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 The following obituaries are from the files of various Gallia County Newspapers and other publications. They are listed below in alphabetical order of the surname.

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Moats, Frank

Frank Moats, 70, Dies In Columbus; Burial, Mound Hill
     Frank Moats, most of whose 70 years were spent in Gallipolis, died yesterday at the home of his sister Mrs. Frank J. Duvall, 204 South Eureka Avenue, Columbus.
     As a young man and up till about 20 or 25 years ago, Frank Moats was a familiar figure here. He worked for a long time in local furniture factories and had the same kind of employment in Huntington. He was a Spanish-American veteran, a member of the late Captain Verne M. Bovie’s Company C.
     The body will be brought here for interment in the family plot in Mound Hill, following services at the Entsminger Funeral Home. Decedent was born here May 25, 1873, and was the son of John W. and Eliza Lovett Moats.

[Note: May 25, 1870 – July 8, 1940; Age 70 yrs. 1 mo. 13 das. per death certificate.]

Gallipolis Daily Tribune
Tuesday, July 9, 1940
Transcribed by Sandy Milliron


Moch, Bessie

Death of Mrs. Joe Moch
     Mrs. Joe Moch died Tuesday evening, Jan. 8, 1924, about 5 o'clock after several days of desperate illness. Monday afternoon she was reported to have shown some improvement as her temperature declined somewhat. For a number of days it has been generally understood that chances of recovery were against her, but she made a gallant fight until the last moments.
     Mrs Moch is survived by her husband and two children and parents Mr. & Mrs. Frank Bell of this city.
Mrs. Moch has been active in Gallipolis social life since she grew to young womanhood She was universally popular. Her untimely death is a misfortune to the community and deep sympathy for her husband and parents is universal in the community.
     The funeral will be at 2 o'clock on Thursday afternoon at the residence. The burial will be under direction of Geo. Weatherholt and Sons.

[Note: Death Certificate--Bessie Bell Moch born Sept. 6, 1882; died Jan. 8, 1924; age 41 years, 4 months and 2 days. Burial Mound Hill Cemetery. Parents: Frank Bell and Fanny Holloway]

Gallipolis Daily Tribune
Wednesday, Jan. 9, 1924
Transcribed by F.K. Brown

Moch, Sara B.

Death of Mrs. Moch
     Mrs. Sara B. Moch died at her home in this city last Wednesday morning, October, 10, 1894 (the anniversary of her birth), aged sixty years. She had been a sufferer for many years with heart trouble and dropsy, the latter disease being the immediate cause of death. She bore her afflictions with wonderful patience, and was resigned to the fate that was inevitable. Always cheerful, she consoled those around her, and awaited the end without fear.
     The news of her death was received with unfeigned sorrow. She had many friends. Her deeds of charity were without number, and the poor and suffering to whom she ministered will never forget her.
     She was born in Alsace, France, October 10, 1834, and came to Cincinnati while yet a girl. She was united in marriage with Mr. Moses Moch in 1853. They removed to Gallipolis in 1858, and have made their home here ever since. She was the mother of one child, Louis, who died August 10, 1879, aged twenty-one years. Mr. Moch survives his wife, and in the hour of his bereavement has the heartfelt sympathy of all.
     The remains of Mrs. Moch were taken to Cincinnati on Thursday morning, and the burial was at Walnut Hills Cemetery. They were prepared for burial by Wetherholt, and accompanied to their last resting place by her husband, Miss Sallie Moch, and Mr. Abe Moch.

The Bulletin
October 13, 1894
Transcribed by Sandy Lee Milliron                                                                    Top of Page

Moch, Stella

Miss Stella Moch Died Last Sunday
     Miss Stella, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. A. Moch, passed away at the home of her parents on Second avenue in this city last Sunday morning, aged 30 years. The disease that carried her away was a most unusual one, being known to the medical profession as "Hodgkin's Disease." This is a disease of the lymphatic system and had caused her to be an invalid for several years.
     She was a graduate of the Gallipolis High School, class of 1896. After graduation she taught in the public schools here, then studied to become a trained nurse., She was compelled to give this up three years ago on account of her failing health. She spent some time in Colorado and South Dakota, in the hope that the climate would be of benefit to her, but it failed to do so and she came home last July in a serious condition. She received every attention, being taken to various hospitals and several eminent specialists were consulted, but there was no hope for her and she was brought home at last to await the end.
     She was always of a sweet and gentle disposition and this was evidenced during her last illness, she accepting her sad lot with patient resignation. She leaves a father and mother; brothers Charles, Lewis and Samuel of Pueblo, and Joseph of this city, and sisters, Mrs. Lilly Kahn, of Sedalla, Mo.; Miss Sallie of Pueblo, Col., Misses Julia and Blanche and Mrs. Clyde C. Ingels of this city.
     The funeral services were conducted at the family residence Tuesday afternoon by Rabbi Voldmer of Charleson, W. Va. His remarks were peculiarly appropriate and touching and deeply impressed the large number of friends who had gathered to pay their last sad tribute to the dead. The floral offerings were many and beautiful. The remains were laid to rest in Mound Hill cemetery by Hayward & Son., the following being the pall bearers: Albert Moch, Leon Silverman, J. M. Kaufman, Earl McCormick, Ira W. Booton, Jr. and H. E. Conard. Miss Moch will be sadly mised[sic] and sincerely mourned by the relatives and a large circle of acquaintances.

[Note: May 1, 1880 - June 5, 1910]

Newspaper unknown
June 10, 1910
Transcribed by Nancy S. Edwards

Mock, Leopold

     DROWNED - Leopold Mock, a young German who kept the clothing store immediately under the Journal office, was drowned in the Ohio river at the mouth of Chickamauga creek, on Sunday evening last. It appears that Mock and a Polander named Harris, in company with some boys, borrowed the yawl of the steamer Washington City, now lying at our landing, and proceeded with it to the bar at the mouth of the creek, for the purpose of bathing. Harris could swim a little, but Mock could not. The boys importuned these men not to go below the bar, in the swift water, as there was danger of drowning. They however heeded not the admonition but plunged into the swift water and soon got beyond their depth. Three of the boys caught Harris and brought him safe to shore, a great deal more frightened than hurt. While these were conducting Harris to shore, two other boys, John Burgess and Geo. W. Brown, seized Mock, who had got into about twelve feet of water, but owing to his floundering they could do but little with him.
     They were taken under several times, and Burgess getting strangled and becoming exhausted, abandoned him and with some difficulty reached shore.---But Brown, who, by the way, is in our employ, stuck to Mock manfully and is deserving of great credit for his extraordinary exertions in endeavoring to save the life of a human being. He caught the drowning man by the arm, and exerted himself to the utmost to bring him ashore, but the current was too swift. Still he did not desert him until there was great peril of losing his own life, for Mock was grasping wildly at everything, and finally caught Brown by the wrist of the right arm. This time they both sunk [sic] and it was feared both would drown, as Mock had a death-grip on Brown's wrist, but the latter had the presence of mind while under water to release the hold of the drowning man by prying open his fingers with the hand he had at liberty, when he immediately rose to the surface and swam to shore. Mock did not again rise to the surface. Exertions were made to recover the body, but it being in a nude state the grappling-hooks were of little use, as they were not sharp enough to enter the flesh, consequently it was not recovered until Monday evening.

The Gallipolis Journal
June 22, 1854
Transcribed by Eva Swain Hughes                                                                             Top of Page

Moffat, Mary

     Mrs. Mary Moffat, of Huntington, died in that city the other day. Her remains were brought to this city and taken to Bidwell for interment. The remains were accompanied by Mr. and Mrs. Ned Gordon and brother, and Mrs. Luke Lewis, brother and sisters of the deceased.

Gallipolis Journal
February 10, 1896
Transcribed by Jessica L. Weber

Moffett, Mary

     Died, on Monday morning at 4 o'clock, at the house of her brother, A. McIntyre, Mrs. Mary Moffett, in the 64th year of her age. Her end was peace.

The Gallipolis Journal
December 30, 1869
Transcribed by Eva Swain Hughes

Mohler, Dean Stanley

Death of Dean Stanley Mohler
     We noticed the death in Wednesday’s paper of Mrs. Mohler’s youngest son Dean Stanley Mohler at Ludlow Falls where Mrs. Mohler was visiting the sister of her late husband, Rev. J. W. Mohler, former pastor of the Baptist Church here. Mrs. Mohler was on her way here intending to make a visit next week. Her little one died of cholera infantum aged a little past four years after a week’s illness.
     She, her father and sister arrived here with the remains Thursday evening, and today after a nice service at the Baptist Church by Rev. F. E. Brininstool, it was followed to Mound Hill by a goodly concourse of people where it was laid away beside its father. The pall bearers were Elmer Davis, Earl Deeter, Allen Wallace and Charley Grow.
     Mrs. Mohler is at Mrs. Melissa McDaniels on Fourth street and will remain a while.

Gallipolis Daily Tribune (Pg. 3)
Friday, August 13, 1897
Transcribed by Sandy Milliron

Mohler, Rev. J. W.

     It is our sad duty to record the death of the Rev. J. W. Mohler, who passed from this life at eight o’clock last Friday morning, of last week at the home of Mr. W. H. H. McDaniel, in Cadmus, this county. We have in previous issues spoken of the nature of Rev. Mohler’s illness, and will only add that the surgical operation, which was necessitated did not give the relief hoped for, and that a complication of heart and lung affections [infections] with nervous prostrations, supervened.
     His death was sudden. Friday morning we received information, dated Thursday evening, that Rev. Mohler was on the whole progressing favorably, and by Friday noon news had arrived of his death. Death, though sudden, found him prepared; with the best preparation, an eminently consecrated Christian life, was the calm assurance of sleeping in Jesus.
     Rev. J. W. Mohler was born in Darke County, O., 9th July, 1862, the son of Ephraim and Anna Mohler. He was brought up and attended school in Covington, O., the present home of his parents, whose feebleness prevented their coming to his funeral. Rev. Mohler taught school for some time, then realizing a call to the ministry, he became pastor at different times of two Baptist Churches in Missouri. In the fall of 1891, he entered the Baptist Theological Seminary at Louisville, Ky., and the following June came to Gallipolis, taking charge of the Baptist Church, where, by earnest labor, exemplary life, and true Christian seal, he not only endeared himself to his congregation but to all of our citizens. He was a man universally respected and liked, and drew into his congregation many not in the habit of attending church, and leaves a place which it will be very difficult to fill.
     In 1885, Mr. Mohler married Miss Mary Hall, of Henrietta, Mo., and there were born to them two children, aged respectively seven and two years.
     Mr. Mohler was a zealous member of the I. O. O. F., of which Order he had lately been elected V.G., and in which he held a life insurance.
     Rev. J. W. Mohler’s remains were brought to his home at two o’clock Saturday afternoon, and the funeral was held on Sunday, at eleven o’clock in the morning, in his own church, to which his body was accompanied by a large body of Odd Fellows. The funeral services were impressive. On the pulpit platform with Rev. Loving of Huntington, were the pastor of the Buffalo Baptist Church, and the pastors of the African Baptist, the Methodist, and the Presbyterian Churches, most of whom took some part in the services. The sermon by Rev. Loving was eminently fitting to the occasion, and was based on certain characteristic resemblances between the martyr Stephen and the dead pastor. Rev. B. F. Jackson then offered a touching tribute to the memory of the dead good man “whose deeds do follow” him. During the services several hymns were sung beautifully and sympathically by the choir.
     The church was literally packed, as is shown by the fact that, at the close of the services, five hundred and nineteen people looked, many of them through tears, into the calm face, where seemed to brood a childlike peace. Very many persons were obliged to turn away from the church doors.
The remains were then escorted by a very large cortege consisting of the Lodge of Odd Fellows and a great number of citizens to Mound Hill Cemetery, where interment was made.
     Mr. Ephraim Mohler, Miss Ida Mohler, and Mrs. Emma Colbert, of Covington, O., and Mr. Solomon N. Mohler, of Louisville, Ky., brothers and sisters of Rev. J. W. Mohler, came here to attend the funeral. Supt. J. B. Mohler telegraphed from Two Rivers, Wis., his inability, on account of a serious accident, to attend his brother’s funeral.

Card of Thanks
     We want to express our heartfelt thanks to the family of W. H. H. McDaniel and citizens of Sand Fork community, and also to the churches and citizens of Gallipolis, for their kindness and sympathy during the sickness and burial of the late Rev. J. W. Mohler.
               Mrs. Mamie Mohler
               S. N. Mohler

The Gallipolis Bulletin
Saturday, March 9, 1895
Transcribed by Sandy L. Milliron                                                                      Top of Page

Mohler, Rev. J. W.

The Funeral Of The Late Rev. J. W. Mohler
A Beloved Pastor Laid To Rest
[From Monday’s Daily Journal]
     In the light of the beautiful morning sunshine which streamed into the sacred edifice, illuminating the stained glass that let light onto the pathetic scene, the last sad rites were performed over the remains of Rev. J. W. Mohler, pastor of the First Baptist Church. Long before the hour appointed for the services, the friends of the deceased who had known and loved him in life gathered at the place of worship to pay the last tribute to the dead. The ceremonies began shortly after 11 o’clock, at which time every inch of available space in the church was occupied. The interior of the church hung with black draperies and the scene was one of solemnity and impressiveness.
     The remains reposed in a handsome casket immediately in front of pulpit lately occupied by the deceased. The pallid features of the dead, calm and peaceful, were exposed to view and as they were glanced at none could resist the grief-stricken pain that seized them, knowing as they did it would be a parting look at a sterling citizen.
     A more impressive or better sermon than that preached by Rev. Loving, of Huntington, is seldom heard. He eulogized the deceased in a deserving manner. He spoke of his many virtues and referred to his loving family. The music of the choir was most beautiful and appropriate.
     The remains were escorted to Mound Hill cemetery by a large turnout of Odd Fellows in whose charge the remains were, besides an unusually large funeral cortege. The services at the grave were short. A prayer by Rev. Loving and then the fast falling clods of earth bid forever from view all that was mortal of the esteemed dead.

The Gallipolis Journal
Wednesday, March 6, 1895
Transcribed by Sandy L. Milliron

Moler, Andrew L.

Death of A. L. Moler
     Mr. Andrew L. Moler, a former resident of Gallia county, died at the home of his daughter, Mrs. Andrew Shively, at Baltimore, Ohio, October 18, 1905, aged 93 years, 6 months and 6 days. He was united in marriage to Nancy Vance in 1888, and thirteen children were born to them. Mr. Moler’s wife and nine children preceded him in death. Two daughters and two sons still survive: James of Missouri, David of Nebraska, Martha Willis of Wellston, and Della Shively of Baltimore, Ohio

Gallipolis Bulletin
Friday, November 10, 1905
Transcribed by Sandy L. Milliron

Mollohan, Jackie Darrell

Jackie Mollohan Dies at Age 26
     Jackie Darrell Mollohan, 26, died at 11 a.m., Sunday in a Gallipolis Hospital. He was born Dec. 12, 1939, in Charleston, W. Va., son of C. C. Mollohan, and Ella Freeman Mollohan, now deceased. The Mollohans resided on Poplar Ridge in Cheshire Twp.
     Surviving are the following brothers and sisters: Charles, William, John, and Mrs. Eddie Easton of Huntington, Richard, James and Leonard, of Gallipolis and Mrs. Phyllis Patterson, Swanton, O.
     Funeral services will be held at the McCoy Funeral Home in Vinton at 1 p.m. Wednesday. The Rev. Rex Scaggs will officiate. Burial will be in the Addison Cemetery. Friends may call at the funeral home anytime.

Gallipolis Daily Tribune
Monday, February 1, 1965
Transcribed by Sandy Milliron

Mollohan, Martin

     Martin Mollohan, 103, formerly of Ewington, died Monday at Scenic Hills Health Care Center. He was born April 20, 1885 at Nebo, W.Va., son of the late Annis and Sarah Tanner Mollohan.
     He was preceded in death by his wife, Zona Carpenter Mollohan. Surviving are three sons, Woodrow Mollohan, Vinton, Dewey Mollohan, Wilkesville, and Darrel Mollohan, Ivydale, W.Va; six daughters, Ethel Rife, Dexter, Mrs. Kenneth [Martha] Ward, Bidwell, Rebecca Carter, Chauncy, Clovie [Pet] Brown, Ewington, Opal Hardesty, Richmondale, Mrs. Estel [Reva] Johnston, Ewington; 24 grandchildren, several great-grandchildren, and great-great-grandchildren; one brother, Lanty Mollohan, Preston, W.Va. Three daughters, three brother and two sisters preceded him in death.
     He was a retired farmer and coal miner and a member of Wilkesville F&AM Orphan's Friends Lodge 275.
Graveside services will be conducted 10 a.m. Thursday in Vinton Memorial Park, Rev. Darrell Mollohan and Woodrow Mollohan officiating. Friends may call at McCoy-Moore Funeral Home on Wednesday, 2 to 4 p.m. and 7 to 9 p.m.

Daily Sentinel
Jun 15, 1988
Transcribed Connie Cotterill-Schumaker                                                           Top of Page

Monroe, Anna

Death Claims Mrs. Anna Monroe
     Mrs. Anna Monroe, 74, died 7 p.m. Sunday at her home in Northup. The widow of Henry Monroe, who died 11 years ago, Mrs. Monroe was born Feb. 6, 1874, in Gallia County to the late H. W. and Angeline Tope Cremeens.
     She is survived by two sons, Roy Monroe, Patriot, and Brady Monroe, Fairmont, W. Va., and these brothers and sisters: Earl Cremeens, Garfield Ave.; Lee and Bud, Gallia County; Mrs. Clara Walters, Northup; Mrs. Ethel Ulrey and Mrs. Emma Saunders, Columbus. She also leaves two grandchildren.
     Funeral services will be held at 10:30 a.m. Wednesday in the Bethesda Church, the Rev. Charles Lusher officiating, and burial will be made by O. E. Elliot in White Cemetery.

[Note: From death certificate date of death August 22, 1948.]

Newspaper (prob. August 1948, Gallipolis) clipping found in the Simmerman files, Cremeens file, Bossard Library.
Transcribed by Lynn Anders

Monroe, Henry

Henry Monroe, 63, Dies Last Evening
     Henry Monroe, for about thirty-five years a resident of Walnut tp., died Wednesday evening at his home on Smoky Row following a serious illness of several months. He was 63 years of age and a native of Salt Rock, W. Va.
     Shortly after coming to this state he married Anna Cremeens and to them were born two sons; Brady Monroe of Montgomery, W. Va., and Roy of Walnut tp. A brother, Waldo, of the same community, also survives.
     Funeral services will likely be held at the home on Friday afternoon at 2 o'clock with burial following at the White cemetery by A. E. Tope.

[Note: From death certificate date of birth September 27, 1875; date of death April 13, 1938; father George W. Monroe; mother Matilda A. Carter. George and Matilda were married in Mason County, WV in 1874. Matilda Carter was born in Gallia County.]

Newspaper (prob. April 1938, Gallipolis) clipping found in the Simmerman files, Cremeens file, Bossard Library.
Transcribed by Lynn Anders

Monroe, Roy

     Roy Monroe, 86, 731 Loucks Road, Patriot, died Monday, March 11, 1996, at his residence.
Born July 15, 1909 in Gallia County, son of the late Henry and Anna Cremeens Monroe, he was a retired farmer and a member of the Simpson United Methodist Church, Rio Grande.,
     Surviving are his wife, Lillian Allbright Monroe, whom he married July 18, 1931 in Catlettsburg, Kentucky; two grandchildren, William and Debbie Baker of Gallipolis, and Carolyn and Jack Berry of Rio Grande; a son,-in-law, Ray Baker of Patriot, three great-grandchildren, Audrey Baker of Wellston, Jackie Berry of Rio Grande, and Jennifer Baker of Gallipolis; and a niece, Annalee Harris of Fairmount, West Virginia.
     He was also preceded in death by a daughter, Audrey A. Baker, in 1972, and a brother, Brady Monroe.
     Services will be 1 p.m. Thursday, March 14, 1996 in the Willis Funeral Home, with the Rev. Jack Berry officiating. Burial will be in the Ohio Valley Memorial Gardens. Friends may call at the funeral home from 6-9 p.m. Wednesday, March 13, 1996.

Gallipolis Newspaper
No Date
Transcribed by Margaret Calvin                                                                        Top of Page

Montgomery, Brady

     GALLIPOLIS - Brady Montgomery, 79, retired farmer, Rt. 2, Crown City, died around 8:15 a.m., Saturday in the Holzer Medical Center on First Ave. He had been a patient there since Jan. 12.
     Mr. Montgomery had been in failing health about two years. He was born on Dec. 27, 1889, in Ohio Twp., son of the late James P. and Sara Jane Caldwell Montgomery. He never married.
     The following brothers and sisters survive: William and John Montgomery, both of Rt. 2, Crown City, Miss Anna Montgomery, Rt. 2, Crown City; Mrs. Laura Clark, Gallipolis; Mrs. Alice Ward, of Raceland, Ky. Five brothers and one sister preceded him in death.
     Mr. Montgomery was a veteran of World War I.
     Funeral services will be 2 p.m., Tuesday in the Mt. Zion Church at Swan Creek, with Rev. N. B. Barker of Chesapeake in charge. Burial will be in Mt. Zion Cemetery. Graveside military rites will be conducted. Friends may call at the Waugh-Halley-Wood Funeral Home between 2-4 and 7-9 p.m., Monday.

Gallipolis Times Sentinel
Sunday, January 19, 1969
Transcribed by Sandy Milliron

Montgomery, Caroline Joyce

Heart Ailment Claims Girl, 12
Caroline Montgomery Rites Set Saturday
     A several weeks’ illness of rheumatic heart disease today had proved fatal for 12-year-old Caroline Joyce Montgomery, daughter of Jesse D. and Odna Sergent Montgomery, 247 Fourth Ave. Death came to this sixth grade Gallipolis student at 8:05 p.m. Wednesday in Children’s Hospital, Columbus. Though she had been promoted to the sixth grade, she never attended after she finished her fifth grade at the Washington School last May under Mrs. Nelson Gardner.
     Born Sept. 22, 1937, in Gallipolis, Caroline lived at Chambersburg for a while before she was of school age. All her schooling has been in Gallipolis. She became ill last summer, and two or three times was a patient at Holzer Hospital. She entered Children’s Hospital five weeks ago.
     Besides her parents, Caroline is survived by a half-brother, the Rev. Talmage Duncan, Bluefield, W. Va.; and two half-sisters, Mrs. Gathel (Drema) Parish and Mrs. Woodrow (Celestine) North, Gallipolis. Mrs. Parish formerly lived in Columbus, but moved to Gallipolis when her little sister became ill.
     The body is at the late home where friends may call. Funeral services will be held at 2 p.m. Saturday in the Church of God, of which she was a member, the Rev. H. M. Smith officiating. Burial will be made in Pine Street Cemetery by Miller’s Home for Funerals. Pallbearers will be her classmates, Billy and Bobby Smeltzer, Carl Smith, Jr., Freddy Miller, Larry Rood, and Donald Hill. Flower-bearers will be Phyllis Baker, Claudia Miller, Helen Mayes, Yvonne Elliott, Patty Halley, and Loretta Beabout.

Gallipolis Daily Tribune
Friday, November 25, 1949
Transcribed by Sandy L. Milliron

Montgomery, Ethel May [Lanthorn]

Mrs. James Montgomery Dies
     Mrs. Ethel May Montgomery, 46, wife of James Montgomery of Eureka, died in the Holzer hospital, Sunday night of pneumonia. Funeral services were at Eureka church Tuesday afternoon by Rev. C. L. Thaver and Rev. E. L. Miller
     Mrs. Montgomery was a daughter of James and Sarah Lanthorn. She had been married three times. Her first husband, George Ahlman, was accidentaly killed at Dam 26. Two daughters are the survivors of this union and they married brothers, Jack Clark of Eureka and George Clark of Leaper. Her second husband was William Elbin and two children were born to them, William and Margaret, both in their teens. And she is survived by three children of her marriage to Mr. Montgomery, Jimmie, Paul and Catherine. There also survive two brothers, Morris Lanthorn of Leaper and Archie of Columbus, and a sister, Mrs. Dewey Montgomery: Dewey and James Montgomery being brothers

[Note: Buried Clay Chapel Cemtery, Clay Twp]

Gallipolis paper
Transcribed by Maxine Marshall

Montgomery, Ivan

Korean Vet Funeral Rites Held Sunday
     GALLIPOLIS - Services for Master Sergeant Ivan Montgomery, 39, who died in Pusan, Korea, November 20, 1951, will be held today at 3:30 p.m. at the Nazarene Church. He was born in Worthing, N. D., September 17, 1912, the son of James and Anna Montgomery. He attended Ross High School at Ross, N. D., graduating in 1931.
     During World War II, he served in the European theater with the Army Engineers and attained the rank of Captain. He was sent to Korea in July, 1950. The widow, Mrs. Frances Montgomery is residing here with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Earl Vance, 19 Mill Creek St., during the time he was stationed in Germany, she was with him and came to Gallipolis when her husband was sent to Korea. They were married in 1950.
     Brothers and sisters who survive are: Dale Montgomery, Fargo, N.D.; Dallas Montgomery, Portland, Ore.; George Montgomery, Hazen, N.D.; Francis Montgomery, Jordan, Mont. and Mrs. Ross Nelson and Mrs. June Iverson, Minot, N. D. 
     Sergeant Montgomery was a member of the Elks lodge at Richmond, Va. The military funeral will be in charge of the Veterans of Foreign Wars. Burial will be in Mound Hill Cemetery.

[Note: N. Dak. M. Sgt. 552 Engr. Base Dep. Bn. WW II, Korea]

Athens Sunday Messenger
March 16, 1952
Transcribed by Sandy L. Milliron

Montgomery, J. P. (Pete)

Man Killed by Auto
Pete Montgomery of Bladen Died Monday When Struck by Car
     J. P. (Pete) Montgomery, aged about 70, was struck by a car driven by John C. Campbell, 30, while standing in the roadway near his home at Bladen Monday morning and died shortly after. Montgomery was talking to Oakley Johnson, a neighbor, as the car approached and signalled. He apparently became confused and stepped directly in its path. He was struck in the chest and hurled over the bank, dying shortly after.
     Mr. Montgomery is survived by his wife, eight children, Alice, Fannie, John, William, James, Brady, Emma and Larua. His aged father. T. J. Montgomery now over 90, lies near Mercerville.

[Note: Tombstone in Zion Cemtery 1860-1926]

Gallipolis paper
Transcribed by Maxine Marshall                                                                       Top of Page

Montgomery, James Buchanan

To the Editor of the Journal:
     You no doubt have heard of the sudden and unexpected death of my son, James BUCHANAN, and I thought I would give you his age and particulars of his death, that you might say anything you may want to in the JOURNAL.
     He was 29 years 6 months and 22 days old, and died of congestive chill on the 15th of October 1866. He had been making his home with his uncle, John R. T. Montgomery, near Poplar Bluffs, Missouri, where he died.
     He had been having an occasional chill, incident to Southeastern Missouri, but was feeling unusually well on Thursday, October 14th, and Friday morning the 15th until about 10 a.m. When he was taken suddenly with what proved to be a congestive chill, from which he died 15 minutes before 12 p.m.; he was buried beside my father; Col. Thomas MONTGOMERY, who died the 12th of March last, who, prior to his death selected the spot where he wished to rest, on a beautiful knoll near his son's residence, and the place intended as the family burying ground.
     He was an honest, truthful boy, kind and true to all who did not mistreat him; he reared no foe, stood by what he thought to be right and _______[illegible] what he thought was wrong; he had educated himself and had taught three years of school in Gallia county, and two in Butler county, Missouri, and had a school engaged for the present fall and coming winter.
     His politics were Democratic, and he had been reading law the past three years in view of educating himself for that profession.
     His sudden and unexpected death strikes us like a thunder bolt and ___________[illegible] I have faced death so ___________[illegible] and so ___________[illegible] this has completely unverved me.

Respectfully, J.M. MONTGOMERY

Gallipolis Journal
Wednesday, October 27, 1886
Transcribed by Teresa Herrmann                                                                     Top of Page

Montgomery, James L.

Gallia Countian Succumbs at 77 After Illness
     James L. Montgomery, 77, a resident of Rt. 1 Crown City, died at 8:10 p.m. Sunday in Holzer hospital. He had been in failing health for 10 months. Mr. Montgomery was born April 10, 1886 at Bladen, son of the late James Creston and Sarah Jane Caldwell Montgomery. He was preceded in death by his wife, the former Rose Walters in 1929. They were married April 10, 1914.
     Sons and daughters who survive are Everette of Crown City, James of Gallipolis, Thurman Lee, Lawrence, Carl and Thomas, all of Crown City and Mrs. Sherman (Jane) McGuire of Northup and a stepdaughter, Mrs. Leslie (Helen) Thompson of Gallipolis. There are 22 grandchildren. Brothers and sister who survive are Brady, Leslie, William and John Montgomery, all of Crown City, Mrs. Laura Clark of Gallipolis, and Mrs. Alice Ward of Raceland, Ky. Two brothers and a sister preceded him in death.
     Mr. Montgomery spent his lifetime in Gallia county. He attended Mt. Zion Baptist church. Services will be held at 2 p.m. Wednesday at Mt Zion church. Rev. Earl Cremeens will officiate, and burial will be in the church cemetery under the direction of the Waugh-Halley-Wood Funeral home. Friends may call at the home of his son in Crown City after 3 p.m. Tuesday.

Gallipolis Daily Tribune
November 10, 1963
Transcribed by Mary Crittenden

Montgomery, James P.

Death Claims Man Suddenly
     James P. Montgomery, 69, died suddenly at midnight at his home 2030 Eastern Ave. He had appeared in his usual health during the day, and had visited a funeral home at 9 p.m. Friday to pay his respects to a relative.
     Mr. Montgomery was a veteran of World War I, and was a member of the Veterans of Foreign Wars at Marietta. During his active career, he was employed by the Union Barge Line.
     He was born at Eureka, son of the late George and Nora Gothard Montgomery. His first marriage was to the former Ethel Lanthorne and she died in 1932. Children who survive are Mrs. Melvin (Katherine) Little of Cheshire, and James and Roger Montgomery, both of Gallipolis. His second marriage was to the former Marie Bergs, who died three years ago.
     Other survivors are a brother and sister, Dewey Montgomery of Eureka and Mrs. Audrey Fisher of Gallipolis. A sister, Mrs. Hallie Henry, is deceased.
     Services will be held at 2: p.m. Sunday at Miller’s Home for Funerals. Rev. Wesley Bennett will officiate, and burial will be in Gravel Hill cemetery. Friends may call at the funeral home Saturday afternoon and evening.

Gallipolis Daily Tribune
Friday, April 24, 1964
Transcribed by Sandy Lee Milliron

Montgomery, John H.

Former Resident Dead
     John H. Montgomery, 71, a native of Guyan township but for half a century a resident of Guyandot, died at his home Saturday night after a long illness. He leaves his wife; Mrs. Rachel Montgomery, sons Russell and Hollis, and a daughter, Bessie. Burial was made in Good Hope cemetery at Crown City Monday afternoon.

[Note: 1860-1933]

Unknown Newspaper
Transcribed by Suzanne Giroux

Montgomery, Mary Catherine [Fry]

Death of Mrs. Montgomery
     Mrs. Mary Catherine Montgomery, widow of the late Col. J. H. M. Montgomery, died Friday evening at 4 o'clock after being confined to her bed for two weeks with general infirmities. She was the daughter of Guy and Sarah Fry, of this county, and was 66 years of age. She leaves four children; L. F. Montgomery, of Bladen; Mrs. Frank Chapman, of Huntington; Sherman, in the West, and George of Bladen.
     Mrs. Montgomery made her home with her sister, Mrs. Elizabeth Fry, near Mercerville, since the death of her husband in '98 and was there at the time of her death. The funeral was at Bethel Church, of which she has long been a devoted member, Sunday morning at 11 o'clock. Burial in the church-yard. Rev. E. L. Welch conduted the services and Wetherholt the burial.

Gallipolis Journal
Wednesday, April 19, 1899
Transcribed by J. Farley                                                                               Top of Page

Montgomery, Nora

Eureka Woman Is Deat at 81
     Mrs. Nora Montgomery, 81, of Eureka, died at 1:45 a.m., Thursday in Holzer hospital.  She had been a patient there for about a week suffering from a heart condition, and had been hospitalized several times in the past few years.
     Mrs. Montgomery was the widow of George Montgomery who died several years ago.  They were married on March 18, 1892.  She was born on Christmas day, Dec. 25, 1873, the daughter of Perkins and Amanda Harbour Gothard in Harrison Twn.  She was one of eleven children of whom one sister, Mrs. Roma Johnson, Garfield Ave., and one brother Ben Gothard, Eastern Ave., survive.
     In her youth Mrs. Montgomery attended Bull Skin school in Harrison Twp. and she was a member of the Methodist church at Eureka.  She was the mother of five children of whom four suvrvive.  They are James of Marietta, Dewey of Eureka, Mrs. Vernon (Halley) Henry of Eureka and Mrs. Audry Fisher, Eureka.  She reared three of her grandchildren in her home.  There are 16 grandchildren and 8 great grandchildren.
     Funeral services for Mrs. Montgomery will be held at the Eureka Methodist church at 2 p.m. Sunday, with Rev. Harry Mayenchein of Bladen officiating.  Burial will be in Mr. Zion cemetery below Bladen by Miller's Home For Funerals. The body will be taken to the home of a son, Dewey Montgomery, Friday where friends may call after 7 p.m.  Pallbearers who will serve are all grandchildren and are Robert Montgomery, Carl Joy, James Montgomery, Jr., Lawrence Henry, Paul Montgomery, and Robert Angel.

[Note: Born: Dec. 25, 1873; Died: Aug. 26, 1956; Date of death on our cemetery database was given as 1954.]

Unknown publication and date (scrapbook)
Transcribed by Nancy McMillan

Montgomery, Paul Thomas Sr.

     Paul Thomas Montgomery Sr., 74, Crown City, died Sunday, Nov. 26, 1995 in St. Mary’s Hospital, Huntington, W.Va. Born March 21, 1921 in Gallia County, son of the late John Thomas and Hattie Jane Burcham Montgomery, he retired in 1974 as a steelworker at the H & K Porter Plant, Huntington. He was a U.S. Army veteran of World War II, and a member of VFW Post 4464, Gallipolis.
     He was also preceded in death by his wife, Patty Lambert Montgomery, and two sons. Surviving are two daughters from a previous marriage, Patty Montgomery of Virginia, and Betty Adams of Maryland; a son from a second marriage, Paul Thomas Montgomery of Houston Texas; five daughters, Frances Montano and Linda Montgomery, both of Crown City and Phyllis Montgomery, Peggy Montgomery and Cathy Montgomery, all of Gallipolis; 10 grandchildren and two great-grandchildren; two brother Marshall Montgomery of Miller, Ohio, and Donald Montgomery of Gallipolis; and a sister, Pauline Boster of Crown City.
     Services will be 1 p.m. Tuesday in the Willis Funeral Home, with the Rev. George Holley officiating. Burial will be in the Ohio Valley Memory Gardens. Friends may call at the funeral home from 6-9 tonight. Military graveside rites will be conducted by VFW Post 4464 and American Legion Lafayette Post 27.

Gallipolis Daily Tribune
Unknown date
Transcribed by Jessica L. Weber

Montgomery, Robert Newton

Death of Mr. Montgomery
     Mr. Robert Newton Montgomery, a general agent for an Eastern shoe house, died in Columbus Wednesday of Brights disease. He was a popular member of the U.C.Ts, an active member of the Presbyterian Church, a splendid, clean cut, Christian gentleman.
     He was born in Manchester and came to Gallipolis when a young man and became a member of the firm of Montgomery, Smith & Co. and later of Montgomery, Hanson & Williams and resided here for quite a while, well liked and highly respected and many will regret to hear of his death.

[Note: born April 13, 1857; died Oct. 5, 1911. Buried Portsmouth, Ohio.]

Gallipolis Daily Tribune
Oct. 28, 1911
Transcribed by F. K. Brown

Montgomery, Samuel

     Died on Tuesday afternoon, 10th ult., Samuel Montgomery, son of Jas. M. and N. J. Watts, aged two years, six months, and two days.

The Gallipolis Journal
October 19, 1865
Transcribed by Eva Swain Hughes

Montgomery, Sarah Jane [Caldwell]

Mrs. Montgomery Found Dead on Floor at Home
Coroner is Called --Funeral Set for 2 Thursday
     Mrs. Sarah Jane Montgomery, 75, widow of Pete Montgomery, was found dead about 8:45 last night. Her body was lying at the side of her bed in her home two miles below Bladen. Relatives had found the house locked and an entrance was made through a window. At first there were suspicions of foul play, but these did not appear to be justified by anything subsequently learned. Dr. D. R. Warehime, Coroner, who was summoned to the scene said that she had died of a heart condition.
     Mrs. Montgomery was a Caldwell before her marriage--the last survivor of her generation of the family. She is survived by these children; James, Brady, Leslie, John, Mrs. Emma Lane and Mrs. Laura Lambert, all of Bladen; Anna Montgomery, Columbus; William, a soldier in Alaska; Paul, a soldier in South Africa.
     The Montgomery home is on Route 7 and near the Rosebud School.
     Funeral services will be conducted at Mt. Zion in Ohio Township at 2 o'clock (fast time) Thursday by Rev. Earl Cremeens. Interment in the cemetery there by C.R. Halley.

[Note: stone...1868-1943. Death Certificate shows born Dec. 25, 1869 in Gallia County; died May 25, 1943 Ohio Township, Gallia County. Father James Caldwell, Mother Emily Harbolt(sp)]

Gallipolis Paper
No date

      Sarah Jane (Caldwell) Montgomery was born Dec. 25, 1869 and died May 25, 1943, aged 74 years, 5 months. She was united in marriage to James E. Montgomery. To this union twelve children were born: James, Brady, Leslie, John, Mrs. Emma Lane, Mrs. Laura Lambert of Bladen, Mrs. Alice Ward, Raceland, KY; Miss Anna Montgomery, Orient, Ohio; William of Seattle, WA: and Paul in North Africa. Two children died several years ago.

Precious Mother thou hast left us
Never on Earth to meet again
But we hope some day to meet you
on that happy Golden Shore.

[Note: Buried: Mt. Zion, Ohio Township]

Gallipolis Paper
May 25, 1943
Transcribed by F.K. Brown                                                                             Top of Page

Montgomery, Stanley E.

     Stanley E. Montgomery, 58, 505 Gallia St. Crown City, died Sunday, Nov. 26, 1995 at his residence.
Born Feb. 6, 1937 in Gallia County, son of the late Mervin Earl Montgomery, and Doris Barry Montgomery of Crown City, he retired from Gallipolis Development Center in 1990.
     Surviving in addition to his mother are, two daughters, Marcia (Neale) Knight of Middleport, and Debby (Larry) Grubb of Patriot; son Brian Montgomery of Patriot; four grandsons and a step grandson; and a brother, James M. Montgomery of Crown City. He was also preceded in death by a son, Steve E. Montgomery; a brother, Glenn T. Montgomery; and a grandson.
     Services will be 1 p.m. Wednesday in the Willis Funeral Home, with the Rev. Paul Voss officiating. Burial will be in the Ridgelawn Cemetery, Mercerville. Friends may call the funeral home from 6-9 p.m. Tuesday.

Gallipolis Daily Tribune
Unknown date
Transcribed by Jessica L. Weber

Montgomery, Thomas J. L.

     Thomas J. L. Montgomery, son of Thomas and Tacey (Swindler) Montgomery, was born October 28, 1835, and was called to his reward, September 1, 1928, aged 92 years, 10 months and three days, having lived his entire life in Guyan township.
     On August 27, 1857 he was united in marriage to Lucretia Haskins, and to this union 11 children were born. Three of these died in infancy, and James P. died three years ago. Those still living are: Mrs. David S. Dailey, John H., Tacey E. Cupp, Elza J., William M., Mrs. H. A. Day, and Mrs. Bart Miller. Besides the children he is survived by 37 grand-children and 52 great-grand-children.
     His companion departed this life March 14, 1875, to whose memory he has been true for 53 years. After her death, the care of this large family devolved upon him, and he proved himself both a father and mother to them in ministering to them and imparting good counsel.
He was converted when 19 years of age, and lived a quiet, unassuming Christian life for almost 75 years. In 1923 he was baptized by Rev. Earl Cremeens and joined the Good Hope Baptist church.
Mr. Montgomery was one of the stalwart pioneer farmers of Guyan township and knew the hardships incident to the lives of our early settlers. He was a staunch and noble citizen, and one who always advocated and upheld the right and condemned the wrong.
     He bore his afflictions and last illness with the fortitude and quiet patience which characterizes the life of a Christian character. He will be sadly missed by a host of relatives and friends, and especially by Mrs. Bart Miller, with whom he made his home in his declining years, and who ministered to his comfort with a love and patience which only God can reward, and who may now hold as her most sacred memory of her father, the tender, loving care which she gave to him.

He is dead?

No, he lives and moves in us,
We will ever have it thus;
He gave to us his very best,
In us his life is manifest.

He is gone?

No we will have it so,
Such a one can never go;
His life’s still warm with light and power,
We feel his presence every hour.
He is cold?

No, his presence warms us still,
Better far than I can tell;
‘Tis but his dust that is so cold.
His life still warms our hearts threshold.

He is changed?

Yes, to an angel’s likeness, too.
And he’s happy, through and through;
We thank the Lord for such a soul,
He made us better, one and all.

     Funeral services was held at the home with interment following at the Swindler cemetery.

Card of Thanks

     We wish to thank the friends and neighbors for their kindness during the illness and death of our beloved father, Rev. Earl Cremeens for the consoling words, choir for their beautiful singing, Undertaker Coleman Halley for his efficient service, and those that gave floral offerings, Mr. and Mrs. Bart Miller and Family.

Gallia Times
September 13, 1928
Transcribed by Henny Evans

Montieth, Geneva [Myers]

Obituary of Geneva Myers Montieth
     Geneva Myers Montieth*, 88, of 537 Pleasant St., South Weymouth, Mass., died Wednesday at Queen Anne's Nursing Home following a lengthy illness.
     Born May 29, 1900 in Gallia County, she was a daughter of the late Jacob Columbus Myers and Hannah Shaffer Myers.
     She was preceded in death by her husband, William Earl Montieth in 1969. Also preceding were two brothers, Carl in 1969, and Elmer in 1915.
     Survivors include a brother, James Myers, Haynes City, Fla.; four nephews and two neices, locally being Mrs. Nancy Hood, Addison.
     She was a member of St. Francis Xavier Catholic Church, South Weymouth, Mass. Mass of Christian Burial will be Monday, St. Francis Xavier Church in South Weymouth, Mass. Graveside services and burial will be conducted at Mound Hill Cemetery (and) will be announced later by Waugh-Halley-Wood Funeral Home.

[The obituary spells the last name as Monteiph]

Gallipolis Daily Tribune
Friday, June 17, 1988, page A-3.
Contributed by Jeff Hayes                                                 Top of Page

Moodispaugh, Willie

Death of a Child
     Willie Moodispaugh, infant son of Robt. and Lelia Moodispaugh, died Friday afternoon of Spinal Meningitis. The funeral services will be at the home on Pine Street Sunday afternoon, burial following at Pine Street cemetery.

Gallipolis Daily Tribune
Saturday, January 23, 1904
Transcribed by Sandy L. Milliron

Moodispaugh, Winston

     Winston Moodispaugh died at the Infirmary this morning. He was about 45 years of age.

Gallipolis Daily Tribune (Pg. 3)
Wednesday, January 8, 1896
Transcribed by Sandy Milliron

Moon, Albert D.

O. H. E. Patient Killed
By a K & M Train Sunday Afternoon
     Albert D. Moon, of Spring Valley, Greene county, Ohio, aged 19 years, a patient at the Ohio Hospital for Epileptics, was run over and instantly killed by a Kanawha & Michigan passenger train Sunday afternoon. The young man, who was evidently confused from an epileptic attack, ran on to the track in front of the train. An employee of the institution who was near at hand nearly lost his life in attempt to save the boy. His parents were notified.

Gallipolis Daily Tribune
Monday, October 15, 1906

Moon, Albert D.

Cut to Pieces - Was Epileptic, by Passenger Train
     Albert D. Moon, a patient at the O. H. E., was instantly killed by a K. & M. Train, Sunday afternoon. He had just recovered from an epileptic fit on the Hospital grounds, and ran away from those who were assisting him. He ran on to the railroad track, and though warned by the whistle of the engine, failed to escape the approaching train. His head was severed from his body, both arms were cut off, and his body mangled in a terrible manner. The unfortunate man was about nineteen years old, and entered the institution six months ago. The remains were shipped to Xenia for burial.

Gallipolis Bulletin
Friday, October 19, 1906
Transcribed by Sandy L. Milliron                                                                      Top of Page

Mooney, Charlotte [Kerr]

Death of Mrs. Matthew Mooney
     Mrs. Charlotte, wife of Mr. Matthew Mooney, of Swan Creek, and daughter of Squire Samuel Kerr, of this city, died on Friday last, and was buried at the family burial ground on Sunday. She leaves two children, one babe about a month old. Mrs. Mooney was thirty-nine years old on the day of her death.

Gallipolis Bulletin
Oct. 16, 1888
Transcribed by Danielle Frogale-Dorso

Mooney, Clarence Eugene

C. E. Mooney, War Veteran, Dies Tuesday
     Clarence Eugene Mooney, 68 a World War I veteran and farmer who resided on [____] Crown City Hannan T____ Rd.), died at 10:15 p. m. Tuesday in Holzer hospital, where he had been a patient for five days. He had been in failing health for four years, and his condition had been serious since Jan. 11.
     Mr. Mooney was born in Ohio twp., Jan. 12, 1896, son of the late Walter and Amanda Hamilton Mooney. His marriage to the former Rosa Gallaway took place in Gallipolis on Aug. 31, 1921. She survives him along with the following children: Alvin L. Franklin and Clarence Mooney, Jr., all of Rt. 2 Crown City, Mrs. Lewis (Ivadell) Lupton and John Lee Mooney, both of Columbus. There are 15 grandchildren. Three children, Thelma, Norma Jean and Harold preceded him in death.
     Others who survive are four brothers and three sisters, George and Roy Mooney, Mrs. Parmer (Myrtle) Fisher, and Mrs. William (Mary) Kuhn, all of Gallipolis, Floyd and Earl Mooney, and Mrs. Emmett (Goldie) Waugh, all of Rt. 2 Crown City.
     Mr. Mooney was a member of Victory Baptist church. Services will be held there at 2 p.m. Friday, Rev. Earl Cremeens will officiate and burial will be in White cemetery under the direction of the Waugh-Hailey-Wood Funeral home. Friends may call at the late home after 6 p.m. Thursday.

Gallipolis Daily Tribune
January 28, 1964
Transcribed by Mary Crittenden

Mooney, Clinton Tyler

Rev. Mooney, 48, Claimed Early Today
     Rev. Clinton Tyler Mooney, 48, died suddenly at 5:30 a.m. today at his home, 90 Pine St. He had been in failing health for the past two months.
     He retired from his employment at the Gallipolis State Institute two months ago. He had been employed there for 16 years. Prior to that time he had been in the employ of the State Highway Department.
     Rev. Mooney was a member of the Church of Christ in Christian Union and had served two Gallia county churches, Cooks Chapel and Kings Chapel.
     He was a native of Ohio twp., and was born on Oct. 21, 1912, the son of the late Dr. John T. Mooney, a veterinarian and Anna Waugh Mooney, who survives and lives at Chesapeake. He was married to the former Myrtle Waugh on Dec. 27, 1933 in Gallipolis by the late Rev. H. M. Smith. She survives along with one daughter, Mrs. Vernon (Jeanne Lee) Elliott of New Philadelphia and one granddaughter.
     Brothers and sisters who survive are Mrs. Mary Phillips and Lawrence Mooney, both of Rt. 2 Crown City, Loren and Forrest Mooney, both of Huntington, Mrs. Virginia Nichols of Miller, Mrs. Norma Nichols of Columbus, Mrs. Geneva Henderson of Orlando, Fla., and Mrs. Beulah F. Doss of Chesapeake.
     Rev. Mooney was a member of Ohio Valley Lodge of Masons at Crown City. Masonic rites will be 2:30 p.m. Sunday at Waugh-Halley-Wood Funeral home. Rev. Everette Delaney will officiate with burial to follow in Swan Creek cemetery. Friends may call at the funeral home after 6 p.m. Friday and until the hour of the last rites.

[Note: Cemetery entry gives year of death as 1961.]

Unknown publication
Unknown date
Transcribed by Lisa Halbig

Mooney, Edna [Butler]

Death of Mrs. John Mooney
     Mrs. John Mooney died at her home at in Huntington Sunday, Jan. 23. Funeral services were conducted in Huntington at 3:00 p. m. Tuesday. Mrs. Mooney was formerly Miss Edna Butler of Kanauga and leaves a husband and one daughter 3 weeks old besides her mother, father, two sisters and two brothers.

The Gallipolis Daily Tribune
January 26, 1927
Transcribed by Mary Kay Clarky Clark                                                               Top of Page

Mooney, Harold

Rites Sunday For Boy Who Drowned

     Funeral services for Harold Mooney, who was drowned yesterday while swimming in the river near the mouth of Big Creek, will be held at Hannan Hill at 2 o'clock Sunday, Rev. Earl Cremeens will be in charge. Burial by Lee Stevers.
     Harold, 14, was the oldest child of Clarence and Rosa Galloway Mooney and a grandson of the late W. J. Mooney. He was very large for his age. Surviving children are Elva, Iva Dell, Franklin and John Lee Mooney.

[Note: Death certificate shows B.July 16, 1924 D.July 28, 1938 Ohio Twp. Buried White Cemetery- Stone reads 1924-1938 -Galloway (White) Cemetery, Ohio Tp]

Gallipolis paper
Transcribed by Maxine Marshall

Mooney, Lawrence M.

Lawrence M. Mooney
     Lawrence M. Mooney, 80, Eureka Starr Route, Gallipolis, died Monday at Holzer Medical center following a brief illness. Born Jan. 28, 1910, in Ohio Township, he was a son of the late John Tyler Mooney and Anna Maude Waugh Mooney.
     Surviving are his wife, Martha Saul Mooney, whom he married Oct. 8, 1927 in Ironton; one son , Clarence Marlin Mooney of Eureka Star Route; one daughter, Luella Lea Holcomb of Eureka Star Route; nine grandchildren; and 18 great grandchildren.
     Also surviving are two brothers, Loren Waugh Mooney of Ocala Fla., and Forrest Lee Mooney of Huntington, W. Va.; five sisters, Mary Viola Phillips of Crown City, Geneva Marie Henderson of Florida, Virginia Louise Nickles of Proctorville, Norma Gail Nickles of Columbus, and Beulah Francis Doss of Proctorville.
     He was also preceded in death by two daughters, Audry Adele Watson in 1971 and Anna Louise Ross in 1972; and one brother, Clinton Tyler Mooney in 1959.
     He retired from Gallipolis State Institute in 1974, and previously worked at Butler Dairy Farms.
A member of Mt. Zion Church, he was a member of the Ohio Valley Masonic Lodge 536, where he served as Master in 1951.
     Services will be conducted Thursday 1 p.m., from Waugh-Halley-Wood Funeral Home, the Rev. Ralph Workman officiating. Burial follows in Swan Creek Cemetery. Friends may call at the funeral home Wednesday, 2 to 4 p.m. and 7 to 9 p.m. Masonic services will be by Crown City Lodge 536 at 8:30 p.m.
Grandsons will serve as pallbearers.

[Note: Note says April 18, 1989]

Gallipolis Newspaper
No Date
Transcribed by Margaret Calvin                                                                       Top of Page

Mooney, Lillie [Willis]

Mrs. B. Mooney Died Last Night
Funeral Rites Set For 2 Wednesday At Residence
     Mrs. Lillie Mooney died Monday night at the Holzer Hospital after a distressing illness. She had been removed from her home at 652 Second to the hospital over the week-end.
     Mrs. Mooney was the daughter of Edward Willis of Bladen and although born in West Virginia, most of her life was spent in Gallia County. She was 63 years old last Jan. 7.
     She was the wife of Bert Mooney and is survived by these sons and daughters: John Mooney of Ashland, Ky.; Myron and Clyde Mooney and Mrs. Grace E. Davis of Columbus; Kenneth in the Army in Ireland; Aviation Cadet Gerald Mooney, who had been called home from his post at Athens, Ga. By his mother's illness and Lillian, who is Mrs. Carl Lanier, who lived at home. She also leaves nine grandchildren and a sister in Illinois.
     Mrs. Mooney was highly esteemed by all who knew her and gave a life's devotion to her home and loved ones.
     Funeral services will be held Wednesday at 2 p.m. at her late home with Rev. J. E. Hakes officiating. Burial will be in Mound Hill Cemetery by Elias Wetherholt.

[Note: From tombstone 1881 - 1944]

Gallipolis Newspaper
No Date
Transcribed by Margaret Calvin

Mooney, Loren Waugh

Loren Mooney
     Loren Waugh Mooney, 75, of Umatilla, Fla., died Tuesday, Dec. 31, 1991, at his residence. He was born in Gallia County, son of the late Dr. John T. and Anna Maude Waugh Mooney. He was a retired bus driver and a member of the Crown City Masonic Lodge.
     Survivors include one son, Mike Mooney of Umatilla Fla.; five sisters, Mary Viola Phillips of Crown City, Mrs. Alva (Geneva) Henderson of Florida; Mrs. Earl (Virginia) Nickles of Proctorville, Oval Beulah Doss of Proctorville, and Mrs. William (Norma) Nickles of Columbus; and one brother, Forrest Mooney of Huntington, W.Va. He was preceded in death by two brothers, Lawrence and Clinton Tyler Mooney.
     Funeral services were held Friday, Jan. 3, 1992 at the Byers Funeral Home, Umatilla, Fla.

Gallipolis Newspaper
Jan. 3, 1992
Transcribed by Margaret Calvin                                                                       Top of Page

Mooney, Squire John T.

Squire John Mooney Dies Very Suddenly
     Squire John T. Mooney, 80, long familiar and respected resident of the county, died suddenly at his home in Ohio township shortly before four o'clock Tuesday morning, Dec 17, 1935. He had not been in his usual health for some time, and had been under a physician's care, but his condition was not thought to have been serious. He was stricken only about half an hour before he died.
     Surviving are his wife, who was Mary R. Wetherholt, two sons, Dr. John T. Mooney of Lawrence county and Bert V. Mooney of Huntington and 16 grandchildren.
     Funeral services are announced for Thursday afternoon at Providence church by Rev. Earl Cremeens, burial following there.
     A teacher for 50 years, he held various local offices and was highly regarded by hosts of friends.

Gallipolis paper
Dec 17, 1935
Transcribed by Maxine Marshall         

Mooney, Walter Jackson (Pete)

Stroke Proves Fatal
     A week's illness, beginning with a stroke of apoplexy, proved fatal Sunday night for Walter Jackson (Pete) Mooney at his home in Guyan township. Mooney, well known farmer and tobacco grower, was 66 years of age. He was of stalwart physique and widely known.
     Mooney leaves his widow, Mrs. Amanda Hamilton Mooney, sons and daughters, Clarence, Roy, Floyd, Mrs. Belva Pickett, Mrs. Emma Waugh, Crown City; Mrs. Palmer Fisher, Mrs. Otho Swain, Eureka; George Mooney, Bladen; Earl Mooney, at home. A brother, Charles Mooney and a sister, Mrs. L. D. Brumfield, live at Crown City. There are 33 grandchildren.
     Funeral services were Tuesday afternoon at Victory church by Rev. Earl Cremeens. Interment was in King's cemetery by Jr. O. U. A. M. of Bladen.

[Note: b. 5/15/1872 d.6/12/1938]

Gallipolis paper
Transcribed by Maxine Marshall

Mooney, W.J.

Card of Thanks
    We wish to thank Undertaker Lee Stevers and Rev. Earl Cremeens for their sympathy and comforting words. Thanks to those who sent flowers, the flower girls, pall bearers and singers and many friends who helped through sickness and death of our dear husband and father. Also to the Mechanic lodges.
Mother and children of W.J. Mooney

Gallipolis paper
Date Unknown
Transcribed by Theresa E. Smith                                                                     Top of Page

Moore, Alma L. [James]

     Alma L. Moore, 75, of Patriot, Star Route, died Sunday at Holzer Medical Center following a lengthy illness. Born June 13, 1912 in Kanawha County, W. Va., she was a daughter of the late Daniel and Frances James. She was twice married, first to Malcolm Harrison, who preceded her in death in 1941; then to Noel F. Moore, who preceded her in death in 1985.
     Surviving are daughters from the first husband, Patricia Stinnette of Harrison, Tenn., Joyce Smith of Conyers, Ga., Clarice Plymale of Gallipolis; one son from the second husband, Randall Moore of Gallipolis; a grandson, Mark Foster, who was raised in her home; eight grandchildren and five great grandchildren; one sister, Lida McCracken of Montana. She was preceded in death by a son, Ronnie Moore.
     Services will be 1 p.m. Wednesday at Waugh-Halley-Wood Funeral Home, with burial following in Crown City Cemetery. Friends may call at the funeral home Tuesday, 7-9 p.m. Pallbearers will be Russ Bergdoll, David Moore, Chris Plymale, Richard Plymale, Steve Green and Mark Foster.

Gallipolis Daily Tribune
Monday, September 28, 1987
Transcribed by Sandy L. Milliron

Moore, Augustus L.

     Augustus L. Moore, son of Caleb and Barbara Moore, was born near Harris, Ohio, Nov. 6, 1881 and departed this life Nov. 16, 1918; aged 37 years and 10 days. He had been employed in Columbus since August where he contracted influenza which developed into bronchial pneumonia, causing his death.
His brother-in-law, Bert Russell, was called to Columbus Saturday by his illness, but he passed away just before Mr. Russell reached him. He had the body prepared for burial and accompanied it home Monday noon. He was taken to the Russell home at Porter, where the funeral services were held Wednesday at the Porter Church.
     Mr. Moore was united in marriage to Nevada McKnight Jan. 16, 1910. To them was born one daughter, Reva Marie, who is left at the tender age without a father or mother. His wife preceded him to the Great Beyond March 3, 1918.
     Besides his daughter, who will be given a home and a mother's tender care by his sister, Mrs. Bert Russell. He is survived by his father, Caleb Moore of Harris, a brother Frank Moore, address unknown, and sisters, Mrs. Anthony Smith of Oak Hill; Mrs. Richard Thomas of Gallipolis Rt 3; Mrs. Burt Russell of Pinegrove, besides hosts of relatives and friends to mourn the loss of a loving brother and friend.
     In 1916 he gave his heart to God and has since lived a faithful Christian life. He was always willing to do what was asked of him and was a regular attendant at church and Sunday school. While we deeply feel our loss, God's will, not ours, be done. His life's work here is finished and he has gone where sorrows are not more.

Dearest brother, how we loved thee,
But Jesus loved thee more,
And now we know you are with Him
Over on the golden shore.

Dearest brother, how we miss thee,
In our homes you'll be nor more,
But we hope we soon shall meet thee
Over on the golden shore.

     The funeral services were conducted at the Porter Church by Rev. R.R. Denney, assisted by Rev. S.S. Denney, after which he was laid to rest by his wife in the Long Cemetery. Interment by Undertaker Butler.

[Note: Death Certificate: Parents: Calup Moore and Barbara Free. Burial Bidwell, Ohio.]

Gallipolis Times
Nov. 18, 1918
Transcribed by F.K Brown                                                                            Top of Page

Moore, Caleb

Funeral Rites for Caleb Moore, 88, Harris Church, Sun.
     Caleb Moore died Friday morning at the home of his daughter, Mrs. Bert Russell, near Porter, O, of complications,incidental to his advanced age. He was 88.
     Mr. Moore was the last of the fourteen children of Caleb and Rebecca Walters Moore. His wife, Barbara Fee, whom he married in 1868, preceded him in death. Surviving in addition to Mrs. Russell are and her daughter, Mrs. Maude Thomas, a son, Frank Moore, twenty one grandchildren and fourteen greatgrandchildren.
     Funeral services will be held on Sunday at 2 o'clock at Harris Baptist Church by Rev. R.R. Denney. Burial by J.L. Coleman.

Gallipolis Tribune.
July 18, 1936

Caleb Moore..

     Caleb Moore, son of Caleb and Rebecca Walters Moore, was born near Harris, O on the 29th day of October 1847, and departed this life July 17th, 1936 at the home of his daughter , Mrs. Bert Russell ( Blanche) at Porter,O with whom he had made his home for many years, at the age of 88 years 8 months and 18 days.. In 1866 he was united in marriage to Barbary Ellen Fee, to this union was born 7 children, three of which survive him. Mrs Maud Thomas and Franklin Moore of Gallipolis, O and Mrs Bert Russell of Porter, O. and 15 grandchildren, 22 great grandchildren and one greatgreatgrandchild. His wife and four children have preceded him to the great beyond.
     Quite early in life he embraced Christ as his savior and united with the Harris Freewill Baptist Church and lived a consistent Christian life. In his later years, he did not get to attend church, but was always glad to talk of righteousness and in his last days, he often spoke of meeting his Lord. His suffering was of short duration but he bore it with patience . He was very appreciative of the loving care given him by his daughter Blanche Russell and granddaughters Anna and Mary.

Written by his daughter Maud Moore Thomas. Read at his funeral. July 19, 1936
Contributed by great-granddaughter, Cheryl Enyart                                          Top of Page

Moore, Don Warren

Boy Accident Victim Buried In Crown City
     At Crown City M. E. church Sunday afternoon funeral services were held for Don Warren Moore, aged 10, who was killed in an elevator accident in Huntington on Friday. He was a son of Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Moore, formerly of Crown City.
     In the Keister Mill, the boy stepped into an elevator, pushed a button, and caused the cage to shoot to the top of the shaft, where the boy’s head struck a joist and was so severely fractured that he died instantly.

[Note: Sept. 4, 1921 – July 22, 1932; Age 10 yrs. 10 mos. 18 das. He was the son of Elmer & Halie Brumfield Moore.]

Gallipolis Daily Tribune (Pg. 1)
Monday, July 25, 1932
Transcribed by Sandy Milliron

Moore, Elsie Jane

Death Claims Mrs. Moore, 87, After Illness
     Mrs. Elsie Jane Moore, 87, a resident of 48 Neil Ave., died at 1:15 a.m. today in Holzer Hospital following an extended illness. A native of Gallia county, she was the widow of Samuel Moore. She is survived by a daughter, Mrs. Garnet Johnson, Lower River Rd., and seven sons, Clemence, Denver, Noel and Homer, all of Crown City, Earl of Athalia, Carl of Proctorville and Lloyd of Grayson, Ky.
     Mrs. Moore was a member of the Garfield Avenue Church of Christ, where services will be held at 2 p.m. Monday. Evangelist Lewis Mickell will officiate, and burial will be in Crown City cemetery under the direction of the F. L. Stevers Funeral Home. Friends may call at the home of her son, Homer Moore, near Mercerville, after 4 p.m. Sunday.

The Gallia Times
Saturday, May 16, 1964
Transcribed by Sandy L. Milliron

Moore, Ethel K.

Moore Service
     GALLIPOLIS - Funeral services for Miss Ethel K. Moore, 85, Miami Beach, Fla., Gallia native who died Tuesday, will be conducted at 2 p.m., DST Monday at the Waugh-Halley-Wood funeral home by the Rev. Albert H. McKenzie, Jr.  Burial will be in Pine Street Cemetery.
     Friends may call from 2-4 and 7-9 p.m. DST Sunday at the funeral home.

Athens Sunday Messenger
July 11, 1965
Transcribed by Sandy L. Milliron

Moore, Frances D. [Dunbar]

Mrs. Moore Dies Monday at 81
     Mrs. Sherwood A. Moore, 81, died at 12:45 p.m. Monday in the home in which she as born. In her passing Gallipolis lost a person who had contributed much to the social and cultural life of the community and one of its leading citizens in the days of her active career. A more personable character never graced our community than "Mrs. Frankie" as she was affectionately called.
     Mrs. Moore was born in Gallipolis on April 11, 1875, the daughter of the late Samuel A and Frances Miller Dunbar. She was one of four children and those who preceded her in death were a brother and two sisters, Sam Dunbar, Mrs. J.E. Halliday Sr. and Mrs. Carrie McElhinny, who died about a month ago.
     She received her education in the Gallipolis schools and entered her career of usefulness. During the war years she showed her patriotism in work with the ration board. She had a deep love of her native city and was proud of being a descendant of Claudius Menager, of the original French settlers. She was a member of St. Peter's Episcopal Church, The Thursday Club and the Daughters of the American Revolution.
     In 1920, she was married to David Caldwell and they resided in Steubenville, returning to Gallipolis in 1930. He preceded her in death in 1938.
     She was married to Sherwood A. Moore, a former Gallipolis businessman in 1948 and they made their home in St. Petersburg,FL. Moore preceded her in death in 1951 and she continued to live in the Florida home on Boca Ciega Isle until 1954. In October of that year she went to visit her niece, Mrs. Boyd Cherry, at Ft. Meyers, FL, where she was stricken with pneumonia. In the fall of 1955 she recovered enough to be flown to her former home, but her health gradually failed.
     Funeral services will be held at St. Peter's Episcopal Church at 2 p.m. Wednesday. Rev. Albert Chappelear will officiate and burial will be private. Friends may call at the funeral home from 7-9 p.m. Tuesday. Pallbearers will be Elmer E. Caldwell, Paul Myers, Omar Zimmerman, Dr. W. Lewis Brown, Robert Mackenzie and James Betz.
     Surviving nieces and nephews are John E. Halliday of Gallipolis; Mrs. Cherry of Ft. Meyers, FL; Mrs. Joe Penfold of Denver, CO; Mrs. Caroline Helsley of Columbus; Mrs. Beulah Johnson and Sam Dunbar, Jr., of Glendale, CA and Miss Ann Dunbar of Phoenix AZ.

[Note: burial: Mound Hill Cemetery]

Gallipolis Daily Tribune
Tuesday November 6, 1956
Transcribed by F.K. Brown

Moore, Harry

Death of Harry Moore
     Harry Moore, residing at Richmond, California, and a brother of Sherwood Moore of this city, passed away Friday. He had a very severe attack of flu last winter. His mother left here last Fall to be with him and word from her was very encouraging as to his condition, he having resumed his work with Standard Oil Co., again. The news came as a sudden shock to his brother. He leaves a wife, Rose Lowery, formerly of here.

Gallipolis Daily Tribune
March 16, 1920
Transcribed by Henny Evans                                                                           Top of Page

Moore, James A.

James Moore, Former Gallian Died Last Night
Funeral 2 Saturday At Good Hope Church
     James A. Moore, formerly of Guyan tp., died at 8 o’clock last night at his home on Wolfe Creek in Lawrence county (Proctorville Rt. 1). His age was 59 years, 1 month and 22 days. He is survived by his wife, Lannie Moore and the following children, Willie Moore and Mrs. Nettie Harrison of Huntington, Lowell of Proctorville, Mrs. Arlie White of Bradrick, Mrs. Icy Burcham of Athalia, Mrs. Magalene Jones of Proctorville, Bernard, Flossie and Mary Mildred, at home. Other survivors include a brother, Samuel D. Moore of Crown City, and two sisters, Mrs. Anna Shively of Wilgus and Mrs. Susan Watson of Gallipolis; and there are 23 grandchildren and a host of other relatives.
     Funeral services will be held at the Good Hope Baptist church at 2 o’clock Saturday with the Rev. J. E. Morrison of Huntington in charge. Burial in the churchyard cemetery by Stevers. The body is at home and will remain there until the funeral time.

[Note: Born 2/3/1883 in Gallia Co. - Died 3/25/1942 s/o John B. & Clementine Moore per Death Cert.]

Gallipolis Daily Tribune
Thursday, March 26, 1942
Transcribed by Sandy L. Milliron

Moore, Jewell A. [Arrington]

     GALLIPOLIS - Mrs. Jewell A. Moore, 74, of 435 Third Ave., died Friday evening in Holzer Medical Center following a brief illness. Born in Gallipolis Ferry, W. Va., she was the daughter of the late Gideon and Mamie Henry Arrington. Her husband, Jake Moore, died in 1960.
     She was a retired teacher, having taught in Mason County Schools for 10 years. She was a graduate of Morris Harvey College in Charleston, W. Va. She had been a resident of Gallipolis since 1937. She was a member of the Retired Teachers Association of Mason County, the First Presbyterian Church of Gallipolis, an elder of the church and a member of the Women’s Circle of the church. She was also a member of the French Art Colony of Gallipolis, the Gallipolis Garden Club and the Valley Belles of Cheshire.
     She is survived by one son, Robert Arrington Moore, of Gallipolis, one daughter, Mrs. Robert (Judith Kay) Grant, of Columbus; three brothers, Dewey, Grover and George Arrington, all of Gallipolis; one sister, Mrs. Edith Withers of Apple Grove; and two grand-children. In addition to her husband and parents, she was preceded in death by two brothers.
     Services will be Monday, 1 p.m. at the First Presbyterian Church with the Revs. Frank and Antura Hayes officiating. Burial will be in Mound Hill Cemetery. Friends may call at the Waugh-Halley-Wood Funeral Home today from 3:30 to 5 p.m. and 7 to 9 p.m.

Athens Sunday Messenger
November 14, 1976
Transcribed by Sandy L. Milliron

Moore, Mary J.

     Mrs. Mary J. Moore died August 23 at the residence of her son-in-law, F.M. Cheney. She was a sister of the Langley bros., and mother of Steward Lee Moore, now of Cincinnati, and Mrs. A.P. Rodgers.

[Note: She is buried in Pine Street and death date is given as August 24. She was the wife of John T. Moore.]

Found in 1898 newspaper article Thirty Years Ago in a scrapbook
No dates
Transcribed by Henny Evans

Moore, Mary J.

     Died, on the 23d of August 1868, at the residence of Mr. F. M. Cheney, after a lingering illness of two years and two months, Mrs. Mary J. Moore, aged 50 years, 8 months, and 23 days.

The Gallipolis Journal
August 27, 1868
Transcribed by Eva Swain Hughes

Moore, Milton J.

Death of M. J. Moore
     Milton J. Moore, who was brought home a week ago Sunday from Quesual, British Columbia in a paralyzed condition died last Monday, Sept.5, 1910, aged 29 years, 7 months and 4 days. He was the eldest son of James A. And Theresa Moore.
     His father brought him home just nine days before he died and the family have this to console them, that they did what they could to allay his sufferings, which were intense toward the last. The family has the deepest sympathy of a host of friends.
     The funeral services were conducted Wednesday afternoon at the 2nd Kyger Freewill Baptist church and burial at the cemetery near the church. -- Cheshire Cor.

Gallipolis Journal
Wednesday, September 7, 1910
Transcribed by Sandy L. Milliron

Moore, Oscar Lewis

Oscar L. Moore, Crown City, Dies While Hunting
Body Found On Georges Creek By Alex Starkey
     Oscar Lewis Moore, a well-known resident of Crown City, died of a heart attack Thursday while hunting in the back end of Guyan Twp. He and three hunting companion had separated in their quest for game and nothing was known as to Moore's fate or whereabouts until his body was found about 2 o'clock by Alex Starkey on his farm on Georges Creek. Starkey had gone into a field to feed some cattle and discovered the body.
     Mr. Moore, once active in business circles, is survived by his wife, Cassie Moore and the following children: Mrs. Mae Conner, Cedarville; Otis Moore, Bladen; Mrs. Lillian Draper, Mrs. Vicie Dillon, Robert and Libby Moore, all of Crown City. There are three brothers, J. V. Moore, of Idaho, Okey and Elmer of Huntington; also two sisters, Mrs. J. Marsh and Mrs. Ellen Sowards of West Virginia.
     Funeral services will be held at 2 o'clock Sunday at the home of Crown City with burial there.

[Note: From Tombstone 1874- 1944]

Gallipolis Newspaper
No Date
Transcribed by Margaret Calvin 

Moore, Oscar Lewis

Crown City Man Stricken
            GALLIPOLIS - Oscar Lewis Moore, widely-known resident of Crown City, died Thursday of a heart attack while hunting in the southwestern part of Guyan Township.  This body was found by Alex Starkey on his farm on Georges Creek.
            Mr. Moore is survived by his wife, Mrs. Cassie Moore and the following children:  Mrs. Mae Connor, Cedarville; Otis Moore, Bladen; Mrs. Lillian Draper, Mrs. Vicie Dillon, Robert and Libby Moore, all of Crown City.  There are three brothers, J. V. Moore, Idaho, Okey and Elmer of Huntington; also two sisters, Mrs. J. Marsh and Mrs. Ellen Soward of West Virginia.
            Funeral services will be held Sunday afternoon at the home in Crown City with burial following there.  [Note: 7/1/1874 - 9/28/1944]

Athens Sunday Messenger
October 1, 1944
Transcribed by Sandy L. Milliron                                                                        Top of Page

Moore, Otho C.

     Otho Curtis Moore, 67, Route 1, Gallipolis, died Saturday in Riverside Methodist Hospital, Columbus.
Born March 24, 1916, in Mason County, WV; daughter[son] of the late Willie Curtis and Helen Frances Woods Moore, he was a retired carpenter, member of Fraternal Order of Masons F & AM #7 and Accepted Ancient Scottish Rite.
     He married Frances Wickline, who survives, on May 7, 1941, at Toledo. Also surviving are two sisters, Thena Glassburn of Gallipolis and Beatrice Dunlop of Westerville and four brothers, Floyd and Clarence, both of Paris, TN; William of Findlay and Eugene of Gallipolis. He was also preceded in death by two brothers and a sister.
     Funeral services will be held at 1 p.m. Wednesday in Willis Funeral Home, with Rev. Frank Hayes officiating. Burial will be in Addison-Reynolds Cemetery. Friends may call at the funeral home anytime after 4 p.m. Tuesday.
     Masonic services will be held in the funeral home at 8 p.m. Tuesday by Morning Dawn Lodge #7.
Pallbearers will be David Moore, James Glassburn, Steve Moore, John Moore, Ronald Lullen, Richard Moore and Thomas Moore.

[Note: Died April 16, 1983]

Gallipolis Daily Tribune
April 18, 1983
Transcribed by F.K. Brown

Moore, Pauline [Northup]

     Pauline Moore, 82, of 67 Garfield Ave., Gallipolis, died Saturday at Holzer Medical Center. Born March 9, 1906 in Gallia County, she was a daughter of the late Virgil and Goldie (Sanders) Northup.
     Survivors are her husband, Vernon Moore, whom she married Nov. 30, 1929. Also surviving are two daughters, Ruth Burrows of Sarasota, Fla., and Charlotte Wedemeyer of Northup; two sisters, Alberta Fife of Gallipolis and Mary Morrison of Pt. Pleasant, W. Va.; five grandchildren; and six great-grandchildren.
She was preceded death by a son Eugene Moore, four sisters, and one great grandson.
     A registered nurse, she was a 1928 graduate of the Holzer School of Nursing. She was a member of Eureka Church of Christ.
     Services were held Tuesday at Willis Funeral Home at 10 a.m. Burial was in Mound Hill Cemetery.
Pallbearers were Lee Wedemeyer, Duane Wedemeyer, Alden Wedemeyer, Dale Saunders, Gene Elliott and John Elliott. Contributions may be made to the Gallia County Heart Fund, in care of Lola Mae Suiter, 661 Second Ave., Gallipolis, Ohio, 45631.

Gallipolis Daily Tribune
June 28, 1988
Transcribed by Jessica L. Weber

Moore, Rodger Keith

     Rodger Keith Moore, son of Luther M. and Mary L. Woomer Moore, was born Dec. 12, 1959 and on the evening of Jan. 16, 1968 his life was taken from us. Keith was a third grade student of Mrs. Kathryn Knotts at the Bidwell-Porter School. Keith was a kind and loving child and his wonderful disposition and sunny smile won the hearts of all who knew him.

"I'll lend you for a little while a child of mine,"
HE said.
"For you to love him while he lives, and mourn for when he's dead."

"I'll lend you for a little while a child of mine," HE said. "For you to love him while he lives, and mourn for when he's dead."

[Note: Buried Mound Hill Cemetery]

Gallipolis Daily Tribune
No date
Transcribed by Charles Wright

Moore, Ronnie G

Obituaries For Victims
     A second victim, Ronnie G Moore, 23, of Crown City, O., Route 1, had been a passenger in the cab driven by Leo Sanders.
     A senior at Ohio University, Moore was a graduate of Symmes Valley High School in Lawrence County, O. He was born Oct. 8, 1944, at Marietta, O., the son of Noel F and Alma James Moore of Crown City, Route 1. Others surviving include two brothers, Noel B Moore of Proctorville, O., and Randall Moore, at home, and three sisters, Mrs Garland Plymale of Gallipolis, Mrs Charles Smith of Decatur, Ga., and Mrs George Stinnett of Scottsboro, Ala.
     Funeral services will be conducted Friday at 1 pm at the F L Stevens Funeral Home at Mercerville, O., by the Rev E C Delaney. Burial will be in the Crown City Cemetery. Friends are being received at the funeral home after 6 pm today.

Point Pleasant Register
Point Pleasant, WV
Thursday, December 21, 1967                                                                        Top of Page

Moore, Ruby [Russell]

Death of Mrs. Moore
     Mrs. Ruby Russell Moore died at Logan, W. Va., last Saturday, November 4, 1905, as the result of consumption. The deceased was a niece of Mrs. David Keeler, of this city. The remains were brought here Sunday and conveyed to the residence of Mrs. Keeler by Hayward & Son. The funeral services were conducted Tuesday morning by Rev. Harry B. Lewis, burial following at Mound Hill.

Gallipolis Bulletin
Friday, November 10, 1905
Transcribed by Sandy L. Milliron

Moore, Ruby Lenora [Russell]

     Ruby Lenora Russell, daughter of William and Luella Russell, born July 22, 1883, married to Charles V. Moore, of Huntington, W. Va., April 22, 1903. Died at Logan, W. Va., November 4, 1905.
     To know her was to love her. While not a member of any church, her life was one of the sincerest Christian. Her only consideration was the happiness of others. As a daughter, sister and wife, she was loved with a love that was almost idolatry. And to the bereaved husband, mother, and only sister, Mrs. A. D. Dickey, and numerous relations, her love is such that time or changes can never replace.
     Her’s was a life of boundless charity for all, a fitting preparation for that eternal bliss to which she, with an unfaltering trust, so calmly resigned herself. A sunbeam of happiness was she in the shadowed pathway of all who knew her.
     Her death caused by a complication of diseases came on almost unexpectedly. While suffering for a few weeks her death came as a shock, which almost prostrated relatives and friends.
     But while mourning her love, they can look back on her exemplary life and by the love of and memory for her are stimulated to live so as to be reunited with her whom Christ has gladly received with the words, “Well done good and faithful servant.”

“Weep not that her trial is over,
  Weep not that her race is run;
God grant that we may rest as calmly
  When our life like her’s is done,
Till then we should yield with gladness,
  Our treasure to him to keep,
And rejoice with sweet assurance,
  He giveth His loved ones sleep.”

Gallipolis Daily Tribune (Pg. 2)
Monday, November 13, 1905
Transcribed by Sandy Milliron

Mootz, Ella [Lindemood]

Mrs. Mootz Claimed by Heart Attack
     Mrs. John (Ella) Mootz, 74, died suddenly at 2:15 p.m. in Columbus Tuesday as a result of a heart attack.
     Mrs. Mootz was born on Dec. 4, 1890 daughter of the late James and Rachael McVay Lidemood, in Monroe County. She married John Mootz on Oct. 6, 1914. He survives along with the following children, Elizabeth J. Mootz, at home, Lee Mootz, Baltimore, Md., one son John William Mootz, Jr. is deceased. Four grandchildren survive, along with one brother, Brady Lidemood of Chesapeake.
     Prior to leaving Gallipolis 11 years ago, Mr. Mootz operated Mootz Bakery here. Mrs. Mootz was a member of the Riverside Methodist church in Columbus and the Eastern Star in Gallipolis.
     Funeral arrangements will be announced later by the Waugh-Halley-Wood Funeral home in Gallipolis.

Gallipolis Daily Tribune
December 8, 1964
Transcribed by Marjorie Wood

Mootz, John William, Jr.

Junior Mootz Dies Wednesday
     Junior Mootz, 25, prominent Gallipolis young man, died in Johns Hopkins hospital in Baltimore, Md. at 11 p.m. Wednesday evening. He had been in ill health since early in the summer and had been at the Johns Hopkins hospital for several weeks. For the past several days little hope had been held for his recovery.
     He was the son of J. W. and Ella Mootz and was associated with his father in the baking business.
Junior was born in Oklahoma City, Okla., and came to Gallipolis with his parents when just a child. He was graduated from the local high school and later was married to Miss Ethleeen Warden, who survives. Also surviving in addition to those above named are two children, Jackie, 5, and Patty, aged 4; a brother, Lee and a sister, Betty, all of Gallipolis.
     With him at the time of his death were his wife, mother and brother and sister. The latter two left early Wednesday morning for Baltiimore to be with him. His father, J. W. Mootz, returned from Baltimore, Wednesday morning, but on receiving the news of the serious condition of his son, left for Columbus to take a plane to Baltimore. He was unable to get there immediately as a heavy fog delayed airline schedules, and early this morning had not yet arrived.

[Note: from stone at Mound Hill cemetery, Gallipolis Twp., b 1915, d 1940]

Gallipolis newspaper
Transcribed by Joanne Galvin                                                                          Top of Page

Morehouse, Addye Jane [ Davis]

     GALLIPOLIS - Addye Jane Morehouse, 82, of Gallipolis, died Friday afternoon in Monterey Nursing Home, Grove City. Born in Gallia County, she was a daughter of Orin and Jennie Boatman Davis. She attended the Bulaville Christian Church.
     She is survived by one son, Paul, of Akron; two daughters, Mrs. Mabel Mohler, Rio Grande and Mrs. Pearl Allen, Bradley, Ill.; two sisters, Mrs. Marie Laughter, Akron; and Mrs. Annis Harber, Xenia; six grandchildren and six great-grandchildren. She was preceded in death by her husband, Nate Morehouse, one daughter, three sisters, and two brothers.
     Services will be Monday, 1 p.m., in the Waugh-Halley-Wood Funeral Home conducted by the Rev. Alfred Holley. Burial will be in Fairview Cemetery, Bidwell. Friends may call at the funeral home from 6 to 8 p.m. today. In lieu of flowers, donations may be made to a favorite charity.

Athens Sunday Messenger
December 15, 1974
Transcribed by Sandy L. Milliron

Morehouse, E. P. Sr.

     E. Paul Morehouse Sr., 67, Akron, died Saturday in Fort Myers Beach, Fla. Born Oct. 12, 1917, in Gallia County, son of the late Nate and Addy Morehouse, he retired from Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co. in 1978 as manager of its management training division.
     A member of Emmanuel United Church of Christ, he was active in Akron area Masonic organizations, was a graduate of Ohio Northern University, received his master's degree from Kent State University, was a 27-year member of the Akron Board of Education and was one of five people selected for membership in the All-Ohio School Board in 1982.
     Surviving are his wife, Amy Morehouse; a son E. Paul Morehouse Jr. of Akron; two daughters, Mrs. Dan (Alyce) Simmons of Mogadore, and Mrs. Mark (Elizabeth) Meckler of Akron; three grandchildren, Kathleen and Dow Wolfe III, and Marc Meckler; and two sisters, Pearl Allen of St. Clair Mich., and Mabel Mohler of Rio Grande.
     Funeral services will be held at 10:30 a.m. Tuesday in Billo Fairlawn Chapel, 85 N. Miller Road, Akron, with the Rev. Richard Carse Officiating. Friends may call at the chapel from 4-8 p.m. today.

Gallipolis Tribune
Feb. 25, 1985
Transcribed by J. Farley

Morehouse, Edward W.

     OBITUARY - Died on the 9th inst., in Brown co., Ohio, Edward W. Morehouse, a citizen of Porter, in this county, in the 25th year of his age. He had been absent from home for some time, selling Pumps. On the 9th he was attacked with cholera at 2 o'clock A.M. and died at 12 o'clock the same day. He was kind, affable, and affectionate, respected and esteemed by a large circle of acquaintances, and has left a widowed mother and a number of relatives to mourn his early death. W.S.M.

Gallipolis Journal
July 25 1850
Transcribed by Eva Swain Hughes                                                                            Top of Page

Morehouse, Jennie [Brothers]

     LOGAN - Jennie Morehouse, 82, Voris Road, Logan, a former Gallia County resident, died at her residence Friday after an extended illness. Born June 5, 1900, in Gallia County, daughter of the late Frank and Christine Brothers, she was a member of the People’s Church of Logan. She had resided in Bidwell until 1980, when she moved to Logan.
     Surviving is her husband, Ivor Morehouse; two daughters, Mrs. Peter (Idelle) Gernavage of Fort Lauderdale, Fla., and Mrs. Lanny (Arlene) Tripp of Logan; eight grandchildren and a great-grandchild; and a sister, Mrs. Iva France of Gallipolis.
     Funeral services will be held at 10:30 a.m. Monday in the People’s Church, with Rev. Roger Fidler officiating. Burial and graveside services will be held at 1:30 p.m. Monday in Vinton Memorial Park. Friends may call anytime today at Heinlein-Brown Funeral Home, Logan.

Sunday Times Sentinel
February 13, 1983
Transcribed by Sandy L. Milliron

Morgan, Bird Elizabeth

Death of Miss Morgan
     Miss Bird Elizabeth Morgan, daughter of the late Dr. Charles R. and Libbie Morgan, died this morning, Sept 28, 1907, at half past 11 o'clock in the 36th year of her age.
     The funeral services have not been exactly determined upon, but Rev. Thomas Maguire of the First Presbyterian Church will conduct them at her late home 426 Third avenue, and Hayward & Son the interment at Mound Hill Cemetery.
     Miss Morgan has been an invalid for ten years, and seriously ill for two weeks since she returned from Chillicothe, where she went to take treatment.

Gallipolis Daily Tribune
September 28, 1907
Transcribed by Sheri Culler

Morgan, Charles Fremont

Fremont Morgan, 79, Retired, Died Sunday Morning
One of 15 Children Of D. J. Morgan-Burial In Columbus
     C. Fremont Morgan, aged 79, a native and long a prominent citizen of this county, died Sunday morning in Grant Hospital, Columbus. He became ill about 10 days ago, a victim of the flu, and pneumonia developed and caused his death. The Morgan home is at 1225 Twenty-first avenue in Columbus.
Mr. Morgan retired about four years ago as an officer at the Boys Industrial School near Lancaster, after serving there for 15 years. Before he left Gallia county Mr. Morgan owned and lived on the farm now owned by George Ehman of near Cora.
Perry Tp. Native
     Charles Fremont was one of 15 children born to David J. and Mary [Davis] Morgan. All of these except one reached their majority and were married, but one son died at the age of 13. Fremont and 11 others were born on what was known as the Morgan homestead, the farm now owned by David Meadows and located on Raccoon below Cora and in Perry tp.
     Fremont married Anna, daughter of David S. Evans, and she and these three sons and three daughters survive: Francis, James, Fremont, Mrs. Grace Jones, Mrs. Pauline Sullivan and Mrs. Elizabeth Davies.
     Fremont's death gave to the dead a majority over the living of the 15 children mentioned. The seven surviving are Mrs. Catherine Davis and Mrs. A. W. Reynolds, Columbus; Mrs. Joseph Donnally, this city; Dr. Gomer Morgan, Rushville, Mo.; Drs. R. T. and Everett H. Morgan, both of Marion, O.; and Mrs. Clara Bing, wife of Dr. Byron Bing and youngest of the large family, Pomeroy.
     Mr. Morgan was a stalwart, jolly man. He had strong convictions and was not only of a religious turn but was a close stu-
....Clipping ends here.

[Note: From death certificate date of birth February 11, 1862; date of death February 9, 1941; burial is Union CE, Columbus, Franklin Co., OH.]

Newspaper (prob. February 1941, Gallipolis) clipping found in the Simmerman files, Morgan file, Bossard Library.
Transcribed by Lynn Anders                                                                           Top of Page

Morgan, David J.

Death of D. J. Morgan
     Mr. David J. Morgan, of Cora, died this Tuesday morning February 2d, 1904, at 2 o'clock, after an illness of three weeks, though something of an invalid for three or four years. His funeral services will be conducted at Tyn Rhos, Perry Twp., by Rev. Jenkins of Wales. Rev. John W. McCormick and Dr. J. M. Davis, of Rio Grande, Thursday about noon, the funeral cortege leaving his late home at 10 a.m.
     Mr. Moran left a wife aged 70 and sons Dr. J. F. Morgan of Jackson, James F. Morgan of Cora, Dr. R. T. Morgan of Washington C.H., Dr. J. G. Morgan of Savannah, Mo., Dr. E. H.Morgan of Fairfield, W. Va., and daughters, Mrs. H. C. Priestly of Northup, Mrs. J. D. Davis of Wellston, Mrs. W. T. Smith of New Martinsburg, Mrs. Dr. E. E. Fowler of Hawley, Okla, Mrs. Maggie F. Jones, of Cora, Mrs. A. W. Reynolds of Columbus, Mrs. H. L. Campbell of Sabina, O., Mrs. Dr. Byron Bing, of Patriot, O. One son David Grant, died in 1878, leaving 14 children living.
     Mr. Morgan was 83 years, 3 months and 24 days old. He was born in Cardigan Shire, Wales and came to this country in 1841, settling in the neighborhood of Nebo, where he was married 51 years ago to Miss Mary Davis. They afterward, 44 years ago, moved to Cora where they have resided ever since. He was a member of Silvam Congregational church for many years, and was a deacon in the church at the time of his death.     
     Notwithstanding he reared such a large family he acquired considerable means and lived prosperously. He was highly esteemed by neighbors and acquaintances and well loved by all of his children to whom and his wife survives him he was ever devoted and self sacrificing, and though he died at a great age, he will be deeply mourned and his memory ever cherished.

[Note: Tombstone in Gravel Hill Cemetery]

Daily Tribune
Feb 2, 1904
Transcribed by Maxine Marshall

Morgan, David J.

Death of David Morgan
     David, son of Mr. and Mrs. Tom Morgan, died at his home near Cora Tuesday, Nov. 13, 1923, of pneumonia and appendicitis at the age of 16 years. He leaves his parents and one brother, John.
     Funeral services will be held Friday at Tyn Rhos and burial by Undertaker Davis of Thurman.

[Note: 12/7/1909 – 11/13/1923; Age 14 yrs. 11 mos. 6 das. He was the son of Thomas & Elizabeth Jenkins Morgan.]

Gallipolis Daily Tribune (Pg. 4)
Thursday, November 15, 1923
Transcribed by Sandy Milliron

Morgan, Elizabeth [Bovie]

Mrs. Morgan, Harley Bovie's Sister, Dies
     Mrs. Elizabeth Bovie Morgan, 72, scion of one of Gallipolis's most prominent families, died Tuesday evening at 6:48 in a hospital in Marion where she was taken Sunday after suffering a cerebral hemorrhage at her home in that city.
     Both she and her husband, Dr. E. H. Morgan, were natives of Gallia County and have a wide circle of warm friends here. During their years away they made frequent visits here and their coming was always an occasion for gatherings of old friends.
     Her brother and sister-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. Harley Bovie, her sister Mrs. I. J. Kail of Huntington, and niece Mrs. Rodney Downing of Middleport, will go to Marion tomorrow to attend the funeral services which will be held Friday morning. The body will be brought here and burial will be made in the Morgan family lot in Mound Hill Cemetery. Mrs. Morgan has been in poor health for some time. The family home in Marion was at 220 S. Greenwood Ave.
     Elizabeth Bovie Morgan, known as Bess by all her friends, was the daughter of the late Fred M. and Lucy Alexander Bovie and her girlhood home in Gallipolis was the stately old brick on State St., now Gatewood, the summer home of Mrs. O. O. McIntyre. She was a graduate of Gallia Academy High School and the University of Saint Louis. She was a member of Thursday Club and the Episcopal Church.
     Besides relatives already mentioned she is survived by two sons and a daughter, Bovie and Rodger Morgan of Marion, and Mrs. Charles (Elizabeth) Moretz of Columbus. Another son David died about 10 years ago and was buried in Mound Hill Cemetery. Two brothers, Verne and George Bovie, also preceded her in death.

[Note: From death certificate date of birth March 8, 1879; date of death April 17, 1951.]

Newspaper (prob. April 1951, Gallipolis) clipping found in the Simmerman files, Morgan file, Bossard Library.
Transcribed by Lynn Anders                                                                           Top of Page

Morgan, Elizabeth [Jenkins]

Mrs. Thos. Morgan Dies Last Evening
     Mrs. Elizabeth Jenkins Morgan, wife of Thomas H. Morgan, died at 7:40 last evening at their home near Cora (Gallipolis R. D. 2). She had been in very poor health for seven years. She was the daughter of David and Catherine Jenkins, whose home also was near Cora.
     Surviving besides the husband, and a son, John R. Morgan, of the same community; a brother, Rees Jenkins of Middletown, and a sister, Mrs. Thomas J. Wood of Cora.
     Funeral services will be held at Tyn Rhos church at 1:30 Wednesday, with Rev. C. W. Frye in charge. Burial at same place by Davis & Thomas.

Gallipolis Daily Tribune (Pg. 1)
Tuesday, October 8, 1940
Transcribed by Sandy Milliron

Morgan, Dr. Everett H.

Gallia Native Dies In Marion
     Word has been received here of the death of Dr. Everett H. Morgan, 80, a native of this county, on Monday at 12:45 p.m., at Marion where he had been a practicing physician for many years. Dr. Morgan was born Aug. 10, 1876, the son of David J. and Mary Davis Morgan. He was married to Elizabeth Bovie, the daughter of the late Mr. and Mrs. F. M. Bovie, and she preceded him in death as did a son, David J. Morgan.
     Members of his family who survive are three children, Bovie Morgan of Marion, Mrs. Elizabeth Moritz of Columbus and Roger Morgan of Marshall, Tex. There are ten grandchildren. Other survivors are a sister, Mrs. Clara Bing of Cleveland and a brother, Dr. Gomer Morgan of Missouri. J. Harley Bovie of Gallipolis is a brother-in-law and George F. Bovie is a nephew.
     Dr. Morgan was a sergeant during the Spanish-American War and served as a major during World War I. He had lived in Marion since 1919. Funeral services will be held at a Marion funeral home at 10 a.m., Thursday. Graveside services will be held in Mound Hill cemetery here at 3:30 p.m.

Gallipolis Daily Tribune
Tuesday, February 12, 1957
Transcribed by Sandy L. Milliron

Morgan, James

     James Morgan, a young colored boy of Porter, died this Tuesday morning of pneumonia.

Gallipolis Daily Tribune
Wednesday, Feb. 15, 1899
Transcribed by Sandy L. Milliron

Morgan, Jemima [Merrell]

Morgan -- Mrs. Jemima [Merrell] Morgan died Oct. 1, 1885, aged 82 years 9 months and 14 days.
    The deceased was born in the state of Virginia. Came to Ohio in early life, settled in Tuscarawas County. Was married to John Morgan (her maiden name was Merrell). They moved to Gallia County in 1852, where they lived until their death. Mr. Morgan died nineteen years ago. Mrs. Morgan joined the Presbyterian Church in early life, and was a constistent member of that church until teh organizagion of the Pisgah Congregational Church, of which she remained a member until her death. The deceased had a stroke of paralysis several years ago, of which she never recovered, and although her death was sudden, it was looked for by her friends. Mrs. Morgan leaves behind six children to mourn the loss of a kind and affectionate mother; her youngest daughter dying but a few weeks before her.

     'Blessed are they that die in the Lord, for they are mine, saith the Lord.'

[Clipping of obituary no source or date. Found in rear of Wm. Geo. Tope's journal where he kept a family record. Jemima Morgan was his mother-in-law (he being married to daughter Julia). Original journal taken in to GCGS to be copied (one copy kept by me, the other by them)]                          Top of Page 

Morgan, John

    Our friend John Morgan is dead. Pennsylvania gave him birth, and Ohio a grave. For more than sixteen years, he was a peaceable and upright citizen of Walnut township, in this county. He moved to this region from Harrison county, Ohio, and by his industry and economy, he acquired a competency for himself and his family. In this acquisition, he was greatly aided by the toils and labors of a faithful and devoted wife. Her watchful care, and the prudent and successful management of her domestic affairs, added to their daily store, and increased their individual and social comforts. He lived to verify, in his own experience, the sacred truth, "the hand of the diligent maketh rich," and that " the fruits of righteousness" yield more permanent and lasting enjoyment than this hidden treasures and dishonest gains of the wicked. For neither he nor his family, by their attention to secular duties, forgot "the pearl of great price," in which the true riches of heaven and earth are found. By this course of conduct was reared to him an interesting and flourishing family, whose moral worth and christian character are honored and respected by all who have any regard for truth or goodness, and to whom their beloved father, now deceased has left them the legacy of "a good name, which is better than precious ointment," and more desired than all the treasures of this earth.
     Mr. Morgan was distinguished for his integrity and uprightness. He hated injustice and oppression deceit and guile. Sincerity, frankness, and honestly marked the whole tenor of his life. This was the result not of natural, but christian principle; in which sense it may be truly said, an "honest man is the noblest work of God." These elements of character, having their origin in his love of truth and duty, appeared in his ever day life. In his business transactions, his social intercourse, his acts of friendship, his tender and affectionate regard for his wife and family, his children and grand children, his love for his country, and his anxiety for its safety amidst the storms and perils through which it has passed, and is still passing, and in his reverence and submission to the authority of God as exhibited in his word and ordinances, his grace and providence. He had indeed his sins and infirmities, as we all have. And not among the least of these was his neglect to make a public profession of the religion of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. But if the writer is not mistaken, our deceased friend was a disciple like Nicodemus, or "Joseph of Arimathea, who also himself waited for the kingdom of God." Luke 23:51. So our beloved friend "secretly" loved and honored the Saviour, and he lived and died trusting in his merits alone for salvation from sin, and for immortality and eternal life.
     Few persons, in this community, in his sphere of life, who have gone "the way of all the earth" have been more esteemed and respected in life, or lamented in death. But the weight of the grief and lamentation is with the lonely and desolate widow, his orphan sons and daughters. Yet they have reason to be thankful for the mercies that are left, and for the hope that the husband, father, and friend is now in the paradise of God. "There the wicked, cease from troubling, and the weary are at rest." -- Job 3:17
     Various were the maladies with which Mr. Morgan was afflicted. His chief disease was chronic diarrhea. After a painful and lingering illness of some weeks duration, he left his clay tenement for "mansions in the skies," as we fondly hope, August 30th, 1866, in the 64th year of his age. A funeral discourse was delivered on the next day at the family residence, by the Rev. J.D. Ray, from Gen. 27:1 2 "And he said, Behold now, I am old, I know not the day of my death." His mortal remains were followed to the place of burial by numerous relatives, friends and neighbors, where they will lie in repose until the voice of the Arch angel, and the sound of the trump of God shall awake the dead to judgement. In view of this solemn event, it behooves the writer and every reader fervently to utter the prayer: "Let me die the death of the righteous, and let my last end be like his." Num 23: 10
[signed] PILGRIM.

Gallipolis Journal
20 September 1866
Transcribed and submitted by Linda Tope Trent                                                Top of Page

Morgan, John E.

John E. Morgan, 74, dies today
     John E. Morgan, 74, of 15 Edgemont Dr., Gallipolis, died at 3 a.m. today in the Holzer Medical Center following a brief illness. He was born Aug 12, 1902 in Jackson County, son of the late Isaac Morgan and Mary Jane Jones. He is survived by his wife, Sara Jane Lewis whom he married Oct 9, 1920 in Jackson County.
     Two sons also survive, D. Kenneth Morgan, Gallipolis and Dr. Robert Morgan, Cincinnati; six grand and two great-grandchildren; a brother, David Morgan, Gallipolis, and a sister, Mrs. Margaret Morgan Davis of Oak Hill. A brother and three sisters preceded him in death.
     Mr. Morgan operated a rolling store business in West Virginia for 33 years. He has managed the McKnight-Davies Hardware for the past 10 years. He served on the Gallipolis City Commission six years and was a Gallia County Commissioner for six years.
     Mr. Morgan was a member of the Grace United Methodist Church, Morning Dawn Lodge, Chapter Council and Commandery, Aladdin Shrine and [bottom line not printed] the Gallia County Foxhunters Assn.
     Funeral services will be held at 2 p.m. Saturday at the Grace United Methodist Church with Rev. Hughey Jones and Rev. James Frazier officiating. Burial will be in Mound Hill Cemetery. Visitation will be held at the Waugh-Halley-Wood Funeral Home 4 to 6 and 7 to 9 p.m. Friday. Masonic services will be conducted by Morning Dawn Lodge at 7:30 p.m. Friday.

[Note: Died Sept 22, 1976]

Gallipolis Paper
Sept 22, 1976
Transcribed by Maxine Marshall

Morgan, John E.

Lie In State
     Funeral services for John E. Morgan, who died Wednesday morning will be 2 p.m. Saturday at Grace United Methodist Church with the Revs. Hughey Jones and James Frazier officiating. The body will lie in state one hour prior to service. Burial will be in Mound Hill Cemetery. Friends may call at the Waugh-Halley-Wood Funeral Home from 4 to 6 and 7 to 9 p.m. Friday. Masonic services by Morning Dawn Lodge will be 7:30 p.m. Friday.

Gallipolis Daily Tribune
Thursday, September 23, 1976
Transcribed by Sandy L. Milliron

Morgan, John F.

Dr. J. F. Morgan, 83, Dies, Is Buried At Joplin, Missouri
     The death of Dr. John F. Morgan at Joplin, Mo., last Friday was the seventh death among the 15 children born to David J. and Mary Davis Morgan - one of the largest and most prominent families in the history of Perry tp. He was 83 and was the oldest of the group surviving after the death of his brother, James F., in Columbus on July 9.
     After spending five months among relatives and friends here, also in Jackson, where he practiced medicine for 30 years, Dr. Morgan returned to his Missouri home June, 1937. Previously to this visit he had suffered a stroke. Another stroke resulted in his death in a Joplin hospital.
     Interment was made in a Joplin cemetery beside his wife yesterday.
     The surviving children are: Thomas of Anaheim, Calif.; Mrs. Robert Boykin, Los Angeles; Max Morgan, Ponca City, Okla.; Mrs. Frank Pope and Mrs. David Sneeberger, Big Springs, Texas. Surviving brothers and sisters are C. Fremont Morgan, Mrs. Arthur Reynolds and Mrs. Catherine J. Davis, Columbus; Drs. Theodore and Everett H., Marion; Dr. Gomer Morgan, Rushville, Mo.; Mrs. Joseph Donnally, Gallipolis and Mrs. Byron Bing, Pomeroy.

[Note: From certificate date of birth March 26, 1855 or 56; date of death September 2, 1938; burial at Mount Hope CE, Joplin, MO.]

Newspaper (prob. September 1938, Gallipolis) clipping found in the Simmerman files, Morgan file, Bossard Library.
Transcribed by Lynn Anders                                                                           Top of Page

Morgan, John J.

John J. Morgan Dead
     Mr. John J. Morgan, a long time resident of the Gallia neighborhood in Greenfield Township, passed away Thursday evening, Oct. 26, 1916, at the home of his brother, L.C. Morgan, in this city, of tubercular trouble, from which he has been suffering for several months.
     The funeral services were conducted Sunday at Emory Chapel by Rev. Hall of Centerville, the interment following under direction of the Oak Hill Masonic Lodge.
     Mr. Morgan was born in Pittsburgh in 1849. He married Miss Sarah Smith of Centerpoint, a sister of C. A. and C. M. Smith, who survives him. Four sisters, Mrs. Elizabeth Davis of Oak Hill; Mrs. Anna Lloyd of Indiana and Misses Katherine and Mary J. Morgan at the old home and the brother above mentioned survive him.
     Mr. Morgan was an upright and honorable Christian gentleman, long a member of the Methodist Church and the large attendance at his funeral bespoke the esteem in which he was held by all who knew him.

[Note: Death Certificate...Born 1849 PA; died Oct. 26, 1916; aged 64 years. Father John C. Morgan (mother not known). Burial Emory Chapel Cemetery in Jackson County.]

Gallia Times
Nov. 1, 1916
Transcribed by F.K. Brown

Morgan, John J.

     John J. Morgan passed away at the home of his brother L. C. Morgan on Locust Street Thursday evening after a lingering illness with tubercular trouble for which he came here from Gallia to take treatment.
He was born at Pittsburg, Pa., in 1849, the son of John C. and Katherine Morgan, but has resided in this county for a number of years.
     He was united in marriage to Miss Sarah A. Smith of Center Point, sister of C. A. Smith, resident of this city, no children being born to them. He is survived by his widow, sisters Elizabeth Davis of Oak Hill, Anne Lloyd of Indiana, Katherine and Mary Jane Morgan, residing at the old home place at Gallia and brother L. C. of this city.
     He was a prominent and highly respected resident, a member of the Oak Hill Masonic lodge and Methodist church, being a loyal Christian from his early youth. The funeral will be conducted under the auspices of the Oak Hill Masonic lodge by Rev. Mr. Hall of Centerville at Emory Chapel Sunday at 10 a. m. with interment by Hayward.

Gallipolis Daily Tribune
Friday October 27, 1916
Transcribed by Suzanne Giroux

Morgan, John R.

Death of Mr. Morgan
     Mr. John R. Morgan of Green township, near Rodney, who six or seven weeks ago swallowed by mistake some carbolic acid out of a bottle, died this Thursday morning, October 6, 1910, as a result of it, after weeks of painful suffering. He was about 68 or 70 years of age and a fine old man without guile or blemish, and very industrious and agreeable and a good citizen. His funeral services will be conducted at Tyn Rhos Church Saturday morning, undertakers Thomas & Davis of Centreville officiating at the burial.
     His wife was a sister of Mr. Henry Davis of this city, and died about 12 years ago. He is survived by two sons Thomas and Harry and by two daughters Miss Kate at home and Mrs. Noah Berridge of Washington; also a half brother, Attorney David Davis of Cincinnati. His son, Thomas, is the mail carrier between here and Cora and Harry is a teacher in the neighborhood where he lives and has taught for several years.
     Mr. Henry Davis, brother-in-law of the late John R. Morgan, informs us that he had a half brother, Mr. Lot Davis of Arlington, Washington, and two half sisters, Mrs. Hannah Lehmann of Cincinnati and Mrs. Mary Passmore, of Boston. It was 17 years since his wife died and he was in his 67th year.

Gallipolis Daily Tribune
Thursday, October 6, 1910
Transcribed by Sheri Culler

Morgan, Margaret Elizabeth [Menager]

Death of Mrs. Morgan
     Mr. J. E. Pitrat received a telegram this morning from Major Hoover, his son-in-law at Springfield, O., stating that Mrs. Morgan died at midnight last night May 12, ’97, at Columbus and that he had notified Claude Pitrat, at Washington, C. H., and that he and Miss Alice Pitrat, visiting at Major Hoover’s and Claude would all meet at Columbus at 7 this morning and to express his wishes to him there.
     Mr. Pitrat received another telegram later noting their arrival at Columbus, and that they would be here this evening with the remains and asked to be met with an undertaker.
     Mr. Pitrat answered stating that Mrs. Morgan had expressed a wish when here to be cremated and asking if it could be attended to there? Major Hoover answered to the effect that they would arrive at Gallipolis this evening, when the matter of cremation could be attended to here. Mr. Pitrat informs us that when Mrs. Morgan was here last she requested Undertaker Wetherholt in case of her death to take charge of her remains and to see that she was cremated. However this and other matters pertaining to her death will be attended to later.
     Mrs. Margaret Elizabeth Morgan was the daughter of the late Peter and Margaret Menager, and was born on Court Street in a house where the Henking-Bovie & Co. wholesale house is now, March 19, 1835. She had two sisters, Mrs. J. E. Pitrat and Faonie,[Fannie] who died in infancy. They lived where she was born until in 1836, when her father built the large brick residence, now occupied by Mr. C. D. Kerr.
     She was educated here and at the Convent of Notre Dame of Cincinnati, and was an accomplished and handsome lady. On the 26th of April, 1861, she was united in marriage with James Henry Morgan, son of Dr. Elisha Morgan, by Rev. R. W. Davis of the Baptist Church, who is yet living on Kanawha. They had one child, but it died in infancy.
     Mr. and Mrs. Morgan left here a number of years ago and have resided at different places, but they are well known to most every one here, and the news of her death which came so suddenly and unexpectedly will be sad to all.
     No definite particulars are known except that during the winter she had an attack of the grippe, from which she had apparently recovered and Miss Heisner wrote Mr. Pitrat’s folks a week ago that she had met her on the street. Mr. Pitrat says she was troubled with rheumatism and in the absence of the facts is led to believe that was the trouble probably affecting her heart.
     All the friends which includes her brother, Lewis Menager, of Kansas, have been notified and are expected to be in attendance upon her funeral services.
     Later..---A telegram received just as we go to press states that owing to a mis-connection, the remains will not arrive here until Friday noon.

Gallipolis Daily Tribune (Pg. 2)
Thursday, May 13, 1897
     The remains of Mrs. Morgan, whose death was mentioned yesterday, arrived on the noon train in charge of her niece, Miss Alice Pitrat, and her nephew, Mr. Claude Pitrat and were met at the depot by Undertaker Wetherholt and a few friends and conveyed to the home of her brother in law and sister, Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Pitrat.
     Major R. B. Hoover and wife missed connection at Columbus and will arrive this evening. The funeral services and final disposition of the remains will not be fully determined until their arrival, but it is thought now, that the funeral services will be conducted at Mr. Pitrat’s Saturday afternoon at 2 o’clock, Rev. Dr. Roxford of Columbus, officiating. As to the matter of cremation, it is not definitely known. If not cremated the burial will be at Mound Hill.
     Mrs. Morgan’s death was very sudden. She had chatted pleasantly until 11 o’clock with friends and shortly after admitted the folks she was boarding with and who had been out in the city, to the house, and retired to her room. While disrobing for the night, they heard her scream and ran to her assistance and dispatched for a physician, but she passed away almost immediately from trouble about her heart.
     The family will receive the warmest sympathy from a long list of dear old friends of the deceased, who was at one time, one of our most excellent ladies and well-remembered.

Gallipolis Daily Tribune (Pg. 2)
Friday, May 14, 1897

     Major R. B. Hoover, wife and two children arrived last night to attend the funeral services of Mrs. Margaret E. Morgan, which occurred today, at 1:30 p. m. Dr. Roxford of Columbus, officiating at the residence of Mr. Pitrat. The burial was at Mound Hill by Undertaker Wetherholt. The floral tributes were numerous and beautiful, and Mrs. Morgan was laid to rest with affecting ceremony. The pall bearers were, J. C. Shepard, H. N. Ford, E. L. Menager, A. P. Menager, A. R. Chase and Edward Morgan.

Gallipolis Daily Tribune (Pg. 3)
Saturday, May 15, 1897
Transcribed by Sandy Milliron

Morgan, Mary

     It is our painful duty this week to chronicle the death of Miss M. Morgan, only daughter of Dr. E. Morgan of this city. She had been ailing but a few days with, what was supposed to be, erysipelas, which finally settled in the stomach and carried her off, on Friday evening last. Miss Morgan's death has cast a gloom over the entire community in which she resided, but especially among those of her intimate acquaintances and friends, where her great personal attractions, wining [sic], genial manner, and ready wit, was [sic] more particularly known and appreciated.

"Sweet rose, fair flower, untimely plucked, soon faded,
"Plucked in the bud, and faded in the spring!
"Bright orient pearl, alack! too timely shaded!
"Fair creature, killed too soon by death's sharp sting!
"Like a green fruit that hangs upon a tree,
"And falls, through wind, before the fall should be."

     Her remains were followed to the grave on Tuesday morning by her father and six brothers, and a host of sorrowing friends, amongst whom were to be distinguished by their badges the Philothalian Club, of which she was a brilliant and highly prized member.

The Gallipolis Journal
August 4, 1870

Morgan, Mary H.

     Died, July 30th, 1870, Mary H., only daughter of Dr. Elisha and Celina Morgan, and granddaughter of the late Salem Town, L.L.D., in the morning of her life. The "Angel of Summons" came in the fading twilight, and laid upon her brow the signet of Peace, and when the soul of the dying day went out, it bore her pure spirit under its wings. The simplest tribute that affection can offer would seem praise exaggerated, save to the friends who knew her best—who lived in the sunshine of her bright spirit and hold her many virtues in grateful remembrance. Richly endowed by nature with a diversity of gifts, and qualified by intellectual attainments,—through her native energy of purpose, her purity of character, her amiable and affectionate disposition, she wielded a graceful influence over the social atmosphere around her. While the unfortunate found in her a friend, prompt to alleviate suffering and give the needed words of hope and encouragemment. None had ever fairer promise of a life of usefulness and happiness.
     But her music and her song will never more stir the heart with sacred harmony, for void and voiceless is the silence. She who loved all loveliness, with her blooming beauty and shining sweetness, has gone down to the shade and silence of the tomb; but her name and memory are enshrined in the hearts of those she loved. With the loss of one so truly valued, a tender, solemn hush fell upon every home, in each was the conscious presence of the mysterious Power, which comes with sudden interruption, to loose the silver cord and give "our beloved sleep." Bereaved ones, upon whose hearts the shadow of the cross falls darkly, look above the desolation which surrounds you. Faith can lift the sinking soul to heights of sublime exaltation!
     Your family circle is broken here on earth, but a consecrated intelligence, released from the earthly heritage of sin, sorrow and suffering, purified and redeemed through death, in peace and joy, awaits its completion in eternal union. In triumph your "Household Angel" passed beyond mortal vision, over a radiant path, into life everlasting. May your hearts discern the light. J. V. W.

The Gallipolis Journal
August 11, 1870
Transcribed by Eva Swain Hughes

Morgan, Mary J. [Davis]

Death of Mrs. Mary Morgan
     Mrs. Mary Morgan, widow of David Morgan, died at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Joe D. Donally at Pleasant Hill this morning, after an illness for a number of months.
     She is survived by nine children and was a lovely old lady with many friends here and was in the eightieth year of her age.

[Note: Jan. 29, 1834 (Wales) – Sept. 7, 1915; Age 81 yrs. 7 mos. 8 das. She was the daughter of John K. and Mary Frances Davis. The burial was in Tyn Rhos Cemetery.]

Gallipolis Daily Tribune (Pg. 1)
Wednesday, September 8, 1915
Transcribed by Sandy Milliron

Morgan, Reuben

Reuben Morgan, 78, Dies At Morgan
To Defer Rites Until 2 Sons Arrive From Army Camps
     Reuben Morgan, aged 78, died about noon Thursday in Morgan Center, where he had lived for the last 17 years. He had suffered a stroke early in the week. Mr. Morgan was a native of North Carolina, a son of John and Sallie Brandt Morgan, and was born August 4, 1864.
     He is survived by his wife, whose maiden name was Etta Parrish; and the two had lived with their daughter, Mrs. Emily Mitchell. Two other daughters and two sons, both in the army, survive: Mrs. Sallie Shupe of Bidwell R.D., Mrs. Anna Sheets, living in Vinton; Oscar Morgan, stationed at Ft. Lawton, Washington, and Charles, who is in a Louisiana camp.
     Oscar has started home and Charles expects to come, and the funeral arrangements will not be completed until they arrive or the time of their arrival can be ascertained. The body was removed to the Butler-McCoy mortuary.

[Note: From death certificate date of death March 25, 1943. Burial is in Miller CE, Morgan Twp., Gallia Co.]

Newspaper (prob. March 1943, Gallipolis) clipping found in the Simmerman files, Morgan file, Bossard Library.
Transcribed by Lynn Anders                                                                           Top of Page

Morgan, Theodore

Death Claims Dr. Morgan, County Native
     Dr. R. Theodore Morgan, 78, a native of this county and a brother of Mrs. Joseph Donnally of this city, died in Marion City Hospital in Marion, Ohio this morning following a lengthy illness. Although Dr. Morgan had suffered with a diabetic condition for several years, he underwent surgery two weeks ago for cataracts, from which operation he never recovered consciousness.
     Dr. Morgan, a prominent member of a well known family in this county was among the last of 15 children born to the late David and Mary Davis Morgan, at the old Morgan homestead in Perry Twp. He was born on March 25, 1873.
     After becoming a physician, he settled in Marion, where he had successfully practiced for many years.
He is survived by his wife, a native of Washington C.H., and four children, Theodore Morgan II of Toledo, Mrs. Howard Hildebrand of Berea, David K. of Grand Rapids, Mich. and Dr. Richard Lee Morgan of Marion.
He also leaves the following brothers and sisters, in addition to Mrs. Donnally: Mrs. Byron Bing of Cleveland, Dr. Everett Morgan and Dr. J.G. Morgan of Rushville, Mo.
     Funeral services will be held in Marion Wednesday afternoon at 2 o'clock.

[Note: From death certificate date of death April 9, 1951; burial at Marion CE; full name Richard Theodore.]

Newspaper (prob. April 1951, Gallipolis) clipping found in the Simmerman files, Morgan file, Bossard Library.
Transcribed by Lynn Anders

Morgan, Thomas M.

     Thomas M. Morgan departed this life Jan. 19th, 1884, in the 78th year of his age. Mr. Morgan had been suffering for some time with rheumatism, but the cause of his death was lung fever. He took it very severe and it proved fatal in a few days. He was a native of North Wales; emigrated to this country early in life, and settled on a farm near Centreville in the year 1836, where he raised his family. Mr. Morgan was a good neighbor and an industrious, straightforward man. His funeral took place on the 21st. He was buried in the old burying-ground at Centreville. Religious services conducted by D.S. Jones and E. S. Jones. He leaves to mourn their loss, one daughter in the far West and two sons, D. D. and J. Morgan, of Centreville, O.

[Note: Buried in Centerville cemetery, AKA Thurman cemetery, Raccoon township. Notice spelling of "Centerville." Age on headstone says "77".]

Gallipolis Bulletin
February 26, 1884
Transcribed by Lisa Halbig

Morley, Florence

OBITUARY - Mrs. F. Morley
     Mrs. Florence Morley, who formerly lived at 317 Laidley St., Charleston, WV, died suddenly at Louisville, KY, Feb. 10. She was Miss Florence Jolly of Gallipolis, Ohio, before her marriage to John B. Morley of Charleston, now deceased. She was born in Gallia County, Ohio, Dec. 29, 1852. She had four children, all of whom are dead.
     Funeral at Sacred Heart Church, Charleston, Wednesday morning. Burial at Spring Hill Cemetery. She leaves two brothers and one sister, Frank Jolly of Charleston, Joseph Jolly of Jeffersonville, IN and Mrs. Anna B. Stark of New York.
A Friend

Gallipolis Daily Tribune
Feb. 11, 1924
Transcribed by F.K. Brown                                                                              Top of Page

Morris, Anna

Mrs. Anna Morris Dies At Daughter's Home in Coshocton
     Mrs. Anna Berridge Morris, wife of the late Captain Eugene C. Morris, passed away at the home of her daughter, Mrs. L.S. Ward, at Coshocton, Ohio, Friday afternoon at about 2 o'clock, in her seventy-sixth year. Mrs. Morris had been in failing health for several years, but was stricken with pneumonia about a week ago, which illness in spite of all efforts of physicians and friends proved fatal.
     Mrs. Morris has many friends and relatives in this city, having spent the greater part of her life in Gallipolis. The remains, accompanied by her four children and other relatives will arrive Saturday evening on the Hocking Valley train and will be taken to the home of Mrs. Jeannette Healey, 1032 Island Side.
     The funeral will be conducted by her pastor, Rev. A. H. Beardsley at Mrs. Healey's home on Sunday afternoon at two o'clock. Mrs. Morris will be laid to rest in the family burial plot in Pine Street Cemetery, under the direction of Weatherholt and Entsminger.
     Mrs. Morris leaves to mourn her loss three daughters, Mrs. Theodore Ward of Coshocton, Ohio; Mrs. Thomas McHugh, Washington D.C. and Mrs. Fred Weller of Chicago, IL and one son, Mr. James Morris of Cincinnati. A sister, Mrs. Emma Woolweaver of Tampa, FL, a brother, Mr. Thomas Berridge of Bradford, PA and five great-grandchildren also survive.

[Note: Death Certificate..Anna E. Morris born Sept. 15, 1850; died Feb. 24, 1928 Coshocton, Ohio; aged 77 years 5 months and 9 days. Parents: Thomas and Matilda Berridge. On April 9, 1873 in Gallia County, Ohio she married Eugene C. Morris, born 1846 in Hurricane WV; died Oct. 20, 1923 in Gallipolis; aged 77 years 9 months and 20 days. Steam Boatman. Parents: Leonard Morris (VA) and Altha Sims (WV). Burial Pine Street Cemetery]

Gallipolis Daily Tribune
Saturday, Feb. 25, 1928
Transcribed by F.K. Brown

Morris, Blondena B.

     Blondena B. Morris, 67, 1811 Chestnut St., Gallipolis, died this morning in Holzer Medical Center.
Born July 23, 1915, in Calhoun County, WV, daughter of Otmer C. and Rachel Didman Rader, she was a member of Harris Baptist Church.
     She married Cecil C. Morris, who survives, on Oct. 3, 1937 at Speed, WV. Also surviving are two sons, Cecil C. II of Forest and William E. of Grove City; four daughters, Mrs. Charles (Carole) Mahan of Wilgus; Barbara Morris of Gallipolis; Mrs. Milford (Alice) Gilbert of Cheshire and Mrs. Charles (Diana) Griffin of Bartlett, IL; 22 grandchildren and a great-grandchild; a brother, Eugene, of Louisville, Ohio and three sisters, Reva Morris of Erwin, PA; Mamie Bowen of Bedford and Martha Whytsell of Spencer WV.
She was also preceded in death by a son, daughter and brother.
     Funeral services will be held at 1 p.m. Saturday in Harris Baptist Church, with the Rev. Ronnie Lemley officiating. Burial will be in Ohio Valley Memory Gardens. Friends may call at McCoy-Moore Funeral Home, Vinton, from 2-4 and 7-9 p.m. Friday.

[Note: Died Feb. 2, 1983]

Gallipolis Daily Tribune
Feb. 2, 1983
Transcribed by F.K. Brown

Morris, Clifford S.

     Clifford S. Morris, 91, Rt. 2, Racine, died Sunday evening at Veterans Memorial Hospital. Mr. Morris was born Sept. 5, 1891 in Meigs County the son of the late Benjamin and Fannie Smart Morris.
     Funeral services will be held Wednesday at 3 p.m. at Ewing Funeral Home with the Rev. Mark Flynn officiating. Burial will be in Sutton Cemetery. Friends may call at the funeral home Tuesday from 2 to 4 and 7 to 9. Masonic services will be conducted by Lodge 461 F & AM at 7:30 p.m. Tuesday at the funeral home.

Gallipolis Tribune
Jan. 17, 1983
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Morris, Elizabeth E.

     Elizabeth E. Morris, wife of William Morris and daughter of Adam Davidson, died in Huntington Township, Gallia County, June 18, 1882, aged 28 years, 1 month and 20 days.
     Sister Morris was a faithful wife, good mother and a generous neighbor. She had been a faithful member of the Antioch Christian Church, was a zealous worker in the Church and Sunday School.
     She suffered 7 months with consumption and bore her sufferings with Christian fortitude. She said, "When I suffer most then I am the happiest. Christ suffered for me and I am willing to suffer". As the day of her death drew near she would say, referring to her husband and son, "the only thing I regret dying is leaving Billie and Johnny behind". Referring to her deceased daughter, would say, "I am glad dear little Nellie had gone on before". Although too weak to turn in bed or scarcely speak above a whisper her strength came back a few hours before death and she shouted "Glory to God," in very loud tones and exhorted her friends to "live faithful Christian lives and meet her in Heaven." Kissing them all goodbye, she said, "There is no darkness, it is all light, all pain has left me now. O, I am so happy, I always thought I would be happy when I come to die.     This is the happiest hour of my life; I am going up to see Mother".
     Sister Morris leaves husband and son with many relatives and friends to mourn their loss, but her consecrated Christian life and her marvelously bright and happy death is consoling evidence to those who mourn that their loss is her eternal gain. Brother Morris has the tender sympathy of many warm friends in this affliction.

M.L. Huntly

Gallipolis Journal
June 29 1882
Transcribed by F.K. Brown

Morris, Emma

Mrs. Morris Dead
     Mrs. Emma Morris, 75, here to spend the winter with her friend, Miss Ida Nevius, passed away suddenly Monday evening at the Nevius home from a stroke of apoplexy. The funeral was held Wednesday afternoon at the Presbyterian Church, interment following in Mound Hill cemetery.
     Mrs. Morris was the wife of the late Col. J. C. Morris and for a number of years they operated the Park Central Hotel in this city. She is survived by two sisters, one at Lafayette, Ind. and the other of Wooster, Ohio, and a grandson, Mr. Morris Fuller, son of the late Capt. W. B. Fuller. Her sudden death was a severe shock to her friends here.

The Gallia Times
Thursday, November 24, 1921
Transcribed by Sandy L. Milliron

Morris, Capt. Eugene C.

Capt. E. C. Morris Died Saturday Noon
     Capt. Eugene C. Morris, veteran river man, died at his home here Saturday noon, Oct. 20th, 1923, at the age of 77 years and about 10 months. He was born in the Teays Valley, Hurricane, W. Va., and was married to Miss Anna Berridge, in this city about fifty years ago. Mrs. Morris, three daughters, Mrs. Theodore Ward of Coshocton, O., Mrs. Thos. McHugh of Washington, D., Mrs. Fred Weller of Chicago, Ill., and one son, James, of Cincinnati, all here for the last sad rites, survive, also two sisters, Mrs. Jas. Miller of Canton, O., and Mrs. Wm. Webb of St. Albans, W. Va., and four grandchildren.
     Capt. Morris was the son of the late Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Morris and was a member of Grace Methodist church and the K. of P. lodge.
     Capt. Morris, an expert navigator, has been a river man for over 60 years and was held in the highest esteem by all who knew him. His first boating was on the old steamers Mountain Boy and Active in the Kanawha. Later he was on the Boone and for several years he commanded the Charleston and Cincinnati packets Henry M. Stanley and Lizzie Bay in palmier days of bating [sic]. He was also on the Keystone State in the Pittsburg and Cincinnati trade for several years and on the Queen City on her Mardi Gras trips to New Orleans.
     Capt. Morris has for several seasons been on the excursion steamer Homer Smith at Pittsburg.
The funeral will occur Tuesday afternoon from the Morris residence on Third Avenue at 12:30 p. m. the Knights of Pythias lodge and the Rev. Curtis Smith of the Methodist church officiating. Interment at Pine Street cemetery by funeral directors Wetherholt & Entsminger.

Gallipolis Daily Tribune
Monday, October 22, 1928
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Morris, Garnet [Clark]

     Garnet Eleanor Morris, 83, Rio Grande, died Tuesday, May 16, 1995, at Holzer Medical Center. She was a retired Gallipolis Development Center employee and a member of the Chapel Hill Church of Christ and the Rio Grande Garden Club.
     Born June 16, 1911, in Gallia County, she was the daughter of the late Harrison and Pearl Green Clark.
     Survivors include her husband, Ai Lee Morris, three daughters, Joan Miller of Belpre, Aileen Lowder of Gallipolis and Helen (Elva) Lowder of Kettering; two sons, Thomas (Joanna) Wood of Rio Grande and Harland (Juanita) Wood of Gallipolis; one stepdaughter, Betty (Blackney) Stout of Bidwell; one sister, Leona Sprague of Obetz; 13 grandchildren, including Keith Lowder, who was raised in the home; 25 great grandchildren; and several nieces and nephews.
     In addition to her parents, she was preceded in death by her first husband, Neven Wood; and two brothers, Calvin and Stanley Clark.
     Friends may call 3 to 5 p.m. and 7 to 9 p.m. Thursday at the Waugh-Halley-Wood Funeral Home and one hour prior to the service, which will be held 1 p.m. Friday at the Chapel Hill Church of Christ with Evangelist James Farley officiating. Burial will follow in Old Pine Cemetery.

Gallipolis Daily Tribune (Pg. 3)
Wednesday, May 17, 1995
Transcribed by Sandy Milliron

Morris, Icel

     Icel Morris, 68, a resident of Rt. 1, Bidwell, died in Holzer Medical Center around 7:30 a.m. Sunday.
She was born June 11, 1906, in Buffalo, W. Va., daughter of the late Walter and Lillie Motz Pitchford.
She married Cloyd Morris in August, 1929, in Pomeroy. He survives, along with one sister, Mrs. Homer (Esther) Russell, Rt. 1, Bidwell. Several nieces and nephews survive. Two sons preceded her in death
     Funeral services will be 1 p.m. Tuesday at the McCoy-Moore Funeral Home with Rev. John Bryant officiating. Burial will be in Vinton Memorial Park. Friends may call at the funeral home this evening from 7
until 9.

[Note: Ohio Deaths/Ancestry date of death February 9, 1975.]

Gallipolis Daily Tribune
February 1975
Transcribed by Lynn Anders

Morris, Joseph C.

Death of Col. Morris
     Hayward & Son received the following telegram this morning from Mrs. Emma Morris, wife of Col. J. D. Morris, from Mt. Clemens, Michigan: "Mr. Morris died this (Wednesday) evening. Will arrive in Gallipolis Friday noon. Leave funeral arrangements to you. Be at Neil House, Columbus, (Thursday)
     Col. Morris was for several years proprietor of the Park Central Hotel and was a very clever, fine gentleman and many friends here will regret to hear of his death. We have no space to say more at this time, except that the remains will be taken to Mrs. Fuller's and the burial will be at Mound Hill where they have a lot.

Born: July 22, 1838
Died: May 24, 1905
Transcribed by Nancy McMillan

Morris, Margaret

     Morris..Near Nebo, in Perry township, Gallia Co., O.,March 3, of heart disease, Mrs. Margaret Morris, wife of Erasmus Morris, aged 54 years. Reared a family of 7 children; one died. She was a consistent member of the Congregational Church of Nebo.
     Funeral Services were held at Tyn-Rhos, the 5th of March, and was conducted by Rev. J. A. Davis, Siloam, Rev. R. Richards, Tyn-Rhos and Nebo, and the remains were interred in the family burying grounds at Tyn-Rhos.

Gallipolis Journal
April 1, 1880
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Morris, Mary

Mary Morris, 73, Perry Twp., Dies Here At 11 A.M.
Miss Mary Morris, aged 73, of Perry Twp., died at the Holzer Hospital about 11 o’clock this forenoon. A recent operation disclosed that she was suffering from a malignant ailment that made her condition hopeless.
     Miss Morris is survived by one brother, Erasmus, and the two had lived together at the old homestead in the Nebo community. During her last illness he, too, was bedfast much of the time with a heart ailment. William Morris, another brother who had shared the home, died March 19, 1942
     Parents of the three named and of four others who preceded William in death were Erasmus and Margaret Thomas Morris. Excepting the one brother, decedent’s nearest relatives, were second cousins including Mrs. Anna May Womeldorff of this city and Mrs. L. F. Allen of Rio Grande who were attentive to her during her illness.
     The body was removed to the Davis & Thomas mortuary at Thurman.

Gallipolis Daily Tribune
Tuesday, May 11, 1943

Morris Funeral
     Pallbearers at the funeral of Miss Mary Morris yesterday were Parry Taylor, Frank Allen, Gomer Richards, William Hutchinson, B. Lewis Jones and Ernest Clark. In addition to the sermon by Rev. Samuel Whilding of Jackson.

Gallipolis Daily Tribune
Friday, May 14, 1943
Transcribed by Sandy L. Milliron

Morris, Moses

     Mr. Moses Morris, son of Erasmus Morris, of Perry township, died last Wednesday night, aged about 25 years, with typhoid pneumonia. He was buried at Tyn-Rhos. He is spoken of as an excellent young man.

Gallipolis Journal
Wednesday, March 7, 1888
Transcribed by Suzanne Giroux

Morris, Nellie

     Mrs. Nellie Morris (better known as Aunt Nellie Fox), a colored woman nearly 100 years old, died at her home near Mr. Joe Hess’s, on the morning of the 1st of January.

The Gallipolis Bulletin
Saturday, January 6, 1894
Transcribed by Sandy Lee Milliron

Morris, Thomas

     Thomas Morris at Nebo, Perry township, in this county, 21 years of age, the son of the above Erasmus Morris, died March 8th, from the quick consumption and was buried at Tyn-Rhos the 10th of March.

Gallipolis Journal
April 1, 1880
Transcribed by Henny Evans

Morris, Thomas

     Died, at the County Infirmary, on the 8th inst., of flux, Mr. Thomas Morris, in the 66th year of his age.

[Note: There is a marker in Tyn Rhos Cemetery in Perry Township with the date of death listed as Sept. 8, 1863, with the notation "Liannon Gardican Shire" and age listed as 25 years.]

The Gallipolis Journal
September 17, 1863
Transcribed by Eva Swain Hughes

Morrison, Mary [Preston]

Mrs. Morrison Dies At Vinton
Funeral Sunday For Rural Woman
     Mrs. Pearl Morrison, 53, Rt. 2 Vinton, died at her home at 12:30 a.m. today. Mrs. Morrison had been ill for several weeks and underwent an operation a month ago at Holzer Hospital. Born Mary Preston, a daughter of the late Callop and Elizabeth Lewis Preston, she was a native of Wayne County, W. Va. She and her husband located in Gallia County 10 years ago and they operated the former James Dodrill farm west of Vinton.
     In addition to her husband, Mrs. Morrison leaves three sons, Arnold of Miamisburg, Raymond of Thurman and Carlos at home. She also leaves three sisters, Mrs. Clarence Morrison of Barboursville, W. Va., Mrs. Hazel Atkins and Mrs. Ella Gilkerson, both of Wayne, W. Va.; and two brothers, Oscar and Arthur Preston, also both of Wayne.
     The body will be at the Vernon McCoy Funeral Home at Vinton until 7 p.m. Saturday, when it will be taken to the late residence. Funeral services will be held Sunday at 2 p.m. from the Vinton Baptist Church with burial under the direction of Vernon McCoy at Vinton Memorial Park.

Gallipolis Daily Tribune
Friday, March 23, 1951
Transcribed by Sandy L. Milliron

Morrison, William   

     Died, at his residence in this county, on Friday evening, the 4th inst., Mr. William Morrison, aged 44 years.

The Gallipolis Journal
March 10, 1853
Transcribed by Eva Swain Hughes

Morrow, Carl

     GALLIPOLISCarl Morrow, 51. a resident of Rt. 1, Gallipolis, died around 3 p.m. Friday in Holzer Medical Center. Mr. Morrow was a self-employed brick layer.     
     He was born in Gallipolis on July 22, 1922, son of the late James and Clara Morrow. He was a member of the U. S. Navy during World War II, having served on the U. S. S. Louisville. He was awarded 15 medals, 12 of them battle stars.
     He married Evelyn Mercer on July 27, 1946, in Gallipolis, who survives, as does a son, Dann Morrow, Rt. 1, Gallipolis; a daughter, Mrs. Linda Lanham, Pt. Pleasant; three grandchildren, a brother, Willard Morrow, Gallipolis, and two sisters, Mrs. Hazel Swanson, Gallipolis and Mrs. Berkley (Ethel) Wright, Kanauga. Mr. Morrow was raised in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Wright.
     He was a member of the Gallipolis Post 4464, Veterans of Foreign Wars, and the Kanauga Sportsman Club.
     Funeral services will be held 4 p.m. Sunday at Miller’s Home for Funerals with Rev. Frank Cheesebrew and Rev. Jack Finnicum officiating. Burial will be in Pine Street Cemetery. Friends may call at the funeral home. VFW Post No. 4464 will conduct graveside services.

Gallipolis Sunday Times Sentinel
May 26, 1974
Transcribed by Sandy L. Milliron

Morrow, Evelyn [Mercer]

     Evelyn Morrow, 78, of Kanauga, went home to be with the Lord on Wednesday, Oct. 29, 2008. She was born July 18, 1930, in Pembroke, N. C., daughter of the late William and Mayola Johnson Mercer.
     She was a well-respected former business owner, a beautician and also was very active in her community, serving as head of the Neighborhood Watch, a volunteer beautician at the Gallipolis Developmental Center, and had run for Gallia County commissioner.
     Evelyn is survived by two children, Linda Lanham of Kanauga, and Danny C. Morrow of Gallipolis. Also surviving are eight grandchildren, Jody Lanham, Adeanna Schoonover, Cherlyn Lawrence, Dawn Lanham, Bethany Morrow, Danielle Ryan, Leah Morrow and Jay Karr, and 14 great-grandchildren, Body, Telia, Carl, Wayne, Tasha, Kasey, Savannah, Colton, Peyton, Kaleb, Donivan, Logan, Briley and Lilly.
     In addition to her parents, she was preceded in death by her husband, Carl Morrow, one granddaughter, and two brothers, Alvin and John Mercer.
     Services will be 6 p.m. Monday, Nov. 3, 2008, in the McCoy-Moore Funeral Home Wetherholt Chapel in Gallipolis, with Pastor Gary Revel officiating. Friends may call at the funeral home from 4 to 6 p.m. Monday, Nov. 3, 2008. In accordance with her wishes, interment will follow at the convenience of the family.

Gallipolis Times Sentinel (Pg. 5)
Sunday, November 2, 2008
Transcribed by Sandy Milliron

Morrow, James

Death of Mr Morrow

     Mr. James Morrow, who has been keeping a small fruit stand at the corner of Olive street and Second avenue, died Sunday morning Mary 17, 1908, after an illness of about one year with consumption. Besides his wife he leaves three small children who will have the sympathy of all in their sad bereavement.
     He was a very good man, and his funeral services were conducted by Rev. Ernest Meyer, Monday afternoon, and interment followed at Mound Hill cemetery by Wetherholt.

Gallipolis Bulletin
May 22, 1908
Transcribed by Maxine Marshall                                                                       Top of Page

Morrow, James Archbold

Mr. Morrow Of Chestnut St., Dies Saturday
     James Archbold Morrow, 85, a retired carpenter who resided at 2003 Chestnut St., died at 10 p.m. Saturday in Holzer hospital where he had been a patient only a few hours.
     Mr. Morrow was born in Mason county, one of 13 children of the late Robert and Sarah Jane Shifflett Morrow. He is survived by one brother, Bryan, of Ashland, Ky.
     His marriage, which took place in 1908, was to the former Elizabeth Cundiff of Mason county, who survives. A daughter, Stella, died in infancy; an adopted son, Peter, at age seven, and another son, John, died last November.
     Services will be held at 1 p.m. Tuesday at the Church of Christ in Christian Union. Rev. Everette Delaney will officiate, and burial will be in Pine Street cemetery. Friends may call at the late home Monday evening and until the hour of the service.

Gallipolis Daily Tribune
Monday, August 26, 1963
Transcribed by Sandy Lee Milliron

Morton, Alfred H.

     Alfred H. Morton of Green township, sick for three months past with diabetes, died Monday, and was buried at Mt. Zion by M. R. Gross of this city. Mr. Morton had a life insurance policy for $3,000 in the Mutual Life Insurance Co. of New York. The amount will be paid by P. T. Wall, the Company’s agent in this city.

[Note: 1815 – May 14, 1883]

Gallipolis Journal
Thursday May 17, 1883
Transcribed by Suzanne Giroux

Morton, America D.

Found Dead in Bed
     Mrs. A. D. Morton, living with her daughter, Mrs. Capt. Geo. Hamilton, on Cedar street, was found dead in bed Monday morning at 6 o’clock. She had been helpless and confined to her bed with paralysis of the left side for seven years, but was as well as common [sic] when her daughter retired Sunday night, but her death has been daily expected. When Mrs. Hamilton arose this morning she went into her mother’s room to see how she was resting and found life extinct, the last spark evidently having just left her body. Mrs. Morton was the relict of Henry Morton, to whom she was married almost two score years ago.
     She was born in this county in 1837 and has been making her home with her daughter ever since Mr. Morton passed beyond. She was seized with paralysis seven years ago and ever since has suffered calmly and with christian fortitude she awaited the end when death would release her mortal pangs. She was the mother of ten children, eight of whom survive her. The living children are: John, Charles, William, Oscar and Fred Morton, Mrs. George Hamilton, Mrs. Thomas Hott and Mrs. Nad Blazer.
     Deceased was a member of the M. E. church and her life was devoted to that which was good. The obsequies occur from the late home of the deceased on Cedar street Tuesday afternoon at 2 o’clock, Rev. Hawk officiating and Wetherholt having charge of the interment at Pine street cemetery.

Gallipolis Journal
Tuesday, August 24, 1897
Transcribed by Suzanne Giroux                                                                      Top of Page

Morton, Ann

     DIED - in Green township, on the 2nd inst., after a short illness, Ann Morton, in the 66th year of her age.

The Gallipolis Journal
January 11, 1855

     DIED - At her residence in Green township, on the 2nd ult., after a short illness, Mrs. Ann Morton, widow of Capt. Thomas T. Morton, in the 66th year of her age. She leaves a family of four sons and two daughters, also many friends to mourn her departure from earth. Through her death her family have sustained a great loss in losing a good parent, whose counsels and precepts have ever been for their welfare. Through her death a home has been rendered desolate, where her voice is never more to be heard, and her accustomed seat in the household is ever more to be left vacant.
     The subject of this notice was born April 13th, 1789, in Halifax, Nova Scotia, under the English domiinions, from which place she was taken, when six weeks old, by her parents to the city of New York, and there resided until the spring of 1819. She then with her husband and four children removed to Gallia county, and settled on the farm where she continued to reside up to the time of her death.

She sleeps–no smile illumes her eye.
Now closed forever from its weeping;
Her cheeks have lost their wonted dye,
She sleeps the sleep that knows no waking.

The storm that wrecks the wintry sky,
No more disturbs her deep repose.
No vision haunts her slumbers now
She wakes no more from death's cold sleeping.

She sleeps and earth must close around,
Her narrow bed till earth be riven
And the last trump of God shall sound,
To call her slumbering dust to heaven. M.M.M.

The Gallipolis Journal
February 1, 1855
Transcribed by Eva Swain Hughes

Morton, Carrie

Death of Miss Carrie Morton
     Miss Carrie M. Morton, aged 74 years and 28 days, died suddenly Saturday at 9 p.m., Oct. 5, 1918, after a stroke of apoplexy. She was a well known resident of this county and her sudden death is deeply regretted by all who knew her.
     She was the daughter of Thomas R. and Martha Y. Morton, born in Addison Township. She is survived by two sisters, Misses Fanny and Lilly of Addison Township.
     The funeral was held this afternoon at 2 o’clock from the Mt. Zion Church by Rev. W. E. Euring with burial following at the church cemetery by Wetherholt & Entsminger.

Gallipolis Daily Tribune
Tuesday, October 8, 1918
Transcribed by Sandy L. Milliron     

     Many friends in this county were greatly shocked to learn of the sudden death of Miss Carrie Morton at her home on the Chickamauga Pike Saturday night of apoplexy. She had been in the city a few hours before in her usual good health. She is survived by two sisters, Misses Fannie and Lillie Morton. A brother, Thomas, died suddenly a number of years ago.
     The funeral was held Tuesday afternoon at Mt. Zion and was largely attended by many friends.

[Note: 9/7/1844 - 10/5/1918]

The Gallia Times
Wednesday, October 9, 1918
Transcribed by Sandy L. Milliron                                                                      Top of Page

Morton, Edward F.

     Mr. Edward F. Morton, a well known farmer living about 4 miles from town on the Chillicothe Road, died at his home last Sunday morning at 9 o’clock.
     He was born July 6, 1832, on the farm where he died. He was the son of Thomas T. and Ann Morton, who were among the first settlers of this county. Mr. Morton was married to Miss Serilda R. Russell, of Jackson, December 20, 1860, and four children were born to them, Oscar (deceased), Mrs. Lew Engel of Peck, Kas., Sherman R. of Mulvane, Kas., Elmer R. at home.
     He had been failing in health for several months and when he arose Sunday morning he went about his work as usual. He went out to attend to the milking when he fell stricken with apoplexy. Dr. Ellsworth was called but in half an hour he died unconscious as when he fell.
     Funeral services and burial were held at Centenary, Rev. T. S. Armentrout officiating. Undertaker Wetherholt had charge of the remains. He was a man upright in character and beloved by all who knew him. He knew more town people than most farmers and all these old friends will regret to hear of his death.

The Gallipolis Bulletin
Friday, August 4, 1905
Transcribed by Sandy L. Milliron

Morton Lydia R.

Mrs. Lydia Morton Dead
     Mrs. Lydia R. Morton passed away at her home on Fourth Ave., at 1 A.M. today, Saturday, January 8, 1921, after a long illness, aged 66 years. Mrs. Morton is the widow of Alfred H. Morton to whom she was married in 1890 and who departed this life in 1905. She spent her entire life in Gallia county and had been a resident of Gallipolis for fifteen years.
     Mrs. Morton was an estimable lady whose passing will bring sorrow to the hearts of a large circle of warm friends. She was a sister of A. C. Safford of this city and also two other brothers, one living in Illinois and one in Pennsylvania.
     The funeral will be from her home at Fourth avenue and Locust street at 10 a.m. Monday, Rev. E. L. Morrell officiating. Burial at Mt. Zion cemetery. Funeral Director Geo. J. Wetherholt in charge of the interment.

Gallipolis Daily Tribune
Saturday, January 8, 1921
Transcribed by Sandy L. Milliron

Morton, Mary E. [Womeldorff]

     Died, in Green township, July 18th, 1867, Mrs. Mary E. Morton, in the forty-fourth year of her age. She was a daughter of the late Col. Daniel Womeldorff, and was married to Mr. Alfred Morton Oct. 13th, 1842. Mrs. Morton was an affectionate wife and mother, and managed her household affairs with such gentleness and discretion as to render her home a pleasant one, and to secure perfect harmony in all her domestic relations. Though naturally of a reserved disposition, her social qualities were approved by all, while they rendered her pleasant and agreeable to that extent, that she secured to herself the good will and esteem of all who formed her acquaintance. Mrs. Morton, though not a member, accepted as true, the doctrines of the Old School Presbyterian Church, in which faith she doubtless lived and died. Her loss will be deeply felt, not only in the large circle of friends and relatives, but most especially in the bereaved family. May the God of grace and truth, comfort and sustain them in their severe affliction.
     J. W. M.

The Gallipolis Journal
August 1, 1867
Transcribed by Eva Swain Hughes

Morton, Oscar M.

     MORTON - Oscar M. Morton, son of Edward F. and S. B. Morton, son of Edward F. and S. B. Morton, was born Sept 22, 1861, and died at the home of his father in Gallia county, Ohio, Aug 7, 1885.
He was a child of affliction the most of life, being partly deaf and greatly afflicted in 1872 with the white swelling, from which he never fully recovered. He was prevented from attending Church and Sabbath School. He possessed excellent traits of character that would be well for all young people to remember. He was kind and obedient to his parents, consulting their will in all things. He loved good books and tried to obey the precepts of his Divine Master. He was very patient and at different times was heard engaged in prayer.
     A large number attended the funeral, after which we laid his body to rest on a high summit overlooking the east, to await the trump of God. Rest from thine afflictions dear child. M. D. VAUGHN.
Will the Jackson Standard please copy.

[Note: Buried at Centenary Cemetery]

Gallipolis Journal
August 19, 1885
Transcribed by Nancy S. Edwards

Morton, Sarah E. [Bing]

     Sarah E. Bing, daughter of George and Jane (Johnson) Bing, was born Aug. 19, 1836 and died Sept. 13, 1891, aged 55 years 24 days. She was united in marriage to Alfred H. Morton Jan. 10, 1869, who died May 14, 1883. Her only child, and daughter Jennie, was born March 3, 1871, and died Jan. 28, 1889.
     Her sickness was of long duration, yet she bore it with patience and was never heard to murmur or complain but always cheerful. She seemed to realize for some time before she died that she could not get well, but said she had no fears of death; that all was well with her.
     Rev. R.J. Poston officiated. A large attendance was present many being from Cheshire.

Gallipolis Journal
September 23, 1891
Page 3, Column 7
Transcribed by Margaret Calvin                                                                       Top of Page

Morton, Serilda Ruth [Russell]

Death of Mrs. Serilda Morton
     Mrs. Serilda Ruth Morton, widow of the late Edward Morton, living on the Chillicothe road about four miles from the city, died Thursday afternoon, April 25th, 1912, of tuberculosis, and after an illness of about nine months, resulting from pneumonia.
     The funeral services will be at 10:30 Sunday morning at Centenary conducted by Rev. John W. McCormick, the interment following at the same place by Wetherholt.
     Mrs. Morton was the daughter of Randall Russell of Jackson county, and was born in 1838. She is survived by sons Sherman of Peck, Kansas, and Elmer, at home. Sherman is married and has a family and visited her within the past year and will not be here. Elmer, single and one daughter, Mrs. Engel of Kansas, have however, been with her during her illness and attended to her every want and needed attention.
     Mrs. Morton was of the highest respectability and had friends without number. Her husband fell dead with heart trouble, July 31, 1905. He was well known and both they and their ancestors were well known people for generations past. Every one will regret to hear of her death, and it was a relief from long and painful suffering. Having lived a good life it is hoped that she is now among the blest enjoying the peace and comfort of those who died with a Savior’s love.

Gallipolis Daily Tribune (Pg. 1)
Saturday, April 27, 1912
Transcribed by Sandy Milliron

Morton, Serilda [Russell]

     Serilda Russell Morton was born near Winchester, Jackson Co., Ohio, Sept. 27, 1837, died at her late home near Gallipolis April 25, 1912, at the age 74 years 6 months 28 days. She was the daughter of Randal and Martha Graham Russell, of Jackson Co., Ohio. She was married to Edward F. Morton Dec. 20, 1860. To this union was born four children, viz: Oscar W., deceased, Clara R. Eagle, of Peck, Kansas, sherman R. of Udall, Kansas and Elmer R. at home.
     At the age of 18 years she united with the M.E. church and was converted at Union Chapel, Jackson Co., Ohio, under the pastorage of Rev. Timothy Ones, and lived a quiet, christian life from the time she was converted. She was kind and affectionate wife and mother, devoted to her children. During her last illness she was very patient and kind and willing to go to her reward.

Farewell to thee, our mother,
Thos hast gone to rest,
Thy work on earth is done,
And Jesus called thee with the blest.
Farewell to thee, our mother,
Thy spirit's gone above
To wear a crown of glory,
Gemmed with friendship, truth and love.
And we'll think of thee our mother
As still we journey on,
And hope to strike glad hands with thee,
When our pilgrimage is done.

[Note: She is buried in Centenary Cemetery, Green Township.]

Gallipolis Weekly Tribune
May 17, 1914
Transcribed by Henny Evans

Morton, Thomas

Aged Man Died Suddenly
   Thomas Morton, prominent farmer and one of the good citizens of the Waugh Bottom community died suddenly Saturday morning, November 29, at his home one mile above Swan Creek.  Although mr. Morton had been in failing health for several years, the end coming so unexpectedly was a great shock to the members of the family and the entire neighborhood.  On the morning of his death Mr. Morton had eaten his breakfast as usual, arose from the table and went into his room where he was found shortly in a dying condition.  All that loving hands could do, was done quickly to resuscitate him but the spark of life had fled.
   Mr. Morton was born at Bladen, Ohio, September 24, 1844, and at the time of his death was a little past the four score mark.  Early in life and after finishing a common school education, Mr. Morton, was engaged as a store clerk, working in that capacity for various merchants at Bladen and Swan Creek.
   On May 26, 1870, he was married to Lemma Kennedy, daughter of the late Wayne Kennedy of that neighborhood, and one daughter, now Mrs. E. A. Clark, was born to this union.
   Mr. Morton was a successful farmer for many years, following this pursuit until his retirement on account of ill health.  Mr. Morton was a member of the Masonic order at Chambersburg, having joined this order in the year 1870.  This ledge conducted the ritualistic services at his funeral, which was held at the Swan Creek M. E. church Monday evening.  Rev. Wiliam Alexander, pastor of the church, preached the funeral sermon, assisted by Rev. W. K. Riggsof CHeshire, Ohio.  Burial followed in the church cemetery.
   Mr. Morton has one brother, John Morton still living at Milton, W. Va.  Mr. Morton was a member of the Swan Creek M. E. Church, uniting with that body in 1897, and was one of its most ardent, supporters.  Chronologically speaking, Mr. Morton is the "last leaf" on the tree of a generation of substantial citizens who settled in that community many years ago and who, by their hearty co-operation and industry, made it the thriving community that it is.  Thomas Pollock, Steve Polock, Roe Hannan, Henry Hannan, Doctor Hannan, James Guthrie, Wayne Kennedy, Hiram Watson, Thomas Waugh, Marsh Waugh, George Campbell, John Campbell, all lived their allotted time and have long since passed to their reward.
   A half century ago we wonder if any of them mused with the poet, "If I should live to be, the last leaf upon the tree, in the Spring, let them smile as I do now, at the old forsaken bough, where I cling."
   By the passing of Thomas Morton, Methodism at Swan Creek has suffered a heavy loss.  Mr. Morton had attained a great age, and had won the affection of a multitude of friends.  Religion was to him a very real thing.  His home was always open to the preachers, and his membory is held by many with gratitude and love. A large number of relatives and friends followed him to his last resting place.  To his wife and other relatiaves we extend our deepest sympathy.

[Note:  From tombstone 1825-1899]

Gallipolis paper
November 29, 1924
Transcribed by Maxine Marshall

Morton, Thomas

     Thomas Morton, son of Henry and Rebecca Pollock Morton, was born September 24, 1844, at Bladen, Ohio. He married Selemma Kennedy, May 26, 1870; joined the Masonic Order in 1870, and Swan Creek M. E. Church in 1897. Died November 29, 1924, aged eighty years.
                            "With long life will I satisfy him and show him my salvation."

Gallipolis paper 
November 29, 1924
Transcribed by Maxine Marshall                                                                       Top of Page

Morton, Thomas R.

     Mr. Thomas R. Morton, was born in New York City, May 20, 1811 and died at his residence in Addison Township, June 3, 1883, in the 73rd. year of his age.
     Mr. Morton came to Gallipolis with his parents in 1818, when a child eight years of age. He lived in Gallipolis a few months than with his parents moved to their farm in Green Township, where he lived until April 1843, when he moved on his farm in Addison Township.
     He was united in marriage to Martha Y. Wemeldorff, Jan. 4, 1843. He leaves a widow and four children; three daughters and one son, to mourn the loss of a kind husband and a generous and affectionate father, a peaceful and quiet neighbor and a respected citizen.
     Mr. Morton kept an account of his receipts and expenses since 1819 up to 1883, a remarkable piece of work. The family returns thanks for the kind attention that was paid to him through sickness and death, by relatives, friends and neighbors.

[Note: Buried..Mt. Zion Cemetery, Green Township]

Gallipolis Journal
June 14, 1883
Transcribed by F.K. Brown

Mosby, Hattie

Death of Mrs. Hattie Mosby
     Mrs. Hattie Mosby, colored, of Fourth Ave. this city died last Friday morning and is survived by three daughters and one son. She was in her 39th year and had been in ill health for some time. The funeral services were held Sunday afternoon. Burial by Wetherholt.

[Note: Buried in Pine Street Colored in Gallipolis Twp. - 1876 - 1911]

Gallipolis Journal
Wednesday Sept. 13, 1911
Vol 93, No. 85
Transcribed by Theresa E. Smith

Mossbarger, Effie

     Effie Mossbarger,75, Rt 2, Patriot, died at home at 5:30 p.m. Wednesday. She had been in failing health for the past three months. She was born in Perry Township, Gallia County, on Feb. 24, 1904, to the late George and Anna (Champer) Erit. She married Cecil F. Mossbarger on June 11, 1924, in Ashland, Ky., and he preceed her in death on June 12, 1977. Also preceding Mrs. Mossbarger in death were two brothers and a sister.
     Surviving Mrs. Mossbarger are a daughter, Mrs. Ruth Ann Schuldt, Gallipolis, and four granddaughters, Patricia Ann Schuldt, Mrs. Mary Beth Coleman, Susan Ellen Schuldt, and Rick Schuldt, all of Patriot; a sister, Mrs. Ross Northup, Gallipolis; and two brothers, Millard Erit, Gallipolis and Floyd Erit, Rodney.
     Mrs. Mossbarger was a member of the Salem Baptist Church. Funeral services will be held Saturday at 11 a.m. at Waugh-Halley-Wood Funeral Home, the Rev. Gerald Brown officiating. Burial will be at Salem Cemetery. Friends may call at the funeral home from 6-9 p.m.

[Died Aug 22, 1979]

Gallipolis paper
Aug 1979
Transcribed by M axine Marshall                                                                      Top of Page

Mossbarger, George Albert

     George Albert Mossbarger, 78, a resident of Rt. 2, Patriot, died at 10:10 a.m. Saturday in Holzer Medical Center. He was a retired miner and farmer. Mr. Mossbarger was born Jan. 4, 1901, in Gallia County, son of the late George Albert and Minnie Jane Miller Mossbarger.
     He is survived by two sons, James Albert Mossbarger, Valdosta, Ga., and George Madison Mossbarger, Merrillville, Ind. One daughter, Mrs. Bill (June) Mann, Germantown, Ohio, survives. One sister, Mrs. Lucy Carpenter, Rt. 2, Patriot, preceded him in death.
     Funeral services will be held 2:30 p.m. Tuesday at the Waugh-Halley-Wood Funeral Home with Rev. James A. Setser officiating. Burial will be in Gallia Baptist Cemetery. Friends may call at the funeral home from 6 until 9 p.m. on Monday.

Gallipolis Daily Tribune
Monday, November 26, 1979
Transcribed by Sandy L. Milliron

Mossman, A. E.

Mossman--July 1, 1890
     A.E. Mossman, wife of J.W. Mossman, at her home in Springfield Township, in the 33rd year of her age. A husband and five children mourn the loss of earth's dearest friend--wife and mother. She has gone to that city that is not stirred by earthly commotion; where the homes are roofed with green grass and daisys and where the white stone doors shut out toil and trouble and the lamp of life burned dim by the eye of faith she gazed on the light of immortality and her whispered farewell was "All is well."

[Note: Buried in Pine Hill in Springfield Township...32 years old]

Gallipolis Journal
Sept. 17, 1890
Transcribed by F.K. Brown

Mossman, Albert

Death of Albert Mossman
     Another good citizen has joined the majority. At his home in this city on Wednesday morning at 11 o’clock, Mr. Albert Mossman breathed his last, in the 65th year of his age. For about three years past his health had been failing, but nerved with an indomitable spirit he fought off his ailments and devoted his time to the prosecution of his business as a coal merchant. On Saturday last, he was attacked by flux, and, although everything possible was done to relieve him, his enfeebled condition was unable to withstand the onslaught.
     Funeral services were conducted Friday morning at his late residence on Maple Avenue, and his burial, by Wetherholt, was at Mount Zion.
     Mr. Mossman was formerly a resident of Springfield Township. In 1873 he disposed of his farm and removed to Gallipolis, where he has since resided in the beautiful home he erected on Maple Avenue. He leaves a wife and five children--Dr. Elmer Mossman, of Point Pleasant, W. Va.; Daniel and John, of Huntington, w. Va.; and Lillian and Mott, at home. His sons, Elmer, Daniel and John, accompanied by their families, together with many other relatives, were in attendance at the funeral. A good man, an affectionate husband and devoted father has gone to his reward.

[Note: 3/3/1828 - 7/13/1892]

The Gallipolis Bulletin
Saturday, July 16, 1892
Transcribed by Sandy L. Milliron

Mossman, Anna Bell [Watts}

Death Claims Mrs. Mossman Last Evening
Beloved Woman Succumbs to Complications Arising from Operation
     Mrs. James W. Mossman, for whose recovery from complications that developed following an operation hope had been abandoned two days ago, died at the Holzer Hospital about 7:45 Friday evening. She had been operated ten days before and was making a most satisfactory recovery when a thrombosis developed which caused her death.
     Within an hour after her passing her eldest son, Raymond W. Mossman and wife arrived from Memphis, TN; having traveled the 650 miles since 4 a.m.. A sister, Mrs. H. C. Fulton, of Lyons, Kansas, was enroute and arrived in Columbus at noon Saturday.

Endeared to Intimates
     In ill health at intervals during a year or more, Mrs. Mossman's condition became such as to make an operation imperative and she entered the hospital on Jan. 24. There she had been nursed by her daughters-in-law, Mrs. Paul Mossman (Alice Margaret McCormick) and Mrs. Leo Mossman (Mary Baldwin).
     A modest Christian woman, full to overflowing of loving kindness, she had by her self sacrifice and tender ministrations to family and friends endeared herself to everyone who knew her.
     Anna Bell Mossman was born July 2, 1875, in Utica, Missouri, the daughter of William Waddell and Mary James Watts and was therefore 62 years of age. As a small girl, however, she returned to Ohio with her parents and grew to womanhood in Springfield Township.
     On Oct. 16, 1893, she was married to James W. Mossman, night supervisor at the the O.H.F., who with their three sons, Raymond W., Memphis; Paul of this city and Leo, a student at Ohio State University, survive. Also surviving are five sisters, Mrs. E. D. Ebright, Lyons, KS; Mrs. G.L. Brown, Chillicothe; Mrs. W. W. Stiles, Odessa, TX; Mrs. Elias Wetherholt, city; Mrs. H.C. Fulton and one brother, Andrew Watts, who resides on the Bulaville Pike.
     Neither Mrs Ebright nor Mrs. Stiles, because of ill health, will come. Mrs. Mossman was a lifelong member of the Methodist Church and belonged to the American Legion Auxiliary. Funeral services will be held at the Elias Wetherholt Funeral Home at 2 o'clock Sunday. Rev. W. Scott Westerman, Pastor of Grace M.E. Church, will be in charge. Friends wishing to view the body may call at the Wetherholt Funeral Home between 7 and 10 tonight.

[Note: Death Certificate..died Feb. 4, 1938; aged 62 years, 6 months and 2 days. Burial Mound Hill.]

Gallipolis Daily Tribune
Feb. 5, 1938
Transcribed by F.K. Brown                                                                             Top of Page

Mossman, David J.

Aged Gallia County Resident Dies Wed.
David J. Mossman Was Former Superintendent of County Home
     David J. Mossman, one of the best known and prominent farmers in this county, died Wednesday morning at his home near Bidwell, after several months of failing health. Mr. Mossman would have been 82 years old had he lived until December. He was born in this county and had spent his entire life here. He lived in the vicinty of his present home all his life with the exception of seven years when he was superintendent of the county home.
     He was married Dec. 24 1868 to Melissa weed who preceded him in death six years ago. Four children survive, Mrs. Margaret L. Carter, of Columbus, Mrs. Frank Wade, who lives near her father's home, Homer D. Mossman, of Bidwell and James W. Mossman, this city. He also leaves two sisters, Mrs. Anna Eliza Hull, of Kansas and Mrs. Sarah Horger, of East Liverpool.
     He was a member of the Gallipolis lodge K. of P. His body was taken Wednesday to the home of his son, Homer, at Bidwell, and funeral services will be held Friday at 2 p.m. at the M.E. church. Rev. Fred Weed of Pomeroy, a nephew of the deceased, will conduct the services. Burial in Mt. Zion cemetery in charge of Undertaker Coleman of Bidwell.

Galipolis Daily Tribune
August 22, 1928
Transcribed by Henny Evans                                                                          Top of Page

Mossman, Edgar J.

Death of Edgar J. Mossman
     On Monday last, Mr. Thomas Mossman received a dispatch from Petoskey, Michigan, saying that his son Edgar died suddenly at noon on Sunday. The shock was very great, as his last letter, written on Saturday, July 9, stated that, although he had been suffering from intermittent fever, he was improving and hoped in a few days to be out. A later letter was received from Edgar’s wife, dated Monday, in which she says that Edgar was almost dressed on Sunday to set up in his chair, when he was seized with a congestive chill, “and was dead before we realized it at all.”
     Mr. Mossman, immediately on receipt of the telegram, started his youngest son, Thomas, to Petoskey, but has not heard from him since his arrival there.
     Edgar Mossman was a young man of brilliant attainments and great industry. During Governor Hoadly’s administration, Mr. Mossman was clerk in the Executive office, and the duties were discharged in such manner as to call forth unstinted praise from all who had business there. After the inauguration of President Cleveland, he was appointed to a responsible position in the office of the Sixth Auditor of the Treasury, and during the four years of his service, was promoted to the highest grade of clerkships.
     About four years since he married Miss Cora Benedict, of Petoskey, Michigan, who is left to mourn her irreparable loss. Edgar was 29 years old on the 3d of last November. His father and mother and two brothers have the sympathy of all in their bereavement.

The Gallipolis Bulletin
Saturday, July 16, 1892
Transcribed by Sandy L. Milliron

Mossman, Hala

Death of Mrs. Mossman
     Mrs. Hala Mossman, living with her daughter, Mrs. Ann Eliza Hull, of Springfield tp., was visiting her daughter, Mrs. John Webb, of Vinton, and in an invalid condition from a stroke of paralysis 11 months ago, was seized with another stroke last week, and died Sunday forenoon, aged 81 years and 8 months old. Her funeral services will be at Westerman, near Evergreen, Tuesday at 10 o'clock, conducted by Rev. J.W. McCormick, her burial by Glassburn following at the Cherrington graveyard.
     Her husband Wm. Mossman, died December 27, 1869. She left children--- Charles of Waterloo, Lawrence county, J.D. Mossman, ex-Supt. of the Infirmary, and J.W. Mossman, farmer near Porter, and Mrs. Ed. Hull of Springfield township, Mrs. John Webb of Vinton, and Mrs. J.W. Harger of East Liverpool, also sisters, Mrs. J.E. Sprague and Mrs. Harriet Eblin of Springfield township---no brothers.
     She had been a member of the M.E. Church for 50 years and was an industrious, good,faithful Christian woman, highly respected by all who knew her.

[Note: This is Pine Hill Cemetery in Springfield Township.]

Gallipois Daily Tribune
June 24, 1901
Transcribed by Henny Evans

Mossman, Homer D.

In Memory

Jesus Savior, pilot me over life's tempestuous sea;
unknown waves around me roll - hiding rocks and treacherous shoal;
Chart and compass came from Thee, Jesus, Savior, pilot me.
When at last I near the shore, and the fearful breakers roar
twixt me and the peaceful rest. Then while leaning on Thy breast,
may I hear Thee say to me "Fear not, I will pilot thee.

     Homer D. Mossman, son of J. David and Melissa Weed Mossman, departed this life at the age of 63 years, 3 months, and 15 days. He leaves to mourn his death his wife, Nellie; a sister, Mrs. Albert Deckard of Columbus; two daughters, Irene Brannon of Rio Grande, and Betty Bowling of Ashland, Kentucky; a son, Wayne, of Antioch, Illinois; also a step-daughter, kathryn Green of Cleveland, Ohio. Three grandchildren - James Brannon, Jennifer and Sandra Bowling and six nephews, one niece, and a host of friends and relatives. His parents, a son, Kenneth, and one brother and a sister preceded him in death.
     Homer was an active member of Vinton Lodge 121 F. and A. M. and Eastern Star Chapter 373; also this church, "The Porter Methodist Church" since a young man. His aim in life is best expressed in this poem ---

I'd like to think when life is done
That I had filled a needed post
That here and there I'd paid my fare.
With more than idle talk and boast;
That I had taken gifts divine-
The breadth of life and manhood fine.
And tried to use them now and then
In service to my fellow man.
I'd hate to think when life is through
That I had lived my round of years,
O useless kind that leaves behind
No record in this vale of tears;
That I had wanted all my days
In treading only selfish ways.
And that the world would be the same
If it had never known my name.
I'd like to think that here and there
When I am gone there shall remain
A happier spot that might have not
Existed, had I lived for gain;
That someone's cheery voice and smile
Shall prove that I have been worthwhile.
That I had paid with something fine
My debt to God for life divine.

[Note from stone: 1884 - 1950 Vinton Memorial Huntingtom Twp]

Gallipolis Daily Tribune
No date
Transcribed by Jean Yount                                                                             Top of Page

Mossman, J. Paul

J. Paul Mossman, 86, Chamber Organizer, Community Leader, Dies
     J. Paul Mossman, 86, of State Route 588, Gallipolis, died Tuesday, June 4, 1991, at Scenic Hills Nursing Center. He was one of three organizers of the Gallipolis Chamber of Commerce and served as its president for several years. While serving as president, he was offered a position as the chief executive of the Lakewood Chamber of Commerce. He accepted the job and embarked on a long career in chamber of commerce management in four different states.
     He was president of the American Chamber of Commerce Executives, chairman of the Gallia County Red Cross, member of the Gallia County Planning Commission, and director and honorary member of the Gallia County Historical Society.
     He received the Paul Harris Fellow medal in 1979 from the Gallipolis Rotary Club and from the Grand Lodge of Ohio, the 60-year award in 1987 for 60 years of Masonic service. In honor of Mossman each year, the Gallipolis Rotary Foundation awards a Paul Mossman Fellowship in appreciation for unselfish service to the community. He was an active member of Grace United Methodist Church.
     He is survived by his wife, Alice Margaret McCormick, to whom he was married on May 15, 1929.
He was preceded in death by two brothers, Leo and Raymond and one sister, Helen Marie.
     Funeral services will be conducted 1 p.m. Thursday at Willis Funeral Home with the Rev. Gregory Swann officiating. Burial be in Mound Hill Cemetery. Friends may call 7-9 p.m. Wednesday at the funeral home.
Pallbearers will be Morris Haskins, Roger Barrow, Bob Hood, Norm Snyder, Bernard Butcher and Dan Thomas. Honorary pallbearers will be George Bush, Don Robinson, William Lloyd, Ron McDade, Ernie Null, Manning Weatherholt, Lloyd Blazer and Homer Brannon.

Gallipolis Daily Tribune
June 4, 1991
Transcribed by Maxine Marshall

Mossman, James

     Died, in this city, on Monday last, Mr. James Mossman, aged 49 years.

The Gallipolis Journal
April 30, 1868
Transcribed by Eva Swain Hughes

Mossman, James W.

Jas. W. Mossman Died at Hospital Sunday Evening
O.H.E. Superintendent For Years---Funeral 2:30 Wednesday
     James W. Mossman, long supervisor at the Ohio Hospital for Epileptics, died at 5:30 Sunday evening at the Holzer Hospital, where following a stroke, he had been a patient since the 5th of last December.
Despite his long disability, the end came suddenly and surprisingly. His condition had improved this summer and it was planned to remove him to the house of his son, J.
Paul Mossman. About 10 days ago his condition became worse and caused concern for a while but about the middle of last week there was a decided turn, apprently for the better. He had just told his nurse that he did not care for any supper when he expired.
     James Weed Mossman, a native of Springfield Twp., was an exemplary citizen of pleasing address and had a host of warm friends hereabouts. He was nearing his 72nd birthday, having been born Oct. 1, 1872. He was a son of James D. Mossman, long an influential figure in county affairs.
     Mr. Mossman married Anna Belle Watts, daughter of William Waddell Watts and Mary James Watts on Oct. 16, 1895. She died Feb. 4, 1938. Most of their married years were spent here and over a long period, excepting an interval or so, he served as an O.H.E. supervisor.
     He is survived by these three sons: Raymond of Indianapolis, who is connected with Eli Lilly Drug Co. (and after a visit to his father left here Friday). J. Paul Mossman, assistant cashier of the Ohio Valley Bank, and Leo Mossman, pharmacist at the Holzer Hospital. One was daughter was born to the Mossmans but she died, in infancy. Also surviving are a brother and a sister. Homer Mossman, Porter, who has a rural mail route out of Bidwell, and Mrs. Albert Deckard, Columbus.
     For many years Mr. Mossman had been a member of the Methodist Church and of the Knights of Pythias.
     Funeral services will be conducted by Rev. W. Scott Westerman at the Elias Wetherholt parlors at 2:30 Wednesday. Interment will be made in Mound Hill Cemetery. The
casket will be open and friends may call at the funeral parlors from 7 to 9 Tuesday evening and prior to the funeral hour on Wednesday. The family requests the omission of flowers.

Gallipolis Daily Tribune
August 21, 1944
Transcribed by Henny Evans                                                                           Top of Page

Mossman, Leo W.

     Leo W. Mossman, 73, of 87 Locust St., Gallipolis, died Thursday at Holzer Medical Center. He was born June 5, 1914, in Gallipolis, the son of James and Anna Watts Mossman. He is survived by his wife Mary Baldwin Mossman, whom he married May 12, 1935, two daughters, Mrs. Richard (Martha) Whitley, Houston, Texas, Mrs. Keith (Gretchen) Meske, Columbus, Ohio; one brother, J. Paul Mossman, Gallipolis; five grandsons and four granddaughters.
     He was a past president and member of the Board of Directors of the Gallipolis Rotary Club. He was honored for 38 years of perfect attendance. He attended Gallipolis City Schools, Miami University and graduated with a bachelor's of science degree in Pharmacy from Ohio State University in 1939.
     He was Chief Pharmacist and Director of Pharmacy for over 40 years at Holzer Medical Center. He was the founder and first editor of "The Bulletin of the Ohio Society of Hospital Pharmacists" and "The Bulletin of the American Society of Hospital Pharmacists."
     He was a charter member of the American Society of Hospital Pharmacy and
a member of numerous other professional organizations, including the Ohio State Pharmaceutical Association, Ohio Society of Hospital Pharmacists, the American Society of Hospital Pharmacists and the American College of Apothecaries.
     He was also appointed by Ohio Governor Richard Celeste to the Governor's Task Force on Volunteerism.
     A memorial service will be conducted on Saturday at 11 a.m. at the Willis Funeral Home, Rev. Art Lund officiating. Donations in the memory of Leo W. Mossman may be made to Gallipolis Rotary Scholarship Fund, Box 214, Gallipolis.

Gallipolis Daily Tribune
October 16, 1987
Transcribed by Henny Evans

Mossman, Mary [Baldwin]

Mary Baldwin Mossman, 82, of Gallipolis died Friday, December 12, 1997 at her residence.
     Mary was the daughter of the late Ralph Baldwin and Irene Murphy Baldwin. She was preceded in death by her husband of 52 years, Leo W. Mossman, Chief of Pharmacy at Holzer Hospital and the first editor of the American Journal of Hospital Pharmacy, on October 15, 1987. A sister, Flornel Cring, and a brother, Eugene "Pat" Baldwin, also preceded her in death.
     Surviving are daughters, Martha (Richard) Whitley of Houston, Texas, and Gretchen (Jack) Mills of Canal Winchester; grandchildren, Paul Andrew (Jennifer) MacKenzie, Kate Cutler MacKenzie, David Baldwin Meske, Ian Campbell Meske and Sarah Elizabeth Mossman Meske; stepgrandchidren, Kursten Whitley, Richard Whitley, Matthew Whitley, Aubin Whitley, Jack P. Mills and Jeffrey R. Mills; a sister-in-law, Alice Margaret Mossman of Gallipolis; and nieces and nephews.
     Mary was a graduate of the Holzer Hospital School of Nursing, scoring third on her nursing boards in the State of Ohio. She was chief operating nurse for a surgeon at Grant Hospital in Columbus, and operating supervisor under Dr. Charles Holzer, Sr., M.D., at Holzer Hospital.
     Mary was an avid reader and bridge player. Mary was a charter member of the Emanon Club, a volunteer for the American Red Cross, the American Cancer Society and the French Art Colony, and a member of Grace United Methodist Church.
     Services will be 11:30 a.m. Monday, December 15, 1997 in the Willis Funeral Home, with the Rev. Art Lund officiating. Friends may call at the funeral home on Monday, December 15, 1997 from 11 a.m. until the time of the service. Contributions may be made to the Holzer Hospice, Salvation Army or to the Habitat for Humanity.

Gallipolis Daily Tribune
December 14, 1997
Transcribed by Henny Evans                                                                          Top of Page

Mossman, Mary E. [Watts]

Death of Mrs. Mossman
     Mrs. Mary E. Mossman, whose failing health has been noted in the Tribune so frequently, died in Huntington this Tuesday morning at 5 o'clock, July 8, 1902, in her 70th year. Her reamins will reach here on the early B.& O.train Wednesday morning and the funeral services will be conducted at  the home of her son-in-law and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. L.A. Womeldorff on Maple avenue, at one o'clock of that day, by Rev. B.B. Evans, of the Northern Methodist Church of Huntington, the interment by Undertaker Wetherholt, following at Mr. Zion churchyard.
     Mrs. Mossman was the daughter of the late Mr. and Mrs. James Watts, of Green township, and left two brothers and three sisters of her parents household--Morgan Watts, of Middleport, and John Watts, of Rodney, and Mrs. R. J. Drummond and Mrs. Harriet Hulbert of this city, and Mrs. Alonzo Hulbert  of near Irnoton.  She was united in marriage with Mr. Albert Mossman March 19th,1853.  He died about ten years ago.  By this union they became the parents of Daniel, John, Mott now of Huntington.  Dr. Edgar Mossman, of Pt. Pleasant, and Mrs. L. A. Womeldorff of this city and two children deceased--Grace at 8 years and Ross at 18 years.
     Her early life was spent on the farm with her husband, but 28 years ago they moved to Gallipolis where her husband became a prominent coal merchant.  Later on the the boys moved to Huntington and Pt. Pleasant and four years ago Mrs. Mossman went to Huntington and has been living with her son Mott and wife, where she died.  Her children and their families of Huntington, and her son, the Doctor of Pt. Pleasant will all be present at the funeral services.  Mrs. Mossman was noted for her exceptionally kind and amiable disposition, and her children will testify to her uniform kindness and affection to them.  She could not do enough for those she loved.  She had been a consistent member of the M.E. Church from gilrlhood, and was highly respected by acquaintances and dearly beloved by relatives.  She was always of frail and delicate fiber, and some two years ago had the misfortune to fall and break her hp, and she never recovered her usual strength of body, and of late lapsed into an invalid condition, lingering to the end, her pathway to the last being made as gently and comfortable as the loving ministrations of affectionate children and relatives could devise.  To her children and especially to her only daughter whose almost constant companion she was in health, the sympathy of all will go in their great bereavement.

Gallipolis Tribune
July 8, 1902
Transcribed by Nancy McMillan

Mossman, Melinda

Death of Mrs. Mossman
     Mrs. Melinda Mossman, of Cedar Street, died last week after a short illness. She was 82 years of age. Her husband James Mossman, preceded her about 35 years ago. She is survived by two daughters, Grace and Mrs. Warren Whaley, of Pt. Pleasant. Her funeral was conducted by Rev. Mr. Stinson at the First Baptist Church, Interment being at Pine St. Cemetery by Wetherholt.

Gallipolis Bulletin
July 22, 1904
Transcribed by Karen Strojin

Mossman, Melissa [Weed]

Good Woman Called
Mrs. Melissa Mossman of Bidwell Dead After Long Illness
     Following a long illness death relieved the sufferings of Mrs. Melissa Weed Mossman, wife of Mr. J.D. Mossman, at the family home in Bidwell on Tuesday evening, July 11, 1922, at 8:45.
     Mrs. Mossman was born near Bidwell on May 29, 1845. She was married to Mr. Mossman on December 24, 1868. At an early age she united with the Methodist church at Westerman
but later transferred her membership with that of her husband to the church at Bidwell, living a devoted Christian all her life. Tho she suffered the last few weeks of her life she bore it with patience and fortitude and said whatever her Master's will was hers. Her thoughts throughout this life were always to bring comfort and cheer to others.
     She leaves to mourn her loss, her husband, J.D. Mossman, four brothers, Rev. S.J. Weed of Pennsylvania, John Weed of Colorado, Virgil Weed of Columbus, O., and James T. Weed of this city; three sisters, Mrs. Lucretia Martindale of Columbus,O., and Mrs. Lucinda Allison of Missouri, Mrs. Alonzo Harrison of Illinois; four children, Mrs. Frank Wade, James Mossman and Mrs. Warren Carter of this city and Homer Mossman of Bidwell, ten grandchildren
and a host of other relatives and friends.
     The funeral was held at the M.E. Church at Bidwell on Friday morning by Rev. J.H.F. Parkins of Rushville, Ohio, and Rev. L.L. Roush of Bidwell. Interment following in Mt. Zion cemetery.
     The husband and children wish to thank the friends who were so kind during the illness of their beloved wife and mother and also thank those who after her death offered their services or sent flowers to the funeral.

Gallia Times
July 20, 1922
Transcribed by Henny Evans                                                                           Top of Page

Mossman, Ray

Ray Mossman Succumbs at 68 in Indianapolis
     Raymond Mossman, 68, a native of Gallia County, and a resident of Indianapolis, Ind., died at 4 a.m. today in an Indianapolis hospital. He had been operated upon on Sunday, April 11, and his condition had worsened since the surgery. He had been in failing health for several years.
     Mr. Mossman was the son of the late James and Anne Watts Mossman. He is survived by his wife, Clarice and two brothers, Paul Mossman of Youngstown and Leo W. Mossman of Gallipolis. His first marriage was to the former Ruth Woodyard of Gallipolis and she preceded him in death. Other survivors are two nieces, Mrs. Richard MacKenzie of Westerville and Miss Gretchen Mossman of Gallipolis. Other local relatives are Mrs. Elias Wetherholt, an aunt, and two cousins Harold and Dwight Wetherholt.
     Mr. Mossman was a retired executive of the Eli Lilly Co. of Indianapolis and at the time of his retirement was director of marketing. He had previously served the company at Detroit, Memphis, and new Orleans as division manager. He was employed in the Kerr Drug Store while a student at Gallia Academy, and after his graduation from Ohio Northern University he was employed in Buckhannon, W.Va.
He was a member of the Scottish Rite, and the Shrine.
     Services and burial will be in Indianapolis.

Gallipolis Daily Tribune
April 20, 1965
Transcribed by Marjorie Wood

Mossman, Samantha [Frederick]

Mrs. Mossman, 92, Died On Sunday At Son’s Home
Descendants Number 52 - Funeral at 2 Tuesday, Thurman
Mrs. Samantha Frederick Mossman died late Sunday afternoon at the home of her son, William Mossman, in Thurman, where she had lived for the past ten years. Her health had been failing for a year due to complications as a result of her advanced age. She was 92 years old.
     She was a native of Springfield township and the last survivor of the fourteen children of her father, Henry Frederick. Her husband, William Mossman, died 62 years ago leaving her with five small children. The daughter preceded her mother in death but the four sons survive. They are Henry of Springfield, Emmett and Harry of Jamestown and William, in whose home she had been cared for during her last declining years. She also leaves 17 grandchildren, 30 great-grand-children and one great-great-grandchild.
     She was a member of Evergreen Methodist Church and lived a devoted Christian life. Funeral services will be held Tuesday at 2 p.m. at Thurman Methodist Church with Rev. Frazier officiating. Burial will be in Mt. Zion cemetery by Davis and Thomas.

[Note: 12/10/1850 - 6/27/1943, Age 92 yrs. 6 mos. 17 days; She was the daughter of Henry & Hannah Frederick. Find-a-grave has her full name listed of Mary Samantha Frederick.]

Gallipolis Daily Tribune
Monday, June 28, 1943
Transcribed by Sandy L. Milliron

Mossman, Sarah B.

Death of Mrs. Sarah Mossman
     Sarah B. Mossman, daughter of Daniel and Sarah Bing Womeldorff, was born in Springfield township Dec. 28, 1827, and died Nov. 9, 1910, aged 82 years, 10 months and 11 days. She was married to Thomas Mossman Sept. 12, 1860 at her parents’ home. She spent her entire life near her birthplace.
Her husband preceded her to their future home nine years ago. They had three boys, Edgar J., the eldest died first of the family, D. Emory and Thomas B. yet at home.
     She is the last of her father’s family of two sons and three daughters. She was a kind and loving mother and very clearly impressed those who knew her with her high ideals of a pure, refined purpose in the life God had given her. While her friends lament her departure, they are comforted by the assurance that God doeth all things well.
     Her illness was of short duration being able the Sabbath before the end to take dinner with her family.
The funeral was held at her late home by Rev. C. O. Clark of Rio Grande, and the burial in charge of undertaker Glassburn of Bidwell in the Mt. Zion cemetery where she was laid to rest to await the general resurrection of the dead.

Gallipolis Bulletin
Friday, November 18, 1910
Transcribed by Sandy Lee Milliron                                                                    Top of Page

Mossman, Thomas

Death of Thos. Mossman
     Mr. Thomas Mossman of Springfield township, of whose serious illness we spoke a few days ago, passed over to the eternal shore at 10 Saturday evening, April 5th, 1902. It is with great regret that we record his death. We have known Mr. Mossman for many years, and always found him kind, genial and every way companionable. We never had business relations with him, but believe him to have been an honest, upright man in the fullest sense of the words.
     He was born in Buckingham county, Va., January 25th, 1823, and was consequently in his 80th year. His parents settled in this county in 1828. He was united in marriage with Sarah Bing Womeldorff, Sept. 12, 1860. She was born December 28, 1827, and survives him and we believe one son. He had two brothers in the war for the Union, John and A. J. Mossman.
     His father was of Irish nativity born in 1790, and coming to this country in 1811. Mrs. Mossman’s father was Col. Daniel Womelforff, a very prominent man in his day, coming to Gallia county in 1801. He was a Captain and Major in the War of 1812. He aided Gov. Meigs in the defense of the Northwestern frontier and was Colonel of militia for many years and a member of the Ohio House of Representatives from 1819 to 1826 and of the Ohio Senate in 1820, 1824 and 1825, and held various positions of trust and honor. Mr. Mossman was a farmer and stock raiser. One son, Edgar, was Private Secretary to Governor Hoadly of Ohio, and held a responsible clerkship of some kind that we cannot recall in Washington, D. C. Sons D. E. and T. B. survive. He was an affectionate husband and father and was highly respected.
     He married and died and believe his wife his dead also. Mr. Mossman was a rockribbed Democrat. It was bred in the home and if he had any enemies they could only have been of the political sort, on account of his unswerving fidelity to his party. He was a great friend of Col. Vance and Col. Vance of him and if we had the Colonel at our elbow we know that he would prompt us to say that there was nothing too good for us to say of his friend Tom Mossman. His funeral occurred today, Tuesday, and he was laid away to rest by Undertaker Glassburn of his township.

[Note: Buried in Mt. Zion Cemetery in Green Township. January 25, 1823 – April 5, 1902]

The Gallipolis Daily Tribune
April 8, 1902
Transcribed by Mary Kay Clark

Mossman, William

     MOSSMAN - In Springfield township, Gallia county, Ohio, December 27th, 1869, William Mossman; aged 54 years. Mr. Mossman was born in New Jersey, in 1815. In 1820, he moved to Warrensburg, Va., and in 1830, he moved to this county, where he has since resided. He married in 1841.
     Mr. Mossman was a good citizen and neighbor. His sickness was brief and very painful. He was very patient in all his afflictions, trusting in the Lord, who comforted and supported him. When death came, he was ready and died in great peace. Funeral services were held in the Westerman M. E. Church, where a large concourse of friends were assembled to indicate their respect for the deceased and his family. Mr. Mossman leaves a widow and seven children to mourn their loss---but they mourn not as those who have no hope. J. M. Rife

The Gallipolis Journal
January 6, 1870
Transcribed by Eva Swain Hughes                                                                            Top of Page

Moulton, Laura Lillian [Allen]

     Mrs. A. A. Moulton died at her home at Cleveland. She was the widow of Prof. A. A. Moulton, who was formerly at the head of Rio Grande College. She was a highly respected lady and loved by everyone who knew her. She was 68 years of age and is survived by her five children; two sons living in Dakota, two sons in Cleveland and one daughter in Illinois.
     The funeral will be held at the Baptist Church at Rio Grande. Interment will follow at Rio Grande cemetery in charge of Hayward.

[Note: 7/16/1852 – 2/21/1920; Age 67 yrs. 7 mos. 5 das. She was the daughter of Walter J. & Laura A. Hoyt Allen.]

Gallipolis Daily Tribune
Monday, February 23, 1920

The Moulton Funeral
     The funeral services were conducted at the Rio Grande Baptist Church yesterday, Thursday, at 1 o’clock by Dr. Davis and Rev. Fulton. Interment followed at the Rio Grande cemetery in charge of undertakers, Wetherholt & Entsminger.

Gallipolis Daily Tribune
Friday, February 27, 1920
Transcribed by Sandy Milliron

Moulton, Suzanne [Cherrington]

     GALLIPOLIS - Suzanne Moulton, 53, Gallipolis, died Friday, June 2, 1995 at her residence. Born Nov. 2, 1941 in Gallipolis, she was the daughter of William P. and Mary Lisbeth Lovell Cherrington of Gallipolis.
     A 1959 graduate of Stewart Hall at Staunton, Va., she graduated from Ohio State University in 1963 with a bachelor of arts degree. She received her doctor of jurisprudence degree from the OSU School of Law in 1966.
     Admitted to the bar in 1967, she joined her father and grandfather in the law firm of H.W. and W. P. Cherrington, where she earned the distinction of being Gallia County's first female attorney. At the time, she was associated with the Ohio Attorney General's office in Columbus in the charitable trust department.
     A partner in the firm of Cherrington & Moulton, she was a member of the Ohio Bar Association and the Gallia County Republican Club. A member of St. Peter's Episcopal Church, she served as a lay reader and was its senior warden in 1976.
     Surviving in addition to her parents are her husband, Thomas S. Moulton, whom she married Aug. 16, 1969 in Gallipolis; a daughter, Sarah Moulton of Gallipolis; a son, Thomas Moulton, of Gallipolis; and two sisters, Henrietta (Dean) Evans of Gallipolis, and Lisbeth Cherrington of Columbus.
     Memorial services will be 11 a.m. Monday in St. Peter's Episcopal Church, with the Rev. John Good officiating. Burial will be in Mound Hill Cemetery. Arrangements are by the Waugh-Halley-Wood Funeral Home.
     In lieu of flowers, contributions may be made to St. Peter's Episcopal Church, 541 Second Ave., Gallipolis, Ohio 45631, or to the Holzer Hospice, 100 Jackson Pike, Gallibpolis, Ohio 45631.

Gallipolis Newspaper
June 4, 1995
Transcribed by Margaret Calvin

Mount, Sylvester "Jr."

Obituary of Sylvester "Jr. Mount
     SYLVESTER "JR." MOUNT, 72, of Kitts Hill, Ohio, was called by God, and he answered Thursday, Dec. 28, 1995. He was born Sept. 4, 1923, in Lesage, W.Va., a son of the late Sylvester and Vertie Angell Mount. He was a weighmaster for C&O Railway, retiring in 1984 after giving 42 years of service. He was an active member and worker at Symmes Creek Missionary Baptist Church for 33 years. He was a veteran and a member of VFW Post 1064, and belonged to the Young at Heart and Golden Years Bowling League. 
     He was preceded in death by a son, Keith M. Mount in 1979, and a brother, James Mount. He is survived by his wife, Vada Berry Mount of Kitts Hill, Ohio; three sons and daughters-in-law, Charles "Chuck" and Luci Mount of Chesapeake, Ohio, and David G. and Paula Mount, and Barry K. and Julie Mount, all of Kitts Hill, Ohio; and six grandchildren, Chris, Randy, Ryan, Amanda, Rebecca and Greg Mount.
     Funeral services will be conducted at 1 P.M. Sunday, Dec. 31, 1995, at his church, Symmes Creek Missionary Baptist Church, by the Rev. Sammy Cooke and the Rev. Paul Krimm. Burial will follow in Fox-Fairview Cemetery in Gallia county, Ohio. Friends may call from 5 to 9 P.M. Saturday, Dec. 30, 1995, at Schneider Funeral Home, Chesapeake, Ohio, and after noon Sunday at the church. Serving as pallbearers will be Dick Lang, Mark Workman, Mike Sharp, David Mays, Danny Thompson and Jack Miller.

Huntington Herald-Dispatch
December 1995

Contributed by Jeff Hayes                                                 Top of Page

Mulford, Clarence, Sr.

     CHESHIRE - Clarence (Pud) Mulford, Sr., 71, died Monday morning at his home here. Veteran of World War I, he was owner and operator of a filling station and garage in Cheshire for many years.
     Son of the late Enos and Sophronia Mulford, he is survived by a son, Clarence, Jr., of Cheshire; four sisters, Mrs. Cora Wiggins, Mrs. Edith Thomas and Mrs. Daisy Shuler, all of Pomeroy, and Mrs. Garnet Folden, in Florida; a brother, Clinton, of Columbus; three grandchildren and four great-grandchildren. His wife, Elva, died previously.
     Funeral services will be conducted at 2 p.m. Wednesday in the Rawlings-Coats Funeral Home by the Rev. Earl Shuler. Burial will be in Gravel Hill Cemetery, Cheshire. Friends may call at the funeral home from 2 to 4 and 7 to 9 p.m. Tuesday.

The Athens Messenger
Feb 26, 1968
Transcribed by Willi Anderson & Judy Free

Mulford, Helen Louise [Davidson]

Helen L. Mulford
     CHESHIRE - Helen Louise Mulford, 67, Cheshire, died Saturday, Oct. 19, 1996 at her residence. Born Aug. 27, 1929, in Gallia County, daughter of the late Benjamin A. and Eva Edwards Davidson, she was a homemaker and attended the Old Kyger Freewill Baptist Church, Cheshire.
     Surviving are a son, Randy (Stephanie) Mulford of Cheshire; a daughter, Rita (Joe) Fields of Pomeroy; six grandchildren and six great-grandchildren; two sisters, Katherine Gardner of Jackson, and Charlotte Hanning of Pomeroy; four brothers, Arthur Davidson of Athens, Warren Davidson of Sidney, Ky., Allen Davidson of Middleport, and Danny Davidson of West Virginia; a sister-in-law, Opal Mulford of Letart, W. Va.; and several nieces and nephews.
     She was also preceded in death by her husband, John W. Mulford, in 1988; a daugher, Sandra Norman; and a grandson, Jeremy Mulford.
     Services will be 1 p.m. Monday in the Old Kyger Freewill Baptist Church, with the Rev. Robert Thompson officiating. Burial will be in the Gravel Hill Cemetery, Cheshire. Friends may call at the Fisher Funeral Home,
Middleport, from 6-9 p.m. Sunday.

The Sunday Times-Sentinel
Sunday, Oct 20, 1996
Transcribed by Willi Anderson & Judy Free                                                       Top of Page

Mulford, Ivan Dale
     CHESHIRE - Ivan Dale Mulford, 71, Route 1, Cheshire, died Friday evening at HOlzer Medical Center following a lingering illness.
     Mr. Mulford was a retired farmer and the owner and opertor of the Mulford Coal Co. He was a member of the Old Kyger Freewill Baptist Church and of Cheshire Siloam Masonic Lodge 456, F&AM.
     He was born Sept. 12, 1907 in Cheshire, a son of the late Elza and preceded in death by a son, Wendell in 1956 and a brother, Galen Damon Mulford in 1926.
     Mr. Mulford married the former Lucille Bradbury on Feb. 15, 1930. She survives along with four daughters, Mrs. Vivian Grant, Ewington; Mrs. Martha Brunson and Mrs. Robert (Carolyn) Holland, Cheshire, and Sandra Mulford, Columbus; two sons, Galen, Chillicothe, and Robert, Cheshire; a sister Mrs. Fred (Gail) Sisson of Cheshire, 13 grandchildren and five great-grandchildren.
     Funeral services will be held at 2 p.m. Sunday at the Old Kyger Freewill Baptist Church with the Rev. Chester Lemley, assisted by the Rev. Bill Price, officiating, Burial will be in Gravel Hill Cemetery at Cheshire. Friends may call at the residence anytime until 12:30 p.m. Sunday when the body will be taken to the church where it will lie in state. In lieu of flowers friends are asked to contribute to the heart fund or the muscular dystrophy association.

Gallipolis Tribune
June 1, 1979
Transcribed by J. Farley

Mulford, John William

John Mulford
     John William Mulford, 60, of Cheshire, died Monday at Holzer Medical Center in Gallipolis. Mr. Mulford was born Feb. 28, 1928 in Bellaire and was a son of Dewey N. and Thelma Halley Mulford. He had retired as an operator from Foote Mineral and was recently employed by the Ohio Valley Bank, Gallipolis, as a
custodian. He was a U.S. Army veteran of World War II and a member of the Disabled American Veterans.
     Surviving are his wife, Helen Louise Davidson Mulford, Cheshire; two daughters, Mrs. Joseph (Rita) Fields of Pomeroy and Mrs. John (Sandra) Norman of Athens; a son Randy John Mulford, Cheshire; four grandsons; one granddaughter; one great grandson; one sister, Mrs. Floyd (Wilma) McDonald, Reynoldsburg; one sister-in-law, Mrs. Ray (Opal) Mulford, Letart, W. Va; and several nieces and nephews.
     Mr. Mulford was preceded in death by his parents; one sister, Mrs. Carlos (Virginia) Carpenter; one brother, Ira Ray Mulford; and one grandson, Jeremy Buck Mulford.
     Services will be Thursday, 2 p.m., at the Old Kyger Freewill Baptist Church with Rev. Samuel Clay officiating. Burial will be in Gravel Hill Cemetery at Cheshire. Friends may call at Rawling-Coats-Blower Funeral Home in Middleport from 12 to 9 p.m. on Wednesday.

The Daily Sentinel
Tuesday, Apr 19, 1988
Transcribed by Willi Anderson & Judy Free

Mulford, Lillian Pearl

Death of Miss Mulford
     Miss Lillian Pearl Mulford, nineteen year old daughter of George and Frances Mulford, living on Fourth street above State, died at eight o'clock this morning with consumption after a distressing illness of four months, and during which every possible attention was given her. She is said to have been an amiable and much beloved young lady and her parents and brothers and sisters are completely prostrated with grief at her sad and untimely death. Her sisters and brothers are Mrs. E.B. Tallute, of Pullman, Ill., Mrs. Charles Hood, of this city, and Miss Theressa and Master Chester and Earl. The grief stricken family will have the profound sympathy of all. Rev. W.E.Id'Argent will conduct the funeral services at her late home at 2:30 p.m. Tuesday and Hayward & Son the burial at Mound Hill cemetery.

Gallipolis Tribune Daily
July 20, 1896
Transcribed at Nancy McMillan

Mulford, Lucille [Bradbury]

Lucille Mulford
     CHESHIRE - Lucille Mulford, 92, of Cheshire, died at her residence Wednesday, January 29, 2003.
She was born July 6, 1910, in Kyger, daughter of the late Clyde Allison Bradbury and Flora Jenkins Bradbury.
She was a 1928 graduate of Cheshire High School. She was a homemaker, and she was a member of Kyger United Methodist Church.
     She is survived by a son, Galen (Elaine) Mulford of Chillicothe; four daughters, Vivian Grant of Gallipolis, Martha Brunson of Cheshire, Carolyn (Robert) Holland of Cheshire, and Sandra Mulford of Reynoldsburg; a
daughter-in-law Ilene Mulford; a sister-in-law Ethel Peters of Gallipolis; 13 grandchildren; several great-grandchildren and great-great-grandchildren; and several nieces and nephews.
     In addition to her parents, she was preceded in death by her husband, Dale Mulford, in 1979; two sons, Wendell Mulford, in 1956, and Robert Mulford, in 2002; and a grandson David Grant, in 2002.
     Services will be 11 a.m. Saturday, February 1, 2003, at Fisher Funeral Home in Pomeroy. Officiating will be Pastor Mary Cyrus, and burial will follow in Gravel Hill Cemetery at Cheshire. Calling hours will be held from 6
to 9 p.m. Friday, January 31, 2003, at Fisher Funeral Home in Pomeroy. Memorial contributions may be made to the donor's favorite charity.

The Daily Sentinel
Friday, Jan 31, 2003
Transcribed by Willi Anderson & Judy Free                                                       Top of Page

Mulford, Mary [Graham]

Mrs. Mulford Dies In Mississippi Capital
     Mr. and Mrs. George Mulford received word of the death of Mrs. Mary Graham Mulford of Hoyt, Kansas. She died Saturday at the home of her daughter Mrs. Hunter H. Kimball in Jackson, Mississippi, where she was spending the winter. Mrs. Mulford was the widow of Isaac Mulford, both of whom were former residents of Cheshire township.

Gallipolis Daily Tribune pg. 3
Saturday, January 27, 1934
From the newspaper collection of Harold and Odella Mack.
Transcribed by Shari Little-Creech

Mulford, Phyllis Marjorie [Kennedy]

Phyllis Mulford
     Phyllis Marjorie Mulford, 81, a lifelong resident of Middleport, but recently of Gallipolis, and most recently of the Americare-Pomeroy Nursing Center, died Tuesday morning at Veterans Memorial Hospital following an
extended illness. A homemaker, Mrs. Mulford was born Nov. 18, 1907 at Kyger. She was a daughter of the late Lannie and Birdie Kennedy.
     Survivors include a son, Connie Mulford, of Pomeroy; a daughter and son-in-law, Betty and Robert Goodall, Middleport; a half sister, Mrs. Wayne Sisson, Kyger; 16 grandchildren and 27 great grandchildren.
She was preceded in death by her husband, Otto Mulford; a son Charles Mulford; two daughters, Jacqueline Ellis and Darlyne Sayre; a brother, Dale Kennedy; a sister, Jessie Fegley; and four grandchildren.
     Services will be Thursday, 1 p.m., at Rawling-Coats-Blower Funeral Home with Rev. O'dell Manley officiating. Burial will be in Gravel Hill Cemetery, Cheshire. Friends may call at the funeral home on Wednesday from 2 to 4 and 7 to 9.

The Daily Sentinel
Tuesday, Feb 28, 1989
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Mulford, Teresa

Teresa Mulford Dies in Huntington
Interment Here
     Miss Teresa Mulford, who was born and spent most of her life here, died this morning at St. Mary’s hospital, Huntington. She had been in poor health a year. The death message was received by Mrs. Austin Johnson. Miss Mulford moved to Huntington 18 or 20 years ago. Surviving are a sister and two brothers: Mrs. Ella Hood and Chester Mulford, both of Huntington, and Earl Mulford of Texas.
     Funeral services will be held at 2:30 Sunday in Huntington. Then the body will be brought here and interred in Mound Hill cemetery.

[Note: 7/22/1885 - 5/29/1942 58 yrs. of age. d/o George & Frances Patterson Mulford]

Gallipolis Daily Tribune
Friday, May 29, 1942
Transcribed by Sandy L. Milliron

Mulford, Thelma Mae [Halley]

Mrs. Mulford, 56, Dies In Cheshire
     Mrs. Thelma Mae Mulford, 56, died at the home of her son, John Mulford, Rt. 2 Cheshire, early this morning. She had been taken to the home Sunday from Meigs General Hospital, and when the Middleport emergency squad was called to the Mulford home, she had expired before they could take her to the hospital. She had suffered from a heart condition.
     Mrs. Mulford was the daughter of the late John and America Daniels Halley. She was married to D. N. Mulford who survives. Other survivors are two sons, John and Ray of New Haven, W. Va., and two daughters, Mrs. Carlos (Virginia) Carpenter of Chester Hill and Mrs. Earl (Wilma) Wines of Columbus. There are eight grandchildren and two great-grandchildren. Another survivor is a sister, Ms. Beulah Tipton of St. Clairsville. A sister, Mrs. Louise Rentner, was buried last Tuesday.
     Mrs. Mulford was a member of the Hobson Church of Christ in Christian Union. Funeral services will be held at the Cheshire Baptist Church at 1 p.m. Wednesday. Rev. O. H. Cart and Rev. Edison Weaver will officiate. Burial will be in Gravel Hill Cemetery under the direction of the Rawlings-Coats Funeral Home. Friends may call at the funeral home.

Gallipolis Daily Tribune (Pg. 1)
Monday, October 28, 1957
Transcribed by Sandy Milliron

Mullens, Oneida

     Oneida Mullens, 56, Rt.3, Bidwell, died Thursday night in Pleasant Valley Hospital. Born May 24, 1926, in Pikeville, Ky., she was the daughter of Lizzie Spradlin Carr, who survives in Ewington, and the late John H. Carr.
     She married Frank Mullens, who survives, in 1941 in Welch, W. Va. Also surviving is a son, James F. Jr. of Florida; two daughters, Brenda Callihan of Rt. 3, Bidwell and Mrs. Carole Hampton of Vinton; 10 grandchildren and a great grandchild; and a brother, Earlie of Vinton.
     Funeral services will be held at 2 p.m. Sunday in McCoy-Moore Funeral Home, Vinton, with Rev. Jimmy Patterson officiating. Burial will be in Vinton Memorial Park. Friends may call at the funeral home from 2-4 and 7-9 p.m. Saturday.

Gallipolis Tribune
Feb. 5, 1983
Transcribed by J. Farley

Mullineux, (Mullineaux) Anna Wilhelmina [Kuhn]

Mrs. Mullineux Dead
     Mrs. Anna Wilhelmina Mullineux, 75, widow of James Mullineux, passed away Friday evening, Feb. 3, 1922, at her home on Fourth avenue, this city, following a stroke of apoplexy a few days before. She did not regain consciousness during her illness. Mrs. Mullineux is survived by a son, Mr. Ed P. Mullineux, a daughter, Mrs. W. S. Downtain, three brothers, Edward, Will and Fred Kuhn, all of Gallipolis, and a sister, Mrs. Minnie Sheehan of Crestline, Ohio.
     The funeral services were held Monday at the Mullineux home by Rev. Morrell, interment following in the Pine Street cemetery.

[Note: Death Cert. 10/4/18__ - 2/3/1922 D/O John L. & Barbara Kuhn. Interment by Wetherholt & Entsminger.]

The Gallia Times
Thursday, February 9, 1922
Transcribed by Sandy L. Milliron

Mullineaux, Bess [Wetherholt]

Bess Wetherholt Mullineaux Dies At 78 Saturday
     Mrs. Bess Wetherholt Mullineaux, 78, ’Clark Lake, Mich., died Saturday in a Jackson, Mich., hospital. A native of Gallipolis, she was a former public school auditor and at one time operated a book store in the K of P Building.
     Born March 10, 1889 in Gallipolis, she was the daughter of the late George and Blanche Derry Wetherholt. A brother and a sister preceded her in death.
     She is survived by her husband, Price Mullineaux; one sister, Mrs. John P. Hubbard, Ft. Pierce, Fla., and two brothers, Frank E. Wetherholt, Gallipolis, and John P. Wetherholt, of Steilacoom, Wash.
     Services will be conducted at 10:30 a.m. Wednesday at the McCoy-Wetherholt Funeral Home by the Rev. Glenn R. Hueholt. Burial will be in the Mound Hill Cemetery. Friends may call Tuesday evening at the funeral home.

Gallipolis Daily Tribune
Monday, July 31, 1967
Transcribed by Sandy Lee Milliron                                                                    Top of Page

Mullineaux, Charles

Charles Mullineaux Commits Suicide
Widely Known and Aged Citizen Had Been In Ill Health
     When an ice man went to make a delivery at the home of Charles M. Mullineaux on Third Avenue shortly before noon today, he pushed a door open at the side of the house and discovered the body of Mr. Mullineaux stretched across the floor of the room following death from suicide. In the right hand was still grasped the pistol with which the tragic deed had been accomplished. All the chambers of the gun, which looked to have been used for the first time, were full, only one shell having been fired.
     Coroner J. T. Hanson was called to the scene immediately to hold an inquest over the body. Upon examination he stated that the bullet had entered the brain through the mouth and lodged in the top of the head. Although many reports from guns used in shooting birds had been heard yesterday evening, it was believed by persons about the place that the tragedy probably occurred last night. The condition of the body indicated that death had come at least several hours before and the fact that the body was barefoot gave further indication that it must have been near bed-time.
     Mr. Mullineaux had been alone at his home since last Friday when his daughter, Mrs. A. B. Kratz and children left for a trip over east. Mrs. Mullineaux is employed at the O. H. E. where it is necessary for her to remain practically all of the time. No message or traces as to the motive for the deed were left. Only to the fact that Mr. Mullineaux had been in poor health for some time could the cause be attributed. During the past year he had taken treatment at the hospital and of late had been despondent about his condition, it is said.
Mr. Mullineaux was sixty-five years of age and was widely known in Gallipolis, having lived here all of his life and being from one of the oldest and most prominent families of the town.
     Mr. Mullineaux is survived by his widow and five grown children; Mrs. A. B. Kratz, of this city, wife of Maj. Kratz who is located at Beograd, Servia, [?Belgrade, Serbia]Lewis, an employee of the N. & W. Railroad, located at Roanoke, Va., Mrs. Patrick Cahill, also of Roanoke, Mrs. Glenn Finfroch of Houston, Tex., and Miss Josephine of New York City. Announcement regarding the funeral will be made later.

Gallipolis Daily Tribune
Wednesday, July 16, 1924
Transcribed by Sandy L. Milliron

Mullineaux, Charles

Funeral Yet Unarranged
     The funeral of the late Charles Mullineaux has not been definitely arranged as yet, pending the arrival of relatives.

Gallipolis Daily Tribune (Pg. 1)
Thursday, July 17, 1924

Funeral Held Today
     Rev. Robert Pierce conducted the funeral of Charles Mullineaux which was held today at the home with burial following at Mound Hill.

Gallipolis Daily Tribune (Pg. 1)
Friday, July 18, 1924
Transcribed by Sandy Milliron

Mullineaux, Iva [Brigis]

Mrs. Will Mullineaux Dies in Toledo Sunday
Complications Follow Former Operation
Funeral Here Tuesday

     Mrs. Will Mullineaux died at Robinwood Hospital in Toledo of adhesions from a former operation Sunday, January 6, 1929. She was Iva Brigis of Maysville, Ky., before her marriage.  She leaves her husband and one daughter Mrs. A.W. Hobt, of Knoxville, Tenn., and one grand child, one brother in law Harry Mullineaux and sister in law Mrs. Ross Mauck. 
     Funeral services Tuesday at 10;30 by Rev. A.H. Beardsley at the home of Ross Mauck, 427 3rd ave., with burial in charge of W.N. Hayward.

[Note:  Burial in Mound Hill cemetery, Gallipolis Twp.]

Gallipolis Daily Tribune
Jan. 7, 1929
Transcribed by Nancy McMillan

Mullineaux, Joseph Henry

General Joe Mullineaus Dies, Aged 89
Through Many Decades He Contributed to Joys Of Living In His Home Town
     Joe Mulleaux, affectionately known as "General" and "Uncle Joe" died about 11 o'clock Saturday night at his home on Third Avenue, just below Cedar. He was in his 90th year. His last serious illness was of but a few days duration but he had been in a grave condition about six weeks ago and for a considerable period last winter.

He Knew The Town
     Death of General Mullineaux takes from the city the one citizen who was commonly accredited with having the most first hand information about Gallipolis and he was often consulted by newspapermen and others relative to family relationships and the history of the city's older business blocks and homes.
     Funeral services will be held at the home of E.L. Neal and family at 1:30 Tuesday, in charge of Rev. Lewis Webber Gishler. Burial at Mound Hill by George J. Wetherholt & Sons.
     Joseph Henry Mullineaux was born June 22, 1850, in what was then known as the General Tupper property which stood on State Street, next to what is now the Park Central Hotel. On that site is the former Henking home recently converted into a duplex by Dr. L.C. Bean. Joe Mullineaux was the son of James and Philena Mullineaux.

A Familiar Name
     Mullineaux as a family name has been known in England since the Norman conquest nine centuries ago. Presumably it is of French origin and if so originally meant water mill, many have assumed.
     James Mullineaux founder of the Gallipolis family that bears his name, was born in Market Drayton, England in 1806. He came to this country in 1820 and served as a carpenter and joiners apprentice. He returned to England, married his first wife there, came back to this country in 1838 and settled in Wilkesville, He and his family came here a decade later.
     Many present day homes in Gallipolis were built by him and his older sons, as was the Vinton County Courthouse recently razed.
     He was the last of his generation of a family that had had a leading part in the up building of Gallipolis from 1848 till after the turn of the century.
     Though in some measure he had the heart and the manner of a born vivant, a boulevardier, "General Joe" spent virtually all his life between Grape and Cedar Streets, an area four blocks long. He yearned not for the far places but found happiness and good fellowship in the narrow circles in which he moved and he was the "life of the party" on countless occasions. As old friends dropped out of his circle because of death or because of desire to seek success elsewhere, he made new friends of the younger groups and despite the continuous changes in his associations he remained a general favorite and was usually placed at the head of the table.
     Physically General Mullineaux bore a marked resemblance to Mark Hanna, who became an outstanding national political leader with the election of McKinley to the Presidency in 1896. The two never met much to the regret of many impressed by the similarity of their bodily contour and features. But between the General and a later political leader of national fame, Harry M. Daugherty, there was a close bond of friendship, formed when both were courting the Gallipolis teachers they later married.
     Mr. Mullineaux's business career was limited to the secretaryship of the firm of Mullineaux Bros. who operated a planning mill a few doors below where he died and who were building contractors as their father was.
     In 1893 Mr. Mullineaux and Miss Mary Aleshire, music instruction in the local schools, were married and until her death about 30 years ago they made their home in the old Aleshire property at 228 Third Avenue, now owned and occupied by Mr & Mrs. C.A. Boster. They had no children. For the last two decades Miss Emedelia Wells had been his faithful housekeeper.
     Decedent was a half brother of the late William, John and James Mullineaux and a full brother of the late Mrs. S.A. Rathburn, Fred and Charles Mullineaux and of Mrs. E. Lincoln Neal. Numerous nephews and nieces survive.

[Note: Death Certificate...born June 22, 1850; died Sept. 15, 1939; aged 89 years 2 months and 24 days. Parents James Mullineaux born England and Philena Makinnco born Vinton County, Ohio.]

Gallipolis Daily Tribune
Sept. 18, 1939
Transcribed by F.K. Brown                                                                             Top of Page

Mullineux, Elizabeth [Baker]

     Mrs. Elizabeth Baker [Mullineux], wife of Mr. William Mullineux, died at her home on Third Avenue at half past 11 o'clock Monday night, Nov. 5, 1906, of asthma, a disease from which she had been a great sufferer for many years.
     The funeral services will be conducted by Rev. Harry B. Lewis of Grace M.E. Church, of which church she had been a member for many years, at her late home, Wednesday afternoon at 2 o'clock, the interment following at Pine Street Cemetery by Hayward & Son.
     Mrs. Mullineux's parents died when she was a child in Chillicothe, where she was born and she was brought up by her grandmother of Chillicothe and her aunt, Mrs. Edward K. Chapau of this city, spending much time with both of them. She was united in marriage with Mr. Mullineux about 40 years ago and he and one son, Arthur, their only child, survive her.
     Her trouble grew upon her as she became older, a few days before her death she utterly collapsed and she lingered along in great suffering until the end came. The more elderly people will remember her as a handsome, lively, fleshy, healthy girl with long curls clustering about her shoulders, but she had wasted away and become very thin and emaciated. She had many friends who will regret to hear of her death, but recognize it as a release from long suffering that had made her an invalid for years.

[Note: William and Elizabeth were married Oct. 26, 1864 in Ross County, Ohio...1870 Census Gallipolis shows William 28 housebuilder, Elizabeth 28 and Arthur 4..all born Ohio.]

Gallipolis Daily Tribune
Tuesday, Nov. 6, 1906
Transcribed by F.K. Brown

Mullineux, Mary Margaret [Aleshire]

The Passing of Mary Aleshire Mullineux
A Prominent, Lovable and Useful Woman Who Has Gone
     As briefly mentioned yesterday, Mrs. Mary Margaret Aleshire, wife of Mr. Joseph Mullineux, died at their home on lower 3rd avenue in this city between one and two o'clock, Wednesday, October 27, 1909.
The funeral servics will be conducted at her late residence by Rev. Ernest R. Meyer of St. Peter's Episcopal Church, Friday afternoon at half-past one o'clock. The interment will be by Hayward, at Mound Hill cemetery, the pall bearers officiating being her nephews Messrs. Henry, Page, Ned and Halsey Aleshire of Huntington and Messrs. Thomas L. Bell and Fred M. Bovie of this city.
     The complicated causes of Mrs. Mullineux's death caused her much and long continued suffering, which was borne with resignation and sweetness of disposition, that endeared her to those who surrounded her bedside, and who sought every conceivable method of alleviation, and who rendered her every imaginable attention, tending to comfort her in body and mind.
     She was of an uncomplaining character, strong and confident in herself, and though her health was not of the best it was not until she took to her bed on the 18th of July, that her condition was regarded at all serious.Anxiety was followed with serious and alarming conditions, drifting into a critical state, followed by utter hopelessness when her watchers and those she loved were compelled to see her fade away, day by day, until the hour when her spirit took flight to unknown realms and her body was released from suffering and her relatives and friends were plunged into the deepest grief.
     The whole town is sad because of Mrs. Mullneux's death. We might stop here for it is enough to say of any one. When universal sorrow prevails over the death of one, as in this case, where they were born and grew to adult age, and their life has been an open book, which all have read, be sure, that sorrow is sincere and falls upon a worthy life, and not a flower will dispense its beauty and fragrance upon the casket that is not worthily bestowed.
     There are many yet living who remember well the prominence of this large and influential family in all our business and social life. She was the daughter of Reuben and Margaret Aleshire, and, for most of her life the only daughter reared amid all the environments essential to the perfect development of natural ability, and becoming the accomplished lady that she was.
     We said it was a large family: There was Reuben Aleshire the father, who died in 1888; Margaret, the mother who died in 1896; Capt. Chas.C. Aleshire; their first born, who died in 1889; Edward S. who died in 1905; Joseph P., who died in 1886; Reuben Jr., who died in 1909; then came Mary: after Mary came John who died in infancy; then William who died in infancy; then came Gen'l. James R. Aleshire now Quartermaster General of the U.S.Army; then Maggie who died in her third year; then Harry now at Great Falls, Mont., engaged in copper mining. All gone but the General and Harry.
     Through all of the sickness and death in her parents' family, Mrs. Mullineux was an ever present helper and comforter. Being the only daughter she was her mother's constant companion and solace in her declining years sickness and death and yet, with all of these demands upon her through the different stages of her life, she found much time and pleasure for social activities and to teach music of which she was very fond, and taught in both the public schools and the Academy.
     She was an active member of St. Peter's Episcopal Church. She took part in all public matters where women so often take a prominent part, and was in the front rank wherever good women were called and needed She was more than kind to the sick and needy, and her passing will be felt in many homes.
     She was united in marriage with Mr. Joseph Mullineux, member of one of the most prominent families in Gallipolis June 11, 1893, and they have resided happily together at the old Reuben Aleshire homestead, one of the prettiest and most comfortable homes in the city. He will have the deepest sympathy of all in this cruel separation and bereavement that death has caused him. His lot will be hard to bear. And the remaining brothers and nephews of the deceased, who found their sister and aunt ever kind and loving will also have the sympathy of our entire community.

Gallipolis Daily Tribune
October 28, 1909
Transcribed by Nancy McMillan

Mullineaux, Philena

Death of Mrs. James Mullineux
     In our last week we noted the serious illness of Mrs. James Mullineux. We regret to state she died on
Monday evening, September 30, 1889. She had been confined to her bed for a month past, and suffered intensely, and her death was a happy release from pain. Mrs. Mullineux was married forty-one years since, and made a most excellent wife and mother. Her husband, three sons and two daughters survive her. The funeral services were held on Wednesday afternoon at the family residence, Rev. R.H. Coulter, of the Presbyterian Church, officiating, with Messrs. Hayward & Son conducting the burial at the Old Cemetery.

[Note: Philena Mullinuex is buried at Pine Street Cemetery. She was born in 1826. Her tombstone gives the date of death as Sept. 13, 1826.]

Gallipolis Bulletin
October 8, 1889
Transcribed by Henny Evans

Mullins, William E. Sr.

     William Eugene Mullins, Sr., 53, of Rt. 2, Bidwell, died Wednesday, July 18 at Holzer Medical Center. He was born June 28, 1937 in Gallipolis, son of the late Roy Eugene and Gladys Long Mullins. He was a laborer.
     He is survived by his wife, Brenda Kay (Mayse) Mullins of Bidwell, whom he married Jan. 28, 1973 in Gallipolis. Also surviving are three daughters, Belinda Wolford of Gallipolis, Regina Mullins and Jennifer Mullins, both of the home; and one son, Billy Mullins, Jr., of the home.
He was preceded in death by two sisters, Clara Jane Mullins and Penny Ann Mullins; and by one brother, David Ward.
     Funeral services will be conducted at 1 p.m. Saturday at Willis Funeral Home. Burial will be in Mound Hill Cemetery. Friends may call at the funeral home Friday from 7 to 9 p.m.

Gallipolis Daily Tribune
Thursday, July 19, 1990
Transcribed by Sandy L. Milliron

Mumpower, Fred W.

    Fred W. Mumpower, 48, Gallipolis, died Tuesday, Aug. 19, 1997 in the University Hospital, Columbus. Born Jan. 26, 1949 in Dayton, son of the late Fred J. and Eva Lewis Mumpower, he was a volunteer Gallia County deputy sheriff, and attended the New Life Victory Center at Gallipolis.
     Surviving are his wife, Donna White McCarty Mumpower, whom he married Jan. 26, 1990; two daughters, Kim Mumpower of Troy, and Heather Mumpower of Muncie, Ind.; two sons, Fred J. Mumpower of Muncie and Matthew J. Mumpower of Gallipolis; a stepson, Keith A. McCarty of Gallipolis; two grandchildren; two brothers, James Mumpower and Vincent Mumpower, both of Dayton; three sisters, Elaine Sexton of Gallipolis, Sharon Smith of Fairborn, and Shirley Allen of Dayton; and several nieces and nephews. He was also preceded in death by two sisters, Louise Dunwoody and Beverly Larson; and by a brother in infancy.
     Services will be 1 p.m. Friday in the Willis Funeral Home, with Pastor Bill Staten officiating. Burial will be in the Ohio Valley Memory Gardens. Friends may call at the funeral home from 7-9 tonight.

Gallipolis Daily Tribune
Thursday, August 21, 1997
Transcribed by Sandy L. Milliron

Murphy, Alice A.

RIO GRANDE, May 2, 1881
     MURPHY - In Clay Township, May 6th, 1881, Alice Murphy, wife of James H. Murphy, in the 26th year of her age. The relatives of Alice A. Murphy, wife of J. H. Murphy, of the U. S. Dredge Boats, were called around her bedside last Friday morning to see her cross the river of death. Mrs. Murphy has been sick of Typhoid Molarial [sic] Fever for nine weeks, and eight weeks and three days she was unconscious. No tongue can ever express the suffering of the afflicted woman. Her bereaved husband, mother and sisters stood over her night and day, doing every thing they could to save her, but after all they could do, death overcame and called her home.

[Note: According to our cemetery database she died May 06, 1881 & was buried in Clay Chapel Cemetery. This is after the date of this article, so there appears to be some mix up in dates.]

Unknown Newspaper (scrapbook)
About Friday, May 06, 1881
Transcribed by Suzanne Giroux

Murphy, Alice

In Memory of Alice A. Murphy

Oh Alice, dear sister, come home once more;
Come home, O come home as you have before,
Just give us one kiss and a clasp of your hand.
O Alice, dear Alice, come back from that land.

Our home is so gloomy, so dreary, so lonely,
And Willy is crying for Mama to come,
O, we are so lonely since you have died,
I wish I was resting there by your side.

O, Alice, soon to that far-of school I must go,
There in the corners will be shadows of gloom,
Your letters cannot more be treasured, as of yore,
For you are gone to that world above.

O, Alice, dear Alice, we have buried you now,
O, why should we wish you back. I know,
For your dear body is resting below,
And your soul is up in the arms above.

But O, a place is vacant at our home,
That never, no never, can be filled.
A light from our home is gone,
And the voice we loved so well is still.

O, Willy and Papa had need for you here,
It is known to us below;
But, O Alice, the Savior took you across Death's river,
And left us bereaved here alone.

Now farewell, dear Alice, farewell!
O, how can I bid you adieu?
I think sometimes my time is near,
When I shall go to you.

July 1, 1881 F.E.W.
Gallipolis Paper
Transcribed by F.K. Brown
                                                                             Top of Page

Murphy, George Walter

     George Walter Murphy, 55, Rt. 2, Vinton, died Tuesday morning. He was a retired employee of Children’s Hospital in Akron, Ohio. He was a member of the Vinton United Methodist Church and the Huntington Grange.
     Born Aug. 18, 1933 in Akron, he was the son of the late George H. and Helen (McGhee) Murphy. He is survived by one brother, Robert Murphy, Rt. 2, Vinton, one uncle, Walter McGhee, ESR, Gallipolis, five nieces and one nephew.
     Services will be Friday, 10 a.m. at the Vinton United Methodist Church. Burial will be at the McGhee Cemetery. Friends may call at the McCoy-Moore Funeral Home in Vinton Thursday, 7 to 9 p.m.

Gallipolis Daily Tribune (Pg. 3)
Tuesday, September 6, 1988
Transcribed by Sandy Milliron

Murray, Peter

Peter Murray Died Sunday
     Peter Murray, retired farmer, who was born and spent most of his life in this county, died at noon yesterday at the home of his daughter, Mrs. Albert Hawker, in Wellston. He was 80 years old and since the death of his wife six years ago, had lived there. He had not been in good health for a long time, but his last illness dated back only five weeks.
     His former home was between Bidwell and Mt. Olive and he was widely acquainted in the upper half of the county. He was a son of Robert and Mary Jane Russell Murray.
     Surviving children, besides Mrs. Hawker, are Mrs. Henry McMillen of Wellston, Mrs. David Bush of Findlay, Mrs. George Camink of Hamden, Mrs. Nellie White and Robert Murray, both of Columbus. Also surviving is a brother, John Murray of Union Furnace.
     The body is now at the Butler McCoy funeral home in Vinton where friends may view the features until the funeral hour. Services will be held at Mt. Olive at 2 Tuesday, with Rev. E. C. Venz in charge.

Gallipolis Daily Tribune
Monday, October 31, 1938
Transcribed by Sandy Milliron

Murphy, James Alexander

Ja. A. Murphy is Dead
    James Alexander Murphy, aged 73, died of complications at his home in Lockbourne Thursday at 8:15 p.m. He was a native of Gallia-co and was born May 12, 1860. Three children, Jasper of Columbus, Mrs. Elizabeth Black and Mrs. Mary Bost, of Lockbourne, survive.
     Funeral services will be Sunday at 2 p.m. at the Church of Christ in Lockbourbe with interment in Walnut Hill Cemetery by E. F. Schlegel.

Circleville Herald
Transcribed by Joyce Robinson

Murphy, Lora Ethel [Roach]

Mrs. Murphy, 37, Dies Today
Long Illness Ends At Parents’ Home Here
     An 11 year illness of tuberculosis ended in death at 2:45 a.m. today for Mrs. Lora Ethel Roach Murphy, 37 year old mother and grandmother, who succumbed at the home of her parents, Charles and Byrd Nowlin Roach on the Portsmouth Rd. just beyond Mound Hill Cemetery. She had been with her parents for seven weeks, the ambulance of Miller’s Home for Funerals having brought her here from a Beckley, W. Va. sanatorium for a visit. However, Mrs. Murphy grew steadily worse.
     Born Sept. 28, 1912, in Mason County, W. Va., Mrs. Murphy has been a widow 14 years. She married Kenneth Murphy in 1927, having spent most of her life in Huntington, where she was educated. Her last home there was 335 Fourth Ave.
     Her parents and these Gallipolis children survive: Clinton Murphy, Mrs. Jerry (Phyllis) McCarty, and Nancy Murphy. Her granddaughter is Janice Kay McCarthy. Mrs. Murphy is survived by four sisters and three brothers: Mrs. E. A. (Nora) Williams, Ona, W. Va.; Hollis Roach, Gallipolis; Charles Roach, Huntington; Mrs. William (Alice) Holland, Huntington; Mrs. Leon (Eloise) Ratliff, Huntington; Dale Roach, in the Air Force at O’Hara Air Base, Park Ridge, Ill., and Dorothy Roach, at home. One brother preceded her in death. The decedent had been employed by the Perry Norvil Shoe Co., Huntington.
     Funeral services will be held at 2 p.m. Sunday in the First Baptist Church, the Rev. William Howard Green officiating, and burial will be made by Miller’s Home for Funerals in Mound Hill Cemetery. Friends may call tomorrow at the Roach home.

Gallipolis Daily Tribune
Friday, November 25, 1949
Transcribed by Sandy L. Milliron

Murray, Hallie Arela [Rutan]

     Hallie Arela Murray, 84, of Bidwell, died Sunday of Holzer Medical Center. She was born on September 26, 1902 in Putnam County, W. Va., a daughter of James D. and Tressie Rutan.
     She is preceded in death by her husband, Anthony T. Murray, and four brothers. Survivors include a son, Charles A. Murray, Gallipolis; a daughter, Mrs. Reva Fraley, Bidwell; two brothers, Charles Leroy Rutan, Columbus; two sisters, Elizabeth Woodrum, Oberlin, and Hanna McBride, Bidwell; five grandchildren and four great-grandchildren.
     She attended the United Methodist Church of Bidwell. Services will be Thursday at 1 p.m. at the Willis Funeral Home. The Rev. Alvis Pollard will officiate. Burial will be in Vinton Memorial Park. Friends may call Wednesday from 6 to 9 p.m.

Gallipolis Daily Tribune
September 9, 1987
Transcribed by Jessica L. Weber

Muse, Eben, Rev

     The death of Rev. Eben Muse is announced. It occurred at Quincy, Mas., from pulmonary disease. Mr. Muse was pastor of the Presbyterian Church, in this city, some years ago. He was a man of more than ordinary power in the pulpit. His age was about 80 years.

Gallipolis Journal
Aug 5, 1891
Transcribed by Maxine Marshall

Muzio, Louis

Death of Louis Muzio
     Mr. L. Muzio, aged 53, and the Court street fruit dealer, who has been running a fruit stand at Pocahontas, Va., died in that city Monday morning of asthma. He has been a sufferer for 23 years, but until four weeks prior to his death had been bedfast. He was an honest obliging gentleman and had a great many friends here. The announcement of his death was received by wire Monday. His remains will be here Wednesday. Time of interment is not as yet definitely known.

Gallipolis Journal
January 17, 1895 [The death was in 1896, so is certainly a typo.]
Transcribed by Candy (Hulbert) Ditkowski

Muzio, L.

     Mr. L. Muzio died at Pocahontas, Va., Monday morning of asthma, from which he had long been a sufferer. For several years deceased had conducted a fruit business on Court Street, and made many friends by courteous manner and upright way of doing business. Funeral services were conducted Thursday afternoon at his late home on Court Street, interment at Mound Hill by Wetherholt.

Gallipolis Bulletin
Jan. 18, 1896
Transcribed by Nancy McMillan

Myers, Carl C.

Carl C. Myers, 72, Claimed by Death
     Carl C. Myers, 72, of 330 Third Ave., prominent Gallipolis businessman, died around 4:30 PM Sunday of an apparent heart attack in the Holzer Medical Center on First Ave. Mr. Myers, who was associated with the late Col. H. B. Ecker for several years in the real estate business, was a trustee of the Holzer Foundation, and was a member of the board of directors of the Gallipolis Savings and Loan Co., and the Commercial and Savings Bank. His wife, the former Willie Martin, preceded him in death just 10 days ago.
     Mr. Myers was born on Sept. 4, 1896, in Gallia County, the son of the late Hannah Shafer and Jacob Columbus Myers. He is survived by one sister, Mrs. Geneva Montieth, Weymouth, Mass., and one brother, James Marion***. A daughter, Tharon, preceded him in death in 1937.
     Mr. Myers was a veteran of World War I, and a member of Lafayette Post No. 27, American Legion, the First United Presbyterian Church, Elk's Lodge, Masonic Lodge, the Aladin Temple Shrine, Columbus, and the Gallipolis Shrine Club.
     In lieu of flowers, all gifts may be donated to the heart fund. Funeral arrangements will be announced by the McCoy-Wetherholt Funeral Home.

[The brother is James Columbus Myers, the article used the wrong middle name.]

Gallipolis Daily Tribune
Monday, March 31, 1969, page 1
Contributed by Jeff Hayes                                                 Top of Page

Myers, Chester A.

Chester A. Myers

A welcome smile, a tender heart;
A helping hand to lend.
Always ready to do his part,
Among his fellowmen.

Helping those who needed aid,
Sharing words of kindness too,
Knowing just what needs be said,
To bring to life a brighter hue.

But from our midst he slipped away,
We were so grieved to learn,
But may there be a brighter day,
When all our loved ones then return.

     Chester A. Meyers, the son of the late Benjamin and Mary Clark Myers, was born in Gallia County, March 23, 1911 and departed this life April 28, 1966, at the age of 55 years, 1 month and 5 days. He was one of seven children, one sister and four brothers survive, Mrs. Athea Watson, Crown City; George of Huntington, WV; Vernon of Wurtland, KY; Merle of Raceland, KY and Jess of Akron, Ohio. One brother, Perry, preceded him in death.
     He was united in marriage to the former Georgia Pope and to this union six children came to bless their home. This is the first time death has entered the home, thus leaving to mourn his passing is the wife and these children, Mrs. Ronald (Charlotte) Patrick, Donald Myers both of Columbus; Mrs. James (Monna Jane) Johnson ad Lloyd Myers of Gallipolis; Gene Myers at home and Henry Myers serving in the U.S. Air Force and stationed at Del Rio, TX. Also five grandchildren and a host of nieces and nephews.
     Chet as he was called was a good neighbor, always willing to share in the need of others. He was willing to render his help and skill in case of sickness, sorrow or similar trouble. He was an employee at the Gallipolis Institute and practiced his capable qualities in serving those in his daily work. He was a kind husband and devoted father to his children and grandchildren and always found great pleasure in having them visit in his home. He had attended German Ridge and Bethesda Church and was always interested in community and civic welfare.
     His sudden death came as a shock to relatives and friends and will be sadly missed by all who knew him.

[Note: buried: German Ridge Cemetery, Walnut Township]

Gallipolis Paper
No date
Transcribed by F.K. Brown                                                                             Top of Page

Myers, Emsla

Emsla Myers Dies In Ironton
     Emsla Myers, 58, Oak Hill, who was born and reared in Gallia County, died at 10:45 p.m. Saturday at Ironton General Hospital of complications.
     Decedent had retired six years ago from his employment with the Cambrian Clay Products Co. on account of failing health. He was born April 19, 1894, in Gallia to Mr. and Mrs. John Myers.
     Survivors include his widow, Mrs. Gladys Oliver Myers, and these sons and daughters: Herman, Dennis, Clarence, Mrs. Dotty Boggs, and Mrs. Dorothy Stone, Oak Hill; William, Columbus; Carl, in the Army at Camp Rucker, Ala.; Gayle, at home; nine grandchildren; and these brothers and sisters: Louis, Simon, and Miss Emma Myers, Oak Hill; William, Cleveland; Mrs. Tishie Shelton and Mrs. Lenna Shelton, Welston; and Mrs. Edith Mossbarger, Patriot.
     Funeral services will be held at 2 p.m. Wednesday in Oak Hill's Pilgrim Holiness Church, the Revs. J. R. Siders and Cecil Wise officiating, with burial by Kuhner Funeral Home in Bethel Cemetery near Oak Hill.
Friends may call at the late residence.

[Note: From death certificate date of death January 3, 1953; mother Euphemia Oliver. Death certificate spells his name Ensla.]

Newspaper (prob. January 1953, Gallipolis) clipping found in the Simmerman files, Myer-Sheperd-McFarland file, Bossard Library.
Transcribed by Lynn Anders

Myers, Enoch B.

Death of E. B. Myers.
     E. B. Myers passed away at his home in Walnut Township at 11 p. m. Monday at the age of sixty-nine. His death was the result of several strokes of paralysis from which he has suffered for quite a while. He leaves a widow but no children. The funeral will take place Wednesday at Fairview church, and burial by Undertaker Tope.

Gallipolis Daily Tribune
Tuesday, October 19, 1920
Transcribed by Suzanne Giroux

Myers, Hannah Elizabeth

Services Set for Mrs. Myers
     Funeral services for Mrs. Hannah Elizabeth Myers will be held at 2 p.m. Friday at the Wetherholt Funeral Home. The Rev. Paul Niswander, pastor of Grace Methodist Church where she was a member, will conduct services. Burial will be made in Mound Hill Cemetery.
     Hannah Elizabeth Myers was born June 22, 1879, at Rappsburg, Lawrence County, daughter of the late Philip and Lydia Margaret Harrison Shafer. Her father died when she was a small child and her mother married Andrew Bostick.
     She and Jacob Columbus Myers were married April 11, 1895. For a while they lived at Sandfork then moved to Gallipolis where they maintained a home for the past 46 years. Her husband died in 1943.
     They were the parents of four children. Three survive: Carl Clarence Myers, Gallipolis; Mrs. William Earle (Geneva) Montieth, South Weymouth, Mass.; and James Columbus Myers, Addison. A son Elmer Willard Myers died in 1913. She is also survived by one brother Creed William Shafer, Scottown; five grandchildren, Richard Aaron Myers, Nancy Elizabeth Myers, William Amos Myers, James Alden Myers, and Michael Albert Myers. Her first grandchild, Tharon Hannabelle Myers, died in 1937. She is also survived by several nieces, nephews, grand nieces and grand nephews.
     Mrs. Myers had a host of friends and was a devoted mother. She was a charter member of the American Legion Auxiliary.
     Pall bearers will be Harold Dailey, Dr. Raymond Pope, Earl Tope, Ernest Shafter, Clarence Shafer and Stanley Shafer.

Gallipolis Daily Tribune
Wednesday, April 15, 1953, page 3.
Contributed by Jeff Hayes                                                 Top of Page

Myers, Harriet

Mrs. John Myers Dies at Lecta
     Mrs. Harriet Myers, widow of John Myers, died Friday about 7pm at the home of her son Amer Myers of Lecta. She had been ill but a week.
     Mrs. Myers was the daughter of the late Samuel and Martha Cox Pyles and was born May 14, 1865 in Walnut township. Most of her more than 80 years was spent in the community in which she was born and died.
     She was the mother of 10 children, one died in infancy and the others are Samuel Myers of Springfield; Mrs. Martha Roach and Archie Myers of South Charleston; Mrs. Susan Johnson of Jaspar; Mrs. Meda Boster and Mrs. Ora Burcham of Huntington; Mrs. Doshia Barry; Allen and Amer Myers of Lesta [sic].
     She also leaves a sister and 2 brothers Mrs. Ada Estep and Kimber Pyles of Springfield and George Pyles of San Diego, Calif. She also has 10 grandsons in service.
     A lifelong member [of] Fairview Church funeral services will be held there Sunday at 2 P.M. by Rev. O. L. Hall of Roseville. Burial will be in Church cemetery by W. W. Phillips of Waterloo and Ironton. The body will be taken at 5 o'clock this afternoon to the home of her son Amer where friends may call.

Gallipolis Daily Tribune
Saturday, June 30, 1945, front page
Contributed by Jeff Hayes

Myers, J. C.

J. C. Myears, 66, Former Produce Dealer, Passes
     All but a few hundred copies of The Tribune's Thursday's edition carried a brief announcement of the death of J. C. Myers, retired produce dealer. Mr. Myers, who had been a striking, picturesque and popular figure in Gallipolis for a generation before failing health compelled his retirement, had been bedfast since last October. There was a turn for the worse in his condition on Wednesday. He was in his 67th year.
     Funeral services will be held at the home, 134 Third Avenue, where he died, at 3 o'clock Sunday afternoon. Rev. J. E. Hakes and Rev. W. Scott Westerman will officiate. Interment will follow in Mound Hill Cemetery by Coleman R. Halley.
     The body will be returned from Halley's mortuary to the Myers home at 6 o'clock this evening.
Selected for pall bearers were John D. North, Aaron Davis, Harold Dailey, Knox Williams, J. Everett Gills and Oliver Unroe. All these men had their first experiences in the produce business working for Mr. Myers.
     Jacob Columbus Myers was born Feb. 1, 1877, in Lawrence County. He was the oldest child of the late James W. and Laura Elliott Myers; and they were the parents of 14 children -- seven sons and seven daughters. One son and one daughter preceded "J.C." in death.*
     On April 11, 1895, Mr. Myers and Hannah Shafer were united in marriage. For a decade he had a store at Sandfork or Mudsoc before they moved to Gallipolis in 1906. His first and most notable venture in the produce business here was in a partnership with J. V. and Grover Gill and F. F. Thorniley. Business was carried on in the name of the Gill Produce Co.
     Mr. Myers was a friendly, genial, jolly man, who was known to old and young alike as "Columb" ** and he was rated an astute produce man. Formerly he belonged to several lodges but to the last retained his membership only in the Junior Order of American Mechanics.
     Decedent is survived by his wife, who took care of him during his long illness and by these children: Carl Myers, Gallipolis, who recently retired from the produce business; Mrs. Geneva Montieth of South Weymouth, Mass., and James C. Myers, Gallipolis. Another son, Elmer, died here July 13, 1913. There are three grandchildren -- children of James C. -- and the following brothers and sisters: Warren D., Mrs. A. E. Tope, I. E., and Alva Myers, Mrs. Knox Williams and Mrs. Levi Neal, all of Gallipolis; Curtis and Morris Myers, Urbana, Ohio; Mrs. Elmer Drummond and Mrs. Fred Pope, both of Patriot; Mrs. O. R. Henry, Jackson.

[The daughter referred to in the news article is unknown. This may be a reporting error as his granddaughter, Nancy Myers Hood, did not know of a daughter preceeding her grandfather in death.]

Gallipolis Daily Tribune
Friday, April 23, 1943, page 1.
Contributed by Jeff Hayes                                                 Top of Page

Myers, James Columbus

     James Columbus Myers, 91, passed away Thursday evening, Nov. 20, 2008, at his Kingston residence. His late wife, Mary L. Myers, passed in 2005. They were joined in matrimony on June 19, 1936. Two brothers, Carl and Elmer, and a sister, Geneva Monteith, preceded him in death.
     He was born in Gallia County on Feb. 9, 1917, the son of the late Jacob and Hannah (Shafer) Myers.
He graduated from Gallia Academy High School, the class of 1935, in Gallipolis. He served in the U.S. Navy during World War II, stationed on the aircraft carrier USS Lexington. He was a life member of the American Legion Post 27 and VFW Post 4464, both of Gallipolis. He retired after 34 years of service with the federal government as the manager of the Marion Engineer Depot at Marion, Ohio. He was also a member of the Elks 32 Lodge in Marion and the Gallia County and Ohio Genealogy Society.
     He enjoyed hunting, fishing and traveling to historical sites with his beloved wife, Mary. He is the author of the Myers Family History and the co-author of the Harrison Family History. He has traced several lines back to the 1600s and into Germany.
     He is survived by two daughters, Nancy Elizabeth (Larry) Hood of Gallia County, and Helen Patrice Myers of Christiansburg, Va.; four sons, Richard Aaron (Polly) Myers of Alliance, Neb., William Amos (Kay) Myers of Lincoln, Neb., James Allen (Anita) Myers of Alliance, Neb., and Michael A. (Mary) Myers of Marion; and 18 grandchildren, 27 great-grandchildren and nine great-great-grandchildren.
     Private services for the immediate family will be held at a later date in Gallia County and burial will be in Mound Hill Cemetery at Gallipolis. In lieu of flowers, memorial contributions can be made to the Marion General Hospital Hospice or to the Disabled American Veterans by going to the following web site and clicking on donate:

Gallipolis Daily Tribune
Nov. 23, 2008
Transcribed by Jefef Hayes

Myers, James

J. W. Myers, Head of Large Family Passes Suddenly

In Moment of Despondency Or Mental Aberration He Hangs Self at Home On Portsmouth Road ----- Widely Known and Highly Rated Citizen
     Though he was well past the four-score-year mark, the news of the death of James W. Myers came as a shock to his large family and countless friends in Gallia and Lawrence counties and elsewhere. Brooding over his own failing health and recent mental lapses and the protracted illness of his wife, he ended his life by hanging early Sunday morning at his home atop the Engel Hill near the city limits. It is believed he acted on a sudden impulse. At any rate he did some chores about the house and then went out to feed his cow and a little later his lifeless body was found hanging in the barn with a noose of wire around his neck.
     An unaccountable quirk, a possible foreboding as to his own or his wife's condition, is believed to have prompted the sudden execution of a purpose about which there had been little or no deliberation. For Mr. Myers was naturally of a sunny disposition, who found joys and satisfactions aplenty even in the sunset of a busy and successful life--at least up until the last few weeks.
     Mr. Myers seemed to fill a sort of patriarchal role as head of his clan. For more than a decade, he had served as president of the Myers Family Association and his participation in the annual reunions never failed to thrill him. No small percentage of the other participants were of his own flesh and blood, for he leaves 12 children, about 40 grandchildren, and 14 great-grandchildren.
     James William Myers was born on Greasy Ridge, Lawrence county, April 28, 1857, and he lacked less than seven weeks being 82 years old. He was a son of Christopher Columbus Myers and Philena Fox Myers. In his early manhood he was huckster for a score of years in the country with which he was familiar. Later he became a funeral director, with headquarters at Mudsock* (then Sandfork post office). He engaged as an embalmer, Albert E. Tope, who became his son-in-law and business successor, and who subsequently transferred the business to Gallipolis. Mr. and Mrs. Myers having preceded the Topes to this city.
     Mr. Myers and Laura Elliott were married in November 1875 by Rev. Joseph G. Fox and they were devoted companions for more than 53 years. For the last 18 months she has been in very poor health.
Surviving besides her are these children: J.C., Warren, Edward E., Alva, and Morris Myers, Mrs. Tope, Mrs. Knox Williams, all of Gallipolis; Curtis Myers, Urbana; Mrs. E. E. Drummonds, Northup R. D.; Mrs. Fred Pope and Mrs. Levi Neal, both of Patriot R. R.; and Mrs. O. R. Henry, Jackson. There are also five brothers and a sister surviving: Joseph Myers, Springfield, O.; George Myers, Columbus; Stephen Myers, Lecta; Charles Myers, Huntington; Geo. Myers, Columbus, and Mrs. Zenia Massie, Lecta.
     Decedent was a member of the M. E. Church at Mudsoc and formerly belonged to several lodges.
Funeral services will be held at the home at 2 o'clock Wednesday. Burial will be at Mound Hill by A. E. Tope.
     Mr. Myers was a stalwart, upstanding citizen, who probably had known as many residents of the lower half of this county as anyone of his time. He was respected and esteemed by all and genuinely loved by all generations of his family and the close neighbors in the various communities in which he had lived.

Gallipolis Daily Tribune
Monday, March 13, 1939, page one (front page)
Contributed by Jeff Hayes                                                 Top of Page

Myers, James T.

     Died, in this town, on Friday evening, 8th inst., after a lingering illness, Mr. James T. Myers, in the 43d year of his age. The funeral sermon of the late James T. Myers, will be preached by the Rev. Mr. Breare at the Universalist church, on next Sunday week (31st day of August) at 10 o'clock A. M.

[Note: buried in Pine Street Cemetery]

The Gallipolis Journal
August 14, 1862
Transcribed by Eva Swain Hughes

Myers, John

     Died, on Friday morning last, of croup, John, infant son of John S. and Sarah Myers, in the second year of his age.

Like a glittering dew-drop on the brow of morn,
He sparkled, was exhaled, and went to heaven.

The Gallipolis Journal
March 30 1854
Transcribed by Eva Swain Hughes

Myers, Laura [Elliott]

Death of Mrs. Myers, 82, Mourned by 76 Descendants

     The countless friends of Mrs. Laura Elliott Myers, wife of the late J. W. Myers were saddened by the news of her death which occurred Saturday, Feb. 22 at 12:30 P.M. at the home of her daughter, Mrs. E. E. Drummond, Patriot R. D.
     This had been Mr. and Mrs. Myers home before moving to their residence of 25 years at the top of Engel Hill where Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Evans Sr. now live. Mrs. Myers, the youngest of 13 children of Jacob and Catherine Irion Elliott, was born April 14, 1859. There is but one surviving member of this family, a brother, Thomas Irwin Elliott, who lives in Ottumwa, Iowa.
     On Nov. 11, 1875, she was married to James William Myers by Rev. Joseph T. Fox, near Lecta, Lawrence County. Mr. Myers preceded her in death March 12, 1939. Thereafter she has made her home among her children who were all tenderly devoted to her. She had been critically ill only about a week and death was due to heart trouble.
     Fourteen children were born to Mr. and Mrs. Myers. Two, Nancy and Arnold, died in infancy but the following survive: J. Columbus, Warren, Mrs. A. E. Tope (Eliza), I. Edward, Alva, Mrs. Knox Williams (Nellie), all of Gallipolis; Mrs. O. R. Henry (Lottie), Jackson; Mrs. Fred Pope (Ethel), Mrs. Levi Neal (Shirley) and Mrs. E. E. Drummond (Daisy) of Patriot; Curtis and Morris of Urbana. There are also 41 grandchildren and 23 great-grandchildren.
     Mrs. Myers was a woman of exemplary Christian character, a leader in any community in which she lived, and an inspiration to all who knew her.
     Funeral services were conducted this afternoon at 2 o'clock at Walnut Methodist church at Mudsoc by Rev. George Sagen and Rev. W. Scott Westerman. Interment at Mound Hill by A. E. Tope.

Gallipolis Daily Tribune
Monday, February 24, 1941, front page
Contributed by Jeff Hayes                                                 Top of Page

Myers, Mack

     Mr. Mack Myers, formerly of Sandfork, but a resident of Cincinnati for several years died in that city Monday night, aged 32 years. He is survived by a wife. The remains arrived here Wednesday evening and were received by his cousin, Undertaker J. W. Myers. Burial was Thursday afternoon at Fairview church, Walnut township. Heart trouble is said to have been the cause of his death. He was a fine young man and had many friends in this county, who will be sorry to know of his untimely end.

Gallipolis Bulletin
Friday, February 5, 1909
Transcribed by Sandy Lee Milliron

Myers, Margaret

Death Claims Mrs O. L. Myers [The newspaper incorrectly listed the initials as O. L. It shoud read O. A.]
     Mrs. Margaret Myers, 68, wife of Ollie Myers of Lecta, O died at her home this morning at 7 o'clock after a lingering illness. Funeral rites will be conducted at the Fox Fairview Church Thursday afternoon at 2 o'clock with burial in the Fox Fairview cemetery under direction of Undertaker Phillips of Waterloo.
     Few ladies in Lawrence County were better known or more beloved than Mrs. Myers. Just last year she and her bereaved widower celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary.
     She is survived by in addition to Mr Myers, the following children: Mrs James White of Greasy Ridge, Mrs E. O. Saunders of South Third street in this city; Henry Myers of Lecta, Walter of Huntington and Mrs Everett Salyers of Dayton. Two sisters, Mrs Logan Corn of Cedarville and Mrs. Samuel Shafer of Springfield survive.

[Note: She was born in Gallia County and was the daughter of Lewis and Margaret Wilson Baker.]

Ironton Evening Tribune
4 March 1930
Transcribed by Sheila Foe

Myers, Mary E. [Clark]

     Mary E. Clark Myers was born on May 31, 1879, and departed this life August 23, 1922, aged 43 years, 2 months and 23 days. She was united in marriage with Benjamin Myers on Dec. 7, 1897, and for 25 years they enjoyed a happy life together.
     She professed religion at Fairview Church in 1897 and united with the same church. She was a faithful member until she moved away to take care of her grandparents. To this union were born 7 children, six boys and one girl, namely Jesse M., Merrill C., Vernie V., George M., Jerry F., Althea M., and Chester A. She leaves her husband, seven children, her mother-in-law, one brother, one sister, besides a host of relatives and friends to mourn their loss, while she enjoys eternal gain.
     The funeral was conducted at Walnut Ridge Church by Rev. Frank Martt, and Undertaker Albert Tope had charge of the burial in Walnut Ridge cemetery.

A precious one from us is gone,
A voice we loved is still;
A place is vacant in our home
Which never can be filled.

We loved her, yes, we loved her,
But angels loved her more;
And they have sweetly called her
To yonder shining shore.

The golden gates were open,
A gentle voice said come;
And with farewells unspoken
She calmly entered home.

Gallia Times
Thursday, September 7, 1922
Transcribed by Sandy L. Milliron

Myers, Mary L.

    Mary L. Myers, 87, died peacefully in her sleep at 5:45 a.m. Tuesday, March 22, 2005, at Marion General Hospital. She was born in Gallia County, on Oct. 14, 1917, the daughter of the late Pearl and Neva (Lemley) Amos. She graduated from Gallia Academy High School the class of 1936 in Gallipolis.
     She is survived by her husband, James C. Myers, whom she married on June 19, 1936; two daughters, Nancy Elizabeth (Larry) Hood of Gallia County, and Helen Patrice Myers of Christianburg, Va.; four sons, Richard Aaron (Polly) Myers, William Amos (Kay) Myers, James Allen (Anita) Myers, all of Alliance, Neb., and Michael A. (Mary) Myers of Marion. Also survived by 18 grandchildren, 27 great-grandchildren and four great-great grandchildren. Also, six half-sisters and two half-brothers, and numerous nieces and nephews also survive her.
     Private services for the immediate family will be held at a later date in Gallia County. In lieu of flowers, memorial contributions may be made to the National Kidney Foundation.

Gallipolis Daily Tribune
Gallipolis, Ohio, March 22, 2005
Contributed by Jeff Hayes                                                 Top of Page

Myers, Okey Ray

     Okey Ray Myers, 59, of Delaware, died early Wednesday at Grant Hospital in Columbus following a long illness. A London, W. Va. native, he was a World War II Navy veteran and a retired employee of the Sun Ray Stove Company.
     Survivors include his wife, Mary; one son, Michael Myers of Delaware; two daughters, Jennifer Blanton of Fairfax, Va., and Kathy Burris of Fort McCoy, Fla.; three sisters, Juanita Bump of Delaware, Uvalda Martin of Mansfield, and Lillian Rece of Vinton, and six grandchildren.
     Graveside services will be 1 p.m. Friday at Vinton Memorial Cemetery with Rev. Elmer Geiser officiating. Friends may call at Bennett Brown Funeral Home, 92 North Sandusky St., Delaware from 2-4 and 7-9 p.m. Thursday. Contributions can be made to the American Cancer Society.

Gallipolis Daily Tribune
Wednesday, December 18, 1985
Transcribed by Sandy L. Milliron

Myers, Oliver A.

     Services will be held Tuesday afternoon at the Fairview Christian Church, with the Rev L. C. Saunders officiating, for Oliver A. Myers, 85, who died Sunday at the home of his son, Henry Myers, near Lecta, Mason Township. Burial will be in the Fairview Cemetery under the direction of the Phillips Funeral Home. The body is at the home of his son, where friends may call.
     His wife, Margaret Myers, died in 1930 and eight children preceded him in death. Four children survive: Henry and Walter Myers, Lecta; Mrs. Ruby Saunders, Ironton and Mrs. Sarah Salyers, Dayton. Four brothers, Charles of Huntington; Steve of Leta; Joe of Springfield and George of Columbus also survive.

[Note: O. A. Myers was born in Gallia County and was the son of Christopher C. and Philena Fox Myers]

Ironton Tribune
Monday December 3, 1845
Transcribed by Sheila Foe                                                                               Top of Page

Myers, Philena [Fox]

Mrs. Myers Dead
     Mrs. Philena Myers passed away at her home on Greasy Ridge, Wednesday morning, July 15, 1914, aged 77 years. Her death was caused by a stroke of paralysis. The funeral services were conducted Thursday morning at the Fairview church, interment being made in [the] church cemetery by undertaker Myers. The deceased is survived by twelve children and about 50 grandchildren, among the latter being C. C. Myers of Gallipolis. Mrs. Myers was a splendid woman and her death will be regretted by her numerous friends.

[Note: The date of death given in this news account does not match the date given on the death certificate.]

Gallipolis Bulletin
Thursday, July 23, 1914, page one
Contributed by Jeff Hayes

Myers, Philena [Fox]

     Philena, daughter of Emmor and Sarah Fox, was born Nov. 12, 1837, and died at her daughter's on Greasy Ridge, July 14, 1914, aged 76 years, 8 months and 2 days. She joined the Fairview Church when about 16 years of age and lived a consistent Christian life until her death.
     She was married to Christopher C. Myers about 1855. He preceded her to the better world about 21 years ago. To them were born 12 children, James W. of Patriot, O. A., and J. L. Myers, Mrs. Zena Massie, Mrs. Ann Colwell and Stephen Myers, all of Lecta, Joe L. of Wilgus, Mrs. Sarah Pyles of Greasy Ridge, George B. of Columbus and Chas. D. of Huntington. Sullivan and Perry died in early life.
     She is survived by one sister, Mrs. H.W. Pyles of Patriot, and one brother, Joseph G. Fox of Filmore, Neb. She leaves 74 grandchildren and 41 great-grandchildren, also a host of friends.
     The funeral services were conducted at the Fairview Church at eleven o'clock Thursday morning by Rev. J. B. Massie of Patriot, the interment following in the Fairview cemetery by Myers and Tope.

Gallia Times
July 22, 1914
Transcribed by Nancy McMillan

Myers, Sarah E.

     Sarah E. Myers, daughter of Joshua and Rachel A. Lewis, was born in Gallia County, Ohio, October 19, 1872. Departed this life in Columbus, Ohio, October 9, 1923, at the age of 50 years, 11 months and 20 days. She was united in marriage to Wm. P. Myers, September 25, 1892. To this union were born two sons, the first dying in infancey, and Clarence C. of Columbus, Ohio, in whose home she spent the last days of her life. Another member of her family, Reba Frances Lewis, was taken into the home in early infancy and was as dear as her very own. Her little granddaughter, Marjorie Jean, was also very dear to her.
     The husband, mother, son and wife, granddaughter, Reba, two brothers, John F. Lewis of Columbus, Ohio and William A. Lewis of Rio Grande, Ohio, one sister, Mrs. James Barton, Jackson, Ohio, many other relatives and a host of friends are left to mourn her loss. The father, one sister, Mrs. Anna Iron, and one brother, Lemuel C. Lewis preceded her in death.
     At the age of sixteen she accepted Christ as her Saviour, in whom her faith never faltered. She united with the Liberty Christian Church, of which church she remained a member until her death. After removing to Rio Grande, where she spent the last twenty years of her life, she was a faithful attendant at Calvary Baptist Church while her health permited.
     Her condition had been vey serious for several months, medical science being unable to cope with her disease. Death came rather suddenly, following a stroke of apoplexy. She bore her suffering patiently and uncomplainingly. No sacrifice or labor was too great that the children might receive an education.
She was a faithful Christian, a helpful wife and a loving mother. She delighted in doing good and helping others. "To live in hearts we leave behind is not to die."

"Sleep soft beloved, we sometimes say,
  But have no charm to drive away
  Dull care that through the eyelids creep;
  But never more shall pain her slumber break
  When He giveth His beloved sleep."

[Note: Buried Calvary Baptist Cemetery]

Gallipolis paper
October 9, 1923
Transcribed by Maxine Marshall                                                                       Top of Page

Myers, Stella Jane [Brumfield]

Mrs. S. Myers, 56, Mother of Seven Died Here Sunday
     Mrs. Stella Jane Brumfield, 56, wife of Stephen Myers of Lecta, died at 1:30 Sunday morning at the Bessie Higgins Rest Home here. She had been ill about two months and was brought here about three weeks ago. Death resulted from a brain abscess, it was said.
     Mrs. Myers was born in Lawrence county and was a daughter of George and Mary Dobbins Brumfield.
Surviving besides the husband are these children: Harley and Harry Myers, Lecta; Ezra Myers, Circleville; Clarence, Crown City; Marjorie, London; Daisy, S. Charleston, (Ohio); Claire, Greasy Ridge. There are four brothers; Floyd, Luther and Clarence Myers*, all of Los Angeles, and Sheridan of Lecta.
     Funeral services will be conducted by Rev. Jennings Cremeens at Okey at 2 o'clock Tuesday. Burial there by O. E. Elliott.

Unknown publication and date
Contributed by Jeff Hayes

*The article lists the last name of her brothers as Myers. This must be an error as Stella was a Brumfield by birth. Her brothers' last name must be Brumfield. She was born 14 February 1884 & died 09 June 1940.

Myers, Stephen Dallas

S.D. Myers, 82, Retired Farmer, Dies

     Stephen Dallas Myers, 82, a retired farmer and lifelong resident of Walnut Twp., died at 7;15 P.M. Sunday at the home of a daughter, Mrs. George Dillon, near Lecta.
     His death followed a long illness. Mr. Myers was born in Walnut Twp., Aug. 5, 1880, son of the late Christopher C. and Philena Fox Myers. He was the last of 14 children. His marriage was to the former Stella Brumfield who preceded him in death June 9, 1940.
     Survivors are the four sons and three daughters. Harley and Harry Myers, both of Lecta, Ezra Myers of Circleville, Clarence Myers of Gallipolis, Mrs. Everett (Marjorie) Beekman of London, Mrs. Glenn (Daisy) Seymour of Mechanicsburg and Mrs. George (Clarice) Dillon of Lecta. There are 24 (?) grandchildren and 38 grandchildren.
     Services will be held at 2 P.M. Wednesday at Okey Chapel. Rev. Orville Carrica will officiate, and burial will be in the church cemetery under the direction of the Wetherholt - Elliott - Sanders Funeral Home. Friends may call at the Dillon home near Lecta on Tuesday and until noon Wednesday.

Gallipolis Daily Tribune
Monday, June 17, 1963
Contributed by Jeff Hayes                                                 Top of Page

Myers, Sylvester B.

Death of Sylvester P. Mayes [sic]
     S. B. Myers, 79 years old, died Thursday evening at 6 o'clock at the home of his son, T.T. Myers, 1005 Twentieth Street. The body will be taken to Gallia County, Ohio, for funeral services and burial. He is survived by three daughters and two sons; Miss Flora Myers and Mrs. Lida Clark, of Huntington; Mrs. H. A. Saunders of Ohio; Homer and Davis Myers of Ohio.
     Funeral services will be held Sunday at 1 p.m. at Fairview Church with burial in charge of Undertaker A. E. Tope.          Huntington Herald-Dispatch

[Note: Born Jan.7, 1847 Gallia County; died Jan. 7, 1926 Huntington, Cabell Co., WV. Widower. Parents: John and Mary F. Myers (both born VA). Burial: Fox-Fairview in Walnut Township]

Gallipolis Daily Tribune
Jan. 9, 1926
Transcribed by F. K. Brown

Myers, Tharon Hannahbelle

Miss Myers Succumbs to Skull Wounds Death Comes Two Weeks After Auto Mishap On Route 7
     Just two weeks, less a few hours, from the time her skull was terribly fractured in an automobile accident on State Route 7, a short distance below Clipper Mills, on Thursday, July 15, Miss Tharon Hannahbelle Myers, 16 year old daughter and only child of Mr. & Mrs. Carl Myers, Gallipolis, died in Holzer Hospital from her injuries. She never recovered consciousness.
     When a car in which she was riding with Nancy Leaper and Jordan Wheeler left the road, all the occupants were thrown through the top. Miss Leaper and Wheeler suffered only minor injuries, but Miss Myers' skull was fractured in three places, centering on the base of the skull. Everything known to surgery was performed, but to no avail.
     Miss Myers' mother has been a patient in the hospital since the accident, suffering from nervous shock and at times her condition has been critical, but is now stated to be improved. At the time his daughter was injured, Mr. Myers was touring in the West with a party of friends. As soon as word reached him, Myers came home by airplane from Billings, MT.
     Miss Myers would have been a high school junior during the approaching school year. Her school activities included membership in the Dramatics Club, The Glee Club, A Capella Choir and Press Club.
     Funeral services are announced for Sunday afternoon at 2 o'clock in the First Presbyterian Church by the pastor, Rev. Lewis Weber Gishler, with internment to follow in Mound Hill Cemetery.

[Note: Born Dec. 31, 1921; died July 29, 1937; aged 16 years, 6 months and 29 days. Parents: Carl Myers and Willie Martin]

Gallipolis Paper
July 1937
From the Debbie Carter Evans Collection
Transcribed by F.K. Brown

Myers, Virgina E.

Miss V. E. Myers, Coal Dealer Died This Morning In Lupton Home
Native And Lifelong And Well-Known Gallipolitan
     Miss Virginia E. Myers, 86, who had been in the coal business here for half a century, died shortly before 8 o’clock this morning at the home of Dr. Ella G. Lupton.  Miss Myers had been ill a week and yesterday was removed from her own home on Second Avenue to the Lupton home where she could have better care.
     Until her last illness, Miss Myers was probably the most active woman of her years hereabouts. No other Gallipolis woman had been in business so long. For a period of years before the turn of the century and for some years thereafter, she was the leading dancing teacher here. Year after year she had large classes which met in what is now the Masonic building and in what used to be the Shover building and in the Aleshire building. For another period, she operated coal mines in the Cheshire field, in addition to carrying on a retail coal business here.
     Because of her activities over so long a period and her lifelong residence here, she was known to thousands of Gallia County folk. Miss Myers was born here in May, 1860, one of eight children of James and Christy Ann Walker Myers and was the last survivor of her generation of the family. Nearest surviving relatives are a nephew, Archie Williams, formerly if not now living in Atlanta, and three nieces, two of whom are remembered here as Flo and Nettie Persinger, both married and living in Texas.
     Miss Myers was a member of the Presbyterian Church. Funeral arrangements will not be completed until some of the relatives are heard from. The body was taken to the mortuary of G. J. Wetherholt & Sons.

Gallipolis Tribune
Transcribed by Lew Casey                                                                              Top of Page

Myers, William Pendelton

Pen Myers Death Saddens Community Of Rio Grande
Funeral Rites Sunday
     The residents of the village of Rio Grande, old and young, students of the college and the children were saddened a like when the word went out through the village; Pen Myers had passed away.
     William Pendelton Myers had lived in the village since 1904 when he moved from Ohio Township to make his home in Rio Grande. For all these years his kind smile, cheerful greeting and earnest Christian spirit had endeared him to all alike.
     He was born in Ohio Township, Gallia County, in 1868. The son of Robert C. and Frances Day Myers. He was married to Sarah E. Lewis, Sept. 1892. To this union two sons were born. One died in infancy. The other son, Dr. C.C. Myers, is a surgeon in the United States Navy with the rank of Captain. He is at present stationed at Washington, D.C..

Last of Five Children
     Mr. Myers's first wife died in 1923. In November, 1928, he married Mrs. Lavada Thornton Clark, who survives him. He was the last of a family of five children. He was the only son of the family. Four sisters preceded him in death. The sisters were: Eliza Myers Davis, Janie Myers Houck, Louella Myers Lewis and Ola Myers Lewis. When his sister, Louella, died she left a little girl, Reba, whom he took and reared as his very own. Reba died in 1931.
     Mr. Myers had been in poor health for the last few years and seriously ill for the last six months. His devoted wife gave herself unsparingly to his care and everything that care and medical attention could accomplish was used in his behalf. He passed away at 11 a.m. Friday.
     The funeral will be held in the Rio Grande Methodist Church at 2 p.m. Sunday, with Rev. H.L. McDaniel, of the Methodist Church in charge assisted by Rev. Harold Hammer of the Baptist Church.

[Note: Stone...Calvary Baptist 1868-1946. Death Certificate..born Feb. 17, 1868; died June 28 1946; 78 years, 4 months and 11 days of age.]

Gallipolis Paper
No date
Transcribed by F.K. Brown

Myers, Willie [Martin]

Mrs. Myers, 75, Claimed Early Today
     Willie Myers, 75, wife of Carl Myers died this morning in the Holzer Medical Center where she had been a patient several weeks. Mrs. Myers, daughter of William H. Martin and Ella Belle Hill Martin, was born in Gallipolis on May 30, 1893.
     She is survived by her husband, Carl, one brother J. E. Martin, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania., and one sister, Hallie Miller, Gallipolis. She was preceded in death by a daughter, Tharon, who was killed in an auto accident in 1937.
     Mrs. Myers was a member of the United Presbyterian Church. Services will be Sunday at 2 P.M. at the McCoy Wetherholt Funeral home. The Rev. Glen R. Hueholt will officiate with burial to take place in Mound Hill Cemetery. Friends may call at the funeral home Saturday from 7 to 9 P.M. In lieu of flowers, contributions may be made to the cancer fund.

Gallipolis Daily Tribune
Thursday, March 20, 1969, page 1
Contributed by Jeff Hayes