolis Journal
Wednesday, January 3, 1894
Transcribed by Sandy Lee Milliron                                                                    Top of Page

Matthews, Phillip

     Phillip, the 15 months old son of Mr. and Mrs. Matthews, living on Second Street near Pine, died Sunday morning at two o’clock. Burial at Mound Hill.

Gallipolis Daily Tribune (Pg. 3)
Tuesday, October 29, 1895
Transcribed by Sandy Milliron

Matthews, Sarah

     DIED - Miss Sarah  MATTHEWS, daughter of the late Judge Moses R. MATTHEWS, was born at Vinton, Gallia county, Ohio, August 30, 1840.  She died August 12, 1886, at Jackson, Ohio, at the home of Dr. B. F. HOLCOMB, her brother-in-law.
     About one year ago she made known to her friends that she was suffering with the terrible disease of cancer. Although she had suspected its existence for over two years she kept it a secret for the season, as she expressed it, "that her friends might not be unduly concerned and worried about her."  Soon afterwards she underwent a very severe and difficult operation of cutting away the affected parts, with the hope of a cure, or at least of staying its progress, but to no avail.
     The last three or four months of her sickness was spent in constant and uninterrupted pain and suffering.  But with a courage and fortitude characteristic of her energy and determination she bore her terrible afflictions uncomplainingly.  She was a young woman of rare ability and
accomplishments, strong in intellect and generous in heart.   She was ever and active worker in the Christian graces of ministering unto the needs and wants of the afflicted and suffering.
     Possessed with one of the gayest and happiest dispositions she was always an entertaining and agreeable companion in society, and the most distinct remembrances of her will be the recollections of her extraordinary social qualities. In her religious belief she was thoroughly a Universalist, uniting with that denomination in her early girlhood.
     During her sickness she constantly talked of the comfort and consolation she derived from the faith she had in her religious belief, and the nearer she drew to the end the more firmly was she anchored in her religious faith. When asked if she was afraid to die, she said, "believing as I do you don't think I ought to be afraid to die, do you?"  And she passed away sustained and soothed by an unfaltering trust in the promises of God."

Gallipolis Journal
Wednesday, September 15, 1886
Transcribed by Teresa Herrmann

Matthews, Sheldon [and Esther Fern]

Sheldon Matthews and Wife Dead
     Mr. Sheldon Matthews and Mrs. Matthews, both highly respected people of Ewington are dead. Mr. Matthews was buried Saturday and his wife died Tuesday morning Mrs. Matthews went to the funeral of her husband and is thought to have contracted the flu, which caused her death. [Buried at Mt. Tabor Cemetery]

[Note: Sheldon - 2/20/1897 - 2/5/1920 23 yrs. 11 mos. 15 das. s/o Samuel & Mary Cardwell Matthews per death cert.]
[Note: Esther Fern - 8/11/1896 - 2/8/1920 - 23 yrs. 5 mos. 29 das. d/o Ora F. & Rhoda Steele Braley per death cert.]

Gallipolis Daily Tribune
Wednesday, February 11, 1920
Transcribed by Sandy L. Milliron

Matthews, Taphena [Holcomb]

     OBITUARY - Mrs. Taphena Matthews departed this life on Monday, July 23, 1883. She was a daughter of the late General Samuel R. Holcomb; was born Jan 8, 1813 and was married to Charles W. Matthews in 1831. She was the mother of twelve children and lived her married life near where she died. Six of her children still live.
     She was one of the very best of women. Generous and kind, she had not an enemy. Never did a word escape her lips evil of another. Her friends were as the sands on the sea shore. Her children have her memory to revere.
    "Cruel stars have torn her from her children's arms, but never from their hearts". But her work was finished and in Heaven the joys of meeting will repay the pangs of absence.
     Her remains were buried in the Bing Cemetery; funeral by Rev. Fulton.

[Note: Married Charles Whipple Matthews on July 28, 1831 in Gallia County. Charles born Dec. 7, 1803; died Nov. 1, 1889 in Gallia County, Ohio.]

Gallipolis Journal
July 26, 1883
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Matthews, Thomas R.

DIED - - At Jackson, Ohio, on Sunday evening, the 17th day of May, 1868, Mr. Thomas R. Matthews, late Postmaster at that place, and formerly Editor and Publisher of the Jackson Standard in the 54th year of his age.

The Gallipolis Bulletin
Wednesday, May 27, 1868
Transcribed by Sandy L. Milliron

Mattox, Brady Craig

Brady Mattox Dies at 59 Unexpectedly
GALLIPOLIS - Brady Craig Mattox, 59, died unexpectedly at 3:20 a.m. Sunday at his home at Rodney, where he had resided 13 years.
     Heart trouble was blamed. He had been in usual health, and worked daily upon his farm. In 1937 he and his family moved from West Virginia to Ohio, and he was still a member of the Masons at Lafayette, near Lima. In 1942 they came to Rodney.
     He was born Dec. 26, 1895, at Ripley, W. Va., to George W. and Lary Louisa Casto Mattox, and in 1923 he married Alma Nichols in Charleston. He was a veteran of World War I.
     The widow and these five children survive; Mrs. John (Jean) Bowman of Columbus, Capt. Roy Mattox of the Air Force, stationed at Valdosta, Ga., Robert Mattox, Ohio State University student; and Larry and Sue at home.
     He was a member of the Disabled American Veterans, Rodney Grange, and Rodney Methodist Church, where funeral services will be held at 2 p.m. Wednesday.
     The Rev. Lowell A. Nihizer of Fairborn, former pastor, will officiate with the Rev.Thomas Adloff pastor, assisting. Burial will be in Calvary Cemetery, Rio Grande. Friends may call tonight at Miller's funeral home and Tuesday at the residence.

Gallipolis Tribune
Aug. 28, 1955
Transcribed by J. Farley

Mauck, Adaline Rosetta [Sigler] (Mrs. Joseph Mauck Jr.)

Death of Mrs. Mauck
     Our readers will remember the late Joseph Mauck, of Cheshire, who with his brother Daniel was a prominent contractor and speculator during the war. He died probably 20 years ago and his widow has been living with her son Amos at Yorktown, Va.
     She died a day or two ago (we have no particulars) and was buried today at Cheshire.

Gallipolis Tribune
Transcribed by Suzanne Giroux

[Note – Adaline died 9/28/1905 - daughter of Eli Sigler & Melinda Phelps]            Top of Page

Mauck, Allie Mauck (Allie U. Mauck)

Death Claims Allie Mauck At Age of 96
     Miss Allie Mauck of Middleport died at 9:30 a. m. today at the Meigs General Hospital, where she had been a patient for the past three weeks.
     At the age of 96 Miss Mauck was one of Meigs County’s oldest residents. She was a member of a pioneer family of the Cheshire area but had maintained her Third Ave., home at Middleport for many years.
     Miss Mauck had been in failing health for the past several months and had been a patient at the hospital in Pomeroy at various times during that period.
     Last surviving member of her immediate family, she leaves a nephew, Charles Armel of Columbus; a niece, Mrs. Mary Clark of Lancaster; and a niece by marriage, Mrs. Earl Mauck of Gallipolis. Earl (Squire) Mauck, veteran Gallipolis newspaper man, preceded his aunt in death three years ago.
     The body was taken to the Rawlings-Coats Funeral Home at Middleport, where friends may call, and where funeral arrangements are being made.

Undated newspaper article
Transcribed by Suzanne Giroux

Allie Mauck (Allie U. Mauck)

Miss Allie Mauck Dies in Pomeroy
     Aunt Allie Mauck died at 3:30 a.m. today at the Meigs General Hospital where she had been a patient for three weeks.
     She celebrated her 96th birthday Feb. 9, in the hospital and had a birthday cake and was showered with cards from her friends.
     Miss Allie suffered a heart attack at her home at Middleport and was taken to the Meigs County hospital where she had another heart attack last Thursday.
     Miss Allie Mauck was born in the large brick house near Gravel Hill Cemetery, the daughter of Daniel and Mary (Polly) Rothgeb Mauck. She was the last of eight children.
     For many years she made her home with Mr. and Mrs. Fritz Besser [sic] and Mrs. Hattie Bennett, Middleport, and after their death she lived alone until the more recent months.
     She was an aunt of the late Judge R. J. Mauck and E. W. “Squire” Mauck. Until his death a few years ago, Squire was a frequent visitor of his aunt and helped her with her affairs. Since Squire’s death, Mrs. Mauck has made many trips to Middleport to look after her.
     Her survivors include a nephew, Charles Armel, Columbus; and a niece, Mrs. Curtis Clark, Canal Winchester; and a number of great nieces and nephews.

[Note – Allie died 2/16/1953; Besser is actually Besserer – daughter of Daniel Mauck & Mary Rothgeb]

Undated newspaper article
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Mauck, Anna Sherwood [Good]

Funeral is Held
     MIDDLEPORT, Dec. 10.—The funeral of Mrs. Anna Mauck, widow of the late Isaac Mauck, was held at the late residence at Cheshire, with burial in the Cheshire Gravel Hill Cemetery. C. F. Besserer, Miss Allie Mauck and their nephew and niece, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Armel, the latter couple coming from Columbus, attended the funeral which was held Saturday afternoon.

The Messenger of Athens, OH
Monday, Dec. 10, 1928
Transcribed by Suzanne Giroux

Mauck, Annie (Annie Sherwood Good Mauck)

     Mrs. Annie Mauck, aged 75, passed away Wednesday evening at the home of her daughter, Mrs. C. C. Clark at Groveport. The deceased was brought to her home here Saturday where funeral services were conducted by Rev. Skinner of Middleport. Burial was made at Gravel Hill.

Undated newspaper article
Transcribed by Suzanne Giroux

[Note – daughter was wife of J. C. Clark not C. C. Clark]

Annie S. Mauck (Annie Sherwood Good Mauck)

     Annie S. Mauck, daughter of William and Ann Good, was born at Cincinnati, Ohio, on the 4th day of July, 1853. She was married to Isaac N. Mauck, November 29, 1876, and to them were born two children, Arthur L. Mauck, who died in young manhood and Mary Mauck Clark of Groveport. Her husband died in 1914.
     From her youth she was a member of the Presbyterian church and was deeply devoted to it. Mrs. Mauck was a wide reader and during her declining years found much pleasure in the printed page. She was however, essentially a family woman and almost her every though [sic] was for her loved and loving daughter and the grandchildren, whose progress meant so much to her. She had a bright mind polished by much reading, a keen sense of humor and a charming manner that gave her a lasting place in the hearts of all those who knew her.

[Note – Annie died 12/5/1928 – daughter of William Good & Ann Marie Bierce & wife of Isaac Noah Mauck]

Undated newspaper article
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Mauck, Anna

     POMEROY, Dec 8 -- Mrs Anna Mauck, 75, died Thursday evening at her home at Cheshire. She was the widow of Isaac Mauck, former well known and influential resident of Cheshire.
     Funeral services are to be held at the residence at two o'clock this afternoon, in charge of the Rawlings Undertakers of Middleport.

Athens Messenger
Dec 9, 1928
Transcribed by: Connie Cotterill-Schumaker

Mauck, Arthur Lewis

     Arthur Lewis Mauck was born near Cheshire, Gallia Co., Ohio, January 16, 1879 and died at his home in Cheshire, November 2, 1903. He was married to Mary Bing, February 22, 1902. He leaves a wife, father, mother and one sister and many relatives and friends to mourn his death.
     It is not saying too much to say that he was universally esteemed. He had not an enemy in his wide circle of acquaintances. He was loved most by those who knew him best. Of a loving, generous disposition, all who came in intimate contact with him loved him. Although he had always been in poor health it was hoped that he would be spared to his loved ones for many years, but he was taken with a severe cold and rapidly sank to his death in spite of all that loving hands and hearts could do for him. He was taken in the first years of his young manhood, just when a happy, useful life was opening before him.
     Words of consolation are of little worth to the loved ones left behind, but the record of his manly, unselfish life while he was spared to them must be a balm to their aching hearts.

   The gates of life swing either way,
    On noiseless hinges, night and day,
    One enters through the open door,
    One leaves us to return no more,
    And which is happier—which more blest?
    God knoweth best.

    We greet with smiles the one who comes,
    Like sunshine to our hearts and homes,
    And reach out longing hands with tears
    To him who in his ripened years,
    Goes gladly to his heavenly rest,
    God knoweth best.

    He guards the gates. We need not dread
    The path these little feet must tread
    Nor fear for him who from our sight,
    Passed through them to the realms of light,
    Both in his loving care we rest;
    God knoweth best.

[Note: son of Isaac Noah Mauck & Annie Sherwood Good]

Undated newspaper article
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Mauck, Barbara [Rothgeb]

     DIED - Mrs. James Mauck, at the residence of her son-in-law, Mr. Melvin Boice, near Kygerville, O., Saturday, February 7th, of lung affliction, at the age of 64 years. Her long and useful life was one of untiring devotion.  She leaves many near relatives and warm friends who will, in years to come, think of her most tenderly, among whom are two daughters, Mrs. D M Blosser and Mrs Melvin Boice. The funeral services were conducted by Rev Mr Kelley of Middleport, at the Old Kyger Church, to-day, Monday, at 11 o’clock a. m. The remains were laid to rest in the Gravel Hill Cemetery.

[The obituary was from the Gallipolis Journal on Wednesday February 11, 1885 but the obituary says Barbara was buried “to-day, Monday”]
Gallipolis Journal
Wednesday February 11, 1885
Transcribed by Suzanne H. Giroux

Mauck, Carrie

Mrs. Carrie Mauck Answers Summons
Well Known Cheshire Resident is Victim of Infirmities of Age
     Mrs. Carrie Resener Mauck, 80, passed away at her home in Cheshire Wednesday morning. She was the widow of the late Robert Mauck, who preceded her in death some years ago. She is survived by one daughter, Mrs. Thompson, of Cincinnati and one son, Stanley Mauck of Columbus. Mrs. Mauck also leaves many friends in Cheshire and in this locality.
     Funeral services will be conducted at the Methodist Church Friday at 2 o'clock with burial at the Gravel Hill Cemetery in charge of Rawlings.

[Note: Death Certificate..Born Oct 27, 1850; died May 6, 1931; aged 80 years, 6 months and 10 days. Parents, Henry Reasnor and Margurette Bellingham, both born Germany]

Gallipolis Daily Tribune
Thursday, May 7, 1931
Transcribed by F.K. Brown

Mauck, Daniel

A Good Man Gone to His Reward
     Mr. Daniel Mauck, well know in Gallia and Meigs counties, died at his home, one mile out from Cheshire, on Wednesday morning last, June 3, 1891, lacking one day of being 76 years old. The circumstances attending is death are as follows: In the evening of Tuesday, June 2d, he went to bed, apparently in good health, and certainly a happy man. It was probably about 5 o’clock in the morning of June 3d, when Mrs. Mauck told him to remain in bed until she would call him for breakfast. When breakfast was ready, she called him, but received no reply. Going to his room, and to his bedside, she again spoke, but still received no answer. Mrs. Mauck then took his hand in hers and at once discovered that he was unconscious and dying. A doctor was summoned, but before he arrived the spirit had fled, and the good man was at rest.
     Mr. Mauck was born June 4, 1815; he was one of a family of fourteen children—six boys and eight girls; he was the father of ten children, of whom three are buried by his side, and seven are living. Two of these—Mrs. A. D. Guthrie and Mrs. C. F. Besserer—reside in Middleport. He was married August 29, 1839, to Miss Mary Rothgeb. He joined the Freewill Baptist Church early in 1841, and for over a half a century has been one of its faithful members, doing everything for the upbuilding of the church of his choice and the furtherance of all good works. He fell asleep from the effects of an apoplectic stroke, and awoke to the glories of heaven. The funeral occurred on Thursday afternoon, at his late residence, and such was the esteem in which he was held, that perhaps there were five hundred people in attendance. Rev. J. M. Davis, of Rio Grande College, officiated, assisted by three other ministers. Many went down from Middleport. The loving wife and children have great sympathy in their sore affliction, for no man was kinder to his family; no man possessed purer love.

    “Were a star quenched on high,
      For ages would its light,
      Still traveling downward from the sky,
      Shine on our mortal sight.

    “So when a good man dies,
      For years beyond our ken
      The light he leaves behind him lies
      Upon the path of men.”Undated newpaper article

Unknown publication
Transcribed by Suzanne Giroux

Mauck, Daniel

     Although notice has already been given in this paper of the death of Daniel Mauck, his long and useful life, his worth as a man and his prominence as a citizen require that a fuller history be given.
     He was born June 4, 1815, at the old Mauck homestead near Cheshire, Gallia county. His parents, Joseph and Elizabeth Mauck, left their home in Page county, Virginia, in 1810, and made their new home at Cheshire in the spring of 1811. Daniel was their eighth child. Of the six sons, all are now dead; and of the eight daughters, only two are living, Mrs. Catharine Ashworth and Mrs. Lydia Agee.
     August 29, 1839 he was married to Mary Rothgeb, and to them were born ten children, three sons and seven daughters. The mother and seven children are yet living.
     August 29, 1889, Daniel and Mary Mauck celebrated their golden wedding, marking a golden point in the lives of two people who could look back upon fifty years spent together, that had brought to them the honor and esteem of a wide circle of friends and the devotion of children and grandchildren.
     Up to the time of his death, he was a man of good health and active habits. On the evening of June 2d, he was well, and spent the evening in conversation with his family. Early on the morning of the 3d, he suddenly and quietly died of apoplexy, being 76 years of age less one day.
     It would take far more space that is at our disposal to speak fully and fitly of the many admiral qualities he possessed, but a few words must be devoted to the more prominent features of his career and character.
     He was a very active business man, and his business record and reputation were of the highest character. He built a beautiful home a mile west of the village of Cheshire, and it was not only a home of comfort and plenty, but also of love and hospitality, of intelligence and refinement. His known judgment and integrity made his council and assistance highly prized, and in addition to the successful management of his own affairs, he was often called upon to assume important trusts for others.
     The cause of Christian education was one for which he took great interest and for which he did a great work. From the beginning to the end of the history of Cheshire Academy he was one of its strongest supporters. He purchased a scholarship in Hillsdale College, Michigan, and sent six of his children to that institution, besides loaning his scholarship to other worthy young people. From the foundation of Rio Grande College he was a member of the board of trustees and was not only regularly present at its annual meetings but was also one of its most thoughtful, progressive and valued members. At the time of his death he was preparing to attend the trustee meeting and the comment as he (text missing).
     When his colleagues met one week after his death, it was with sad hearts that they noted his absence. It may be truly said that among the men who have spent their lives in Gallia county, few, if any, have exerted themselves more than he did to build up the intelligence and virtue of the people.
     But that which gave the firm foundation and the finishing graces to his character was the religion of Jesus Christ. Daniel Mauck was a true Christian man. He was a member of the Freewill Baptist Church for over fifty years. He was converted Jan. 5, 1841, baptized ten days later, and joined soon afterwards the first Kyger church as one of the original members. In 1861 the Cheshire class was organized as an auxiliary of the Kyger church, and he was a member of this class. This class was organized as Cheshire church September 8, 1856, and he was elected clerk, a position which he held until the day of his death. For many years the Cheshire church worshiped in the hall of the Academy, but some time ago, brother Mauck and others decided that a church building should be erected. Although beyond three score and ten years of age, he exerted himself actively toward this end, gave very largely, and when the beautiful and commodious structure that now belongs to the church was dedicated, November 10, he, as chairman of the building committee, publicly delivered its keys into the hands of the pastor. Through all his Christian life he not only supported the cause of religion most liberally but also made the more valuable contribution of a devoted, and consistent Christian life.
     The funeral sermon was preached at the family residence on Friday, June 5, by Rev. J. M. Davis, of Rio Grande. Revs. W. J. Fulton, R. J. Poston and S. J. Weed were present and assisted in the services. An unusually large number of people were present. His body was buried in the Gravel Hill cemetery.
     Of his seven children, one daughter, Alice, resides at home with her mother. Mrs. Guthrie and Mrs. Besserer reside in Middleport, Mrs. Armel in Cincinnati, Mrs. Kail in Kansas. His son Isaac, lives upon a farm near Cheshire; the other living son, Daniel B., is a merchant at Proctorville.
     J. M. Davis

[Note - son of Joseph Mauck & Elizabeth Whaley]

Undated newspaper article
Transcribed by Suzanne Giroux

Mauck, Daniel L.

     The sudden death of Mr. Dan Mauck, on Wednesday morning, was a great shock to our citizens here, where he was so well known and respected. Mr. Mauck lacked a day, we believe, of 76 years old. He was a sterling good man, with many friends. He was buried last Friday. The friends and relatives, who are legion, have the warmest sympathy.

Gallipolis Journal
Wednesday June 10, 1891
Transcribed by Suzanne H. Giroux                                                                      Top of Page

Mauck, Daniel Buswell

Former Member of Ohio’s General Assembly Stricken
     By the Associated Press, Huntington, W. Va., March 5 - Daniel E. MAUCK, 79, former member of the Ohio general assembly, died at his home here late today. Mauck was born in Gallia county, O., and for many years was a resident of Proctorville, O. In 1909 he was elected to the assembly as Republican representative from Lawrence county. Survivors include Judge Ross Mauck of Gallipolis and Earl Mauck, editor of the Gallipolis Tribune, nephews.

Canton Repository
Sunday, Mary 6, 1932
Transcribed by Suzanne Giroux

D. B. Mauck Dies
Passes Away in Home in Huntington, Saturday
     Middleport. March 8--D. B. Mauck, 78, died at his home in Huntington Saturday after a month’s illness. He was reared in Cheshire. The funeral was held Monday at 2 o'clock in the residence with burial at Proctorsville, where two of his children are buried. Mr. Mauck is survived by his wife and three sisters, Miss Allie Mauck and Mrs. Hattie Bennett, Middleport, and Mrs. A. W. Humphrey, Columbus. Because of illness Mrs. Mauck was unable to attend the funeral.

Athens Messenger
Tuesday, March 8, 1932
Transcribed by Suzanne Giroux

Mauck, Earl Wayland “Squire”

"Squire" Mauck, Editor, Mentor of McIntyre, Dies at Gallipolis
     GALLIPOLIS, O., July 27 - (AP) - Earl Wayland (Squire) Mauck, 74, the man who helped the late columnist O. O. McIntyre get his start in the newspaper world, died here last night. He was associate editor of the Gallipolis Tribune, with which he had been affiliated 19 years.
     One of the best known newspapermen of this area, he worked on newspapers in East Liverpool, O., and in Charleston, Huntington, Logan, Welch and Williamson, W. Va. The editor was a close friend of "Odd" McIntyre and got him a job on the East Liverpool Review that helped start the famed columnist on his career.
     Mr. Mauck was born in Cheshire, Gallia County, O., and was educated at Ohio University and Ohio State University. He studied law, and was admitted to the Ohio bar, but never engaged in full-time practice. He was owner of the old Gallipolis Journal at one time, and had been a gold assayer for the federal government and a gold prospector in Arizona. He took an active interest in Republican affairs, and in 1942-44 represented the 10th Ohio congressional district on the Republican state central committee.
     He leaves a widow, Mrs. Edna McMullen Mauck; three nieces, Mrs. Carl Fisher and Mrs. Roy Birnbaum of Huntington, W. Va., and Mrs. Min Mauck Schlachleiter, city editor of the Ironton, O., Tribune; and an aunt, Miss Allie Mauck, 93, of Middleport, O.

The Canton Repository
July 27, 1950
Transcribed by Suzanne Giroux

Mauck, Elizabeth [Whaley]

     Departed this life, in Addison, Gallia Co., O., June 14th, Elizabeth, wife of Joseph Mauck, aged 71 years 1 month and eight days. The subject of this notice was born in Northumberland Co., Va., married in 1802 in Page Co., Va., and in 1812 moved to the place where she ever afterwards lived and died. She bore her last illness, which was of eight weeks duration, without a murmering word. Said at the early of seven years, she was left in this world without parental protection, felt conscious her Savior had been her nearest friend, and would now do what seemeth best. She experienced religion at an early age—united with the F. W. Baptist church 30 years coming August, and remained a member until death released her spirit to join the church triumphant. A few moments before she left, said she “I am at the door and will soon be in.” Truly could she had said—

   Jesus can make a dying bed,
    Feel soft as downy pillows are;
    While on his breast I lean my head,
    And breathe my life out sweetly there.

     She was the mother of 15 children; raised 14, and leaves 12, all of whom live within twenty miles of their parental home. It seemed to lessen her sufferings to have all her children, with their father surround her in her affliction; she spoke of the lonely hours of the aged one she would leave, said for his sake she was willing to live but if Christ bid her come, she was willing to die.

    O, my mother’s voice is gone away,
    Around our social hearth;
    Yes, we lost its tones that pleasant day,
    She bade farewell to earth.

    We stood around her dying bed,
    We saw her bright eyes close;
    While from the heart the pulses fled
    Of angel’s wings she rose.

    We know there is a world above,
    Where all the blessed meet;
    Where we shall gaze on those we love,
    Happy at Jesus’ feet.

    And I shall hear my mother’s voice,
    In holier, purer tone,
    With all happy spirits rejoice,
    Before the eternal throne.

     Funeral sermon by Elder G. A. Stubbins—text Sec. Cor. 5th chap. 1st verse.

[Note – Elizabeth died 6/14/1855 – Probably daughter of Thomas Whaley & Margaret Pugh]

Gallipolis Journal
Thursday, July 5, 1855
Transcribed by Suzanne Giroux                                                                       Top of Page

Mauck, Emma J. [Hudlin]

     Mrs. T. T. Mauck died Monday night, of typhoid fever, after a protracted illness. Mrs. Mauck was the daughter of the late Sennit Hudlin and leaves an infant child.

Gallipolis Journal
Thursday April 08, 1885
Transcribed by Suzanne H. Giroux

Mauck, Harlow B. (Harlow Bradbury Mauck)

Harlow B. Mauck Claimed by Death
Retired Orchardist and Merchant Succumbs to Illness of Two Months
    Harlow Bradberry [sic] Mauck, 61 years old, one of the tri-state’s best known orchardists and retired merchants, died at his home at Proctorville Thursday morning at 2:40 o’clock.
    Death ended a critical illness of two months of myocarditis. He had been in poor health, however, for the last three years, since his retirement from business, but did not become bedfast until a few months ago.
    Definite funeral arrangements have not been completed, but services will probably be held Sunday at the home with burial at Proctorville.

Attended Northwestern
    Mr. Mauck was a member of one of the earliest families in southern Ohio, and was a son of the late Lewis and Frances Bradberry [sic] Mauck, of Cheshire, O., where he was born February 19 1867.
    He received his early education in the public schools of Cheshire and later attended Rio Grande college and Northwestern university at Ada, O. Following his marriage to Miss May L. Bay, daughter of the late Captain George W. Bay, a widely known Ohio river steamboat operator, he moved to Proctorville and entered the merchandising business.
    For thirty years he operated a general merchandise store, retiring from this field on account of failing health four years ago. He then centered all of his interests on his fruit farm at Proctorville, considered one of the finest in Lawrence county, only relinquishing it when he became seriously ill.
    He was a thirty-second degree Mason and a member of the Baptist church at Cheshire.
    Surviving are his widow, three daughters, Miss Minnie Mauck, of Ironton, newspaperwoman, Mrs. R. Birnbaum and Mrs. Carl Fisher, of Huntington; two brothers, Judge Ross Mauck, of Gallipolis, and Squire Earl Mauck, of Logan, and an uncle, Daniel B. Mauck, of 2542 Third avenue. A son, Harlow B. Mauck, Jr., died in 1916.

[Note – son of Lewis Wesley Mauck & Frances Bradbury]

Undated newspaper article
Transcribed by Suzanne Giroux

Mauck, Isaac Noah

Passes Away at Cheshire—Game, Patient, Brave to the Last
      Isaac N. Mauck, aged 64, County Commissioner from 1899 to 1905, died at his home in Cheshire between 8 and 9 o’clock, Sunday, Sept. 27. He had been in poor health for years, a sufferer from asthma, and for several months his condition at intervals had been serious. Death was the result of physical exhaustion, tho just previous to his death his condition was apparently slightly improved. He seldom referred to his sufferings, tho they were terrible and long continued, with never a prospect of permanent relief.

The following obituary was read at the funeral:
     Isaac Noah Mauck, son of Daniel and Mary Rothgeb Mauck, was born in Addison Township June 15, 1850. He was married to Annie Good thirty-eight years ago. He died at his home at Cheshire September 27, 1914, survived by his wife and daughter, Mary Clark, of Athens. In addition to some minor offices, he was for six years a commissioner of Gallia County. For many years he was a devoted member of Siloam Lodge of the Masonic Order. These few meager facts convey little impression of the life and character of Isaac Mauck. Indeed it is difficult to describe these characteristics that bonded him to his friends with the links of affection. Of course he was honest. He was truthful. He was generous. He had almost all the traits that man loves to find in his fellows. He looked out upon life with a kindly smile. His voice was always laden with good feeling and the nod of his head indicated good wishes to every one. He perhaps saw things in others that did not please him, but he had no tongue to scandalize or scold, and though he staggered under a burden of affliction, he tried to turn a smiling face to his neighbor. He delighted in sharing his pleasures with others while he tried to endure his troubles alone. He had a rare touch of humor that enlivened his conversation and enhanced the pleasure of his companionship. His life was clean and his thoughts were pure. To those who knew him best he was the most unselfish, the most loyal and the most loving and loved of friends. He deserves that richest of tributes, that can be expressed in these simple words: Isaac Mauck was a good man.
     The funeral services were conducted by Rev. W. J. Fulton, a friend of the deceased for many years, at the Cheshire Baptist Church at 2 o’clock Tuesday afternoon, under the auspices of the Masons led by H. B. Gentry of this city. The attendance was very large. The pall bearers were Dr. J. T. Hanson, Morris and Jonathan Ralston, Dr. C. W. (text missing) and Johns S. Boatman. Burial at Gravel Hill by DeMains.

Undated newspaper article
Transcribed by Suzanne Giroux

Mauck, Isaac (Isaac Noah Mauck)

Isaac Mauck Passes Early Sunday Morning
Prominent Cheshire Township Man Succumbs to Asthma.
     Isaac Mauck, uncle of Roscoe J. and Earl W. Mauck of this city, died Sunday morning about nine o’clock of disabilities resulting from chronic asthma, in the village of Cheshire, this county. He had been in poor health for several years, and was about 65 years of age. He leaves a widow and one daughter, Mrs. Curtis Clark of Athens, a son having died years ago.
     Mr. Mauck, who was a son of Daniel Mauck, and old time resident of Cheshire, was married about 1881 to Annie Good. He was born in Addison township, and lived in Addison and Cheshire townships all his life. He was a farmer by occupation, and leaves a farm one mile west of Cheshire on which he lived for many years.
     From 1901 to 1907 Mr. Mauck served two terms as county commissioner, and was an upright and efficient official, elected by the Republican party. He served his township as trustee, as a member of the board of education, and perhaps in other offices. He was a member of Siloam Lodge of Masons.
     The funeral will occur at Cheshire Tuesday afternoon at 2 o’clock.
     Mr. Mauck was a most amiable and companionable man, who attracted friends from every side. His friendly disposition, with a character of strict integrity and tolerance for the opinions of others, gave him a wholesome influence in affairs the county over, which was always exerted for the better things. His death will be sincerely regretted by all who ever knew him.

[Note – Isaac died 9/27/1914; son of Daniel Mauck & Mary Rothgeb & husband of Annie Sherwood Good]

Undated newspaper article – probably Gallipolis paper
Transcribed by Suzanne Giroux

Mauck, Isaac Noah

Isaac Mauck Dead
     Mr. Isaac Noah Mauck, one of the best known residents of Cheshire Township, passed away at his home there Sunday, Sept. 27, 1914, after a long illness from asthma and other complications.
     Mr. Mauck was born in Addison Township, June 15, 1850, the son of Daniel and Mary (Rothgeb) Mauck. He was married to Annie Good thirty-eight years ago. His wife and one daughter, Mrs. Mary Clark, of Athens survive him. One brother D. B. Mauck of Huntington and four sisters, Mrs. A. D. Guthrie of Lancaster; Mrs. W. Humphrey of Toledo; Mrs. C.F. Besserer and Mrs. W. C. Bennett of Middleport, also survive their brother.
     Mr. Mauck was a member of the Masonic order. His funeral services were held Tuesday afternoon conducted by Rev. W. J. Fulton of Rio Grande. Mr. Mauck was a man with many friendships. In addition to some minor offices, for six years he served as Comissioner of this county.

Gallia Times
Sept. 30, 1914
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Mauck, James
     MAUCK - James Mauck died at his residence in Cheshire, on May 4, ’81, aged 59 years, 8 months, and 25 days. Several weeks before his death, he fell and suffered a severe injury, which did not at first threaten serious result. But the shock suffered by his system and the painful configurement caused by a broken limb, brought on other troubles; and at the time he had hoped to be up and going about, he was rapidly approaching the tomb.
     Mr. Mauck was born in Gallia Co., of which he was a resident most if not all of his life.  He was married Nov. 4, 1841, to Barbara Rothgeb, who, with two daughters, survive him.  Four other children preceded him to the grave. The death of his last son Zachariah Mauck, which many readers of the Journal will remember, occurred last August, and made a deep and sorrowful impression upon the father’s mind. During his last sickness he gave his friends good evidence that he was prepared to die.   J. M. DAVIS

Gallipolis Journal
Thursday May 26, 1881
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Mauck, Jennie

     Died, in Cheshire, on the 3d inst., Mrs. Jennie Mauck, wife of Capt. Amos Mauck.

The Gallipolis Journal
February 8, 1866
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Mauck, Joseph

     OBITUARY - The following resolutions were adopted by Siloam Lodge No. 456, Free and Accepted Masons, June 28, 1882:

     Whereas, It has pleased the Supreme Ruler of the universe in his all wise dispensation to remove from us by death our highly esteemed and much beloved worthy Brother, Joseph Mauck, on May 28, 1882, in the 62rd year of his age, thereby dissolving all those Fraternal earthly ties that we so much cherished.

     Resolved, That we will always keep and cherish in grateful remembrance his noble and worthy example as a man and Mason.
     Resolved, That we part with out dead brother with less sorrowful feelings, being assured by the hope we have, that he was fully prepared for his great change.
     Resolved, That in his death his family has lost a kind, indulgent, exemplary husband and father; our Fraternity a valuable, worthy brother; the community an esteemed, honored citizen; the poor man a friend.
     Resolved, That as a token of our respect and esteem for his memory, that the charter and furniture of this Lodge be draped in mourning for sixty days, and the family of our deceased brother be presented with a copy of these resolutions and also the several papers published in this county for publication.

William Symmes,

J.J. Bing
Robert Mauck

[Note: Buried in Gravel Hill Cemetery]

Gallipolis Journal
July 6, 1882
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Mauck, Joseph

Death of Jos. Mauck
     On Friday one of our purest and most respected citizens passed over to that great majority beyond. Jos. Mauck is dead. For some years Mr. M. has been afflicted, having had a stroke of paralysis from which however he partially recovered. Several winters he spent in New Orleans, and also visited Hot Springs. He was a man of full habit, such as to invite a recurrence of the attack. Mr. Mauck was born near where he died, among those who knew him and loved him. He was an honest, truthful and well-liked man. His heart and hand were both open to all. He was kind and good. He leaves a grown family, all honorable and respected. His remains were buried in the graveyard near Cheshire by Siloam Lodge, F. & A. M., assisted by Masons from surrounding Lodges.  Mr. M. also left a considerable estate. His memory is his monument.  Prof. Dunn of Hillsdale, Mich., preached the funeral sermon.

Gallipolis Journal
Thursday May 25, 1882
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Mauck, Lucy [Amsden]

     MAUCK - In Cheshire, July 31, 1881, at the residence of her son-in-law, Wm. Boice, Mrs. Lucy Mauck, aged 69 years. Mrs. Mauck was born in Erie, Pa., in 1812. Her maiden name was Amsden. Her parents moved to Virginia, when Lucy was 7 years old.  In 1835 she was married to Jacob Mauck and came to Ohio. She was the mother of ten children, six of whom she buried in infancy or childhood. She buried her husband in 1870, and her eldest son in 1878. But three of her family survive her: Anna Boice, S. W. Mauck and Sarah Ellis.
     Mrs. M. was a kind neighbor, an affectionate wife, a devoted mother, and a true Christian. She joined the M. E. Church when only fourteen years of age, and remained a faithful and consistent member of the same until her death. She was a friend to every one and every one was her friend.  Her many deeds of kindness and words of affection, are treasured in the hearts of all who knew her. May we all follow her example.

Gallipolis Journal
Thursday September 29, 1881
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Mauck, Mary [Rothgeb]

Death Comes
To Mrs. Daniel Mauck of Cheshire Aged Nearly 90 Years
     Mrs. Mary Mauck, widow of the late Daniel Mauck, died at the family home near Cheshire, on December 29, 1909, and was buried on December 31. She was the daughter of John and Anna [Strickler] Rothgeb, and was born in Addison township, May 29, 1820. She was married to Daniel Mauck, Aug. 29, 1839, and in Aug. 1889, they celebrated the Golden Anniversary of their wedding. Her husband died June 3, 1891, and most of the time since that event, she had resided in the family home with her daughter Allie.
     Mr. and Mrs. Mauck were the parents of eight children. The oldest son Lewis, who had served as a Union soldier in the civil war, died in 1883. The children who are still living and who were present at her funeral, are as follows:--Mrs. A. D. Guthrie, of the B. I. S., at Lancaster; I. N. Mauck, of Cheshire; D. B. Mauck of Huntington, W. Va.; Mrs. C. F. Besserer and Mrs. W. B. Bennett, of Middleport; Mrs. W. A. Humphrey, of Toledo; Miss Allie, at home. There are also five surviving grandchildren and seven great-grandchildren.
     In the main, her life has been happy and prosperous. But in recent years some great sorrows have come to sadden her life’s close, even as “clouds gather around the setting sun.” The death of her oldest son in his prime, the sudden taking away of her aged husband, and still later the death in early manhood of three beloved grandsons, inflicted perilous wounds on her affectionate heart. These grandsons were Daniel Mauck, Arthur Mauck and Roy Guthrie, sons respectfully of Daniel B. Mauck, Isaac N. Mauck and Mrs. A. D. Guthrie.
In her advancing years, she retailed her intellectual faculties and kept up her intelligent and active interest in her family, her church and many other things. She turned to drawing as a recreation and many of her friends prize the drawings in their possession which she gave them as tokens of friendly rememberance.
     In early life she and her husband became members of the Freewill Baptist church and were all their lives active and liberal supporters not only of the local church but also of the educational and missionary enterprises of the denomination. Mrs. Mauck’s interest in these things was always intelligent and active and so continued to the end of life. Few Christian women with so large a family circle to call for her care and sympathy and service have testowed [sic] so large a share of interest and support upon the life and enterprises of her church.
     The funeral services were held at 1 P. M. on the last day of 1909. Three beautiful hymns were sung by a quartet consisting of Miss Lida Lucas, Miss Anna Van Gilder, Mr. Geo. Briggs, and Rev. C. L. Thomas, Mrs. Ruth Long at the organ. Rev. W. W. Crabtree read the ninety-first Psalm and Rev. C. L. Thomas offered prayer. Addresses were made by Prof. John M. Davis and Rev. William J. Fulton of Rio Grande. Both have served as pastor of the Cheshire church and have had long and loving intimacy with the family, dating back thirty and thirty-five years respectively.
     Prof. Davis took as his text John 13:1; “Having loved his own that were in the world, he loved them to the end.” He commented upon the spirit of the Master as it was exemplified by Mrs. Mauck in her tender and life long love for her family and her self sacrificing faithfulness in her church life. Rev. Mr. Fulton spoke of the broad and intelligent interest she had in the work of the church and of his debt of gratitude for the counsels received in his early ministry from her and her husband.
     A very large number were present at the funeral and there was touching testimony to the warm love of all of her acquaintances for her and of their grief at her death. Her children especially brought to this last sacred service the rich tribute of their hearts. In the truest sense of the divine words, “they rose up and called her blessed.” Neither was the tender tribute of grandchildren and great-grandchildren wanting.
     Aunt Polly, as she was lovingly and familiarly called, is the last one to depart of a group of men and women in Cheshire that thirty years ago made the village a noted place for its intelligent interest and liberal activity in all things good. God grant that those left behind may worthily fill the places of those gone before. May not only tender memories but also uplifting and sanctifying influences long gone from those noble lives. God removes the workers but carries on his work, for the undying influence of departed workers inspires the hearts of survivors.
John M. Davis,
Rio Grande, O.
Jan. 3, 1910

Probably Gallipolis Journal
Abt. January 3, 1910
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Mauck, Nell [Mullineaux]

Nell M. Mauck Is Found Dead In Bed At Home
Widow of Judge Mauck--Funeral at 2 Monday
     Mrs. Nell Mullineaux Mauck, widow of Judge Roscoe J. Mauck, was found dead in bed at her home at 427 Third avenue early this afternoon by neighbors who forced an entrance to the house. Dr. N. Howard Foster, coroner, was called and it was his finding that death had resulted from a heart attack (coronary occlusion) 10 or 12 hours before. Though she had long seemed to be frail, her health had been about as good as usual; and her most intimate friends and close neighbors were astounded by the news of her passing. Miss Catherine Hayward had called on her at her home last night and found her characteristically cheerful. About noon today when others noted and mentioned to one another they had not seen her it was decided to enter the house. To a few she had confided that her heart had troubled her for several days.
     A death message was telephoned to John W. Galbreath of Columbus, husband of Helen Mauck Galbreath, and both are expected to arrive late this afternoon.
     Judge Mauck died here June 10, 1934.
     Mrs. Mauck is survived by, besides the daughter, a granddaughter and grandson, Joan and Daniel Galbreath, and a brother, Will Mullineaux of Nashville, Tenn.
     Mrs. Mauck was born and reared here, the only daughter of John and America Day Mullineaux, and except for a few years spent in Columbus when her husband was in the attorney general's office she had always lived here.
     Later--Funeral has been tentatively set for 2 o'clock Monday.

[Buried in Mound Hill Cemetery]

Gallipolis Daily Tribune
Nov. 15, 1941
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Mauck, Newton Eglon

Death of Newton G. [sic] Mauck
     Mr. Robt. Switzer received a telegram this morning, announcing the death of Mr. Newton G. Mauck at Cheshire. He died from a complication of troubles and was about 80 years of age. His funeral services will be conducted at his late home, Saturday morning. He was the father of Robt. Mauck, Mrs. Cecelia Knopp and Mrs. David Lasley, of Cheshire, and left one sister, Mrs. Melissa Bright, mother of Mr. Switzer and who makes her home with him. He was the brother of the late John A. Mauck, of Middleport, a prominent business man and was a fine old gentleman. The family originally lived up about the Crooks place and at Dan Trichler’s place and were reared in and about there.

Gallipolis Daily Tribune
Thursday & Friday, August 01 & 02, 1901
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Mauck, Roscoe J. (Roscoe Jay Mauck)

Judge R. J. Mauck Dies Suddenly Sunday After Very Brief Illness
    The entire county mourns the sudden passing of its foremost citizen—Judge R. J. Mauck. His sudden and unexpected death in the Holzer hospital Sunday morning was a distinct shock to hundreds of persons who enjoyed his friendship.
    Saturday Judge Mauck entered the hospital for observation. His condition was largely induced by worry over the fact that Mrs. Mauck was a patient there following a severe operation, although she was then and is now making satisfactorily progress.
    About midnight Saturday he began suffering from heart attacks and steadily grew worse until death came at 11:15 Sunday morning.
    Funeral services were held Tuesday afternoon in Grace M. E. church by the pastor, Rev. H. H. Wilbur, with the Knights Templars’ ritualistic service there and at the grave in Mound Hill cemetery.
    Roscoe Jay Mauck was a native of Cheshire, the second son of Lewis. W. and Frances Bradbury Mauck, and was born May 17, 1870. He attended school there and taught for a time before completing his course at Ohio University, expecting to prepare himself for the ministry.
    Deciding to follow law, Mr. Mauck studied at Ohio University and the University of Virginia. He returned to Gallipolis in 1893 to enter practise [sic] and in 1894 was elected mayor of this city.
    He later served as building and loan commissioner and assistant attorney general of Ohio, and in 1912 was Gallia’s delegate to the Ohio constitutional convention where he served with distinction.
    In 1914 he was elected Common Pleas judge here, serving until his elevation to a place on the court of appeals. He was serving his third term there, which would have expired in 1936.
    Judge Mauck was a member of the board of trustees of Athens state hospital and president of the board of trustees of Rio Grande college. He belonged to many social and fraternal organizations, and one of his outstanding activities was teaching St. John’s Bible Class, a Methodist men’s organization, which he greatly loved.
    On September, 4, 1895, Judge Mauck and Miss Nelle Mullineaux were married here. Mrs. Mauck and a daughter, Helen, (Mrs. John Galbreath of Columbus) and a brother, Earl W. Mauck, survive him, as do two step-brothers, Arthur E. Boatman of Cleveland and John W. Boatman of Kyger.

Undated newspaper article
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Roscoe J. Mauck (Roscoe Jay Mauck)

Gallipolis, Ohio, June 11—(INS),--Judge Roscoe J. Mauck, 64, veteran Ohio jurist and a member of the fourth Ohio district court of appeals, was dead today, victim of a heart attack. He was stricken in a hospital here yesterday.
     Judge Mauck, a Republican, had served on common pleas and appellate benches for more than 25 years. He served as assistant to Wade Ellis, former attorney general, and was a delegate to the fourth Ohio constitutional convention.
     He attended Ohio State university and studied law at Charlottesville, Va.
     Funeral services will be conducted here tomorrow afternoon with the Knights Templar in charge. Mrs. Mauck is a patient in the Gallipolis hospital following a major abdominal operation. Their daughter, Helen, is the wife of John W. Galbreath, Columbus contractor.

Unknown newspaper article
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Roscoe Jay Mauck

     Judge Roscoe Jay Mauck, long a member of the Gallia County Bar, departed this life on June 10, 1934. Born at Cheshire, Gallia County, Ohio, May 17, 1870, the greater part of his boyhood was spent on a farm and attending the public school of Cheshire, where he afterwards taught before completing his education at the Ohio University. Soon after leaving college he was appointed message clerk of the Ohio senate.
     His preparation for his chosen profession in addition to his general education and private reading consisted of ten weeks’ instruction in the summer law course of 1892 under Professor John B. Minor, the noted law lecturer of the faculty of the University of Virginia and about ten weeks in the law course of the Ohio State University.
     Admitted to the Bar in December, 1892, he soon afterwards located at Gallipolis to enter into the practice of law and was elected Mayor of the city the following year.
     Some years later he served as Building and Loan Commissioner under A. I. Vorys, State Superintendent of Insurance of Ohio and later he was an assistant to Wade H. Ellis, Attorney General of Ohio.
     Elected a member of the State Constitutional Convention of 1912, from Gallia County, two years later he was elected Common Pleas Judge of the County, and in 1920 elected a Judge of the Court of Appeals of the Fourth Appellate Judicial District of Ohio, and re-elected in 1926 and again in 1932, a continuous service on both Benches of about twenty years.
     For several years he was a member of the board of trustees of the Ohio Hospital for the Insane at Athens, a member of the board of trustees of Rio Grande College for forty-three years and the president of the board for five years prior to his decease.
     He was a Mason, Knight Templar, Modern Woodman, Knight of Pythias and Elk, and a member of local organizations and societies identified with the social, recreational and welfare activities of the community.
     He was a member of the Baptist church and at the time of his death and for many years prior thereto the teacher of the St. John’s Bible Class of the Grace Methodist Episcopal Church of Gallipolis.
     On September 4, 1895, he was married to Miss Nelle Mullineaux, a daughter of John and America Mullineaux of Gallipolis, and to them was born a daughter, Helen, the wife of John W. Galbreath of Columbus, Ohio.
     Possessing a keen, incisive mind, quick to grasp and thoroughly analyze all phases and angles of every proposition or discussion coming under his observation, he readily reached sound conclusions based on an all persuasive reasoning.
     Well informed at all times on worthwhile current events and topics, keeping to the forefront in the study of public questions and movements, having for their purpose the improvement and elevation of society, the upbuilding of the state and nation, his mind was ever busy with instructive suggestions and plans for carrying on civic movements, and to secure the enactment of laws for effecting needed reforms and to properly regulate our ever-changing conditions.
     He was an orator with few superiors and an advocate—forceful and strongly convincing.
     His striking and dignified appearance, his courteous and gentlemanly bearing, his clear and penetrating voice, and his lucidity in expression and aptness in the application of his wealth of learning, graced the Bench with a judicial luster, impressive, elevating and long to be remembered.
     A good and most useful citizen has gone. His helpful activities in civic affairs have ceased; but his numerous illuminating court opinions, the result of his labor in twenty years service on the Bench, recorded in the Juridical Reports of his state, remain a lasting testimonial to his profound learning, wisdom and outstanding ability, ranking him one of Ohio’s great jurists—an enduring fame.
     The members of the Gallia County Bar deeply mourn his untimely departure; his genial companionship will ever be to them a pleasant memory; to his family we extend our sincere sympathy.

Robert M. Switzer,
Henry W. Cherrington,
Harry M. Miller,

[Note – Roscoe died 6/10/1934]

Undated newspaper article
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Mauck, Sigler Whaley

     MAUCK - Sigler Whaley, beloved husband of Gertrude (nee Coplin), and father of Mrs. Clay A. Ball of Muncie, Ind., Mrs. Harry Victor, Mrs. W. V. Edwards of New York City and Frances F. of Troy, N. Y., at his home, 17816 Woodbury Avenue, age 82 years. Funeral services at the Cleveland Crematory, Casper Avenue, Monday, Jan. 12, at 2 p. m. Funeral service private.

[Note: Born 16 Jan 1849 in Cheshire son of Joseph Mauck, Jr. & Adaline Rosetta SIGLER. Died 10 Jan 1931 in Cleveland, OH.]

Cleveland Plain Dealer
January 12, 1931
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Mauck, Zachariah

     Mr. Zachariah Mauck died at his home in Cheshire, Sunday, of consumption. He had suffered for years with the terrible disease and passed off with much pain. His funeral took place on Monday and was one of the largest in the county. A number went from this place to view the remains of an old comrade and friend. Mr. M. was very popular and his friends were numbered by the hundred. We extend our sympathy to the large number of surviving relatives.

[Note: According to the Ohio Obituary Index, 1830s-2009, Rutherford B. Hayes Presidential Center, Zachariah V. Mauck was born 27 Feb 1852 and died 29 Aug 1880 and was the son of James & Barbara Mauck. His mother’s maiden name was Rothgeb and he was buried in Gravel Hill Cemetery.]

Gallipolis Journal
Thursday, September 2, 1880
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Maupin, Elizabeth Jane

Died of Pneumonia
     Mrs. Elizabeth Jane Maupin, Widow of Charles White Maupin, Died Sunday Morning At her home at Arbuckle, Union District, this [Mason] county, on Sunday morning, January 26th, 1908, Mrs. Elizabeth Jane Maupin, widow of the late Charles White Maupin, died after several week's illness of pneumonia.
     She was born in Shennandoah [sic] county, Virginia, February 8, 1829, her parents being Morgan and Mary (Allen) Moore, who emigrated to this county, to Mercers Bottom, when the daughter was a child. She was united in marriage at Gallipolis, on July 1, 1848, to Mr. C.W. Maupin and to this union twelve children were raised to maturity.
     Mrs. Maupin's remains were brought here Wednesday morning on the K&MRR, and taken to the M E Church, Sough, where the services were conducted by Rev. John Martin, assisted by Rev. R P Bell, the interment took place in Lone Oak Cemetery, where she rests beside her husband.
     Mrs. Maupin had a wide acquaintance in the county. She was much of the time in the store, her husband conducted for so many years. She was a famous "house mother" as the Germans so fitly put it, and who, that recalls the early years, of the Mason County Fairs but remember the boxes and baskets of good things to eat that carried off the blue ribbons, and were made by Mrs. Maupin as were the prize wines and quilts and articles of house hold manufacture. Here hands seemed never to have been idle. But her activity constituted her chief happiness and she has earned the folding of hands for her long rest.

Attended The Funeral

     Mr. and Mrs. John Beale, of Guyandotte, Miss Ethel Moore, of Huntington, Mrs. Col. Moore, of Ben Lomond, Mr. Charles Day, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Bell, Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Armstrong, of Gallipolis, Messrs. John Couch of Herne, Sam Couch, of South Side, J A Dunn, of Arbuckle, C F Sterrit, Mrs. Earl Emerick, Tom Poffenbarger of Beech Hill, Mrs. Rankin Hill, of Three Mile, were among those from out of town here yesterday to attend the funeral of Mrs. C W Maupin.

The State Gazette, Point Pleasant, WV
Front Page
Thursday, January 30, 1908
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