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 The following obituaries are from the files of various Gallia County Newspapers and other publications. They are listed below in alphabetical order of the surname.

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Emmers, Edison A.

Edison Emmers Dies At Columbus Saturday
     Edison Emmers, 53, whose surviving widow is a daughter of late Gallia Countians Milton and Donna Wetherholt Kent and a niece of Frank Wetherholt of here, died at Columbus Saturday. Funeral services and burial are scheduled in Columbus Tuesday.

[Note: d. January 6, 1951]

Gallipolis Daily Tribune
Friday January 12, 1951
Transcribed by Suzanne H. Giroux

Emsheimer, John

John Emsheimer Dead
     We have received a note from Mr. Gabriel Emsheimer announcing the death of his father, Mr. John Emsheimer, which sad event occurred at his home at Wheeling, W. Va., on Saturday, February 25, 1899, at 12:55 p.m. The funeral and burial occurred on Sunday afternoon.
     Mr. Emsheimer was a resident of this city for a number of years, and conducted a clothing store on Court Street in the room now occupied by Mr. John Lawson as a tin shop. He removed from here to Wheeling several years ago. Mr. Emsheimer was 71 years of age. His many friends in this city will be sorry to learn of his demise.

The Gallipolis Bulletin
Saturday, March 4, 1899
Transcribed by Sandy L. Milliron

Engel, August

     Mr. August Engel, a German farmer living on the Portsmouth road, and well known about town, died last Wednesday night after a general decline of health for the past three or four years. He was an honest, good citizen.

[Note: He is buried in Mound Hill Cemetery in Gallipolis Township.]

Gallipolis Bulletin
November 22, 1887
Transcribed by Henny Evans                                                                           Top of Page

Engel, Clara [Morton]

Death of Mrs. L. W. Engel
     Mrs. L. W. Engel of Peck, Kansas died at her home Sunday, June 14, 1925. Mrs. Engel’s maiden name was Clara Morton of Green Township. She leaves her husband, one son and two brothers, Sherman Morton of Kansas and Elmer Martin of near Gallipolis and many relatives and friends. Burial will be at Peck, Kansas.

Gallipolis Daily Tribune
Tuesday, June 16, 1925
Transcribed by Sandy L. Milliron

Engle, William

Wm. Engle Dies Quickly After Brother Passes
Both Men Born And Reared At Edge of Gallipolis--Funerals at A.C. Stafford Home
     In about 30 hours after August Engle died at his home in Huntington, his older brother, William, who had been living with him, died in the Holzer Hospital. The body of August was brought here Saturday afternoon and at the same time William, a victim of pneumonia and unconscious, was brought to the hospital from the same home in an ambulance. He passed away at 10:45 Sunday morning.

Dies on Arising
     Both men had been in ill health, but William Engle's fatal illness was of brief duration. As stated in Saturday's paper, August had telephoned Friday to his daughter, Margaret, a nurse here, to come down and help take care of his uncle. The next morning he was found dead. His body,almost fully clothed, lay across his bed.
     William Engle was born and spent nearly all his life on the Engle Hill farm, just outside the city on the Portsmouth road. He was 70 years old a few months ago. August Engle was two years younger. They were among the eight children of the late August Engle, of which number three survive: Mrs. A.C. Safford, Gallipolis; Mrs. Emma Northup, Northup and Lewis W. Engle, Peck, Kansas.
     William never married and until the death of his sister, Kate, lived at the old home place at the top of the Engle Hill. After that, he lived with Paul Niday, next at Safford home and for nearly two years with August in Huntington, the latter having made his home there for four or five years.
     Both were respected men, useful, worthy citizens and members of the Methodist Church. August was a Knight of Pythias.
     Both funerals will be held at the Safford home, 524 Third Avenue, but not at the same time. August's funeral was to begin at 3 o'clock today, with Rev. H.H. Wilbur in charge. Burial in Mound Hill by Funeral Director F.J. Entsminger. Services for William Engle will be held at 2:30 p.m. Wednesday.

[Note: William Engle born April 26, 1863; died Feb. 16, 1934; age 70 years 9 months and 13 days. August Frederick Engle was born Aug. 7, 1865; died Feb. 10, 1934; aged 68 years, 6 months and 3 days of age. Children of August Engle and Christine Lang--both born Germany.]

Gallipolis Daily Tribune
Feb. 12, 1934
Transcribed by F.K. Brown

Eno, Daniel

Daniel Eno Dies at Porter Sat. Night
     Funeral services for Daniel Eno were held Monday afternoon at 2 o'clock at Clark's Chapel, near Porter with burial there also. Mr. Eno who had been in failing health for the past three years, died Saturday night at the home of his daughter, Mrs. Fannie Kramer, near Porter. He was 76 years of age. In addition to Mrs. Kramer, with whom he had lived since the death of his wife two years ago, another daughter, Mrs. Fred Ward of Columbus, and son Max Eno of this county survive. He was a life long resident of the county.

Gallipolis Daily Tribune
Dec. 3, 1928
Transcribed by Nancy McMillan

Eno, Matilda

     Mrs. Matilda Eno, a widow lady, of Porter, 90 years old, died Tuesday. Funeral services were held Wednesday at the Clark Christian Church, her burial by Undertaker Daniel Glassburn following at the cemetery near by. She was an elegant old lady with no relatives but grandchildren.

Gallipolis Daily Tribune (Pg. 3)
Friday, June 21, 1895
Transcribed by Sandy Milliron

Eno, Sylvia

Mrs. Sylvia Eno
     GALLIPOLIS - Mrs. Sylvia Eno, 81, a resident of Bidwell, died at 2:30 p.m. Saturday in an Athens hospital. She had been in failing health for several years. Born in Gallia County, she was the daughter of the late Elmer and Mary Quickel. Her husband, Max Eno, preceded her in death.
     She is survived by a sister, Mrs. Charles (Bessie) Simms of Columbus, and by several nieces and nephews. Arrangements are to be announced by the McCoy Funeral Home of Vinton.

Athens Messenger
September 13, 1970
Transcribed by Connie Cotterill Schumaker                                                       Top of Page

Ensley, Mattie [Halley]

     Mrs. Mattie Halley Ensley – Seventy-seven years old, 2025 Fourth Avenue, died yesterday morning at her home after a long illness. She was born February 26, 1888, in Gallia County, O., a daughter of the late Thomas and Lenora Brunette Halley. She began teaching in Putnam County, W. Va., schools at the age of 17 and taught for several years. She was a member of the First Pilgrim Holiness Church. Survivors include the husband, the Rev. Harry Ensley, a retired minister of the Pilgrim Holiness Church: a brother, Brodie F. Halley of Gallipolis; two sisters, Mrs. Pluma Meehling and Mrs. Blanche McElhaney of Huntington, and several nieces and nephews. Friends may call at the Willis-Mann Mortuary after 5 p. m. today.

Gallipolis Daily Tribune
March 7, 1965
Transcribed by Mary Crittenden

Entsminger, John Thomas

Death of Mr. Entsminger
     Mr. John Thomas Entsminger, whose sickness has been frequently mentioned in the Tribune, and especially of late, passed away this morning a little before 7 o’clock, at his home on Second avenue above Sycamore.
     No definite arrangements have been made in regard to his funeral services, but they will be conducted by Rev. Thomas Maguire and Rev. Artur P. Cherrington at Bethel Church, Tuesday or Wednesday next.
     Mr. Entsminger was the son of John and Sophia Entsminger and was born at Langsville, Meigs county, where his father and both farmer and miller, January 23, 1833, and would soon have been 75 years old. His parents moved to this county in 1836 and bought a beautiful farm on Chickamauga where John who was their first born was reared.
     The other children were Esther Jane, also born in Meigs county, William, Margaret and Lewis. Lewis died in December, ’63 and Will alone is left of his parent’s family.
     Mr. Entsminger was united in marriage August 28, 1861 to Miss Sarah R. Smith, an estimable lady and they became the parents of Mr. Fred Entsminger and Miss Mae Entsminger, who survive him.
     Mr. Entsminger was Recorder for the County one term, being elected on the first success of the Republican party in this county in 1859. He afterward served as Deputy Clerk for many years under the late Joseph Hunt. In the meantime he farmed some and we believe was elected magistrate of Addison township.
     About fifteen years ago, his rheumatism overcame him to such an extent as to render him altogether helpless. His children however took the best of care of him and he never wanted for any needful thing or the kindest attention. Three weeks ago it was seen that he could not long survive. For years he had fought back death with his jolly good natured disposition, but his progress could not be stayed longer. A week ago he sank  into a coma from a congested brain and with a wonderful vitality lived on without nourishment until this morning.
     In his best days he was athletic, fine looking, full of fun, hospitable and clever and was well liked by every one, and he will be remember with kindness by many friends.

Gallipolis Daily Tribune (Pg. 1)
Saturday, December 7, 1907

Funeral Services
     The funeral services of the late John T. Entsminger will be conducted by Revs. Thomas Maguire and Arthur F. Cherrington at Bethel at 1:30 Wednesday afternoon at the same place.

Gallipolis Daily Tribune (Pg. 3)
Monday, December 9, 1907
Transcribed by Sandy Milliron

Entsminger, Lewis H.

     DIED - Dec. 21, 1863, at the residence of his mother, of disease of the brain, Lewis Entsminger, in the 21st year of his age.
     Lewis has been the subject of a very severe affliction for more than a year past. A year ago he seemed to be on the very brink of the grave. He received the sacrament of christian baptism from the hands of the Rev. G. W. Isaminger, as an evidence of his desire to have faith in Jesus. But a kind providence partially restored his health, so the hopes were entertained he might recover. But alas! it was only deceptive. Some time before his death he seemed to be deeply impressed that he would not live long, and spoke of his convictions to his mother and brother. Soon his disease assumed a very malignant form. His sufferings were so severe that he was unable to converse with his friends; yet having a few respite from his pain he sung a verse of a familiar hymn:

"My heavenly home is bright and fair,
Nor pain nor death can enter there;
Its glittering towers the sun outshine,
That heavenly mansion shall be mine.”

     Lewis was a young man of good morals, a model of correct deportment in school, and was much loved by his associates. He was the youngest, and as usually is the case, a favorite with the family. His remains were followed to the grave by a large concourse of people especially of his young associates. The funeral services were very solemn and feeling. While the congregation sung his favorite hymn: My heavenly home is bright and fair, there was scarcely a dry eye in the house. May God bless his widowed mother, bind up and comfort her bleeding heart.

[Note: He is buried at Bethel CE. Gravemarker date of death Dec. 21, 1863, 29y 4m 12d (note difference in age from obituary.), s/o J.L. & S.]

Simmerman files, Tope file with a notebook of handwritten obituaries that Ann Simmerman copied from Mary Tope's scrapbook, Bossard Library.
Transcribed by Lynn Anders

Entsminger, Margaret

Death of Margaret Entsminger
     Miss Margaret Entsminger, daughter of the late John L. and Sophie Entsminger and sister of Messrs. John T. and W.S. Entsminger, living on the Little Chickamauga at the old homestead, where she was born 63 years ago, died at half past 8 o'clock Sunday morning August 11, 1901, after an illness confining her to her bed for two weeks and from a complication of troubles.
     Her funeral services will probably be conducted by Rev. E.H. Gelvin, Undertaker Glassburn officiating at the grave which will be at Bethel, at an hour not yet named. She had belonged to the church for many years and there is nothing too good to be said of her, is what all of her intimate friends say. She was ever ready to relieve the sick and distressed and was kind and affectionate with all.
     She and her nephew, Mr. Fred Entsminger, lived alone together in peace, happiness and kindly affection and her death is a source of sorrow to him and other relatives and friends.

Gallipolis Daily Tribune
Monday, August 12, 1901
Transcribed by F.K. Brown                                                                             Top of Page

Entsminger, Sophia

     Mrs. Sophia Entsminger, mother of John T. and Wm. S. Entsminger, died at her home on Chickamauga last Wednesday, aged 82 years. Obituary next week.

[Note: Buried in Bethel Cemetery in Addison Township]

Gallipolis Journal
Saturday, July 28, 1888
Transcribed by Suzanne Giroux

Entsminger, Vevie May

Entsminger Rites Will Be Held At Home 2 Friday
Forbears Came To This County More Than 100 Years Ago
     Vevie May Entsminger was the full name of Miss Entsminger, whose death at 6:10 Tuesday morning was briefly announced in Tuesday's paper. Though she spent most of her years in Addison Twp., the statement that she was born there was erroneous. She was born in the present home of Mr. and Mrs. Harry Wheeler on First Ave. opposite the county jail.
     She was the only daughter of John Thomas Entsminger and Sarah Romelia Smith Entsminger and at the time of her birth, Aug. 13, 1862, the father was the clerk of courts. In 1905 the family moved to Gallipolis from the farm now owned by Oscar Russell, former sheriff, Mrs. Entsminger having died four years before that and Mr. Entsminger died in 1907.
     Miss Entsminger and her brother, Fred J., shared the same home all their years, and their devotion to each other was a tender and solicitous as it was constant and mutual. Not for a single night was she ever willing to stay elsewhere than her own home. She was a lifelong and devout member of the Methodist Church--first of Bethel and then of Grace Church.
     Funeral services will be conducted at the home, 539 Second Ave., at 2 o'clock Friday, with Rev. W. Scott Westerman in charge. Rev. H. H. Wilbur of New Lexington, a former pastor, has sent word that he would be unable because of illness to come and participate. Interment will be made on Mound Hill.
     The Entsminger name has been a familiar one in the history of Gallia County for more than a century. The first of the name to come to this country from Germany settled at Sweet Springs, Va. Thence they came to Langsville, and thence to Addison Twp., when the father of the decedent was but three years old.

[Note: From gravemarker, year of death 1943.]

Newspaper unknown
From the collection of and transcribed by Debbie Carter Evans                           Top of Page

Enyart, James J.

     James J. Enyart, 51, 507 Fourth Ave. Gallipolis, died Tuesday, Feb. 7, 1995 at Holzer Medical Center. He was a teacher for the Gallipolis City Schools.
     A 1961 graduate of Celina High School, he played football and was named to the All-Ohio team his senior year. A 1965 graduate of Miami Univisity, he also played football for the Miami REDSKINS.
     Enyart joined the faculty of Gallia Academy High School in 1968 and was assistant football coach under Glenn Trout, another Miami graduate. He continued his association with GAHS athletics until the time of his death, serving as official timekeeper for both football and basketball; as the voice of Midget League Football for 25 years. He was a member of the Southern -Southeastern Track Association.
     A member of Grace United Methodist Church, he served on the board of trustees, Grace Choir, Junior and SeniorYouth Fellowship Leader.
     Born July 10,1943 in Celina, he was the son of Leona Suhr Enyart Brown of Celina and the late Elbridge E. Enyart. He married Cheryl Ann Thomas, ugust 16, 1969.
Surviving besides his mother and his wife are two sons, Robert Thomas and James Allen Enyart of Gallipolis; and two sisters Majorie Treece of Defiance and Sarah Elchenauer of Sidney.
Besides his father, he was preceded in death by his stepfather Robert Brown ; two brothers Charles G. and Lowell Enyart and one sister Beth Ann.
     Friends may call 4-9pm Friday at the McCoy - Moore Funeral Home, Wetherholt Chapel,Gallipolis. The service will be held 11am Saturday at the Grace United Methodist Church with Rev. David Hogg and Rev. Gerald Lewis officiating.
     In lieu of flowers, contributions maybe made to the American Diabetes Association or the Allen Enyart Scholarship Fund in care of Dick Thomas, Gallipolis, Ohio
     James Enyart's body was entured in the Chapel of Hope, Ohio Valley Memory Gardens, Gallipolis.

From the Gallipolis Daily Tribune in Gallipolis, Ohio ... Wed., Feb. 8, 1995
Contributed by Cheryl Enyart

Epling, Christine F.

Dr. Christine F. Epling
     COLLEGE STATION, TEXAS - Christine Fraley Epling, PhD, 57, of 800 Thomas St., College Station, Texas, formerly of Gallipolis, died Friday at her home following an extended illness. She was a professor in the College of Education at Texas A&M University. Born Aug. 4, 1931 in Elliott County, Ky., she was the daughter of Golda Eggers Fraley of Gahanna, Ohio and the late Elijah (Lige) Fraley.
     She is survived by her husband, John Epling, whom she married June 12, 1955 in Pt. Pleasant, W.Va.; three daughters, Kathleen Epling at home, Mrs. Thomas (Susan Ann) Counce of San Marcos, Texas, and Mrs. Peter (Mary Christine) Chamberlain of Oletha, Kansas; one son, Matthew Lige Epling of Chicago, Ill.; three grandchildren. Also surviving are two brothers, Ronald Fraley of Lorraine, Ohio, Larry Fraley of El Paso, Texas; three sisters, Mrs. Donald (Velma) Tufto of Gahanna, Mrs. Phillip (Gene) Boggs of Granville, and Mrs. Richard (Elberta) Rohrer of Tampa, Fla.
     She was a gradute[sic] of Vinton High School and Rio Grande College. She earned a Masters Degree from Ohio University and a PhD from Ohio State University. She was a professor at Rio Grande College and taught at Marshall University in Huntington, W.Va., and D'Youville College in Buffalo, N.Y. She joined the faculty of the Texas A&M in 1985.
     She was active in Aldersgate Methodist Church in College Station, Texas, and of Grace United Methodist Church and First Baptist Church in Gallipolis, and the New Covenant Tabernacle in Buffalo, N.Y. She was a Sunday School teacher, was active in Women's Aglow Fellowship and Full Gospel Businessmen's Fellowship.
     Celebration services will be conducted 2 p.m., Monday at Grace United Methodist Church. Rev. Joe Hefner and Rev. Paul Schenck officiating. Burial follows in Mound Hill Cemetery. Friends may call at Waugh-Halley-Wood Funeral Home on Sunday, 2 to 4 p.m. The family will also receive friends at the William Ann Motel.

Gallipolis Daily Tribune
October 2, 1988
Transcribed by Nancy S. Edwards                                                                   Top of Page

Epling, Freda Henry

     Freda Henry Epling, Point Pleasant, died Saturday in St. Mary's Hospital, Huntington. Born in Gallipolis Ferry, daughter of the late William and Vossie Mae Meaige Henry, she was employed by Southwestern Community Action Group and was a member of the First Church of the Nazarene and the American Legion Auxillary. She was preceded in death by her husband, Miles Stanley Epling, in 1961
     Surviving are three sons, Miles Epling, Bruce Epling and Thomas Epling, all of Point Pleasant; two sisters, Mary Ann Moore of Point Pleasant, and Ruth Ellersten of Southampton, N.Y.; a brother, Grover Henry of Point Pleasant; and seven grandchildren.
     Services will be Tuesday at 2 p.m. in Crow-Russell Funeral Home, Point Pleasant, with the Rev. Russell Downs officiating., Burial will be in Lone Oak Cemetery. Friends may call at the funeral home from 2-4 and 7-9 p.m. at the funeral home.

Gallipolis Tribune
April 28, 1986
Transcribed by J. Farley

Epling, John A.

     John A. Epling, 74, of Cincinnati, and formerly of Gallipolis, died Wednesday evening, April 5, 2006, at his residence. He was born Sept. 9, 1931, in Gallipolis, son of the late Moses and Hortense Epling. In addition to his parents, he was preceded in death by his first wife, Christine Fraley Epling; by a son, Matthew Epling; and by a brother, Miles Epling.
     John graduated from Gallia Academy High School, Syracuse University and the Ohio State University Law School. He practiced law in Gallipolis and Cincinnati. His greatest interest was in the facilitation of joint ventures between American and Russian businesses. He was the first American lawyer admitted to the Russian Bar Association. John also taught construction law at Texas A&M University and facilitated conferences in construction management in Thailand, the Sudan, Jordan and Indonesia.
     He was a member of the Church of the Advent Episcopal Church in Cincinnati. He has been a member of the Propeller Club, Full Gospel Men's Fellowship, the International Bar Association, Rotary International and the Navy League. He was a United States Air Force veteran, and attended the Naval Academy.
     John is survived by his wife, Martha Epling of Cincinnati; daughters, Mari (Peter) Chamberlain of Big Lake, Ark., Zayne (Tom) Counce of Scranton, Pa., Kathleen (David) Madden of Freehold, N.J., and Sabrina (Dan) Wilson of Cincinnati; a daughter-in-law, Kay Epling of Vienna, Austria; a son, Sean (Remy) Korich of Bagou, Philippines; a brother, Richard (Floretta) Epling of Morristown, Tenn.; a sister-in-law, Barbara Epling of Gallipolis; 22 grandchildren; and many nieces and nephews.
     Graveside services will be 2 p.m. Friday, April 7, 2006, in Mound Hill Cemetery in Gallipolis, with the Rev. Angelo Puopolo officiating. Military funeral honors will be presented at the graveside by the Gallia County Veterans Funeral Detail.
     A memorial service will be held at 11 a.m. Saturday, April 8, 2006, at the Church of the Advent, 2366 Kemper Road, Cincinnati. In lieu of flowers, contributions can be made in his name to the Crossroads Hospice Foundation, 9912 Carver Road Suite 101, Cincinnati, Ohio 45242, or the Church of the Advent, 2366 Kemper Road, Cincinnati, Ohio 45206. Waugh-Halley-Wood Funeral Home is in charge of arrangements.

Gallipolis Daily Tribune
Friday, April 7, 2006
Contributed by Cheryl Enyart                                                                         Top of Page

Erfurt, Adelaide

Death of Mrs. Adelaide Erfurt
     Many persons learned with regret of the death of Mrs. Adelaide Erfurt, one of our finest and most highly esteemed old residents.
     She was born in Baden, Germany, April 18, 1832, and was the daughter of Xavier and Cecelia Brandstetter. She came to America with her parents in 1854 settling at Charleston, W.Va., where she was united in marriage to Clement Erfurt. To this union no children were born but she reared from childhood her two nieces Miss Emma Wehrle and Mrs. Thomas Popp who were devoted to her. They moved to this city in 1862, Mr. Erfurt dying in 1874.
     Three sisters Mrs. C. Henkle, Mrs. A. Lautenschalger and Mrs. Sophia Naegle survive her with three nieces, Miss Wehrle, Mrs. Watters and Mrs. Cain.
     She was a life long and devout member of the Catholic church and a lady of most excellent character and loved by all who knew her.
     The funeral will be conducted at the St. Louis Catholic Church at 9 a.m., Friday with interment at Pine Street cemetery.

Gallipolis Daily Tribune
October 12, 1916
Transcribed by Henny Evans

Erfurth, Clement

     Died, at his residence near this city, of consumption, on Sunday evening, Aptil 19th, Clement Erfurth, aged 38 years.

The Gallipolis Journal
April 23, 1874
Transcribed by Eva Swain Hughes

Erit, Henry

In a Field The Lifeless Body of Henry Erit, of Perry Township, was Found
       Henry Erit left his home Friday morning never more cheerful, and was brought home a corpse. He lives about two miles east of Patriot, and after eating his breakfast went into a field to work. He did not complain before leaving the house, but his happy frame of mind expressed his feelings. At the noon hour he did not return and after his family had waited until after dinner they felt some concern and started out in quest for him. Near the barn, where he had been at work, his lifeless body was found. The cries of those who found him attracted the attention of Joseph Martin and Edward Jones, who were near by, and they went to where the little group was standing. After administering what little we allow to those in distress they carried the body to the house and summoned Squire Ripley, who held an inquest, rendering
a verdict of heart failure.
     Deceased was well known and respected by all throughout his long and useful life.  He had reached the age of sixty and leaves a wife, formerly Miss Henrietta Wood, two daughters and a son, viz: Mrs Mary
Van Pelt, Mrs. George Waugh and George Erit. The funeral occurred Saturday afternoon at Salem church.
Wetherholt having charge of the interment.  

Gallipolis Journal
Tues, Sept. 14, 1897
Vol. LXII  No 47 Transcribed by Charles Wright                                                Top of Page

Errett, Mary

     Died, in this town, of consumption, on the 17th inst., Mrs. Mary Errett, aged about 55 years.

[Note: Tombstone lists date of death as 3/25/1855, but the stone is broken and the month is now unreadable.]

The Gallipolis Journal
June 21, 1855
Transcribed by Eva Swain Hughes

Errett, Robert

Death of Robert Errett
     Many of our readers remember Mr. John Errett, who lived a long time on the Susan Beck farm near here in this county. Several years ago he moved to Hickory, W. Va. He died a few years ago. On Sept. 16, 1908, his son Robert, 37 years of age, died of typhoid fever and was buried at the Buckle graveyard, Mason County, W. Va. He left a wife and one daughter 10 years old, besides numerous other relatives and friends to mourn their loss. Mrs. Sun Beck near town is a sister to Robert. Another brother, Charles Errett, also has the typhoid fever but is reported on the road to recovery.

Gallipolis Bulletin
October 9, 1908
Transcribed by Margaret Calvin

Ervine, James Esq.

    Died, in Florence, Alabama, December 17th, James Ervine, Esq., aged 69 years.

The Gallipolis Journal
January 3, 1867
Transcribed by Eva Swain Hughes

Erwin, Francis

     Mr. Francis Erwin, of Wilkesville, died Feb. 6. He was a soldier of the old 56th Ohio and enlisted under Capt. Evans.

Gallipolis Daily Tribune
Friday, Feb. 17, 1899
Transcribed by Sandy L. Milliron                                                                      Top of Page

Erwin, Frederic V.

      Frederic V. Erwin, 62, of Albany, formerly of Gallipolis, died Saturday, September 26, 1998 in O’Bleness Memorial Hospital in Athens. Born August 2, 1936 in Gallipolis, he was the son of the late Annis Erwin and Bonita Adams Erwin Gilfilen. He was raised by his mother and grandparents, the late Nettie and Tom Adams. He is survived by his loving sister, Joann Ross of Cincinnati and by his stepfather, Charlie Gilfilen of Gallipolis.
     Services will be conducted at 2 p.m. Tuesday, September 29, 1998 in the Waugh-Halley-Wood Funeral Home, with Pastor Alvis Pollard officiating. Burial will follow in the Pine Street Cemetery. Friends may call at the funeral home on Tuesday, September 29, 1998 from 1 p.m. until the time of the services.

Gallipolis Daily Tribune
Monday, September 28, 1998
Transcribed by Sandy L. Milliron

Erwin, John

Former Resident Dies In Columbus
     John Erwin, a former resident of this city, died Friday the the home of his son, Clate, in Columbus, following a six month's illness of heart trouble. He was fifty-nine years old.
In addition to the son at whose home he died, two other sons survive, Ivan of this city and a son in Pittsburgh.
     The remains will arrive here Saturday evening in charge of his son, Ivan, and Edward Tope of the Tope Undertaking Firm. Funeral services will be held Monday at 2 p.m. at the funeral parlors of E.E. Tope by Rev. George Sagen. Burial in Pine Street Cemetery.

[Note: born Dec. 1, 1869 West Virginia; died Oct. 24, 1929 Columbus, Franklin County, Ohio. Wife: Mattie, Parents: Ned Erwin and Elizabeth Meddius (both born WV)]

Gallipolis Daily Tribune
Saturday, Oct. 26, 1929
Transcribed by F.K. Brown

Erwin, Marable

Death of Marable Erwin
     It becomes our sad duty to record the death of this estimable gentleman, which occurred at 3 o’clock this Wednesday morning, May 3, 1903, at the residence of his wife’s parents, Dr. and Mrs. E. W. Parker on Second avenue. Rev. L. L. Magee, pastor of the Grace M. E. Church will conduct the funeral services at the same place at 2 o’clock Thursday afternoon, the interment following at Mound Hill by Hayward & Son.
     Besides his wife, who was Miss Garnet Parker, and little son Marable, about one year old, he left one brother, Mr. Marcus Erwin and three sisters--Misses Hanna, Alice and Mary, the first of whom is expected at the funeral. They all reside at Asheville, N. C., and were the children of Major Marcus Erwin, U. S. A., and Katherine Erwin, both dead. The brother is Clerk of Courts at Asheville.
     Mr. Erwin, the deceased, was born March 18, 1878, and was educated for the practice of law at the North Carolina University. Miss Garnet Parker, only daughter of Mr. and Mrs. E. W. Parker and one of our most charming young ladies attended the Conservatory of Music there, where she first met Mr. Erwin, a bright and most promising young man of pleasing and amiable personality. Their acquaintance ended in marriage on Christmas Day, 1900.
     They had not been married more than three months when Mr. Erwin’s health began to fail from what seemed to be some kind of throat trouble, and after quite a long residence in Arizona, in hopes of improvement which did not come in full force, he returned here, and later went to Columbus and put himself under the care of a specialist, Dr. Spillman, who was quite sure he could cure him, but yet he did not improve, and only last Monday evening, accompanied by his wife and little boy, he returned to this city and gave up the fight he had so courageously maintained for his life.
     His estimable wife and unusually attractive little son whom he has left will have the deepest sympathy of all who know them. His hopes of a long and happy life, all the noble aspirations and inspirations of an affectionate heart are laid in the grave with him to awake the glad tidings that will come with resurrection’s morn.

Gallipolis Daily Tribune
Wednesday, May 13, 1903

Funeral Services
     The funeral services of the late Marable Erwin this afternoon were largely attended and the services conducted by Rev. L. L. Magee very impressive. The pall bearers were as follows: Messrs. D. W. Jones, T. E. Bradbury, R. M. Switzer, F. E. Cherrington, M. F. Merriman and Earl W. Mauck. The floral tributes were profuse and beautiful. The burial was at Mound Hill cemetery by Hayward & Son.

Gallipolis Daily Tribune
Thursday, May 14, 1903
Transcribed by Sandy L. Milliron

Erwin, Verner S.

Vernor Erwin Dies On Lower 2nd Ave.
     Vernor S. Erwin died at 10 o’clock today at his home at 223 Second Avenue. He had been bedfast a month, his illness resulting from a cold he contracted while at work on the Eureka dam. Formerly he was employed by the Spring Hill Dairy.
     Mr. Erwin was born in Putnam county, W. Va., and would have been fifty-two years old in October. He was married Oct. 9, 1904 to Mary Elizabeth Long and she with four daughters and three sons, survive. The children are Mrs. Harbour Black, Mrs. Charles Clendenin, Irene, Virgie, Ivan, Randall and Annis. All live in Gallipolis except Irene, who is employed in Columbus. There are three grandchildren surviving and his parents, Mr. and Mrs. L. A. Erwin of Bidwell.
     Funeral services will be held at Porter M. E. church Wednesday afternoon at 1:30 and burial will follow in Memorial Park, Vinton, by J. L. Coleman.

[Note: Oct. 3, 1884 – Feb. 10, 1936; Age 51 yrs. 4 mos. 7 das. He was the son of Lewis & Mary Thomas Erwin. His cause of death of Pulmonary Tuberculosis.]

Gallipolis Daily Tribune
Monday, February 10, 1936
Transcribed by Sandy Milliron

Estep, Charles

     Charles J. Estep, 51, of 71 Mill Creek Drive, died Wednesday, July 7, 1993, at Holzer Medical Center.
Born August 23, 1941, in Deleware, [sic] Ohio, he was the son of the late Charles and Audrey Estep.
Surviving are his wife, Emma Wolford; two sons, Charles Estep and Bryon E. Estep, both living at home; and one step daughter, Jennifer Wolford, Gallipolis.
     Services were conducted at __ p.m. today in the Cremeens Funeral Chapel with the Rev. Eugene Harmon officiating. Burial followed in the Providence Cemetery in Clay Township. Funeral arrangements were under the direction of the Cremeens Funeral Chapel. Pallbearers were Charles David, Richard Wolford, Jimmy Daniel, Gary Wills, Jeff Daniels and Bill Burdette.

Gallipolis Daily Tribune
July 9, 1993
Transcribed by Irene Hively Blamer

Estep, Willard

     Willard Estep, son of Rev. Shadrack Estep of Middleport, died last Monday at Logan, from shot wounds he received ten days before. A barkeeper in a temperance saloon shot him, while under the influence of liquor.

Gallipolis Bulletin
Friday, January 29, 1909
Transcribed by Sandy Lee Milliron                                                                    Top of Page

Estes, Mary

     Mrs. Mary Estes,78, died at 1:45 AM today at the home of her son, John Estes, Marietta. Born July 16, 1870, in Gallia County to John and Amanda Grover Shriver, the decedent was married April 10, 1890, to Elijah Estes, who died March, 13, 1914.
     They are survived by two sons, John, Marietta, and Luther Estes, Crown City; six grandchildren; two great-grandchildren; two sisters, Mrs. James Sheets, Crown City, and Mrs. Jack Phillips, Bladen.
     A member of the Crown City Methodist Church, Mrs. Estes had lived in Crown City until 1 1/2 years ago when she went to live with her son.
     Funeral services will be held at 2 PM Thursday in the Swan Creek Methodist Church, with burial in Swan Creek Cemetery, after a short funeral service in the Dowell and McClure Funeral Home, Marietta.

[Note from stone: 16 July 1870 - 1949]

Gallipolis Daily Tribune
Transcribed by Jean Yount

Estes, William Wilfred

W. W. Estes, 64, Succumbs
     William Wilfred Estes, 64, father of Mrs. Derry E. (Dottie Estes) Adams of Kanauga, died at 12:30 a.m. Monday in a South Point nursing home where he had been a patient for two months.
     Mr. Estes was born in Lawrence county Aug. 4, 1900, son of the late James and Bridget Morgan Estes. His marriage was to the former Dorothy Henthorne, who was killed along with a five month old daughter, Glenna Eileen, 27 years ago.
     Children who survive in addition to Mrs. Adams are Roy Wilfred Estes of Flatwoods, Ky., Mrs. Paul (Lois) Fletcher of South Point, Harry Ralph Estes of Ironton, and an adopted son, Charles Edward Sanders, Lower River Rd. There are 13 grandchildren. A surviving sister is Mrs. Ben Birkel of Ironton. A son, Roy Lee Estes, preceded him in death.
     Services will be held at 3 p.m. Wednesday in the Tracy Brammer Funeral Home at Ironton. Rev. Isaac Statts will officiate and burial will be in Woodland cemetery. Friends may call at the funeral home after 6 p.m. today.

Gallipolis Daily Tribune
Tuesday, March 2, 1965
Transcribed by Sandy L. Milliron                                                                      Top of Page

Evans, Mrs. Abram E. [first name unknown]

Mrs. Evans Dead
     Mrs. Abram E. Evans of Centerville died Wednesday morning and was buried today. She was stricken with paralysis four weeks ago while at home alone, her husband having gone to Jackson. He found her unconscious on the floor when he returned in the evening.

Gallipolis Daily Tribune
Thursday, February 11, 1915
Transcribed by Sandy L. Milliron

Evans, Abe

     On a farm near Rio Grande, Ohio, Evan S. and Mary Ann Evans, a newly wed couple, established their new home. They became the parents of five children, two girls and three boys. Abe, the second son, and third child was born Sept. 26, 1873. His journey on earth extended over a period of 73 years, 6 months, 15 days.
     He attended the Pleasant Valley Rural School. He was studious and eager to get an education. At an early age, he followed the footsteps of his older brother (Isaac) and sister (Mary) and joined the ranks of the ones following the teaching profession. He taught very successfully for 8 years in the schools of Ohio.
Thinking that advantages were greater elsewhere, he decided to cross the continent to the state of Washington. Here again he took up educational work and taught for 3 years in the West. While in the west he also worked on different ranches and became very familiar with western life. After careful consideration, he decided to return to Ohio and take a course in civil engineering. He entered the engineering college at Ada, Ohio, and completed the course. He also did post graduate work in other institutions. While attending college, he became very much interested in athletics. His powerful physique, his unusual speed, and the ability to coordinate mind and muscle made him one of the outstanding members of the college football team.
     He followed his new profession for a number of years. After the death of his father, he returned home to be with his mother and sister Mae. He operated the home farm for some time. He also set out a large apple orchard on his farm near Thurman. He had a fine orchard and picked hundreds of bushels of apples.
He had oratorical ability; when he was called to make an address or debate some subject, all were attentive. They enjoyed his keen wit, his pleasing voice, his wonderful vocabulary, the well chosen words, and the interesting subject matter that he so forcibly presented. He also enjoyed singing, and his deep bass voice could be heard on many occasions. That his sound judgment and integrity were appreciated by his many friends was shown by their electing him to important township positions.
     About 8 years ago, he suffered a paralytic stroke. This affected his speech and the use of his right arm. However his mentality was unaffected. He was still interested in local and national affairs and enjoyed listening to the news commentators. After this stroke, he was unable to do much work. So the farm was sold and he and Mae moved to Vinton. Here on April 11, 1947 a second stroke caused his death.
     His philosophy of life can best be expressed by giving a quotation from his writing. Quote “While the most of you know that I am not overburdened with orthodox religion, I would not exchange for any thing in this world my hope of meeting and recognizing the personalities that I have loved here. Personalities that I hope are being preserved; personalities whose faults and frailties mingled with their virtues only make them human. And I think that the unhappiest people in the world are those who are devoid of this hope." (unquote).
     This quotation confirms the fact that he believed in immortality and the principles of Christianity.
He leaves two sisters, Mary of Chicago and Mae with whom he made his home and one brother Everett of Vinton, Ohio. A number of other near relatives and a legion of friends. [Note: Clipping ends here….there could be additional information.]

[Note: From death certificate his name Abram L. Evans.]

Newspaper (prob. April 1947, Gallipolis) clipping found in the Simmerman files, Evans file, Bossard Library.
Transcribed by Debbie Carter Evans

Evans, A. L. (Abram)

A. L. Evans Dies At Vinton Today
     A. L. Evans, 73, died at 11:30 a.m. today at his home in Vinton after a stroke Tuesday from which he never rallied. Eight years ago he suffered his first stroke, and he had been cared for since by his sister, Miss Mae Evans. Another sister Mrs. Mary Richards, Chicago, and a brother, E. A. Evans, Vinton, also survive. He was preceded in death by a brother, Isaac Evans.
     Funeral will be held at 2:30 p.m. Sunday at his home with burial by Steve Thomas, will be in Ebenezer Cemetery.
     Mr. Evans was a farmer, but many years ago he was a civil engineer in the Far West, spending several years in the States of Washington and Arizona. He helped build the Detroit River tunnel. In the early 1900's Mr. Evans was graduated from Ohio Northern University, after attending Rio Grande College and Heidelberg. He was an outstanding football player, being named all-state left guard one season. Never married, he was born in Gallia County and brought up in the Thurman-Rio Grande neighborhood.

[Note: From death certificate Abram L. Evans; date of birth September 26, 1873; date of death April 11, 1947; father Evan S. Evans; mother Mary Ann Evans.

Newspaper (prob. April 1947, Gallipolis) clipping found in the Simmerman files, Evans file, Bossard Library.
Transcribed by Debbie Carter Evans                                                                Top of Page

Evans, Alfred

Alfred Evans Dead
     Alfred Evans died Sunday evening at his home on the Jackson road at the age of 66 years. Surviving him are his wife, seven daughters; Mary, Lula and Alice of Prospect, Ohio, Bessie, Fannie, Helen and Edith of Gallipolis and four sons; Harry of Prospect, Albert of Fall River, Mass., James of Columbus, and Herbert of Gallipoolis. He also leaves one brother, Eli of this city and many other relatives.  Funeral services were held Wednesday at his late home. Burial in the Pine Street cemetery.

[Note: b. 1858 d. 1928]

Gallia Times
June 7, 1928
Transcribed by Nancy McMillan

Evans, Amelia

Mrs. Evans Dead at Vinton
     Mrs. Amelia Evans of Vinton, died Sunday after a long illness at the home of her son and daughter-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. Wendell Evans. Beside the son with whom she made her home, she leaves one daughter, Mrs. Brandebury of Marion.

Gallipolis Daily Tribune
Tuesday, July 26, 1921
Transcribed by Sandy L. Milliron

Evans, Amelia Elizabeth [Lewis]

     The funeral services of Mrs. Thomas H. Evans, whose death was mentioned last week, were held at Rio Grande Baptist Church on Saturday morning by Rev. W.J.Fulton assisted by Rev. J.M.Davis, Rev. C.O.Clark and Rev. Moffit. The interment was in the churchyard cemetery by Davis & Thomas. These services were largely attended and bore ample testimony to the love and esteem in which Mrs. Evans was held by hosts of friends.
     Amelia Elizabeth Lewis Evans was born at Rio Grande on July 23, 1882, and died at Rushmore, Ohio, Nov. 18, 1913, aged 31 years, 3 months and 23 days. She was united in marriage to Thomas H. Evans on April 12, 1911.
     Mrs. Evans united with the Methodist Episcopoal Church at Rushmore, her membership being transferred from Calvary Baptist Church at Rio Grande. She was an active worker in the church and during the past year creditably filled the post of superintendent of the Sunday School as well as a prominent part in Epworth League activities. In his discourse Rev. Fulton paid her this fine tribute, "the departed loved the home of her childhood where she as a child loved the good and tried to shun the evil. She had a positive faith and positive convictions, and possessing these, she builded a positive charaacter. We, her neighbors, friends and classmates in Sabbath school, church and college, can never forget her faithfulness in attendance and service. After going out from us her love for Christ and the church deepened and her work widened. She was a Godly woman, full of faith and good works and is a convincing example of the fruitage into which christian faith can ripen.Though its possessor be young in years, may the mantle of faithfulness and kind and loving helplfulness fall upon very many others".
     Mrs. Evans is survived by her husband, her parents, Mr. and Mrs. John L. Lewis of Rio Grande, and four brothers, Evan, Thomas, Everett and Albert Lewis, and three sisters, Mrs. Vattula Jenkins, Mrs. Anna Stevers, and Miss Mary Lewis.

Gallia Times
Nov. 26, 1913
Transcribed by Nancy McMillan

Evans, Anna [Plymale]

Mrs. R. Evans Dies At Home Near Thivener
8 Children Survive Rites 2 Tuesday At Ohio Chapel
     Mrs. Anna Plymale Evans, wife of Robert Evans, died about 10 o'clock Sunday morning at the family home on Raccoon below Thivener. She suffered a heart attack early that morning and calmly apprised those about her that the end was near. Mrs. Evans was 62 years old, and was born and reared and married at Covington, Va. She and Mr. Evans came to this county about 20 years ago and they own and occupy a farm adjoining that of Fenimore Johnson, being farther down Raccoon.
     She is survived by, besides her husband, these eight children: John, Basil, Lester M. (Tim), Wilford, Claude, Mrs. Robert Houck, Mrs. Lester Evans and Mrs. Arthur Hoyt, all of the Clay twp, Gallipolis area. There are two brothers of the decedent living in Virginia.
     Funeral services will be held at Ohio Chapel, of which Mrs. Evans was a member, at 2 o'clock Tuesday, with Rev. H. W. DeWolfe, pastor, in charge. Interment will be made in Mound Hill cemetery by Stevers.

[Note: From death certificate Anna “Dove” Evans; date of birth May 13, 1879; date of death October 5, 1941; father John T. Plymale; mother Emma Biars.]

Newspaper (prob. October 1941, Gallipolis) clipping found in the Simmerman files, Evans file, Bossard Library.
Transcribed by Debbie Carter Evans

Evans, Anna Jane  [Thomas]

Anna Thomas Evans Is Claimed Monday
     Mrs. Anna Jane Evans, of Gallipolis, route 2, near Cora died Monday at the Holzer Hospital, a Gallipolis. She had been ill about 10 days and was taken to the hospital last Friday. Death was due to acute appendicitis and peritonitis. Her condition would not permit an immediate operation, but she was given a blood transfusion, Forrest Thomas, Gallipolis grocer, being the donor.
     Mrs. Evans was 54 years old last August 22 and was a daughter of the late John S. and Jane Morgan Thomas of Thurman. She was not related to Forrest Thomas but the two families were intimate.
     She is survived by her four children, Howell Evans, also of Cora; Lawrence at home; Mrs. Wendell Evans, Rio Grande; and Mrs. John R. Morgan, Cora. Two sons, Reese and Roy, precede their mother and death. Funeral services were held at Old Pine church Wednesday morning. Burial was made in the church cemetery in charge of Funeral Directors Davis and Thomas of Thurman.

[Note: 1936]

Unknown publication and date
Transcribed by Jessica L. Weber

Evans, Annie

     Miss Annie Evans, the subject of this obituary, a daughter of Mr. David R. Evans of Cora, this county, was born January 15, 1873. When only two weeks old, she was taken to her grand-mother's, Mrs. Mary Davis  of near Rio Grande. Her mother dying when she was only two months old, she missed the blessing of a mother; but she enjoyed the comforts of a good and happy home. At the age of twelve years she joined the Congregational Church at Tyn 'Rhos and she remained not only a faithful member till her death, but for one of her age, she was unusually active and experienced the rich benefits of a christian life.
     She was a student in Rio Grande College during two terms, where she made a good record in scholarship. She was honored with a place on the programme of the Shakespearean anniversary. Her fatal disease began its work January 25, 1890, and in a year to the day it had finished its course. A large concourse of her friends were present at the funeral exercises, which were conducted by J. W. Jones, Rev. W.O. Jones, President J. M. Davis, and the pastor, Rev. W.R. Evans. It was her last will and testament that her collection of articles be presented to her young fellow workers in the church, and this was done accordingly at the regular church meeting, Feb.1. Though young in years she had lived a good and influential life and may her exmple lead others to imitate her good deeds.                                 J.W.J.
     She is buried in Tyn Rhos cemetery.

Gallipolis Bulletin
March 24, 1891
Transcribed by Nancy McMillan

Evans, Augusta B.

Mrs. Evans is Claimed at 83, Rites Monday
     Mrs. Augusta B. Evans, 83, a resident of 332 Third Ave., died in Holzer Hospital at 1 p.m. Thursday. She had been hospitalized for four days.
     Mrs. Evans was born in Gallia county Dec. 5, 1882, daughter of the late Alexander and Charlotte Gilbert Sigler. Her marriage was to Henry Evans, and he preceded her in death. Two sons and two sisters are deceased. She is survived by a brother and sister, W. W. Sigler of Gallipolis, and Mrs. Alma Danner of Hamden.
     Services will be held at 1 p.m. (DST) Monday at the Wetherholt-Elliott Funeral Home. Rev. Albert Mackenzie will officiate, and burial will be in Mound Hill cemetery. Friends may call at the funeral home from 7 to 9 p.m. Saturday and from 2 to 5 and 7 to 9 Sunday.

Gallipolis Daily Tribune
Friday, July 2, 1965
Transcribed by Sandy Lee Milliron                                                                    Top of Page

Evans, Belva A. [Sigler]

     GALLIPOLIS - Mrs. Belva A. Evans, 60, died at her home at 101 Cleveland Ave., Columbus at 2:10 p.m., Thursday. Mrs. Evans was born in Gallia County on Oct. 14, 1910, daughter of the late Charles and Edna Berridge Sigler. She married George H. Evans in 1925 in Gallipolis. He survives. Mr. and Mrs. Evans have resided in Columbus the past 27 years.
     Surviving are five children, three sons and two daughters, all of Columbus; Herbert Evans, Jr., Paul Evans, Donald Evans, Mrs. Erma Cremeans and Mrs. Norma Stambaugh; 11 grandchildren, two great-grandchildren, and three sisters and a brother, Mrs. Blanche Hill, Gallipolis; Mrs. Minnie Myers, Huntington, W. Va.; Mrs. Gladys Burns, Gallipolis and Luther Sigler, California.
     She was a member of the Church of Christ in Columbus. Funeral services will be held 2 p.m. at Miller’s Home for Funerals with Rev. Everett Delaney officiating. Burial will be in Centenary Cemetery. Friends may call at the funeral home after 4 p.m. Sunday.

Sunday Times Sentinel
January 31, 1971
Transcribed by Sandy L. Milliron

Evans, Ben M.

Bright Career of Ben Evans Ends Abruptly
Member of Group of Brothers Who Achieved Success as Merchants is Dead Funeral Sunday
     As a shock to unnumbered friends in Gallia and Mason counties came the news late Friday afternoon of the death of Ben M. Evans at his home in Pt. Pleasant. However, it was generally known that he was critically ill. He passed away at 3:30, death attributed to a heart failure, the culmination of an illness that began Sunday.
     As manager of one of the three Pt. Pleasant stores of the Evans Grocery Company, Mr. Evans reported for duty Monday morning. He remained at his post but a few hours and on Tuesday he was delirious. During the next 48 hours no improvement was noted in his condition and yet the end came suddenly and unexpectedly.

Reared at Cadmus
     Ben Evans was 32 years old on August 23, 1931, and was born and reared at Cadmus. He was a son of the late Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Evans, the father having died more than 20 years ago. On October 11, 1929, Mr. Evans married Ruth Miller, formerly connected with Modern Markets, Inc., and to them, one child, a boy, Lewis Clinton, now 11 months old, was born. Ben is survived also by six brothers and three sisters: John E., Alton, Stanley, Emerson, Chauncey, all of Gallipolis; Lester, Mrs. Ruth Bowman and Mrs. Alma Long, all of Toledo, and Mrs. Gertrude Howard of Lisbon, Ohio.
     Ben, Stanley and Emerson composed the group that, forming a partnership, and starting with one grocery here, later incorporated and is now successfully operating eight stores in this territory -- three in Pt. Pleasant, three in Gallipolis, one in Cheshire and one in Oak Hill.
     With the organization Ben served as a store manager and as a leader in determining and carrying out advertising policies. Like his brother-business associates he was credited with unusual talent for business and his personality was such as to win confidence and to endear him to those with whom he was in close association.
     His death has brought poignant sorrow to relatives, business associates and intimates and has evoked many expressions of sympathy for the young widow and baby and brothers. Among other near relatives are two uncles, John Everett, Portsmouth Road, and Ben Evans, this city.
     The decedent was an active, earnest member of the Baptist church. He was teacher of the St. John's Bible class at the Baptist church in Pt. Pleasant. He was also a Mason and Knight of Pythias.
     Funeral services will be held at the First Baptist church here at 1 o'clock Sunday, with Rev. George Sagen and Rev. W. E. Brewer in charge. Burial will be at Sandfork by Undertaker A. E. Tope.
     The body was brought to Tope's undertaking parlors Friday night. It will be taken back to Pt. Pleasant this evening and a brief service will be held there at the noon hour Sunday. The pall bearers will be Harley Simmons, John King, and Paul R. Fore, Pt. Pleasant; Earnest Wiseman Rio Grande; Hobart Wickline, Cadmus, and Mr. Durkin, Jackson.

Gallipolis Daily Tribune, p. 1
Saturday, January 23, 1932
Transcribed by Mary Kay Clark

Evans, Ben M.

Large Crowds Attend Funeral Of Ben Evans
Services Held Here, at Point Pleasant, and by Masons at Sandfork
     Funeral rites for Ben M. Evans claimed an attendance of well-nigh record-breaking proportions for this county. For in addition to the throng that filled and overflowed the Baptist Church here Sunday afternoon, a crowd gathered for a brief noon hour service at Point Pleasant and late in the afternoon, there was a tremendous outpouring of relatives, friends and former neighbors at Sandfork Church, where another brief service was held, and where interment was made.
     At Point Pleasant there was a prayer and song service, in charge of the Baptist minister. The service here began at 1 o’clock, with standing room taken and a group on the outside who did not attempt to crowd through the portals. Rev. George Sagen and Rev. W. E. Brewer spoke with feeling of the virtues and accomplishments of the young grocer, whose death on Friday afternoon had saddened unnumbered folk in two counties. The latter spoke at considerable length and paid high tribute to the decedent and offered his condolences to the widow and the brothers and other kinfolk and intimates of the departed. Singing by a quartet from Oak Hill was a notable feature of the services. It was composed of Henry Thomas, John Davis, Richard Davis and Moffit Edwards, with Mary Davis as accompanist. Many compliments for these singers and many inquiries as to their identity have come to The Tribune since the service at which they appeared.
      At Sandfork Church scarcely half of the crowd could be seated or even admitted to the edifice. There the service was under the auspices of the Patriot Lodge of Masons.

Gallipolis Daily Tribune
Monday, January 25, 1932
Transcribed by Sandy L. Milliron

Evans, Ben R.

     Ben R. Evan, 76, of Dayton, a former Gallipolis resident and veteran educator, died Thursday at Good Samaritan Hospital in Dayton. He was born to the late John E. and Elizabeth Rees Evans.
     He was a past grand master of Grand Lodge of Free and Accepted Masons of Ohio. A 33rd degree Mason, he was active in masonic bodies of Gallia County, Columbus and Dayton. He was a member of Morning Dawn Lodge 7, Trowel Council 71, R.S.M., Galilean Tabernacle, Royal Arch Knight Templar., Columbus Shrine and Scottish Rite, Gideon's International, Lion's Club of Jackson and was a former active member and elder of Jackson Presbyterian Church, moderator of the Gymanfa in Southeastern Ohio.
     He was a school teacher and principal of Washington Elementary School in the 1940s, before becoming a Columbus Mutual Life Insurance Company agent, was a member of Shiloh Church of Dayton and associate member of the First United Methodist Church of Venice, Fla.
     Survivors include his wife, Margaret Jones Evans; two daughters Mrs. Emily Spriggs of Springfield and Loretta Heigle of Columbus; one brother, Francis Evans of Reynoldsburg; and five grandchildren. He was preceded in death by his first wife, Helen Evans.

Gallipolis Daily Tribune
Oct. 25, 1985
Transcribed by J. Farley                                                                                 Top of Page

Evans, Bertha

Death of Mrs. Byrd Evans
     Mrs. Byrd Evans of Cadmus died at the Holzer Hospital Monday night June 15, 1925 after several weeks illness. Her husband preceded her in death 12 years ago. She leaves the following children: John, Stanley, Alta, Ben, Lester, Gertrude, Ruth, Emerson and Chauncey of this County, and Mrs. Alma Long of Toledo, Ohio.
     Funeral services will be at 1 o’clock Wednesday at Sandfork Church with burial in charge of Undertaker Kinnison.

Gallipolis Daily Tribune
Tuesday, June 16, 1925
Transcribed by Sandy L. Milliron

Evans, Bill Joe

     Bill Joe Evans 56, of 451 Lariat Dr., Gallipolis, a retired truck driver, died Sunday, at his residence following a brief illness. Born April 13, 1933 in Gallia County, he was a son of the late Chauncey (Hank) L. Evans and Ruby Meadows Evans.
     Surviving is his wife Eleanor Kay Richards Evans, whom he married July 30, 1965 in Gallipolis. Also surviving are three daughters, Mrs. Craig (LuAnn) Thompson of Tulsa, Okla., Mrs. Daniel (Beverly) Dunkle of Gallipolis, and Mrs. Tom (Jackie) Woodward of Gallipolis; and five grandchildren.
     He was a member of the VFW Post 4464, the Elks Lodge 107, Masonic Lodge 371 Centreville, American Legion Post 27, Aladdin Temple, Royal Arch Mason 79, Royal Select Mason Moriah Council 32, Rose Commandry 43, Gallipolis Shrine Club and Grace United Methodist Church.
     Friends may call at Willis Funeral Home on Monday, 6 to 9 p.m. with Masonic services at 8:30 p.m.
Services will be Tuesday, 2 p.m. from Grace United Methodist Church, the Rev. Joe Hefner and Rev., Al Mackenzie officiating. Burial follows at Mt. Zion Cemetery. The body will be taken to the church one hour prior to services. In lieu of flowers, memorial contributions may be made to the Grace united Methodist Church Wednesday Morning Men's Group.
     Pallbearers will be Bill Richards, Mike Null, Skip Meadows, Hobie Foster, Ervin Folden, Homer Hankins, Larry Kingrey, Paul Cayton and Bob Myers. Honary pallbearers will be Walt Abblett, Forrest Clark, James Flipper Robinson, Jerry Hall, Tim Evans, Merrill Evans Dr. Dan Notter and Alden Wedemeyer.

Gallipolis Tribune
Oct. 16, 1989
Transcribed by J. Farley

Evans, Caroline

     On Friday evening of last week, December 2, 1898, Mrs. Caroline Evans, the estimable wife of Mr. Mathew Evans, of Evergreen, was claimed by death. She had been a great sufferer for the past two years with rheumatism. The funeral and burial services took place on Sunday afternoon.

Gallipolis Bulletin
December 10, 1898
Transcribed by Margaret Calvin

Evans, Charles

Charles Evans Dies On Sunday
     Mr. Charles Evans died Sunday evening in the home of Thomas B. Travis, 24 State St. where he made his home. He was in his early eighties and was a retired farmer. During his lifetime he was very active in music circles in the county as a teacher.
     He was married to Catherine Phillips Evans who preceded him in death in 1951. He is survived by four children: Phillip of Dayton; John Miles and Lewis of Cleveland; and Mrs. Charles Edward (Margaret) of Florida.
     Funeral services are incomplete pending the arrival of the children. Friends may call after 6:00 p.m. Monday at the Steve Thomas Funeral Home in Thurman.

[Note: Ann Simmerman wrote “9-26-1954” on the obituary.]

Newspaper (prob. September 1954, Gallipolis) clipping found in the Simmerman files, Evans file, Bossard Library.
Transcribed by Debbie Carter Evans                                                                Top of Page

Evans, Charles F.

     Charles F. Evans, 56, a resident of the Bidwell community, died around 3 p.m. Thursday at his home. Mr. Evans was born July 10, 1924, in Jefferson City, Tenn., son of the late Grace Moore Hargrove and L. C. Hargrove. He never married. Mr. Evans was a World War II veteran. One sister, Miss Ruth Brown, Bidwell, survives, along with one nephew, Harvey Brown, Bidwell, survives.
     Services will be held 1 p.m. Sunday at the McCoy-Moore Funeral Home with Rev. Denny Colvin officiating. Burial will be in Ohio Valley Memory Gardens. Friends may call from 7-9 p.m. on Saturday at the funeral home.

Gallipolis Daily Tribune
Friday, August 15, 1980
Transcribed by Sandy L. Milliron

Evans, Cynthia Ann

     Mrs. Cynthia Ann Evans was born in Perry Co., near Hazard, Ky., Nov 13, 1854 and departed this life in her 43rd year. She was married to David I. Evans Aug 25, 1870. There was born to them, two sons and two daughters. All are left to mourn her loss excepting the little daughter who was laid to rest with the mother and whose birth was the cause of her death. She also leaves a mother, one sister and five brothers to mourn her loss. Her sickness was of short duration, but her suffering, which was the most painful, was bravely and patiently borne. She plead earnestly with God for his mercy and in her last hours repeated his beautiful words "Blessed are they who put their trust in the Lord."
     Of the deceased it can truly be said she was an earnest and faithful wife, a fond and devoted mother and strangers as well as friends found her a cheerful giver in time of need. But a quiet, humble life of domestic experience has closed and the friend who has followed you with so much kindnesss through life has ended her labors and entered upon her rewared.
     May the sad bereavement lead the sorrowing husband and children to the throng of grace to seek before God that humble trust that faith which will enable them to conquer death and over come the brave for
"The dead are everywhere
Whatever is love, or tenderness of faith
Where'er is pleasure, pamper pride,
Where'er life is, or was, is death.
A Friend

[Note: Buried Salem Baptist Cemetery, Perry Twp]

Gallipolis Journal
Mar 30, 1897
Transcribed by Maxine Marshall

Evans, Danny R.

     PATRIOT - Danny R. Evans, 42, of Patriot, passed away unexpectedly on Sunday,July 28, 2002, in Ohio State University Hospital. He was born September 22, 1959, at Gallipolis, son of the late Robert (J. Bob Evans and the late Verna C. Bryan Evans. He was an employee and member of the Heat and Frost Insulators Local. In addition, he was a member of the Sons of American Legion Post No. 27 in Gallipolis, and the Gallipolis Harley Owners Group.
     Danny is survived by four brothers, Tom (Shirley) Kurz of Uniontown, David (Helen) Kurz, of Athens, Bryan Evans of Grand Rapids, Michigan and Glenn (Diana) Evans of Wyoming, Michigan; a special friend, Linda Skidmore of Patriot; several uncles, aunts, nieces and nephews.
     Services will be 11 a.m. on Wednesday, July 31, 2002, in the McCoy-Moore Funeral Home Wetherholt Chapel in Gallipolis, with the Rev. John Jackson officiating. Interment will be in Tyn Rhos Cemetery. Friends may call at the funeral home on Tuesday, July 30, 2002, from 2-4 and 7-9 p.m.

The Gallipolis Dailey Tribune
Unknown date
Transcribed by Marian Schoonover

Evans, David L.

     Mr. David L. Evans, of Ecop, son of Mr. E. L. Evans, working at the carpenter trade at Columbus was brought from Columbus to Vinton Friday, dead and from there conveyed to his former home. He died at Columbus Thursday from blood poisoning resulting from an operation that he was necessitated to have performed.
     He was buried at Ebeneser Church in Raccoon Township today. He was a most excellent young man and unmarried. His death will be greatly regretted by a large number of friends.

[Note: He died 11/25/1896; Age 28 yrs. per Franklin Co., Ohio death record. He is buried in Tyn Rhos Cemetery.]

Gallipolis Daily Tribune (Pg. 3)
Saturday, December 5, 1896
Transcribed by Sandy Milliron

Evans, David L.

David L. Evans
     David L. Evans, 55, of Bidwell, died Wednesday, July 18, 1990 in the Cabell-Huntington Hospital, Huntington, W. Va. He was born March 20, 1935 in Gallia County, son of the late Wilbur Evans and Elsie Black Evans of Columbus.
     He was an electrician for the Ravenswood Aluminum Corporation, Ravenswood, W. Va., a member of the  Mt. Carmel Baptist Church of Bidwell, the Ancient York Lodge 33 PHF & AM of Gallipolis and a U.S. Army veteran.
     He is survived by his wife, Connie Hickman Evans; one daughter, Mrs. James (Delores Jean) Williams of Gallipolis; one brother, Paul Evans of San Jose, Calif; two sisters, Donna Stewart and Wanda Evans of Columbus and several nieces and nephews. He was preceded in death by one brother, Darrell Evans.
     Funeral services will be conducted 10:30 a.m. Saturday at the Mt. Carmel Baptist Church with Rev. Melvin Freeman and Minister Gene Armstrong officiating. Burial will be in the Ohio Valley Memory Gardens. The flag will be folded and presented by VFW Post 4464. Friends may call the McCoy-Moore Funeral Home, Vinton, Friday from 2-4 p.m. and 7 to 9 p.m. Masonic services will be held 8:30 p.m. by Ancient York Lodge 33.

Gallipolis Daily Tribune
Thursday, July 19, 1990
Transcribed by Margaret Calvin
Also contributed by Sandy Milliron                                                                  Top of Page

     Funeral services for David L. Evans, 55, of Bidwell, will be conducted 10:30 a.m. Saturday at Mt. Carmel Baptist Church with Rev. Melvin Freeman and Minister Gene Armstrong officiating. Burial will be in the Ohio Valley Memory Gardens. Friends may call at McCoy-Moore Funeral Home, Vinton today from 2-4 p.m. and 7 to 9 p.m. Pallbearers will be Deacon Glenn Miller, Buford Minnis, Andrew Gilmore, Bobby Payne, Richard Payne and Deacon James Dewey Keels. Honorary pallbearers will be Hollis Miller, Ray Bass and Deacon Oscar Qualls.

Gallipolis Daily Tribune
Friday, July 20, 1990
Transcribed by Sandy L. Milliron

Evans, David M.

     In this town, on the 26th ult., David M., infant son of Thomas and Margaret Evans.

Gallipolis Journal
June 02, 1842
Transcribed by Teresa Herrmann

Evans, David Milton

[Note: This obituary is very difficult to read – especially the dates.]

At Rest
     David Milton Evans was born in Gallipolis, March 15, 1848, and departed this life at 8 o’clock on Monday evening, December 28th, 1896 [?]. His parents, Thomas and Margaret Evans, were old time residents of Gallipolis. His father was for more than a quarter of a century, engaged in the business of a retail merchant, and died in 1888 at the age of 64 years. His mother died some five years since at the advanced age of 90 years.
     Mr. Evans had two brothers and one sister. Daniel T., the oldest brother, died during the war at the age of 28 years. The only surviving member of his father’s family are a brother and a sister, Capt. John H. Evans, of Topeka, Kas., and Mrs. Dr. Jenkins, of Centerville.
     When he was two years of age his father removed from Gallipolis to Centreville. Here he attended the village school and later became a student of the Gallia Academy. In February of 1865 he graduated from Bartlett’s Commercial College at Cincinnati. Thus by [unreadable text] application and study, he acquired the practical education which was so [unreadable text] to him throughout his busy life. At the age of 31 years he was married to Amelia Jones. Of this union four children are left to mourn their loss of a kind and affectionate father: Edward, Charlotte, Margaret and Wendell.
     For more than 30 years he sold to and exchanged goods with the same public. The whole life time of trade with the same customers had brought him in close contact with almost every man, woman and child in the village and its vicinity. He was a man of many sterling qualities, a deep and original thinker, a safe advisor, coupled with the faculty of making and keeping friends, and an honesty that was never questioned. He had held many positions of trust. He was a moral man. Ever careful of his words and conduct, he never gave offense. Unassuming in his manners and disposition, he was always the same quiet and conservative gentleman. Afflicted for years with partial deafness he deprived himself in a large measure of the church and social circle, and seemingly bore the hardship of his affliction without a murmur of complaint. His health had been failing for several years, and in the fall of [unreadable text] journeyed through the [unreadable text] hopes that he would be [unreadable text].
     Quitting all his business only a few months [unreadable text], he sought relief by taking a well earned rest; and high were the hopes of his family and friends that the critical stage of his malady would be passed, but the end came quietly and he is at rest. Of him it may be truthfully said:
          “His life was gentle, and the elements so mixed in him, that Nature might stand up and
           say to all the world, ‘This was a man’.”

[Note: Quote is from Julius Caesar by William Shakespeare.]

Unknown Newspaper
About Monday, December 28, 1896
Transcribed by Suzanne Giroux

Evans, David Richard

     Mr. Jenkin N. Jones, of Perry, in today, reports the death of a son of John Evans, of that township, a young man highly respected, on Thursday.
     His funeral services were conducted by the Congregational minister of Nebo Church and Rev. Rice of the Patriotic Circuit today.

[Note: He died April 8, 1897; Age 19 yrs. 2 mos. 14 das. of consumption.]

Gallipolis Daily Tribune (Pg. 2)
Saturday, April 10, 1897
Transcribed by Sandy Milliron

Evans, David Y.

David Y. Evans, Patriot Farmer, Dies Sunday
David Y. Evans, 79, of Rt. 2 Patriot, a retired farmer, died at his home at 6:30 p.m. Sunday. His death followed an illness of four months. He was born in this county on Sept. 1, 1877 and spent his entire life here. He is survived by his wife, the former Lucy Collins and a son and daughter, John Herman Evans of Rt. 4 Oak Hill and Mrs. Dorothy Sparks of Columbus. There are two grandchildren. Other survivors are a brother and sister, Elmer Evans of Chillicothe and Mrs. Nancy Myers of Illinois.
     Funeral services will be held at 1 p.m. Wednesday at the Gallia Baptist Church. Rev. Earl Cremeens will officiate, and burial will follow in the church cemetery under the direction of the Kuhner Funeral Home. Friends may visit evening, and until shortly before the hour of the service.

Gallipolis Tribune
July 29, 1957
Transcribed by J. Farley

Evans, Dawn

     Dawn Evans, wife of Kenneth Evans, Columbus, died suddenly Thursday, April 18, at the home. She is survived by her husband and three children, Timothy, Heidi and Johnny. Memorial services were to be held in Columbus Sunday.
     Kenneth Evans is the son of Hayden and Lois Lee Evans, natives of Greenfield Twp. He is the owner of the former Lee Farm in Greenfield Twp., where his aunt, Neva Lee Warneke, still resides.

Gallipolis Daily Tribune
Tuesday, April 23, 1974
Transcribed by Sandy L. Milliron

Evans, Deanna Jane

Services To Be Friday For Diana Jane Evans
     Funeral services for little Diana Jane Evans, 17-month-old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Evans of Cora will be held at the Cora Church at 10:30 Friday morning.
     Burial will be made in Old Pine Cemetery by Steve Thomas of Thurman.

[Note: Nov. 19, 1947 – April 20, 1949. She was the daughter of Lawrence & Daisy Taylor Evans.]

Gallipolis Daily Tribune (Pg. 3)
Thursday, April 21, 1949
Transcribed by Sandy Milliron

Evans, Dora

     Miss Dora Evans was born near Cora, Ohio, August 8, 1877, and died June 1, 1928, aged 50 years, 9 months and 23 days. She was the daughter of David R. and Rachel Davis Evans, who with her brother and sister have all gone to their reward.
     Dora became a member of the Siloam Congregational church when 12 years of age.  She lived in Rio Grande many years with her father, where we all enjoyed their hospitality. She became a member of Calvary Baptist church and was faithful in her church duties until her health failed, and since then has been a member of the Home Department of the Sunday School and enjoyed studying her Bible at home.
     Dora was never robust and strong, but has borne her burden with christian fortitude, always looking on the bright side of life, and she was never so happy as when her friends dropped in to spend an hour with her in pleasant conversation. She was interested in everything good, had a kind word for the children as well as the grown folks who passed her door.
     For four years she made her home with her uncle and aunt, Mr.and Mrs. James E. Davis, near Rio Grande, who have cared for her with the kindest devotion. Dora was so apppreciative of the little kindnesses tended her. She loved flowers, and enjoyed the higher things of life which help to mould a true christian character.      
     She has gone to meet her Heavenly Father and loved ones on the other shore. "Death to the christian is the funeral of all his sorrows and evils, and the resurrection of all his joys." "Death cannot come to him untimely, who is fit to die. The less of this cold world, the more of heaven. The briefer life, the earlier immortality." Funeral services were conducted by Rev. Dierks, asisted by Rev. Turner and Rev. Metzler,  at Tyn Rhos church on Sunday aftenoon, June 3. Burial in church cemetery by undertakers Davis & Thomas of Centerville.

Gallia Times
June 28, 1918
Transcribed by Nancy McMillan

Evans, Edith [Bean]

     GALLIPOLIS - Graveside services for Edith Bean Evans, Hightstown, N. J., will be Monday at 11:30 a.m. at Mound Hill cemetery. Mrs. Evans died at her home. Memorial services were held in the Hightstown Presbyterian Church.
     The Gallipolis native was the daughter of the late Dr. and Mrs. Lewis C. Bean.  She and her husband, the late Hugh Ivan Evans, were married in Rutland in 1914 while he was serving his first pastorate at the First Presbyterian Church in Gallipolis.
     She is survived by her son, the Rev. Hugh Bean Evans of Worthington, and her daughter, Mrs. Wallace Macgregor of Tiburon, Calif.; seven grandchildren; five great-grandchildren; one brother, Dr. Lewis A. Bean of Cocoa Beach, Fla.; and two nieces, Mrs. C. R. (Betty) McGinness of Gallipolis and Mrs. Theodore T. (Nancy) Reed, Jr. of Pomeroy. She was also preceded in death by one brother, Dr. Leo C. Bean.

[Note:  3/1/1891 - 12/7/1975]

Athens Sunday Messenger
February 29, 1976
Transcribed by Sandy L. Milliron

Evans, Edward L.

Edward Evans Died Suddenly Last Evening
Former Teacher Will Be Buried At Old Pine
     Edward L. Evans, former school teacher and well-known Perry tp. farmer, died last evening at his home on Raccoon between Cora and Route 141. Though by no means a rugged man in appearance, he had not been seriously ill and his death came as a shock to kinfolk and neighbors. He was 68 years old.
     Decedent was a son of the late Daniel (Snap) and Mary Price Evans and lived at the old homestead. He is survived by his wife, who was Dora Fellure, and two children, Hayward and Mary Anna, both at home.
Mr. Evans's teaching career covered a period of 35 years. Except for a short interval, he had lived on the farm were he was born and reared and where he died.
     Funeral services will be held at 2 o’clock at Old Pine church, in charge of Rev. Earl Cremeens. Interment there by Davis & Thomas.

[Note: From death certificate date of birth December 13, 1873; date of death April 30, 1941.]

Newspaper (prob. April or May 1941, Gallipolis) clipping found in the Simmerman files, Evans file, Bossard Library.
Transcribed by Debbie Carter Evans                                                                Top of Page

Evans, Eli

Eli Evans Died At Mill Creek Home Last Night
Beloved Church Worker Succumbs To Prolonged Illness in 69th Year
     Eli Evans, who had been ill and bedfast several years, died at 11 o'clock last night at his home on the Mill Creek road about two miles beyond Gallipolis. He suffered from tuberculosis and was in this 69th year.
     Mr. Evans was a member of the Epworth Methodist church, Gallipolis council of the American Mechanics, and the Daughters of America. He was a fine type of Christian and was praised today by Rev. H. M. Smith and others for his church work and his exemplary character. For years he served as superintendent of the Epworth Sunday school.
     Decedent was born at Evergreen and his age was computed to be 68 years, 9 months, 17 days. On Oct. 24, 1908, he married Ada Tipton, a sister of Rev. John Tipton. Five children of this union survive: Mrs. Carl Rinnert, and John Evans, both of Gallipolis; Joseph, Charles and Mary, at home.

[Note: From death certificate date of birth June 10, 1871; date of death March 27, 1940; father Alford Davis; mother Toma Clinger; burial Pine Street CE.]

Newspaper (prob. March 1940, Gallipolis) clipping found in the Simmerman files, Evans file, Bossard Library.
Transcribed by Debbie Carter Evans

Evans, Elizabeth [Rees]

Mrs. E. R. Evans Dies After Long Illness
     GALLIPOLIS - Mrs. Elizabeth Rees Evans, age 75, died at the home of her son, Ben R. Evans, principal of Washington School, after a long illness. Her husband, John Everett Evans, died last April 13.
     Born in Perry Township, Dec. 15, 1870, the daughter of David E. and Elizabeth Rees, Mrs. Evans had spent her entire life in Gallia County. Surviving besides the son here with whom she lived, are four other sons: David L. Evans, Columbus, John L., New Philadelphia; Thomas E., Phoenix, Arizona, and Francis Evans, Reynoldsburg, O.
     Funeral services will be held at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Ben R. Evans at Island Side, at 1 o’clock this afternoon. Burial will follow at Nebo Cemetery in Perry Township.

Athens Sunday Messenger
September 30, 1945
Transcribed by Sandy L. Milliron

Evans, Elizabeth M.

Mrs. D. E. Evans Dies In Columbus
     Mrs. Elizabeth M. Evans, 67, widow of David Elmer Evans, died Thursday in Grant Hospital, Columbus. She had made her home with her daughter; Mrs. Margaret E. Lyons, 452 E. Ennis Ave. Also surviving are a son, Stanley R. Evans, and a brother James G. Evans, both of near Patriot; two sisters, Mrs. B. C. Kennedy of Cincinnati and Mrs. Mary M. Davis of Logan.
     Funeral is being held this afternoon. Burial will be at Obetz.

[Note: From death certificate date of birth June 28, 1882; date of death July 28, 1949; father Daniel D. Evans; mother Elenor Griffith.]

Newspaper (prob. July 1949, Gallipolis) clipping found in the Simmerman files, Evans file, Bossard Library.
Transcribed by Debbie Carter Evans

Evans, Ellen [Rose]

Death of Mrs. Harry Evans
     Mrs. Ellen Rose Evans, wife of Harry Evans, died at her home on Neil Avenue, Wednesday, Jan. 2, 1924, at the age of 20 years. She leaves beside her husband, one child Harry Herbert, age 2 years, her father and two sisters, Mrs. Cora Timmons of Jackson and Jennie Rose of Point Pleasant; three brothers, William Rose of Columbus; Forest of Point Pleasant and Charles Rose of Gallipolis. Mrs Evans was a member of D of A Council No. 114.
     Funeral services will be Friday at 2 o'clock at Epworth M.E. Church. Burial by Wetherholt & Entsminer at Pine Street Cemetery.

[Note: Death Certificate...Ellen Marie Evans born 1904; died Jan. 2, 1924; aged 20 years 3 months and 23 days of age. Parents: Alfred Evans and Emma Benson.]

Gallipolis Daily Tribune
Feb. 2, 1924
Transcribed by F.K. Brown                                                                             Top of Page

Evans, Eunice

In Memory of Mrs. Eunice Evans
     On Monday night, May 24th, there died at Hoadley, Ohio, a noble woman, a woman that possessed a beautiful Christian character. She went in and out among us in her quiet, gentle way, with a kind word and a smile for everyone. Her presence was gentleness itself and her faith in God was strong. The influence of her life will abide.

Born in Wales
     Eunice Evans was born in North Wales Sept. 22, 1828 and died at Hoadley, Ohio, May 24, 1915; aged 86 years and 8 months. When but a year old she was brought to this country by her father and mother, John and Ann Lewis. They settled in Pittsburgh, PA, where her mother died. Later her father removed to a farm near Centerville, Ohio, where she spent her girlhood days.
     In 1852, she was united in marriage with David C. Evans at Cincinnati. They settled on a farm near Centerville. To this union were born four children, one dying in infancy. Dec. 7, 1860, the husband, a sainted man of God, was removed from her by death, leaving to her care three children, one son and two daughters. She did not repine or grow melancholy over the death of her dear one, but made her presence joy and sunshine in the home and devoted herself to the comfort and happiness of her children, bringing them up in the fear of the Lord. Virgil, the son, the pride and stay of her life, married and settled on the home farm. Ada, the youngest daughter, a beautiful young woman, became the wife of Thomas Lloyd of Hoadley. Mary Ann, attentive and affectionate, tenderly cared for the loved mother down to the close of her pilgrimage.

She Mothered Her Grandchildren
     After a few years of married life Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Lloyd were taken away by death, leaving three small children. This mother and daughter, "Aunt Anna" as the children called her, went into this home to care for the orphans. For love's dear sake, a mother dares and endures everything and the crown of her life is this love. Her strong, sweet, disposition helped her to meet bravely the unusual struggles of her life and she lived to see these three grandchildren reach the age of maturity, marry and settled in homes of their own. A saintly life of service is the precious heritage that is left them and today they with her own children "arise up and call her blessed".

A Church Member From Girlhood
     In her girlhood she united with the Baptist Church at Ebenezer. After her marriage she transferred her membership to the M.E. Church at New Zion and later to the C.M. Church at Peniel. She was always loyal to the church and faithful attendant as long as she was able. She loved all that pertained to the church. She loved to read and kept in touch with all the events of the day, but the Bible was the dearest book of all.

A Widow Fifty-Five Years
     She was a widow for fifty-five years. In loneliness she walked life's journey, yet not alone. The chastenings of sorrow that came to her seemed to have brought her into a very close companionship with her Savior and she walked and talked with Jesus. Her quiet, calm confidence that God would take care of his own, dispelled all doubt and gloom and her life was a continued exemplification that the Lord will keep in perfect peace one whose mind and heart is stayed with Him.

Just A Step Into Another Country
     And when His call came, it was just a step into the country where so many of her loved ones await her. We will not mourn, but rejoice that she has been liberated into a larger life by this angel of death.
She has left, a dear sister, Mrs. D.S. Jones, of Centerville, two children, nine grandchildren and four great-grandchildren and a large circle of relatives and friends.
     We are glad today to bring our tribute of love to the memory of Aunt Eunice, the memory of whom will linger long as a sweet fragrance. Her life was a true, a brace and a beautiful one and as we look today upon these silver locks, these toil worn hands, we know they belong to one who is worthy to be ranked as having been one of the great workers in the vineyard of the Lord.

[Note: Died of Acute Gastritis. Burial at Peniel Cemetery in Greenfield Township]

Scrapbook Collection - Publication unknown
May, 1915
Transcribed by F.K. Brown                                                                             Top of Page

Evans, Evan

     DIED - April 23, 1883, of apoplexy, Mr. Evan Evans (Soar). Mr. Evans was born in Cardigan Shire, Wales, March, 1806. In 1840, he and his family emigrated to America. They came down the Ohio from Pittsburgh and selected their home in Perry Township. During his life, Mr. Evans was industrious and economical; consequently he accumulated considerable wealth. He was twice married. Of the first marriage he had eleven children—seven girls and four boys—of whom six are alive.
     Ten years ago he married Mrs Sarah Evans, who survives him. Mr Evans was a christian over forty years. He was one of the nine persons who founded Tyn ‘Rhos Church. He was a faithful member and served as deacon for many years. About Christmas, 1881, he had a stroke from which he never fully recovered. The second stroke was about a year ago. The third with scarcely a moment’s warning terminated his life. The funeral exercises were conducted by Revs. J A Davis, R Richards, G W Mason and Jenkin Reese. A FRIEND.

[Note: Buried in Tyn Rhos Cemetery in Perry Township]

Gallipolis Journal
Thursday, May 17, 1883
Transcribed by Suzanne Giroux

Evans, Evan H. ‘Evie’

     GROVEPORTEvan H. ‘Evie’ Evans, 85, went to meet God on Labor Day, Monday, September 4, 2000. Born in Oak Hill on May 9, 1915 to Mary Ann Hopkins and Joe I. Evans of the Welsh Moriah Community, Evie was a graduate of Oak Hill High School.
     He held undergraduate degrees from the University of Rio Grande and The Ohio State University, and a graduate degree from Ohio University. He was a dedicated longtime educator in southern Ohio, having taught elementary school in the Moriah area and Rio Grande. He was a math instructor at Washington Elementary School in Gallipolis, and later became principal. His last career years were spent as an administrator in the Hamilton Township Schools in Franklin County.
     Evie was a veteran of the U. S. Military, having spent two years, 1944-46, in the Navy as a Communications Officer. He was a member of the Walnut Hill Methodist Church and the Masonic Lodge at Thurman.
     Evie is survived by his beloved wife, Maxine Wickline Evans; his son, Kent Evans and wife, Diana; his daughter, Shirley Evans Crothers; and grandchildren, Erin and Kyle Evans. He is also survived by a brother, Paul B. Evans. He was preceded in death by his parents and two brothers, Joseph Evans and Kenneth Evans.
     Evie is remembered as a man of impeccable integrity lovingly devoted to his family; generous with his family, friends and those in need; and a loved role model for his children and grandchildren.
     Services will be Friday, September 8, 2000 at 2 p.m. in Walnut Hill Methodist Church, Rathmell Road. Friends may call at Myers Funeral Home, Groveport, from 6-9 p.m. Thursday, September 7, 2000, and at the church one half-hour prior to the service. Graveside services will be Friday, September 8, 2000 at 4:30 p.m. in Calvary Baptist Church Cemetery, Rio Grande. Memorial contributions may be made to Walnut Hill United Methodist Church.

Gallipolis Daily Tribune
Wednesday, September 6, 2000
Transcribed by Sandy L. Milliron

Evans, Gladys Fern [Jenkins]

Mrs. Evans, 66, Claimed Unexpectedly
     Mrs. Gladys Fern Evans, 66, a resident of 145 Garfield Ave., died unexpectedly at 11:55 a.m. Sunday (5 April, 1970) while entering the Holzer Medical Center where she planned to eat lunch. She apparently suffered a heart attack.
     Mrs. Evans was born April 28, 1903, in Lawrence County, the daughter of the late Nathan Jenkins and Emma Korn Jenkins. Her husband Walter preceded her in death in 1952. Survivors include a son, Walter, Crown City; two daughters, Mrs. Curt Clark of Ridgecrest, Cal., and Mrs. Herman Sims of Eureka, 11 grand and six great grandchildren. Surviving brothers and sisters are Russell Jenkins of Bakersfield, Cal., Ralph of Mt. Sterling; Howard of Cleveland and Cecil of St. Petersburg, Fla.; Mrs. Irene Puckett of Mt. Sterling and Mrs. Edna Townsend of Kitts Hill.
     She was a former resident of the Eureka community and a member of First Baptist Church, Gallipolis chapter of the Eastern Star, American Legion Auxiliary, white Shrine and Pythian Sisters. Funeral services are scheduled for 1 p.m. Wednesday at the Waugh-Halley-Wood Funeral Home with Rev. Joseph Chapman officiating. Interment will be in Mound Hill Cemetery. Calling hours will be held at the funeral home from 2-4 and 7-9 Tuesday

Scrapbook clipping
Gallipolis newspaper 1970
Mary James                                                                                               Top of Page

Evans, Gomer

     Died, on Friday, March 29th, 1863, in Centreville, Gallia county, O., Gomer, son of Daniel T. and Susannah Evans, aged 2 years, 5 months, and 19 days. "Suffer the little children to come unto me, and forbid them not, for of such is the kingdom of God."

The Gallipolis Journal
April 2, 1863
Transcribed by Eva Swain Hughes

Evans, H. Claude

     H. Claude Evans, 85, Gallipolis, died Monday, May 27, 1996 in Holzer Medical Center. Born December 25, 1910 in Covington, Virginia, son of the late Robert Lee Evans and Anna Dove Plymale Evans, he retired in 1974 from the Williams Energy Bottle Gas Company.
     He was a member of Masonic Lodge 468, Eureka, Commandry-79, Order of the Eastern Star 283, and attended the First Baptist Church of Gallipolis.
     He was preceded in death in 1992 by his wife, Beatrice Eileen Fowler Evans, whom he married December 30, 1933 in Greenup, Kentucky. He was also preceded by four brothers, John Evans, Tim Evans, Basil, Wilford and cousin Estus Plymale.
     Surviving are two daughters, and a son-in-law, Marlene and Farrell Houck of Gallipolis, and Juanita E. Dailey of Gallipolis; a son and daughter-in-law, D. Dean and Henny Cherrington Evans of Gallipolis; six grandchildren, Mrs. Monna (Bill) Phillips, Mrs. Cherie (Justin) Smith, Mrs. Mandy (Rob) Goble, Jane Dailey, Billy Evans and David Evans; five great grand-children, Allen and Greg Phillips, Eric and Michelle Goble, and Joshua Smith; three sisters, Ruby Houck of Gallipolis, Erma Evans of Gallipolis, and Virginia Hoyt of Pomeroy; and a sister-in-law, Gertrude Evans of Gallipolis.
     Services will be 1 p.m. Friday, May 31, 1996 in the Willis Funeral Home, with Pastor Archie Conn officiating. Burial will be in Mound Hill Cemetery. Friends may call at the funeral home from 6-9 p.m. Thursday, May 30, 1996. Masonic services will be conducted at the funeral home at 8:30 p.m. Thursday,May 30, 1996 by Masonic Lodge 469, Eureka.

Gallipolis Daily Tribune
May 28, 1996
Transcribed by Henny Evans

Evans, Harry

     Harry Evans, one of the twin sons of Harry S. Evans, son of the ex-Presiding Elder of the Gallipolis district, died of membranous croup in Columbus Thursday morning at about 7 o’clock.

[Note: 1888, Fremont, Neb.  – Jan. 30, 1896; Age 8 yrs. His mother was Amelia Evans.]

Gallipolis Daily Tribune (Pg. 3)
Friday, January 31, 1896
Transcribed by Sandy Milliron

Evans, Henrietta Cherrington

     Henrietta Cherrington Evans (Henny), age 73, passed away on Monday, November 20th, 2017 at her home surrounded by her family after a brief battle with cancer. Henny was born and lived in Gallipolis, and spent the majority of her life giving back to the community through her work at the Gallia County Genealogical Society OGS, St. Peter’s Episcopal Church, The Gallia County Metropolitan Housing board, The Gallia County Charitable Trust Foundation, and many others that were dear to her heart. Henny earned a BA degree from Denison University and worked as a teacher for a few years. She is a published author of numerous books about Gallipolis and genealogy, and was an accomplished researcher in her field.
     Henny was married to D. Dean Evans in 1966 and in a few years, moved to Columbus where Dean earned his law degree. They returned to Gallipolis shortly after graduation and their first son, Billy, was born and four years later, David, was added to the family. The Evans family expanded with Kirsten (Billy), daughter-in-law, and Jenny (David), daughter-in-law and 4 grandchildren, Luke, Levi, Elle and Anna.
     Henny is survived by her mother Mary Lisbeth Cherrington, and sister Lisbeth Cherrington (Krista Dunton) and, brother-in-law, Tom Moulton Sr. and nieces/nephews, Tom Mouton Jr., Libby Moulton, Molly Fitzwater, Abby Fitzwater, Grady Cherrington-Dunton and Daisy Cherrington-Dunton. She was preceded in death by her father, William Cherrington and her sister Susanne Moulton.
     Henny will be remembered for her dedication to her charity work, her genealogy research, and her greatest roles of; daughter, sister, wife, mother and grandmother. She was adored by her family, and especially her grandchildren.
     Calling hours to celebrate Henny’s life will be at the Willis Funeral Home, Gallipolis, on Friday Nov. 24th from 1 -4 p.m. Funeral services will be at St. Peter’s Episcopal Church, Gallipolis, at 10 a.m. Sat. In lieu of flowers, memorials may be made in Henny’s name to St. Peter’s Episcopal Church and the Gallipolis Genealogical Society.

Gallia Herald
November 21, 2017

Evans, James Robert

J. Bob Evans
     Memorial services for James Robert (J. Bob) Evans Saturday 1 p.m. at Waugh-Halley Wood Funeral Home. Rev. John Davis officiating. Burial is in Calvary Cemetery. Military graveside rites will be by Post 4464 VFW. Honorary pallbearers will be Virgil Cross, Clyde Evans, Casby Meadows, Merrill Null, Charles Shaver and E. M. Wiseman.

[Note: Born: 30 January 1927 Died: 20 February 1990]

Gallipolis Tribune
Unknown date
Transcribed by Marian Schoonover

J. Bob Evans
     James Robert (J. Bob) Evans 64, of Route 4 Gallipolis, died Tuesday at his residence. Born Jan. 30 1926 in Gallia County, he was a son of Mary Jane Evans of Oak Hill and the late David Wendall Evans. Also surviving are his former wife Verna Carolyn Bryan Evans; five sons, Bryan Robert Evans, Danny Ronald Evans, and Glenn Alan Evans all of Gallipolis, Thomas Kurz of Talmadge, Ohio and David Kurz of Athens, Ohio; five grandchildren; two brothers, Wayne Evans of Circleville, Ohio and Glendon (Cap) Evans of Whitehall, Ohio.
     He was a retired vocational agriculture teacher and a principal in the Gallia County Local School System. He was a member of Simpson Chapel United Methodist Church. He attended Rio Grande College, graduated from Ohio State University and was a member of Centerville F&AM Lodge 371 where he was a past master; also, he was a member of VFW Post 4464, Disabled American Veterans, America Legion Post 27, Ohio Retired Teachers Association; former president of the Gallia County Teachers Association, Elks Lodge 107; Ohio State University Alumni Association; honorary Kentucky Colonel and former mayor of Rio Grande. He was a World War II Navy Veteran.
     Memorial services will be conducted 1 p.m. Saturday at Waugh- Halley-Wood Funeral Home, with burial in Calvary Baptist Cemetery in Rio Grande. Full military rites will be presented at the grave- side. The family will receive friends at the funeral home on Saturday from noon until the time of the service.

Gallipolis Dailey Tribune
Wednesday, February 21, 1990
Transcribed by Marian Schoonover

Evans, James G. (Griffith)

James G. Evans Dies At Patriot
     James G. Evans, 74, died Monday morning at the home of Stanley Evans, Patriot. He had been in ill health for several months. He was born July 16, 1879, near Patriot, the son of Daniel D. and Eleanor Griffiths Evans, both deceased.
     He was a member of Salome Church and received his 50-year pin last year from the Patriot Masonic Lodge. He was a retired farmer and had never married. Surviving are two sisters, Mrs. B. C. (Sarah) Kennedy, Cincinnati, and Mrs. Daniel M. (Mary) Davis, Logan.
     Masonic services will be held at the Evans' residence at 8 p.m. Tuesday. Funeral services will be at 2 p.m., Wednesday in the Mebo [sic- should be Nebo] Church, with Rev. Earl Cremeens officiating. Burial will be in the Mebo [sic] Cemetery, in charge of the Thomas Funeral Home.

[Note: From death certificate his full name was James Griffith Evans; date of death September 7, 1953.]

Newspaper (prob. September 1953) clipping found in the Simmerman files, Evans file, Bossard Library.
Transcribed by Debbie Carter Evans                                                                Top of Page

Evans, James Harmon

     James Harmon Evans, 72, Ewington, died at 2:45 p.m. Monday at his residence. Born Nov. 25, 1909, in Centerpoint (Tyn Rhos community), he was the son of the late Thomas and Sadie Sharp Evans.
     Surviving is his wife, Kathryn Thompson Evans; a daughter, Mrs. Bradley (Virginia) Harder of Ewington; three grandchildren and one great-grandchild; and a sister, Mrs. Helen Meadows of Columbus. He was also preceded in death by a brother and sister.
     Funeral services will be held at 1 p.m. Thursday in the McCoy-Moore Funeral Home, Vinton, with the Rev. C. J. Lemley officiating. Burial will be in Tyn Rhos Cemetery. Friends may call at the funeral home from 4-6 and 7-9 p.m. Wednesday.

Gallipolis Daily Tribune
Tuesday, March 30, 1982
Transcribed by Sandy L. Milliron

Evans, James W.

     James Wilford Evans, 80, of Lower River Road, Gallipolis, died Monday at his residence. Born Jan. 27, 1909 in Covington, Va., he was a son of the late Robert Lee Evans and Anna Dove Plymale Evans.
     Surviving are his wife, Mary Gertrude Bain Evans, whom he married May 5, 1934, in Cattletsburg, Ky.; one son, Jerry Evans of Gallipolis; two daughters, Mrs. Paul Dean (Jean) Niday of PSR, Gallipolis, and Mrs. Paul (Joyce) Watters of Mt. Vernon, Ohio; eight grandchildren; two step-grandchildren; and three great-grandchildren.
     Also surviving are one brother, Claude Evans of Gallipolis; and three sisters, Virginia Hoyt of Pomeroy, Ruby Houck of Gallipolis, and Erma Evans of Gallipolis. He was preceded in death by four brothers and one son, Charles Dean Evans.
     He was a member of Ohio Chapel Church, Gallia Masonic Lodge 469 in Eureka of which he was a 50-year member, Chapter Council and Commandry 79, and the Scottish Rite Valley of Columbus.
     Services will be conducted Thursday, 2 p.m., Waugh-Halley-Wood Funeral Home, the Rev. Rick Vilardo officiating. Burial follows in Mound Hill Cemetery. Friends may call at the funeral home Wednesday, 4 o 6 p.m. and 7 to 9 p.m. Masonic services will be Wednesday, 8:30 p.m., by Gallia Lodge 469 Eureka.
In lieu of flowers, contributions may be sent to the Senior Citizens Center, P.O. Box 411, Gallipolis, or Christ United Methodist Church.

[Note: Born - January 27, 1909; Died - March 13, 1989; Buried - Mound Hill Cemetery; Services March 16, 1989, by Rev. Rick Vilardo, directed by Fred, Joan and Gene Wood Funeral Directors]

Gallipolis paper
March 14, 1989
Transcribed by Irene Hively Blamer                                                                  Top of Page

Evans, John

     John Evans, a Welchman, who was in the employ of Capt. Levering, U. S. Quartermaster at Gauley Bridge, died at the Hospital in Charleston, Va., about the 1st of June last.  His effects are in the hands of Capt. H. H. Boggress, Quartermaster at that place.  It was believed that the friends reside in Gallia County.  If so, any of them seeing this notice will please call on Capt. Boggress for further particulars.

Gallipolis Journal
July 10, 1862
Transcribed by Joanne Galvin

Evans, John

     John E. Evans, 71, Rt. 2, Gallipolis, died at 6 p.m. Sunday in Holzer Medical Center. He had been in failing health the past three months. A retired teacher and farmer, Mr. Evans was born Oct. 4, 1902, in Covington, Va., son of the late Robert L. and Anna Plymale Evans.
     He married Kathleen Perkins on Aug. 27, 1930. She preceded him in death on Jan. 1, 1960. Two sons survive: Edward Evans, Rt. 2, Bidwell and Jimmy Evans, Rt. 1, Gallipolis. Four grandchildren survive. The following brothers and sisters survive: Basil Evans, Rt. 2, Gallipolis; Tim Evans, Gallipolis; Wilford Evans, Eureka Star Route; Claude Evans, Gallipolis; Mrs. Robert (Ruby) Houck, Gallipolis; Mrs. Les (Erma) Evans, Gallipolis, and Mrs. Arthur (Virginia) Hoyt, Pomeroy.
     He spent most of his life in Gallia County. He attended Christ United Methodist Church. He was a member of the Gallia Masonic Lodge and a Past Master of that lodge. He was a member of the Chapter Council and Commandery, Gallipolis. He attended New River Tech at Montgomery, W. Va., and Rio Grande College.
     Funeral services will be held 1 p.m. Wednesday at the Waugh-Halley-Wood Funeral Home with Rev. Albert MacKenzie officiating. Burial will be in Mound Hill Cemetery. Friends may call at the funeral home from 2-4 and 7-9 p.m. Tuesday. Masonic services will be conducted by the Gallia Lodge 7:20 p.m. Tuesday.

Unknown publication
June 23, 1974
Contributed by Jacquelyn Woolley                                                                   Top of Page

Evans, John Albert

     While visiting a sick neighbor a few days ago the deceased remarked, "We meet to part, we are here today, but gone tomorrow. How true are the words of Job; what a few days are calm, then I shall gaze away whence I shall not return."
     Mr. John Albert Evans, the son of Daniel and Mary Evans was born near Cora, Gallia County August 5, 1863 and departed this life at his home Feb. 18, 1936 being at the time of his decease set 72 years, 4 months and 13 days of age. The departed was one of a family of five sons. Two sons, David and Will preceded him in death. There remain to mourn the loss of their brother, Thomas, Columbus, Ohio, and Edward living at the old homestead.
     On April 4, 1901 he was united in marriage with Anna Thomas. To this union were born six children, two of whom have preceded him to the Land Beyond, Roy in 1926, Rees in 1931. There are left to mourn his departure, his devoted wife, two sons, Howell and Lawrence at home and two daughters, Mrs. Wendell Evans, Rio Grande; Anna Mae at home. Also three grandchildren, Glendon, Robert and Wayne.
     Mr. Evans United with Cora M. E. Church during a revival under the pastorate of Rev. Roush. He was a faithful attendant at all is church services where he will be greatly missed. He spent his leisure hours at home reading his Bible and singing hymns. By having a good memory became well-versed in Scripture. He was a great lover of good singing. He was very industrious, always finding some errands to do to keep him busy, they're not in the best of health for several years.
     Mr. Evans will be greatly missed in the Cora community by all his neighbors and friends, but most of all he will be sadly missed in his home, because when members of his family returned home he was always found there. His departure from this life to the Great Beyond was very sudden and a great shock to his family and neighbors, this similar to several others of his close relatives, but he often expressed he hoped he could pass on to the life eternal that way.

There is sorrow in our hearts today,
There is sadness on her brow,
For he, the left, has passed away
And we are mourning now,
The eyes at once did sparkle bright
The hand that clasped our own
No more shall gladden our site
Our beloved has gone.
Oh, May the sorrow that does press
Our spirit down today,
So minister that it may bless,
Us on our Pilgrim way;
And as our friend shall one by one
Leave earth, above to dwell,
Oh, say to God, "Thy will be done
thou dost all things well."

[Note: Buried Old Pine Cemetery Raccoon Township]

Unknown publication and date
Transcribed by Jessica L. Weber

Evans, John D.

     Mr. John D. Evans of Centerville, died at Coalton, Ohio, last Friday week; preparations were made for his burial at Ebenezer cemetery, but a message reached here Sunday morning, (June 11) stating that his body could not be removed and that it was interred in the Coalton cemetery. He leaves a wife, five children and many friends to mourn their loss.

Gallipolis Journal
Thursday, June 22, 1882
Transcribed by Suzanne Giroux

Evans, John Everett Sr.

Death Comes To Jno. E. Evans Sr. At Early Hour This Morning
Scion Of Family Long Active And Prominent Here
     John Everett Evans Sr., retired stockman and farmer, died at 1:45 a.m. this morning at 1026 Second Ave. There he and Mrs. Evans, who was invalided a decade ago by paralysis made their home since 1941 with his son, Principal of the Washington Schools Ben R. Evans and his family.
     It was last May the elder Mr. Evans suffered a cerebral hemorrhage from which he never fully recovered. Yet he had gained weight and was moving about yesterday on the premises. His last illness developed about midnight.

Nearing 77 Birthday
     John Everett Evans, was a sturdy, industrious, successful, capable and honest businessman and farmer. He was a pleasant, genial man and his acquaintanceship was county-wide. He was highly esteemed as a citizen, as a neighbor and as a friend and at times when deeply interested he wielded a big influence in local polities. His kinfolk constitute an outstanding segment in the business life of this county.
Decedent's birthday was April 19, 1868 and, hence, he lacked but six days of attaining his 77th birthday. He was a son of John Lewis Wendell Evans, whose home was in Greenfield Twp. and at what was then Holcomb post office, and who operated a mill and a big farm on Symmes Creek. The mother was Sarah Davis Evans.
     On Oct., 25, 1899, John Everett and Elizabeth E. Rees were united in marriage and most of the following years were spent on his farm - the one-time Hanson farm on Route 141 in Perry Twp. There they reared these five sons, who survive: Ben R., already mentioned; David L. Evans, Columbus; John L. W. Evans, New Philadelphia, O.; Thomas E., Phoenix, Arizona, and Francis Evans, Reynoldsburg, O. There are eight grandchildren and one brother and three sisters, to-wit: Ben F. Evans, Gallipolis; Mrs. Lloyd Owens, Oak Hill; Mrs. Alice Jones, wife of Senator Thomas W. Jones, Middleport, and Mrs. Stanley Davis, Omaha, Neb.
     Two brothers and a sister preceded John Everett in death. They were Lewis of Cadmus, Mrs. Charlotte Griffith of Gallipolis R.D. (Green Twp.), and Luther O. of Twin Falls, Idaho. Lewis was the oldest of eight and the father of the Evans brothers who have achieved unusual success here in the grocery and allied businesses.
     Until he became partially disabled by a stroke last year, Mr. Evans tenderly and capably cared for his invalid wife and to the last he continued to be helpful in that labor of love. Mr. Evans was a Mason, a member of Siloam Church, and of the Grange.

Rites on Sunday
     Short funeral services will be held at the Evans Home at 1:30 (fast time) Sunday afternoon. Then the body will be taken to Nebo, where final services will be held an hour later and where interment will be made by Stephen Thomas of Thurman.

[Note: From death certificate date of death April 13, 1945.]

Newspaper clipping found in the Simmerman files, Evans file, Bossard Library.
Gallipolis Daily Tribune
Friday, April 13, 1945
Transcribed by Debbie Carter Evans                                                                Top of Page

Evans, John H.

John H. Evans, Teacher, Dies Near Bladen
Had Taught 34 Years And Was Active Lodge Man-Funeral Held Today
By A. C. Safford
     A great surprise and sudden shock to all was the news that John H. Evans, well-known citizen of Bladen and teacher in our City schools, had passed away at his home (near the site of the home where he was born) on Saturday, Jan. 27, at 4 p.m., aged 55 years, 10 months, 21 days.
     He was the son of J.S. and Mary Irion Evans, and was born March 6, 1884. Surviving are his wife, Augusta, and one son, Jack, at home, one son Waldo having passed away in 1922. He leaves one sister, Mrs. Dr. Joseph Webster, she being the last one of the family remaining. Mrs. Deane Irion Carter, wife of Dr. Otto Carter, was a niece of Mr. Evans and was raised by Mr. and Mrs. Evans and was greatly endeared to them, the same as one of their own, will greatly mourn his passing, having lost a great and true friend.
     Mr. Evans was united in marriage with Miss Augusta Sigler, daughter of Aleck and Charlotte Sigler June 2, 1910. Soon after their marriage they went to Idaho, where he taught school for six years. Returning home, he taught school in this county in all, 34 years, eight of which was in our City schools, always with evident satisfaction, a most excellent record and splendid teacher.
     He was a member of the Baptist Church of this city and his funeral services will be held at his home on Swan Creek Monday, January 29, at 2 p.m. with Rev. George Sagen of the Baptist Church and Rev. C.E. Thayer, who was formerly of his home church, officiating.
     He was a valuable member of the Swan Creek Grange near his home. He was a member of Gallia Lodge F. & A.M. No. 469, having served several times as Master of this lodge and was well versed in the principles of Masonry, wise in his counsel to his brethren who held him in highest esteem. The Masonic service will be used at the services. The pall bearers will be S.R. Gilmore, Walter Davis, Don Dose, Lee Rose, Lincoln Call and William Chambers, his own selection.

[Note: From death certificate year of death 1940; burial at Mound Hill CE.]

Gallipolis newspaper
January 29, 1940
Transcribed by Lynn Anders

Evans, John L.

John L. Evans, 58, Retired Businessman, Died Tuesday
     John L. Evans, 58, of 619 Second Ave., Gallipolis, retired businessman, community leader, war veteran, and sportsman, died at 6:45 p. m. Tuesday shortly after being admitted to the Holzer Medical Center.
Mr. Evans had been in failing health the past five years. He was an executive of the Evans Grocery Co., having served that firm 37 years before retiring eight years ago. Shortly after his retirement from the Evans Grocery Co., Mr. Evans became part owner of Ruths Floral Shop.
     Mr. Evans known as “Johnny Bull” by many of his friends, was active in numerous community affairs. He was member of the First Presbyterian Church and a church elder. He was also a member of the Elks Lodge, Veterans of Foreign Wars, charter member of the Gallipolis Kiwanis Club, Gallipolis Golf Club, Gallia County Gum Club and the Gallia County Farm Bureau. During World War II, Mr. Evans, a member of the U. S. Army, was held prisoner by the Germans, for 8 ½ months.
     Mr. Evans was born Aug. 21, 1914, in Gallia County son of the late Benjamin F. and Elizabeth Williams Evans. He married Fern Slagle on Aug. 20, 1939, in Gallipolis. She survives, along with two daughters and one son, Mrs. Russell (Charlene) Morgan, Columbus: Mrs. Wilson (Jackie) Soltman, Cadillac, Mich.: Jay Lowell Evans, Columbus and Mrs. Floyd (Ceola) Irion, Columbus.
     Funeral services will be held 2 p. m.  Friday at the First Presbyterian Church with Rev. Glen R. Hueholt and Rev. Linson H. Stebbins officiating. Burial will be in Mound Hill Cemetery. Friends may call at the Waugh-Halley-Wood Funeral Home between 3-5 and 7-9 p. m Thursday. In lieu of flowers the family requests contributions to the Memorial Fund of the First Presbyterian Church. The body will be taken to the church at 1 p.m. Friday to lie in state one hour prior to the services.

Gallipolis Tribune
May 15, 1973
Transcribed by J. Farley

Evans, John Miles

Hold Graveside Rites For John Evans
     Graveside services for John Miles Evans, 52, who died in New Orleans, La., Sunday will be held in Fairview Cemetery at Centerpoint at 1 p.m. Saturday. Rev. Charles Cordle will officiate and Masonic services will be a part of the last rites. Friends may call at the Steve Thomas Funeral Home after noon Friday until the hour of the service.
     Evans was born on Sept. 1, 1905 at Centerpoint, the son of the late Mr. and Mrs. L. Charles Evans. He was one of a family of musicians, and after his graduation from Rio Grande High School, he attended the Oberlin College Conservatory of Music.
     He served in World War II in the Pacific theatre, and was wounded on the island of Leyete. Following his army service, he was engaged in the electrical business in Birmingham, Ala., later going to New Orleans where at the time of his death, he was in the firm of Wallace-Evans and Mannequin.
     He is survived by his wife, Etta Evans and two brothers, and a sister. Phillip Evans of Dayton, Malwyn of Cleveland and Mrs. Charles (Margaret) B. Edwards of Mt. Airy, Md.

Gallipolis Daily Tribune
Thursday, August 14, 1958
Transcribed by Sandy L. Milliron                                                                      Top of Page

Evans, John S.

J. S. Evans, 85, Dies at Home of Son, Henry
Funeral services Will Be Held At Bethel Church, Back Of Bladen 2 Wednesday
     John S. Evans, a leading and lifelong resident of Ohio tp., died early Monday at the home of his son, J. Henry Evans, back of Bladen. Though he had suffered a week or more from the flu, the end came suddenly. He had risen from his bed and eaten some dinner and then sat down in a rocking chair and quickly expired.
     For some time Mr. Evans, who was 85, had divided his time between the homes of his son and one daughter, Mrs. J. S. Webster. Mrs. Evans died four or five years ago.
     Decedent was born on the farm where he died and on which he had spent his long life. He was highly respected and esteemed for his exemplary character and was a man of impressive appearance and mien. He was a son of Evan Evans.
     Despite his prominence, The Tribune found it difficult indeed to obtain much biographical data concerning Mr. Evan’s life and death, nor did it get full particulars about the funeral arrangements. It is said the funeral services will be held at Bethel at 2 Wednesday.

[Note: From gravemarker date of birth June 1864; date of death March 1939.]

Newspaper unknown.
From collection of and transcribed by Debbie Carter Evans

Evans, Kathleen [Perkins]

     Mrs. John Edward Evans, 52, the former Kathleen Perkins, died at 11 a.m. New Year’s Day in Holzer Hospital after a distressing illness.  She had been hospitalized for 83 days and suffered from a heart condition and other complications.  She was born in Harrison Twp. on Jan. 28, 1907 and was the daughter of the late Jeff Perkins, and she is survived by her mother, Myrtie Perkins Jones.  Members of her immediate family who survive are a sister and two brothers, Mrs. Charles (Marjorie) Bane of Lower River Rd., Merrill of Rt. 218 and Kenneth at the home place.  She attended  Gallia Academy High School and was graduated in the class of 1925.  She met and married John Edward Evans on Aug. 27, 1930.  He retired recently from teaching at Clay School.  Two sons who survive are Jimmie Evans, of the Gallia County Stabilization and Conservation office and who lives at home and Edward of Gallipolis, who is employed at the atomic plant in Pike County.
     Mrs. Evans was a member of the Ohio Chapel Methodist Church, and the Ohio Valley Grange.  Services will be held at 2 p.m. Monday at Miller’s Home for Funerals.  Rev. Warren H. Wilson will officiate, and burial will be in Mound Hill Cemetery  Friends may call at the funeral home Sunday afternoon and until the hour of the service.

Gallipolis Daily Tribune
January 1, 1960
Transcriber by Eva Swain Hughes

Evans, Katie

   On Thursday afternoon, September 8, 1898, Miss Katie Evans, of Holcomb, was visited by death.  She had been ill about four weeks with typhoid fever.  She was a member of Bethel M. E. Church, and a lady beloved by all her acquaintances.  Funeral and burial took place at Nebo Church last Saturday morning, at 10 o'clock.

[Note: Buried Nebo Cemetery]

Gallipolis Bulletin
Sept 17, 1898
Transcribed by Maxine Marshall                                                                       Top of Page

Evans, Lewis

Aged Lewis Evans of Bladen Dies Suddenly

     Lewis Evans, aged 86, highly respected and lifelong resident of Ohio tp. died suddenly on Saturday afternoon while seated on the front porch of his home a short distance this side of Bladen. He had been about as well as usual say his neighbors and kinfolk.
     Funeral services at 2 o’clock today at Bethel, with burial by the Stevers Funeral Service. Mr. Evans is survived by two daughters, Mrs. J. C. Wills, whose home is a hundred yards or so of her father’s, and Mrs. A. L. Waugh, living in Oregon.
     He is also survived by one brother, John S. Evans of the same township.

Gallipolis Daily Tribune
October 9, 1933
Transcribed by Henny Evans

Evans, Lewis E.

Death of Lew Evans
     Mr. Lew Evans of Perry township died Friday, today, of pneumonia, leaving wife and 11 children, brother Ben of Green township, brother Luther of Nebraska, and sisters, Mrs. Tom Jones of Middleport, Mrs. Griffith of Green township, Mrs. Lloyd of Raccoon township and also a brother John of Green township, and another sister, Frances, who whereabouts we do not know. He is said to have been a very fine man.

Gallipolis Daily Tribune
Friday, December 29, 1911
Transcribed by Sandy L. Milliron

Evans, Lucinda [Warner]

Death of Mrs. Evans
     Mrs. John Evans, of Cheshire died the morning of April 8, after an illness of a month. Her illness begun with pneumonia which terminated in paralysis. She was in her 70th year leaving four sons living, J. Q., T. A., W. N., and W. B. Evans, her husband having died four years ago.
     She was a member of the M. E. Church and very devoted to it. She was a kind hearted, highly respected lady, whose death will be greatly mourned by all who knew her. Rev. Peitsmyer conducted her funeral services which were largely attended.

[Note: Feb. 18, 1827 – April 8, 1896. She is buried in Gravel Hill Cemetery.]

Gallipolis Daily Tribune (Pg. 3)
Saturday, April 11, 1896
Transcribed by Sandy Milliron

Evans, Maggie [Walters]

Aged Mrs. Evans Funeral Is Today
     Mrs. Maggie Evans, 85, wife of William Evans, who died Saturday afternoon at the home of her sister, Mrs. Rebeca Baterman on Brandstetter Heights, was buried in the Maddy Cemetery this afternoon. The last rites were conducted by Rev. E. C. Venz at her home on Georges Creek (known as the Trackler place).
     Mrs. Evans was the daughter of Thomas R. and Elizabeth Jones Walters and in addition to her husband and Mrs. Baterman, she also leaves another sister, Mrs. Lena Bostic, who lives on Kanawha. A. E. Tope was the funeral director.

Gallipolis Daily Tribune
Monday, August 26, 1940
Transcribed by Sandy L. Milliron

Evans, Margaret [Lewis]

Mrs. Evans, 94, Succumbs After Illness
     Mrs. Margaret Lewis Evans, 94, died Tuesday at the home of her son-in-law and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas L. Williams at 73 Cedar St. Her death followed a lingering illness. She was born on Dec. 23, 1871, and was the widow of David C. Evans, who preceded her in death in 1951. She had resided for 65 years in the Peniel community, and was a native of Jackson county, having been born at Sardis, daughter of the late John R. and Susan Edwards Lewis.
     She is survived by two daughters and a son, Mrs. Elizabeth Jane Davis and Richard A Evans, both of Columbus. The son is a Columbus funeral director, and the daughter here. Other survivors are two sisters and a brother, Mrs. Susie Minich of Dayton, Mrs. Edna Koehler, Gallipolis, and Jackson County Sheriff John E. Evans of Jackson. Two half-brothers and a half-sister also survive.
     Services will be held at 2 p.m. Friday at the Sardis Church of which she was a member. Rev. J. Arthur Hanna will officiate. Burial will be in Sardis Cemetery. Friends may call at the Hughes Funeral Home, Oak Hill.

Gallipolis Daily Tribune
Thursday, December 30, 1965
Transcribed by Sandy L. Milliron

Evans, Mary

Death of Mrs. Evans
      Mrs. Mary Evans, of near Patriot, died at her home on Monday noon, July 6, 1908, aged 90 years, 1 month and 21 days, after an illness for several months. The funeral was held at Nebo on Wednesday at 10 o'clock by Rev. Riggs, and interment by Undertaker Davis, of Thurman.

Gallipolis Bulletin
July 17, 1908,  Vol. XLI, No. 33 
Transcribed by Charles Wright                                                                        Top of Page

Evans, Mary

Mrs. David Evans
     Mrs. David S. Evans, widely known in the southeastern part of this county and Gallia, died at the home of her daughter at Cleveland, Ohio, aged 80 years and 8 months. She went to Cleveland for a visit, July 16, was stricken with paralysis on the 20th and died on the 22nd. Her remains were brought to the old home last Friday and the funeral services were held Sunday at Carmel church, where she had been a devoted member for many years. Interment was in the cemetery near by the church.
     She is survived by two daughters and three sons: Mrs. M. J. Perry of Cleveland, Ohio, Mrs. Fremont Morgan of Cora, Gallia County; John D. Evans of Columbus, Ohio, Evan Evans of Lima, Ohio and Dan S. Evans at the old home north of Centerville, where Mrs. Evans lived since her marriage.
     Mrs. Evans was a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John Jones (sailor), and a sister of Dan Jones, deceased, who for many years was a policeman and a business man of Jackson. ---Jackson Sun.

[Note: Death Certificate shows body sent to Vinton, Ohio.]

The Gallia Times, Gallipolis, Ohio
Thursday July 29, 1920
Vol. XXII NO. 30
Transcribed by Charles Wright

Evans, Mary A.

Mary A. Evans Dies Thursday at Niday Home
     Miss Mary A. Evans passed away at the home of her niece, Mrs. E. S. Niday, 635 Third Ave. Thursday at 1:40 o'clock. She had been ill for only two weeks. She was greatly loved and respected by all who knew her.
     Miss Evans was the daughter of Mr. David and Eunice Lewis Evans, who were natives of Wales. She is survived by one brother, Virgil Evans of Columbus, and the following nephews and nieces: E. H. Lloyd, Homer Lloyd of Peniel, Ohio; Mrs. Karl Fahrback, Ralph and Mildred Evans of Columbus; Eunice Evans of New York City, Ed Evans of Boulder, Colo., and Mrs. E. S. Niday with whom she had made her home for twenty years. She was 79 years old on July 26.
     Funeral services will be held Sunday. After a short service at the Niday home the funeral cortege will leave at 1 o'clock for Peniel, where the services will be conducted by Rev. H. H. Wilbur at 2 o'clock. Burial by Undertaker Tope.

[Note: From death certificate date of birth July 26, 1856; date of death October 31, 1935.]

Newspaper (prob. November 1935, Gallipolis) clipping found in the Simmerman files, Evans file, Bossard Library.
Transcribed by Debbie Carter Evans                                                                Top of Page

Evans, Mary A. [Irion]

Beloved and Brilliant Woman Passes at Age of 74--
wife of John S. Evans of Near Bladen
     Mrs. Mary Evans, wife of John S. Evans, died Wednesday night at the family home back of Bladen, where a little more than fifty years ago she came as a bride. Death was the result of a heart infection from which she had suffered for some time, but which was complicated by an attack of pneumonia. She had been ill eight weeks, but up to the time of her last illness, she had been active about her home.
     As the daughter of Henry and Elizabeth Coffman Irion, Mrs. Evans was born seventy-four years ago not many miles distant from where she passed away. In this vicinity she spent her entire life. She was a highly cultured woman, a teacher before her marriage, and although her life was spent in a quiet rural section she was an inveterate reader and was well informed on all the happenings of the out side world.
     Between the aged husband, who is left after a companionship of more than a half century and the wife, there was a most touching attachment and tender devotion. The home back in the hills where their little family was reared has been the life long residence of Mr.Evans, his birthplace, and was known for its hospitality throughout that section.
     In addition to the husband, a son and daughter survive, J. Henry Evans, a teacher in the Gallipolis schools and Lizzie, wife of Dr. J.S. Webster, of Racoon Island. Mrs. Otto Carter, a niece, was also reared by Mrs. Evans and loved and cared for as her own. There are also surviving three brothers and two sisters; Henry Irion, of Sand Point, Idaho, Walker Irion of Buffalo, Oklahoma, Bert Irion, of Rodney, Mrs. Ella Smith of chicago, Ill., and Mrs. E.I. Martt, of Huntington, and three grandsons, John and Morris Webster and John Evans.
     Funeral services will be conducted Saturday afternoon at 2 o'clock at Bethel church. Rev. E.L. Miller officiating. Burial in the church yard is in charge of of F.L. Stevers.

[Note b. 1858 d. 1933]

Unknown publication & date (scrapbook)
Transcribed by Nancy McMillan

Evans, Mary Ann (Evans)

     Mary Ann Evans, daughter of Evan P and Mary Evans was born in Pittsburgh, Penn., Oct. 13, 1846, and died April 22, 1929, aged 82 years, 6 months and 9 days. When she was a very little girl, her parents moved Portsmouth, Ohio, and a few months later to a farm in Huntington Township Gallia County, Ohio, where she grew to young womanhood.
     She was one of nine children having five brothers and three sisters. Mrs. Hannah Lloyd, one sister only, of Cincinnati, O., survives her. Very early in life she was deprived by death of her father's care, and two months later her eldest brother, John, gave his life to his country. It then devolved upon her to help care for her mother and younger brothers and sisters; in fact her entire life has been spent in tender care and deep solicitude for those she loved.
     On Oct. 3, 1867, she was united in marriage with Evan S. Evans at Portsmouth, Ohio they came immediately to the farm in Raccoon Township where they resided together for more than 49 years, and where she survived for 13 more years. To this union were born five children all of him survive her. Isaac and Everett of Vinton, O., Mrs. Mary E. Richards of Athens, O., Abram and Anna Mae at home. She is survived by four grandchildren: Marzuela Richards, Roger Evans, Ruth Evans Mayers, and Ben Evans. Also a large number of nephews and nieces.
     She has been identified with the church since early girlhood, being a member of the Centerville Presbyterian Church at the time of her death. She gave her children all that she had, sparing nothing in her indomitable purpose to offer them the advantages of education; advantages which to her in her youth were denied.
Her activities in her neighborhood where many and varied, new task to perform for a friend was to part, no vigil at the bedside of the sick too long, no preparation for the happiness of her household to great.
While she was impetuous and impulsive in the affairs of everyday life, she was kind and sympathetic toward those in need or distress yet stern and uncompromising in her attitude towards things which she considered to be wrong.
     When she knew deaths Angel was hovering near, she said," I am not afraid!" No, why need she be? A life of service for others surely makes of her the commendatory words "In as much as ye have done it unto one of these my brethren ye have done it unto me."

[Note: Buried Ebenezer Cemetery Raccoon Twp.]

Unknown publication & date
Transcribed by Jessica L. Weber

Evans, Mary Elizabeth

Death Claims Mrs. Evans, 83, In Crown City
     Mrs. Mary Elizabeth Evans, 83, died at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Lee Rose at Crown City at 12:40 a.m. Friday. Mrs. Evans was born in Greenfield twp., daughter of the late Valentine and Edward Smith. She was a lifelong resident of Gallia county. Her marriage to Gomer J. Evans took place June 8, 1904, and he preceded her in death in August, 1938.
     Surviving children are Mrs. Lee (Naomi) Rose of Crown City; Ambrose, Edward A. and Mrs. Hill, Kermit and Gomer J., Columbus, Wendell of Akron and Mrs. Clayton (Catherine) Miller of Gallipolis. A daughter, Frances died in infancy. Mrs. Evans was a member of the Peniel Presbyterian church and Gallia Grange.
     Services will be held at 2 p.m. Sunday at Peniel Presbyterian Church in Greenfield twp. Rev. J. Arthur Hanna will officiate, and burial will be in the Oak Hill cemetery under the direction of the Hughes Funeral Home. Friends may call at the funeral home until the hour of the service.

[Note: Oak Hill Cemetery is in Jackson County.]

The Gallia times
Saturday, December 18, 1965
Transcribed by Sandy L. Milliron

Evans, Mary O. [Kyre]

Mrs. Mary Evans, Rio G. Telephone Operator, Is Dead
Funeral Is Set For 1 Thursday At Calvary
     Mrs. Mary O. (Kyre) Evans, well-known and beloved resident of Rio Grande, died there Tuesday, three days after she had reached her 73rd birthday. She had been in poor health several years but had been bedfast only the last 10 days. During her last illness she was cared for at the home of a sister, Mrs. C. W. Adams.
     For 23 years Mrs. Evans capably and obligingly served the Rio Grande community as operator in the local telephone exchange. In this way and other ways she endeared herself to a wide circle of friends.
     Mrs. Evans is survived by two daughters, Mrs. (Nell) John Fox of Marion and Mrs. (Lois) Norwood Johnston of Rio Grande. (The latter became the switchboard operator after her mother was stricken with illness.) Also surviving are two sisters, besides Mrs. Adams, and one brother: Mrs. Minnie Almstead of Rio Grande, Mrs. Walter Seel of Portsmouth, and Frank Kyre of Rio Grande. There are 13 grandchildren, two of whom, Loren Davis and Junior Burnette, were reared by Mrs. Evans. (Davis is now in military service in Washington State and Burnette had expected to enter service next Friday) Mrs. Evans' husband, William O. Evans, died 11 years ago.
     Funeral services will be held at the Rio Grande Methodist Church at 1 o'clock Thursday, with Rev. Mr. Torges in charge. Burial in Calvary Cemetery by Davis & Thomas.

[Note: From death certificate date of birth September 12, 1869; date of death September 15, 1942; father John Kyre; mother Elizabeth Slagle.]

Newspaper (prob. September 1942, Gallipolis) clipping found in the Simmerman files, Evans file, Bossard Library.
Transcribed by Debbie Carter Evans

Evans, Oliver

Oliver Evans’ Will
     The last will and testament of Oliver Evans was probated Saturday. He bequeathed to his daughter, Mrs. Lucy Jenkins, all the land owned by him on the south side of the public road and also a lot at the northwestern corner of B. F. Jenkins’ farm, besides $1,500 in money. To his daughter, Mrs. Laura Luckey and children, he left the residue, consisting of the home farm of 150 acres, &c. The document was made on the 30th of August, 1895, in the presence of Ella Long and C. E. Long and was sworn to before the latter.

[Note: The GCGS cemetery index has him buried in Gravel Hill Cemetery with dates of 1816-1896.]

Gallipolis Journal
Tuesday, February 02, 1897
Transcribed by Suzanne H. Giroux

Evans, Raymond E.

     Raymond E. Evans, 26, member of Co. D, 362nd Infantry, 91st Division, died Jan. 19 in France, according to word received by local relatives.Evans was formerly employed at the Woolworth Store. He leaves his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Virgil H. Evans, Thurman, Gallia County, three sisters and two brothers. Ralph Evans, 259 S. Sandusky St. is a brother, and Mrs. Carl C. Hahrback, 818 E. Long St., and Miss Eunice Evans, 69 Franklin Park West, are sisters.--Columbus Citizens.

Gallipolis Bulletin
May 8, 1919
Transcribed by Irene Hively Blamer                                                                  Top of Page   

Evans, Rees

     Rees Evans was born April 18, 1869, and died Feb. 13, 1897, aged almost twenty-eight years. The preceeding brief sentence has a world of meaning and sorrow to those who knew and loved this excellent young man.
     His home for most of his life was in Perry township; while a student for several years in Rio Grande College the circle of acquaintance and affection was greatly widened; by his newspaper work in Gallipolis his ability and merits became still more widely known.
     When the dread disease that had already removed several of his nearest kindred, had also claimed him as a victim, hundreds were found to whom his death came as a personal sorrow. And yet not one of all who sorrowed for him sorrowed as they who have no hope. They knew that he had embraced the religion of the Lord Jesus in his boyhood, that his life, had been clearly and constantly marked by Christian principle, and they were comforted by the assurance that he was forever housed with God in the joys and rewards of the righteous.
     As a college student Rees was one of the most faithful and successful and few have been more loyally and affectionately attached to the school.
     A boy of eight years he attended the first commencement, and was also present at each succeeding commencement. His attachment to the school was fully reciprocated by the esteem and affection of his teachers and fellow students. At his funeral; next to the bereaved family, the circle of college friends had their place by his coffin.
     A few months before his death, he went to North Carolina in hopes that a milder climate would arrent the march of disease. This was not to be and he ended his days among strangers. His father, who was hastening towards him, was still hundreds of miles away when he breathed his last. But in that land of strangers his warm and noble heart had already gained him love and friendship, and he could not have been cared for more tenderly by the dearest friends.
     His body was brought by his father to the present family residence in Rio Grande. Brief funeral services were held there. A quartet of college friends and the village choir sang some of the tenderest songs that express human sorrow and christian hope. The more formal services were then held at Tyn 'Rhos church. President J. M. Davis, of Rio Grande college, delivered a memorial address and Rev. W. B. Barnett, pastor of the Rio Grande M. E. Church, and Rev. J. F. Davis, pastor of Tyn "Rhos Congregational church, also took part in the exercises.
     His body rests in that beautiful cemetery by his mother and sisters. But his pure spirit is in the paradise of God. His memory is a precious legacy to his kindred and friends and their hope of meeting him again is a constant comfort and source of strngth.

[Note: Buried Tyn Rhos cemetery]

Gallipolis Journal
Mar 23, 1897
Transcribed by Maxine Marshall

Evans, Robert L.

Robert L. Evans Dies On Tuesday
     Robert L. Evans, Mercerville Star Route, died Tuesday at 8:45 a. m. at the home of a daughter, Mrs. Lester K. Evans, 136 N. Burgess Ave., Columbus, after an extended illness at the age of 77 years, 4 months and 16 days.
     Survivors include five sons, John E., Basil L., Leslie M. (Tim), J. Wilford, and H. Claude, all of Gallia county, three daughters, Mrs. Robert Houck (Ruby), Gallipolis, Mrs. Lester K. Evans (Erma) of the Columbus address, and Mrs. Arthur Hoyt (Virginia), Middleport. Estes Plymale, who was raised in the Evans home; and several sisters and brothers, Chas. F. of Covington, Va., Mrs. Ida Dew, Clifton Forge, Va., Mrs. Mary Plymale and Mrs. Emma King, Covington, Va., and Mrs. Sudie Craft, of Whipple, W. Va.
     Mrs. Annie Plymale Evans, wife of Mr. Evans, died Oct. 5, 1941.
     Friends may call at the home of a son, Basil L., after 5 p. m. Wednesday. Funeral services will be conducted Thursday at 2:30 p.m., at the Ohio Chapel M. E. church with Rev. Leroy Collier in charge. Burial will be made in Mound Hill cemetery.

Gallipolis Daily Tribune
Wednesday, September 8, 1954
Transcribed by Sandy Milliron

Evans, Rosetta [Search]

Mrs. Evans, 86, Dies Today
     Mrs. Rosetta Evans, 86, died at 2 a.m. today at her home on Rt. 2 Patriot. She was a lifelong resident of Gallia County. She was born on March 10, 1875, the daughter of the late Lewis and Harriett Waugh Search. Her marriage was to Benjamin T. Evans and he preceded her in death 40 years ago.
     Two daughters who survive are Mrs. Lewis Delawder of Rt. 2, Patriot and Mrs. Anna Lunsford of Ironton. A foster daughter is Dorothy Delawder. A sister and two brothers who survive are Mrs. John Staten and Lewis Search, both of Jackson and John Search of Rockbridge.
     Mrs. Evans was a member of Gallia Baptist Church and services will be held there at 2 p.m. Wednesday. Rev. Gerald Brown will officiate and burial will be under the direction of the Kuhner Funeral Home. Friends may call at the late home after 10 a.m. Tuesday.

Gallipolis Daily Tribune
Monday, April 10, 1961
Transcribed by Sandy L. Milliron

Evans, Sallie

     Mrs. Sallie Evans, mother of John L. W. Evans, of Holcomb, died Monday evening and will be buried at Thurman Wednesday, Rev. J. F. Davis officiating. She was 87 years old and a very estimable old lady.

Gallipolis Daily Tribune (Pg. 3)
Wednesday, August 5, 1896
Transcribed by Sandy Milliron

Evans, Sis

     Miss Sis Evans, daughter of D. Y. Evans, of Greenfield township, an estimable young lady died with typhoid fever last Saturday.

Gallipolis Daily Tribune (Pg. 2)
Monday, August 31, 1896
Transcribed by Sandy Milliron

Evans, Stanley R.

     GALLIPOLIS – Stanley Raymond Evans, 70, Rt. 2, Patriot, (Patriot-Gage Rd.) died at 9:30 p.m. Friday in Holzer Medical Center. Mr. Evans had been in failing health four years and in serious condition the past three months. Mr. Evans served as Gallia County dog warden 13 years, retiring in 1968.
     Born June 16, 1903 in Perry Twp., he was raised in the home of James G. Evans. He is survived by his wife, Esta Sheets, whom he married on June 23, 1927, in Pomeroy, Ohio; Mrs. Me Gates, Circleville, who was raised in the Evans home; two grand-children, and one half-sister, Mrs. Leo (Margaret) Lyons, Columbus.
     He spent all his life in Gallia County. He attended Salem Baptist Church.
     Funeral services will be held 2 p.m. Monday at the Waugh-Halley-Wood Funeral Home with Rev. John Jeffrey officiating. Burial will be in Salem Cemetery. Friends may call at the funeral home from 2-4 and 7-9 p.m. on Sunday.

Unknown publication
Died Jan. 11, 1974
Contributed by Jacquelyn Woolley                                                                   Top of Page

Evans, Timothy

Death Of Timothy Evans
     Mr. Timothy Evans, of Thurman, the venerable father of Mr. G. W. Evans, the Grape Street liveryman and father-in-law of Deputy Sheriff W.S. Manring, of this city, died at 8 o'clock Sunday evening, Feb. 4, 1900, aged about 80 years, after a severe illness with kidney trouble since Wednesday.
     The funeral services will be conducted by Rev. Wellington Rodgers of the M.E. Church, of which Mr. Evans had been a member for a great many years, at 11 o'clock Tuesday, the burial following at the old homestead graveyard in Jackson County.
     He left a wife, about 74 years old, two sons, John and R. B. Evans, in the livery business in Philadelphia, Gomer C. Evans, on the old homestead in Jackson and a daughter, Mrs. Wellington Williams, of Adamsville.
He was a farmer of Jackson County, up to a few years ago, when he moved to Thurman and was a clever, Christian gentleman. The last number of the Christian Advocate noted his 49th subscription to that paper.

Gallipolis Daily Tribune
Feb. 5, 1900
Transcribed by F. K. Brown

Evans, Thomas J.

Death Of Thomas J. Evans
     Thomas J. Evans died at his residence in Gallia county, Ohio, March 19, 1910. He was born February 4, 1861, his mortal life measured by 49 years, 1 month and 15 days. Mr. Evans was married Dec. 7, 1882 to Miss Roma W. Williams. To this union was born seven children, three sons and four daughers, one son and one daughter having preceded him to the great beyond.
     Mr. Evans was stricken with pneumonia, just nine days before his death. His system did not respond to anything medical aid could render. He put up a heroic fight for his life but like medical aid, availed nothing. Mr. Evans professed hope in Christ in early life, uniting with the church, remaining a member of Sandfork Baptist church until death. He was a regular attendant and a cheerful and generous supporter of the same and his presence and support will be missed and sadly felt by the church. Mr. Evans expressed himself as being willing and submissive to God's will.
     He was a good citizen always defending the right, willing to sacrifice time and means to do his full share in public life. He was a kind and indiligent father, a good and obliging neighbor, not easily offended and had wonderful control over his temper. He leaves a wife, two sons and three daughters, an aged mother, one brother, two sisters, four brother-in-laws, four sister-in-laws and many friends to revere his memory, who will miss his presence and cheerful dispoition. But on his family and aged mother will the loss be most severely felt. It is sad to say goodbye. The vacancy in his home requires more than our sympathy. God alone can give the help. May His sustaining presence fill the vacuum in this saddened home. We hope the goodmorning joy will far exceed the present sadness. His physical sufferings are over, his mortal remains are at rest.
     The funeral services were conducted by B. F. Yellom and T. J. Riggs, and interment was at Sandfork cemetery by Undertaker Wiseman.

Gallipolis Bulletin
April 19, 1910
Transcribed by Maxine Marshall                                                                       Top of Page

Evans, Violet Virginia [Murray]

     Violet Virginia Evans, 92, of Route 4, Gallipolis, died Monday, Feb. 10, 1992, at Holzer Medical Center, following several months of failing health. She was born Jan. 21, 1900 in Guyan Township, Gallia County, daughter of the late John and Letha Williams Murray. The Gallia County native was a homemaker and a member of the Good Hope Church.
     Survivors include two sons, Robert C. Sheets of Las Vegas, Nev., and Ivan “Abe” Sheets of Gallipolis; eight grandchildren; 10 great-great-grandchildren; and one brother, Everett Murray of Gallipolis. She was preceded in death by her first husband, Aaron Sheets in 1924, second husband John Q. Haskins in 1960; third husband, William Evans in 1963, one grandchild; three brothers; and nine sisters.
     Funeral services will be held 1 p.m. Thursday at Waugh-Halley-Wood Funeral Home, with the Rev. William Hall officiating. Burial will be in Good Hope Cemetery. Friends may call at the funeral home on Wednesday from 7-9 p.m.

Gallipolis Daily Tribune
February 11, 1992
Transcribed by Jessica L. Weber

Evans, Virgil H.

Virgil Evans Dies In Columbus
Burial At Thurman, Wed.
     Virgil H. Evans, 56, formerly of Thurman, died Sunday at the home of his daughter, Mrs. Mildred Whitt, 2100 Summit St., Columbus. Four other children also survive; Mrs. Luella Fahrbach, Eunice, Edward S. and Ralph W. Evans. There are five grandchildren and Mrs. Elmer Niday of this city is a niece.
     The body will be brought to Thurman for burial in New Zion cemetery, after services at 11:00 Wednesday at the M. E. church. There will also be services tonight at the residence.

[Note: From death certificate date of birth February 18, 1854; date of death March 10, 1940; deceased wife Jane E. Evans; father David C. Evans; mother Eunice Lewis.]

Newspaper (prob. March 1940, Gallipolis) clipping found in the Simmerman files, Evans file, Bossard Library.
Transcribed by Debbie Carter Evans

Evans, Walter

Walter Evans Dies In Indiana
     Walter Evans, 61, retired employee of the Gallipolis Locks, died at 10 a.m. Saturday in a Bloomington, Ind., hospital. Mr. Evans retired July 1, 1951, from his employment with the United States Engineers, after serving 30 years. Since he retired he has been ill and under the care of a physician. He went to the Bloomington Hospital for surgery because he had a brother, Charles Evans, who lived near there.
     He was employed on Old Lock 28 and lived in West Virginia. When the new lock was built the family purchased a home in Eureka and had lived there since. The body is at his late home where friends may call.
     Walter Evans was born in Bedford, Ind., the son of John and Nancy Evans. He was a veteran of World War I, member of the American Legion, a member of the Chambersburg Masonic Lodge and the First Baptist Church.
     He is survived by his wife, the former Gladys Jenkins, one son, Walter Evans, Jr., Eureka, two daughters, Mrs. Curtis (Evelyn) Clark, Garfield Ave.; and Mrs. Herman (Norma Jean) Sims, Bladen; three sisters, Mrs. Alfred Patton and Mrs. Alta Logston, Stanford, Ind.; and Mrs. Russell Swango, Bedford, Ind.; a brother, Charles Evans, Monroe County, Ind.; and nine grandchildren.
     The body is at his late home where friends may call and where Masonic rites will be held at 8 p.m. today. Funeral services will be at 1 p.m. Tuesday in the Chambersburg Methodist Church. The Rev. Ray Smith and the Rev. Ira Conley will conduct the services. Burial will be in Mound Hill Cemetery under the direction of Miller’s Home for Funerals.

[Note: Indiana PVT 112 TM Btry. 37 Div. WW I]

Gallipolis Daily Tribune
Monday, October 6, 1952
Transcribed by Sandy L. Milliron

Evans, Warner N.

Warner N. Evans, 78, Dies on Storys Run
     Warner N. Evans, aged 78 years, passed away at about 4:30 o’clock Thursday afternoon at his home on Storys Run. His death was attributed to a cerebral hemorrhage. Mr. Evans was quite an active church worker, being a member of the Methodist Church at Silver Run. He was a pensioner of the Hobson Shops and a lifelong resident of Cheshire tp.
     He is survived by his wife, three daughters, Mrs. Ed Young and Miss Barbara, both at home and Mrs. Bertha Rife of Columbus and one son Arthur at home. One brother Will, of Delaware, also survives.
     Funeral rites will be conducted at 2 p. m. Sunday from the Silver Run Methodist Church with burial in the Gravel Hill Cemetery in charge of Rawlings.
     A few weeks ago a Tribune reporter asked Mr. Evans to write a few articles of his boyhood days and he promised to do so. He then appeared to be in good health.

Gallipolis Daily Tribune
Saturday, July 15, 1933
Transcribed by Suzanne H. Giroux

Evans, William R.

Rev. Evans Called Home
     Rev. William R. Evans of near Gallia passed away at his home last Tuesday night, Sept. 23, 1913, after a long illness. His funeral services were held Friday and were largely attended.
     Rev. Evans was born, reared and spent his whole life in the community in which he died and his entire energies during that period were directed toward the uplift of his fellowmen. In early life he taught school, and later entered the ministry of the Calvinistic Methodist Church. He was a well informed man especially on Welsh history and was the author of a book on that subject. Rev. Evans was twice married and is survived by his wife and ten adult sons and daughters

Gallia Times
Oct. 1, 1913
Transcribed by Nancy McMillan

Evans, Willard B.

Willard Evans Takes His Life
     Willard D. [B.], about 50 years-old shot and killed himself at his residence 510 Third Ave., at 10:45 a. m. today. He had placed a 12-gauge shotgun to his chest and pulled the trigger. His death was instantaneous according to Dr. Donald R. Warehime, Gallia County coroner, who was called to the scene along with Gallipolis police.
     Neighbors and some plumbers working in the basement at the home heard the shot but thought it might be a breaking bottle as trash collectors were in the neighborhood at the time.
The body was found at the foot of some rear stairs at the garage apartment which is situated on the rear of the lot at the former Fred Foster home.
     Evans’ wife, Maxine, a rural mail carrier was on her route which is the Patriot Star and Waterloo Star Rt., at the time of the shooting. They had recently bought the Foster home and made extensive repairs. The body is at the Miller’s Home for Funerals.

Gallipolis Daily Tribune (Pg. 1)
Wednesday, July 8, 1959
Transcribed by Sandy Milliron

     EVANS SERVICES - Services for Willard B. Evans, 43, whose death was ruled a result of a self inflicted gunshot wound by Dr. Donald Warehime, Gallia County Coroner, Wednesday, will be held at 2: p.m. Friday at the Tyn Rhos Church. Rev. John D. Davis will officiate, and burial will be in the church cemetery under the direction of Miller’s Home for Funerals. Friends may call at the funeral home until noon Friday.
     Mr. Evans was born at Centerpoint on Sept. 6, 1915, the son of Thomas and Sadie Sharpe Evans of Rt. 2, Patriot, both of whom survive. Other survivors are a brother Harmon, of Rt. 2, Patriot, and a sister, Mrs. Helen Meadows of Columbus. Another sister who preceded him in death was Mrs. Cecelia Thompson.
     He attended county schools, and enlisted and served in World War II reaching the rank of sergeant. During his service in the Army, he received the good conduct medal and four Bronze Stars. Prior to coming to Gallipolis, he was employed in a brick works at Oak Hill, but at the time of his death he was unemployed.
     His marriage to the former Maxine Davis was on Oct. 4, 1947, and she survives. Mrs. Evans is a rural mail carrier out of the Gallipolis post office. Five weeks ago they had purchased the former Fred Foster home, and were in the process of remodeling and repairing the large frame residence property at 510 Third Ave.

Gallipolis Daily Tribune
Thursday, July 11, 1959
Transcribed by Sandy Lee Milliron                                                                    Top of Page

Ewing, Andrew

     Died, at Huntington Township, on the 27th of July, 1868, Andrew Ewing, in the 81st year of his age. The deceased was born in Bath County, Va., and came to the State of Ohio in 1801. About the year 1810, he located in Huntington Township, then a rude wilderness, and resided there until his decease, and has seen the wilderness "bud and blossom as a rose."

The Gallipolis Journal
August 6, 1868
Transcribed by Eva Swain Hughes

Ewing, G.K.

Dr. Ewing Dead
     Dr. G.K. Ewing of Ewington, died at his home Saturday morning, August 17, 1918, of heart trouble after an illness for the past several months. His mother, widow and the following children survive: Edgar of Athens; Plaford of Alice; Mrs. B. Wilcox of Gallia; Ben and Bessie of Florida, Rachael, Mildred and Robert at home. Dr. Ewing was a Mason and an excellent physician and prominent citizen and had many friends here. The funeral was held from his home this afternoon and the remains interred at Ewington.

[Note: Death Certificate shows only the G.K. for his name also...born Nov. 13, 1857. Parents John Ewing and Rachel Hawk]

Gallipolis Paper
August 1918
Transcribed by F.K. Brown

Ewing, George

     EWING - At his home in Ewington, on Tuesday evening, May 1st, 1883, George Ewing, of paralysis, aged 76 years. The deceased was born in the State of Virginia, Jan’y 21, 1807. His parents moved to Gallia county and settled in Huntington township when he was but 4 years of age, where he continued to abide until his death, a period of 72 years. At the age of twenty he was married to Miss Roseanna Knox, by whom he had several children, only two of whom are now living—Dr G A Ewing, of Jackson, and Elmore E Ewing, of Portsmouth.
     Too much honor and credit can not be given to the lives and character of our early pioneers. The pioneer period was characteristically one of toil and labor and self sacrifice, and scanty subsistance was the remuneration. Not for themselves but for future generations did they give the genius of their minds and strength of their bodies. Then honor to them while they live and affectionate remembrance of them when dead. The deceased was one among those who did well and faithfully his share of conquering the obstacles of nature and subduing them to the needs and the service of mankind.
     In 1845 he laid out the village of Ewington, in honor of whom it was named, and did as much if not more than any other man in establishing that institution of learning that at one time had such extensive patronage throughout Southern Ohio.
     He early became a member of the M E Church, living so consistent a christian life that the example of it was ever a lesson of inspiration to others. He carried about with him in his daily life so generous a liking for all mankind, that those who knew him, throwing aside the ordinary conventionalities of society, addressed him always in the familiar term of “Uncle George,” and such was he to all the world. Whatever his faults may have been, they weigh but little in the sum total of his character and life, for they were faults of temperament and not of habit, and for every fault he had a hundred virtues. He belonged to that class of positive men who think and speak and act according to their convictions. He may have carried his views, sometimes, a little further than worldly policy would have dictated, yet he considered his opinions his own property and himself responsible for them. But while he was a man of strong convictions, his sense of right and justice never permitted him to oppress any man for opinion’s sake. He believed in the great principle of “charity for all and malice toward none,” and so he died as he had lived, true to his God, to himself and to all mankind.

[Note: Buried in Ewington Cemetery in Huntington Township]

Gallipolis Journal
Thursday, May 17, 1883
Transcribed by Suzanne Giroux                                                                      Top of Page

Ewing, Jonathan

     DIED - In Hancock, Ilinois, on the 18th of September last, Jonathan Ewing, aged sixty years. Mr. Ewing was many years a resident of this county, and sustained the character of an honest man.

The Gallipolis Journal
March 27, 1851
Transcribed by Eva Swain Hughes

Ewing, Lucinda H. [Shields]

Death of Mrs. Ewing
     Mrs. Lucinda H. Ewing, of Evergreen, died early Saturday morning, March 21st, 1903 after an illness and invalid condition for ten years.
     Her funeral services were conducted at her late home Sunday morning by Rev. E. E. Stone, minister on that circuit. She had been a member of the M. E. Church at Westerman for a half century.  She was buried at the Cherrington graveyard near her old home by Undertaker Wetherholt in the presence of a large concourse of her old friends by whom she was highly esteemed.
     Her husband, Geo. B. Ewing, died in the U. S. Service and was buried at Nashville, Tenn., in January, 1865. She was married to Mr. Ewing December 27, 1856, and became the mother of four children all dead but Clerk John H. Ewing who has ever been a devoted son doing all that filial affection could suggest. She also left one brother, John L. Shields, and one sister Miss Martha A. Shields, both of whom are ill at this time at their homes at Kerr.
     Mrs. Ewing would have been 76 years old May 16. Her parents were among the early settlers of the county, coming here from Virginia. She lived the life of a Christian and was recognized by all who knew her as a most estimable lady. Her sufferings had been of the most excruciating character, but she bore them with Christian fortitude and there is no doubt but that she fell into her Savior’s arms and is now enjoying His love in heavenly courts.

Gallipolis Daily Tribune (Pg. 2)
Tuesday, March 24, 1903
Transcribed by Sandy Milliron

Ewing, Rex

A Family Circle Broken
     Thursday evening, January 10, 1901, death entered the home of Mr. and Mrs. R. B. Ewing taking from them one of their twins, Rex, aged 11 years, 4 months and 15 days. He wasa [sic] sufferer from typhoid fever for several weeks and their home was brightened by the thought that he was slowly recovering when he suffered a relapse, which took him from his happy home on earth to a happier home above where he will know nothing but joy and peace. Rex was a very bright and attractive child, greeting every one with a smile which made him many friends.
     The family circle is broken for the first time and their home made sad by the absence of one that was very dear to them but who is safe in the arms of Jesus.
     The funeral was preached in the M. E. church on Saturday at 2 p. m., by Rev. Parkins and all that was mortal of little Rex was laid to rest in the Ewington cemetery by Undertaker Butler. The grave was beautifully decorated with ferns and flowers. The bereaved parents have the sympathy of the entire community.
  - McArthur Democrat Enquirer.

The Gallipolis Daily Tribune, p. 1
January 18, 1901
Transcribed by Mary Kay Clark                                                                        Top of Page

Ewing, Rufus A.

     Rufus A. Ewing was born Feb. 12, 1861 and died in Evergreen, Ohio, Feb. 15, 1882 aged 21 years and one day. The Westerman School, of which he was a member, adopted the following preamble and resolutions:

     Whereas, It has pleased Almighty God in His wise providence to take from our ranks by death our beloved pupil and scholar, Rufus A. Ewing, a young man of promise and unblemished character; therefore,
      Resolved, That we have sustained a great loss and we deeply sympathize with his widowed mother and family and can only commend them to that Supreme Being who doeth all things well.
      Resolved, That we send a copy of these resolutions to the mother of the deceased and also a copy for publication to each of the county papers.

                                                                       W.H. Vanden, Teacher
                                                                                         F.H. Watts
                                                                                         E.M. Blake
[Note: Buried in Pine Hill Cemetery in Springfield Township]

Gallipolis Journal
March 2, 1882
Transcribed by F. K. Brown                                                                            Top of Page

Ewing, W. E.

Rev. W. E. Ewing Died Suddenly
     Rev. W. Edgar Ewing, who lived in Gallia County for years, died suddenly Sunday night at his home in Mt. Sterling. He is survived by Prof. R. Price Ewing, Rio Grande College; Mrs. Gladys Furst, Cedarville; W. Hollis Ewing of Columbus; two grandchildren and by his widow. Reverend Mr. Ewing had not been sick and his death was a shock to his multitude of friends in Gallipolis, Rio Grande, and other places in Gallia County.

Gallipolis Newspaper
No Date
Transcribed by Margaret Calvin

Ewing-Smith, Rachel

Aged Lady Dead
     Aunt Rachel Ewing-Smith, a highly respected Christian lady, passed away at her home at Ewington Sunday night after many months’ illness of infirmities of age. The funeral was Wednesday at 2 p.m., services by her grandson, Rev. Roy Vale, of New Jersey. Mrs. Smith had passed her 92nd milestone on July 18. She was the mother of G. K. Ewing, Isaac Ewing and Mrs. Ella Vale, all deceased, and Prof. R. Brown Ewing of Texas. She leaves many descendants and a host of relatives who will regret the passing of this good old lady.

The Gallia Times
Thursday, August 18, 1921
Transcribed by Sandy L. Milliron